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2012-09-19 07:31 425995897 Anonymous (734998 - Alraune Disgaea.jpg 800x600 141kB)
Post your sexual fetish no matter what it is. Pic related, mine is plant girls.

1 min later 425996142 Anonymous (0e766f44d6a58b3cd226ce867e096967.jpg 720x1000 406kB)
bump with more plant girls i guess.

2 min later 425996261 Anonymous (5b9b158577879faa52cae80c291ef8d2.jpg 694x981 124kB)

3 min later 425996401 Anonymous (1331213542329s.jpg 126x85 2kB)
>>425995897 Little girls bent over and being innocent. Makes me want to stick my dick in an adult woman as fast as possible.

3 min later 425996465 Anonymous (9aa64faab42bc9453bed87cd0c12fb96.jpg 613x867 159kB)

3 min later 425996476 Anonymous (Photo 120.jpg 640x480 134kB)
my friends ass everything relating to her ass its the best

4 min later 425996597 Anonymous
>>425996401 I can agree with that.

4 min later 425996640 Anonymous
Hatesex, Bondage, Beastiality, Sadism type stuff, And M&S

5 min later 425996665 Anonymous (gwar--img-m3b29428c9077904b662b7d7ec9e0f031.jpg 887x586 179kB)
>>425996476 She has a mac? I can't fap to this.

5 min later 425996735 Anonymous
>>425996476 Very nice.h

5 min later 425996760 Anonymous
I imagine you're playing Guild Wars 2, OP?

6 min later 425996862 Anonymous (26a26d822ea4c61b618ede2a0fde7806.jpg 800x800 587kB)

6 min later 425997006 Anonymous

6 min later 425997017 Anonymous
>>425996760 I actually do not. I have an actual sexual attraction to plants.

7 min later 425997121 Anonymous
>>425997017 You can reply to people, and post plants at the same time. Keep going.

7 min later 425997138 Anonymous (847dc59862f4b829fa675f4e0dce73d0.jpg 814x1140 1025kB)

8 min later 425997260 Anonymous (55a83e80b7293d7e86f4faa98664e962.png 1100x886 611kB)
>>425997121 oh, you like le plants?

9 min later 425997380 Anonymous (86e86469aebd48f0dadb28d9d39ca3c2.jpg 965x1027 397kB)

9 min later 425997397 Anonymous (1331336879489.jpg 341x268 26kB)
>>425997260 OMG. I luv le plants. :3 post moar! xDDDD fap fap fap

9 min later 425997445 Anonymous
i like to wank it with mayonnaise. does that count? i like the way it mingles with my semen. nice taste.

9 min later 425997486 Anonymous (911091 - Walter_Sache airplane inanimate..png 1024x1457 918kB)
>>425995897 Huh, mine is Planegirls. > dat exhaust nozzle >>425996401 thumbnail. you fucking nigger.

11 min later 425997710 Anonymous (90f8700230204f8eb273024beddabb8d.jpg 694x981 124kB)
>>425997397 Well, If I drop of for a bit it is because I'm at work.

11 min later 425997803 Anonymous (1331336628979.jpg 560x416 23kB)
>>425997486 >implying I didn't know it was one.

11 min later 425997804 Anonymous (1335123241678.jpg 975x786 646kB)
I really like futanari and traps... like... A LOT...

12 min later 425997937 Anonymous (1339737406894.jpg 314x306 25kB)
>>425997486 WAT

12 min later 425997980 Anonymous (906e78967ea9bcf0bb65210999dc5569.jpg 700x850 492kB)
>>425997486 I have never...

13 min later 425998156 Anonymous (Screenshot52.png 320x240 63kB)
>Plant girls. I'm very intrigued. Although that could just be the Intriguenol I took this morning.

13 min later 425998164 Anonymous (3202 - blond_hair breasts flower flower_girl green_eyes long_hair naked plant_girl pussy.jpg 640x800 114kB)

14 min later 425998192 Anonymous (1339459818836.jpg 1716x2000 1759kB)
>>425995897 I have a lot, but this is my favorite

14 min later 425998312 Anonymous (3442 - fellatio flower game-alraune_girl gloves green_skin hair_ornaments penis pink_hair plant_girl red_hair vanadis.png 800x600 906kB)
>>425998156 No man, it's the girls.

14 min later 425998323 Anonymous (1347909505174.jpg 207x200 10kB)
>>425997803 > implying I didn't know that you knew it was one. Fucking nigger

15 min later 425998415 Anonymous (in_the_garden_by_creativeguy59-d4n8jyh.jpg 718x1113 295kB)
>>425998192 although I do have some plants OP

15 min later 425998440 Anonymous (1339559707884.jpg 625x800 114kB)
>>425997486 Well hello gorgeous.~

15 min later 425998492 Anonymous (3473 - blue_eyes breasts cum cum_on_breasts fellatio flower green_skin hair_ornaments nipples paizuri pink_hair plant_girl red_hair.png 650x758 469kB)
>>425998192 All is fair in love and fetishes.

15 min later 425998530 Anonymous
i love eating my girl out when she menstruates. every day she's bleeding, i'm drinking her up. i tell her nobody would ever love her as much as me and this is proof. she just started menstruating like 3 months ago. she makes her daddy so proud ^_^

16 min later 425998562 Anonymous
Masturbating with my own shit

16 min later 425998590 Anonymous (1346463203885.png 1000x1152 503kB)
>>425997486 I've seen dragons fucking cars, but this is just plane ridiculous.

16 min later 425998670 Anonymous (3731b46f275eddab0b743fda26cf7d32.png 1000x1200 1132kB)

17 min later 425998707 Anonymous (a_new_means_of_flight_complete_by_wsache007-d4ur9cv.jpg 1024x1244 185kB)
>>425997980 >>425997937

17 min later 425998869 Anonymous (4373 - blond_hair flowers green_skin nipples plant_girl sex tears vines.jpg 800x600 80kB)
>>425998530 >>425998562 Wat. >>425998590 I lol'd

17 min later 425998878 Anonymous (cell.jpg 1106x2000 983kB)
>>425998323 >implying you knew that I knew that it was one Niggerdom.

