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2012-09-19 05:22 425973816 Anonymous (Tiers.jpg 1072x946 439kB)
So /b/, what are some of the most useless college degrees?

0 min later 425973943 Anonymous
medicine and law need an upgrade

1 min later 425974096 Anonymous
>>425973816 claiming ID

1 min later 425974106 Anonymous
I will answer that right after you tell me why the hell you have Astronomy, Biology, and Computer Science in mid tier

1 min later 425974126 Anonymous
physics needs a downgrade you can't really do shit with physics if you don't have a masters.

1 min later 425974138 Anonymous
Anything below mid tier shouldn't even be considered as important enough to go to college in the first place. God/Top tier are practically the only good reason to go to college.

2 min later 425974212 Anonymous
>>425973816 >Theology >Mid Tier Doh ho, no.

3 min later 425974371 Anonymous
I'd also argue that philosophy needs a downgrade and teacher needs an upgrade due to the fact that it doesn't specify what kind of teacher.

3 min later 425974419 Anonymous
All tier images are just faggotry. OP is a faggot.

3 min later 425974438 Anonymous
>>425974138 comp sci not worthy for college? lol?

4 min later 425974546 Anonymous (1340268500869.jpg 551x403 55kB)
>>425973816 >Midtier: philosophy theology >Lowtier: archaeology >Shittier: psychology, business

5 min later 425974641 Anonymous (1342908558668.jpg 375x390 124kB)
Didn't realize that jobs for philosophers were so prevalent. Good job.

7 min later 425974981 Anonymous
Hey OP, thanks for putting your opinions in an easy to read graphic. Now fuck off, faggot.

8 min later 425975247 Anonymous
>>425974981 why dont you share your opinion kid? probably a business major, bitch.

8 min later 425975276 Anonymous
You know what while I'm here you should up economics if for no other reason than when it comes to analyzing data few fields teach that better than economics.

9 min later 425975320 Anonymous
History i feel to be an importan't subject. Just because of the true fact of "Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it." One of the most vital things history teaches someone in life is learning from the past so you don't suffer from the same mistake. But teenagers and retards don't see the value in that and piss it away. Then post stupid shit on their facebook on a daily basis about their problems .

9 min later 425975369 Anonymous
>>425975247 Good guess, I am

9 min later 425975374 Anonymous (1248967079869.jpg 683x1024 129kB)
Engineering breakdown: God tier: Chemical/petroleum engineering Electrical engineering (basically the best major ever) Materials science Good tier: Computer engineering (its EE minus the circuits, plus more software shit) Computer science (if you aren't a retard) Mechanical/aerospace Systems/control Blah tier: Civil engineering Biomedical engineering Polymers Shit tier: industrial engineering

9 min later 425975425 Anonymous
Theology + philosophy = shit tier If physics is god tier, you need to specify what concentration. Classical physics is not god tier, it's basically just engineering; which should be under mid or top tier at the highest. i am assuming these are based on a combination of utility and difficulty level.

10 min later 425975567 Anonymous
>>425975369 have fun in the unemployment line kid.

10 min later 425975568 Anonymous
liberal arts

10 min later 425975634 Anonymous
Where does Architecture rank?

11 min later 425975654 Anonymous
>>425975320 >>Just because of the true fact of "Those who don't know history are bound to repeat it." Well you see the reason history is useless is because we can just catch it the next time around. That is according to your "True fact".

11 min later 425975658 Anonymous
>>425975567 Thanks, I will

11 min later 425975701 Anonymous
Are you retarded? Neuroscience destroys all of them, specifically Neuro specialty under a medical degree. Neurosurgeon master race here.

11 min later 425975739 Anonymous
i went to school for acting shit tier and proud of it but it's kk because i work for a production company and make $48,000 a year doing what i like to do.

12 min later 425975857 Anonymous
>>425975634 where do you think architecture should rank?

12 min later 425975921 Anonymous
hard sciences are all that matter. got it. fuck language and the transmittance of ideas. who needs to explain anything when you know everything.

12 min later 425975925 Anonymous
>>425975374 I find nothing wrong with that except I'd bump biomedical engineering to the mid tier.

13 min later 425976012 Anonymous
>>425975857 If i fucking knew why would i /b/ asking?

13 min later 425976013 Anonymous
>>425975654 >Catch it the next time around I want to see another ethnic cleansing happen. Really, the reason i am on this earth is to watch when China starts its ethnic cleansing of everything that isn't Chinese. And i want to hear the excuse after it happens to why we allowed it to happen.

13 min later 425976089 Anonymous
>>425975276 um, that's what a minor in mathematics with a concentration in statistics does, twice as well at that.

14 min later 425976148 Anonymous
why the hell is business in shit tier? Business is to vague, Accountants fall under that and they can make the same as people in top tier...

14 min later 425976229 Anonymous
>>425976012 well in that case, shit tier.

15 min later 425976318 Anonymous (1340334102992[1].jpg 251x251 6kB)
>mfw where i live english is on the top tier

15 min later 425976338 Anonymous
How the fuck is a JD low tier?

15 min later 425976346 Anonymous (JB.jpg 500x667 95kB)
>>425976148 because top tiers actually contribute something to society.

15 min later 425976354 Anonymous
>>425974371 teachers are overrated

15 min later 425976380 Anonymous
lol theology philosophy and astronomy are above business

15 min later 425976382 Anonymous
Midtier biologyfag and I aint even mad, could be worse

15 min later 425976415 Anonymous (66pic3.jpg 1200x854 140kB)

16 min later 425976501 Anonymous
Stop thinking about your fucking wallet and go for a career that you actually like. Faggots.

16 min later 425976554 Anonymous
This isn't even close to correct I know a chemist with a masters degree, she made 20k last year chemistry is such a shit tear degree that chemistry professors make more than actual chemists.

17 min later 425976640 Anonymous
>>425976089 Yes economics is a field that is reliant very heavily on statistics and math. In fact if I remember correctly it's recommended that you take around 40 hours of math if you get an economics degree... However as it is shunted into the business category far too often the standards have been shot to hell.

17 min later 425976672 Anonymous
Well /b/, if Archaeology is out the window, what should i do with my life? Overall my grades are good, would like to be an engineer, but what kind?

17 min later 425976737 Anonymous (1250212338446.jpg 1536x2048 459kB)

17 min later 425976743 Anonymous (983.jpg 103x126 10kB)
European History not even mad

17 min later 425976789 Anonymous
>>425974438 You can learn it yourself on the internet. Almost everything people go to college for can be self taught if you know how to organize yourself and if you are motivated enough.

18 min later 425976831 Anonymous
I love these threads and how all the science/IT fags are such betas that they can't even comprehend becoming self-employed or entrepreneurship, only getting a job derp.

18 min later 425976846 Anonymous (tumblr_lfhy4mi5rv1qbnidyo1_500[1].jpg 500x375 22kB)
Theology mid tier? WTF theology is useless

18 min later 425976853 Anonymous
>>425976501 Must be nice having rich parents. If you don't then lol, have fun paying all that shit off from square -1 when you get to the real world.

18 min later 425976872 Anonymous
>mathematics is top tier >only jobs available with that degree are in teaching >only major contributions to the field of mathematics occurred over 100 years ago >only major discoveries after that occured in the field of physics ISHYGDDT

19 min later 425976993 Anonymous (1320282933819.jpg 500x194 43kB)
>>425973816 True list faggot

19 min later 425977020 Anonymous
>>425976354 True, still useful if they are competent. most aren't. I blame Canada because my geography teacher couldn't read a map.

19 min later 425977067 Anonymous (RF.jpg 640x480 24kB)
>>425976872 >being wrong.

19 min later 425977098 Anonymous (1347336365859.png 362x313 63kB)
>mfw I'm a music education major

19 min later 425977135 Anonymous
>>425973816 What qualifies "best"? is it how readily you can get a job out of college? If that's the case, then Engineering is a good one if you can survive it. Almost all of my engineering buddies fucked up and are now sitting pretty with a 1.8 GPA and now going for a communications major to bump the GPA back up... Also, I love it, Astronomy and Philosophy are mid-tier, but law, economics, and archaeology are low tier? Also, Bio in mid tier? Pfffffffffft.

20 min later 425977160 Anonymous
>>425973816 That mid tier is fucked up why in the fuck is philosophy there. OH SHIT FOREIGN LANGUAGE IS WASTE OF LIFE TIER I CANNOT FATHOM THE AMOUNT OF AUTISM.

20 min later 425977305 Anonymous
How the hell is business, law, and political science on the bottom tiers? You're almost promised a job and most of the successful people in the u.s. are in those categories? How the fuck is chemistry and physics god tier? Their almost never used in a common day society

20 min later 425977309 Anonymous
>>425976993 I don't know, few people love parenting but I'd say it was pretty important. Then again a lot of people love sex... I retract my opinion

20 min later 425977315 Anonymous
>>425976993 While I agree with you, I believe OP is speaking of which degree can get you a good job with little to no work

21 min later 425977447 Anonymous (579.jpg 1600x1200 81kB)
>>425976993 >attempted poli sci >interned at lobbying firm >offered job with gov relations firm >turned it down >went back to school for history >chose to do something I love than ruining lives of others and contributing to the downward spiral of our society

21 min later 425977490 Anonymous
>>425976789 Speaking from experience, not having a degree in that field is a huge disadvantage. Like resume getting filtered out automatically before getting skimmed bad.

21 min later 425977508 Anonymous
>>425976789 While that's true, no one will accept "I'm self-taught, guys!" when you try and build any kind of career or get a job.

22 min later 425977548 Anonymous
>>425973816 >Shit tier: Design >Implying that the US economy isn't driven on visual manipulation of the average stupid consumer >Implying that engineers could make dick of a product without designers making it first Design is actually one of the most important aspects of industry, period.

22 min later 425977605 Anonymous (NT1.png 526x509 13kB)

22 min later 425977706 Anonymous (217882_408981192483798_1662857395_n.jpg 363x720 32kB)
philosophy degree my friend- philosophy is the most rewarding thing, srs (pic related)

23 min later 425977870 Anonymous
>>425976993 well aint that the goddamn truth i could have majored in medicine or engineering if i wanted to. i had the grades. but i'd be so miserable in those fields that the money wouldn't be worth it.

24 min later 425977915 Anonymous
>>425977548 >>Macfag

25 min later 425978102 Anonymous
>>425976993 >He mad because he has an Art degree and makes a living off of brony and furry commissions. Master race of having a decent to good paying job and doing what i love at the same time.

25 min later 425978142 Anonymous
>>425973816 I love how everything that the Aspberger legion adores is in God Tier, while everything that is useful is in shit tier, top tier, or mid tier. Also wtf how is philosophy in mid tier

25 min later 425978173 Anonymous (nigga-you-gay.png 720x540 665kB)

25 min later 425978212 Anonymous
>>425976501 That would be nice and would work if the US subsidized higher education like other Western countries do. But we Americans are retarded and think the Free Market™ will solve the problem of paying the debt of the tuition back with a Job™ in the future. Uni only works in this country if you have lots of money to burn.

25 min later 425978224 Anonymous (1344217105717.gif 360x288 495kB)
>mwf when I have a degree in graphic design and work for Valve and love every second of it

25 min later 425978238 Anonymous (-1.png 200x299 73kB)
>mfw Theology made it on the list.

26 min later 425978321 Anonymous (1312596318153.jpg 1920x1200 1277kB)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUE9gHDyJwo this explains college degrees

26 min later 425978380 Anonymous
>>425973816 >philosophy >mid tier the fuck are you smoking

27 min later 425978475 Anonymous
Medicine isn't a college degree. Kill yourself.

27 min later 425978516 Anonymous
>>425978224 Nigger if you work for valve whats the new hat you are designing to be released in the valve store.

27 min later 425978536 Anonymous
>>425978224 I at once hate you and admire you due to my rampant desire to hate valve but knowing that they've been real bros over the years.

27 min later 425978557 Anonymous
>>425978102 >Implying doing furry commish on the side of anything you do isn't a pretty sweet gig make fucking bank, dude

27 min later 425978565 Anonymous
I'm >>425976993 and I am a philosophy major. normally it gets shit tier. surprised it got mid tier this time. useless as fuck for making $. No one in our society is interested in new ideas. oh well. its what I love and blah blah blah herp derp.

28 min later 425978636 Anonymous
>History major here >Agree completely with OP >FUCK

28 min later 425978657 Anonymous (1323716210872.jpg 600x400 39kB)

28 min later 425978690 Anonymous
you can get a college degree in teaching? since when!?!

28 min later 425978709 Anonymous
>>425977870 so you majored in what?

28 min later 425978736 Anonymous
>>425978475 >hipster

28 min later 425978783 Anonymous
>>425977548 >implying engineers don't do design >>425973816 >implying a math degree is harder/more practical than civil/mech

28 min later 425978823 Anonymous (nintendocaution.jpg 698x534 117kB)
>except civil/mech Oh, and which one are you doing then? Petroleum? Environmental? Textile? Civies and mechs build and design everyone you have to work with.

29 min later 425978843 Anonymous
I think Psychology is God tier >inb4 butt frustrated Psych major because I am a butt frustrated Psych major

29 min later 425978906 Anonymous (1344240777249.jpg 598x572 74kB)
>>425978516 Looks liek dis omgggg

29 min later 425978920 Anonymous (427284_462396933790919_1298891156_n.jpg 960x720 57kB)
stupid cuntfire philosophy is the most important one of those >mfw womens rights not on god lil B tier

29 min later 425978969 Anonymous (1335440492514.png 386x308 4kB)
mfw I don't have any degrees and dropped out of school yet have a half decent job that supports my needs and a couple of cheap interests.

