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2012-09-14 12:00 425013848 Anonymous (542439_346653645413886_1002254131_n.jpg 480x480 26kB)
Okay /'b/ I need to ask your advice. There's this girl I really like and I have since literally the day I met her. She's like an 8 and at my very best I'm like a 3 1/2. We're going to the movies next week but she thinks it's like as friends so what do I do, do I tell her or do I just keep being socially awkward. Pic related It's her.

0 min later 425013969 Anonymous
>wearing aeropostale >fucking 2012 >gtfo

1 min later 425014007 Anonymous
LEts see you... we'll decide if you have a chance

1 min later 425014072 Anonymous
>>425013848 Bad news OP. She's got wood.

2 min later 425014202 Anonymous
Go to the movies, put your arm around her.

2 min later 425014224 Anonymous
Advice: gtfo underage b&

2 min later 425014283 Anonymous
rape her.

3 min later 425014460 Anonymous
rape her

3 min later 425014503 Anonymous
>>425014283 Hmmmmmm Prehaps, prehaps.

4 min later 425014652 Anonymous
where are her tits?

5 min later 425014716 Anonymous
>>425014202 Also don't text her pouring your heart out. It won't work. Just start flirting and being extra friendly, but don't be her bitch.

5 min later 425014720 Anonymous
Okay op, seriously, i was in your same position once. Except it wasnt only one girl it was all girls. Lets see your face and ill let you know if you have a chance.

5 min later 425014795 Anonymous
IM gonna tell you something it took me 38 years to realize. Pull your head out of your ass. Shes just a girl. Shes cute but not all that. You just straight up say, look, I like you, we get along great, and I would really like our trip to the movies to be a date. Thats it. Thats all there is to it. The worst she could say is no. And if you cant handle the idea of her saying no, then youre not in love with her, youre hung up on her. BIG difference. And that time you waste longing for someone who wont ever want you could find a handful of other girls just as cute, that you will like just as much or more. BE A MAN NOT A PUSSY! I wish I had listened to my own advice years ago.

5 min later 425014854 Anonymous
>>425014720 I don't have any chance in the slightest.

5 min later 425014869 Anonymous
She's a 6 1/2, so that prob means you're a solid 2. Pay her to tell you you matter.

5 min later 425014878 Anonymous
>>425013848 Girls like an aggressive guy. Just rip off her clothes and have your way with her. Sometimes girls like to squrim around alot while having sex, so make sure you hold them down firmly or tie them up

6 min later 425014903 Anonymous
lol OP, she's not an 8

6 min later 425014912 Anonymous
Initiate unconsensual sex with her. Make sure it's missionairy for the sole purpose of procreation

7 min later 425015076 Anonymous
>>425014854 Good to see youve given up. Then stop posting threads and kill yourself. Dont ask for help since youre not gonna try. Enjoy jerking off after you get home from the movies.

7 min later 425015154 Anonymous
I'll just leave this here... http://linkpop.pro/5sd

7 min later 425015216 Anonymous
>>425014795 This guy. Right here.

8 min later 425015295 Anonymous
>>425014912 Jesus christ....... Some sick people

8 min later 425015318 Anonymous
Just stick it in her pooper, OP. She'll get it, then.

8 min later 425015341 Anonymous
>>425013848 1. She's not an 8, try a 4. 2. Are you like 12? Get the fuck out.

8 min later 425015389 Anonymous (1231888214230.jpg 453x604 49kB)
>>425014795 finallyfiguredwomenoutfag here this

9 min later 425015486 Anonymous
>>425014795 this this this this this fucking this. I'm still hung up on some chick but I've already realized this. You'll read it but it won't fully hit you until something happens. Something could be anything, like just walking around town and BAM, you realized it. I realized it on DXM and acid trips (not at the same time). There are other girls, if she rejects you, don't go feeling bad for yourself. It's wasted time you could have finding someone who will actually treat you right.

10 min later 425015563 Anonymous
kill yourself. seriously. if shes an 8 you must look like sloth from the goonies

10 min later 425015585 Anonymous
Well first of all if you think of yourself as a 3 1/2, then you're not gonna get anywhere. The sexiest thing to a girl is confidence. Just be comfortable with yourself, and don't be a beta faggot. I know it's hard to do, but it's really one of the only ways to get a girl to notice you.

