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2012-09-14 12:02 425014185 Anonymous (112893829.jpg 800x1000 160kB)
isidewith.com Post results.

1 min later 425014352 Anonymous
I took this test week ago or so and it showed me aligned with Romney more. not much surprised.

10 min later 425015854 Anonymous
I was 82% with Jill Stein, then Obama and then Gary Johnson. That's a pretty neat site. Who is Jill Stein anyway? Why the hell was there a question about the theory of evolution? It is awe inspiring that such a question is even an issue. Idek what to say except the percentage of people who actually know what a theory is or how the scientific method works is far less than half of the population. LOLHOWDOISCIENCE?!

12 min later 425016178 Anonymous
>>425015854 I don't accept evolution. That is right

12 min later 425016271 Anonymous

13 min later 425016436 Anonymous (isidewith.com 65941407.jpg 800x1000 155kB)

14 min later 425016481 Anonymous
>>425016178 U wot mate?

20 min later 425017486 Anonymous
>>425016436 Ron Paul faggot supporter

22 min later 425017787 Anonymous
I don't feel like retaking it but, I was like 93% Gary Johnson and 61% Obama and Romney

22 min later 425017806 Anonymous (112930524.jpg 800x1000 159kB)

23 min later 425017847 Anonymous
>>425017486 i hate clumsy government intrusion in our lives and would prefer the variety that would be available if states could be different

23 min later 425017917 Anonymous
>>425017806 european

26 min later 425018262 Anonymous
>>425017847 go vote for Obama. that is what 90% of wRong Paul supporters are in reality. an obama supporter.

26 min later 425018347 Anonymous (lol.png 962x679 254kB)
>>425017847 There are plenty of reasons 18% of your population is living in poverty. For once it's time to change your ridiculously short-sighted and chauvinistic ideals.

27 min later 425018396 Anonymous
dont feel like taking it again, still remember results >91% gary johnson >90% ron paul >71% Mitt romney >23% barack obama >>425018262 lol

27 min later 425018451 Anonymous (112927827[1].jpg 800x1000 158kB)

29 min later 425018692 Anonymous (112943774.jpg 800x1000 156kB)

29 min later 425018719 Anonymous
I side with Gary Johnson on most issues in the 2012 Presidential Election.

29 min later 425018724 Anonymous
>>425018347 the government shouldn't take care of them by stealing from other people government does EVERYthing badly including charity those people who want to help will help in other ways once the government gets their hands out of our pockets, and it will be done better, and more karma to those who do

30 min later 425018824 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.32.02.png 893x716 299kB)
Eurofag here but what the hell. (captcha: comrades)

31 min later 425019004 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-09-14 at 00.33.38.png 857x170 46kB)
>>425018824 Forgot this bit

32 min later 425019169 Anonymous
>>425018724 Perhaps your government is not capable of making well-balanced decisions without the constant lobbying of billion dollar corporations. Glad to be living in an European welfare state. No niggers roaming around with guns, religious extremism is feared but very small in terms of percentages. Oh, Americans. Land of the free, but remember, it's not 1787 anymore.

33 min later 425019234 Anonymous (Screenshot from 2012-09-13 18:33:33.png 1600x900 347kB)
The part I'm most impressed with is that the results correctly identified me as a New Jersey-en and who exactly are the two on top?

33 min later 425019349 Anonymous
>>425014185 >isidewith.com I think this thread broke it.

35 min later 425019565 Anonymous (fh478sfh4.png 849x671 228kB)
I don't even fucking know who most of these people are.

35 min later 425019673 Anonymous (112957026.jpg 800x1000 157kB)

36 min later 425019783 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 880x503 112kB)

36 min later 425019808 Anonymous (garyjohnson.jpg 800x1000 160kB)
Surprised so many people on 4chan would side with Jill Goldsteinberg. Anyway here are my results.

37 min later 425019887 Anonymous
>Barack Obama 88% >Jill Stein 84% >Mitt Romney 64% >who the fuck is Jill Stein?

37 min later 425019970 Anonymous
>>425019887 She's a woman and a jew that's all you need to know.

38 min later 425020101 Anonymous
>>425019169 there will always be the lazy and unproductive you'll talk of short sightedness but don't see the long term damage to those creative hardworking people who'll lose incentive once they see it's pointless maybe in your european welfare state, there are fewer of the parasites who destroy that kind of system it's not the system that made america great before, and surely won't make anything better in the future.

38 min later 425020147 Anonymous (111.png 829x885 302kB)
Neo-Liberal Scientist INTJ master-class. Stupidfags kill yourselves

39 min later 425020302 Anonymous
>>425019808 Sensible is what I apparently call those people.

40 min later 425020420 Anonymous (1265456463945.jpg 400x571 129kB)
93% Jill Stein 87% Barack Ossama 73% Rocky Anderson 5% Mittens Q. Romney ...wait, what the fuck is a Rocky Anderson?

41 min later 425020563 Anonymous (12221.png 795x554 99kB)
>>425020147 >>425020147 Also, you guys should post your importance thingies for the lulz

42 min later 425020735 Anonymous (Ron Paul 2012.jpg 766x1024 256kB)
There should be a mod in skyrim where you can side with Gary Johnson instead of the Nords or Empire. Except Gary Johnson has the same chance to rule Skyrim whether you install the mod or not (to make it realistic)

42 min later 425020759 Anonymous
last time i got like >91% gary johnson >68% obama >67% some other faggette

42 min later 425020765 Anonymous (who4chansideswith.png 937x887 264kB)
wow, I'm pretty proud of you guise pic very related

42 min later 425020819 Anonymous
site is down for me?

43 min later 425020848 Anonymous
Gary Johnson - 84 Obama - 80 Jill Stein - 78 Mitt Romney - 51

44 min later 425021129 Anonymous
>>425019673 are you me? >mfw you got same fucking results >mfw I have no face

44 min later 425021136 Anonymous
>>425020819 fuck, am i the only one with the site under maitenance?

45 min later 425021149 Anonymous (65785678.png 1046x896 419kB)
Ha, not surprised at all ...

45 min later 425021175 Anonymous
>>425020819 same here. doing some maintenance

45 min later 425021180 Anonymous
>>425020848 >>425020765 >>425020759 >>425020735 >>425019673 >>425016436 >>425014185 Jesus christ, no wonder there are so many ron-paul faggots on this website, you're all libertarian ayn rand-worshipping cunts.

45 min later 425021263 Anonymous
Do you believe in the THEORY of evolution since when is something a theory that has been proven ? who can assure me this thing isnt somehow rigged to make the choice for the voters ? i mean "theory of evolution" ? this is probably a republican site, with a small percantage of results that are not mitt romney, to keep it realistic, the rest being MITT FUCKING ROMNEY

45 min later 425021268 Anonymous (288.jpg 680x1024 303kB)
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47 min later 425021469 Anonymous
>>425020302 Brainwashed by jews is what I call those people. I bet you think men should piss sitting down and that war is an unnatural thing.