29 min later 425979003 Anonymous (1347824601341.jpg 307x352 20kB)
>astrophysics isn't god tier >theology isn't waste of life tier >philosophy is mid and not low >history and psychology is shit tier Not sure if OP is trolling or actually this fucking stupid

29 min later 425979018 Anonymous
>>425978565 Oh we are its just... we get new ideas from engineers. You dun goofed minor in philosophy major in something that will get you a job

30 min later 425979084 Anonymous
OP fucked up by putting philosophy and theology in mid tier. Those shouldn't even me on the list. Also, I would bump Computer Science up to Top tier.

30 min later 425979172 Anonymous
>>425973816 So I'm just about to get my bachelors in Finance. Where do I fall in all this?

31 min later 425979224 Anonymous
I have a degree in theater performance, because of that I have been working in a theater making 700 a week, suck my balls? No degree is useless, college is about growing as a person, finding what you like and making connections. You could get a degree in whatever you want, of you a pain in the ass to be around and have no friends or social ability, you will fail. People, ing experience, care way more about if they like you or not than if you are super qualified. People don't want to spend every day with some genius who's a fuckin asshole.

31 min later 425979316 Anonymous
>>425978565 I can't recall a single new idea out of a philosopher since the 1800s. Then again most of the "philosophers" I've had the pleasure of hearing were religious apologists.

31 min later 425979319 Anonymous
downgrade theology and philosophy list molecular biology and biochemistry in god tier medicine needs an upgrade too

32 min later 425979423 Anonymous
>>425973816 So OP, what Tier is copying an image from the internet to try to form a coherent opinion?

32 min later 425979554 Anonymous
>>425976346 >implying entrepreneurs don't contribute anything. >implying writers/artists/musicians/film directors/illustrators ect. don't contribute anything. Have fun in your colorless utopia. >

32 min later 425979560 Anonymous
>>425979224 The list is catered towards employability and contribution to society. Naturally, you'd have to feel a certain degree of passion for whatever major you pick. Enjoy poverty, faggot.

32 min later 425979563 Anonymous (clint.jpg 247x136 3kB)
>>425973816 So many graphic design fags at my school. mfw 1 in 10 will get a job.

33 min later 425979597 Anonymous (Cerial Comment.jpg 126x115 2kB)
>>425979018 you advance existing ideas with engineers. inventing a new discipline would be a new idea. doing more of an old discipline is just that. doing more of the old stuff. anyway all I really want to be is a prof anyway. may as well get my mental masturbation in while I am in college.

33 min later 425979612 Anonymous
What does biotechnological engineering fall into? I query you because you list engineering and chemistry in god tier but, biology in mid tier. My field is a fusion of all so, maybe top tier?

33 min later 425979624 Anonymous
>>425979224 Hey man theater is pretty sweet. Don't let it rustle your jimmies. Telling everyone to do what they love just doesn't work. Were not 7. We can't all be in the NBA or models. There is a mass amount of unemployment because of unskilled labor. Grats on getting the job btw!

33 min later 425979682 Anonymous
So what would flight be in?

34 min later 425979792 Anonymous
>>425979554 They do to a small extent, but they are both way, way oversaturated with people who most likely aren't going to amount to shit. Consider having a back-up plan.

35 min later 425979973 Anonymous
so 3D animation is waste of life tier? Got it. bad thread is bad.

35 min later 425980124 Anonymous
>>425979316 When people like snooki and ~Rmoney for prez~ are on the scene you wont hear much

36 min later 425980190 Anonymous
These days any bachelor's degree outside engineering with 2-4 years internship is pretty useless by itself. The success of an education depends on the individual, not what they choose to study. Any retard who can pay attention and follow instructions can get a BS/BA in just about anything. Comparing one undergraduate major to another is like bragging about the success of your little league team.

36 min later 425980256 Anonymous (Degrees.jpg 347x346 125kB)
>>425979554 >implying they dont all make up 100% of the unemployment line. >implying they have decent ideas to begin with ........... . > >2012 >valuing the "arts" lul

36 min later 425980290 Anonymous
>>425979973 You'll definitely want to pair it with something else technical like compsci, depending on what you want to go into. This is especially true for vidya.

37 min later 425980353 Anonymous
>>425979316 Taking philosophy as anything more serious than an elective is stupid. You can just go to your local bookstore and buy some Jean-Paul Sartre writings and learn about it all in your spare time.

37 min later 425980379 Anonymous
>>425979973 mayafag master race reporting in

37 min later 425980462 Anonymous
>>425980190 srs this is why philosophy is needed above god tier and on Lil B tier

37 min later 425980474 Anonymous
>>425979973 if you go to college for it yea even then its one of the most saturated markets in the world have fun never getting a job even if you're incredible than its still hard to get a job, extremely long hours and low pay i know because im in computer science/art minor and computer science major (computer science/art is after effects maya and other stuff like that)

37 min later 425980521 Anonymous
Shit tier biz major here. Area of emphasis in finance and supply chain. Now a supply chain analyst, starting salary 65,000K, no previous experience. Know how to do critical thinking and math. That is the only thing employers want to pay people for anymore.

38 min later 425980620 Anonymous (1343488617811.jpg 400x400 55kB)
But where is statistics??

38 min later 425980624 Anonymous
>>425978783 Engineers don't do design, especially for consumer end. Ask a car designer, or a product designer, or a package designer, or an architect, etc. Engineers are lackeys and by and large are treated as such unless they get into management. They may get paid more, but their turnover/termination rate is way higher versus designers in every company I've been involved with, there's less opportunities for youth in that field compared to design, and job satisfaction amongst the colleagues that I've talked to is substantially less. There's a reason why engineers are being scouted from abroad, while designers are always western: Anybody can crunch numbers and follow blueprints, not every foreigner can provide a particular cultural context to the visual end of a product.

39 min later 425980727 Anonymous
>>425980353 Anyone who successfully obtains a PhD in virtually anything didn't waste their degree though I think we can all recognize they will find good meaning in their field.

39 min later 425980734 Anonymous (saragull.jpg 273x184 7kB)
>>425980353 spare time? u were on jersey shore bc u cant r3ad sh1t rite?!?!?!?!

39 min later 425980770 Anonymous
Motherfucking double god tier in this bitch, Im a chemical engineer

39 min later 425980810 Anonymous
>>425980124 Valid, though I still hold out that all the great ideas on the human condition that can be spoken of in words have already been said in our 5000 years of written history.

39 min later 425980881 Anonymous
>>425978709 Got my BFA in acting at Boston University. Auditioning for Juilliard and Yale in the spring. I make about $40000 a year, but I spend 2/3 of my each year unemployed and looking for a new gig. I will be paying off my student loans until i'm 60. i'm 23. i wouldnt change it for any career in the world.

40 min later 425980929 Anonymous
electrical engineer bitches, i think you missed the omnipotent tier for that.

40 min later 425980952 Anonymous
>>425980620 Bundled in math. Actuaries make good money.

40 min later 425980998 Anonymous (sociology.png 762x381 109kB)
Let's ask USI >waste management

40 min later 425981047 Anonymous
>>425977447 Good job, sir!

40 min later 425981060 Anonymous
>>425979003 Psychology is the gayest fucking major ever and it will not get you a job. Check the fucking statistics, you retard. All of the philosophy unemployment stats lump it in with religious studies, which is possibly the worst major in existence. Even with that blight, philosophy only has 7% unemployment. Same as neuroscience. You faggots that think college is some sort of vocational school should kill yourselves. Become mechanics or electricians if you want to have a job with no questions asked. Jesus Christ. Also, all math and hard science majors are overrated. All respectable disciplines, but still overrated. Philosophy is disrespected out of ignorance and is thus underrated. Seriously, it's not a bad major. One of the brightest guys alive at the moment, Saul Kripke, is a philosopher. It's had plenty of notable people within it and it's still a very alive discipline with ongoing debates. At least, analytic philosophy is.

41 min later 425981178 Anonymous (1339423712785.jpg 374x452 179kB)
>>425980290 No its pretty much true. You could go on to say 1/1000 people who take the class and pursue it as a life long career never make it and end up unemployed. >But what about all those CGI movies man? They are so popular and those guys make lots of cash. Indeed they do. But again the 1/1000 people thing again. Surely you can't believe you'll be that 1/1000th guy to make it. Your on 4chan so your chances drop significantly. Only 1 out of a 1000 people aren't wasting they're life in it.

42 min later 425981301 Anonymous
>>425980620 There would be too much bias. A stat major came up with this of course.

42 min later 425981313 Anonymous
waste of life tier: liberal arts

42 min later 425981340 Anonymous (1339659558700.jpg 271x271 7kB)
>>425979973 >>425981178 Quoted the wrong guy. Heres who I meant to quote. MFW the shame of quoting the wrong person

42 min later 425981346 Anonymous
>>425976831 >>425976831 >>425976831 Fucking this!!!!

42 min later 425981353 Anonymous
>>425980727 Yeah, that would be nice, but doesn't quite work in the US' college system. >>425980734 Lolwut?

42 min later 425981383 Anonymous
>>425980810 I plan to get a phD in philosophy, its like a lifestyle. Critical thinking is the key to every field, but when mtv takes over the population, there isn't much hope >implying 2012 switches electromagnetic fields and all electronics are fried

43 min later 425981463 Anonymous
>>425975374 Computer engineering should be god tier. If you have a decent degree in that 1)youre supremely intelligent 2)gonna make bank

43 min later 425981468 Anonymous
>god tier >software engineer

43 min later 425981506 Anonymous
>>425975374 hey asshole what about nuclear engineering, what happens to be my major

43 min later 425981521 Anonymous
>>425976640 I still think it's worth an upgrade of what you can do if your school doesn't suck and you're not retarded.

43 min later 425981561 Anonymous (bearballons.jpg 400x527 81kB)
>God Tier: PhD/MD >Top Tier: Masters >Mid Tier: BS/BA >Low Tier: AA >Shit Tier: High school/GED >Waste of Life Tier: Middle School graduate

43 min later 425981562 Anonymous
>lol arts degrees are so useless now excuse me while i go consume art for the rest of my life what are you, reddit?

43 min later 425981570 Anonymous
>>425980290 If you're not confidant in you're ability to animate then you should be spending money on schooling and just peruse it as a hobby outside of school. There's plenty of jobs for animators in a lot of studios and the jobs aren't going anywhere. You also shouldn't be restricting yourself to just vidya. I'm lucky enough to have had mentors that work for pixar, industrial light & magic, disney, and dreamworks which I keep in contact with.

44 min later 425981697 Anonymous
>>425981561 Shit tier here, making $140K/yr

45 min later 425981845 Anonymous
>God Tier reporting in. >Mining Engineering.

45 min later 425981867 Anonymous
where would an aspiring mechanical/electrical engineer fall in?

45 min later 425981887 Anonymous
>>425980353 LMFAO. Yes, because Sartre is all philosophy has to offer. Nevermind the various contributions to maths, logic, science, and linguistics philosophy has had! I'm honestly cracking up. Sartre is far from all philosophy has to offer.

45 min later 425981894 Anonymous
>>425975374 double E reporting in

45 min later 425981898 Anonymous
>>425981353 Really? Hard to imagine unemployed phd. From Canada btw.

45 min later 425981984 Anonymous
>nuclear engineer >fuckyeah.jpg

46 min later 425982196 Anonymous
>>425975374 Excuse me, where is mining engineering?

47 min later 425982256 Anonymous
> Theology > Mid tier > Music in Shit tier while Art is Waste of Life Tier > all engineerings are superior tier > same goes for Medicine and astrophysics

47 min later 425982271 Anonymous
>>425981346 >>425976831 entrepreneurial failure rate is insane. Its like gambling with your life. most faggots I hear talking about entrepreneurship talentless losers who are good at nothing so they spend their time dreaming about being bosses.

47 min later 425982360 Anonymous
this thread is always a thinly disguised troll attempt. that image is so fucking broken.

47 min later 425982401 Anonymous
>>425981867 I would still put you in god tier, frankly.

48 min later 425982429 Anonymous (1249788862385.jpg 500x375 27kB)
>>425982196 australia? not a big major in the US

48 min later 425982438 Anonymous
>>425981521 I have a great deal of respect for econometrics. people who are good at it can solve some crazy problems really fast. Physics people are about the only people who can keep up when it comes to sorting through the mass of data that arrives on something.

48 min later 425982507 Anonymous
>>425982360 I'd say it's pretty accurate.

49 min later 425982679 Anonymous
>>425981383 >>I plan to get a phD in philosophy, its like a lifestyle. Critical thinking is the key to every field, but when mtv takes over the population, there isn't much hope Based from my experiences, the so-called anti-intellectualism and many major athletic programs in many suburban schools do have a tendency to produce a lot of kids applying for Low and Shit Tier majors after high school.

49 min later 425982756 Anonymous
>>425982429 Are you fucking kidding me? Yeah it is, here in Nevada.

49 min later 425982774 Anonymous
>>425982401 well i guess its a good thing i chose it cause i want to be it and not just for the money. but money is a definite plus/

50 min later 425982854 Anonymous
This is dumb, if you fucking hate doing math youre a fucking moron to get a degree in it. Therefore propelling you into the waste of life tier. OP is a fag.