10 min later 425015597 Anonymous
>>425014795 She looks 14 and hes probably 15 himself. You really think he knows the difference? Whats going to happen is hes reading this to gain confidence and makes dozens of plans for what hes going to do, and when the time comes hell spagetti all over his words and just watch the movie, will probably continue being friends with her and eventually turn into a sad sack of sad because he lacks the confidence to say anything to her. He calls himself a 3.5 and her an 8

10 min later 425015619 Anonymous
>>425014072 i kinda feel bad for OP listen OP , if she's an 8 and you're as bad as you say you are , you have no chance so it'll all be about your approach , don't get into flirting the second you're at the movies talk to her , get close , try to relate and at the end of the night tell her how you feel , but don't pour your shit out be like " hey ______ , I really had a great time tonight blah blah you're special to me and you're pretty cool" if you go in like that , then even if she turns you down she won't ignore you or stop talking to you ,she'll see you as a friend and it won't be a big deal. i feel your feel , I'm a 7 (8.5 on a good day) and i really was shooting for this girl who could come in covered in dog shit and still be a 9, but i used this approach about 2 years ago and now we started going out last week , i'm not a jock or anything special but it's all about how you approach her. good luck OP , don't lose hope

10 min later 425015631 Anonymous
>>425015341 Ooooooooohhhhh big man real tough, fite me irl faget do you even lift?

10 min later 425015659 Anonymous
>>425013848 She's like a 5 max, so you probably have a chance. Quit being such a dickfuck.

10 min later 425015673 Anonymous
>>425013848 Her facebook. https://www.facebook.com/bri.brunelle

11 min later 425015730 Anonymous
>you think thats an 8 lolololol 10/10 OP for making me laugh so hard too fukin funny

12 min later 425015968 Anonymous
Do you want me to tell Bri for you, OP?

12 min later 425015973 Anonymous
kill yourself instead

13 min later 425016069 Anonymous (2008 president.jpg 400x494 65kB)
>OP is underageb& >mfw summerfags are giving him advice >mfw no one is saging

13 min later 425016114 Anonymous
OP, post your picture.

13 min later 425016132 Anonymous
well we know what town OP lives in, let's go kill him

14 min later 425016262 Anonymous
Like I said, 38 YEARS OLD and Ive finally started listening to my advice. I know it sux, but I lost out of some amazing opportunities with women that I can honestly say were models. I had them in the palm of my hand and was so busy hung up on dumb bitches that didnt care one bit for me, I blew it. You dont have to be a poet, an artist, or a musician to be what a girl wants. All she wants is a man. Someone who doesnt treat her like shes on a pedestal but is just open with her. THE WORST SHE WILL SAY IS NO! And thats NOT the end of the world!

14 min later 425016269 Anonymous (ferrell.jpg 350x264 19kB)
>>425015730 diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks, son...

15 min later 425016396 Anonymous (ShesA5OP.png 377x233 30kB)
You don't want this bitch anyway >pic related

15 min later 425016425 Anonymous
Gonna need pics of OP face, first.

15 min later 425016469 Anonymous
>>425015968 Dude I just messaged her to let her know. Is this Charlie?

16 min later 425016542 Anonymous
>>425016262 Wait, you've been trying to figure this out since you were born?

18 min later 425016865 Anonymous
>>425016542 no, Im saying Im 38 years old and have only finally in the last year or so pull my head out of my ass

18 min later 425016964 Anonymous (OP.jpg 180x304 9kB)
I just found OP https://www.facebook.com/connor.stich.5

19 min later 425017019 Anonymous
>>425016396 /b/ never ceases to amaze me. nice work anon.

20 min later 425017175 Anonymous
she's a 5 at best.

20 min later 425017185 Anonymous
>>425016865 That makes more sense...but makes you less impressive in my mind. I thought you were a baby who was already starting to try and figure out women.

20 min later 425017234 Anonymous
>>425016964 Except that you didn't

21 min later 425017315 Anonymous (1320231338_66.jpg 571x770 49kB)
Okay /'b/ I need to ask your advice. There's this girl I really like and I have since literally the day I met her. She's like an 8 and at my very best I'm like a 3 1/2. We're going to the movies next week but she thinks it's like as friends so what do I do, do I tell her or do I just keep being socially awkward. Pic related It's her. In my next post i'll be sure to not edit the facebook id out of it so you can send her this thread telling her how much i love her and ruin my life. Sound good?

21 min later 425017409 Anonymous
Get in my fucking van, OP.