48 min later 425021607 Anonymous
>>425019565 Same person, just for reference. I'm from the UK and I wasn't aware of a lot of the different policies mentioned so I had to guess what they were talking about by looking at the answers instead of googling them.

48 min later 425021653 Anonymous
>>425021263 Scientifically spoken, a theory is a mere set of ideas that explain certain events. Theories are ditched, revamped and discussed heavily. Darwins theory is just an explanation for the phenomenon of evolution.

48 min later 425021695 Anonymous (38rh7f438tf34.png 864x678 123kB)
>>425021607 Forgot picture. Fuck.

49 min later 425021837 Anonymous (133157644644.jpg 493x368 30kB)
Anyone who actually votes third party is making things way worse for themselves. You see, a vote for a third party candidate siphons votes from the guy that represents the major party you're more affiliated with. A Green party vote = a Republican vote A Libertarian party vote = a vote for the Democrats It sucks, but that's the way it is.

50 min later 425021928 Anonymous
>>425021653 like the theory that the earth is round and revolves around the sun just a theory

51 min later 425022171 Anonymous (i.jpg 1282x1026 77kB)
>>425021263 I feel you man, I also didn't like the way they phrased the questions illegal immigration. It's a lot more nuanced than "should illegal people be given amnesty if they're working." etc. But "theory" is, scientifically speaking, the correct word to describe the body of research, data, and facts that altogether describe the origin of species and process/dynamics of speciation

51 min later 425022225 Anonymous (Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 6.56.34 PM.png 1251x536 408kB)
Surprised O_O

52 min later 425022284 Anonymous (1335024383162.jpg 318x316 21kB)
86% - Gary Johnson - Libertarian on foreign policy, economic, domestic policy, and healthcare issues 77% - Virgil Goode - Constitution on foreign policy, economic, immigration, and healthcare issues 75% - Mitt Romney - Republican on economic, immigration, and environmental issues 57% - Barack Obama - Democrat on science and environmental issues 58% - Arizona Voters on foreign policy, domestic policy, economic, social, science, environmental, and healthcare issues. 56% - American Voters on foreign policy, domestic policy, economic, social, science, healthcare, and environmental issues. Come at me.

52 min later 425022294 Anonymous
>>425021928 Exactly. You're absolutely right. As is the theory that the earth is flat and has the sun orbiting around, that was widely accepted during the middle ages.

52 min later 425022363 Anonymous
>>425022171 That's why there's a button for more stances, many of which are like 'yes, if' or 'no, unless' etc.

52 min later 425022365 Anonymous
Gary Johnson 82% Rocky Anderson 73% Jill Stein 73% Bobama 61% Mitt Romney 7%

52 min later 425022367 Anonymous
>>425021837 i contributed to RonPauls campaign, but unless he goes independent i'm not voting for him now isidewith just shows who's policies i favor in a better world, we could list our favorites and all would have some influence and we wouldn't have to choose between two losers

52 min later 425022378 Anonymous (37.jpg 700x1050 252kB)
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52 min later 425022401 Anonymous (1265217179853.jpg 373x398 36kB)
>>425021837 Right, so that works except for how most of the people in here who are getting Lib as their answer still line up with Ossama more than Mittens. So actually it doesn't work at all.

53 min later 425022473 Anonymous
>>425022284 No need to. You're so stupid Darwin's theory will no doubt soon apply to you.

53 min later 425022514 Anonymous
>>425022294 >>425021928 you're both stupid. I'm a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins. Instead of spewing bullshit on /b/, why don't you read the wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_theory

53 min later 425022592 Anonymous (whothehell.jpg 953x859 178kB)
Who the hell is Gary Johnson?

54 min later 425022607 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1345x683 286kB)
> 20 > M > republican...

54 min later 425022623 Anonymous
>We're doing some quick server maintenance right now. We'll be back up in 5 mins. Please bookmark this page so you can come back to it. dammit /b/

54 min later 425022717 Anonymous (isiedwith.png 875x313 91kB)
Gary Johnson I agree with another anon when he said that a vote for him is a vote for Romney FFFFFUUUUUUUU

54 min later 425022749 Anonymous (12483016049.jpg 400x286 24kB)
>>425022401 Did anyone ever teach you how to articulate yourself?

55 min later 425022808 Anonymous (screen-capture-4.png 730x564 201kB)
I feel disgusted with myself, just look at those results. I can't believe it, 3% of me would vote Romney.

55 min later 425022838 Anonymous
>>425022514 >brags about degree >not realizing there was no established science in pre-Renaissance Europe

55 min later 425022851 Anonymous (112990619.jpg 800x1000 161kB)

56 min later 425022901 Anonymous
>>425022607 You forgot >dumb as shit

56 min later 425022927 Anonymous (sidewith.jpg 953x679 153kB)
Then again, I'm in Ireland so my opinions don't count

56 min later 425022983 Anonymous
>Obama 88% >Stein 78% >Johnson 70% >Romney 46% >aboutwhatiexpected.jpg

57 min later 425023051 Anonymous
>>425022623 Why do I keep getting this?

57 min later 425023176 Anonymous
y'all niggas ddos'd the site

57 min later 425023181 Anonymous
>>425021837 Only matters if you in a swing state, my vote won't matter Obama will win California, unless he goes on a shooting spree in the white house.

57 min later 425023197 Anonymous (Capture.png 899x679 210kB)

57 min later 425023218 Anonymous
>>425023051 same here i live in cali and use comcast. maybe it's a block... or filter

58 min later 425023245 Anonymous
>>425022927 I'd say your opinion is more valid, since, unlike most of the sheep in this thread (on both sides,) you won't be voting in the farce we call "elections."

58 min later 425023267 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 7.00.18 PM.png 584x617 165kB)

58 min later 425023274 Anonymous
>>425022514 my friend is the head of neuroscience at johns hopkins and he's an alcoholic and he walks around with toilet paper on his shoe.

58 min later 425023326 Anonymous (113000156.jpg 800x1000 160kB)
Gary Johnson seems to be a recurring theme

59 min later 425023461 Anonymous
>>425023218 Thanks, so long as someone fails with me.

59 min later 425023519 Anonymous
>>425022717 A vote for Johnson is a vote of confidence in his policies.

1 hours later 425023530 Anonymous
>>425023326 lots of libertarian ideas are similar to the mass concusses of the internet hivemind

1 hours later 425023608 Anonymous (1313228474756.jpg 432x288 68kB)
>>425022901 >>425022901 >>425022901 pic related >>425022838 >no established science in pre-Renaissance Europe Okay... yeah, they were all just "natural philosophers" or "alchemists" but there were prob still people donig experiments. And there were definitely smart people doing math in the middle east, as well as advances in medicine/technology being made in eastern asia. but I don't see how these things are related. And I wasn't bragging, I was merely trying to use whatever ethos being an actual scientist gives me to instill knowledge onto those people who were arguing about what a scientific theory is.