50 min later 425982902 Anonymous (1331154418151.jpg 500x501 61kB)
electronic engineer : god tier

52 min later 425983246 Anonymous
>>425974438 >>425974438 Incorrect. OP is a faggot. I'm going to school for a CS-Masters. Also, Civil and Mechanical Engineering should be in God tier. OP obv doesn't know shit about Civil OR Mechanical Engineering.

52 min later 425983275 Anonymous
>>425981887 I would like to add that the majority of Sarte's writings are mainly for the general reader who are not entirely into Stephen King and other popular fiction writers.

52 min later 425983327 Anonymous
>>except Civil/mech whats that leave? chem and elec Im pretty sure those are god teir as well. but also engineering is basically one job.

52 min later 425983362 Anonymous
>>425981887 I used Sartre as an example, and I didn't say philosophy is *useless*, just don't expect to get far if you major in it.

53 min later 425983535 Anonymous

54 min later 425983590 Anonymous
>>425982271 If you were born a loser to loser parents you'll probably stay that way. Things worked out rather well for me.

54 min later 425983606 Anonymous
>>425983362 I don't know you could start a cult and move to some far away mountain to make jelly and sell it on the side of the road.

54 min later 425983724 Anonymous
>>425983535 Then I guess instead of learning maths, you could spend your time having sex with people.

54 min later 425983780 Anonymous
>>425983535 >>everything else mentioned but I disagree. Op is truly a faggot >>copypasta anus

55 min later 425983787 Anonymous
>>425983535 I would put machining and the such in god tier. Fuck robots, we need men and they put things together better than any robot could.

55 min later 425983934 Anonymous
>>425983362 Why do you think philosophy majors should not expect to get far? I mean, seriously, you could say the same shit about any other discipline. You can teach yourself practically anything, and especially math and physics. With all the free material on the internet nowadays, it's a breeze. The whole "you could just learn this in your spare time" argument is not good.

56 min later 425984052 Anonymous
>>425982507 accurate in what? it's a complete mix between things that are actually valuable and things that can actually make you money. the tier criteria isn't clear at all... is it based mostly on value to society? amount of money you can make? long term effectiveness or short term effectiveness? since it is so unclear, it is just a huge troll. i used to let these threads irritate me until i saw them for what they really are.

57 min later 425984202 Anonymous
>>425982679 Believe me I know, I'm still a junior and it's disgusting, but I find that learning about the basis of the idea of how to life can teach you much more than your 9-5 job at a shoe store

57 min later 425984340 Anonymous
>>425981898 >Hard to imagine unemployed phd. It's not unheard of, but if you're a PhD in the US, you'll be alright. I was saying that in the US if you go for something, it's expect that you'll find employment right away and start paying off your debt, where as in some other countries, they subsidize their higher education, so it's not as employment centric as the US is. Therefore, you have a bit more freedom to study things simply for the sake of studying them.

57 min later 425984360 Anonymous
I got a degree that hardly anyone gets. Left America right out of college and lived in a beach resort type area in SE Asia for 2 years teaching. About to move to Korea for more money. I hardly have any student loan debt and am neck deep in young Asian pussy. Regardless of where this falls on your ill-conceived ranking chart; fuck you, enjoy the jelly.

59 min later 425984586 Anonymous
>>425973816 So let's see here, you rate Teacher as Low Tier yet without teachers you wouldn't be able to go to college at all. Teacher should be rated God Tier, all education relies upon it

59 min later 425984653 Anonymous (Ultimate_neckbeard.jpg 405x720 62kB)
>>425984360 ru dj pauly d?!?!?

59 min later 425984670 Anonymous
Computer Science should be bumped A LOT, can't be in the same tier as theology for god's sake. I study computer science and we study a LOT of math and have a lot of theoretical logic/math plus some electrical engineering stuff. GRAPH THEORY for gods sake!

59 min later 425984682 Anonymous
>>425983787 Eventually when the time is right, there will be robots making other robots that make things. You will be obsolete.

59 min later 425984759 Anonymous
>>425984360 >>425984360 Pretty sure you couldn't stick your head in asian pussy

1 hours later 425984878 Anonymous
yes....yes I am

1 hours later 425984935 Anonymous
>>425984586 >>prolly based on income

1 hours later 425985040 Anonymous
A man that graduated from my Prep School years back made a drunken dare with his roommate at Harvard to major in Japanese studies as opposed to business like he had intended. well, come real world, he was hired in a week by an investment bank that needed bankers who spoke japanese. he ended up quitting and becoming a best selling author my best friends brother majored in history, and now works for a 10 billion dollar firm and makes 500k a year. your college degree will mean very little about your final occupation, when compared to connections, ambition, and sheer, blind luck.

1 hours later 425985096 Anonymous
Computer science is mid tier? Bitch, please. $85k salary right out of the fucking box, and I've got friends who get paid even more than that because they managed to get more experience than me.

1 hours later 425985101 Anonymous
>>425984759 clearly you haven't seen enough asian pron

1 hours later 425985131 Anonymous
>Society will collapse on itself and only those who had a phD is being fucking neo from the matrix will survive Sounds like philosophy and negro major

1 hours later 425985183 Anonymous
>implying I went head first

1 hours later 425985310 Anonymous
god tier BME reporting in walking out of school making average 50/60k

1 hours later 425985379 Anonymous (1347556459875.gif 200x100 377kB)
>>425985096 That's what I'm saying man, OP is a HUUGE faggot. >hurr durr a degree in neckbeard = theology >mfw

1 hours later 425985601 Anonymous
>>425985379 Op is a... >>then realized copypasta

1 hours later 425985683 Anonymous
>>425985183 ... How else would you go in... I mean... I guess you could have sex with them using your feet first but they would have to have huge vaginas.

1 hours later 425985776 Anonymous
this chart is nice; except i lol at the cat that medicine is not god tier... Physics, math, engineering, all respectable for the pure intelligence required to excel at those things; if you look at the wide range of knowledge and thinking required in medicine, as well as the rigor of earning a medical degree it clearly is god tier

1 hours later 425986042 Anonymous
ITT: MY MAJOR IS GOD TIER!!!1!! OMGZ OP IZ A FAGUT!!! >but seriously 6/10, op's copy-pasta-faggotry rustled me

1 hours later 425986094 Anonymous
>>425983934 >Why do you think philosophy majors should not expect to get far? Unless you're going to be teaching a philosophy course, you're not going to find employment on it alone. Like I said before, you should take philosophy courses as electives and major in something that you'll be able to use when you're out in the field. >With all the free material on the internet nowadays, it's a breeze. >The whole "you could just learn this in your spare time" argument is not good. You just contradicted yourself here.

1 hours later 425986120 Anonymous
Christian Studies Master Race reporting in. St. Jehovah University.

1 hours later 425986147 Anonymous
>computer science >mid-tier >tech era nigga you retarded i haven't even gone to college and i'm making close to $90 annual, and all i do is maintenance on office computers and servers

1 hours later 425986475 Anonymous (1347240386586.jpg 343x474 47kB)
>>425982196 >mining engineering >pic related

1 hours later 425986672 Anonymous
>>425986147 *$90k i work for limited brands btw, and they're hiring more for this position in ohio

1 hours later 425986707 Anonymous (spike spiegel.jpg 640x480 30kB)
Math in god tier, theology in mid tier? These should be in mid and waste of life tier respectively. Political science should be in mid tier.

1 hours later 425986792 Anonymous
>>425984670 Computer science doesn't really teach you about computers. The name is really a misnomer.

1 hours later 425987057 Anonymous
implying Computer Science isn't one of the currently most in demand majors at tech companies, and one the foreseeable majors which we sill the greatest growth. yea no

1 hours later 425987212 Anonymous
Lackey Tier: Engineers Pioneer Tier: Designers Shit Tier: * Lit, * Studies

1 hours later 425987226 Anonymous (1328161568627.jpg 640x480 53kB)
I'm a particle physics major GPA 3.56 30+hours of research credit What are my chances?

1 hours later 425987242 Anonymous (7483_411c[1].gif 167x167 852kB)
>>425982679 Couldn't have said it better. >>425978565 >Not interested in having new ideas So you have to be a Philosophy major to come up with ideas? The majority of kids growing in suburban america tend to be born with a silver spoon in their mouths. They are born and raised in a life of commodity and complacency. They do not have to work hard to achieve anything due to the fact that everything they need will conveniently fall on their hands at one point or another. Thus when reaching the point where they need to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives, they tend to choose the easy subjects because that's what they're used to. They're not used to working hard for anything, and challenging majors such as engineering, science, medicine are viewed as impossible or in the worst cases, "evil" and monotonous. I am working on a Civil Engineering bachelors degree and I can strike up a conversation with someone about philosophy, politics, art because I am an intelligent human being, and I don't need to spend thousands of dollars on something I can learn by simply thinking or buying a 5 dollar paperback book at Barnes and Noble. Besides, philosophy tends to boil down to: "everyone has an opinion and everyone's wrong." inb4 all the shit tier butthurt.

1 hours later 425987829 Anonymous
>>425986094 Obviously not. Do you think all of the math/science majors find employment based on their major alone? No offense, but people like you strike me as naive. There are plenty of unintelligent people that graduated with a math/science degree. The unemployment rate of philosophy majors is only 7%, and again, I have to emphasize that philosophy is unfairly grouped with religious studies, which certainly hurts its percentage quite a bit. 7% is a bit higher than average, but IIRC, comp sci has a 5% unemployment rate. And no, I didn't contradict myself. I showed you as to why your argument was erroneous since you could apply it to the majors you seem to espouse.

1 hours later 425987916 Anonymous
>>425987242 I find myself to be the only person in my sad and miserable high school to want to major in philosophy- it's a dying breed, and I simply hope I can hold out till college You have every right to have your opinion, I however find that many people would put philosophy as mid to lower tier because there haven't been any serious philosophers this generation who've done something in this world, as I hope to >inb4 tears of faggotry

1 hours later 425988009 Anonymous
OP is a faggot

1 hours later 425988064 Anonymous
It's less about worthless degree's and more about worthless students. If you went to school to learn a trade, you fucked up, you'd be better off as an electrician or HVAC installer.

1 hours later 425988108 Anonymous (judgedread.png 500x320 189kB)
>Mfw anyone thinks that category of your degree makes one superior to another. Because that Physics degree from ITT Tech is really going to give you that leg up over the Harvard graduate who majored in whatever the fuck degree he wants he went to Harvard. It's not what you know, it's who you know that's going get you those six figures.

1 hours later 425988207 Anonymous (adventure time laugh.gif 290x200 305kB)
>>425978657 sage and a picture?

1 hours later 425988339 Anonymous
God tier chemistry/biochemistry double major reporting in. Starting med school next year >come at me faggots

1 hours later 425988454 Anonymous
>>425987242 So you think that just reading some philosophy books here and there makes you qualified in the field? LOL! That's like me saying, "I mean, I'm a clerk at the gas station and I occasionally have to do math if customers give me more change after I've given them receipt, so I don't need to study math."

1 hours later 425988538 Anonymous
ok /b/tards where would cognitive neuro psychiatry rank?? >inb4 working towards psych degree > mfw i love psychology

1 hours later 425988570 Anonymous
>philosophy >not shit tier OP's list sucks.

1 hours later 425988589 Anonymous
What is wrong with mech engineering?

1 hours later 425988627 Anonymous (1282839532626[5].jpg 268x265 22kB)
>>425987916 That's what you're thinking right now kid. If you're smart, you'll realize the futility of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a useless major such as Philosophy, not to mention the inevitable realization that that major will get you absolutely nowhere in life. But you're just a kid right now, you still have plenty of time to realize this. But if you don't, there will always be a need people to serve us our fries anyway.

1 hours later 425988780 Anonymous
>>425981060 I agree with most of what you are saying but it should be noted that Saul Kripke is a mathematics major.

1 hours later 425988858 Anonymous
>>425976346 Implying people with "top tier degrees" have the leadership skills necessary to lead people and institutions to success. If they did they would be business majors. Business is the god tier degree everything is below it. Fuck you should just rate business degrees in the first 3 tiers and then all other degrees in the rest. Like this: Accounting and Finance Business Management Entrepreneurship and International Business shit tier: hospitality management

1 hours later 425988930 Anonymous (417231_166976363437957_1432463368_n.jpg 544x400 39kB)
>>425988627 >inb4 you didn't smell nicki minaj anus coming off of my comment srsly tho philosophy >

1 hours later 425989230 Anonymous
rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >mfw im fucking kidding captcha r5,877,000 uzenser

1 hours later 425989275 Anonymous
>>425988454 >Implying that a degree is the only way to be qualified in a field like Philosophy Yes, reading books about philosophy will feed your "knowledge" in philosophy. Getting a degree in philosophy only tells people that you were dumb enough to pay an institution for a piece of paper that tells you that you read the same books any jackass can read at a barnes and noble.

1 hours later 425989373 Anonymous
>>425988858 The problem is business is the new English. Faggot slackers who don't know what they want to do go in to "Business"

1 hours later 425989496 Anonymous
>>425987916 Respectable, I love philosophy but it's something I do in my free time. I want to change the world and create something and I know that my greatest asset is my ability to communicate and lead. You don't need a philosophy degree to be a philosopher. You need a business degree to get started in business.

1 hours later 425989502 Anonymous
>>425988780 Yeah, that's true. I'm sorry I didn't note that. It should also be noted that he was a child prodigy and would have done well in just about anything he chose to pursue, so yeah. I'm NOT disrespecting math or science. I love both of them, believe me. I just can't stand the hate philosophy receives. It's a beautiful field.

1 hours later 425989669 Anonymous
>biology in mid tier, medicine is higher This chart is really weird. Some natural sciences can be absolute god tier if they coop with medicine. I hate these charts.