17 min later 425998885 Anonymous (1347737746180.jpg 600x600 396kB)
>>425998312 I think you are correct my friend. this is not a big fetish of mine but I saw these yesterday and saved them so here are some snake girls lol

18 min later 425998934 Anonymous (b01.jpg 914x565 305kB)
>>425998590 that is nice

18 min later 425998940 Anonymous
My fetish is the sound of plungers inside of toilets going up and down. I don't know I just like it.

18 min later 425999015 Anonymous (1346562498791.jpg 800x1160 436kB)
Panties around ankles for me. dumping what I got (not many, sadly)

18 min later 425999079 Anonymous (4586f3b779a2386bff5dab6d2d531cf7.jpg 1024x768 123kB)

19 min later 425999120 Anonymous

19 min later 425999234 Anonymous (1347737849960.jpg 800x600 211kB)

19 min later 425999268 Anonymous (1310783627988.jpg 850x812 178kB)

19 min later 425999363 Anonymous (857697 - Walter_Sache airplane inanimate.jpg 790x1011 100kB)

19 min later 425999368 Anonymous (5371 - blue_eyes breasts green_hair green_skin nipples plant_girl pointed_ears pussy.jpg 691x921 378kB)
>>425998885 Nice nice.

19 min later 425999387 Anonymous (Hulahoop.gif 499x275 1005kB)
>>425999015 >skirt, panties, and shorts Shit is very accurate

20 min later 425999418 Anonymous (b03.jpg 600x401 113kB)

20 min later 425999496 Anonymous (1346556930756.jpg 800x600 69kB)

20 min later 425999540 Anonymous (1343282418122.jpg 683x1024 117kB)
to be dressed up like a woman and fucking in the ass by a strapon If anyone has a name or sauce for this pic it would be appreciated

20 min later 425999635 Anonymous (1347049338031.jpg 1000x745 151kB)

20 min later 425999639 Anonymous (1347914732687.jpg 645x484 51kB)

21 min later 425999732 Anonymous

21 min later 425999785 Anonymous (5828 - flowers green_hair human multiple_girls plant_girl red_eyes tank.jpg 850x599 320kB)
Boy, we sure do have our selfs a thread now.

21 min later 425999847 Anonymous (1340242448781.jpg 800x600 106kB)
>>425999496 Well, to be more specific, just pulled down. Bonus if cum is dripping on them <3

22 min later 426000276 Anonymous (7266 - blond_hair breasts cleavage flower_girl flowers green_skin liresline long_hair nipples original plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes solo thorns vines.png 705x1000 395kB)

22 min later 426000408 Anonymous (1344310707765.jpg 1024x768 722kB)

23 min later 426000437 Anonymous
>emo/scene girls all of my hhnnnnnggg

23 min later 426000469 Anonymous (hisss-03-12x9.jpg 1280x960 380kB)
>>425998885 oo I just came upon (pun intended) something last night you might be interested in. Indian movie called "hisss", features this hot girl turning into snake creature. Pic related

23 min later 426000501 Anonymous (7516 - artist-ose blush crown green_hair plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes vines.jpg 900x850 646kB)
>>425999847 <3

23 min later 426000560 Anonymous (moar-demotivational-poster-1218970509.jpg 640x512 45kB)
>>426000408 Moar.

23 min later 426000574 Anonymous (1344752312108.jpg 719x952 103kB)
>>426000408 Also, pretty hot plant girls, OP How about Mermaids? Another one of mine.

24 min later 426000647 Anonymous (1339559557266.jpg 593x800 98kB)

24 min later 426000679 Anonymous (a23.jpg 448x480 24kB)

24 min later 426000689 Anonymous (46d413a0baeecdf0d7d194836c954167-2.png 760x934 332kB)

24 min later 426000698 Anonymous (1347914398993.jpg 708x1000 72kB)
>>425999368 Yeah I thought they was pretty sexy.

24 min later 426000740 Anonymous (7555 - blood cum_in_hair plant_girl pov pussy red_hair sex spread_legs uncensored vaginal wince yellow_eyes.jpg 1571x1100 725kB)
>>426000469 +1 internet to you sir.

24 min later 426000743 Anonymous (monster 2.jpg 259x194 10kB)
Don't ask why, but monsters raping sexy 3d women turn me the fuck on.

24 min later 426000756 Anonymous (1344917957840.jpg 800x600 88kB)

25 min later 426000875 Anonymous (yes-she-is-adorable.jpg 960x960 78kB)
My fetish is drawn on mustaches on cute girls.

25 min later 426000898 Anonymous (1347172854929.jpg 1333x1000 348kB)

25 min later 426000910 Anonymous
>>426000740 sause?

25 min later 426000926 Anonymous (dolcett.gif 776x1010 39kB)

25 min later 426000942 Anonymous (874543%20-%20Friendship_is_Magic%20Kloudmutt%20My_Little_Pony%20Queen_Chrysalis[1].png 739x1920 532kB)
On occasion, ponies. For clarification, I hate the show, and ponyfags should kill themselves.

26 min later 426000976 Anonymous (1331007970890.jpg 700x560 146kB)

26 min later 426000978 Anonymous (1254614552156.jpg 800x600 114kB)

26 min later 426000982 Anonymous (3d_monster_porn-500x500.jpg 500x500 71kB)

26 min later 426000989 Anonymous (1331603897.cimex_swampwitchsmall.jpg 800x601 164kB)

26 min later 426001027 Anonymous (1347910694996.jpg 740x866 227kB)
>>426000469 Wow I'm very intrigued. I guess I'll have to check it out thanks.

26 min later 426001031 Anonymous (7556 - breasts cum cum_drip cum_in_hair cum_inside cum_on cum_on_body plant_girl pussy red_hair uncensored yellow_eyes.jpg 1571x1100 896kB)
>>426000574 Thank you good sir. A mermaid is fine too. >>426000698 They tasty.

26 min later 426001087 Anonymous (1257285505659.jpg 640x480 273kB)

26 min later 426001094 Anonymous
banana peels. they make the perfect cock sock when you masturbate. just stick them in the microwave for 3 to 5 minutes and use them like a fleshlight. the more brown, the better

26 min later 426001096 Anonymous (628443 - R2-D2 Star_Wars huthro tauntaun.jpg 1280x844 211kB)
>>425999732 Suddenly, tauntauns.

