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2012-09-19 06:54 425990201 Anonymous (tumblr_m2esfiQICl1rtz49xo1_500.jpg 302x620 40kB)
No trap/cd threads? I'm shocked

1 min later 425990445 Anonymous (tumblr_maal29XC6H1royhc0o1_500.jpg 500x375 110kB)

4 min later 425990905 Anonymous (134730517071.jpg 706x1496 564kB)

6 min later 425991078 Anonymous (0665.jpg 960x1101 120kB)

6 min later 425991102 Anonymous (34543534.jpg 537x402 23kB)

7 min later 425991232 Anonymous (0667.jpg 1360x1020 190kB)

7 min later 425991325 Anonymous (037.jpg 914x1170 227kB)

8 min later 425991426 Anonymous (0343.gif 480x700 187kB)

9 min later 425991558 Anonymous (0078.jpg 1000x1500 237kB)

10 min later 425991684 Anonymous (0682.jpg 1000x666 386kB)

10 min later 425991782 Anonymous (134546223319.jpg 500x329 38kB)

10 min later 425991815 Anonymous (0456.jpg 741x598 54kB)

11 min later 425991915 Anonymous

12 min later 425992129 Anonymous
When i see most amateur or webcam trap pics i always feel bad. These guys are seriously gonna regret this shit one day. I know i did. Most of them arent even transgender, they lie to themselves. In truth they're just really sexually submissive men.

15 min later 425992495 Anonymous (1346114702159.jpg 552x463 205kB)
this one looks so clean

16 min later 425992735 Anonymous
>>425992129 It's why I only CD....like you said...you can seriously fuck your life up by doin that shit

17 min later 425992829 Anonymous (1344036838268.jpg 1109x739 457kB)
if digging this ass is gay, then stick a dick in my butt and call me OP

18 min later 425993062 Anonymous
>>425992735 Yup, lost the girl of my dreams over it. She was willing to make me happy at first but its exponential. Eventually she just stopped seeing me as a real man and wasn't attracted to me anymore. Never again will i be submissive in bed, ever.

23 min later 425993740 Anonymous (1346647158762.jpg 496x750 74kB)

25 min later 425994050 Anonymous (1346836323694.jpg 1520x2459 1086kB)

25 min later 425994085 Anonymous
this thread is fucking magnificent. Although, its a lot better when you can see their face.

27 min later 425994434 Anonymous (tumblr_m8xk93Jtlp1royhc0o1_1280.jpg 766x1022 203kB)

31 min later 425995035 Anonymous (tumblr_m908rts7uU1rtz49xo1_500.jpg 500x667 86kB)

33 min later 425995292 Anonymous (tumblr_mahv6xcsxc1royhc0o1_500.jpg 291x750 55kB)

35 min later 425995626 Anonymous (1347916977883.jpg 338x450 26kB)
I am erect

35 min later 425995674 Anonymous
Letting the thread die..feel free to keep it alive...last bump

39 min later 425996165 Anonymous (tumblr_m6noq508Uu1qbyyg1o1_500.gif 500x375 240kB)

40 min later 425996419 Anonymous (1346729930909.jpg 1286x1067 700kB)
ill do what i can >>425995674

41 min later 425996569 Anonymous (1346224737554.jpg 800x1200 172kB)

42 min later 425996710 Anonymous (1346731230516.jpg 900x1200 188kB)

42 min later 425996801 Anonymous (1339115937245.jpg 394x700 71kB)
boy? girl? you decide

43 min later 425996959 Anonymous
>>425996710 >>425996569 >>425996419 yep not ashamed to admit I would fuck that trap

44 min later 425997015 Anonymous
>>425996419 >>425996710 that's one fine ass

45 min later 425997157 Anonymous
>>425996801 That one's actually a girl. There are more pics of her and got a name at one point. Forgot it.

47 min later 425997502 Anonymous
Domino Presley's ass is unbelievable >>425997015

47 min later 425997625 Anonymous (1343743727374.jpg 468x500 194kB)
>>425994050 GOD DAMN

49 min later 425997860 Anonymous
>>425996959 why would you be ashamed? we are humans

49 min later 425997871 Anonymous (1346733245637.jpg 1024x768 170kB)

49 min later 425997979 Anonymous
>>425997860 we aren't humans....WE'RE GODS!

50 min later 425998101 Anonymous
>>425997860 your a trap?

51 min later 425998180 Anonymous (1346835541480.jpg 1277x958 536kB)

51 min later 425998181 Anonymous (1279437634085.jpg 400x267 15kB)
42600000 in a trap thread

52 min later 425998365 Anonymous (1347574398490.jpg 1355x2125 214kB)

52 min later 425998420 Anonymous
>>425997979 i prefer goddess, ymmv

54 min later 425998729 Anonymous
>>425991325 Yo your shirts inside out!

54 min later 425998821 Anonymous (1347585628455.jpg 500x667 104kB)

55 min later 425998882 Anonymous
>>425998729 people like you make my day <3

56 min later 425999118 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image267.jpg 1280x960 522kB)
Huzzah, trap thread

56 min later 425999178 Anonymous (1347585736185.jpg 640x480 26kB)

57 min later 425999445 Anonymous
>>425998101 dont really care for the trap terminology. prefer transgender, wouldnt want anyone to ever think im something im not

58 min later 425999552 Anonymous

58 min later 425999557 Anonymous
>>425999178 robo <3

58 min later 425999614 Anonymous
>>425998821 >>425998365 Yes. More like this, if possible.

59 min later 425999904 Anonymous
>>425992129 While you may be correct in some instances I doubt you can just blithely apply your own situation to every amatuer you see.

59 min later 426000335 Anonymous (1347576408710.gif 155x334 1549kB)

1 hours later 426000493 Anonymous
>>425999445 nice, post yourself any?

1 hours later 426000653 Anonymous
>>425998882 :D

1 hours later 426000684 Anonymous (1347588857083.jpg 640x480 30kB)
>>425999557 more?

1 hours later 426000779 Anonymous
>That awkward moment when you see yourself in a trap thread

1 hours later 426000850 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image273.jpg 1280x960 582kB)
>>425999445 Eh, I'm transgender but I really don't care if people call me trap, I don't plan on getting the chop, just on hormones, and plan to pass as a girl in public

1 hours later 426001054 Anonymous (1347589997000.jpg 640x480 31kB)
>>426000779 Which one?

1 hours later 426001193 Anonymous
>>426000850 the chop *shiver*

1 hours later 426001319 Anonymous
>>426000493 i have before, i'll post if you post your pic! we always give and we never get to see who we are posting for, so cmon, lets have it, you dont have to post your face.