1 hours later 425989738 Anonymous
>>425989373 True, they are ruining what was once a respectable school. That's why I always just tell people I'm an accounting major rather than business. I swear all of my general business classes are filled to the brim with sorority and fraternity sloths.

1 hours later 425989834 Anonymous
>>425989275 I can say this about computer science and math, too. You can learn all of that shit on your own through the internet, books, etc. Reading books about math and computer science will feed your knowledge on those topics. Doing exercises in math and computer science will sharpen your ability. Likewise, reading philosophy will feed your knowledge and arguing will sharpen your ability. I never said that having a degree is the only way to be qualified. What I was trying to get across is that you can technically be qualified in anything without a degree.

1 hours later 425989932 Anonymous
>>425989373 So true. I was a biz major. Your area of emphasis and the internships and experience you get in college are more important than just getting a "business degree". Saying "business degree" lumps too many shitty things together with good things.

1 hours later 425989958 Anonymous
>>425989275 you forgot to mention that piece of paper also says that you can write cogent arguments regarding the material covered.

1 hours later 425989993 Anonymous
>>425988454 >So you think that just reading some philosophy books here and there makes you qualified in the field? Education is not an entirely formal affair. You cannot expect to broaden your horizons if you learn everything within the confines of a structured course. Being an autodidact is another way of further your education and view of the world. The point of the university was originally not to instill into your head repetitious bullshit that you spit back at them and score good on test. It's suppose to enable one to be a freethinker, to instill critical thinking skills, to show how one can pull himself by his intellectual bootstraps. The fact that these things don't go on much anymore in modern universities is why education is becoming shittier and results much poorer.

1 hours later 425990143 Anonymous
>>425988589 >What is wrong with mech engineering? Nothing, any faggot that can hack that can hack anything.

1 hours later 425990238 Anonymous
>>425989738 This. If you have a shitty area of emphasis in biz you say "I'm a business major". If you have a good area of emphasis you say "I'm a (insert name here) major".

1 hours later 425990286 Anonymous (richard-rorty-come-at-me.jpg 450x292 29kB)
>>425989502 Also I'm a philosophy major. MFW I get shit for it.

1 hours later 425990309 Anonymous
>>425989993 Yeah, I share your sentiments. I'm also depressed about the status of "education" in the U.S. at the moment. Where do we disagree?

1 hours later 425990374 Anonymous
>>425989496 I absolutely want to change this world but I'm not blind to the fact that majoring in philosophy may not be the best road- perhaps anything along the lines of persuasive writing would be better, but for now that's on hold

1 hours later 425990430 Anonymous
>>425990143 You do know that mechanical covers every other engineering. Its not just machines. It covers materials to electrical. Try again faggot

1 hours later 425990589 Anonymous
>MFW philosophy mid teir >MFW everything on there stems from philosophy >MFW noface

1 hours later 425990628 Anonymous
>>425990286 I'm a philosophy major as well, but will probably be able to claim a second major by the time I finish. My additional major will probably be comp sci, and I'm already loaded up on math classes.

1 hours later 425990689 Anonymous
>>425989834 >I can say this about computer science and math too. No you can't. You would have to some sort of super genius to teach yourself Calculus, Differential Equations, Statics,Thermo-fluids, Engineering Analysis, Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Hydraulic Engineering, Dynamics, Quantum Physics, Mechanics of Materials, Thermodynamics and many many more. those topics I have mentioned are just about 3-4 semesters or 2 years. You obviously don't know what you're talking about kid.

1 hours later 425990915 Anonymous
>>425989738 I kind of think props are in order for sticking with something as soul-crushingly dry and boring as accounting.

1 hours later 425991221 Anonymous
I'm kinda stuck for what I want to do. Right now I'm a Physics major, but I suck ass at Calculus. I can't retain the knowledge for shit and really don't know what path I want to go down. I love science and astronomy, but my school only offers physics. So I'm kinda fucked at the moment.

1 hours later 425991225 Anonymous (1315243581874.jpg 1920x1200 182kB)
i'm about to finish up my BA in Spanish, my BA in Linguistics, and my minor in Italian. am i fucked, /b/?

1 hours later 425991389 Anonymous (imagesCAUX2FI1.jpg 267x189 8kB)
>mfw people don't realize public schools dumb down creativity which creates a negative stereotype towards critical thinking Philosophy

1 hours later 425991528 Anonymous
>>425990689 Bullshit. Why? Tell me why any of that material is inherently more challenging than analytic philosophy. I'll agree you don't need to be a genius to understand parts of philosophy, but that's the same case with every field. If you really think you can be fully knowledgeable and qualified within philosophy by reading a few books, then you're just delusional. You aren't going to master modal logic by just reading a book about it.

1 hours later 425991530 Anonymous (1337360063365.jpg 405x344 32kB)
I'll assume being a film major goes under art in the waste of life tier. It's not fair. Everybody was telling me to go with what I enjoy, and I'm good at it too. Maybe I should just go and change my major before it's too late, I've always been good at science and math...

1 hours later 425991550 Anonymous (butthurt.gif 200x200 43kB)

1 hours later 425991590 Anonymous
>>425973816 >be English major >get job right out of college as grant writer

1 hours later 425991667 Anonymous
>>425991225 Probably. At least one should have been either Chinese or Japanese.

1 hours later 425991676 Anonymous
Guess i'd better change my major then.

1 hours later 425991723 Anonymous
>>425991225 Do you plan on teaching or being a translator if you speak it fluently? If not then yeah, you wasted your monies.

1 hours later 425991753 Anonymous
>>425990309 >Where do we disagree? I suppose on the majoring in philosophy part. Like I said before, unless you're planning on being a teacher of philosophy, you're not going to get far. There are other factors at play beyond the economic, though. Culturally the US (depending on where you live) ranges from either apathetic to intellectualism to staunchly anti-intellectual. So you have a cultural deficit alongside an economic one. It would be nice if the public were banging down door to hear philosophers talk about their grand ideas about how to improve society and the world at large, but unfortunately (and sadly) that's not the case.

1 hours later 425991867 Anonymous
I want to major in Biology

1 hours later 425991930 Anonymous (1314550106308[1].jpg 560x400 40kB)
>>425991389 >mfw this faggot thinks that you have to have a shitty liberal arts major to be creative

1 hours later 425991994 Anonymous
For antisocial betafags, by antisocial betafags.

1 hours later 425992181 Anonymous
>>425991994 F.A.B.B.A.B.?

1 hours later 425992205 Anonymous (129470155772.jpg 425x282 137kB)
>History >Shit tier. Come say that to my face bitch. >Theology >Mid Tier >English >Waste of life tier. Youhavenoideahowbutthurtiamrightnow.jpg

1 hours later 425992254 Anonymous
Geography dark horse >35% job growth in next 4 years >maps are cool >mfw I get paid and love it

1 hours later 425992396 Anonymous
>>425991753 I love philosophy as it's a part of who I am, but you're right on that point. However I find that the public isn't banging down doors to hear philosophers speak because anyone with a philosophy degree this generation is all but working at starbucks. The place philosophy truly shines is in writing and public speaking, but as long as philosophy students work at starbucks rather than obtaining a phD in the subject or trying to better the world, it will receive a negative connotation

1 hours later 425992398 Anonymous
>>425991530 Don't listen to people who tell you to follow your dreams and do what you like. I like to draw, masturbate, watch anime, and play video games. They don't hire too much for this shit. I gotta eat sooo... you got to do someshit you may not like to survive. Change your major, save yourself.

1 hours later 425992410 Anonymous (1347105732775.jpg 209x215 13kB)
English waste of life tier? I got my English B.A. from UCLA, M.A. from Cal State Long Beach and now I'm teaching English in Korea. I'm earning 6 figure salary teaching retarded kids from 3 different after school private institutions. One ESL and 2 SATs. The kids here dgaf about learning and only care about video games. They can barely fucking speak English. I dont really give a fuck about my job; I'm saving up so I can move back to America and get my PhD, but it's a bit hard because i have family that needs money. Imo, put English in Shit tier. There's a fuck ton of money teaching English abroad(especially in Korea since they only care about 2 things: 1. Where you got your English Degree from and 2. How fluent you sound).

1 hours later 425992486 Anonymous
>>425991723 I was planning on translating, but I'm curious to see what happens on the LSAT, as well. so.. i dunno, honestly.

1 hours later 425992590 Anonymous
>>425991753 I'm not encouraging people to major in philosophy. I'm just saying that it's not as bad of a decision as people make it out to be. Besides, when people call a major worthless or inferior, that rubs off onto the field itself. If people actually have the nuts to think philosophy is a worthless field, then hats off to them.

1 hours later 425992605 Anonymous
What about business degrees? Accounting and Marketing?

1 hours later 425992617 Anonymous
>>425991528 I can't even tell if you're serious anymore. Are you telling me that something as simple as thinking, which is the basis of philosophy, is hard and you need to take a course to master it? Are you serious? You want a material that is more challenging than analytic philosophy? Try Quantum Physics.

1 hours later 425992830 Anonymous (sadfrog.png 388x360 6kB)
>>425992396 >The place philosophy truly shines is in writing and public speaking, but as long as philosophy students work at starbucks rather than obtaining a phD in the subject or trying to better the world, it will receive a negative connotation So fucking true. *Sigh* Captcha: bastral Years

1 hours later 425992897 Anonymous
>>425992486 If you're "curious" then I wouldn't bank on it. People who do well in the LSAT train for it starting on their 6th birthday. Law is, always has been, and always will be, completely fucking over saturated.

1 hours later 425992927 Anonymous
>>425992410 Fellow English major here. The only reason it should be put it in a shit tier is because it's easier than STEM majors. Any English/comm/journalism major can get a PR, technical writing, grant writing, or science writing job.

1 hours later 425992931 Anonymous
>>425991550 >cant come up with an argument, so I'll just say he's buthurt Aww c'mon, you can do it.

1 hours later 425993065 Anonymous
>>425992605 See >>425989373

1 hours later 425993141 Anonymous (1347975475522.jpg 408x459 28kB)
And how the fuck is Philosophy in Mid Tier while English is "waste of Life tier"? As I was getting my M.A., I emphasized on Critical Theory and had to study plenty of fucking philosophers especially Marx, Foucault, Heidegger, DesCartes and Nietzsche.

1 hours later 425993179 Anonymous
How in the fuck is THEOLOGY "mid-tier"? My fucking sides.

1 hours later 425993218 Anonymous
>>425992486 Nooooo!!!... New lawyer hires are pretty bad right now. Some students are even suing the law schools they graduated from because 80% can't get a job in law. Seriously law firms only hire top 20% of grads min. I have a friend 240K in debt right now, no job prospects. If you can't get into a top 8 law school don't waste the money.

1 hours later 425993364 Anonymous (320124_407983502583567_645116649_n.jpg 625x604 51kB)
>>425992617 >mfw there's a defining line between thinking and critical thinking Philosophy teaches you about the meaning of every and anything- physics is cute

1 hours later 425993461 Anonymous
>>425993218 is it really that bad?

1 hours later 425993762 Anonymous
>>425993461 Holy fuck yes. You're considering law an no one told you? Fuck me. This is the whole reason I didn't go that direction. My prospects were much better in consulting.

1 hours later 425993850 Anonymous
>>425993461 it's somewhere in the middle actually. all i can say is that cream rises to the top, the most resourceful students will always end up with jobs regardless. im currently at a school in the top 100 but not the top 8, last year the school had one of the worst years for placements, and our school kept getting hit by local politics (at this point you can probably guess which school i'm at), and more than 60 percent of the graduating class got full time legal jobs, including government.

1 hours later 425993882 Anonymous
>>425993364 Any person with a functional brain can do critical thinking. It takes a lot to learn something complex like physics or math. An engineer can be a philospher any day.

1 hours later 425994139 Anonymous
>>425993461 Have you not heard about this? Law school is a terrible decision right now. Unless you get in a top 15 school, your chances of being hired after graduation are extremely low. I know several J.D. grads who had to find work with their undergraduate degrees because they couldn't find anything related to law.

1 hours later 425994157 Anonymous
>>425992617 Um, thinking is the basis of just about any course. Believe it or not, thinking clearly and logically is a skill. Philosophy thrives on this. Look, here's what I'm getting from your statements. Let's play role reversal for a minute. Would you be incredibly pissed off if I said I don't need to study quantum physics in college because I read some Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking, and Lawrence Krauss? I think all of the subjects you listed should be classified as challenging. I also think they're great subjects. However, I am saying that there are complexities within philosophy that are definitely not going to come as naturally as some of the softer stuff. I mentioned modal logic. That stuff is genuinely difficult to comprehend, implement, and analyze.

1 hours later 425994173 Anonymous
>>425993882 I think you must be slightly retarded.

1 hours later 425994201 Anonymous
>>425993461 also i should mention, defintely do not go to tier 3 and tier 4 schools, no prospects there regardless.

1 hours later 425994295 Anonymous
>>425993461 Yes. Do some research on the subject. Read recent articles on the subject. The field is under attack from all sides. Many functions in law are being outsourced/ and or accountants can do it. The labor pool is also way oversaturated. Don't listen to the law schools official salary expectations or employment rate info. Inaccuracies in that are why they are being sued.

1 hours later 425994387 Anonymous
>>425994173 Can't come up with an argument? that's ok, not everyone is smart enough to debate.

1 hours later 425994401 Anonymous
Astronomy is in one tier, physics in another...astronomy is physics...

