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2012-09-14 12:02 425014116 Anonymous (makemelaugh.png 800x800 21kB)
Hey /b/, I need to get this off my chest, why not tell you guys. So today, I was walking around campus with my girlfriend of a year and a half (in which I love, and she loves me. Might ask her to marry me soon, but that's a different story.) Anyways, she has a friend who is muscular looking, and athletic. I am not athletic, and she was going to play soccer for our school (UNC) but she couldn't because of an injury. It's not that I'm worried about her cheating, that's not the problem at all. I just feel that I'm skinny and fuck spend a lot of time on the computer. I game, in a fucking clan, and am going to school for computer sciences in software engineering. I mean, I'm 6'4, but I only weigh like 145. Her friend, which I all ready hated the kid said he doesn't want to talk to her with me around because he's more strong and athletic than me. Which is discouraging, because then you feel like you're inferior to everyone.

3 min later 425014773 Anonymous (1347305860160.gif 391x237 2092kB)
Continued.. I talked to my girlfriend about it, and she understands, I just don't want to sound pathetic. I feel like I'm not worthy to have her, and it's pissing me off. Should I confront the guy or should I just play it off. I mean i'm pretty sure I would beat the shit out of him, but he's her friend. I would risk losing my girlfriend over a test of masculinity. Please help /b/. Also a bad day thread, contribute and share some gifs.

5 min later 425015095 Anonymous (1347049893281.gif 443x333 2068kB)
I might as well dumo some gifs.

7 min later 425015364 Anonymous (1347049539338.gif 320x240 1572kB)

7 min later 425015469 Anonymous
>>425014773 If she just understands and doesn't offer comfort or help then your relationship is pretty much over

8 min later 425015543 Anonymous
you need psychological help OP. you already got the fukin girl. stop worrying about your vagina so much. its there for a reason. you'll forever be a pussy. beating some random faggot just makes you even less of a man. you are fukin pathetic

8 min later 425015582 Anonymous
why do you think you would win in a fight? kids a douchebag though

9 min later 425015625 Anonymous
Fool just get the fuck off a computer and exercise. It's the best thing you can do for yourself. I personally hate exercise for exercise sake so I try to achieve a goal or play a game. It's very simple and it wont make you feel like a god damn pussy. And tell your gf that that guy is trying to fuck her.

10 min later 425015791 Anonymous
>>425014116 you don't go to UNC you can't even speak english >her friend, which i all ready hated the kid said he doesn't want to talk to her with me around because he's more strong and athletic than me wtf are you trying to say? and as a /fit/izen we muscular athletes LIKE talking to guys girls in front of them, it's alpha

10 min later 425015837 Anonymous
>>425015469 No she does, i should have added this. She said we don't have to talk to him again if that's what I want. But I'm not going to make her lose a friend over my insecurities, but she's not going to be the most ecstatic about it.

10 min later 425015917 Anonymous
Pull the guy aside and tell him that you know he's intimidated by you, but that it's cool and you want to be his friend. Watch as he flips shit, if he attacks you pull your fucking knife out and slash his throat. Make sure witnesses. You become hero for stopping potential psychopath from killing your girlfriend. Problem solved. Or become a cuckold and watch your girlfriend get fucked by him and as she loves it and drinks his jizz. Either way fuck off.

12 min later 425016127 Anonymous
>>425015791 he's having a bad day, give him a break. besides, all that crying probably has his glasses all fogged up and hands shaking. ALPHA ALPHA RAHRAHRAH BROFIST

12 min later 425016145 Anonymous
>>425015791 Typing on my phone, I apologize. >>425015917 might try this without the murder.

13 min later 425016342 Anonymous (1347051082372.gif 354x232 2090kB)

14 min later 425016529 Anonymous
>>425015837 best way out of this. Be his friend. Seriously. You're freaking over nothing. probably to the point where you act wierd around him. Trust me, it will impress her and throw him off guard if you are cool with him, don't act like an intimidated scared pussy. because if you're thinking about marrying her, you don't want this on your record as a reference for all future incidents like this. Fix it. Bro him up, to some extent.

14 min later 425016567 Anonymous (1347306251251.gif 213x118 638kB)

16 min later 425016904 Anonymous
If you've talked to her and she understands where you are coming from, and you trust her its a non-problem. The only way it becomes an issue is if they other guy does something to cause a rift between you and your girl. You could talk to the other guy to make sure you won't take no shit from his end, but this could just cause issues in the whole group. And just cause he's a guy doesn't mean he has to be attracted to her. And if you feel too skinny/unathletic, find a sport or activity that you enjoy that is active and do it. I'm not saying that you have to lift, or go play Rugby. but Find something that you can start doing (and maybe something that your girlfriend can do with you). To sum up. It's a non issue for you now. Just act in a way that isn't pussy but also wont cause shit. And hey don't feel down on yourself, I'm short as eff and wish I was tall n skinny.

18 min later 425017101 Anonymous
>>425016529 I don't act weird around him, even when he made the statement to her right in front of my face. I just don't talk to him much, I make attempts but he just ignores me and keeps talking to her, until she noticed me getting nervous (squeezed her hand a bit) & she said we had to go to the kid, who I'll call Mark.

19 min later 425017341 Anonymous (1347049745805.gif 450x322 2088kB)
>>425016904 Thanks Anon. Best advice in the thread.

22 min later 425017775 Anonymous (1347305803527.gif 316x239 1967kB)

25 min later 425018105 Anonymous
>>425017341 you could just fuck your girlfriend and cum inside and all over her to mark her as yours

29 min later 425018593 Anonymous (1347488782211.jpg 600x487 58kB)
First, kill your parents, then do this

30 min later 425018860 Anonymous (1347049951942.gif 355x363 2073kB)

31 min later 425018928 Anonymous
>>425014773 Dude, you've already got the height which gives you an automatic advantage over everyone. Again, most athletic guys are only 'muscly' due to the fact they were once insecure. The guy is clearly trying to make some sort of move on your girl, but that's just guys and guys will be guys. Though she sounds keen on you and ready to accept that guys will be guys and keep him at a friends distance. As for the whole 'he doesn't want to talk to her with me around', well that's not his choice, and thats a gayass thing to say on his part. Literally get your ass together and have confidence in who YOU are as a person and stop comparing yourself to some faggatron, i've seen too many good men fail to their own insecurities and i'm sick of it.

32 min later 425019089 Anonymous
OP is a betafag. Her heart is yours OP. Her Alpha fuckbuddy has her cunt.

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