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2012-09-14 12:06 425014808 Anonymous (keykey.png 459x552 497kB)
Rate my chick please

1 min later 425014991 Anonymous
Need a full body m8

2 min later 425015162 Anonymous
k, sec let me find a full body pic

2 min later 425015280 Anonymous
sorry,i would never date a black girl.

3 min later 425015380 Anonymous
0/10 she has massive skin pigmentation defects

4 min later 425015584 Anonymous
For me it's a 3/10 right from the start. I just can't stand that huge, fat nigga lips.

5 min later 425015640 Anonymous
>>425014808 nigger/10 Beastiality is illegal.

5 min later 425015735 Anonymous
0/10 just cause i can

5 min later 425015779 Anonymous (keykey1.png 369x558 522kB)
i couldnt find really any other pictures

7 min later 425015953 Anonymous
Anyone even know how fat lips feel around your dick? That warm wet silky feeling? God damn i can forget everything else about her 'cause of them 10/10

8 min later 425016162 Anonymous
Well she's a good kisser and the big lips really help, problem is that she wont suck dick but when she does. Yum.

8 min later 425016192 Anonymous

9 min later 425016351 Anonymous (keykey7.png 789x560 909kB)
old pic here

9 min later 425016410 Anonymous
>>425016162 >Well she's a good kisser Are you five?

11 min later 425016735 Anonymous
Yes, I'm five.

12 min later 425016874 Anonymous
She's cute. I'd give her a solid 6.5-7/10. Could be 8-9/10 if she worked on her figure just a little and got a better sense of style.

13 min later 425016943 Anonymous
Not into beastiality, 'nuff said.

14 min later 425017068 Anonymous
>>425016162 This dropped my response down to 2-3/10. 'Does not suck cock' is unacceptable these days, especially for a nigglette who should be worshipping your proud Aryan member at every opportunity.

15 min later 425017297 Anonymous
Not into bestiality but on 4chan. Nuff' said.

16 min later 425017394 Anonymous
This shit is illegal in my country. Take your bestiality and GTFO my /b/

18 min later 425017664 Anonymous
>>425016162 >black bitch >doesn't suck dick what use is it then? get your shit together OP, dont just date anybody you meet on the corner for the sake of a relationship.

19 min later 425017784 Anonymous (nono.gif 143x195 309kB)
Having sex with homo niggerus, nasty. Bestiality all the way. I guess you feed it with watermelons, kfc and bananas

19 min later 425017835 Anonymous
0.1/10 Wouldnt bag cos shes a nigger monkey

19 min later 425017859 Anonymous
Actually been with her good solid year. She doesn't even act like a brute plus if I really really wanted a blow job I'm sure she'd give it. She's a loyal niglett.

20 min later 425017967 Anonymous
That's not a chicken, that's a monkey you niggershit

21 min later 425018119 Anonymous
>>425017859 Your girl should suck your dick because she enjoys it. Just sayin'.

23 min later 425018338 Anonymous

23 min later 425018342 Anonymous
She's hot. Nigger is personality, not a skin color. I've know plenty of white niggers

23 min later 425018343 Anonymous
Yeah, but unfortunately there are plenty of women unwilling to suck.

25 min later 425018683 Anonymous
OP thats not your girlfriend, I know her, Her name is mimi, and she's single.

26 min later 425018746 Anonymous
She's not particularly attractive. But to you fuckers that wouldn't let a hot black girl suck your dick, you're a faggot. Shit, if you haven't fucked a girl from every different race and class you're not a man. No Achievment Unlocked for you homos.

26 min later 425018820 Anonymous
>>425018342 This.

27 min later 425018971 Anonymous
Her names actually Keyonna jack ass. Plus I have Facebook proof that she likes me, I just re-asked her out today over lunch.

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