2 hours later 425994438 Anonymous (68T2xhfb5a-6.png 300x250 13kB)
>BA in communication from shit-tier school. >MA in linguistics from slightly-better-than-shit-tier school >Completely backed into job in railroad safety. >No nepotism involved. >make 6 figures. >mfw

2 hours later 425994689 Anonymous
Theology is Mid-Tier! Finance not being fucking god tier. >oh lawdy the butthurt

2 hours later 425994820 Anonymous
>>425994401 Faggot.

2 hours later 425994848 Anonymous
>>425993882 Most engineers are quite smart. Philosophy has less to do with requisite material and more to do with pure mental capacity. Maths and sciences, while requiring a ton of mental capacity, also require requisite material. That's the general difference. If you think all philosophers can do is philosophy, then I'm disheartened.

2 hours later 425994931 Anonymous
>>425994295 Most law school grads do get "employed", however may get hired to do document review for like 20$/hr. Thats only like 40K a year. Its not that you can't get a job, its that it isn't the golden ticket most people think and definitely not worth the cost of law school.

2 hours later 425995019 Anonymous
>>425990430 Re-read mother fucker. I'd might not hire a philosophy but if his resume looked like it was written by someone smart, I'd give him an interview. I'd never give a business major an interview. Since 99% of them of a. lazy. b. uninterested in anything beyond drinking and playing herpes rootlet with the coeds.

2 hours later 425995021 Anonymous
English Pre-med here. Where does that put me?

2 hours later 425995103 Anonymous
>>425994295 Google "law school scam blogs" Reading material for the rest of your life. The best are the "fuck you man im goina cooley im got this shit figured out" commenters .

2 hours later 425995107 Anonymous
Undergrad just about to finish my BFA in Art Education here. Probleme?

2 hours later 425995142 Anonymous (1345666024814s.jpg 125x125 2kB)
>>425973816 who ever made that picture is beyond retarded

2 hours later 425995212 Anonymous
>>425993882 Also, what do you mean by being a philosopher? Please clarify.

2 hours later 425995239 Anonymous
>music education major >not putting education major in god tier simply because nobody would get anywhere without decent teachers >mfw you live an empty colorless life if you never learned anything about music, or other art, at least in a higher level appreciative sense. >you will never have as much fun making a living as I do >Some people go through life with hobbies that give them ego-orgasms. I go to work and get those ego-orgasms every hour.

2 hours later 425995245 Anonymous (this-fucking-guy[1].jpg 680x510 34kB)
>>425995019 >herpes roulette

2 hours later 425995265 Anonymous
agree with all except; You need teachers, and good ones. maybe if the degrees were better they wouldn't produce such shit teachers and by extension, shit students. Language - most people in the world are bilingual or polylingual. If you're monolingual then your a waste of human potential or an idiot and you should learn another language. Archaeology is cool but only for academic reasons not if its for land development companies.

2 hours later 425995305 Anonymous
>>425994542 Well that's your own damn fault for not checking first.

2 hours later 425995371 Anonymous
>>425994820 Well I'm getting a degree in astrophysics...so suck my fat hairy faggy balls

2 hours later 425995453 Anonymous
Math and Physics are God tier? Good luck getting a job in those fields...Math majors get pushed into software testers and accountants if they are lucky. Physics grads have it worse. There might be a few hundred job opening a year for that field. if you want physic calculations done now days you just buy software to do it. So the few physics people at the software company are multiplied into thousands. You just need a couple peopel around that know a little about to check its work every now and then. Software is even starting to take a bite out of the Engineering fields. I'd did biology and computer science degrees because people are afraid of two things in life more than anything else...dieing and doing anything but look at facebook or porn on their PCs

2 hours later 425995668 Anonymous
>theology above law Go ahead. Try to justify this. GIVE ME A REASON TO FIND YOU AND MURDER YOU

2 hours later 425995748 Anonymous
>>425993762 >>425993850 >>425994139 >>425994295 >>425994931 >>425995103 well fuck. guess I'd better start researching grad schools.

2 hours later 425995867 Anonymous (0 ten troll.jpg 279x267 8kB)

2 hours later 425995975 Anonymous
>>425995668 Covered extensively. You need to be a motherfucking prodigy to have a prayer at a decent law career.

2 hours later 425995976 Anonymous
>>425995668 You are right. Theology should be in low tier with law.

2 hours later 425995984 Anonymous
Fuck this. I'm done arguing. Here's the principle from which I've said everything so far: it's not the college major a person has, but the person who has the college major. QED, prove me wrong, etc

2 hours later 425996073 Anonymous
Why is psychology shit tier?

2 hours later 425996076 Anonymous
>>425995453 This is very true. The only field with any real jobs anymore is the medical field, and maybe skilled labor. That's why I chose pre-med . I knew English was a waste of time to major in without anything to back it up. I thought I'd be studying Plato and the greatest writers of all time in a class full of enlightened geniuses. Instead, I'm studying Marxist-feminist bullshit with a bunch of unmotivated high school mindset students whose only reason to be in college is because their parents forced them to go. But it's too late to change major. Better to just finish pre-med courses and go off to med school asap. I don't want to be in college any more than necessary.

2 hours later 425996089 Anonymous
>>425995265 >most people in the world are bilingual or polylingual. Out of necessity. Only a fraction of one percent of people who speak more than one language do so out of intellectual curiosity or "fulfillment of potential".

2 hours later 425996349 Anonymous
>>425995265 Yep. We are indeed in dire need of teachers. To be fair, most teachers aren't "shit". They are just under-experienced, underpaid, and put into low-income/urban areas right off the bat. It's all about superiority; the best teachers are teaching in the "best" places to teach. i.e. in higher income areas with better pay. The burnout rate for new teachers is insane. like 60% of teachers in the US have been teaching for under 5 years, and around 5% have been teaching more than 20. Furthermore, America treats its teachers like complete shit. You need at least a 4-year degree to teach in most places and you're looking at between $20-30k/yr starting. Not to mention the points I brought up before. I switched out of my teaching-oriented major option once I realized I'm just going to get burned out of teaching in public schools. It's really fucking hard and you have to be extraordinarily kind to keep with it.

2 hours later 425996573 Anonymous
>>425981984 >>425981506 Hey fellow NEs. He didn't include it because how do you classify something better than god?

2 hours later 425996724 Anonymous
Architecture or any design degree, for that matter, should be God tier

2 hours later 425996792 Anonymous (Every major's terrible.png 605x1629 405kB)

2 hours later 425996889 Anonymous
>>425996349 >most teachers aren't "shit" Yes they are, unless you grew up in a rich area. Honestly, I think you're an idiot if you go into teaching at a high school level or lower. There's doing what you love, and there's ensuring poverty for life. If you want to teach, get a PhD in a STEM field. All of this is coming from an English major. I know my major is worthless. I'm not going to lie to myself, but at least I still have a future because I fixed my mistake with pre-med.

2 hours later 425997343 Anonymous
>>425995748 Glad chan was able to save someone.

2 hours later 425997556 Anonymous
>>425995748 I agree with the other guys. Law school is not a good idea unless your father owns his own law firm. Most lawyers make around 30k/yr starting, assuming they even get a job that requires a law degree at all.

2 hours later 425997608 Anonymous
>>425990915 The best place to start a career in business is at the top 4 accounting firms. Doesn't mean I'm going to stay an accountant. I'm not sure if you've ever taken an accounting class, it's actually not that boring. Accounting is the language of business, you have a serious advantage if you're fluent in it.

2 hours later 425997651 Anonymous
> Philosophy not in waste of life tier

2 hours later 425997930 Anonymous
>Medicine and Law not the only god-tiers You third-tier citizens seem very jelly. We are the white knights and black knights of the real world, second only to the nobility. And you can't exactly major in "being born a Rockefeller."

2 hours later 425997946 Anonymous
Chemistry master race reporting in.

2 hours later 425998271 Anonymous
>>425997930 Medicine should be god tier, law should not. The law field in general is really fucked right now. But medicine is still the field with the highest pay and best job security as always.

2 hours later 425998372 Anonymous
>>425997930 Medicine yes, Law... not so much... The only way law is top tier nowadays is to build a time machine and go back in time and become a lawyer 30 yrs ago.

2 hours later 425998528 Anonymous
>>425992927 My point was that it should be on shit tier, not on "waste of life" tier. >>425993179 ^ Theology mid-tier. Rofl.

2 hours later 425998703 Anonymous (1338861711064.jpg 258x314 48kB)
LOL at mathematics in god tier. Yes it's by far the most difficult work but a math degree alone without any practical skills or specialization won't get you a damn thing in life. Your only chance is academia, but you may as well aspire to be an NBA player if you honestly plan on becoming an accomplished professor. I'm a math major by the way, but I recently realized how fucked I am because after a couple years of doing math you will learn that everything I've just said is true. So I'm gonna try to get as many programming courses as I can before I graduate to up my chances of getting an actual fucking job. tl;dr: a mathematics degree is impressive and difficult to obtain but not very practical as far as getting a job goes...

2 hours later 425998921 Anonymous
Electrical Engineer major right here >fml

2 hours later 425999051 Anonymous
>>425992410 >I'm earning 6 figure salary teaching retarded kids from 3 different after school private institutions. One ESL and 2 SATs. Yes, because that's the average salary for English majors. You proved everyone wrong. >move back to America Bad idea.

2 hours later 425999195 Anonymous
>>425998703 Yup. Thats why their is money in computer science and engineering. Its a lot of math and logic with practical uses.

2 hours later 425999532 Anonymous
why is mechanical engineering not god tier?

2 hours later 425999620 Anonymous

2 hours later 425999725 Anonymous
>>425992927 Also Anon, since you're an English major I suggest this: Either get a PhD and go into teaching or gtfo out of this major, cuz it wont do you any fucking good. English Major, Pre-Med is actually an awesome idea because @UCLA I've learned how to do research(which helps alot in med-graduate school).

2 hours later 425999735 Anonymous
Medical master race reporting in. Don't even act like we're not god tier, fags.

2 hours later 425999874 Anonymous
Comp sci for life, bitches.

2 hours later 426000089 Anonymous
>>425999532 because this isn't the 1800's anymore

2 hours later 426000180 Anonymous (1345011308414.jpg 296x296 12kB)
biosystems/environmental engineer >fuuuuuuuck my schoolwork

2 hours later 426000373 Anonymous
From the picture, downgrade astrophysics, neuroscience, and geophysics. Upgrade computer science.

2 hours later 426000540 Anonymous
currently going to college to be a computer engineer >feelsgoodman oh and >>4260000000

2 hours later 426000601 Anonymous
>>425999051 If you can get a job, average starting salary for B.A. English majors is like ~40K/yr. Tops out at ~70K/yr with a graduate degree.

2 hours later 426000607 Anonymous
>>425998703 Very much agree. I never understood /b/'s boner for math degrees. They are even less employable than English or Business majors. That's not an exaggeration. It's a waste of time to major in math unless you REALLY love it and are willing to keep your income low for it.

2 hours later 426000638 Anonymous
>>425998271 >>425998372 It's not just a question of job security and pay, it's what you can do. Being a doctor means you're capable of benevolence that the average person is not; being a lawyer, malevolence. People want to be friends with doctors; people do not fuck with lawyers.

2 hours later 426000929 Anonymous
How is Mechanical engineering not god tier? Chart is is invald

2 hours later 426001135 Anonymous (1317952574732.jpg 393x705 54kB)
>implying a certain specialization of modern society is better than another >2012 >not anarchic-primivatist

2 hours later 426001165 Anonymous
>law, economics and political science not listed as god tier OP is a serious math fag and is not aware of the average income of a politician.

2 hours later 426001182 Anonymous
>>425999051 I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm saying that it's not be in "waste of life" tier. It SHOULD be shit tier. Why the fuck is theology in mid tier? anyways? also, I want to go back to America because 1. Fuck korea, this place fucking sucks. Every single fucking day is hot/humid or freezing.I hate this faggot culture; I refuse to dress like the faggots over here. 2. Because i want a PhD in an Ivy league(although I doubt i'd get int because my GPA getting my masters is not a 4.0). My Dream is to be a college professor because i was inspired by a professor @UCLA. 3. My family, especially my mom whose sick 4. Fuck koreans

2 hours later 426001675 Anonymous
>>426000601 I'm not sure about the undergraduate salary, but the graduate salary really depends where you land you job. If you only get a Masters, then yeah, I wouldn't even be surprised if you are getting 60k/yr. On the other hand, if you get a PhD, become visiting professor in multiple universities then eventually land a job as an Associate Professor, you can easily get 90~110k/yr in private universities and 80~90k on public universities.

2 hours later 426001676 Anonymous
>>426001182 >Why the fuck is theology in mid tier? anyways? Cuz the guy who made the picture is a retard, probably a theology major and christfag. >1. Fuck korea, this place fucking sucks. Every single fucking day is hot/humid or freezing.I hate this faggot culture; I refuse to dress like the faggots over here. Move to the rural area. >2. Because i want a PhD in an Ivy league Ive League, for a PhD in English? Are you fucking stupid? Or just trolling? >3. My family, especially my mom whose sick Grow some balls >4. Fuck koreans Then why the fuck are you in Korea? Why didn't you just take pre-med courses? Science (even biology) is hard as shit compared to English, but it's well worth it.

2 hours later 426001735 Anonymous
this list was clearly made by a 13 year old some of these aren't even degrees

2 hours later 426001867 Anonymous
>>426001165 Economics is shit ton of math. Law jobs are sparse these days. Most politicians are lawyers, not political science majors. Political science is borderline useless unless you want to work for a state government in a nonspecific job

2 hours later 426002259 Anonymous
>>425997608 I had to take two. They made me want to tear out my eyes and throw them at the instructor in protest.