1 hours later 425023634 Anonymous (112973411.jpg 800x1000 160kB)

1 hours later 425023670 Anonymous (adwdasdawdads.png 953x737 281kB)
obama is black

1 hours later 425023678 Anonymous (114564165.jpg 620x465 164kB)
Whoa! I'm a socialist!

1 hours later 425023723 Anonymous (Unbenannt.png 996x819 340kB)
dont even know this bitch

1 hours later 425023739 Anonymous (dealwitit56.jpg 315x396 22kB)
>>425023519 yeah, and I have heated arguments with a buddy of mine who is a die hard romney fag and he tells me "I'm throwing my vote away" and I'm like "yeah but it's my vote. Deal with it."

1 hours later 425023746 Anonymous (retard leader.jpg 396x529 11kB)
the people posting results had them saved from earlier also: lots of socialist euros in here... socialism works better for homogeneous cultures, as the scandanavian countries are finding out

1 hours later 425023780 Anonymous (40833880.jpg 800x1000 154kB)
>it's not happening

1 hours later 425023789 Anonymous
>>425023274 Your friend is Sol Snyder, the ~90 year old? I didn't know he drank that much. He's a pretty cool guy but not exactly at the top of his game anymore.

1 hours later 425023808 Anonymous

1 hours later 425023895 Anonymous (1343973160330.jpg 480x360 16kB)
eurofag here >79% Jill Stein >74% Barack >71% Gary Johnson >59% Mitt >80% Democrat >62% Green >57% Libertarian >52% Republican

1 hours later 425023907 Anonymous (isidewith.png 1600x900 236kB)
you're all a bunch of commies

1 hours later 425024034 Anonymous
>>425019808 I get it. It's because she's a jew.

1 hours later 425024091 Anonymous
>>425023723 Its Jill Stein from the green party, probably the largest left wing party in the united states right now. I say largest left wing party because I think we should all accept by now that the democrats are in no way "left wing". Jill Stein is a badass.

1 hours later 425024094 Anonymous
Too lazy to take a picture. However... Johnson -- 80% Romney -- 67% Obama -- 55% Goode -- 25% CA voters -- 49% US voters -- 50%

1 hours later 425024167 Anonymous (fuckromney.jpg 596x631 103kB)
i must be some sort of super liberal comunist

1 hours later 425024193 Anonymous
i'm just gonna vote for myself

1 hours later 425024306 Anonymous (balack.png 500x321 45kB)

1 hours later 425024336 Anonymous (3432163125.jpg 800x1000 159kB)
Ya, I can get behind that.

1 hours later 425024394 Anonymous
The impression I get is that Gary Johnson is a badass, and should universally be elected president. Ofc the public is too ignorant for such a choice -- hell, I didn't even know about him before now.

1 hours later 425024402 Anonymous
Site's down for 5 minutes. Fuck you guys and your flooding.

1 hours later 425024435 Anonymous
What the fucking fuck. Sure I got 81 for whoever Jill Stein is, and 79% with Barack Obama... But what the fuck. I want Obamacare and all that good shit, and the only thing I said was "no govment healthcare for illegals" and they say that I side with Mitt the most on healthcare. Holy shit Mitt is a flip flopping son of a bitch if I agree with Obama on all that shit aside from illegals and that is what puts me in Romeny's boat.

1 hours later 425024652 Anonymous (113015844[1].jpg 800x1000 159kB)
Suppose this means I'm libertarian.

1 hours later 425024710 Anonymous (3624-carrying-the-next-jesus.jpg 374x1036 58kB)
i got >gary johnson >jill stein >ron paul >barak obama yeah cool

1 hours later 425024715 Anonymous (gl.png 910x526 141kB)
who the fuck is jill stein?

1 hours later 425024889 Anonymous
>>425024091 i thought i would vote Johnson if i were american but i guess she isnt that much different from Johnson or is she?

1 hours later 425024990 Anonymous
>>425024710 No you didn't. Ron Paul isn't running anymore and not on the results list. Cock dum-dum.

1 hours later 425025073 Anonymous
how can anyone not have 100% for romney he takes every side of every issue

1 hours later 425025118 Anonymous
>>425024990 i took it weeks ago

1 hours later 425025246 Anonymous (assfucktittydetroyingniggerlovingcuntticklingbitchfuckingshiteaters.png 934x814 226kB)
Lol whose Gary Johnson?

1 hours later 425025440 Anonymous
>>425024889 Well if you look at your own results Jill Stein would suit you more for her policies on: immigration, science and environmental. So basically she has all the other policies you would like from johnson except jill isn't a religious backwards global warming denier cock.

1 hours later 425025662 Anonymous
>>425025440 i know, it's just impossible for either of them to win cause of the retards

1 hours later 425025708 Anonymous (113028847.jpg 800x1000 158kB)
Eurofag here (Sweden) A bit surprised but not that much...

1 hours later 425025757 Anonymous
>>425024889 they are totally different, Johnson wants to limit government and give people their liberty back, Stein wants to dictate how people spend their money, what foods they are allowed to eat, and what items we are allowed to purchase (ie guns, books, and anything else that offends liberals)

1 hours later 425025793 Anonymous (113024672.jpg 800x1000 159kB)

1 hours later 425025807 Anonymous
>>425025440 this sounds right. But please, please, please, don't actually vote for her.

1 hours later 425026083 Anonymous
i don't know who the fuck jill stein is, but my second candidate's obama, which does not surprise me at all. actually, on most issues where i disagreed with him in the test, i couldn't have cared less.

1 hours later 425026113 Anonymous
why are euro's taking the test, or even posting their results?

1 hours later 425026125 Anonymous
if you dont have at least 85% Gary Johnson then fuck you

1 hours later 425026173 Anonymous
>>425025807 I assume you're saying this because of the fact that their is no way the Greens can win I assume?

1 hours later 425026237 Anonymous (garry.jpg 909x782 100kB)

1 hours later 425026283 Anonymous
>>425025807 Except do. And convince everyone else to, as well. In this thread I've seen only one or two people with a romney/obama outcome each. You amerifags need to get out of this duopoly you're in.

1 hours later 425026301 Anonymous (Picture 1.png 628x604 223kB)
I don't get how people with Gary Johnson as their top one are so in common with Romney too. Here's mine

1 hours later 425026510 Anonymous
>>425026301 Romney wants in on everyone's results so he answers nearly everything.

1 hours later 425026549 Anonymous
>>425026173 I don't know much about American politics, but I assume there is no need to accomplish an absolute majority for the Greens? I mean, don't you have coalitions and such?