27 min later 426001163 Anonymous (7756 - blue_hair flower orange_eyes plant_girl.jpg 850x784 114kB)
>>426000910 The internet.

27 min later 426001210 Anonymous (1347914459558.jpg 424x600 64kB)
>>426001031 Yep

27 min later 426001243 Anonymous (foursome-and-damn-brutal-3d-monster-porn.jpg 510x392 131kB)

28 min later 426001276 Anonymous (780133 - Banana_Tree Plant.jpg 620x922 401kB)
>>426001094 Do I have something for you.

28 min later 426001278 Anonymous
Relatively normal fetish I suppose. this is like normal tier for a human I suppose. Being pinned down. Neck touching. Yeh yeh. Im not as fucked up as most.

28 min later 426001279 Anonymous (1344752162552.jpg 800x900 294kB)
>>426001031 Ah that's hawt..

28 min later 426001297 Anonymous (1331337003343.jpg 546x366 51kB)
>>426001094 I have bananas

29 min later 426001468 Anonymous
>>426001094 >3-5 minutes DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS MAN. They only need like 20 seconds. You will burn your dick off on anything over 30

29 min later 426001476 Anonymous (764972 - Banana_Tree Plant inanimate.jpg 1020x1020 509kB)
>>426001279 Very. Another for banana man.

29 min later 426001537 Anonymous (32eed1d56d594ffaa018b69940817b5b.jpg 720x479 89kB)
>>426001027 no problem. I'm sure the whole movie is findable on youtube. All I did was rip one section with her changing and dub up some pics. Though I was hoping to find out if the eggs in this pic are hers and if there is a seen of her laying them.

30 min later 426001575 Anonymous (1344751929393.jpg 915x1168 140kB)
>>426001279 Going to play LoL. Add me if y'all want to exchange pics later I got good ones still TsuTsuro

30 min later 426001582 Anonymous (1344524180505.jpg 496x682 39kB)
underwater sex

30 min later 426001590 Anonymous (8315 - Alraune Alura_Une Castlevania Venus_Weed.jpg 679x1043 257kB)

31 min later 426001715 Anonymous
girls in cages

31 min later 426001754 Anonymous (1302777083.jpg 739x1100 118kB)

31 min later 426001760 Anonymous (8e7b14ecdfb9f29503d30812b19faff7.jpg 592x1000 434kB)
All these stuff and no SLIME GIRLS? BUMP

31 min later 426001764 Anonymous (a-collection-of-top-3d-monster-porn-comics.jpg 800x1067 521kB)
Would anyone like more? Or should I stop being a weirdass?

31 min later 426001794 Anonymous (407969 - Star_Wars tauntaun.jpg 634x813 390kB)
Does this count as furry? I don't like fur shit, but tauntauns...

31 min later 426001801 Anonymous
>>425999847 Oh fuck man, I've been looking for that set for forever. Sauce please?

31 min later 426001803 Anonymous (8683 - alraune_(disgaea) blond_hair breasts disgaea flower flower_girl green_skin loli long_hair naked nipples plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes.jpg 600x812 214kB)

32 min later 426001849 Anonymous (1347914495600.jpg 595x800 46kB)
>>426001094 >>426001276 Holy....I'm very intrigued.

32 min later 426001959 Anonymous (sample_e1160234f06b8b52f2bbfc80818ae073.png 850x956 721kB)

32 min later 426001976 Anonymous (8839 - cum_inside final_fantasy_xi garuda nipples plant_girl red_eyes sex.jpg 564x526 112kB)
>>426001760 Slime it up friend. >>426001764 You sir keep posting that fetish!

33 min later 426002027 Anonymous (full_body_mermaid_stock_4_by_raine_angelstock-d4r3juk.jpg 900x789 111kB)
>>426000574 I have a bunch, fairly easy to find on deviantart

33 min later 426002078 Anonymous (8866 - blond_hair flower green_skin huge_breasts plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes tentacles vines.jpg 800x1200 872kB)
>>426001849 I love my banana girl

34 min later 426002130 Anonymous (sample_00d935f11e6a8fd3b288ab242791c1bf.jpg 850x850 68kB)

34 min later 426002217 Anonymous (a.jpg 359x480 99kB)
>>426001760 I actually have been able to find shit for shops of them. I have three and the other two aren't as good. You'd think for how popular they are there'd be more of these out there.

34 min later 426002237 Anonymous (9345 - 2girls breasts flower flower_girl green_hair pink_hair plant_girl red_eyes rose.jpg 850x850 139kB)

35 min later 426002256 Anonymous (1332822068579.jpg 240x240 7kB)
Women absolutely coated in jizz, and im not talking about that stupid bukkake on the face, I mean full blown BATHING in it, unfortunately I have no photos of such a fetish. >mfw

35 min later 426002262 Anonymous (shebangs.jpg 1280x720 207kB)
I like watching traps screw real girls. It's like lesbian porn with a moneyshot

35 min later 426002285 Anonymous (1347914773007.jpg 640x480 54kB)
>>426001760 YES PLEASE! >>426001537 Alright thanks will check it out >everyone I shall return I need poop

35 min later 426002295 Anonymous (monster-sex-with-dragon.jpg 450x399 39kB)
>>426001976 yessir! Crazy one right here.

35 min later 426002324 Anonymous (5579bc6b27642c92e41e86e66bec3218.jpg 800x600 199kB)

35 min later 426002325 Anonymous (10006 - blue_hair blush breasts flower_girl green_skin long_hair naked nipples plant_girl pointed_ears purple_eyes white_hair.jpg 1024x768 94kB)

35 min later 426002357 Anonymous (1346919683383.jpg 960x1280 288kB)
>>425999120 >>425999120 diapers

36 min later 426002406 Anonymous (1342991689861.gif 213x200 596kB)
>>425995897 oh my dear lord I have developed a strange new fetish

36 min later 426002482 Anonymous
>>426002078 me too >>426002285 I meant I need to poop damn it!