2 hours later 426002561 Anonymous
op dumb as fuck, mech engineering covers everything

2 hours later 426002638 Anonymous
>>426001675 They can make bank later in their careers after lots of grad school. To even qualify to teach at a university, and not some tech school, you have to have a PHD. There is a lot more investment to get there than practically any engineer has and you still are not guaranteed a job like the STEM grads are.

2 hours later 426002854 Anonymous
>>426001676 Anon, I can't move to the rural area, no fucking jobs there for me. I'm bound to be in Seoul, where kids study and go abroad as International students. The rural area is shit. Also, right now I have free rent because I'm living with my mom's side of the family. And no I'm not fucking trolling. I want a PhD in English because my dream is to teach at universities. I dont give a fuck about salary. I'm more than sure that by the time I get the fuck out of this hell hole, I'll have enough money saved up to pay for my education AND some extra.(Prob in 2 or 3 more years). I have gained enough experience T.A.'ing while getting my masters to confirm that teaching will bring me happiness. I also didn't take pre-med courses bcuz the moment I took a professor @UCLA(Professor Mott just in case there are other Bruins here), I was inspired to be like him. So yeah, you might call me a fool, but I'm pursuing my dream and I'm 100% sure I'm not gonna regret it. I would also love to work under Professor Gayatri Spivak, from Columbia University, because I'm planning to write my PhD dissertation on her essay, "Can the Subaltern Speak?"

2 hours later 426002927 Anonymous
Philosophy is as shit tier as you can get. Teacher isn't a degree. Business should be broken down, because accounting and finance (CPA, Broker, CFO, CEO career paths) are way more mathy and useful than things like marketing or management (McDonald's, Old Navy).

2 hours later 426002959 Anonymous
I know someone majoring in Poetry. That is it. Poetry. They are going to have great job prospects....

2 hours later 426003180 Anonymous
>mfw every engineer here thinks he's got it made, when we anyone can just import (India) and hire an engineer overseas, and pay them significantly less then what your salary would be. >mfw Im too fucking lazy to upload an image, but you get the idea

2 hours later 426003384 Anonymous
>>426002854 People who "pursue their dreams" usually end up working menial jobs, so they never end up living their dreams or being happy. People who look at the job market, figure out what's in demand and what's not, then act accordingly to take advantage of the current situation, tend to get rich and successful (and therefore happy). >>426002959 If they're doing Poetry pre-med, then they will indeed.

2 hours later 426003404 Anonymous
>>426002959 ahahahahah... I know someone who graduated with a degree in theater. I shit you not, that mother fucker served me pizza the other day.

2 hours later 426003672 Anonymous
>>426003404 Honestly, those kinds of majors should be banned. It's total exploitation by the colleges offering them. But in the end, money is king. It costs the college much less to teach theatre with a low paid dance instructor than it does to teach science with a bunch of expensive lab equipment and trained personnel. Yet tuition costs the same.

2 hours later 426003998 Anonymous
>>426002959 If he can get an MFA in Creative Writting, yes he will be able to land a job IMMEDIATELY(but he must jump the huge hurdle of getting accepted into a program) For the top 20 universities in the US that I'm looking to apply for in the near future they only take 1~3 MFA students per year. So I hope your friend is extremely creative.

2 hours later 426004134 Anonymous
>>426002927 My biz school had Marketing and Management majors (M&M's). 50% employment before graduating starting salaries avg ~34K. Finance and Accounting: 90% employment, avg ~50K starting Supply Chain: 97% employment, avg ~57K starting Yes, biz needs to be split up.

2 hours later 426004195 Anonymous
>>426003998 Here's how you land a job as a writer: Sit down and write a fucking book. Then sell it. If it's not shit, you'll get rich. On the other hand, you can't do the same thing to become a doctor. You can't skip the debt there. Going to college to become a writer is incredibly retarded.

3 hours later 426004448 Anonymous
>>426003672 I would have to agree with that. My cousin in California went to a college that let you design your own degree if they didn't have one for you. Her degree has something to do with gender issues, humanitarianism, and ecology all together. Most worthless liberal arts degree on the planet.

3 hours later 426004491 Anonymous
>Be Ph.D. candidate in aerospace engineering >Earn a $70,000 / year >Earn this without being employed whatsoever I think it's okay

3 hours later 426004548 Anonymous (1327739341232.jpg 313x314 30kB)

3 hours later 426004597 Anonymous
>>426004195 Yes. If you have to have someone teach you how to write creatively then you probably do not have the talent to be successful at it. Friends don't let friends go into creative writing.

3 hours later 426004659 Anonymous (Enlgish Major lol.jpg 500x667 115kB)

3 hours later 426004670 Anonymous
>>426004448 Ecology is a legitimate science, it's basically a introductory/medium level biology coure. I think you mean environmentalism, right?

3 hours later 426004694 Anonymous
>>425981060 Psychology wont get people jobs because the majority of them are self employeed practices, meaning there isn't a chain mental hospital franchise they can go into right after graduation. And those who do get employment do very, VERY well.

3 hours later 426004713 Anonymous
>>426004548 Have fun being replaced by a robot or your career fading out when we take to the stars you nigger

3 hours later 426004842 Anonymous (get a useful degree you twat.jpg 500x375 55kB)

3 hours later 426005019 Anonymous (mahnigga.jpg 254x198 6kB)
>>425983246 >Also, Civil and Mechanical Engineering should be in God tier. >OP obv doesn't know shit about Civil OR Mechanical Engineering.

3 hours later 426005128 Anonymous (images.jpg 259x194 6kB)
>>426004548 Engineer is credit to team. They build dispenser, sentry and teleporter. I bet you are just tiny itty bitty scout. Too many little men on this team!

3 hours later 426005151 Anonymous
>>426003384 Well, I've gained enough T.A.'ing experience and grown close to two professors(that I still keep in contact with on a bi-monthly basis) to know that whether I teach at a top university or at a community college(I was also a transfer student to UCLA) I will be happy. My dream is to teach, it doesnt matter where. Landing a job as a teacher is not hard, especially with my background. So no, I will not have a "menial" job. I'm only in Korea because it was the best option for my family. They need money; I got connection in Korea to earn that money. Also, my parents never went to college and they work in downtown LA as if they were slaves. I want to be the best that I can, study as much as I can, to show that their hard work paid off. I want to live my dream because they didn't get to live their own. They sacrificed their life for me, and I will be happy for myself, and for them. Sounds like bullshit faggotry but that's my dream.

3 hours later 426005172 Anonymous
I am civil engineer and I find this fucking offensive >inb4 u butthurt

3 hours later 426005221 Anonymous
Is this list based on earners or contributors to society, because the people in this thread seem confused. Some are stating those who contribute to society while others state its earners.

3 hours later 426005378 Anonymous
>>426003672 >>426003672 >>426004448 I read an article about the economics of college. They need a critical mass of shitty humanities degrees to pay the bills because if they only offered useful degrees then they would have almost nobody attending. Some more useful programs like nursing are more expensive to run than cash cow programs like English where they can hire one professor to teach 300+ students in a giant room.

3 hours later 426005523 Anonymous
>mathematics >god tier I...I guess?

3 hours later 426005592 Anonymous
>>426005378 do you have the link to that article? sounds intersting.

3 hours later 426005630 Anonymous (art major lol.jpg 500x431 81kB)

3 hours later 426005695 Anonymous (526.jpg 852x1280 390kB)
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3 hours later 426005797 Anonymous
>>426005221 The ambiguity of the basis for determining a degree's worth is why that image is an effective trolling tool.

3 hours later 426005817 Anonymous
>>426005151 Yes, it does sound like bullshit faggotry, but not because of the intention. The bullshit faggotry part is from the low chance of "living your dream" when instead you can be adjusting to the conditions around you to be the best that you can be. The bullshit faggotry is in the childish hardheaded stubborness people have when you tell them their major is shitty and unemployable. When people in my class are 30, they'll no doubt be working for some crappy mega corporation and live packed like sardines in shitty suburbs while I'll be bringing the dead back to life and getting paid hundreds of thousands for it. Kudos on trying to make your parents' lives mean something. Just don't do stupid shit now that you'll regret 10 years from now. You CANNOT be happy on a 30k a year salary. In fact, there have been several studies that show that income does correlate with happiness. Don't watch retarded romantic comedies where poor people are depicted as being happy because they appreciate "the simple things". I grew up in the fucking ghetto. I know what it's like to be poor. You don't want to live that way, regardless of whether you like your job or not.

3 hours later 426005969 Anonymous (455.jpg 680x1024 322kB)
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3 hours later 426005985 Anonymous
>>426005797 I guage a degree's worth by the quality of life it affords you, not necessarily the contribution to society. For example, being a lawyer is shitty because the pay is low and hours are high. Being a doctor is good (except for some) because the pay is high and hours are flexible (can be low or high depending on preference).

3 hours later 426006003 Anonymous (Delay0.jpg 378x245 19kB)
>>426005128 You mad son. I know what engineers do, I spent many a class with them in college. I took Multivariable calculus for fun. Still, I find threads like these amusing. It's a great look into the insecure psyche of your typical beta male engineer, constantly having to remind himself that he's happy doing what he thinks is "right". Stay basement my friends.

3 hours later 426006013 Anonymous
>>425986792 GOOD! You're not taking it to learn about PC computers. You're supposed to learn about 'Computation'.

3 hours later 426006141 Anonymous (fugly.jpg 395x300 13kB)
>>426005221 >Is this list based on earners or contributors to society, because the people in this thread seem confused. Both

3 hours later 426006175 Anonymous
>>425981697 Top tier here, I make over 250k/yr.

3 hours later 426006187 Anonymous
>>426006003 What's wrong with engineering? They seem to have good job prospects.

3 hours later 426006285 Anonymous
Currently a comm major looking to go into radio.

3 hours later 426006383 Anonymous
>>426006285 I highly suggest you do some research. Communications is kind of a joke major, no offense. Very few ever go into radio.

3 hours later 426006434 Anonymous
>>425995453 Mathematics and physics majors often don't get jobs in either mathematics or physics, but their job prospects are quite good actually. The financial industry is a large employer of both, and quantitative analysts are quite handsomely rewarded. In terms of actually performing physically-informed, practically relevant computations within human lifetimes: good luck. A student in my laboratory spent two years working on a single simulation, of a rotating flat-plate airfoil in otherwise still air. This simulation was performed at a very low speed, such that the Navier-Stokes equations could be solved directly (and therefore, no turbulence model was required - as would be the case in the design of aircraft, for instance [implicit LES for those of you familiar with CFD]). This vastly improved the simulations reliability, and vastly reduced computational requirements. Furthermore, he had access to university super-computing resources. His simulations took about a week to run on a machine with more than 1000 cores. He was torn into absolute pieces during his defense. The fact remains that the non-linearity in governing physics, and the consequences of chaos, mean that experiments are still vastly superior to simulations in a multitude of ways. Not the least of which, experiments are correct by definition: you are always observing truth, even if you misinterpret it. Meanwhile, a simulation may not be physically correct. Simulations take vast computing resources, often similar in cost to experimental apparatus. For instance, a supercomputer can cost $1m to build, and $1m a year to maintain, in addition to perhaps up to $500,000 a year for software licensing (ANSYS charges PER CORE PER YEAR). Is that significantly different from building a wind tunnel?

3 hours later 426006472 Anonymous
>>426006187 Nothing if your truly passionate about it, however experience has taught me that's not the case for most people majoring in that field.

3 hours later 426006520 Anonymous (philmajors.jpg 430x538 41kB)
>>426006003 I want extra pickles on that.

3 hours later 426006548 Anonymous
>>426006003 >Multivariable calculus for fun watch out we got a badass over here

3 hours later 426006551 Anonymous
Currently graduated African American studies, waiting for my next Obama cheque. Is there a job going around for me? ... Yes dear, I'm being sarcastic.

3 hours later 426006626 Anonymous (sharkk.gif 125x125 16kB)
>God tier reporting in >I am astro/theoretical physics

3 hours later 426006693 Anonymous (1239816877191.jpg 650x650 409kB)
Advanced networking and security algorithms.....totally fine with OP's BS.

3 hours later 426006726 Anonymous
>>425973816 Enjoy not having bridges / cars / anything based on practicality without Civil / Mech Engineering, fuckface

3 hours later 426006832 Anonymous
>>426006472 Does it matter? Most people in pre-med aren't particularly passionate about medicine. Neither am I, although I do love biology. As far as I know, engineers have good job prospects, and that places them well above most other majors. What really matters is job prospects and quality of life after the classroom.

3 hours later 426006871 Anonymous
Hey guys, new college student here, no debt so far. Im starting a computer information systems degree, its classified as a business but I decided to go with it because most of the courses are math/accounting classes the others are systems management/network classes. Am I fucked, or should I stay the course?

3 hours later 426006927 Anonymous
>>426006626 Theoretical physics is not a good field honestly. Try applied physics.

3 hours later 426006953 Anonymous
>>425987226 1/6 chance of causing a resonance cascade 5/6 chance if you have a goatee

3 hours later 426007032 Anonymous
Asian American Studies major here. Confirmed shit tier or waste of life tier major. I fucked my life up pretty good

3 hours later 426007067 Anonymous
>>426006832 >What really matters is job prospects and quality of life after the classroom. Is it?

