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That feel thread? feel thread!! Story I posted on another thread earlier >>Yesterday 9/12/12 >>Be in 9th grade, homecoming is soon >>I have been knowing this girl for a few years now. >>Deep,deep friendzone, we always talk non-stop >>I am about 250Lbs, lots of muscles,lot of fat fat,shy, stutter, basically built like a brick-shit-house >>She is about 120-130Lbs or so, nice skin,nice to me, cute, smart >>everything you want in a girl >>She told me during first hour that day, that her sister took all of her hoodies >>I was going to buy her one >> I was going to write a piece of paper and put it on the ELMO (basically a badass projector), saying Derpina, will you go to Homecoming with me? >>I have been plotting all of this for about a year >>I do not own a phone, so I get my friend to text her asking if she has a boyfriend so I do not look like a complete jackass >>he says that she has a boyfriend >>My friend tells me over facebook >>I have tears of being upset >>not said crying, just a silent cry, tears going down my face >>MFW, I have no face >>MFW, she took my jimmies in a can and shook up the can. I am not mad at her or anything, I am just extremely upset. And she would have been my first girlfriend. And she is the only cute girl that is a close friend Captcha:pernettl RUSTLED.

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