1 hours later 426001513 Anonymous
>>426000684 Yes please! I love traps, fem crossdressers, trannys, shemales, whatver you call em so much. 4chan has totally corrupted me in that regard. I used to have a gigantic collection of all you lovely ladies (or guys if you prefer) pics but my wife found them (thrice! good grief) and almost left me. So now I dont allow myself to keep any pictures, these threads and tumblr keep me fairly satiated...fairly

1 hours later 426001563 Anonymous (13444149989.jpg 2592x1944 1648kB)
Hey :)

1 hours later 426001672 Anonymous
>>426001513 use tumblr or imgur....can keep an online database and not a local one

1 hours later 426001716 Anonymous (1347589102020.jpg 640x480 28kB)
>>426001513 Invest in a USB drive. Keep your fapmine mobile.

1 hours later 426001734 Anonymous
>>426000850 i prefer leaving it up to others as to what they see but dont like referring to myself as a "trap" i know it has a wide range here on the chans

1 hours later 426001996 Anonymous (1347575318180.jpg 480x640 49kB)
>>426001672 Or this. Do this.

1 hours later 426002161 Anonymous
> Most of them arent even transgender, they lie to themselves. In truth they're just really sexually submissive men. Not sure there's any blindness to this - I'm sexually submissive and go the whole hog with makeup/slutty clothes and stuff. Have met guys a few times and had a good time. But I know I'm not transgender. The issues you face in this situation are similar to regular gay 'coming out' type hassles, but even less understood. But eh... I'm with a really awesome girl right now who has listened to everything about my past and doesn't really question any of it. Whether I'll feel compelled to dress again in future is hard to say, but so far it's all good and not a problem.

1 hours later 426002187 Anonymous (1347575393792.jpg 480x640 50kB)

1 hours later 426002308 Anonymous (trap (1).jpg 1024x709 473kB)
>>426000850 Glad to see you're not getting the chop. Honestly, that sort of thing leaves me feeling physically ill just to think of it. Like people literally eating feces for sex or something like that.

1 hours later 426002457 Anonymous (Ioyo (Shemale) (1).jpg 1200x800 85kB)
Shemales okay for the thread?

1 hours later 426002484 Anonymous
>>426001716 I did that! But while i was at work one day she decided she needed to move files or something, and she didnt even say anything, the next time i went to check it she had a picture of herself scolding me! I was terrified despite thinking it was hilarious. I thought about the tumblr, may still do it.

1 hours later 426002590 Anonymous (1347575810319.jpg 480x640 48kB)
>>426002308 seriously. Fake tits look like shit 95 % of the time, you gonna trust those guys with a vag?

1 hours later 426002641 Anonymous (trap (2).jpg 600x800 230kB)

1 hours later 426002682 Anonymous
>>426002457 >Shemales okay for the thread? You realize the whole "there's a difference" thing was to troll summerfriends, right?

1 hours later 426002704 Anonymous (1343498476256.jpg 400x400 35kB)
>>425998821 GET IN MY ASS

1 hours later 426002816 Anonymous
>>426002590 lol'd

1 hours later 426002901 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image265.jpg 1277x939 301kB)
>>426002308 It I was born at a different time and the surgery had time to become more perfected then I would have but as it is now, I don't plan on getting it

1 hours later 426002940 Anonymous (IMG_0497.jpg 2448x3264 1732kB)
I said I was going to let the thread die.....I lied :D

1 hours later 426002989 Anonymous (1347353387180.jpg 640x480 55kB)

1 hours later 426002994 Anonymous (trap (3).jpg 1280x960 197kB)

1 hours later 426003029 Anonymous

1 hours later 426003147 Anonymous
>>426002901 Unless you have penis issues and are in danger of hurting yourself to get rid of it it seems pointless. Even if you did get the surgery guys are still going want to stick in your butt half the time, might as well enjoy the best of both.

1 hours later 426003148 Anonymous (trap (4).jpg 440x616 36kB)
>>426002901 Well, I hope you never do

1 hours later 426003167 Anonymous (ITS A TRAP.gif 185x139 1048kB)

1 hours later 426003243 Anonymous
>>426002989 Who is she?

1 hours later 426003414 Anonymous (1347353437227.jpg 640x480 51kB)
>>426002484 I've got a USB drive inside a Hot Wheels car. NOBODY KNOWS.

1 hours later 426003450 Anonymous (trap (5).jpg 1024x841 164kB)
Honestly, even as a bisexual guy I'd feel really queasy about sticking my own junk into a post-chop cavern that used to hold a penis. Of course my own penis would be sad

1 hours later 426003497 Anonymous
>>426003167 What show is this?

1 hours later 426003540 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image263.jpg 1280x960 632kB)
>>426003148 Don't plan on it, then I would never get posted on Trappyfeet D:

1 hours later 426003589 Anonymous (IMG_0501.jpg 2448x3264 1696kB)

1 hours later 426003608 Anonymous
thats Robo Trap bro!!! >>426003243

1 hours later 426003618 Anonymous (1347352966462.jpg 960x1280 206kB)
>>426003243 Robo Trap

1 hours later 426003676 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (1).jpg 1200x800 94kB)
Eh, I'll post some shemales >I understand that shemale tits often look gross >I don't care a lot of the time

1 hours later 426003737 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (2).jpg 1000x1500 295kB)

1 hours later 426003816 Anonymous
>>425990201 I just told my friend I'm a trap tonight. Totally scared. He's an idiot and didn't understand. Kept talking about himself. Watevs. #confusedfml

1 hours later 426003843 Anonymous (1347591072296.jpg 640x480 39kB)
Robo trap is geeky as fuck

1 hours later 426003847 Anonymous
>>426003540 >never heard of this >go to it >mfw there are pics of me on there and people liked them i'm so flattered right now :3

1 hours later 426003887 Anonymous
>>426003676 I miss Jelissa Jaconi...she was my favorite shemale pornstar :( can't even find her videos anymore

1 hours later 426003893 Anonymous
>>426003816 Where you from

1 hours later 426003926 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (3).jpg 1200x800 97kB)

1 hours later 426004023 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (4).jpg 1000x1500 292kB)

1 hours later 426004103 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (5).jpg 1000x1500 300kB)

1 hours later 426004142 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image248.jpg 1280x960 528kB)
>>426003847 I was too, still am o.o

1 hours later 426004219 Anonymous
>>426003816 I'm just a CD....but I know issues that can have similar outcomes....honestly....who gives a fuck about your friend....if he doesn't accept then he's not your friend :) sorry to get preachy :P

1 hours later 426004286 Anonymous
>>426001319 thats a no then?

