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Sup /b/. I'm "old" (in my 30's) and I have a 10 year old son. What can I do to help him have a good childhood? What do you wish your parents let you do or did to make it better? He has a good childhood I think but is depressed sometimes. He's an only child. I was reading about what a shitty childhood /b/ had, so tell me how you would have made it (realistically) better. Note the realistically part. I mean like, more freedom, more time with parents, more toys, what. Yes I realize asking for advice like this is ridiculous on /b/, but I also know (after having been here for many years) that most anons have a good heart. Thank you in advance my /b/rothers.

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Spend time with them before they start to dislike you as a teenager. Get them toys, but not too much. Don't spoil the little bastard. Lastly just try to make them happy.

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I struggle with freedom. Today is different then when I (and you) grew up. I worry he will be playing and something bad will happen to him. I have problems letting go. I see other parents let their kids go outside alone and bike miles away on roads, and yet I wont let my son go more than a block away and he has to check in every hour. Is that bad? I've heard from people "I had lots of freedom when I was young but I wish instead of freedom my parents just cared more".

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Last tit bump. If no more advice I'll take it to /adv I guess.

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Honestly OP, the best thing you can do as a father is be your son's best friend. My dad did this and I am 16 and he is my idol/role model. He is seriously the coolest dude I have ever met, and I think that it has contributed a lot to my happiness. Not all teenagers hate their parents lol. Also let him smoke weed until he has to get a real job. Good luck to you OP!

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>>425015317 Also fucking stop that, you're sheltering him too much. He will be fine.

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