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2012-09-19 07:43 425997870 Anonymous (tip.jpg 320x240 15kB)
How much do you tip /b/? Why?

0 min later 425997991 Anonymous (1245822344577.jpg 418x455 72kB)
25% for good service, 15% for anything else >because I've worked in a service industry

1 min later 425998150 Anonymous (1309039775548.gif 380x240 38kB)
2-4 bucks. Always. Because I am a cheap ass.

2 min later 425998259 Anonymous
15% like your supposed to. more or less depending on quality but thats waiting is a shitty ass job and they make their living on tips

3 min later 425998374 Anonymous
I don't tip... It's actually frowned upon in Japan.

4 min later 425998534 Anonymous
10% for moderate service, 15%-20% if it was attentive and/or excellent service. Some people don't like it but I always enjoy it when the waiter/waitress is ready with a refill right when or just before i finish my drink. But there is that magical amount of attentiveness, right before you become the annoying buzzing server who has interrupted your conversation five times to many in the last 15 minutes.

4 min later 425998586 Anonymous
>>425998259 Industry standard is now 20%, hasnt been 15 in like 20 years

6 min later 425999039 Anonymous
>>425998374 thank christ someone with sense, if you faggots want more money, GET A BETTER FUCKING JOB, dont beg customers for money and then make them feel bad when you dont get it, that is an unbelievably pathetic ethos.

7 min later 425999285 Anonymous
>>425997870 When I was 21 and just starting at the bar scene I got drunk and accidentally stiffed my bartender. He pulled a tip out in cash from my debit card so I thanked him for it and pocketed it. Ever since then I've felt the need to tip fairly high.

7 min later 425999286 Anonymous
If she's hot? 20-25 If it's shitty service or a guy, 10-15.

9 min later 425999646 Anonymous
0% if they never come back after the original order. 40% if they come at least twice for server or refilling drinks. 60% of they ask how my meal was or strike a decent convo.

11 min later 426000594 Anonymous
>>425999039 are you retarded? waiters get paid less than minimum wage, because the rest is supposed to be filled in by tips. by not tipping, they are not getting paid a legal amount. if you don't tip, fuck you and next time you come back ill cum in your food

17 min later 426001405 Anonymous
I don't eat out much and if I do it is somewhere like olive garden, red lobster, or a steak house so the servers are always nice and I tip well... I tip depending on how the server was more then how much the food cost. tl;dr: tip like 10$ on 25$-50$ bill

21 min later 426001974 Anonymous
Me and my friends got drunk and accidently tipped 500 dollars instead of 5 bucks. meh she was cool.

21 min later 426002047 Anonymous
I usually tip well over 20%, yeah I'm a baller.

23 min later 426002331 Anonymous
>>426000594 Then don't get a shitty job like that you fuckwit

27 min later 426002891 Anonymous
>>426002331 I'm guessing you're unemployed. Stop being mad that your unemployed broke ass can't afford to tip.

29 min later 426003114 Anonymous
if you dont tip at least 15% kill yourself cause you are a nigger, and even black servers know NIGGERS DONT TIP

31 min later 426003410 Anonymous
depends on the place, if it's high end place as in nice atmosphere and such, not fucking cheesecake factory you damn pricks, most likely 25% but usually double tax so roughly 17%

32 min later 426003515 Anonymous

33 min later 426003638 Anonymous
Nothing. Fuck them I didn't ask to be seated or have my food delivered, I can seat myself and get my food. Just because you automaticly do it for me doesnt mean I have to pay you shit.

34 min later 426003690 Anonymous
>>425999039 In japan, waiters are paid more than they are here. Please go kill yourself you autistic faggot.

34 min later 426003697 Anonymous
>>426003638 you dont understand how food places pay employees, do you?

35 min later 426003848 Anonymous
>>426003697 It's like running in front of someone and opening the door for them'then expecting to get paid

36 min later 426003973 Anonymous
Depends. Somewhere like a Denny's with a putoffish waitress probably about 10%. Anywhere decent with good service anywhere from 15-20%. Don't be a tool, tip.