36 min later 426002493 Anonymous (a12.jpg 600x438 139kB)
>>426002406 I could recommend more if you're looking

37 min later 426002526 Anonymous (10046 - blond_hair flowers long_ears multiple_arms pink_eyes plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes tattoo thorns vines.jpg 595x726 417kB)
>>426002256 I like that. >>426002262 I like that too. >>426002295 Good. Good.

37 min later 426002567 Anonymous (368352 - Acidic Star_Wars tauntaun.jpg 828x1000 216kB)
Phone's gonna die

37 min later 426002605 Anonymous
>>426002262 what is this called ?

37 min later 426002628 Anonymous (4-320x240.jpg 320x240 8kB)
>>426002256 ?

38 min later 426002660 Anonymous (10300 - game-alraune_girl gloves green_skin paizuri penis plant_girl red_hair tentacles vanadis.jpg 800x600 143kB)
>>426002406 You are welcome.

38 min later 426002684 Anonymous (00b6a4e7a5bee12704bfb2d0d2d1d66b.jpg 800x600 235kB)
>>426002217 I wish i could fuck some slime girl, just think about it how its feels her pussy, and her skin too

39 min later 426002791 Anonymous
>>426002628 Something like that, yes

39 min later 426002797 Anonymous (glorious-3d-sexvilla-porn-photo.jpg 800x972 109kB)

39 min later 426002810 Anonymous (10683 - blush breasts flower flower_girl green_hair green_skin long_hair plant_girl pointed_ears vines.jpg 537x759 473kB)

39 min later 426002906 Anonymous (11080 - ahoge fairy feathery_wings green_eyes green_hair plant_girl plant_wings twintails wings.png 1000x1000 1192kB)

40 min later 426002957 Anonymous (c6053b1f535a9119e087e52322985c06.jpg 800x600 290kB)

40 min later 426002971 Anonymous (11088 - cactus_girl plant_girl.jpg 638x862 49kB)

40 min later 426003013 Anonymous (a44.jpg 530x650 146kB)

41 min later 426003063 Anonymous (11089 - cactus_girl plant_girl.jpg 684x919 75kB)
>>426002957 ME GUSTA

41 min later 426003081 Anonymous
I like big butts and rough sex. Fairly ordinary.

41 min later 426003129 Anonymous (Curiosity Covered The Cat In Cum.jpg 1024x683 161kB)

41 min later 426003176 Anonymous (01a2f5b07980f39d1a061bee3eb969c3.jpg 710x824 331kB)
THIS CHICK, made my slime girl fetish what is now

42 min later 426003202 Anonymous (128081069025.png 378x470 225kB)
>>426002971 fuck yes, I've been looking for good cactus girls for whenever anyone posts that pic "go fuck yourself with a cactus"

42 min later 426003234 Anonymous (11090 - cactus_girl plant_girl (1).jpg 800x1000 112kB)
>>426003129 Too fake.

43 min later 426003345 Anonymous (e01fd0e751c1498e825222ce35eabf5a8b50cec7.jpg 750x1000 737kB)
and this one too

43 min later 426003440 Anonymous (780137 - Cactus Plant.jpg 800x1021 450kB)
>>426003176 YES. >>426003202 I have a few in here somewhere

44 min later 426003449 Anonymous (b06b.jpg 640x480 59kB)

44 min later 426003495 Anonymous
>>426003164 That would be me >>426002256 And this is relevant to my fetish

44 min later 426003507 Anonymous (sample_1df6bce158fcc146ea1a2fc0d90dc889.jpg 850x1225 160kB)
>This thread, is now DIAMONDS i say.

44 min later 426003510 Anonymous (780136 - Cactus Plant.jpg 640x876 265kB)

44 min later 426003526 Anonymous
>>426002567 But...

45 min later 426003564 Anonymous
>>425995897 /d/ is thataway --> You can probably find a plantgirl thread there

45 min later 426003571 Anonymous
pony. but it isn't noteworthy.

45 min later 426003584 Anonymous (images (2).jpgkdsf.jpg 275x184 12kB)

45 min later 426003603 Anonymous (713541 - Cortana Halo Master_Chief TheBigManSini.jpg 782x847 261kB)
Also, Cortana. Hottest AI ever. >phones dead

45 min later 426003628 Anonymous (Mèco-Màscara-Vnxia.jpg 800x533 157kB)
Venetian Carnival Masks... Bonus if nude girl is wearing one. Must be full face masks and must be REAL Venetian. None of this fake shit.

45 min later 426003651 Anonymous (117942558092.gif 256x468 196kB)

45 min later 426003660 Anonymous
>>426003603 agreed

46 min later 426003730 Anonymous (11822 - breasts flower green_skin naked plant_girl purple_eyes vines.png 850x1400 1136kB)
>>426003564 /soc/ is that way ---> Go be a fagot there.

46 min later 426003732 Anonymous (1345939862358.jpg 923x1280 245kB)
>Energy drain Tragically I can never fucking find it. Anybody know where it is?

46 min later 426003778 Anonymous (a16.png 900x601 652kB)
>>426003564 I've seen a couple threads of them, but specific monster girl types don't usually go well (minus slime and lamia).

47 min later 426003857 Anonymous (efaed47bcbfb49396559d24a8b96c143f42fa632.jpg 900x675 150kB)

47 min later 426003862 Anonymous (00b983bc20341e28b38006e10dfea928.jpg 800x600 317kB)
I love purple skinned girls, but I only have a few.

47 min later 426003863 Anonymous (11984 - flower multicolored_hair personification plant_girl purple_eyes.jpg 1000x1200 1336kB)
>>426003603 Yes.

47 min later 426003878 Anonymous (3d-lesbian-bondage-porn-comics-with-nuns.jpg 600x450 106kB)

48 min later 426003985 Anonymous
>>425996476 Nice glassasses

49 min later 426004034 Anonymous (11986 - 2girls blond_hair blush human_girl loli naked plant_girl red_eyes vines.jpg 716x1011 220kB)

49 min later 426004047 Anonymous
>>426003651 Anyone know of moar like this?