22 min later 425017516 Anonymous (MC.jpg 640x480 173kB)
>>425016262 Fucking hell man that feeling. That sort of unmanly and low feeling you get when you knew that she wanted to be with you and made her intentions clear while you were just wracked with self-doubt or too caught up with other shit until you realize your mistake far too late and have to accept that shes moved on and even start feeling bad thinking about it. Also i realize this makes me a giant pussy.

24 min later 425017757 Anonymous
Hey OP, since you are faggoting up the board with this bullshit, I went ahead and emailed her for you. Enjoy.

25 min later 425017937 Anonymous
Op here. Thanks for rustling my jimmies. Now I can go back to being a loser.

26 min later 425017974 Anonymous
>>425017757 emailed? that will get to a young girl quickly

26 min later 425018052 Anonymous
OP, You should probably kill yourself.

27 min later 425018126 Anonymous
>>425017937 mmmmm so tasty nomnomnomnom

29 min later 425018449 Anonymous
>>425013848 Tell her. She might suspect anyway, it'll be less awkward if you just tell her. Make sure you don't leave it all open though liek you expect her to reciprocate. Don't put her on the spot you know? Just kinda let her know and move on. Chances are she ISN'T going to go "OMG I LIKE YOU TOO" Sorry. But at least if she knows she can mull it over. if it ruins your friendship just telling her then good riddance. She is pretty cute though

31 min later 425018658 Anonymous (ritz.jpg 960x720 73kB)
>>425013848 NYPA.

33 min later 425018945 Anonymous (403173_235926959819889_104965054_n.jpg 640x480 35kB)
Looks young. Would still bang

33 min later 425018961 Anonymous (4572-oh-boy.png 187x250 105kB)
Plenty of fish in the sea. MFW the ocean is huge.

33 min later 425019057 Anonymous (12980973204989-875.jpg 586x364 47kB)
2/10 Can't find the right things Here's the tool she was looking for

34 min later 425019167 Anonymous
>>425017185 But I'm not trying to be impressive. I'm trying to be an example of what NOT to do! I'm tall, good looking, smart, make good money, good in the sack. An Alpha, stuck with the mind of a Beta. OP youre not supposed to get who you want, youre supposed to get the one youre supposed to be with. And youre young, so you have plenty of time to worry about that later. Just have fun. Tell her you like her, plain and straight forward, and move on with your life. I know its hard, I know you get nervous and stumble with your words. But you have to remind yourself that its just a girl and nothing more. Once you start doing that, you will grow and learn SO much faster when it comes to women. Just be yourself, Tell her how you feel and bet it over with. No matter what happens you'll feel better in the end about yourself.

34 min later 425019196 Anonymous
>>425016964 Bobby Hill?

36 min later 425019467 Anonymous
>>425013848 She/you needs to show tits or gtfo!

36 min later 425019557 Anonymous
Poop in her underwear. Make sure she is still wearing them.

37 min later 425019718 Anonymous
Fart in her butt. Make sure her butt is attached to her butt.

39 min later 425019974 Anonymous
>>425019718 Or ignore my other advice and tell her you want to tonguepunch her fartbox

40 min later 425020169 Anonymous (Untitled.jpg 1366x768 133kB)
What to tell this bitch?

41 min later 425020251 Anonymous
>>425016964 OP has a chance. jesus fucking christ , what was with the low self esteem ? are you really putting this girl THAT much over you ? stop that shit or you'll never get a girl. >CAPTCHA: 69 HEYLEVELY

42 min later 425020481 Anonymous
>>425020169 "I want to tonguepunch your fartbox"

44 min later 425020724 Anonymous
>>425016964 Learn to realize how awesome you are. You are 100% without a girl. A girl is a plus. Be your own person before you ENHANCE yourself with a girl. A relationship is NOT 50%-50%. It's 100%-100%. Do it.

44 min later 425020732 Anonymous (ColanOpenBracket.jpg 370x399 20kB)
>>425020169 Is Kanye your real name

45 min later 425020962 Anonymous
>>425020481 Done >>425020732 No fake FB

48 min later 425021349 Anonymous
shes only in the 7th grade, OP is probably 12 or 13. Get off underage faggot

51 min later 425021771 Anonymous (Untitled1.jpg 1366x768 170kB)

52 min later 425021962 Anonymous
>>425021771 >>425021771 Holy shit.. Anon win!