1 hours later 425026582 Anonymous (isidewith.jpg 1024x768 103kB)
das me

1 hours later 425026593 Anonymous
>>425026301 maybe because people are actually fiscally conservative

1 hours later 425026604 Anonymous
>>425026113 Are you upset?

1 hours later 425026680 Anonymous
>>425026125 If you don't have at least 97% Jill Stein you're a fascist nigger.

1 hours later 425026695 Anonymous (1313247918974.gif 247x248 40kB)
>>425026283 we're talking about the greater good here, you small-minded faggot. The way to tackle the 2-party system is not by voting. It's by donating lots of money and building political infrastructure around a 3rd party, in time for the next election. But it's too late for that now. If all the liberals vote for Jill Stein, Mitt Romney will be president. It's that simple. Why can't people get this through their fucking thick skulls?

1 hours later 425026743 Anonymous
>>425026283 we need ranked-list voting so votes aren't "wasted", letting us actually pick our favorite

1 hours later 425026889 Anonymous
>>425026549 no. Winner takes all. No proportional representation. It sucks.

1 hours later 425026963 Anonymous
>>425026549 For all intents and purposes, they have two political parties. So no, no coalitions. Which is why that country is in the shitter, because those two parties agree so little it's more likely the various rovers on mars are having an orgy right now than anything interesting actually getting done.

1 hours later 425027026 Anonymous
>>425026889 changing this should be everyone's top priority

1 hours later 425027051 Anonymous (untitled.png 800x1000 693kB)
Private sector everything bitches. gov. unions will kill america. fuck you.

1 hours later 425027197 Anonymous (umad.jpg 917x602 64kB)

1 hours later 425027250 Anonymous
It's broken. We broke it, /b/.

1 hours later 425027340 Anonymous
>>425026113 Because America is still the most powerful country on the planet and finding out what its people decide is the best way to run it is interesting to the world. So the rest of the world sits idly by and watches as the american people pick between a baby and a retard.

1 hours later 425027520 Anonymous
>>425014185 89% gary johnson

1 hours later 425027521 Anonymous
>>425026889 >>425026963 Oh, man. Does the reform of your electoral system (for instance, transforming it into an representative democracy) cross the national debate every now and then? I mean, surely people must be fed up with this, right?

1 hours later 425027557 Anonymous (1313332227036.png 601x695 4kB)
>>425027026 Actually it's my 2nd top priority. My top priority is making sure that health care for millions of uninsured doesn't get repealed by a bunch of creationist, racist, down-syndrome republicans, and that our foreign policy doesn't go to shit because a hawk gets put in the white house. Not to mention the economy. Have you guys even SEEN the Ryan Budget?! That shit will put is into a depression faster than you can say "mudkips". So priority 1 is re-electing Barack hBecause it's Priority 2 is making sure we don't fucking have this ridiculous system anymore.

1 hours later 425027764 Anonymous
Gary Johnson 2012

1 hours later 425027776 Anonymous
>>425026113 Well it's fun to see how people with any idea of how the world works would vote. It appears we all get along best with Jill.

1 hours later 425027804 Anonymous (113043222.jpg 800x1000 158kB)
Seems good.

1 hours later 425027843 Anonymous
>>425027557 yeah and keep paying for illeagals healthcare and welfare. that will save amerika

1 hours later 425027848 Anonymous
99% gary johnson http://www.isidewith.com/results/113057771

1 hours later 425027873 Anonymous (images.jpg 258x195 13kB)
>>425027557 wow I accidentally a whole line there. >re-electing Barack Obama, because not doing so will send us straight backwards*

1 hours later 425027907 Anonymous
I took this a few days ago, top was Jill Stein with a mid-to-high eighty percent, next was Obama with low-to-mid eighty. Gave it to my mom when I could to get her to shut up about how she just didn't want a black president. Besides asking what the Patriot Act, internet piracy, and (motherfucking what) evolution were, she got a good 90 percent with Romney. Not surprising. Next up was Johnson.

1 hours later 425027930 Anonymous
>>425027521 It was a bit of an issue after that bush-in-florida fiasco. By any measure /other/ than what was used, Gore would've won those elections.

1 hours later 425027993 Anonymous
>>425027051 you almost agree with all parties equally. Therefore i think you'll vote looking to the person you want to rapresent you... a high class educated nigger or a mad religious candidate who canges his opinion according to what will give him more votes? I don't love obama, but damn... romney... how could possibly someone even vote for him?!?

1 hours later 425028069 Anonymous
87% Gary Johnson, 79% Barack Obama.

1 hours later 425028090 Anonymous (results.jpg 1141x583 65kB)
I believe that 37% with Romney is only on Evolution issue (I answered that Evolution is a part of Creationism plan, that I believe) However, as I am not a selfish sick fuck son of a bitch, and because I don't want to hang every homosexuals and woman who had abortion, I side more with Jill Stein and Barrack Obama, and I am totally happy with that.

1 hours later 425028135 Anonymous
>>425027843 Please, I want you to do something for us. Go outside, and actually kill yourself. Take your own life. If you can kill all members of your family over the age of 18 while you're at it, that would be even better. Please, I'm begging you.

1 hours later 425028157 Anonymous
>>425027843 Taxes pay for health care. If illegal immigrants pay taxes, there is no reason they shouldn't benefit.

1 hours later 425028336 Anonymous
>>425028157 how do they pay taxes when they are paid cash under the table since they cant be on payroll? dipshit.

1 hours later 425028346 Anonymous
>>425027776 why do you think you're superior? you're the same stock as us, excepting the africans you champion... you watch our media because everyone does - do you think if everyone watched your media they'd not judge you foolish?

1 hours later 425028408 Anonymous
CBA to post a pic, but I got Gary Johnson. Not surprised. I'm a registered Republican but really only because I live in MA and fuck Deval Patrick

1 hours later 425028483 Anonymous
>>425027907 Yours moms a stupid cunt with a cunt, she gave birth to you, therefore you're cunt from a cunt's cunt.

1 hours later 425028607 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1440x900 379kB)
I laugh at all you unbalanced biased faggots.

1 hours later 425028609 Anonymous
>>425028336 Yeah, cause those are the only taxes you pay.

1 hours later 425028667 Anonymous
>>425028336 What do you mean how do they pay taxes? They buy food at the grocery store right? That's taxed you dumb fuck. One way or another even if you're an illegal immigrant you end up contributing into the system.

1 hours later 425028945 Anonymous
>>425028607 Fuck off centrist, you try to get along with everyone like a big pussy.

1 hours later 425028957 Anonymous
>>425027993 very true. I am leaning towards ol' Mitt because since obama my taxes have been crazy. I am self employed and run my own business. Obama has more taxes for small business than I have ever seen. do I go for my own personal gain or for the greater good? thats the question.