49 min later 426004050 Anonymous
fapping onto my cat when it's asleep

49 min later 426004052 Anonymous (48369b0a638b4859c762803d2ad1bef7.jpg 600x800 275kB)

49 min later 426004131 Anonymous (11989 - alraune blond_hair blush flower plant_girl red_eyes vines.jpg 700x1167 844kB)

49 min later 426004136 Anonymous (Don+t+feed+the+trolls+kids..+Don+t+do+it+or+they+ll_7b6ebc_4010720.jpg 570x408 54kB)

50 min later 426004163 Anonymous (be61c0f223cbf2a492aaec09f9fd45bb.jpg 600x800 304kB)

50 min later 426004234 Anonymous (11991 - blue_hair large_breasts plant_girl purple_eyes.jpg 850x1198 523kB)

50 min later 426004238 Anonymous (1342784798736.jpg 800x1129 567kB)

51 min later 426004279 Anonymous (met-art_venetian_mask.jpg 430x646 45kB)

51 min later 426004342 Anonymous (sample_8e13301c84cf014f5148609d43f384f1f0ba45f6.jpg 849x1142 152kB)
Some lactation

51 min later 426004361 Anonymous (11993 - ahoge green_hair loli multiple_eyes orange_eyes plant_girl pointed_ears.jpg 850x892 536kB)

52 min later 426004435 Anonymous (11994 - blush green_eyes green_hair jar loli masturbation nectar plant_girl.jpg 1000x920 363kB)

52 min later 426004443 Anonymous (1344979475105.jpg 426x600 291kB)
>>425995897 Found this in my folder OP, hope you like it.

53 min later 426004530 Anonymous (11995 - blond_hair blue_eyes flower plant_girl pointed_ears vines.jpg 1000x750 399kB)

53 min later 426004546 Anonymous (ecchi-psp-jasmine-bikini-anime-tits-brunette-anime-and-fantasy.jpg 1920x1080 684kB)
>>426003732 >>426003732 >>426003732 Anybody know where to find such a thing? Fuckin dying over here

53 min later 426004593 Anonymous (894057 - Minatsuki_Takami deadman_wonderland.png 998x800 1191kB)
I'm back but I'm out of snake ladies. I shall look for more. I'm also loving these goo girls so thanks a lot. >pic is another fetish I have of girls being crazy but extremely sexy

54 min later 426004639 Anonymous (11996 - ahoge brown_hair emotions_chart loli naked plant_girl pointed_ears red_eyes twintails vines.jpg 850x477 137kB)
>>426004443 I do, thank you.

54 min later 426004685 Anonymous (india.jpg 720x540 171kB)

54 min later 426004710 Anonymous (Skin.png 458x1024 96kB)
featureless woman-like bodies no face, no hair, no nipples, no vagoo, and no asshole real life stuff creeps me out

54 min later 426004740 Anonymous (d03.jpg 700x471 231kB)
>>426004546 I feel like I've seen threads for it on gurochan's /f/

54 min later 426004785 Anonymous (11998 - artist-_frfr blue_eyes blush flower orange_hair plant_girl thorns vines.png 850x684 444kB)
>>426004593 Delicious crazy women..

55 min later 426004869 Anonymous (1332696775328.jpg 682x1005 342kB)
>>426004710 semi related. I picked up a bunch of these a while back, still no idea where they came from

56 min later 426004938 Anonymous (12228 - flower_girl human plant_girl sex straight_shota tagme.jpg 800x600 113kB)
>>426004685 Is that the name my fetish?e o

57 min later 426005025 Anonymous
>>426004593 Deadman Wonderland motherfucker, hell yeah.

57 min later 426005028 Anonymous (12262 - blush breasts claws harpy nipples plant_girl pussy red_eyes tears topless.jpg 450x619 71kB)

57 min later 426005036 Anonymous
>>426004593 toumasu work, enjoy http://hentaifromhell.net/niku-drill-toumasu-jingai-shunman-se-no-sho/

57 min later 426005064 Anonymous
>>426004869 i love when the skin is colored

57 min later 426005095 Anonymous (12478 - ahoge plant_girl red_eyes roots tears vines white_hair.jpg 850x1013 612kB)

57 min later 426005113 Anonymous
this shit is as gay as pony fags

58 min later 426005190 Anonymous (10571596238729.jpg 800x1000 471kB)

58 min later 426005214 Anonymous
>>426004869 fost all of the images you have of that please

58 min later 426005216 Anonymous (Christina-Hendricks-nude.jpg 500x780 124kB)

58 min later 426005256 Anonymous (44214fdfc8e1d1cfea051381710d014f.jpg 1200x1200 318kB)
Too many to count. Piss is nice though.

58 min later 426005261 Anonymous (12909 - blue_hair blush closed_eyes green_eyes green_hair loli multiple_girls plant_girl pointed_ears purple_eyes purple_hair roots.jpg 912x688 208kB)
>>426005113 >his sexual fetish is gay pony fags

59 min later 426005313 Anonymous (commission__casey_mlp_tf_full_by_sin_r-d3j0lrx.jpg 900x445 85kB)
>>426005113 only pony stuff I have is transformation stuff... and I think I only have stuff by this artist

59 min later 426005321 Anonymous (4c75a9a326824a63c7970591181020ff.jpg 600x800 399kB)

59 min later 426005345 Anonymous (twinz.jpg 500x478 97kB)

59 min later 426005367 Anonymous (13070 - barefoot black_hair brown_eyes dryad naked plant_girl roots.jpg 587x800 79kB)

1 hours later 426005406 Anonymous (2c3ece2775c900fd705498dfbff82fdcs.jpg 566x599 62kB)
>>426004785 Yeah I know I wish I could find more like that. Oh and I can't find any more snake girls but I did find Goo ones.

1 hours later 426005458 Anonymous (13072 - ahoge naked plant_girl red_hair yellow_eyes.jpg 800x600 146kB)
>>426005345 I likes.

1 hours later 426005506 Anonymous (3aff777b5a879ae94d451d23312e494c.jpg 786x1100 175kB)

1 hours later 426005514 Anonymous (1346182574829.jpg 1200x1772 92kB)
>>426005214 I've got like 20 or 30 of them and I don't want to crowd the whole thread with them. I will post a couple more though. I gave up trying to find out where they came from a while ago after only ever getting the stock from image searches

1 hours later 426005567 Anonymous (13086 - green_eyes green_hair plant_girl tiny_girl.jpg 850x1201 230kB)
>>426005406 Lets get gooey then.