36 min later 426004001 Anonymous
One of my friends are always so anal about this. He brings a calculator with him whenever we dine out. I'm just sitting here like "FUCK!" He calculates tip for everyone and telling them if they have to pay a dollar more or so. The thing is that everyone else agrees thats how tip should be paid and I'm the oddball cheap ass that just wants to leave two bucks and not give a fuck.

37 min later 426004129 Anonymous
Always $5 plus 20%. No fucking exceptions. I enjoy my cup being refilled without being asked and often times can request larger serving for no extra cost. Plus the girls that I tip the most I think always show a little more tit when they're at my table.

37 min later 426004147 Anonymous
>>426004001 does your friend not have the app on their phone? stop being that dipshits friend

38 min later 426004160 Anonymous (profile_picture_user.tanya.lopez.1329267380579_75545067.jpg 320x320 76kB)
>>425997870 I don't. I don't get tipped to do my job. But if they were exceptional, I give 50%.

38 min later 426004250 Anonymous
Yesterday I tipped 40 cents... but I have tipped 20 euros too... :P

39 min later 426004297 Anonymous

39 min later 426004332 Anonymous
You’ll spit in my food if I don’t tip you? And I’ll shoot your kid if you don’t give me a million dollars. Seriously, am I even hearing this right? You’re actually using the threat of blackmail to make me pay you? Well as long as you’re openly claiming to be a criminal it’s all right I guess. Fortunately that’s why I prefer buffets. Listen apart from it being illegal, this shows your poor integrity. But if you spit in someone’s food because they didn’t give you money you didn’t earn, then you’re a loser and deserve to be a waiter for the rest of your life.

40 min later 426004459 Anonymous
>>425998374 Yes it is very much locale specific. Pay scales wander all over the place, and in some places a gratuity is on the bill already.

40 min later 426004462 Anonymous
You don’t get paid enough And this is my problem how exactly? It’s astonishing that customers are expected to make up for your employer’s cheapness in not paying you a decent wage. Please include the full cost in everyone’s bill thank you very much. I’ll pay it because I have to and the charge is there for me to see. What’s really funny here is that no one seems to criticize the employers! All criticism is reserved for non tipping customers instead of the owners of the restaurant for not paying a decent wage. Wtf! Could it possibly be because you guys know you can make much more by tips and under report your income to the IRS?

40 min later 426004501 Anonymous
>>426004297 I don't care. I worked for my money too.

41 min later 426004606 Anonymous
Shitty service, no tip Decent/average, 20% Awesome, which has only happened 2 or 3 times, 35-40%

42 min later 426004637 Anonymous
18% unless its bad service

42 min later 426004723 Anonymous
>>425997870 >Waiter deserves tip $5 regardless of what I ordered. Otherwise. Nothing.

44 min later 426004998 Anonymous
ITT people that don't understand how pay works at a restaurant

45 min later 426005072 Anonymous
0% for shit service which has only happened 3 or 4 times in my memory 10% for notably bad service (5% of the time or so) 20% (probably 80% of the time) 30-50% 30% when its A, amazing service or B, a very large table or very large check, up to 50% for instance if I'm solo and my order is 20 dollars and its a hotty or the service was super good and we had a nice conversation ill throw 20 on top at 100 id throw 50 mostly 20% though

45 min later 426005078 Anonymous
if they greet me. but not be fake with smalltalk and shit, they come back with my drink order and then take my food order. if they tell me of their specials, but not try and talk it up because i know that it is just something they need to get rid of and they will upcharge most likely. if they then come and check on my drink at least once before my food is brought to me. if they ask me if i need anything else before leaving. if they come back after 5 minutes to see how everything is. if they check in another 5 minutes if i need a drink refill. if they take my dishes away personally, not a busser. bussers are for lazy incompetent waiters who cant take care of their own shit. if they dont even ask if i want a desert menu, they just bring it to me as they clean my dinner plates away. if they bring me my desert and then ask if i would like the check when they come to remove the desert dish. if all that is met, more or less, i usually will tip 30-45% if i am strictly drinking at a bar, and the bill is under 15$, ill match the bill in tip. chances are if you tip a bartender well, you will get a hookup on return visits. the same applies to full service dining.