1 hours later 426004289 Anonymous (1347353335646.jpg 960x1280 164kB)

1 hours later 426004386 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (6).jpg 1200x800 104kB)

1 hours later 426004474 Anonymous
>>426004286 haha im just a regular guy, i cant imagine itd be that interesting for you

1 hours later 426004490 Anonymous (Anne (Shemale) (7).jpg 1200x800 94kB)

1 hours later 426004570 Anonymous (1347004512334.jpg 1440x1920 535kB)
"Robo Trap is the Trap /b/ deserves, but not the kind it needs right now"

1 hours later 426004590 Anonymous (Fern (Shemale) (1).jpg 1200x800 81kB)

1 hours later 426004646 Anonymous (1347581241102.jpg 640x480 58kB)

1 hours later 426004689 Anonymous (Fern (Shemale) (2).jpg 1000x1500 285kB)

1 hours later 426004773 Anonymous (LadyboyIce_BikiniBarebackCreampie (1).jpg 600x800 309kB)

1 hours later 426004840 Anonymous (trap (6).jpg 1024x768 175kB)

1 hours later 426004930 Anonymous (trap (7).jpg 522x688 51kB)

1 hours later 426005024 Anonymous (trap (8).jpg 639x692 85kB)

1 hours later 426005029 Anonymous (549.jpg 852x1280 410kB)
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1 hours later 426005038 Anonymous (IMG_0514.jpg 1920x2560 1799kB)

1 hours later 426005040 Anonymous (157.jpg 680x1024 392kB)
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1 hours later 426005108 Anonymous (1347581293896.jpg 640x480 40kB)
>>426004570 So we'll fap to her, because she can take it.

1 hours later 426005109 Anonymous (LadyboyIce_BikiniBarebackCreampie (2).jpg 600x800 344kB)

1 hours later 426005223 Anonymous
You know, it would be awesome if anyone had anything with traps rimming or (better yet) getting rimmed. Guys?

1 hours later 426005257 Anonymous (Me 1.jpg 792x2148 295kB)
>>426003893 Connecticut...

1 hours later 426005326 Anonymous (Tunch (Shemale) (1).jpg 1000x1500 309kB)

1 hours later 426005364 Anonymous (1347579358266.jpg 1280x960 220kB)
>>426005257 dat ass

1 hours later 426005405 Anonymous (V_pose (Asian Shemales) (1).jpg 1000x1500 278kB)

1 hours later 426005467 Anonymous
>>426005108 Dat ass

1 hours later 426005525 Anonymous
>>426005257 Dammit.. everyone always too far..

1 hours later 426005549 Anonymous (1345734894882.jpg 1000x750 293kB)
I want a trap/CD in vancouver!

1 hours later 426005558 Anonymous
are there any traps in the western washington area?

1 hours later 426005619 Anonymous
>>426004474 oh, whys that? i like regular guys!

1 hours later 426005634 Anonymous (IMG_0515.jpg 1920x2560 1458kB)

1 hours later 426005689 Anonymous
>>426005619 what would you want?

1 hours later 426005706 Anonymous (Me 2.jpg 740x2008 311kB)
>>426005525 shucks! where you from?

1 hours later 426005767 Anonymous

1 hours later 426005787 Anonymous (1347353184228.jpg 1920x2560 513kB)
>>426005467 Robo ass

1 hours later 426005831 Anonymous (Marie_pose (Asian Shemales) (1).jpg 450x600 76kB)
Damn, I'm down south in the DFW area, too bad there are some catty, obnoxious gays but no traps

1 hours later 426005875 Anonymous
>>426005364 squee! thanks :3

1 hours later 426005918 Anonymous
>>426005706 That's a nice dress What does the back look like

1 hours later 426006072 Anonymous
Anyone got any good videos to link, also? Right now I'm also watching / listening to: http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/61774/skinny-cd-in-stockings-gets-rammed.html Face is really 'meh' but his body is great and he sounds awesome

1 hours later 426006090 Anonymous
>>426005918 you interested?!? :-P

1 hours later 426006124 Anonymous (1347361939136.jpg 640x480 40kB)
>>426005875 No prob. Any chance of showing more of it?

1 hours later 426006186 Anonymous
>>426006090 who wouldnt be?

1 hours later 426006203 Anonymous
>>426005706 West coast Cali :c

1 hours later 426006230 Anonymous (trap (9).jpg 1208x1298 221kB)

1 hours later 426006242 Anonymous (1347305163113.jpg 389x379 77kB)
>>426005108 Because she's not our trap. She's a sexy geek. A sultry Cyborg. A Robo Trap.

1 hours later 426006289 Anonymous (IMG_1883-small.jpg 800x551 99kB)
>>426005689 i dont know! its all good if you dont feel like it, i understand but you should know something... im in seattle (✿◠‿◠)

1 hours later 426006321 Anonymous
>>426006124 that ass hnnng

1 hours later 426006367 Anonymous
>>426003540 Theres not much better than seeing yourself on trappy feet :)

1 hours later 426006462 Anonymous
>>426006289 no frigggin way!(not to not showing anything to the seattle part)

1 hours later 426006479 Anonymous (1347362023372.jpg 640x480 43kB)
>>426006242 That'd be a hell of a movie.

1 hours later 426006498 Anonymous (trap (10).jpg 683x1024 70kB)

1 hours later 426006502 Anonymous (Me 3.jpg 1952x3264 640kB)
>>426006186 idk, i'm a little shy. i'm trying to lose weight and stuff. as long as you're not too critical. honestly, i'm trying to transition in a few months... [fingers crossed]

1 hours later 426006648 Anonymous
>>426006502 Unf, dat ass.

1 hours later 426006713 Anonymous (1347362068556.jpg 640x480 46kB)
>>426006502 Low self-esteem seems to be the common trap trait 'round these parts. Don't fret.

1 hours later 426006780 Anonymous
>>426006713 trust me, i got that in spades.

1 hours later 426006791 Anonymous
>>426006289 anywho im nervous so if you want something u gotta be specific i could do maybe lower body?

1 hours later 426006839 Anonymous
>>426006502 Body looks nice right now, hell yeah, after transitioning it'll still be awesome >as long as you don't ruin yourself with the chop or anything

1 hours later 426006881 Anonymous (1347362134193.jpg 640x480 46kB)

1 hours later 426007006 Anonymous
>>426006839 The 'chop'?