1 hours later 426005573 Anonymous (113490805907496838.jpg 931x1500 918kB)

1 hours later 426005678 Anonymous (13211 - personification pikmin plant_girl purple_eyes purple_hair.jpg 470x627 68kB)
>>426005506 And dasa loli. Yummy.

1 hours later 426005703 Anonymous
>>426000647 Oh shit nigger Im fapping to an airplane.

1 hours later 426005729 Anonymous (13924 - alraune artist-kenkou_cross blonde_hair blush breasts detached_sleeves flowers honey leaf looking_at_viewer plant_girl purple_eyes tongue_out.jpg 560x420 284kB)

1 hours later 426005771 Anonymous (sample_067a7d6e27a80bfa2d16a59d8325c6e6.jpg 850x566 394kB)
>>426004593 Np /b/ro, i came with those goo girls that posted, so this last one, if someone wants to help

1 hours later 426005813 Anonymous (1332829448073.jpg 720x504 34kB)
>>426005256 Whatever this is floats my boat.

1 hours later 426005816 Anonymous (1332696716272.jpg 853x1264 478kB)

1 hours later 426005819 Anonymous (1345040662566.png 750x900 1351kB)

1 hours later 426005850 Anonymous
>>426005514 just post like 2 more. thanks.

1 hours later 426005860 Anonymous (47932 - Plant.jpg 573x700 181kB)

1 hours later 426005882 Anonymous (238562387658264.png 500x625 205kB)
>>426005025 Yeah I know lol I love that show. >>426005036 Thanks I will check it out my friend.

1 hours later 426005943 Anonymous (91511-12ad648e32a39887264ba00f3dfc1c30_1_.jpg 1181x1913 209kB)
>>426004740 I can check there. I've never found any really

1 hours later 426005960 Anonymous (93796 - Alraune Alura_Une Castlevania Venus_Weed.jpg 505x603 78kB)

1 hours later 426005980 Anonymous (1342171791346.jpg 900x675 157kB)
>>426005813 This too.

1 hours later 426005984 Anonymous
>>426003730 >>426004136 Oh, because I'm a /d/eviant trying to help a /bro out with his fetish, I'm being a troll. :/ That makes a lot of fucking sense.

1 hours later 426006001 Anonymous
mine is well-groomed nails or beautiful female hands in general. is that weird?

1 hours later 426006015 Anonymous (olsen-Twins-fake.jpg 500x326 59kB)
>>426005345 Sure, fake, but sexy as hell.

1 hours later 426006038 Anonymous (98b51058af62fbff0bc6d4ba183ca687.jpg 751x634 179kB)
>>426005256 Agree, bump

1 hours later 426006080 Anonymous (00.jpg 2318x1600 1344kB)
>>426005036 I love this dude!

1 hours later 426006096 Anonymous (tumblr_m04ygzhYI31rqooloo1_1280.jpg 600x800 190kB)
Chikan. I get turned on by public sex. Preferably not Japanese. Would love trying it (with a willing partner).

1 hours later 426006176 Anonymous
>>425996476 MOAR

1 hours later 426006192 Anonymous (ac0c5bc0c65e986c795da25d060659bf.png 600x600 318kB)

1 hours later 426006226 Anonymous (0522479083.jpg 750x1000 82kB)
>>426005980 Areola that are about this size are hot. Mostly because my sub's are that size and they remind me of her.

1 hours later 426006236 Anonymous (goooooooooo.jpg 850x1133 183kB)
>>426005771 Thanks I will post some more. >>426005567 Oh we will.

1 hours later 426006305 Anonymous (1346182203910.jpg 679x1004 231kB)
>>426005943 its kind of a strange one, oddly specific. So I suspect finding things is going to be hard. I've spent a long time looking up slug girls and really don't have a lot to show for it, to give you an idea. Good luck

1 hours later 426006395 Anonymous (6abd0665e51c440f44ad22077c52a55d.jpg 1040x1280 394kB)
Captcha says: >Byagne sacrifices What the...

1 hours later 426006431 Anonymous
I like making big tubs of egg salad and having girls spread it all over my body and eat it off me while I yell out "egg man! EGG man! EGG MAN!"

1 hours later 426006443 Anonymous
>>426006038 I'm more girls drinking piss, but I generally like it however. My sub has been too embarrassed to pee in front of me though :/

1 hours later 426006480 Anonymous (f83773913abd7e00755b92c664451297.jpg 800x603 97kB)

1 hours later 426006492 Anonymous
call me old fashioned, but i like to think about how much i love my wife right before i ejaculate into her ( obviously in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation ) i'm the wild one in the family, i know

1 hours later 426006531 Anonymous (e.jpg 500x640 62kB)
>>426006431 closest I've got

1 hours later 426006537 Anonymous (1345258010091.png 467x692 499kB)
>>426006443 Forgot pic

1 hours later 426006545 Anonymous (db70a2c37f4dd04aa0b2e95636d903b7.png 867x1153 1360kB)

1 hours later 426006585 Anonymous (331.jpg 683x1024 204kB)
Exclusive chance to get 18th September Free pay porn site passwords : 839 Get here: http://4chanporn4free.tumblr.com/

1 hours later 426006619 Anonymous (2.jpg 702x1000 188kB)
Just some good old sfur

1 hours later 426006629 Anonymous (NG0013.jpg 600x392 110kB)
>>426006492 like this?

1 hours later 426006658 Anonymous (3dfcf856fc66d6ab96536eba3d20d482.jpg 1000x1415 620kB)

1 hours later 426006664 Anonymous
Smoker mature men coughing. How about that?

1 hours later 426006715 Anonymous (Konachan.com-24980-alice_parade ecchi panties pantsu.jpg 1600x1200 1066kB)
>>426005943 None in the threads at the moment but I'll check later and possibly request it.

