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2012-09-13 11:52 425012603 Anonymous (IMG_0166.jpg 935x1823 623kB)
HEY /b/ROS I'm sick of being poor so I'm promotion my new jewelry shop on /b/. Yeah I'm female and I make jewelry. I'll post a nude for every piece bought from etsy.com/shop/ProfessorJuniper. I'm sick of only taking one class a semester and eating ramen noodles every day cause thats all I can effing afford. And yeah I have a job. It just blows like this whole damn economy. So buy a fucking necklace. Or bracelet. Impress that girl you wanna pork, or give to your girlfriend/love interest to really impress. Everything's way fucking discounted and super high quality. Oh and yeah, that pic? That's a Dragon Bangle. Give your girlfriend a fucking dragon to wear around her wrist. TL;DR: Buy jewelry, get nudes. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ProfessorJuniper Love you /b/ (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

0 min later 425012737 Anonymous
Fuck off you fat piece of cancer go die you poor whale

2 min later 425012972 Anonymous (titicus.jpg 298x242 100kB)
No bitch, you wont. You WILL however, TITS OR GTFO. >>Notyourpersonalbuyersmarket

3 min later 425013091 Anonymous (IMG_0147.jpg 1336x1601 1092kB)
Aren't kids back in school?

4 min later 425013338 Anonymous
>>425013091 Arent Cumdumsters aware of what their supposed to do?

6 min later 425013519 Anonymous
stupid pointless thread is extremely stupid and pointless

7 min later 425013642 Anonymous (IMG_0191.jpg 964x1699 717kB)
I love you all. Such cultured and generous souls.

7 min later 425013736 Anonymous (1344472958109.jpg 730x880 111kB)
more like a dragon turd

8 min later 425013823 Anonymous (3e2.png 1000x800 581kB)
TITS OR GTFO Seriously have you not heard of bitches like lacey vicich who tried to get money for nudes? Bad move..

8 min later 425013851 Anonymous
where in the fuck are the mods now?

8 min later 425013925 Anonymous
>>425012603 Thought this was a dildo.. a very spiky, unpleasant dildo

9 min later 425014041 Anonymous
>>425013925 me too

9 min later 425014043 Anonymous
>>425013642 may i remind you that you are on 4chan posting fucking jewelry >fuck off

9 min later 425014062 Anonymous
>>425013925 as did i...figured this was a dragon dildo or something, also sage sage fucking sage

10 min later 425014167 Anonymous
'sup from Clearfield

10 min later 425014206 Anonymous
>>425013642 This looks like the kind of cheap shit you can buy from any crappy market. No girl would be impressed by this crap, if bought for a female relative they'd smile to be polite and then put it in a box somewhere, never to be seen again. tl;dr cheap shit.

10 min later 425014219 Anonymous (1344793966305.jpg 158x153 7kB)
Danielle Hardin Ogden, Utah, United States Her site contains Images. Seriously love the bronze dragon bracelet though. :D

11 min later 425014421 Anonymous (photo.jpg 143x182 32kB)
Stupid girls, always trying to feed off every one else. Not this time bitch, keep working your job like everyone else you stupid cunt.

11 min later 425014439 Anonymous
post all 16 pieces of your opal shit. please. an inventory so vast should receive the recognition of the world. i bet those opals came from mexico, and not aus

11 min later 425014447 Anonymous (1338924852141.jpg 251x240 43kB)
> Comes to /b telling anon is female > Thinks /b is a bunch of desperate fappers by trying to sell jewelry for her poor ass in exhange for nudes OP go die in a corner, your nudes are easily replaced. Stop spreading this cancer of yours

12 min later 425014552 Anonymous

13 min later 425014730 Anonymous
>>425012603 why do people think ramennoodles for the calories is cheap wtf fuggin peanut butter is bullshit loaded with calories cause of how fatty it is, some no name brand is cheaper than ramen noodles in terms of calories, more protein too cause ramen noodles suck my ass. even no name brand ranch dip is fully of fats and is super high in calories for the price. ALSO none of the fats mentioned are harmful fats, these are all polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. still make you fat because they are high caloric intakes but you wont clog your arteries or sum shit nigger

14 min later 425014890 Anonymous (15446_1193306749213_533764_n.jpg 604x453 62kB)
You have a cool ass dog, OP.

14 min later 425014961 Anonymous
>>425014730 what the fuck are you talking about?