1 hours later 425029035 Anonymous (mygod.jpg 887x595 70kB)
>4chan's choice.

1 hours later 425029071 Anonymous
>>425028346 Well for one our collective countries aren't in debt so far average people can't even prounounce the number anymore. Also the lack of red necks who think giving the rich more tax breaks is a good idea, while taxing the (all-important) middle-class more to fill the gap.

1 hours later 425029219 Anonymous
>>425028667 food isnt taxed you huge fucking idiot.

1 hours later 425029225 Anonymous
>>425028957 If enough people go for their own personal gain, there's not going to be much of a greater good to speak of later on. Romney and Ryan are a recipe for a bankrupt America.

1 hours later 425029227 Anonymous
>>425028957 implying black people and niggers are the same thing. Barack Obama went to Harvard Law. He's not a nigger, by definition.

1 hours later 425029250 Anonymous
the questions on this thing are too simplistic and full of false dichotomies to be worth anything. "Do you support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? yes/no". fuck you bitchass website.

1 hours later 425029256 Anonymous
>>425028945 >>Bro must be mad >>Why so mad bro? Is it because I'm not a mindless retard like you?

1 hours later 425029480 Anonymous (113064550.jpg 800x1000 158kB)
>>425021263 There is no "proof" of evolution. It is however, the most likely way we came about. agnostic here btw

1 hours later 425029530 Anonymous (Anon2012.jpg 1040x592 143kB)
I'm from ny...go figure

1 hours later 425029585 Anonymous (asdf.png 597x369 119kB)

1 hours later 425029601 Anonymous
>>425029219 The cars they drive are The TVs they watch are The computers they use are The internet they're connected to is etc, etc. So far the only retard in this thread is you.

1 hours later 425029616 Anonymous
>>425029219 Depends on what jurisdiction you live in you glorious niggerfaggot.

1 hours later 425029637 Anonymous
>>425029071 euros are arrogant in judging americans because they know them so well from watching american media. Disregard of the familiar. the reverse isn't true - euro media isn't worth watching, on the whole, or it would have been.

1 hours later 425029732 Anonymous
>>425029480 are you an agnostic atheist or an agnostic theist?

1 hours later 425029736 Anonymous
>>425029480 There's proof of evolution. Google it and stop being a dumb ass.

1 hours later 425029781 Anonymous (niggablack.jpg 770x466 66kB)
>>425029227 this

1 hours later 425029803 Anonymous (Fuck is this.jpg 800x1000 160kB)

1 hours later 425029804 Anonymous
>>425027197 Why do you support Romney on healthcare issues? Think of it as a whole, and don't forget high healthcare prices can make some persons to delay medical attention, and get their disease treated at a point it needs more expensive treatment.

1 hours later 425029817 Anonymous (isidewith.jpg 935x483 63kB)

1 hours later 425029862 Anonymous
>>425029601 yeah you are talking about STATE tax on goods bought. not FED tax that pays for welfare and healthcare. but good try. but your thought of liking uninsured illeagals driving around as a good thing is pretty cool.

1 hours later 425029874 Anonymous
>>425029219 I was making an example of Sales Tax you screaming douchebag

1 hours later 425029927 Anonymous (113045940[1].jpg 800x1000 161kB)
God tier libertarian conservative.

1 hours later 425030027 Anonymous
>>425022808 >>425022808 You fucking sicken me

1 hours later 425030124 Anonymous
>>425029927 It seems you misspelled "Shit" in the worst possible manner. And next time, write G-d, only for respect.

1 hours later 425030224 Anonymous (113091852.jpg 800x1000 160kB)

1 hours later 425030257 Anonymous
>>425029862 Well fine, I'm not familiar enough with the mess that is US taxes to make a counter example. So how about instead you stop being assholes about immigrants and actually let them pay those federal taxes?

1 hours later 425030258 Anonymous (113093986.jpg 800x1000 158kB)
hm, 5% Romney? wow.

1 hours later 425030331 Anonymous
>>425029219 Uhhh yes they do faggot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_the_United_States#By_jurisdiction

1 hours later 425030418 Anonymous (lolney.jpg 800x1000 158kB)
Lol Romney

1 hours later 425030446 Anonymous
Jill Stein Never even heard of the bitch

1 hours later 425030530 Anonymous
>>425030257 yeah I would like that. I'm for a flat fed tax added to purchases so everyone pays fed taxes and their is no dodgers. but that wont happen. always some bad with the good. but it would also help obuma's healthcare debate if we had a flat fed tax and no income tax.

1 hours later 425030579 Anonymous
>>425030258 you. I like you.

1 hours later 425030597 Anonymous (113073633.jpg 800x1000 159kB)
>>425030446 forgot img

1 hours later 425030683 Anonymous
so noone actually agrees with Romney? I'm pleasantly surprised.

1 hours later 425030757 Anonymous
>>425029732 Agnostic atheist.. i dont know how we were created and i accept that.. could be fucking aliens for all i know/care. For the record though i DO believe in evolution

1 hours later 425030770 Anonymous
>>425030579 then I shall like you, too.

1 hours later 425030774 Anonymous
>>425030257 why not let the whole world in if they'd pay taxes? because they're not americans, with american culture and traditions they couldn't sustain the culture of the country they're invading if allowed to. would you allow a homeless person who broke into your house live with your family if they said they'd pay rent?

1 hours later 425030819 Anonymous
>>425029219 VAT value added tax. It's almost over everithing. Everywhere in the world.

1 hours later 425031021 Anonymous
>>425030774 How much they paying in rent?

1 hours later 425031159 Anonymous
>>425031021 mexican pesos, a week late every month

1 hours later 425031180 Anonymous (Canidates I am siding with.png 1161x778 362kB)

1 hours later 425031260 Anonymous
>>425030819 i must correct myself, actually there is no VAT in the USA but... it's like if there was. there are sales tax in most states and an income tax on the national level as well as in most states

1 hours later 425031269 Anonymous (1344289919551.jpg 219x231 16kB)
>>425029736 >>425029736 Has anyone ever seen evolution? does anyone have any recording or samples that prove evolution exists? no and no gimme a source of proof of evolution and maybe i'll reconsider, until then 0/10 troll or just stupid.

1 hours later 425031328 Anonymous
normal test 85% obama test where I ask for more questions...82% Mit.. So I do a write in for Santa Claus got it

1 hours later 425031346 Anonymous
>>425031159 Hmm you throw in a taco with that and you got yourself a deal.

1 hours later 425031453 Anonymous (1316321108649.jpg 178x200 6kB)
>>425031269 troll detected. (just in case, viruses mutate which is why we need new vaccines--that's evolution)

1 hours later 425031464 Anonymous
Also, it's fucking weird that it sides me with the state I live in. Didn't think where I lived influenced my shit that much

1 hours later 425031496 Anonymous
>>425031269 The fossil record done

1 hours later 425031538 Anonymous
>>425031269 yes and yes dumbass. 0/10 don't think we're all stupid and uninformed as much as you are.