1 hours later 426007023 Anonymous (IMG_20120831_032907.jpg 2592x1944 1523kB)
Posting me again :)

1 hours later 426007092 Anonymous (114.jpg 680x1024 369kB)
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1 hours later 426007127 Anonymous
Fuck yeah, it would >>426006479

1 hours later 426007280 Anonymous
>>426007006 You know. Transgender genital removal. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/50/Partial_penectomy.jpg/300px-Partial_penecto my.jpg

1 hours later 426007294 Anonymous
>>426006462 >true story lol >>426006791 whatever, you could just tell me more about yourself! stats etc, what brings you to a thread like this

1 hours later 426007439 Anonymous (Me 4.jpg 648x1780 194kB)
>>426007280 lol so you wouldn't be into me if i had srs?

1 hours later 426007771 Anonymous
>>426007294 stats? im 5'11 160-170 lbs (dunno what your looking for and dont wanna just go right at it) always had a thing for traps, cd's and especially trans i live near kenmore what about yourself? what brings you onto these?

1 hours later 426007781 Anonymous
>>426007439 I suppose I could be led out of it or talked out of it... but it would be hard to hold up my penis next to an empty void where there used to be another penis but a scalpel slashed it off

1 hours later 426007991 Anonymous
>Browsing through 4chan at 2:50 am >listening to awesome Zelda soundtrack >Treasure chest sound comes up >feelsgoodman

1 hours later 426008002 Anonymous
>constantly complain about faggotry >threads about homosexuals or eating your own cum on the front page every. fucking. refresh.

1 hours later 426008061 Anonymous
>>426007781 coming from a boy... UGH, you don't get it! i want it gone. period.

2 hours later 426008275 Anonymous
>>426007771 i dont know, being with like minded people is nice. im in the city proper, how long you lived here? we might have to take this to /soc/ or email soon, hah.

2 hours later 426008282 Anonymous
>>426007771 oh i forgot to mention im 21 i forgot thatd probably be a pretty freakin important stat

2 hours later 426008396 Anonymous
>>426008275 lynnwood/mountlake terrace area my whole life

2 hours later 426008408 Anonymous
>>426008061 Well, it certainly is your choice, but I've always been of the opinion that the surgery isn't good enough for me. I'd love being completely female, but the surgery doesn't seem like it would do that, just take away something. My opinion on the subject.

2 hours later 426008490 Anonymous
>>426008061 i really don't get it, wouldn't you rather have a sensitive penis that you can actually get pleasure from rather than some weird hole that doesn't feel/do much? or is actually having a penis turn off enough for you that you'd rather have nothing than it?

2 hours later 426008725 Anonymous
>>426008061 It's okay if you want it gone. And I get it. I'm just approaching the same way as, say, I understand that there are medical reasons why some people have nubs on the ends of their arms instead of hands. There was drastic surgery done that was necessarily. I don't judge them. I just would not find those nubs sexy, and I would turn down an offer to sleep with someone who wanted to touch me all over my body with those nubs. I just would not like it. At. All.

2 hours later 426008842 Anonymous (Me 5.jpg 676x1876 227kB)
>>426008408 oh, so you're trans too? no, don't get me wrong, i completely get it. going through with srs is a big, big deal. honestly, i'm not even sure if i'm up for it, but it would make me feel more complete. but, for those who don't feel the same, i totally get it. being 'you' is way more important than fulfilling a stereotype. PS: in all honesty, i probably won't go through with it. i'm just scared a future S.O. won't love me if i don't fit the bill... idk. woe is a trangirls life. lol

2 hours later 426008871 Anonymous (1347362204545.jpg 640x480 51kB)
>>426007127 Does the end involve Robo trap pretending to be a genetic girl to cover up someone else's crimes?

2 hours later 426009063 Anonymous (1347107379436.jpg 826x738 71kB)
Robo, do you have any pics of your hair "up"? >>426006881

2 hours later 426009081 Anonymous
>>426008396 >neat born in south seattle. do you consider yourself bi-sexual? god-dammnit now im more interested in you that you probably are in me

2 hours later 426009091 Anonymous
>>426008842 Hmmm... I'm looking at it in the opposite direction. I'm fine with being a S.O. with a transgirl, if they get the chop then it's game over and I'm not interested.

2 hours later 426009140 Anonymous
>>426008842 SRS just sounds like totally scary shit to me. That's a big fucking deal for something that may not work the way it's supposed to at the end of the day.

2 hours later 426009280 Anonymous
>>426009081 i consider myself mostly straight which is why im nervous about this id be open to some form of communication if you were interested id probably make anew email just for the start

2 hours later 426009383 Anonymous
>>426009063 Not Robo, just posting, but I don't have any

2 hours later 426009394 Anonymous (power-morphicon-celebrating-17-years-of-the-power-rangers.5269.jpg 565x848 67kB)
Yes, and theres A LOT of sex scenes, but theres some good fighting and explosions too....mostly sex >>426008871

2 hours later 426009405 Anonymous
>>426008842 Awesome legs.

2 hours later 426009453 Anonymous
>>426008842 My situation is a little different. I actually enjoy being male, I just think I'd like being female more and have a ton of self-confidence issues. I also pretty much hate masculinity (but not cocks, my own or others). So, getting surgery wouldn't make me female enough in my mind to justify it, where as I view pre-op as female with a cock. Hormones seem fair game to me surgery doesn't. And if you're worried about a future S.O.'s opinion, then at least you can wait until you find out what their opinion is :p

2 hours later 426009484 Anonymous (Me 7.jpg 788x2152 319kB)
>>426009091 nope. i totally get it. and that's why i'm so hesistant. it's just that, well, i don't have a big...'thingy'...ya know. so i've always hated it. not that it needed to be big, cuz i really didn't care. but idk. i'm conflicted. and yes. i do realize that sensation might be deminished by having srs, which is a huge, huge concern. but, all the same. when you're on hrt, your peepee doesn't work anyways lol so what's the loss?!? :-P

2 hours later 426009612 Anonymous
>>426009484 Can still cutely cum with it from prostate stimulation, right?

2 hours later 426009735 Anonymous
>>426009140 Well that's a big reason why a lot of people who go to doctors get turned down for the surgery. Not applicable to people in this thread, but I've seen / heard / read about a lot of guys who are terminally depressed and have lived hellish lives being teased about weight, hair, glasses, eyes, feet, etc. They go to get surgery thinking that becoming female will solve things. It's pointed out to them by the doctors that they are doing what they're doing because of 'outside' pressure, conforming to what other people want because they've been trained to hate their natural bodies, rather than what 'they' want to do on the 'inside'. I'm not saying that SRS is bad or anything, obviously, but it's complex.