46 min later 426005181 Anonymous (12121212.jpg 129x120 4kB)
There are two excellent reasons to tip at least the standard 15%, if you are in a country where tips are standard: 1) Good waiters/bartenders in good establishments make much more than minimum wage in tips, so companies can still make a profit by paying them crap. If tips are not common there, intelligent and worthwhile workers will not wait tables/tend bars because they know that their personalities will land them a decent job in other industries. Which means that restaurants will either jack up their prices to better pay good staff (in which case we're working by the hour and not by the quality of our service, and there is less incentive to give excellent over just decent service), or staff hits around minimum wage and you get the same quality service you get from the people who settle for jobs at Walmart. B) If you are cheap, you can't ever get the best experience of being a regular anywhere because people know that their time is more profitably spent elsewhere, and because pissing off groups of people that deal with your food is bound to turn out badly at some point. The price of the food is for the food. The price of the tip is payment for good service. If you are too poor to pay for good service, why not just save your money and go to McDonald's?

48 min later 426005412 Anonymous
Waiters: 15-20% depending on service Deliveries: $5-10 depending on order total Bartender: $5 on first drink, $1-3 every other drink depending on difficulty to make

52 min later 426005853 Anonymous (jackass.jpg 300x316 16kB)
To people who don't pay a decent percentage of their bill as a tip: You may not realize, but waiters are expected to pay a certain fraction of their tips to bar staff, hosts, etc. Many restaurants prevent waiters lying about their tips by taking a certain percentage of their sales as tipshare. This is usually 3-3.5% of what you sold. So, if your family orders $150 worth of crap and tips $5, I just lost money for the honor of serving you for an hour. On top of which, I also lost whatever money I would have made from that table if it had been open for someone who understood tip culture. Thanks for making me pay to put up with you, now go back to the ghetto so I can try to make rent.

58 min later 426006653 Anonymous
>>426004462 >And this is my problem how exactly? this is your problem. waiters give good service because we know that our efforts directly effect our pay. you think employers are going to pay waiters well if people stop tipping? pay may go up from $3/hr to minimum wage, but how many awesome people do you know that can't get better than a minimum wage job? so your bill goes up to include the price of service (so you're paying the same amount as if you tipped) but now you get shitty service and you can't cut down how much you pay to an asshole server. great plan.

1 hours later 426007040 Anonymous
>>426006653 1. Who's holding the gun to their heads to get into the restaurant business in the first place? 2. I try hard at my job, I don't whine about not getting paid more than what I get paid

1 hours later 426007420 Anonymous
>>426005853 that shit is fuckin stupid. yet another reason america is retarded. shifting responsibility of wage payment from employer to customer... LOL in the UK u get paid a decent amount no matter what and people only tip on occasion that they feel like it because service was really great or something and all waiters make at least...$10/hour

1 hours later 426007540 Anonymous
>>426001974 Would you say "Me got drunk" ? No. You would say "I got drunk". When you remove the other person(s) from the statement, only then will you understand how it's spoken.

1 hours later 426007768 Anonymous
>>426007540 Well done my friend.

