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2012-09-14 12:01 425014056 Anonymous (Screenplay-Written-by-Tupac-Shakur-Gets-Green-Light.jpg 300x380 29kB)
Today, we remember the black jesus. R.I.P

11 min later 425016004 Anonymous
Who the hell is this nigger?

12 min later 425016152 Anonymous
RIP eminem

12 min later 425016191 Anonymous
He's fucking garbage you damn nigger

13 min later 425016334 Anonymous
All praise, for He is resurrected!

13 min later 425016352 Anonymous
Ignore the faggots above. Rip Sweet prince.

13 min later 425016363 Anonymous (1346118341791.jpg 469x480 40kB)

13 min later 425016368 Anonymous

14 min later 425016460 Anonymous
Ah, biggie smalls you will be missed.

14 min later 425016508 Anonymous (1340612607103.jpg 633x436 56kB)
sorry for my rude saging guies

15 min later 425016574 Anonymous
Cant believe Will Smith is dead.

15 min later 425016575 Anonymous
tupac was a cool guy. >black man> nigger despite what you inbred racist fucks say.

16 min later 425016741 Anonymous
Michael jackson is black again? Rez seems to restore default color.

16 min later 425016746 Anonymous
>>425014056 Who the fuck is that anyway? Did Bill Cosby or Flavour Flav die, or something?

16 min later 425016827 Anonymous (niggers.jpg 400x501 158kB)
Who gives a shit about that nignog?

16 min later 425016871 Anonymous (1346899014741.jpg 525x406 29kB)

18 min later 425017042 Anonymous
dammit i forgot all about it being the 13th

19 min later 425017226 Anonymous (1346893641682.jpg 600x401 56kB)

20 min later 425017326 Anonymous (2rptik9.jpg 490x667 214kB)
Taken from us in the prime of his life....

20 min later 425017363 Anonymous (1346899144525.jpg 300x302 84kB)

24 min later 425017973 Anonymous (1346381321399.gif 200x200 1166kB)

33 min later 425019192 Anonymous (tumblr_lu89neCVvG1qbialb.jpg 459x700 72kB)
RIP Tupac, you were a prophet for the ages. shnel

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