2 hours later 426009741 Anonymous
>>426009405 d'aww! thank you, that means a lot! i totally hide my body when i'm in boymode, so my friends don't know what i look like all girled up. if they did, i'd hope they'd say the same. but i never get positive reinforcement cuz i'm a serious closet case lol but thank you! <3

2 hours later 426009872 Anonymous (1347577565226.jpg 640x480 42kB)
Robo trap needs a fucking dildo, STAT.

2 hours later 426010050 Anonymous
>>426009741 Honestly, with those legs and that ass, it doesn't matter what you have between the legs.

2 hours later 426010171 Anonymous
>>426010050 This is EXACTLY how I feel I don't care what is between their legs as long as I find them attractive then there's no issue!

2 hours later 426010209 Anonymous
>>426010050 This guy pretty much has the right of it. Helps that I like both possibilities though.

2 hours later 426010213 Anonymous
>>426009081 made an email, you interested?

2 hours later 426010242 Anonymous
>>426009484 You know, even as someone who's really male I've always hated my body. The whole figure and all the details. Hated, hated, hated. I've never been able to look at myself in the mirror, and I've wished that I was more feminine. The thing is-- talking to people they've told me that I was not transgender at all. I just 'thought I was'. Because in my heart I wanted to be male, but on the outside I wanted to be more female because I wanted to comform to other people's expectations. And they told me that any kind of hormones that are physical or anything would never, ever solve what is a psychological problem (of being self-hating).

2 hours later 426010302 Anonymous
>>426009735 ummm, i hear what you're saying. but no, i'm definitely trans. i don't have any latent feelings of 'whatever' over my "shortcomings". i knew i was different at a very young age. hid it to fit in. hid it very well. played sports. was qb in high school. put on a mean persona. so no one assumes anything. it's not about what i got going on 'down there'. it's all about who i am and how i've always felt. i get what you're saying though. i'm sure there are a lot of people out there who feel the need to change because, well, they feel inadequate. but my feeling 'inadequate' is much more defined. i have a girl's brain and a boy's body. that's the way i've always seen it. whether or not srs will fix that, who knows. but, i'll figure it out. i got time :-P

2 hours later 426010426 Anonymous
>>426009280 i like guys who know what they want. cant say i would reply tonight, its kind of late but if you wanted to leave in email i would definitely reply tomorrow or come back at this time tomorrow

2 hours later 426010609 Anonymous
>>426009484 does your wiener really not work at all on hrt? i thought it just decreased your sex drive slightly, not made it stop working altogether D:

2 hours later 426010794 Anonymous
This SRS thing is why I've never dated a CD / trap / transgender person, and why I might never will. I feel too psychologically 'close' if that makes any sense. If I'm going to see guys "blossom" into girls through surgery that allows them to enhance their appearance, self-esteem, their social status, and so on... I don't know. The contrast would be like unbearable torture, knowing that their transgenderism is a solvable thing while my anti-self depression will only be resolved by, well, when I die.

2 hours later 426010850 Anonymous
>>426010609 I think it'll chug along for a few years before crapping out.

2 hours later 426010885 Anonymous
>>426010426 its up to you, i wouldnt really try to do this if i wasnt totally interested email is: notme723@hotmail.com

2 hours later 426010892 Anonymous
>>426010609 I've heard it depends. There's a chance it will.

2 hours later 426010942 Anonymous
>>426010850 well then there goes the idea of me taking hrt temporarily to try it

2 hours later 426010969 Anonymous
>>426010609 truthfully, idk. i'm not on hrt. i want to be though. i'm just terrified of the reaction. i live in a very 'country' type environment. but i have friends on hrt. and from what i've heard/read, you lose your sex drive, and...over time...'it' stops working the way it would for a boy. which is cool, cuz you seek stimulation in different ways.

2 hours later 426011008 Anonymous
>>426010302 Oh, I know. There are lots of people who really are women but are stuck in male bodies. But there are also a lot of people who are male with male bodies but are stigmatized. The world is a fucking horrible place, that's just that truth of it. Life is shit. You just try your best to make life less shitty.

2 hours later 426011162 Anonymous (1347359441782.jpg 640x480 37kB)

2 hours later 426011252 Anonymous
>>426007023 I want moar preeze?

2 hours later 426011342 Anonymous
>>426010885 ok youre on!, i saved it. sorry im about to pass out here, gotta bail. hope you liked my pics <3

2 hours later 426011370 Anonymous
>>426010609 I think if you arrange the hormone doses in a certain way, then you have use your dick forever (or forever-ish). Some people are like that, they are transgender but they keep their dick and use it for years and years later. I mean, in all honesty, this boils down to "what kind of body do you really think you should have". And that's something no outside person can tell you.

2 hours later 426011434 Anonymous
>>426011342 i did, i hope you do ;)

2 hours later 426011440 Anonymous (1347359486258.jpg 640x480 37kB)

2 hours later 426011452 Anonymous
>>426010242 maybe you're intersex. there are a million different variations of being transgender. and honestly, i don't always feel i'm a girl either. depending on my mood or who i'm with, i'll feel like a boy. but, 99% of the time, even when i feel like a boy, i'm daydreaming about being a girl. so that's how i know i'm a girl. but there are other ways. honestly, being a boy is cool. you're afforded a lot of luxuries girls aren't. but, as a girl, you get to feel pretty and dress and impress. my advice to you is to try it out. see what you like. trust me, it's not easy. i battle with who i am every day... <3

2 hours later 426011787 Anonymous (1347584834417.jpg 640x480 24kB)

2 hours later 426011789 Anonymous (1344417978019.jpg 1944x2592 1785kB)
>>426011252 aww thank you :) lol nobody else responded..

2 hours later 426011827 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image16.jpg 1280x960 112kB)
>>426010969 I've been on HRT for the past 2 months and a half and it's become noticable that it is certainly harder to get hard and less sperm on orgasm but my libido stayed the same

2 hours later 426011894 Anonymous
>>426011008 agreed. i just wish people were afforded the chance to try different things in life. like, hey, i think i might be a girl, let me be a girl for a year. if i don't like it, fine. let me go back, with no recourse. but no, we live in a very black and white society. i hate it. i want a chance to figure out who i am in this world. but i'm forced to either live in regret or take a gigantic leap of faith. FML

2 hours later 426011930 Anonymous
>>426011452 I'm in a position where I feel like me trying to make myself more feminine is almost the same thing as a black man being so upset at his discriminatory background that he bleaches his skin white. Same thing. I wouldn't be doing it for me. I would be doing it to conform to other people's expectations of me and to get rid of my self-hatred that I've been raised in. But, then again, that's why women get fake breasts and why guys get their teeth bleached. Same thing. I might do it. I don't know. But, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would never go to a girl with small breasts and badger her about having to get big breasts to be more appropriate and more sexy.

