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2012-09-13 11:57 425013468 Anonymous (1346981050401.jpg 706x720 92kB)
What's wrong with me, /b/? I poop maybe once a week and it's a little amount. I eat normal etc... The problem is that I can't seem to gain or lose weight. I'm 60kg even when I don't poop for a week or work out intensively. Is this normal? 60kg is 132.27 lbs and I'm a 19 year old male.

0 min later 425013589 Anonymous
I noticed that my stomach is often full with gases. It makes my stomach expand but after farting for awhile it returns to normal. It's pretty annoying, but I can cope.

1 min later 425013668 Anonymous
eat more fibre

1 min later 425013726 Anonymous
I'm afraid you are going to die. For sure. Soon.

1 min later 425013743 Anonymous
mostly likely worms or other sorts of parasites. you need to see a doctor immedietly

2 min later 425013806 Anonymous (251.jpg 1280x854 401kB)
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2 min later 425013870 Anonymous
>>425013743 Yes, that's probably the cause

3 min later 425013951 Anonymous
tape worm, see your General Practitioner.

3 min later 425014027 Anonymous
>>425013870 actually that is prob the truth assuming op isn't a lying faggot.

4 min later 425014089 Anonymous
>>425013468 I'm like this OP. 17 years old, 135 lbs. I poop maybe once every other day mostly. Very gassy though, and I eat a lot. I'll literally eat a pound of food for dinner and be hungry again in an hour.

4 min later 425014095 Anonymous
>>425013743 You're onto something. My mom gave me two worm pills during the month since everyone in our house might have them. What would a doctor do if I were to confront him with this? (I'm not fond of anal endeavours with other people around)

4 min later 425014173 Anonymous
well either you eat very few or you have some sort of parasites - shitting once a week isn't normal

4 min later 425014189 Anonymous
>>425013468 alright, what does your diet consist of? How much water do you drink a day? Does a lot of what you eat consist of sugar?

5 min later 425014419 Anonymous
protip: get off the meth

6 min later 425014481 Anonymous
>>425014189 Since I'm aiming to become a software engineer and don't sleep a lot on weekdays. I drink usually 1 energy drink a day + coffee with milk and sugar. For dinner I usually have french fries with some kind of meat or potatoes with vegetables and meat. It's pretty varied since I still live at home and my mom cooks often. Today I ate pizza though.

6 min later 425014539 Anonymous
Eat more fiber and if that doesn't work ask your doctor or google that shit. Your weight would be normal depending on your height. I'm 17, 6 foot 2 inch's tall and I weigh 165 pounds and I'm at average weight (keep in mind I do live in America).

7 min later 425014616 Anonymous
If you see a doctor he will give you pills that kill it OP. then you'll shit it out. If you don't see a doctor you will probably die (srs)

7 min later 425014674 Anonymous
>>425014189 As for drinking water during the day. I drank half a liter of water, 1 energy drink and some things I forgot to name here. I'm not too fond of drinking water so I mainly drink it when I haven't bought anything like an energy drink or so.

7 min later 425014763 Anonymous
>>425014095 no idea what he would do. the symptoms match though. never had anything like that either. anal endeavors arent so bad when compared to having living worms eating shit inside you.

8 min later 425014906 Anonymous
>>425014763 How does someone die from this?

10 min later 425015160 Anonymous
>>425014906 you dont get the nutrition you need to live thats how. the worms hog it all

10 min later 425015203 Anonymous
Drink lots more water during the day; aim for 2 litres. Sounds a lot but really good for you. And start having a bowl of healthy cereal for breakfast with a banana chopped up in it. Should see a big difference after 3 days.

10 min later 425015259 Anonymous
>>425014481 junk food can constipate you big time. Getting anything less than 1.5 litres of water a day can dry up whatever waste food is in your intestines before it has a chance to be pooped since your body needs to retain whatever water it can when it is scarce. Also, your metabolism is boosted in the morning with a breakfast, which also helps bowel movement. I found fruit like apples also aids bowel movement too

11 min later 425015410 Anonymous
Get a colonic, you fuckwit. No troll either. They're actually very helpful in weight management and detoxifying your body.

13 min later 425015620 Anonymous
>>425015203 >2 litres a day. Well, i usually drink at least 4 litres, not sure what's the problem about that.

13 min later 425015698 Anonymous
Howmany times a day/week do you guys poop?