1 hours later 425031553 Anonymous (113105846.jpg 800x1000 159kB)

1 hours later 425031594 Anonymous (Screenshot.png 959x653 198kB)
Who da FUK is Jill Stein?

1 hours later 425031721 Anonymous
>>425031346 liar

1 hours later 425031724 Anonymous
>>425031538 >>425031496 >>425031453 oh lordy lordy, learn the definition of a theory people.

1 hours later 425031923 Anonymous
>>425031260 income tax is only paid by those on a payroll or documented w-9 contract worker. For these you need a SSN to be paid. Illeagals are paid cash under the table or un-documented checks. they get out of paying fed taxes but reap all the benefits of tax payers. all because they are here. the cost the jail and provide healthcare for illeagals is in the billion dollars a year. enjoy your bleeding heart and empty wallet.

1 hours later 425031924 Anonymous
>>425031724 evolution is a fact, the theory of evolution tries to explain it.

1 hours later 425031935 Anonymous
>>425031724 okay, definitely troll detected. gtfo

1 hours later 425032110 Anonymous (isidewith.png 975x645 163kB)

1 hours later 425032186 Anonymous
and the further metastasization of the clog, does not prevent one anonymous member of the house from “tak[ing] an extra shit in it,” as Ronnie says, visibly shaken. The cast is wallowing in shit — each person’s own shit and the shit of others — and yet their disgust and distress find expression in only the most theatrical of forms: exaggerated sniffs and wide-eyed, open-mouthed horror. One gets the feeling that they are just trying to get a better whiff.

1 hours later 425032227 Anonymous
84% with both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Not that I give a fuck, as I'm not voting.

1 hours later 425032265 Anonymous (227A.jpg 300x300 31kB)
>>425031924 ahh i c, learned something new today.

1 hours later 425032315 Anonymous (325617345125867.png 874x671 185kB)
I don't know who the fuck Rocky Anderson or Virgil Goode are.

1 hours later 425032319 Anonymous
>>425030774 First of all, you forget that the US is entirely a nation of immigrants. Unless I'm dealing with one of those few native americans left of course, in which case I've said nothing. Second, I never said "just let everyone in". But do let those who've managed to get in and avoided deportation (and aren't somehow undesirable, like criminal) pay taxes so that they at least contribute to society in the same way as citizens and legal residents. And for the last part-- of course letting someone live in your house is /slightly/ different from letting them be in your country. You wouldn't let some drunk-ass american live with you either unless he were your friend already.

1 hours later 425032665 Anonymous
72% Obama 66% Romney what the actual fuck

1 hours later 425032691 Anonymous
American 3rd Position is not represented on that site. It's the only party that speaks to the disaster we're springing upon ourselves - Empire - Wars - Third World Immigration I like Gary Johnson, but there is good reason Libertarians don't win elections... it's a religious position.

1 hours later 425033073 Anonymous (Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 8.00.13 PM.png 795x582 223kB)
If only I was registered to vote.

1 hours later 425033085 Anonymous
>>425031724 It's HISTORICAL INFLUENCE is theoretical. The existence of evolution has been observed and is only deniable by retards.

2 hours later 425033370 Anonymous
>>425031269 Bitch please. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_and_Rosemary_Grant

2 hours later 425033559 Anonymous (113133955.jpg 800x1000 160kB)

2 hours later 425033613 Anonymous
>>425028607 I hope your PS3 is okay. I always wait to update because I'm still rocking an original.

2 hours later 425033763 Anonymous (16434.jpg 1600x900 220kB)

2 hours later 425033971 Anonymous
ITT no one on the planet sides with Mitt b/c he's a giant douche face.

2 hours later 425034114 Anonymous
>>425033085 Nah, Evolution Theory can explain why, over the years, birds with a strong beak are more common in a place where there is only very hard seeds available. Well, it's interesting but not rocket science. But Evolution never explained why a fish transformed into a bird.

2 hours later 425034227 Anonymous
pretty much same as OP

2 hours later 425034351 Anonymous (450px-Vermin_Supreme_2012.jpg 450x600 64kB)
When all the candidates are shit, vote for Vermin Supreme.

2 hours later 425034368 Anonymous (1344340403955.jpg 310x310 33kB)
>>425034114 >But Evolution never explained why a fish transformed into a bird. Do you even therapod?

2 hours later 425034563 Anonymous
>canada fag is there a canadian version of this?

2 hours later 425034794 Anonymous
>>425019234 They look at your location you fucking idiot

2 hours later 425034814 Anonymous
>>425034114 So imagine you're a fish. Then one day you get these awesome little fin-like things on your back that let you move a bit faster. You can get more food and escape faster. You are more likely to reproduce. Your children have the wings. They spread as you did. Now all the fish have psuedo-wings. Then this other asshole comes along with bigger wings. He does what the smaller wings did. Eventually this leads to flight. Then this guy who can stay in the air as long as he wants shows up - he can breathe oxygen. So it happens again, and all the fish can breathe both air and water. Now one of this fish gets legs, letting him go eat the land plants, free of competition. Then they drop the gills. You now have a flying lizard.

2 hours later 425034819 Anonymous (isidewithjillstein.png 967x899 312kB)
>>425034563 forgot pic

2 hours later 425034871 Anonymous (election.jpg 956x707 149kB)
This just supports what I've been saying all along. America needs to man-up and elect a third party candidate. If the freaking tea party, who are dumb as a box of rocks, can elect so many people to Congress, we can elect a third party candidate with some sense to the White House.

2 hours later 425034905 Anonymous
>>425034368 Do you even flat-earth, arrogant little believer?

2 hours later 425034913 Anonymous (election_usa.jpg 969x878 109kB)
not from the us, but closely following the election. why? because i think romney would be a catastrophe for the us and the world as a whole.

2 hours later 425034914 Anonymous
>>425034563 Yes its called HockeyvsMoose.com I ended up finding I was pro-Moose and fiscally mooservative. Stinking Hockey voters sicken me.

2 hours later 425034918 Anonymous
>>425032319 immigration was great when there was plenty of land to develop and move to if you didn't like your neighbors. now the country is full and those illegals have already shown what kind of country they can make/sustain. they come here by breaking the law, by staying here they continue breaking the law. GTFO

2 hours later 425034920 Anonymous (derp.jpg 914x658 61kB)
>Republican is not even shown great success European here why the fuck is "Do you believe in the theory of evolution" even a question? it is a fact, stupid fucks get your shit together and we may will stop laughing at you

2 hours later 425034986 Anonymous
>>425034563 Sure, Retard Faggot Kid who has no idea what hes doing Hippie Or Frenchie. Which one you want?