52 min later 425022012 Anonymous
Adele Zara is way hotter fuck this one off and root her

53 min later 425022217 Anonymous (35w3hq.jpg 300x334 33kB)

54 min later 425022380 Anonymous
>>425021771 i hope you get aids

55 min later 425022553 Anonymous
Nah I doubt many people are really paying attention to this thread >Bri is now friends with Kanye Harrison and [blank] other people

56 min later 425022671 Anonymous (Untitled2.jpg 1366x768 173kB)
I think she's getting irritated

58 min later 425023049 Anonymous (ColanDee0.jpg 336x287 203kB)
>>425022671 >tounge maybe tell her to put away the eyeliner until she's older

1 hours later 425023287 Anonymous (Untitled3.jpg 1366x768 171kB)

1 hours later 425023354 Anonymous
Shit like this makes these visits worth it. Bamp for potential.

1 hours later 425023510 Anonymous (1304183595879s.jpg 126x108 3kB)
>>425023287 >>425023287 Holy shit! This guy is gonna be so sad. Link her the thread when you're done, i want to see her reaction!

1 hours later 425023869 Anonymous
>>425022671 Hold on...did she just come out with the "tonguepunch your fartbox" line that was mentioned earlier? Bit of a coincidence, no? My faggotry sense is tingling.

1 hours later 425024095 Anonymous
Okay, here's what's going to happen. You'll man way the fuck up, kiss her good night and tell her you want to date her. She'll dump you. You'll become bitter and full of rage causing you to lift weights and run. This will make you a man. Then, as you come into manhood you will fuck many attractive but ultimately pointless pieces of ass. Finally, you will find a nice girl an d be happy. It'll take a decade. Enjoy.

1 hours later 425024138 Anonymous
that bitch isn't an 8, man.

1 hours later 425024176 Anonymous

1 hours later 425024270 Anonymous
>>425023287 That feel when I know you're a BCfag & an eBaumsworld user.

1 hours later 425024280 Anonymous (Untitled4.jpg 1366x768 171kB)
>>425023869 I said it to her at the beginning of the convo >pic related

1 hours later 425024664 Anonymous (friend zoned.png 500x330 274kB)

1 hours later 425024713 Anonymous (goddammit.jpg 219x329 10kB)
>>425024280 ...nice save. Alright, you can live. Carry on.

1 hours later 425024714 Anonymous
You are a lame fucker. Go to church or something until someone teaches you how to act.

1 hours later 425024815 Anonymous
+ 1

1 hours later 425024890 Anonymous
>>425014795 Fucking this

1 hours later 425025174 Anonymous

1 hours later 425025293 Anonymous
>>425013848 Spike her movie drink with alcohol + oxycodone. Then maybe she'll lose her inhibitions enough to overlook your shortcomings, and actually have sex with you.

1 hours later 425025313 Anonymous (Untitled5.jpg 1366x768 146kB)
Told her me and connor were coming over for a gangbang. >Says I dont know her address Make up story about how it's logged on Facebook and embedded into her photos >Get blocked

1 hours later 425025431 Anonymous
>>425013848 "Listen annonette, i like you and want us to be more than friends." Just fucking do it. Don't pussyfoot around. Don't hang around with her for months and months hoping she'll eventually figure out what a nice guy you are and bang you because it won't happen. She has already made up her mind if sex is a possibility between you two and the longer you delay asking her the more it'll hurt when you finally get the answer you know you'll get. It's worth losing a friend for the chance of gaining a lover.

1 hours later 425025535 Anonymous (ColanOh3.jpg 915x572 58kB)
So has she finally removed you Kanye >waiting

1 hours later 425026157 Anonymous
underage&b >no advice for you, ask your mum

1 hours later 425026347 Anonymous
>>425013848 If you want to be more physically attractive, the little things go a long way. Read this - http://www.scribd.com/doc/6725732/Anthony-Berger-Improve-Your-Looks-by-3-Notches Beyond that, remember that you can't impress a woman into wanting you, you can't buy a woman into loving you and you can't entertain a woman into wanting you. You have to attract a woman, then she will want you even if you have NOTHING going beyond that. A good personality, a high intellect and generosity are great social traits to have, but they aren't what attract women, unless they're trying to manipulate you. Try reading up on how to flirt with women and get them to like you. But integrate it into your personality and make it natural.

1 hours later 425026403 Anonymous
just be honest and tell her you want to stick your dick in her girls like that kind of stuff

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