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2012-09-14 12:04 425014495 Anonymous (niggy_big_macs.jpg 500x461 15kB)
Niggy thread. For Niggy only. Everyone else stay the fuck out.

0 min later 425014581 Anonymous
i'm niggy, obey me.

0 min later 425014647 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog.jpg 300x262 68kB)
Let me tell you about Niggy.

2 min later 425014883 Anonymous (niggy_good.jpg 312x312 63kB)
When I left Mr. Drummond's house cuz D-Waynee molestered me and Ahhnold (future Governor of Galivornya), I got into crack dealing in Harlem.

3 min later 425015037 Anonymous (niggy_beefin.jpg 400x400 99kB)
>>425014581 yes thanks, but no banks.

3 min later 425015092 Anonymous (1343517220554.jpg 500x500 174kB)

4 min later 425015306 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_faboose.jpg 312x312 87kB)
My first school was a chicken coup, sorta like a cross between a Salad Fingers WWI landscape and Buckethead's mythological birthplace on the farm. >>425015092 i c u stylin

6 min later 425015604 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_drugs_r_bad.jpg 312x312 39kB)
>i draw my own destiny >with a wacom I have been known to abuse drugs. But right now I'm sober. Except I'm taking oxy for pain medication. So I'm stoned on narcotics.

7 min later 425015776 Anonymous (evil_emperorXx.jpg 243x237 81kB)
I became an avatar to make friends and be a cool super poster on /b/... this was a long time ago.

11 min later 425016318 Anonymous (niggy_21.jpg 234x243 41kB)
Niggy has appeared under many guises... and many names.. ᎪᏞᏆᏟᎬ ♥ ƖƝƑƖƝƖƮƳ ΤΟ ΜΕΓΑ ΘΗΡΙΟΝ ✧ ƝᏆᏀᏀᎽ ᏕᎢᎪᎡᎠᏌᏚƮ ✧ ◢ ƐViL ƐɱРƐЯΘR ◣ ᎢᎻᎡᎬᎪᎠ ᏚᏁᎷᎷᎪᎡᏐᏚᎢ ᴨᴉցցվ ♥   ‮ ◤‖ ★⊥★ ‖◥ ‪

13 min later 425016631 Anonymous (niggy_wef.jpg 231x218 27kB)
I liked these avatars, all self drawn.. a hateful take on hated identity.. that of the american pig that i am. a white nigger.. a niggy.

13 min later 425016789 Anonymous (niggy12 (23).jpg 234x243 23kB)
i think he has some character and charm, business guy niggy

14 min later 425016920 Anonymous (autism.jpg 311x458 108kB)
Niggy hangs out with avatars like the anime kids, you might have seen them. They are nothing like they once were.

15 min later 425017007 Anonymous (U_CANT_BAN_ME_I_PAY_TAXES.jpg 754x700 166kB)
Niggy also hangs out with Mods...

15 min later 425017086 Anonymous (NIGGY_STARDUST.gif 371x400 213kB)
... and ponies

17 min later 425017267 Anonymous

17 min later 425017303 Anonymous (1330870608844.gif 146x183 917kB)
Niggy ♥'s Bill.

18 min later 425017524 Anonymous (Niggy_ahri (16).jpg 506x572 156kB)
Ahri's hot too, but Niggy's not a furfag.

20 min later 425017685 Anonymous (120082b1-333d-4fa2-b872-f287d863e825.gif 450x337 1650kB)
lately I've been into egberts, because sexaulity and stuff.

21 min later 425017864 Anonymous (niggy_kaminas2.jpg 437x547 374kB)
Some of you might remember when I did too much cocaine and pills and died and became Lord Shiva. This was funtimes.

21 min later 425017920 Anonymous (Schoolgirl Outfit.jpg 500x292 53kB)
How to niggy?

22 min later 425018081 Anonymous (ttib1.jpg 91x126 3kB)
>>425017920 its a very long winded process but the short cut is smoke meth that's been smoking crack.

23 min later 425018165 Anonymous (nigggy_yeheshua.jpg 447x523 197kB)
I'm one of the original Jesus Pals.

24 min later 425018335 Anonymous (niggy_kali4a.jpg 326x317 231kB)
Here's another pic of me channeling Shiva. I have a great recipe on invoking gods and demons if anyone's interested.

