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2012-09-14 12:01 425014034 Anonymous (1338829401001.png 1040x600 157kB)
Any websites like craigslist where I can find some labor or other work to do for quick cash? Long story short I need about $1000 in a little less than a month. I'm not begging, let's make that clear. tl;dr Ideas on how OP can make quick cash. Also, recipe/info thread.

2 min later 425014540 Anonymous
>>425014034 gumtree

5 min later 425014996 Anonymous (1338829367309.jpg 888x641 409kB)
>>425014540 Thanks /b/ro, I'll take a look.

8 min later 425015415 Anonymous (1338829505400.jpg 1354x4500 1295kB)

10 min later 425015763 Anonymous (1338829524922.png 651x481 455kB)
I don't have as many recipes as I thought.

12 min later 425016176 Anonymous (1332128693161.jpg 700x3457 898kB)

14 min later 425016378 Anonymous (1338828914537.png 740x1525 1655kB)
oldie but goldie

24 min later 425017856 Anonymous (1347465064919.jpg 580x821 141kB)
Tired of searching for the recipes, posting random shit.

27 min later 425018330 Anonymous
>>425017856 I bawwed. Fuck.

28 min later 425018462 Anonymous (1347334666180.jpg 499x669 433kB)
>>425018330 Makes me feel bad every time.

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