2 hours later 426011962 Anonymous
>>426011789 I love what I see so far.

2 hours later 426011979 Anonymous
>>426011789 >>426011789 aah so youre posting here but you dont wanna talk to me on skype huh? ;p

2 hours later 426011982 Anonymous
>>426011789 Nice.

2 hours later 426011983 Anonymous

2 hours later 426012051 Anonymous (1347575906358.jpg 640x480 32kB)
>>426011827 Are your boobs starting to come in? I've heard your nipples get sensitive as all hell when that starts.

2 hours later 426012215 Anonymous
>>426011894 Oh, Jesus fucking christ, yeah! That's why I LOVE LOVE LOVE anime / hentai / etc. Because, then, it's fine for a guy to just dress up as a girl one day later, be on hormones the month later, and then be back to everything just before. And no rednecks will jump on that guy in the dead of night and beat him with chains or something like that.

2 hours later 426012268 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image255.jpg 1280x960 550kB)
>>426012051 Yes, they've became extremely sensitive to the point I have to wear loose fitting shirts not to irritate them

2 hours later 426012335 Anonymous (1347577653562.jpg 640x480 30kB)

2 hours later 426012403 Anonymous (Photo on 8-31-12 at 1.53 AM.jpg 640x426 74kB)
>>426011962 Im glad :) >>426011979 Sowwy... :) lol i just didnt feel liek getting on. Who are you? :) >>426011982 Thanks :)

2 hours later 426012409 Anonymous
>>426012268 that pic is so fucking hot for some reason got more?

2 hours later 426012441 Anonymous
>>426012268 You should get guys to suckle them :P

2 hours later 426012528 Anonymous (1347260439607.jpg 640x480 49kB)
>>426012268 Couldn't you put a bandaid over them?

2 hours later 426012552 Anonymous
>>426012403 Damn, that's a great ass.

2 hours later 426012668 Anonymous
>>426012403 I would love to put my face in there.

2 hours later 426012765 Anonymous (Me 8.jpg 744x2108 306kB)
>>426012215 to be honest, i never understood the whole anime vibe. is that what it's all about? growing up, my favorite book was animorphs lol, so i totally get what you're saying. i just wish i could, idk, be free to pick and choose as i go :-P

2 hours later 426012769 Anonymous
>>426005257 >426005257 hey I live in CT

2 hours later 426012776 Anonymous
>>426012403 well looks like you'll just have to get on to find out :p

2 hours later 426012829 Anonymous
>>426012268 Does it feel good?

2 hours later 426012841 Anonymous
fucking fag all around, niggers niggers niggers SAGE SAGE SAGE SAGE MOOT YOU FAG OPEN /FAG/.. FUCKING TRAPS SAGE SAGE SAGE

2 hours later 426012856 Anonymous
>>426012765 That's how I am. I'd give anything to be a shapeshifter.

2 hours later 426012865 Anonymous (IMG_20120831_020227.jpg 1944x2592 1287kB)
>>426012552 oh yeah? :)

2 hours later 426012942 Anonymous
>>426012268 is there any way to get adorable little trap boobies like this without HRT? it's literally the only reason I want to do it

2 hours later 426013028 Anonymous
>>426012865 Oh hell yeah. Would love to get my hands on it.

2 hours later 426013040 Anonymous
>>426012765 Instant karma is also fun. Come on, wouldn't it be great to live in a world where the guy who cuts you off while honking and giving you the finger gets a meteor hitting his car? :P

2 hours later 426013052 Anonymous (SnapShot_Image253.jpg 1280x960 538kB)
>>426012409 Not similar I never really focus on my boobs >>426012441 I try not to, but I've had two that didn't care about my squirming and whining and and sucked on them anyways >>426012528 Could but it would hurt pealing it off

2 hours later 426013136 Anonymous
>>426012769 welp, now i'm nervous lol where you from? north or south?

2 hours later 426013314 Anonymous
any femanons into traps?

2 hours later 426013380 Anonymous
>>426013040 ya, i guess. but getting cut off in traffic and taking a gigantic leap of faith i.e. coming out and transitioning, are too different animals...

2 hours later 426013382 Anonymous
>>426013136 South

2 hours later 426013385 Anonymous (8.jpg 1936x2592 1186kB)
>>426013052 Do your nipples feel good? This is me

2 hours later 426013485 Anonymous (1344417296476.jpg 1944x2592 1840kB)
>>426013314 I second what this man said :) lol any femanons in here?

2 hours later 426013501 Anonymous
>>426013382 i'm north. are you trans by any chance?

2 hours later 426013509 Anonymous
>>426013052 >I never really focus on my boobs aww you really should, they're fucking perfect :3

2 hours later 426013510 Anonymous (4.jpg 1936x2592 888kB)

2 hours later 426013645 Anonymous
>>426013501 Nope

2 hours later 426013671 Anonymous
>>426013052 >>426013510 >>426013485 You, you and you. Round asses: how?

2 hours later 426013718 Anonymous
>>426013510 Hot. For some reason I always think sucking a cock from behind would be super fun.

2 hours later 426013809 Anonymous
>>426013671 lol idk :) im a little overweight?

2 hours later 426013992 Anonymous
>>426013671 genetics most likely i can't for the life of me put on a single lb/kg, shit sucks

2 hours later 426014004 Anonymous (Me 10.jpg 732x2104 357kB)
>>426013645 that's okay :-P!

2 hours later 426014213 Anonymous
>>426013809 >overweight Um... >>426012403 >>426012865 ... you can't be serious.

2 hours later 426014235 Anonymous (1347259031731.jpg 640x480 71kB)
>>426012841 you're retarded

2 hours later 426014289 Anonymous
>>426012942 no one knows? or is it not even possible? :(

2 hours later 426014398 Anonymous
>>426014289 Peppermint tea, a lot of it :3

2 hours later 426014441 Anonymous
>>426014398 True story?

2 hours later 426014579 Anonymous
>>426014441 So I hear. Apparently, Peppermint tea has some kind magic in it that feminizes your body - kinda how soy milk gives you tits. It's not a 'go to' option, but I hear it works...

2 hours later 426014587 Anonymous
>>426014398 please don't be trolling me i will literally go buy 1000 boxes of peppermint tea if this works

2 hours later 426014706 Anonymous
>>426014587 This. I'd like tits, but am not really up for much else.

2 hours later 426014710 Anonymous
>>426014587 I hope I'm not. Google it. I hear it works.

3 hours later 426014817 Anonymous
>>426014587 http://www.google.com/search?q=peppermint+tea+%2B+feminization&rlz=1C1_____enUS426US426&suge xp=chrome,mod=6&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

3 hours later 426014883 Anonymous
>come to /b/ >first page... >fist non-sticky >TRAP THREAD! why!?!?