1 hours later 426007864 Anonymous
>>426007540 it makes no difference in readability either way and neither sound awkward when read or spoken, he did something with his friends. sure its "hurr my friends and I" but honestly who cares? english teachers and grammar nazis

1 hours later 426008052 Anonymous (1273245963095.jpg 419x527 29kB)
>>426007040 >Who's holding the gun to their heads to get into the restaurant business in the first place? Nobody. That's why, if there weren't decent tips, waiters who can give good quality service would go into other industries where they can make a decent living. Thus, the quality of service in fine dining goes down to Denny's level, and places like Denny's become self service, because there's only retards and ex-cons left to work there. If that level of service is fine with you, why waste your money on a full service restaurant? Go to McDonald's, save your money, and be happy. We won't complain about you not being with us. Or, if there is still a market for quality service restaurants without tips, restaurants will jack up their prices to pay decent servers. So, you'd still be paying the tip anyway, now you just don't have a choice about it if the service happens to be shitty that time. Why do you think tip culture gets started in the first place?

1 hours later 426008250 Anonymous
usually end up paying 30% ish for a tip. If good service they get easily 50-60%. I've actually tipped 100% on the best burger of my life. Was at small diner where owner was waiter and cook, and the burger was absolutely delicious and do not regret my tip at all. Best burger of my life...

1 hours later 426008280 Anonymous
Am I missing something here? I live in Cali and I still got paid minimum wage (well, actually 9.50) at Lucille's as busser and i still took home average 4--60$ in tips weeknight and 80-100 on a busy weekend. still was a shit job though

1 hours later 426008323 Anonymous
>>426008052 so employers can scam the public into paying their staff for them.

1 hours later 426008342 Anonymous
15% as long as you aren't a bitch might go towards 20%+ depending on the place or if I get outstanding service

1 hours later 426008373 Anonymous
i tip based on my bill's TAX

1 hours later 426008479 Anonymous
buck a beer. n for food. they can have what i dont eat

1 hours later 426008563 Anonymous
If you tip under your state's 'minimum tip claim' that waitresses have to claim as income in my state, our waitresses have to claim 15% of their income as tips, so if you're tipping less than that 15%, you are effectively stealing from them.

1 hours later 426008669 Anonymous
I tip up to 40%. 20% Based on food. 20% based on service. Most end up being around 18-22% total.

1 hours later 426008710 Anonymous
>>426007420 >in the UK u get paid a decent amount no matter what and people only tip on occasion that they feel like it because service was really great or something and all waiters make at least...$10/hour I haven't spent much time in the UK, but I have family in Ireland and service payment is much the same there - tips aren't frequent or high, but waiters get paid better than they do in America. In my experience of Ireland, not one server there would have the personality to get hired where I work. >shifting responsibility of wage payment from employer to customer If you are going out for service as well as food, don't you want the ability to judge what that service was worth to you? Would you rather have the cost put into your bill, non-negotiable regardless of if your server was good or not?

1 hours later 426008770 Anonymous
>>426008052 I go to restaurants for good food. Not good small talk. Also saying a quality restaraunt with bad service would be like Mcdonalds is silly. Again, its about the quality of the food. Why don't you take your 'great personality' that you're blessing the food industry with to a more productive job hmmm?

1 hours later 426008790 Anonymous
>>426008323 yes. business is very powerful

1 hours later 426008898 Anonymous
I normally don't eat out very often except when i go get a meal with my friends, i'll usually leave like $10 which ends up being any where from 50-95% of my portion. At my coffee shop I usually leave a 50-75% tip if the coffee is great; which it normally is; if not I give her a couple bucks.

1 hours later 426008904 Anonymous
>>426008563 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fucking amerifags and their bullshit laws. that's illegal EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD

1 hours later 426008939 Anonymous
well im a server at an outback steakhouse. I get a 50% discount on food when i eat with a friend and the bill is usually around 25 bucks, which is cheap for steaks out outback. i would probably pay a total of 45 bucks to leave a 20 dollar tip. since the origional bill to eat there normally would be around 50 then including the tip, i just pay 45 and that includes a giant tip. I like to be nice cause when people are nice to me i make decent money. I ate at diner the other day with my friend and the bill was 19 bucks, and i left the server 8 or 9 bucks. by the way. I fucking hate when black people dont tip. there so damn needy. its not racist, its true. there are always some black people who are nice and tip well, but the majority is rude, needy, and does not leave a good tip at all. i also equally hate the white trash redneck bitches who come in and drink so much swet tea and eat so much god damn bread. and then they always leave like 5 bucks. they dont realise i have to tip out a potion of the meal to busers and bartenders and the hostess. so every 100 dollars of food i sell i have to tip 3 bucks out.