3 hours later 426007075 Anonymous (communicationsmajor lol.png 512x385 338kB)

3 hours later 426007118 Anonymous
>>426006383 a little late; I'm already a senior, getting ready to graduate with a BoS Comm. I do have adjunct teachers who work at the radio stations around where I go to school, and they seemed impressed enough to give me an award at the honors brunch. It may be a joke major, but I don't know what the hell else to do with my life - I'm crap at math, no interest in sciences (too much work for me), I can't learn another language, and PhD's are way to costly with too much dedicated work required to hold a job. I can bullshit, so that seems to be my only choice.

3 hours later 426007169 Anonymous
>>426006871 Take computer science or engineering. Learn that math son.

3 hours later 426007196 Anonymous
>>426006871 I suggest not. Many computer science jobs are just outsources these days. What you really need to find is something that: 1) You can finish in 4-5 years for college 2) Is not outsourced 3) Pays well 4) You can see yourself doing for the next 40-50 years. You have to spend tons of hours on research. It's impossible to recommend something for you in a 4chan post. You have to find out what you like. This is the reason I was an English major. I expected to find enlightenment in classroom discussions and perhaps appreciate the human condition, but instead I got high school classes all over again. It was a waste of time. I wish I did biology as a major instead.

3 hours later 426007325 Anonymous
Physics reporting in. Somebody bump that philosophy bullshit down a few notches.

3 hours later 426007405 Anonymous (woman fail.jpg 500x667 245kB)
>>426007067 Yes. Unless you were born wealthy.

3 hours later 426007525 Anonymous (cryingbaby.jpg 350x263 20kB)
>>426007118 >too much work for me

3 hours later 426007528 Anonymous
>>426007118 Bullshitting is an under-appreciated skill. I've learned to do that quite a bit in my English classes. But you don't need to fork over 20 grand to learn how to bullshit. You just need to practice it. I guess all I can do is wish you luck. The majority of Comm majors don't end up far in life, but if you're willing to work for it, you can be the exception. In the end, everything is the result of work. You'd better conquer your fear of work unless you want to work for some shitty megacompany in a cubicle the rest of your life. It really isn't that bad. >>426007169 Engineering, yes. Comp sci, maybe not, unless you know someone who will get you a job.

3 hours later 426007567 Anonymous
>>425977305 you do know that physics is why you can spew shit on the internet, right?

3 hours later 426007618 Anonymous
>>426007075 Thankfully, I've got connected + well-off parents. They want me to have 20k debt, so that I can prove I'm not a failure, and if I can't get a job, they've promised to help me out. Yes, I'm extremely worried about becoming one of the "99%"

3 hours later 426007636 Anonymous
Sociology is pretty shit.

3 hours later 426007653 Anonymous
>>426007196 >I suggest not. Many computer science jobs are just outsources these days. Nigger coding jobs sure, but how many top tier startups are outsourcing their development? If you pay bargain salaries to outsource, you're gonna get shit quality.

3 hours later 426007708 Anonymous (489.jpg 800x530 224kB)
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3 hours later 426007747 Anonymous (1347494551227.jpg 240x245 10kB)
This thread has reminded me how much I want to study geology/geophysics yet no college in my state (literally) offers anything related. Fuck everything also, no jobs for geologists near me (live in the southeast)

3 hours later 426007849 Anonymous
>>425974126 You can brag about your physics degree.

3 hours later 426007863 Anonymous
I earned an MBA and MSF and was picked up right away, actually recruited right after graduation from a major investment firm. I literally do two hours of work and then sleep under my desk until lunch, take about an hour lunch, then go back to my desk, check my email and facebook, go back to sleep until around five, go home. Life is really good. Thank you, business degree!

3 hours later 426007913 Anonymous (downatello.jpg 400x324 26kB)
>>425977305 >How the fuck is chemistry and physics god tier? Their almost never used in a common day society

3 hours later 426007921 Anonymous (hailSatan666.jpg 609x800 65kB)
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3 hours later 426008148 Anonymous
>>426007525 Yes, I'm lazy. Sue me. >>426007528 Appreciated. And, when the cards are down, I'm willing to do shit I don't like. Although I need to fork that much over, it makes me a cut above the cloth - the chances of a Comm major getting a job is low, but it's much better than someone who doesn't have a degree at all.

3 hours later 426008192 Anonymous (geedy doctor.jpg 350x233 31kB)
>medicine shit tier Medicine is basically for greedy, arogant fags. It's a lot of work but you don't have to be very smart to study it. >Mechanical engineering >god tier

3 hours later 426008196 Anonymous
Aviation science goes where?

3 hours later 426008347 Anonymous
>>426007747 So improvise. When I realized English was a waste of my time, I decided I wanted to be a geneticist. Then I realized that to become one, I'd have to officially be a biology major, which would have kept me in college for a total of 7 1/2 years (I was really far along in my English major). So I decided to be pre-med instead, which would keep me in college for only 5 years. There's nothing wrong with compromising. I am perfectly happy working to become a doctor, even though it was exactly what I wanted. Find something that involves geology, but happens to be highly demanded and paid. Look into petroleum fields. They must have something like that. Ever heard that saying: "Reach for the stars. You'll never get them, but at least your hands won't get full of mud either"? Stubborness is the trait of the farmer. If you want to live like a farmer, then be stubborn. If you want to be happy, adapt to the changing world.

3 hours later 426008647 Anonymous
>>426008192 I agree on that. Most pre-med students are pretty arrogant, and personally I don't really care about being a doctor. I really just did it for the money and my love of science. But now, the more I think about it, the more awesome it seems to bring people back from the dead.

3 hours later 426008709 Anonymous
>>426008192 LODS OF EMONE

3 hours later 426008718 Anonymous
>>426008347 >even though it was exactly what I wanted. Meant to say it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

3 hours later 426008881 Anonymous
>>426008347 Yeah, I guess. Thanks for your input, friend

3 hours later 426008965 Anonymous
>>426008196 'Aviation science' sounds a lot like a euphemism, since it avoids all the protected titles of the aviation and aerospace industry.

3 hours later 426008971 Anonymous
Geophysics, shit tier plz. Geology, meteorology, climatology are fucking jokes of a field. Looking at maps and saying its hot or cold is easy, takes no skill. jus about as useless as music majors, maybe worse since its the only jobs you can fuck up in and have a job

3 hours later 426009064 Anonymous (1346766874842.jpg 240x240 44kB)
Computer Science is not God Tier? This thread is invalid. Computer Science is the reason you haven't an heroed yet. pic related

3 hours later 426009115 Anonymous
>theology >mid-tier 9/10, OP You almost got me.

3 hours later 426009185 Anonymous (georgepixels.jpg 625x625 21kB)
mech eng, not in god Tier surely you jest

3 hours later 426009272 Anonymous
>>425986792 you are literally the dumbest person i've seen on the internet in like 2 weeks

3 hours later 426009338 Anonymous
>>426005817 i get what your saying, but as an immigrant that came from a poor family i learned that money is not everything. how can i earn a 30k/yr if i already have a masters? I will at least be earning 70k + the saved up money from korea. If shit goes down, i dont care if i live a miserable life cming back to korea and getting a 6figure salary. I'll do wat my parents did. and let my son(if i have one) be happy, instead of myself.

3 hours later 426009348 Anonymous

3 hours later 426009372 Anonymous (134.jpg 271x237 7kB)
>Architecture >Shit tier Nigger, are you serious?

3 hours later 426009443 Anonymous
Is there any good and free test that can provide you with career options to follow based on your test replies?

3 hours later 426009524 Anonymous
>>425973816 you typed your post in english. it is the generally accepted language for business almost worldwide. waste of life tier? ha

3 hours later 426009568 Anonymous
how do you guys feel about computer information systems (business)

3 hours later 426009606 Anonymous
>>426009443 No. Basing your career choice on a test is fucking stupid. Go out and explore the actual topics and read up on them. See what you like. tests...psh...why the fuck would you even think of that?

3 hours later 426009740 Anonymous
Im going to be laughing my way to the bank as an investment banker while you "god tier" physicians and engineers are barely pulling 60k

3 hours later 426009745 Anonymous
>>426009338 >as an immigrant that came from a poor family i learned that money is not everything I learned the opposite. Money is indeed everything. I had enough living without electricity and eating roach infested stale cereal in childhood. I don't want my adulthood to be the same way. Shitsux. You're going to regret chasing some childish dream. Instead, you must adapt to the world and exploit it by any means possible. Start your own business if you have to. Don't let yourself live a shitty life.

3 hours later 426009761 Anonymous
>>425974096 fucking idiot

3 hours later 426009813 Anonymous
>>426009740 Investment banking doesn't make as much as it used to. >Physician >60k Pick one.

3 hours later 426009942 Anonymous
>>426009606 Because I have my own business and want to get a degree. I love many areas and dont know which to choose first. I know it may sound stupid, but I just wanted to know if there was some kind of test, most of them ask for your money.

3 hours later 426009957 Anonymous
>>426005817 Also I dont think i can adjust to the conditions around me. well technically i could just fuck off my parents and the medical bills and pursue my own dreams, but no. I chose to come to korea for a reason. I'm giving them back what they gave me. Living for my parents gives me a reason to live, even though it's burdensome.

3 hours later 426010303 Anonymous
>>426009957 Think about it this way: If your parents gave the slightest fuck about you, they would stop you from helping them if they knew it would cause you burden. I know if I had a kid, I'd struggle while he thrived rather than weigh him down like a parasite. You should talk to them about that. Think about it. You get ONE life. One. It's non exchangeable and non-refundable. Do you really want to live in poverty out of some misplaced pride? I'm just telling you this because I know what it's like to be poor and miserable. I know how it can eat at your soul and put you into an unshakable zombie mode until you finally wake up and realize that you just missed 10 years of your life.

3 hours later 426010463 Anonymous
>>425973816 chemist in medical school here why is mechanical engineering not god tier? the mechangineers I knew in college have fucking awesome jobs; they make rockets and/or sports cars

3 hours later 426010703 Anonymous
>>425974546 > Agree with OP, not with you.

3 hours later 426010764 Anonymous
What's wrong with sociology?

3 hours later 426010808 Anonymous
Philosophy above Business... lol...

3 hours later 426010872 Anonymous (29377-server-room.jpg 1920x1080 1015kB)
i like how the god tier degrees will only get you a fuckin 15 dollar an hour teaching job. except maybe engineer. i'm studying to become a network engineer, possibly an architect. >score

3 hours later 426011084 Anonymous
>>426009745 I'm not gonna live a shitty life. I know it. My dream is to be a teacher and if I earn $70k/yr with that. I will be happy. as long as I'm a teacher. I dont see myself doing anything else, but teach. i want to influence college kids like I was influenced. I want to inspire people to be their best.

3 hours later 426011136 Anonymous
>>425975567 says the english major

3 hours later 426011152 Anonymous (dezeen_Apple-Jonathan-Ive-to-design-camera-for-Leica-1.jpg 468x468 52kB)
Design/Art/Graphic Design = Mid or low tier.

3 hours later 426011182 Anonymous
>Mathematics have fun with your $30k starting, teaching pre-school kids counting and addition. >Engineering (Except Civil/Mech) >Except Mech I will grant you civil because that degree is really the degree that psudeo intellects get into because they want some easy engineering title in order to sound smart to their peers. But MechEng (which was simply called 'engineering' back then) really trumps all other sub disciplines except for robotic engineering. also >robotic engineering >not mega god tier

4 hours later 426011340 Anonymous
>>426010764 Because it's mostly women who study it and they mostly look at men as lesser beings.

4 hours later 426011559 Anonymous
>>426010303 Thanks for the concern Anon. I totally understand where you're coming from, especially since we both have come from non-privileged families. yes my parents give a fuck about me. The way I see it is, they came to America to give me a life of opportunity, and here i am, FULL of opportunities. They are not parasitic, at all, I'm here in Korea earning 6 figure, giving them most, but not all of my money. They on the other hand gave me EVERYTHING. I own them man... I own them... I cant life with myself without them. I hope you understand where I'm coming from. It's like someone jumping infront of u after you're getting shot, and that person magically lives. It makes me happy giving them 5/6 of my money. It makes me happy being able to see my mom battle against brain cancer. I want her to live, I really want that above ANYTHING. I would give my life for my parents.

4 hours later 426011594 Anonymous
>>426010764 Nothing. Unless getting a decent job is important.

4 hours later 426011715 Anonymous
I hate these threads,

4 hours later 426011747 Anonymous (1336147745685.gif 170x123 1692kB)
I'm thinking of majoring in Marketing. I have prepaid college and won't have much debt (if any) when I graduate. Any feedback on that major? Interesting thread btw, one of the most enlightening ones I've read on /b/ in a long time.

4 hours later 426011885 Anonymous
Soc professor said he's worked with a bunch of corporations and has trained feds. He says you can pretty much go into anything

4 hours later 426012000 Anonymous (1339202403950.jpg 428x320 15kB)
>>426011885 >says you can pretty much go into anything >pretty much go into anything >anything >mcdonalds

4 hours later 426012039 Anonymous (1347104445460.jpg 316x202 7kB)
my post's have been kinda sentimental. I'm glad i can get some of these things out of my chest. Sorry if it's a bit faggy. I've been drinking a bit; I've also been surrounded by ppl that have told me that i can't accomplish my dreams/what i want.

4 hours later 426012041 Anonymous
>>426011747 What kind of marketing? Or is this just like a bachelors that exposes you to the general studies of marketing?