2 hours later 425035112 Anonymous
>>425034114 >But Evolution never explained why a fish transformed into a bird. or maybe the highschool class that taught you evolution didn't bother teaching you more than the changing of bird beaks because they knew you'd be too much of a moron to understand.

2 hours later 425035179 Anonymous (smrtwj.jpg 921x338 60kB)
It's alright. Expected it.

2 hours later 425035327 Anonymous
ITT: Everybody on 4chan sides with Gary Johnson or Jill Stein All other boards had the same result.

2 hours later 425035402 Anonymous
>>425034563 your choices are: >a polar bear >a hockey player >ike broflovsky >Justin Beiber >some guy named Phil (who only eats poutine)

2 hours later 425035471 Anonymous (Capture.png 721x508 155kB)

2 hours later 425035520 Anonymous (1344576246363.jpg 188x188 29kB)
>>425034905 I was responding to someone who said they didn't believe in evolution.

2 hours later 425035605 Anonymous
>>425034920 I believe in evolution, however a theory is just that a theory and not a fact.

2 hours later 425035734 Anonymous
romney fag reporting in he's the hero USA needs, not the one we deserve (missquote on purpose)

2 hours later 425035738 Anonymous
>>425034918 also, those German, Italian, Irish, caucasian immigrants could integrate because they looked the same - it's no small thing. these illegals (not *immigrants*), can't integrate as easily and will form non-American states that won't contribute to america but will hasten its collapse from balkanization

2 hours later 425035858 Anonymous (Untitled.png 924x693 236kB)
Britfag here, not sure why I did this. Who the fuck is Jill stein? Sounds like a boss if she agrees with me 84%

2 hours later 425035958 Anonymous (shit.jpg 800x1000 157kB)

2 hours later 425036109 Anonymous
I will be voting Gary Johnson because i agree on all of his policies

2 hours later 425036147 Anonymous
>>425035402 polar bear or ike. >>425034914 Beaver>Moose >>425034986 Faggot sounds most qualified as that doesn't imply anything negative. umadboutfags?

2 hours later 425036296 Anonymous (Untitled.png 3360x1050 857kB)

2 hours later 425036301 Anonymous
>>425033073 can register to vote up to 15 days before the election in california, I just filled my out

2 hours later 425036317 Anonymous
>>425035605 there is no "theory of evolution" it's called that way in Tardica to pet dumb christian asses evolution is proven, documented and testified in a fuckton of projects google "fruit-fly-generation-experiment" and l2science

2 hours later 425036335 Anonymous (I side 88% with Gary Johnson.png 1094x928 252kB)
i'm so racist, apparently

2 hours later 425036590 Anonymous (1303817352707.jpg 127x121 3kB)
>>425018824 Eurofag, I got the exact same results as this guy. Would ya look at that. When I say exact, I mean the same fucking percentages.

2 hours later 425036667 Anonymous
>>425036296 1% Jill Stein... worthless lady

2 hours later 425036747 Anonymous
>>425018824 >>425036590 That'd because Jill Stein is probably the most liberal candidate.

2 hours later 425036749 Anonymous
>>425036296 you had to search for "Patriot Act" on wikipedia!? >facepalm

2 hours later 425036831 Anonymous (obomney12.png 500x509 284kB)
how about Merlin Miller?

2 hours later 425036912 Anonymous (vote.png 715x732 186kB)
I'm not even american.

2 hours later 425036953 Anonymous

2 hours later 425037016 Anonymous (113180553.jpg 800x1000 158kB)

2 hours later 425037130 Anonymous
>>425036317 do you know how many scientific theories are proved only to be disproved years latter. Just ask Steven Hawking about his work with black holes, he is still trying to figure out how to disprove the theory that disproved his. The scientific method is about disproving not about approving. A theory is only recent until it is disproved and there is almost always someone out there trying to disprove a theory.

2 hours later 425037156 Anonymous
Obama hasn't been the perfect president, but he sure has done a whole lot of good stuff for us. He needs a different cabinet. They are bringing him down, and making him look bad by not passing bills. If Romney gets elected, this country is going to Hell. And I mean end of he middle class, maybe America as a whole Hell. He knows a little bit about economics, but I am sure that all of his shit that he spews on a daily basis will not be carried out. This is a scary election (as is every one). This is the first time I have ever been scared about the future of our country. >Just thought I'd put in my two cents. I doubt anyone cares, but oh well.

2 hours later 425037193 Anonymous
>>425024306 Well that's not true.

2 hours later 425037407 Anonymous (obama.png 949x710 248kB)

2 hours later 425037490 Anonymous
>>425037156 What has he done cause I'm just not seeing it.

2 hours later 425037630 Anonymous
>>425037156 What... exactly has Obama done that good for us... I mean 100% of the population... not the less than 1% of fags who want to marry.

2 hours later 425037640 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 8.29.41 PM.png 893x829 289kB)

2 hours later 425037706 Anonymous
>>425037156 >They are bringing him down, he's not a leader, he's a follower and if his cabinets the problem (and it's probably not), then he's got bad judgement, and would again

2 hours later 425038198 Anonymous
>>425018347 in what world is rocky a canidate. he was a good mayor tho.

2 hours later 425038281 Anonymous
Eurofag here but whatever. Gary Johnson - 89% Jill Stein - 82% Obama - 69% Mitt Romney - 44%

2 hours later 425038670 Anonymous
>>425020420 > >>425032315 Rocky anderson was the mayor of salt lake city when i was growing up

2 hours later 425038687 Anonymous
>>425037130 >comparing black holes with evolution basically, you're correct but then again you compare two completely different things Hawkings has no fucking clue what he is doing there, since he never could "observe" his theory in practice. He just creates arguments about "how may things work", and since this do others, a discussion appears and they go apeshit against each other to make they own blind shot look more valid but evolution is a observable process a process which existence is foolproof documented evolution is a fact, just like the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the oceans are deep. the only thing why it's still called a "theory" in Tardica is because some fundamentalist christians got apeshit insane about something that would mean that they are not "gods creation" and apart from the fact that evolution is observable (inb4 takes millions of years / can't be observable: fruit-flies, google it), explain dinosaur and other species' fossils

2 hours later 425038793 Anonymous
>>425038281 >>425037630 something telling then, about how willing euros are to call themselves fags and how highly they rank obama

2 hours later 425039028 Anonymous
>>425037490 A lot. The media rarely shows any good a president does (unless it's fox news on bush, because we all know they love to kiss his ass). 1. Instituted enforcement for equal pay for women 2.Beginning the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq 3.Families of fallen soldiers have expenses covered to be on hand when the body arrives at Dover AFB 4.The White House and federal government are respecting the Freedom of Information Act >Side note: Freedom of Information Act is basically anti SOPA, if you didn't know that already 5.Ended the previous stop-loss policy that kept soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than their enlistment date 6.Removed restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research 7.Federal support for stem-cell and new biomedical research 8. Ended the previous policy of offering tax benefits to corporations who outsource American jobs; the new policy is to promote in-sourcing to bring jobs back >Big one, that many people have not heard of 9.Lower drug costs for seniors 10.Ended the previous practice of forbidding Medicare from negotiating with drug manufacturers for cheaper drugs; the federal government is now realizing hundreds of millions in savings 11. STOPPED THE FUCKING RECESSION 12.Announced the long-term development of a national energy grid with renewable sources and cleaner, efficient energy production 13.passed health care reform His cabinet has also vetoed many of his other bills in an attempt to try to not get him re-elected (They're Republican, I still do not understand why he would employ them in his office, when their views are drastically different.)