1 hours later 426009029 Anonymous
I never tip unless the waiter is extraordinary in service. If I even tip its usually never above 3 dollars regardless of where Im at anyway. Hate me, bitches.

1 hours later 426009080 Anonymous (1307576853315.jpg 600x602 119kB)
>>426008323 >so employers can scam the public into paying their staff for them. *sigh*... where do you think the restaurant's money is coming from? You'd still be paying for the staff if the service was included in the bill, but now you can't incentivize good service with a good tip, and you can't save yourself money if the service wasn't worth it.

1 hours later 426009117 Anonymous
whats this % bullshit? IDGAF hgow much the total is, you waiter niggers get $5 and thats it. dont get me started on the "we add 15% to parties of 8 or more" uh...no you wont as I'll deduct it from the total bill and you cant do dick about it. trust me its been to court and the jury sided with the customer.

1 hours later 426009125 Anonymous
I tip as much as I can afford to the nearest bill. I.E. check is 13.34, I have only 20 as my smallest bill, she/he gets the 6 and change as a tip. No particular reason why. I guess if I was ever waitstaff I'd appreciate it, therefore why not?

1 hours later 426009202 Anonymous
>>426008904 yeah, so when you eurofags come to america and just not tip, you are making us think less of you. so thanks. also, a lot of places have tip-share that goes towards paying busboys, bartenders, and even dishwashers some places

1 hours later 426009249 Anonymous
>>426008710 yes i would, and do because most people are just fine anyway because its their job. instead of getting tips for being attentive u get fired for being inattentive thus increasing the general standards. besides i dont need my ass licked just bring me the food...

1 hours later 426009343 Anonymous
in addition, waitstaff themselves get no paycheck, as anything that they're paid hourly goes directly to taxes

1 hours later 426009381 Anonymous
>>426009202 i'm canadian, and most places here share tips (this includes everything from janitors/dishwashers to floor managers.) you're funny though kid.

1 hours later 426009497 Anonymous (1306889938700.jpg 2480x2480 974kB)
>>426008939 >by the way. I fucking hate when black people dont tip. there so damn needy. its not racist, its true. I've been trying for years to figure this one out. I didn't want to feel racist, so I tried to analyze if it seemed to be because of financial status, family vs. couple, age, fucking everything... but regardless of any other demographic, black people are far more likely to need the most service and want to pay the least for it. I finally was able to admit it when I realized that even other black servers hate getting black tables. This is still a mystery to me.

1 hours later 426009634 Anonymous
I don't tip. Fuck you and fuck them. Why should I tip for doing their fucking jobs? If its not mandatory then fuck it. ALSO! A nigga out here tryna eat himself so where the fuck is my tip ?

1 hours later 426009646 Anonymous
>>425997870 I now make 0-140k a month depending on how many bonds I can move. So I generally live on 45k the rest is money to blow for w/e. I used to make 2.75 an hour + tips for 4 years while paying for school. I used to live on 13k a year. I tip extremely well now and I only eat at local non chain restaurants because fuck chains. P.S. getting shitty tips when you are giving great service to customers and you know the chef is pumping out great meals is so fucking degrading. Always tip 5 dollars for for anything under 20 bucks. P.S. Say thanks,please,and smile and they will treat you better and take care of you.

1 hours later 426009727 Anonymous
>>426009497 reparations. no, but really. i don't know either. also they come in 5 mins to close. without fail. i kind of think it's because they think we're racist towards them, so they don't see why they should try to break that.