13 min later 425015737 Anonymous
>>425015410 Part 2. Also, yeah, you might have a worm. Deal with it medically or naturally...whichever.

14 min later 425015823 Anonymous (1326505619567.jpg 500x437 38kB)
what the shit is this, /b/? someone created a thread asking for help, and all you can do is give (partially) sound medical advice? only a few (slightly) misleading trolls, and nothing that could seriously impact OP's health? you sadden me, /b/ i am disappoint

15 min later 425015938 Anonymous
>>425015698 once every two days usually, occasionally its been 3

15 min later 425015945 Anonymous
>>425015698 I shit once or twice a day. No diarrhea or constipation or any of that crap. Just normal shits.

16 min later 425016087 Anonymous
>>425014089 guys? Anyone?

16 min later 425016136 Anonymous
>>425015698 every day/every second sometimes. i usually poop after between 24-35 hours, sometimes i lick and it also!

16 min later 425016206 Anonymous
>>425015945 your metabolism must be through the roof

17 min later 425016290 Anonymous
>>425016087 Colonic and parasite cleanse. Go. Also, stop eating so much at once.

18 min later 425016484 Anonymous
I've gone through periods such as extended hiking trips where I've only pooped once every 4/5 days. I assume due to strenuous activity and not a whole lot of food (no meat or veggies at all). To answer your question no it's not normal. lol.

19 min later 425016640 Anonymous
eat shit

19 min later 425016649 Anonymous
>>425015823 hurr durr we must trollz this guy. we are anonymoose! hurrrr. gtfo

20 min later 425016736 Anonymous
>>425015620 4 litres? You must enjoy pissing. No such thing as too much water, unless you try to get high by drinking loads all at once, which is not good for you.

20 min later 425016876 Anonymous
132 pounds huh? you are either really skinny or are not very tall. I am 6 feet tall and 180 lbs, which is like 182 cm and 81 kg and I am in pretty good shape. But then again, I am Amerifat (i love that term lol)

20 min later 425016903 Anonymous (4025886+_96c4ceacb8acb71c4dd120ab7c9d0dfa.gif 300x170 735kB)
thyroid hormones fucked up

21 min later 425016905 Anonymous
>>425016206 Yeah man. Instead of drinking soda all the time, I drink Tea, lots of water and the occassional coffee. I eat foods low in sugar, lots of protein, and I REALLY saw a difference in eating veges. Find some you like. I like greens (kale, collard, beet, swiss chard) with oil and vinegar. Snack on cut up veges with homemade low fat ranch or whatever. Get creative. I also get a colonic every once in a while. And if I'm feeling low on energy, I'll do a parasite cleanse. Holistic shit. But yeah, taking bathroom breaks at work 2 times a day = getting paid more to shit. Win/Win

21 min later 425016906 Anonymous
>>425014481 As other people have mentioned, yeah, tapeworm. Apart from that, getting sufficient sleep is essential to overall health and well-being, as well as productivity. Sacrificing an hour of sleep in order to work an hour more is a very, very shitty investment, since it'll fuck up your productivity the next day. Do this over a long period, and it gets more severe - the detrimental effects of even minor sleep deprivation stack and accumulate over time.

21 min later 425016983 Anonymous
as far as the pooping thing, you probably have a tapeworm or something

21 min later 425017026 Anonymous
have you been using acne medicine op Acutane does this

24 min later 425017358 Anonymous (935681930-568109365.jpg 300x319 39kB)
>>425016906 Not to mention that you get sick all the fucking time. I can't even remember the last time I got sick. IN FACT. Last night, I banged some girl who had the flu. I didn't go over there to get laid. Just brought her some soup and tea, and she was feeling better and porked her for an hour. I feel great today. Worked all day, got home and I'm studying A+ Certification. >inb4 troll

24 min later 425017382 Anonymous
well atleast better than me im only 52 kilo and same age not able to gain a single kilo what so ever

25 min later 425017508 Anonymous
Sounds like onset Anterial Reversal Colonic Disorder. It's pretty rare, only occurs in about 1/100 million. Basically your colon clogs up more and more, until after a while it completely seals shut with poop. Your body then goes into convulstions which causes you to regurgitate all the backed up poo until your colon clears and the process starts over. It's pretty brutal.

29 min later 425018140 Anonymous (wtf_is_this_shit_Very_Disturbing_Childrens_Book-s400x297-59009.jpg 400x297 19kB)

32 min later 425018471 Anonymous
>>425017508 For real??

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