4 hours later 426012134 Anonymous (368.jpg 680x1024 405kB)
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4 hours later 426012157 Anonymous
>>426011559 Well, I hope she makes it. But if she doesn't, then remember the good times with her. My dad died of bone cancer a few years ago. That's just reality. Don't let it cripple you. Some people go insane when a parent dies. Just remember that time is very finite, and every moment you spend in depression or zombie mode is a moment you missed of fulfilling life. If you do have depression, look into fish oil. That shit has literally changed my life. Make sure it's pharmaceutical grade and molecularity distilled. You don't want to be ingesting mercury. 6 grams of that shit per day has cured me of depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and who knows what else. Before I started self medicating with fish oil, I really was a shell of a person. I guess just keep going. There's too much bullshit to endure as a first generation college student. The opportunities are amazing, but so is the loss when you fail. The risk is very high since there's nothing to fall back on and usually people depend on you when most people our age are still receiving help from their families. Best of luck to you.

4 hours later 426012265 Anonymous
It needs to be said that if you're the best in the class, you work hard anyway your education is listed in God Tier or Shit Tier you can get far ahead in life. For example if you are a physicist and very far from being the best, you'll probably get a shitty, boring job at a boring company anyway.

4 hours later 426012325 Anonymous
>>426011747 A lot of people get marketing confused with advertising. Marketing is more research oriented and is the strategies about where and how to place advertising. Advertising/communications/graphic design/whatever is creating the actual ads themselves. I know a lot of people who made that mistake and were very disappointing. Getting a job in marketing is competitive, be sure to get as much experience and as many internships as you possibly can so you can avoid unemployment like all of my friends that majored in it.

4 hours later 426012430 Anonymous
Mid tier computer science guy here. I ain't even mad.

4 hours later 426012624 Anonymous
>>426012039 It's only faggy if you can't figure out how to make it work or are unwilling to change to make it work. A person wanting to be an astronaut well into their 50s is faggy. A person wanting to become the #1 football player when they're 15, top 10 football player when they're 20, and a great football player when they're 25 is not faggy. Do you see what I mean? You have to realize what's realistic and what's not.

4 hours later 426012731 Anonymous (1340218506118.jpg 300x381 47kB)
>>426012325 Thank you man. I see it is a common theme for people to be wary of going into any major nowadays unless it is "God-tier" but I am confident in my abilities and know that I could succeed. People are something I can really get, I've never really had enemies, I know how people work, what they like to hear, and I would love using my skills to sell products to them. I just don't know what else I would do besides acting but yeah.. that's another path. >>426012041 Just a bachelors in marketing from one of my state schools, most likely USF. Pursuing a masters in it is always an option as I will hopefully only gain a fraction of debt as opposed to what I would have gained without financial assistance.

4 hours later 426012752 Anonymous
>mfw I'm a French major just graduated making $86k starting salary A lot of idiots think you can only work in a field in which you majored. The CEO of directTV majored in English.

4 hours later 426012772 Anonymous
>>426012157 I'm not depressed. My ex-girlfriend, who i still keep on contact with has slight depression. I have NEVER heard of fish oil. Do i need a prescription for that?

4 hours later 426012836 Anonymous
>>425976993 word

4 hours later 426012871 Anonymous
tl;dr Library Science

4 hours later 426012882 Anonymous
>>426012772 you can buy fish oil tablets anywhere, man. publix, cvs, walgreens, etc. derp

4 hours later 426012927 Anonymous
Seeing as this has become a feedback thread for every anyone's life choices, I might as well ask. Currently, I am completing my AAand am planning to major in Information Tech or Computer Science. However, while I love computers and technology, I'm also passionate about History. So here's where I feel I stand >IT even though I've heard all kinds of conflicting reports about outsourcing >Computer Science even math is my weakest field >History to pursue my passion and perhaps damn myself into a life of teaching for a ship wage While I will definitely not make any decision based on /b/ alone, I'd like to hear your thoughts.

4 hours later 426012962 Anonymous
>>Puts music in shit tier >>Puts art below that >>Not realising music is art >>MFW I'm doing music in college OP. Does that make you mad? Coulda done physics but doing music instead. It's a shittonne more fun and actually be happy with my life because of it. Nofucksaregiven.

4 hours later 426013114 Anonymous (lolllllll.jpg 500x658 51kB)
Why isn't theology listed under the waste of life tier, op is a fucking retard...anyone that pays money to purposefully delude themselves with fairytales is below nigger-tier

4 hours later 426013152 Anonymous
>>426012927 Truth be told, and you can come to this conclusion from all the responses in this thread, jobs are shitty to find no matter what. It's all about connections and how well you deal with people. I would say, do what you want to do. Because if you're passionate about it enough, you can do it. Nay-sayers will be nay-sayers

4 hours later 426013175 Anonymous
>>426012752 Ok, here's the part people don't seem to get. NOT EVERYONE WHO MAJORS IN ENGLISH IS THE CEO OF DIRECTTV. Do you understand that? Just because a person with a shitty major has a good job doesn't mean that the shitty major got them that good job. Look at statistics, not isolated individual against-the-odds success stories. You'd be an idiot to suggest English is an employable major by anything other than a cubicle-style megacorporation, or fast food chain.

4 hours later 426013228 Anonymous
>>426012731 Marketing isn't bad if you apply yourself and get work experience in it while you are in college. Everyone I know who did that are fine. The top students will always find a job in their field.

4 hours later 426013249 Anonymous
>>426012624 I think my dream of being a professor and living a Middle-Class life is achievable. I don't want to live the life that my parents lived, and I know i wont live it because of my degrees. All I want to do is live a simple life. I don't aspire to be dirt rich either. Maybe my son could do that if he wants. But I just want to live a simple life, saving little by little, and then retire....

4 hours later 426013260 Anonymous
Where does sound engineering appear on your shitty little list, op?

4 hours later 426013341 Anonymous
>>426012882 HAHAHA THANK BRO. I'ma tell my ex about it, and hopefully she can get better like you!!

4 hours later 426013494 Anonymous
>>426012882 Those fish oil tabs will cause more brain damage than help. You must buy pharmaceutical grade and molecularly distilled. These are usually found online. Personally, I use Nordic Naturals or any other brand that has passed independent studies for mercury content by at least 3 unaffiliated private groups. >>426012772 No. Just buy it online from a high quality norwegian-sourced brand. DO NOT buy anything from China or big companies like CVS, walgreens, etc.

4 hours later 426013498 Anonymous (1338831431090.jpg 217x223 94kB)
>>426013341 I wasn't the person who mentioned it but alright thanks man enjoy your fish oils

4 hours later 426013551 Anonymous
>>426013152 Word

4 hours later 426013668 Anonymous
American History major here. Not even mad lolz.

4 hours later 426013708 Anonymous
>>426013494 OH shit. Thank for the heads up. I would've been a fool if I simply told my ex-gf about it. I'ma do some research about fish oil before i spread the GOOD NEWS! :P

4 hours later 426013771 Anonymous
>>425976789 The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact. >the internet >learn it yourself pick one faggot

4 hours later 426013837 Anonymous
>>426013498 Fuck man sorry. I'm just fucking replying to ppl without looking at their ID's... I'ma bit drunk right now

4 hours later 426013973 Anonymous (buyaboat.jpg 500x378 22kB)
In law school. Jimmies not even rustled.

4 hours later 426014048 Anonymous
OP is mad cause his nigger parents didn't go to college and so neither did he. Just a thousand year line of stupid niggers fucking each other to make more worthless niggers. Pick my cotton nigger.

4 hours later 426014052 Anonymous
>>426013260 If nobody has ever heard of a given type of engineering then it is probably not really engineering.

4 hours later 426014114 Anonymous
Mate, you couldnt be more wrong with about half of this image. For instance, I'll point out some courses which give you a better shot in life than maths, physics and chemistry. Medicine and medical science (such as biomed, histo, immuno, etc), Dentistry, Pharma, Biochem, IT and computer science, generic biology, vet sciences, criminology, oil and mineral extraction topics, Psychology, Law and even teaching. I'll also list some courses you listed which have much worse career stats than you realise. Maths (still good, but not anywhere near god), physics, chemistry, neuroscience, geo and astrophysics, philosophy, theology, archaeology and music. Youve got to realise that watching the big bang theory wont make you an expert in good or exciting careers and careers which you may think are interesting in physics, maths, and whatnot, are poorly paid and much duller than you realise. Most maths, physics, chemistry and engineering graduates actually get jobs in accounting and banking, with all but maths one step below the finance graduates. IT has the highest entry level salaries for graduates and medical related topics, biology and the such open up more doors to the mega bucks than most other topics. Just remember, making money is often linked to the sizes of the industry you will be working in and thus, often these are the most rapidly moving areas due to competition, making these jobs more rewarding. Healthcare, Legal, mineral and fuel careers, high technology such as IT, etc are all very cool jobs. Failing that, be an accountant, easy money, easy job, can get in to a graduate course for it with a decent degree.

4 hours later 426014130 Anonymous
>>426013901 Dude that doesn't sound like a bad side-effect. Better than the other shitty side effects that other pills give

4 hours later 426014187 Anonymous
Where is nursing on this chart?

4 hours later 426014254 Anonymous
>>426013498 http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/02/01/us-fish-oil-idUSTRE6105QQ20100201 http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fish-oil-supplements/AN01399 >>426013341 I need 6 grams per day to stay what I'd call "normal". 6 grams is a lot, but I have schizophrenia (very bearable since I've started taking the oil). I literally would wake up in the middle of the night to extremely loud music, usually Vivaldi or Bach. I would jump in my bed after waking up hearing loud screams that would go on for 10 minutes at a time or more. Sometimes when people talked to me, the music was so fucking loud, I couldn't hear what they were saying 2 feet in front of me. It was really overwhelming. None of that has happened since I started taking the fish oils. Hopefully your girlfriend doesn't need as much. One side effect is that it makes your dreams fucking intense. When I started taking it, I've woken up more than once wondering what I was doing in some strange bed in a strange house, until I finally remembered my life. I literally thought the dream was real. It's disorienting at first. Maybe it was because I was taking a lot of it all of a sudden. Like I said, look for molecularly distilled and pharmaceutical grade. Buy in bulk to save money. Don't buy from drug stores or shitty counter brands.

4 hours later 426014264 Anonymous
>>426013708 Just remember that there's no magical pill or substance to beat depression. Think positive, get fresh air, walk in nature or whatever and don't socially isolate yourself. Good luck.

4 hours later 426014682 Anonymous
>>426014264 I'd agree with you there, but don't underestimate how powerful that shit is. My depression and schizophrenia went away when I started taking fish oil. That's literally what cured it. Why this isn't on the news 24/7 confuses me. Either way, it's good to spend time with people, even if you don't like them. Humans were meant to be with other humans (or at least animals, some kind of companion). Apparently, humans were also meant to eat fish.

4 hours later 426014923 Anonymous
>>426013498 Totally read that shit in Will Smith's voice. How the fuck is this tread talking about fish oils now?

4 hours later 426014987 Anonymous
>>426009813 Lmao kids are still making mils with less than 10 years experience. It's also about the prestige.. something you'll never have as a physician.

4 hours later 426015153 Anonymous
>>426014987 Because their parents already own the system. A random nobody who becomes an investment banker isn't going to make as much as the vice president's son. Do I really have to explain this to you?

4 hours later 426015483 Anonymous
>>426015153 My friend came from nothing, no contacts, no money. Came from a non target school worked his ass off double majored accounting/finance. Left the big 4 after 2 years for IB. Today he's pulling somewhere between 400 and 500k. He works a ton of hours but still. You're being a fucking baby is my point. Your the kid that gives up because he thinks the systems against them. People who come from money will never have the prestige that comes from rising from nothing. Your a coward and use your fear of the "system" to justify your laziness. DONT FALL ASLEEP

4 hours later 426015519 Anonymous
>>426015153 In any profession connections are vital to reach the top. An introverted socially awkward physicist won't get very far either.

4 hours later 426015606 Anonymous
>>426015519 You can always make connections. You don't have to be born with them. All you have to do is get noticed.

4 hours later 426015761 Anonymous
>>426015519 Do you know the difference between a physician and a physicist? Derp. >>426015483 I highly doubt he's making that much. After I finish med school, I'll be looking at around 125k to start, with about 400k after about 5-10 years experience depending on location. All that is before taxes of course.

4 hours later 426015780 Anonymous
>>426015606 The right connections is what I meant.

4 hours later 426015820 Anonymous
>>426015153 see my post >>426007863

4 hours later 426015928 Anonymous
>>426015761 Sure I do. Physicist was just part of my example. My point still stands. Derpa derp

4 hours later 426015968 Anonymous
>>426015820 Are you making millions with less than 10 years of experience?

4 hours later 426016048 Anonymous
>>426015928 Connections aren't necessarily vital. Only in business fields. Ever heard of being self-employed or running your own business?

4 hours later 426016124 Anonymous
>>426015761 400k sounds nice but it doesn't go much further than that. That's the beauty of business you can always take it further and more exit options. Now those numbers sound fake. He IS making that much. That's the difference between his career path and yours, he works much harder he makes more.

4 hours later 426016292 Anonymous
>>426016048 It's absolutely possible to be a "lone wolf" and do you're own thing. But if you want to work at CERN you sure as hell are standing stronger if you know some important people there.

4 hours later 426016338 Anonymous
>>426015968 Not making millions, but I am 29 now, I graduated when I was 25, I was offered a six figure annual salary with a 65,000 dollar sign on bonus. Since then I was transferred overseas where they pay my rent and utilities. But that is just my career, I can hold investments also. I am very comfortable.

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