25 min later 425018480 Anonymous (1346915139457.jpg 500x667 34kB)
i am dog and what the fuck is this unfunny shit

26 min later 425018563 Anonymous (niggy_efg2.jpg 258x263 11kB)
This is a vanity pic I had a friend take when I met EFG while out on a media junket. We did a quick RP skit, EFG is surprisingly a very down to earth guy.

27 min later 425018684 Anonymous (RAINBOWS_MUTHERFUCKER.jpg 422x325 135kB)
>>425018480 I've also used bill in kaminas quite extensively.

28 min later 425018865 Anonymous (niggy_comix6.jpg 824x1065 535kB)
I'm lucky enough to have my own comic. Very few avatars can say that. Esp. on /bee/

30 min later 425019064 Anonymous (niggy_kill_u_dead.jpg 300x300 95kB)
My 2.0 avatar set, I'll dump a few of them. 1/4

30 min later 425019134 Anonymous (coffee_niggy_style.jpg 300x300 82kB)

31 min later 425019225 Anonymous (niggy_fuckyou_9.jpg 312x312 89kB)
I like this one. It says KKK but he's a white nigger, get it? There's irony there.

31 min later 425019337 Anonymous (Niggy_Stardust_PI.jpg 300x300 124kB)
This is from my TV show, the opening sequence that so many people loved. 4/4

33 min later 425019589 Anonymous (niggy_split.jpg 300x300 55kB)
The start white or black backgrounds convey a sense of seeing the world as black or white, and are largely meaningless.

34 min later 425019819 Anonymous (Niggy_ahri (28).jpg 700x829 277kB)
I've known some of the boards most notorious people, and happy to say I've fought with them all for no particular reason.

35 min later 425019913 Anonymous (niggy_hearts_bill24.jpg 404x330 94kB)
Dumping my Bill avatars now..

36 min later 425020021 Anonymous (niggy_bill37.jpg 568x327 128kB)
he's so cute. im straight btw.

36 min later 425020109 Anonymous (YOU_youre_a_winner.jpg 400x535 198kB)

37 min later 425020190 Anonymous (niggy_ bill41.jpg 120x160 27kB)

38 min later 425020383 Anonymous (IM NIGGY.jpg 250x318 12kB)
I've also posted myself as an avatar.

39 min later 425020510 Anonymous
too bad nobody cares niggy.

39 min later 425020554 Anonymous (I SEE YOU LITTLE MAN.jpg 250x318 12kB)
As you can see, I'm clearly a nigger.

40 min later 425020748 Anonymous
It was nice knowing you, Niggy. Have a good life outside 4chan.

40 min later 425020784 Anonymous (PENS_ON_LIPS_RETARDED.jpg 426x409 20kB)
I once went crazy and became the incarnation of Alice one. Well, technically speaking I am the current Alice.

41 min later 425020901 Anonymous (Alice_pwning_Aeris.jpg 253x265 129kB)
I even had my own custom Alice art, made by yours truly

41 min later 425020924 Anonymous (Angel39.png 402x470 33kB)

43 min later 425021109 Anonymous (Alice_Qaida.jpg 195x227 107kB)
I have a history of killing trolls. Its fun to make people mad on /bee/ >>425020924 oh hello there. its crazy day. bloop.

43 min later 425021213 Anonymous (Angel35.png 1000x985 118kB)
>>425021109 Really? Seems rather calm to me.

44 min later 425021297 Anonymous (KT.jpg 272x392 12kB)
Im a trained CG artist, animator, and music producer. >>425021213 ergo, normality. well said.

45 min later 425021479 Anonymous (Angel40.png 309x360 19kB)
>>425021297 Hmm.

45 min later 425021483 Anonymous (I AM THIS PANDA.jpg 250x318 12kB)
>>425021297 that guy is supposed to be me.. when i had cornrows.

46 min later 425021701 Anonymous (niggy_LELvis.jpg 312x312 75kB)
But I always return to niggy, regardless of the antics and shenanigans I get wound up in.

48 min later 425021991 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_wut.jpg 312x312 46kB)
Good ol luvable niggy And no, Im not a troll. I'm a huckleberry.

51 min later 425022437 Anonymous (Niggy_ahri (55).jpg 662x815 451kB)
Some might look at this thread and see failure. I see it as bravery. I am a misfit, a loser. But unlike you Anonymous, I'm not afraid to show it. This is what makes me happy. The world always kicks people like us when we're down, but it can never own me. I will always laugh.