3 hours later 426014949 Anonymous
>>426014883 Because the world isn't so bad after all.

3 hours later 426014997 Anonymous
>>426014710 >>426014817 yay thanks! guess i gotta go buy a lot of peppermint tea :3

3 hours later 426015019 Anonymous
Honest opinion... If your guy friend told you, in confidence, that he has a girls brain and a boys body...what would you take from that exchange? I'm kind of freaking out right now? I think I came out to him without explicitly coming out. I don't know what to make of it...

3 hours later 426015095 Anonymous (1347851235808.jpg 496x750 344kB)
>>426014883 >why are people attracted to things i am not if you really want an answer: because humans

3 hours later 426015232 Anonymous
>>426014949 but . . . oh well. cant fight it . . . >>426015019 just gonna have to have some patience and dont be surprised if it trashes the friendship. i have experience with that one, unfortunately...

3 hours later 426015302 Anonymous
>>426015019 Me? I'd be happy that they'd be trying to move forward with their lives and be happy, with bonus points for finding me to be open and caring enough to be confided in. But I'm not most people. I've had good friends and bad friends.

3 hours later 426015419 Anonymous
>>426015095 who said i wasnt attracted to traps? perhaps it IS that attraction that caused me to post

3 hours later 426015434 Anonymous
>>426015019 any particular reason you told him? do you like him as more than a friend? i personally would love it, but i'm a closeted trap so that skews my opinion a bit

3 hours later 426015462 Anonymous
>>426015302 >early submit Always keep in mind that anyone who doesn't accept you as you are shouldn't be your friend in the first place. I've had to cut off a lot of longterm friendships in my lifetime.

3 hours later 426015464 Anonymous
>>426015232 I kept trying to push the point to see how he felt, and he kept changing subjects. A) he's not the brightest bulb B) maybe he thinks/knows what's up and feels uncomfortable by it. ...idk. I guess I need patience. But I've never shared that with anyone (outside of here and Reddit). I hope he undestands...or forgets lol

3 hours later 426015585 Anonymous (44ch2.png 640x480 476kB)
>>426015419 that makes more sense

3 hours later 426015710 Anonymous
>>426015302 That's how I feel. Like, regardless of what people think about me, I'm a totally open minded person - obvi, I'm trans. And so is he, or so I think. But it's a bit...'much', if you know what I mean. And I'm not sure he understood the full scope of what I was telling him. In one respect, I wish he did understand. But in the other, I hope he forgets about it entirely. I don't want to live my life as a pariah...

3 hours later 426015906 Anonymous
>>426015464 changing the subject is just part of it. there are other type of language to pay attention to when speaking with others. pay close attention to body language and learn what some of it means. the fact that youre questioning it might mean you subconsciously picked up on a few cues about how he really feels about it. theres a whole bunch of other culturally relevant observations that i dont feel like getting into right now..... BTQ: how long have you known this friend?? how close would you say you are?

3 hours later 426015948 Anonymous
>>426015434 HAHA, NO. He's just a really, really good friend. Though, this weekend, I slept over my friends place (after a bachelor party), and I haven't seen him in years. He's super nice and really feminine with his mannerism - like me. But he's super straight, or so his stories would lead on. But, as the night led on (drugs aside), he kept showing me text messages of girls he was sexting with and Tupac videos on his phone lol and his legs kept brushing against mine as I reclined in the sofa. I was turned on tenfold. But I'd never come out to him. WTF is wrong with me lol

3 hours later 426016051 Anonymous
>>426015462 Easier said than done... I have what they like to call a 'co-dependent' personality...

3 hours later 426016245 Anonymous
>>426015906 Since I was 5. I'm 23 now... We've been bff's forever. But I've always been the 'bro' in his eyes. He kinda looks up to me. But I only act that way to steer attention away from the fact that I'm trans. But no one gets that lol Woe is me...

3 hours later 426016276 Anonymous
>>426016051 >'co-dependent' personality Same boat. And it can be extraordinarily difficult to break off friendships, I know. But a friend of mine, whom I had to cut out of my life because of how poisonous he had become to me, had a great piece of advice: >Sometimes you have to burn your bridges to light the path ahead.

3 hours later 426016371 Anonymous

3 hours later 426016448 Anonymous
>>426016276 UGH, I hate life. That's great advice. But damn...I'm just, *sigh*, hella incapable of it. I pretend to be selfish so others don't see how much I'm actually sacrificing by not becoming who I am (which I do to save them from the stigma of knowing/befriending/belonging to the same family as a transgender person)... Life sucks.

3 hours later 426016558 Anonymous
>>426016371 fuck you dude, that triggered me so hard. [lays in traffic drinking bleach]

3 hours later 426016770 Anonymous
>>426016245 well then now that you said something about it just give him some time to process it. thats all you can do. >>426016448 QUIT LYING! stop pretending. stop hiding. stop lying. youre probably so unhappy right now because the life you are living is pretty much fake. your hint of comfort comes from being honest; being yourself online to a bunch of random people. we random people cant do much for you- words and nothing else.

3 hours later 426016865 Anonymous
>>426016448 Have you ever taken a vacation? Just a trip to some city where nobody knows you, where you can just be yourself for a week? If not, do it. The moment you come back, you'll be filled with so much vitriol over how you've made yourself suffer to spare others a mild inconvenience will kick your ass into gear. Believe me.

3 hours later 426016958 Anonymous
>>426016770 Thanks. Ya know what, you're right. The only reason I have depression/anxiety is cuz I constantly run away from the truth of who I am. If I just embraced it, and came out with it, I'd be a much happier person. [Fingers crossed]

3 hours later 426017087 Anonymous
>>426016865 I'm too scared of bumping into someone I know. Trust me, it happens a lot... But I'd like that. I'd like to be 'me' - for whatever that's worth. I'd like to spend a night with a cute boy who likes me for who I am. That'd be wonderful. But I'm not sure how likely/possible that will be...

3 hours later 426017256 Anonymous
>>426017087 Where are you from cutie :c I wouldn't mind spending a night, getting to know someone and who they are

3 hours later 426017310 Anonymous
>Never again will i be submissive in bed, ever. HA! thats what MADE me submissive

3 hours later 426017406 Anonymous
>>426017256 :3 CT... I'd like that too, if it's possible! I'm not that big though lol and I'm a definite bottom... <3 PS: I've never been with a guy before (I'm just assuming)

3 hours later 426017504 Anonymous
>>426017406 >CT Damn it... :l I don't mind you not being big, and I'm a top <3 :o , neither have I

3 hours later 426017535 Anonymous
>>426003167 source

3 hours later 426017567 Anonymous
>>426017504 :( where are you from? you sound sweet...