2 hours later 425039271 Anonymous
>>425029736 It's a theory for a reason you twat.

2 hours later 425039375 Anonymous (isidewith.png 969x609 193kB)
Can i want to give free healthcare to everyone but at the same time bomb the fuck out of the middle east?

2 hours later 425039493 Anonymous
>>425037706 >>425037630 See: >>425039028

2 hours later 425039734 Anonymous
82% for Obama.

2 hours later 425039794 Anonymous (2012 preselection.png 1903x1080 432kB)

2 hours later 425039870 Anonymous
100% jill stein master race

2 hours later 425039896 Anonymous
>>425039271 see >>425038687 the reason is: Tardica is too dumb to separate Religion, State and Science properly but you wont accept that it's ok little hillbilly the world is mean, and hard to understand for your little brain just close your eyes and wait for eternal joy in heaven... ...while we build a future for our kids

2 hours later 425040241 Anonymous (isidewith1.jpg 876x647 127kB)
hmmm ok

2 hours later 425041283 Anonymous
I enjoyed that also it said I side with Minnesota voters 60% huh

2 hours later 425041425 Anonymous (Politics.jpg 800x1000 160kB)
>>425041283 >>425041283 forgot my picture

2 hours later 425041529 Anonymous (Untitled.png 940x970 279kB)
Don't know who he is, but apparently we are pals!

2 hours later 425041640 Anonymous (113249651.jpg 800x1000 159kB)

2 hours later 425042045 Anonymous (1336537848973.jpg 500x505 56kB)
>>425039028 1. They already got paid equally, fucktard 2. I'll give you half of that, BUT it was later than he PROMISEd, and most likely he'll just send them somewhere else in the middle east 3. Yes 4. Not Anti' SOPA, and "respecting"? What the fuck? That means they didn't do shit 5. Yes 6. Being paid for by the gov. shouldn't be paid for by gov. 7. Same as 6 8. Tax cuts to the wealthy extended, still many citizens unemployed 9. Sure 10. No he hasn't 11. Because we're doing so well right now. (need I remind you of the large unemployment [not all Obamas fault, but don't post bullshit]) 12. Private sector was doing that before he took office 13. FORCING people to pay for others

2 hours later 425042513 Anonymous (tits.png 892x738 289kB)

2 hours later 425042517 Anonymous (Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 5.54.15 PM.png 579x554 193kB)
Democrat fuck yeah

2 hours later 425042670 Anonymous (366.jpg 680x1024 417kB)
Download free 13th Sepember porn paysite passwords only in 4chan - 448 Download here: http://pornpassword.tumblr.com/

2 hours later 425042795 Anonymous (isidewith46074.gif 1091x962 373kB)
No surprises there.

2 hours later 425042879 Anonymous (2262354235.jpg 878x573 76kB)
old one

3 hours later 425043536 Anonymous (iSide.jpg 868x524 106kB)
Suck obamafags!

3 hours later 425043824 Anonymous
http://www.isidewith.com/results/113264818 gary johnson 88% mitt 83% virgil goode 63% potus 36% jill stein 16% rocky anderson 13%

3 hours later 425044635 Anonymous (113284960.jpg 800x1000 159kB)
i'm fine with that Just gtfo out of other countrys and stop sticking to 1000 year old doctrines from surpressive governments.

3 hours later 425044761 Anonymous (wtf.png 1025x575 186kB)
well shit.

3 hours later 425045603 Anonymous (1300671409889.jpg 500x379 57kB)
>>425044974 how's that search for the missing link going? Nowhere? Hmm..... Evolution could be true. There could also be a god. You're EXACTLY like those people who say "It's a fact god exists and evolution doesn't." Except you think you're smarter than them. Just because you say something is a fact, doesn't make it one. >Inb4 "I said it was a theory, but then explained how I think it's a fact."

3 hours later 425045640 Anonymous
>>425039896 Okay, dude... Scientific theories are not the same as the layman's theory. Don't say that it isn't called evolutionary theory, because that's what it's called by the scientific community. A theory is a theory because it's stood up to the scientific method time after time again. Instead of telling these idiots "IT'S NOT A THEORY HURR," inform them about what a scientific theory really is. Theory = An explanatory model for how and why something works. It IS called the "evolutionary theory." Not because "It's a theory because it's just a guess," but because scientific theories are solid as fucking rock. We also have gravitational THEORY and cell THEORY. Stop denying that it IS called a theory. Start defining a scientific theory properly.

3 hours later 425046059 Anonymous (vote.jpg 649x695 64kB)

3 hours later 425046546 Anonymous (113296515.jpg 800x1000 161kB)
I prefer: http://www.politicalcompass.org The problem with isidewith is, unless the user specifically opts to answer additional questions, the survey is too limited. Worse, there is no explanation for the results at the end. I'm sure no one on /b/ is stupid enough to vote because of this site alone. Don't kid yourself, it's Obama or Romney - and it sure as hell matters. If you don't like your options, participate in primaries in the future. Fucking-a. Do your own reading. /thread

3 hours later 425046724 Anonymous
>>425044974 scientific theories are scientific theories because no proof has come along to substantially diminish their value to the overall community. i say like everything that is observable with time shall become more known and to say that something is 'rock solid' now might not stand the test of 5000 years of additional scientific discovery not just of our world but our universe(s) to think otherwise makes it look like you are about as dogmatic as the people claiming the world was flat naught but a few hundred years ago. science should be able to go with wherever it leads and getting angry over semantics shows either instability in your rationality or being incapable of doing impartial observation.

3 hours later 425046902 Anonymous (iSideWith.png 950x1011 431kB)
did this a few days ago.

3 hours later 425046916 Anonymous (113285495[1].jpg 800x1000 159kB)
Leftistfag here. I can live with these results.

3 hours later 425047027 Anonymous
>>425046546 there is on a statewide level but by explanation i assume you mean concerning the candidates. now that you mention it I +1 that

4 hours later 425047208 Anonymous (myviews.png 1023x655 308kB)
I am Libertarian. I am a sick kunt, not a mad kunt liek the rest of Americans who are repub/demo

1.786 0.305