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2012-09-13 11:58 425013482 Anonymous (1347568488792.jpg 1618x751 407kB)
I just want you to know anon, I care about, and love you. The picture I posted with this, got to me. And reminds me, that we all need someone to remind us we're human, and have emotions. I love you /b/. you guys made me "lul" when I had nothing left in me. I go on here sometimes and i'd be depressed. But then you guys always brighten my day, therefore I thank you.

6 min later 425014619 Anonymous
that feel

12 min later 425015591 Anonymous
Right in the feels.

19 min later 425016638 Anonymous
feels, they were had.

31 min later 425018403 Anonymous
i feel almost bad for this cause i know a guy at school who is also a /b/ro but i don't say anything to him because of my current social rank (god tier) and his (shit tier). i want to say something see how hes doing, hes not picked on but if he was infront of me i would stand up for him. but i feel bad i don't have that drive to be his friend

39 min later 425019520 Anonymous
>>425018403 ah :/ i'm sorry man. I know the feel, same thing with some kid in one of my courses,hes a 4chan user, not sure what section though. hes very quiet, parents are dead, and always looks sad. So tomorrow, i'm gonna talk to him.

40 min later 425019734 Anonymous (1347567985894.jpg 500x348 173kB)

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