3 hours later 426017602 Anonymous
>>426016958 how about a story..... i was kinda like you (im trans BTW) and hid a lot about myself because i was so worried about what others would think of me. a day came when i realized i hated the person i was to the rest of the world....i was lying to people each day that i acted in a way that awasnt me. i was quite literally living in my mind only; living with my own worst enemy. so i said fuck it, it was time to be myself and deal with the consequences which i didnt have control over. being fake was my choice and those consequences were much harder than those at the hands of others. i lost friends and that was hard, but i regret not being myself earlier more than losing friends because of who i am. the weight of lying to the world is a heavy one. stop giving in to that flawed culture and be your own culture . . .

3 hours later 426017647 Anonymous
if you dont got the balls to tell the world you a girl. why are you CDing or anything at all..? my whole town including my family will know in about 3 months. i dont care at ALL because i got the best man ever

3 hours later 426017673 Anonymous
>>426017567 CA :( You're the one that's suppose to be sweet here :3 You have a throwaway where we could exchange contact info..?

3 hours later 426017889 Anonymous
Threads like this is why I cant cum when having sex with my girl friend. I swear if I could find a trap to date Id just go full homo and date them openly

3 hours later 426017905 Anonymous
Contact info would be lovely! >>426017602 I know that feel. The day you realize that you're tired of wearing the mask you put on for the world, and you've simply got to take it off, is terrifying, but it's also empowering.

3 hours later 426017969 Anonymous
>>426017602 Thanks hun! I totally get what you mean by 'living in your head only'. Seriously. I don't see the world anymore. I haven't, progressively, for 5-6 years. I just, idk, have no privacy. I want to try things and be who I am without my family/friends watching/knowing. I want to figure things out at my own pace, and then come out to them when I know who and what I am. I mean, don't get me wrong, I know I'm trans. But...idk, you know what I mean (or I hope). I just really need to wear something comfy and have a boy cuddle me at night, even if it's just one night. sex would be cool - it would help me figure out what I want. but what I really want is the comfort of falling asleep in someone elses arms, as I am. no apologies... PS: sorry if that's all mopey/girly lol

3 hours later 426018051 Anonymous
>>426017673 mmhm... coincidently, it's throwawayemail1111@gmail.com lol :3

3 hours later 426018092 Anonymous (6.jpg 1936x2592 812kB)
I wish I could start hormones earlier

3 hours later 426018120 Anonymous
>>426017647 CDing in private is like a pill . . . it cures the ailment temporarily. the issue is being something other than who you are, which does not necessarily mean dressing as a girl. dressing up is a way to express your inner self when there is no one else is around for to to express to in other more important ways...

3 hours later 426018123 Anonymous
>>426018051 That is a long throwaway email x3 and going to be sending an email then :3

3 hours later 426018159 Anonymous
>>426017969 >I just really need to wear something comfy and have a boy cuddle me at night, even if it's just one night. sex would be cool - it would help me figure out what I want. but what I really want is the comfort of falling asleep in someone elses arms, as I am. no apologies... me too ;_; texas doesn't seem to be very trap friendly though

3 hours later 426018161 Anonymous
>>426018123 can't wait ;)

3 hours later 426018228 Anonymous
>>426018159 i have extended family in houston. trust me, i know. i feel ya... [hugs]

3 hours later 426018237 Anonymous
>>426018161 I sent you an email :3

3 hours later 426018290 Anonymous
>>426018120 So fucking true >>426018161 I'll be emailing you as well. :)

3 hours later 426018452 Anonymous
anyone from hungary?

3 hours later 426018453 Anonymous
>>426018290 Yay! I feel so popular lol

3 hours later 426018518 Anonymous
>>426017905 subbie.trap@gmail.com more terrifying ought to be the thought of growing old and realizing your whole life was just a lie and that no one in that life really knows you.....if that happens it wont matter how many people are around you, you will still be alone >>426017969 if you want to take those steps alone that is up to you. support can be a good thing though. you will have to decide this one- on one hand support can go a long way: on the other hand going it alone could become a step overcoming your dependence...

3 hours later 426018520 Anonymous (2012-09-14 14.49.32.jpg 480x640 122kB)

3 hours later 426018564 Anonymous (23.jpg 531x800 210kB)
Download freshest 18th September pornsite pasw0rds here:855 http://4chanporn4free.tumblr.com/

3 hours later 426018828 Anonymous
>>426018161 >>426018453 do you mind if i email you too? :3

3 hours later 426018878 Anonymous
>>426018828 lol why not! <3

3 hours later 426019002 Anonymous
>>426018878 yay! mine's a .fr email addy so it will probably end up in spam, just to warn you :)

3 hours later 426019243 Anonymous
>>426019002 you haven't shown up on either... :(

3 hours later 426019415 Anonymous
>>426019243 D: let me try resend it

4 hours later 426020259 Anonymous (1347575332398.jpg 776x1296 349kB)
Have you died? NONSENSE!

4 hours later 426020615 Anonymous
These threads make my day. Sorta makes me have hope for humanity. I am not a trap but for the longest time i have felt i would be more comfortable in life as a girl instead of a guy. I have felt this way for so long that i can't remember how long i felt this way. But i never act on it. I have had no need to. I just keep on chugging through life. But this makes me think i should stop doing that and stop telling my self lies. I just need to get my shit together mostly. I just need to move away from where i am and cut all ties. I want a new life a new start. And this thread helped me realize that maybe all that is possible.

4 hours later 426021090 Anonymous
>>426020615 anything is possible...

4 hours later 426021094 Anonymous
>>426020615 I know that feel... I'd like to comfort you by saying I've transitioned and it's wonderful. But I haven't. But I'm sure it is when/if I do. Have you ever dressed before?

4 hours later 426021271 Anonymous
these threads make me high just a regular guy, no special trappy specs about me physically

4 hours later 426021402 Anonymous (stock.jpg 271x320 10kB)

4 hours later 426021647 Anonymous
>>426021094 I have, but not publicly. And honestly, i really can't shake the though in my mind sometimes that i shouldn't be a guy. It is odd, i don't even know how to explain it. It is like being trapped in a since. i wish i knew how to explain it better.

4 hours later 426023184 Anonymous (jimgafiganlol.png 548x548 278kB)
omg wat da fak u guiz thae al luk leik guis in hur thes grls r ugli LOL wtf u guis

4 hours later 426023230 Anonymous
any traps in england/uk?

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