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2012-09-13 11:59 425013648 Anonymous (1048821632.jpg 500x500 66kB)
stupid 16 year old cunt you don't be messin with our black press he will bust a cap in your ass

1 min later 425013867 Anonymous
She tells the truth, nigger needs to get shawt.

3 min later 425014292 Anonymous
2nd poster you are blastphamy fbi will find u and stick a tracer up your tiny white penis

5 min later 425014632 Anonymous
lol dumbass the fbi doesn't monitor 4chan. even if they did, they cant traace an IP with a post. Only admins can do that. Nigger needs to get shot.

6 min later 425014679 Anonymous
truth hurts secret service

7 min later 425014843 Anonymous
Honestly if the secret service came to your house every time somebody posted something like that, the Internet would be a better place

7 min later 425014953 Anonymous
>>425014632 If the FBI were to ask 4chan to disclose that information though,, they'd be forced to comply.

8 min later 425015063 Anonymous
>>425013867 i have tracked and reported your IP address to the appropriate authorities

8 min later 425015124 Anonymous
Somebody should throw a cow at obama. Usually takes a crane to get it out.

9 min later 425015230 Anonymous
>>425015124 Only when you paint Obama with a 1, 2, and a 4.

9 min later 425015307 Anonymous
>>425015063 HAH THIS DUMB NIGGER. Only admins can trace IP. Fucking faggot

9 min later 425015323 Anonymous
>>425014632 mods on b are FBI fagget

11 min later 425015617 Anonymous
>>425015323 i didnt say moderators i said administrators fucking fagget

13 min later 425015851 Anonymous
>>425015323 Mootykins wouldn't betray us like that. he's one of us.

13 min later 425015885 Anonymous (Brian Stelter 041.jpg 197x300 52kB)
>>425015617 And he said that the mods are FBI agents, you dumb shit.

17 min later 425016603 Anonymous
>>425015851 moot? that niggers rich as hell now, he's not one of us.

18 min later 425016749 Anonymous
>>425015617 implying moot doesnt share IP of cp posters.

19 min later 425016895 Anonymous (7proxnew.jpg 400x264 33kB)
bitch doesnt know bout my proxies

20 min later 425016969 Anonymous
glad to see that somebody from my old high school is doing us proud

20 min later 425016970 Anonymous
>>425013648 She's pretty retarded to think she can say something like that and not have it taken seriously. Governments tend not to like when you openly talk about murdering their leaders.

22 min later 425017342 Anonymous
don't you faggots wonder HOW THEY KNEW? yeah, keep on posting on twitter and facebook, keep telling yourself you have freedom of speech and that big brother isn't watching.

29 min later 425018210 Anonymous ([IMG[GOV]]-200214.jpg 1600x1200 752kB)

31 min later 425018478 Anonymous
>>425018210 so old. so old.

31 min later 425018565 Anonymous (1342196035741.jpg 410x407 62kB)
>>425013648 op is a dumb nigger "press" isn't short for president.

33 min later 425018769 Anonymous (mynigga.jpg 331x459 134kB)

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