51 min later 425022510 Anonymous
Hey, niggy why you invite more ppl to get this thread going?

52 min later 425022698 Anonymous (niggy_bill36.jpg 450x698 126kB)
This pic of bill makes me horny for his tight asshole. >>425022510 because its a me thread, and its for me to play with myself lol... read the OP

53 min later 425022820 Anonymous (Angel6.png 1000x834 108kB)
>>425022510 No, fuck those people.

54 min later 425022910 Anonymous (DAT_POAST_KILLED_ME.jpg 312x312 52kB)
I took a few weeks off and everyone thought I was dead when I came back lol. People are dum.

55 min later 425023082 Anonymous (1337808402252.png 343x493 49kB)
A fan of niggy made this for me, you can see its fanart. The crudeness of it made my heart warm.

56 min later 425023228 Anonymous (niggy_on_niggy_action.jpg 328x332 69kB)
>>425023082 so i made a fanart of his fanart with me doing what comes naturally. Everything about me involves some level of sexuality.

57 min later 425023385 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_is_pleased.jpg 312x312 73kB)
>>425023228 his expression in that pic is priceless.

58 min later 425023606 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_12.jpg 312x312 54kB)
I never really talk about myself on /b/ because most people wouldnt believe the twists and turns my life has gone thru in the last 15 years... I'm gonna be 33 in a month and a half.

1 hours later 425024168 Anonymous (647px-Sweetie_Belle_S01E12_large.png 500x281 84kB)
i think i shall post here this bread is of my interest

1 hours later 425024279 Anonymous
I would be remiss if I didnt include some music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmnYqKl1LzE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDYG1FUiYNA >>425024168 welcome pritty darlin

1 hours later 425024308 Anonymous (Angel95.jpg 249x223 14kB)

1 hours later 425024473 Anonymous (colgate (1).png 656x800 353kB)
>>425024308 > yes? >>425024279 thanks for having me niggyloveyloves

1 hours later 425024476 Anonymous (Faggots_in_pants_retarded.jpg 500x391 164kB)

1 hours later 425024624 Anonymous (Angel123.png 674x586 661kB)
>>425024473 Nothin'

1 hours later 425024859 Anonymous (5c264cae0a3bcb675a291cdc5d4a8b55.gif 360x399 47kB)
>>425024624 ok

1 hours later 425024970 Anonymous (jim18.jpg 492x653 344kB)
I once became Jim, the regional assistant managing assistant to Deanthelis, servant of the Bard of Bee, when Bard was sort of a Niggyfag. So it was ironic I guees. hue's. Jim was a highly sexual female secretary who chewed gum and clicked her teeth and shook her pretty legs. I like pretending to be women on the internets.

1 hours later 425025264 Anonymous (1317449718318.png 1280x1120 1614kB)
>>425024970 we can be lesbians online then

1 hours later 425025371 Anonymous (jim12.jpg 492x653 341kB)
So to run the Jim gag on Dean, I mad tons of same-fag pics Dean, as you might expect, couldnt handle the irony of a servant having an assistant and he went pulooka berries on Jim. We all laughed.

1 hours later 425025602 Anonymous (jim15.jpg 492x653 343kB)
Making Dean mad was too easy sport tho.

1 hours later 425025796 Anonymous (niggy_blue_rose (3).jpg 409x352 158kB)
Up next I became Niggy of the Blue Rose Order. I love androgynes.. Bill Kaulitz of course.. but Rose from England is hot too, with that fucking sleeve and he boyish good looks.

1 hours later 425025956 Anonymous (1314728630173.png 563x598 560kB)
i think i shall leave and let you be niggynigloves have fun babes ♥

1 hours later 425025973 Anonymous (1338315382079.gif 200x200 600kB)

1 hours later 425026490 Anonymous (HORSE_POWER.jpg 376x351 15kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_978440&feature=iv&src_vid=turycXIxRiw& amp;%20amp;v=egt3K8OH5bg >>425025956 oh you can stay... im just entertaining myself.

1 hours later 425026883 Anonymous (ga2_skin___alice_margatroid_v3_by_rayxdgreatx-d4rw2ux.jpg 691x586 431kB)
my alice skins. i put a little work into character development to give it some emphasis... down to the dialogue / jargon.. stylistic elements.