1 hours later 426006718 Anonymous (152931 - Alraune Bridgette Disgaea Disgaea_2 succubus.jpg 634x550 247kB)

1 hours later 426006724 Anonymous
>>425996476 can I get a picture of her face or anything else of her?

1 hours later 426006749 Anonymous (20120708173443f0d.jpg 1010x713 112kB)

1 hours later 426006759 Anonymous
>>425995897 Ahegao Fuck. yes.

1 hours later 426006860 Anonymous (Dr8uG.jpg 352x329 45kB)

1 hours later 426006865 Anonymous (152932 - Alraune Bridgette Disgaea Disgaea_2.jpg 350x363 37kB)

1 hours later 426006972 Anonymous (aa01b.jpg 268x400 16kB)
>>426006619 I have some of that too

1 hours later 426006995 Anonymous (20120708173451666.jpg 1010x713 110kB)
>>426006749 The second

1 hours later 426007003 Anonymous
>>425995897 >plant girls >girls sure

1 hours later 426007034 Anonymous (1343756372794.jpg 500x667 185kB)

1 hours later 426007129 Anonymous (20120708173503c43.jpg 811x618 36kB)
>>426006860 lol yeah I thought it was pretty good too

1 hours later 426007160 Anonymous (f5b4c0b2727449d81c965d5bebc416a8.jpg 520x600 79kB)
Oh, bonner

1 hours later 426007261 Anonymous (a04.png 640x640 305kB)

1 hours later 426007328 Anonymous (201207081736083b4.jpg 893x922 47kB)

1 hours later 426007330 Anonymous (163683 - Flower Plant inanimate pitcher_plant.jpg 537x759 49kB)
>>426006759 Take this internet.

1 hours later 426007345 Anonymous
>>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 >>426007261 WUTWUTWUTWUT

1 hours later 426007383 Anonymous (bf713003b79eab6938eae3ea050e6945.jpg 713x950 351kB)

1 hours later 426007443 Anonymous (1c23ab52c4_2059648788.jpg 800x600 171kB)
Girls in aprons. Exotic stuff is nice, but I really can't get off to anything else like I can to this shit.

1 hours later 426007465 Anonymous (163697 - Plant venus_flytrap.jpg 480x640 64kB)

1 hours later 426007512 Anonymous (2002956736522979.jpg 750x1000 649kB)
>>426007261 I can see the potential here.

1 hours later 426007556 Anonymous (211928 - Alraune Disgaea flora_beast kakuretenai.jpg 800x800 174kB)

1 hours later 426007569 Anonymous (sample_d965a0eeb421a7f44eb221e8f35f3da3.jpg 850x478 246kB)

1 hours later 426007763 Anonymous (b06a.jpg 640x480 31kB)
>>426007345 looked pretty clear to me... though I actually like slugs better

1 hours later 426007772 Anonymous
strongest >rape >gore/guro >necro(conditional, tends to be paired with gore/guro) mid- >futa >traps >mature >slime girls mild- >feet >shemale i think i listed them all... oh and get this, i hate furryporn and gag when i see pony porn

1 hours later 426007814 Anonymous (212545 - Alraune Disgaea.jpg 1148x904 112kB)
I must cook food or I will die, I'll be back soon. Keep this alive /b/ros!

1 hours later 426007850 Anonymous (6fb21bd351996ffd81d6f41d97f44527.png 766x1158 1012kB)
>>426007330 do want

1 hours later 426007852 Anonymous
>>426007261 MOAR LIKE THIS!!!!

1 hours later 426007881 Anonymous (gw130.jpg 1280x1024 400kB)
>>425995897 You should play Guild Wars 2, OP. Free salads.

1 hours later 426007925 Anonymous (775693-RHWHG6H.jpg 800x600 132kB)
>>426007443 I know what you mean.

1 hours later 426008005 Anonymous (1342589430856.jpg 320x240 11kB)
I like to sit outside an attractive young high schoolers house for months on end and learn the patterns of the family, when the parents head to work, where they work, when the female returns home, when the family goes to church how long they like to stay, find out when they visit their extended family and for how long. after awhile of external observation i enjoy breaking into the house and going to their dirty laundry and finding her panties, sniff them jerk off to them. Cont.

1 hours later 426008117 Anonymous (1346985508870.gif 400x300 1829kB)
>>426008005 Cont. steal them to keep my sexual urges at bay until i have finished with the observational portion of the who plan. after a few months of this, breaking into the house moving certin objects just a few inches seeing how much they notice it (if at all). i am ready for the next phase. at this part i need to be very carefuly about everything i do, i need to cover every portion of my body with Something. break into the house, and tie up the girl while shes alone (its usualy the 30 minutes from when the bus drops her off (IF she rides a bus) to when her parents get home) and throw her in a basement closet or corner. and slowly as more people come home pick them off, tie them up aswell put them all in places of the house where if they make noise no one can hear them. once everyone is tied up i will move them to the family dinning room, cook a Very nice meal (maybe some pasta or something like lasagna) and then feed them while they sit tied to the dinning room chairs. after dinner is done i will turn on the tv and move them all to the couch where we will all enjoy something on the history or discovery channel. i will slowly attempt to feel up the attractive daughter, then after about an hour of that i will turn it off, and vigorously rape every female member of the family. with each time i rape them i will slowly cut a finger off the fathers hand with a rusty cleaver. by now i will call the police. give them the usual 15 minute response time i will proceed to then anally rape each female once again, this time removing a Toe from the father for each love making session. then as the police bust down the door, get on the floor, we shall all walk the dinosaur.