14 min later 425014969 Anonymous
Im a girl and I LOVE the dragon bangle (me and friends love bracelets) I'd buy one if I had any money too. haha XD broke 19 y.o. as well

15 min later 425015010 Anonymous
>2012 >hurting myself to this thread >will die to 4chan within the next 24 hours >tfw telling cnn about this and making mute shut down 4chin forever for not giving islam immunity on this FUCK site

16 min later 425015189 Anonymous (1339982049148.gif 200x150 1130kB)
>>425014890 Yeah op has a nice cat :3 hope she enjoys mine.

16 min later 425015273 Anonymous
>>425012603 No one wants to see your weird looking boobs.

16 min later 425015290 Anonymous

17 min later 425015331 Anonymous (ugly bitch.jpg 1840x1752 229kB)
have you seen your face? You obviously eat more than ramen.. who the hell would want those nudes?

17 min later 425015413 Anonymous (960x.jpg 960x606 58kB)
>>425015010 >mute

17 min later 425015439 Anonymous (photo.jpg 267x200 77kB)
>>425014969 xd xD le le haha you go girl lel coxoxoxo were such stupid cunts pillow fight lelelelr

18 min later 425015606 Anonymous
Shit product photos. Why would I want to buy that shit you stupid cunt?

18 min later 425015624 Anonymous

19 min later 425015745 Anonymous
>>425015439 >>425015439 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA go fuck yourself. faggot ass dick wipe

20 min later 425015879 Anonymous
>>425014730 Yeah OP just drink ranch dressing for every meal. captcha: teribbe peasants

21 min later 425015954 Anonymous
I thought op's first piece was a dildo OP post pic of face and body with TS to determine if we want tits or not

21 min later 425015995 Anonymous (cage.jpg 251x322 14kB)
>>425013642 commin in dry

21 min later 425016016 Anonymous (hemad.jpg 370x300 26kB)

22 min later 425016202 Anonymous (1346486011568.gif 500x220 1018kB)

23 min later 425016303 Anonymous
>>425015010 who the fuck are you

23 min later 425016353 Anonymous
Name: Danielle Hardin Birthday: 4/5/1993

24 min later 425016443 Anonymous
>>425014062 did anything good ever come out of the dragon dildo raid on that lady's facebook profile? do you even know what i'm talking about?

24 min later 425016558 Anonymous
>>425014219 lol Ogden has some beatiful mountains, my company has a factory there was there in May

25 min later 425016606 Anonymous
ITT you explain how you might aswell sell nudes...

25 min later 425016620 Anonymous (zzzzzzzzzzzzzScam.png 320x288 50kB)
>>425012603 anyone else getting tired of begging for shit/buy my shit thread? enable the report button in your setting, report thread. this shit is getting as bad as pony threads

25 min later 425016668 Anonymous (photo.jpg 196x203 43kB)
>>425014969 she likes ops dragon bagel up the ass.

25 min later 425016737 Anonymous
op - I feel your pain.. sorry all these guys are assholes..spouting the same tired stuff..

26 min later 425016773 Anonymous
I like these a lot :3 They are very nicely done. Do you have more samples of your work, or a work in progress of making one? >>425012603 >>425013091 >>425013642

27 min later 425017016 Anonymous
>>425016737 shut the WHAT UP #YOLOSWAG

28 min later 425017141 Anonymous (le.png 624x752 797kB)

30 min later 425017436 Anonymous
dat exif data

30 min later 425017459 Anonymous
>>425017141 >>425017141 >>425017141 >>425017141 >OC

31 min later 425017514 Anonymous (1346199025473.jpg 1350x900 188kB)
op. your art is legit. exchanging tits for money is not. go back to makin sammiches and art, lurk moar, gtfo utah.

31 min later 425017590 Anonymous
>>425014969 TITS OR GTFO

31 min later 425017630 Anonymous (1274617683325.jpg 293x216 66kB)
Sorry OP, but it just ain't my style. Bit too flashy (unlike you, I might ever so humorously add).

32 min later 425017649 Anonymous (photo.jpg 250x250 47kB)
>>425016737 > implying op isn't the one sprouting the shit. This is why men are the creators and maintainers of society, why are you so fucking stupid?

33 min later 425017901 Anonymous
>>425017141 saved.

35 min later 425018124 Anonymous
>>425012603 Jesus Christ, I thought it was a sex toy. Holy shit. Wow. Um... good job, OP.

43 min later 425019207 Anonymous
>>425012603 Why are you not on Pinterest? They will eat your jewelry up. Get on pinterest, pin some shit you like and put some of your shit up for others to pin. It's a haven for your kind of etsy thing.

44 min later 425019369 Anonymous
/b/ is not your personal sales platform. fuck off.

46 min later 425019731 Anonymous
>>425019369 Nice.

47 min later 425019818 Anonymous (1338595998909.gif 318x239 1503kB)

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