1 hours later 425026992 Anonymous (1327898504447.jpg 640x900 113kB)
>>425026490 im just lurking around watching you entertain yourself is pleasing to me

1 hours later 425027174 Anonymous (getamped2_skindump_by_rayxdgreatx-d4sadaa.jpg 900x591 187kB)
heres some more GA2 touhou skins. Im not into anime btw...American cartoons man. >>425026992 oooh.. i'll stroke myself on cam 4u

1 hours later 425027379 Anonymous
Aeris ... Why is nothing happening?

1 hours later 425027463 Anonymous (horo_hentai.jpg 240x320 35kB)
>>425027174 >omai fucking god that would send me over the edge ♥ >>425027379 coz this is not a poni bread ...

1 hours later 425027606 Anonymous
>>425027463 Yeah, but you should link me to one. His ass isn't going to kiss itself.

1 hours later 425027806 Anonymous (niggy_schooling_garEE.jpg 500x500 168kB)
I'm one of the most notorious identity thieves on /b/ I was the original Haikus impersonater, sig and tripcode and all, back before anyone else knew how to mod the name header with unicode. I could do haikus, flowers, wise-san, yotsuba.. most of the anime kids. I also used to pretend to be a new pony every now and again for fun... this was back late last year. Oh and I'd samefag as garEE in pony and get him in so much trouble!!

1 hours later 425027849 Anonymous (1311915470397.jpg 835x1000 497kB)
>>425027606 you need poni bread link? here >>425026204

1 hours later 425027853 Anonymous (252095_219466908078156_3300777_n.jpg 720x405 25kB)
This is illegal you know...

1 hours later 425028051 Anonymous (niggy_leaf.jpg 300x300 64kB)
This pic is from my white album days. >>425027853 This is called OC.

1 hours later 425028614 Anonymous (niggy_the_nog_look_at_the_fucks_given.jpg 312x312 66kB)
Ok well Im bored now, off to play with friends

1 hours later 425028637 Anonymous (avatar2709_83.jpg 180x200 33kB)
>>425028051 You have a point there Niggy... Don't know if you recognized me or not but it's Soto. So what's gonna happen to the circlejerk threads? Are they gonna be 404ing them like the pony threads? Cause Fuck man, those threads were being destroyed one after another...

1 hours later 425028817 Anonymous (niggy_trooper.jpg 300x300 99kB)
>>425028637 dont know. its fun when mods show us attention tho.

1 hours later 425029476 Anonymous (picture-75.png 1440x900 954kB)
>>425028817 Eh, hopefully this will all blow over by tomorrow and /b/ will go back to it's regular self filled with niggers and newfags.

1 hours later 425029559 Anonymous (2e6e424a276da41109d0ef410ca47f5563bb28d3.jpg 1000x1000 583kB)
>>425027853 what is? having fun? >>425027806 trouble maker >>425028614 see you lover

1 hours later 425030064 Anonymous
>>425029559 i want to be alone with you! ♥

1 hours later 425030078 Anonymous (40d28d5c78416e441c131325d8270615.jpg 1024x576 40kB)
>>425029559 Everything that is fun is always illegal. You wouldn't happen to be that4chanwolf I've heard about, now would you?...

1 hours later 425030438 Anonymous (___auburn____by_neomen12-d4eg1aq.png 500x500 143kB)
>>425030064 lets go be alone away from here >>425030078 fuck no... i am not that mean i am pritty from the poni threads

1 hours later 425030850 Anonymous (5785295643_818c088024.jpg 500x282 54kB)
>>425030438 Holy Fuck you're a pony in disguise?! Well...Hello. Dude, your guys threads are getting 404'd so quickly, that must suck...

1 hours later 425031483 Anonymous (__pixel_chaser___by_skull_nuku-d3jo969.png 492x700 111kB)
>>425030850 yes we are dancing with a janitor right nao nothing new they shall get bored or a mod will come ban us all and we shall poni right on threw ♥

1 hours later 425032826 Anonymous (Hidan-no-Aria-episode-0-screenshot-013.jpg 1280x720 96kB)
>>425031483 I've never really hated pony threads, I posted there before and they were pretty nice, they told me to check out the show...never did. Well, hopefully you guys will find a resolve to all of this... Gonna head out this thread is gonna 404.

1 hours later 425033557 Anonymous (1344254701318.png 998x704 93kB)
>>425032826 take care nice to talk with you i am gonna go poneh you are always welcome to come in our breads have a good day

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