1 hours later 426008136 Anonymous (1347429008742.jpg 1000x753 245kB)
mine is these things

1 hours later 426008151 Anonymous (_Anim-To_Love_Ru_.gif 550x367 1830kB)
Transformation or growth

1 hours later 426008152 Anonymous (1315004854.halcy0n_kiyone-slug00alt.jpg 1000x667 130kB)
>>426007852 scroll up, I posted quite a bit already. exactly like that/same character, I don't have. not even sure who drew that one

1 hours later 426008153 Anonymous (f1cdbd21eb8176dbd2b96757362b4509.jpg 750x1000 609kB)

1 hours later 426008157 Anonymous (1315622134804.jpg 1024x1280 1176kB)
awww yeah snake girl and goo girl

1 hours later 426008218 Anonymous
>>425996142 So poison ivy is your waifu

1 hours later 426008325 Anonymous
>>426008218 hey, at least they look humanoid

1 hours later 426008328 Anonymous (tumblr_lv8qcuaF9N1qjdmyao1_500.jpg 467x700 117kB)

1 hours later 426008380 Anonymous (a13.jpg 456x573 51kB)

1 hours later 426008415 Anonymous (1f0eb7fbf380a030623483df8db51039.jpg 822x810 264kB)
>>426008005 >>426008117 tl;dr

1 hours later 426008512 Anonymous (b57.jpg 650x576 80kB)
>>426008325 > look humanoid that's over rated

1 hours later 426008517 Anonymous (Lily Satou.jpg 500x375 25kB)
>>425995897 Lily Satou. I fell in love with this girl :( Does anyone know of any videos with her? Or is the closest thing to porn with her in Katawa.

1 hours later 426008579 Anonymous (37239873.jpg 752x564 72kB)
Her face my god.

1 hours later 426008593 Anonymous (91657ec919922e2fa555f369233c1d80.jpg 728x1024 144kB)
Tako girl!

1 hours later 426008612 Anonymous
>>426008218 Naw, probably an Alruane

1 hours later 426008735 Anonymous (Monster_Hand_by_PiedPinups.gif 200x267 1389kB)

1 hours later 426008850 Anonymous
>>426000469 I saw that movie I expected more nudity but indian is pretty conservative

1 hours later 426008872 Anonymous (b08.jpg 456x500 34kB)

1 hours later 426008887 Anonymous (201203312133472908.jpg 650x975 188kB)

1 hours later 426008889 Anonymous (546456456.gif 250x137 349kB)
>>426008579 megusta.jpg

1 hours later 426008894 Anonymous
>>426008579 That is ahegao.

1 hours later 426008903 Anonymous (ss_missionary.jpg 300x250 12kB)
I know this is low, even for /b/, but...

1 hours later 426009072 Anonymous (sample_5151ba4c19a5f37bc448c09f0be250cc.png 850x1201 611kB)
Last one, now i'll sleep Keep this thread alive /b/ros

1 hours later 426009084 Anonymous (1329837293666.jpg 1000x1713 726kB)
For OP.

1 hours later 426009159 Anonymous (1336898354.lazardo_slug_tf_ad.jpg 792x634 161kB)
>>426009072 how close is this to image cap?

1 hours later 426009205 Anonymous (0000000000.jpg 800x600 194kB)
>>426008889 >>426008894 indeed >>426008903 I like that too bro

1 hours later 426009389 Anonymous (1336332372523.gif 160x152 634kB)
shemales with massive dongs, preferably uncut

1 hours later 426009437 Anonymous (2187462346.jpg 797x571 164kB)
>>426009072 have sweet dreams

1 hours later 426009571 Anonymous
Mother son incest.. sucks im on laptop and have no 4chan folder... sry bros ):

1 hours later 426009596 Anonymous
image cap reached. Good thread everyone

1 hours later 426009621 Anonymous
>>426009389 SAUCE

1 hours later 426009647 Anonymous
>>426009437 that tingles my rape fetish

1 hours later 426009708 Anonymous
Max image lol thanks everyone for the awesome thread

1 hours later 426009781 Anonymous
>>425999387 sauce name

1 hours later 426009953 Anonymous
>>426009647 Yeah I don't like rape of girls but I love it if girls are dominating and stuff. That's another fetish of mine.

1 hours later 426009973 Anonymous
dont you guys ever get sad realizing your strange ass fetish will never come true?

1 hours later 426010079 Anonymous
>>426009973 SCIENCE!

1 hours later 426010103 Anonymous
>>426009973 Most of mine are doable, and many of them I've done. I am troubled by the fact that I'll never be a slime girl though.

1 hours later 426010156 Anonymous
>>426009973 sort of. I have a scheme for a latex slug suit. Also biology should eventually make some of my interests possible, but likely after I'm gone

1 hours later 426010169 Anonymous
new thread?

1 hours later 426010210 Anonymous
>>426009084 much love

1 hours later 426010348 Anonymous
I'd like to thank everyone for a thread of miracles.

1 hours later 426010365 Anonymous
>>426009953 i like it both ways

1 hours later 426010580 Anonymous
>>426009973 I can fuck a plant right now bro..

1 hours later 426010729 Anonymous
>>426010580 Right answer.

1 hours later 426011091 Anonymous
>>426010729 YOLO

1 hours later 426011210 Anonymous
>>426009973 well, for me every one of mine are possible except slimegirl, and im too much of a moralfag to kill anyone, so gore/necro are out of the picture

1 hours later 426011589 Anonymous
>>426011210 see >>426006531 one can get pretty close

1 hours later 426011642 Anonymous
Feederism, fattening girls with/without consent, eating while fucking, fucking belly buttons, slave/master (Im the master) Also, being fed with/without my consent, slave/master reversed (Im the slave) Name calling (Pig, piggy, slut) being called names (hog, pig)

1 hours later 426011816 Anonymous
>>425995897 New Thread nigga?

1 hours later 426011823 Anonymous
>Delicious salads. You're a good man, OP.

1 hours later 426011859 Anonymous
>>426011589 well i suppose

1 hours later 426011973 Anonymous
slim girls with back dimples aka mark of venus

1 hours later 426011981 Anonymous
>>426011642 look up an artist "Digital Circe" does some awesome pig girl shops

1 hours later 426012113 Anonymous
>>426011823 Make one, I will join. >>426011823 Why thank you.

1 hours later 426012271 Anonymous
>>426011816 My bad.. Make one and I'll join

2 hours later 426013204 Anonymous
new thread made, no idea how to link

2 hours later 426013340 Anonymous
>>426013204 "> + copy and paste the url"

2 hours later 426013421 Anonymous
>>426013340 I knew that >> >>426013369

2 hours later 426015000 Anonymous
Because of this thread, I have learned SO many more things make me horny. THANK YOU!

3 hours later 426018334 Anonymous

23.514 0.395