1 hours later 426009779 Anonymous
Man I fucking hate all this bullshit about you are supposed to TIP crap.. Fuck that.. I tip based on service and not what I ordered. 15% of a bill that is 500$ because of a bottle an expensive bottle of wine is plain retarded. I tip based on what they did. If they come to my table 2 times they get 2-5% tip.. They come by and keep my drink filled and do their job I tip UP to 20$. Anyone who feels you should tip more are just a pack of idiots plain and simple. There JOB is to deliver me food.. Simple enough.. Takes no talent and all they have to do it be nice.. All you servers out there that feel the world owes you 15% or more for you walking the to kitchen to get food can just go straight to hell with a large dildo crammed in your ass.

1 hours later 426009981 Anonymous
>>426009779 no, delivering food isn't hard. but assholes like you who don't tip well are why people don't try at their jobs. why would they want to check on someone's drink who's not going to treat them well in the first place?

1 hours later 426010054 Anonymous
always 3-5 dollars no matter what at any medium quality restaurant and if its included in the bill, fuck them

1 hours later 426010128 Anonymous
I have unwritten rules of tipping. I mostly eat at greasy spoons and such. When I do, I usually tip between 2 and 5 dollars depending on who else is with me. For instance, if I'm in a group of 3 and we all put down a couple bucks, I think that's fine... But I also have a personal meter I go by. If the service is noticeably poor, I don't tip more than 3. If it's good, I'll go up to 5. If it's not very good, a dollar or two. I'm constantly thinking about it while I visit.

1 hours later 426010215 Anonymous
>>426008770 Work in the restaurant industry long enough, and you begin to realize that the main difference between high quality dining and McDonald's is service and presentation. One business model pays the least it can for ingredients, but uses better marketing and beautiful presentation, along with quality staff, to be able to charge high prices to a low-moderate amount of customers. The other business model pays the least it can for ingredients, as well as the least it can to employees, to put it out as fast as possible so they can charge a small amount to a high volume of customers. They're just different ways of making a profit for shareholders. You take away the monetary incentive for people who are well trained to deal with food, people who are capable of great service, and what are you left with? McDonald's.

1 hours later 426010362 Anonymous
If I got above par service? 20% Par or below, fuck them, do your damn job.

1 hours later 426010557 Anonymous

1 hours later 426010682 Anonymous
since im not a total jewish piece of filth, i always tip SOMETHING. if the waiter was really PISS POOR, i will tip a dollar just to show how much he/she was worth. if they went out of their way to go the extra mile or had a good/friendlys personality and did their job well, i will usually tip 2x the tax

1 hours later 426010691 Anonymous
and by the way, if you give a bad tip for no good reason at a restaurant you frequent, forget about ever getting decent service ever again.

1 hours later 426010756 Anonymous
I tip the "regular" amount of 10-15% of a bill when I'm formally at a restaurant, eg on a date, but that's just for character, to make myself seem well-off. If the waiter does a bad job, or there are like 3 different waiters who have come by my table (like what happens in busy chain restaurants) then a tip would be absurd. But, there was one time, just one time, when I was out with friends at a denny's at 2am, and the waiter just seemed genuinely fuck-awesome, so we together tipped $100. Well, some of us were on E but we tipped the dude fat and now he totally chills with us when we come in super baked in the early AM.

1 hours later 426010805 Anonymous
>>426009981 Once again, why do you work if your not going to do your job? Do you think I go to work and say if my boss doesn't give me a bonus I am going to work like shit? No.. I do my job or I get fired.. You chose to do that job.. Do it or fuck off plain and simple. It is that bitter cunt attitude that I work for tips so you have to tip me which makes me want to tip less. Tips are just that.. It is a statement saying.. HEY great job going ABOVE and beyond delivering me food.. Here is some extra money for being a kick ass server... DOING your job is just that.. Deliver the food and shut the fuck up..

1 hours later 426010920 Anonymous
>>426009727 >i kind of think it's because they think we're racist towards them, so they don't see why they should try to break that. I could see that logic, but even black servers hate getting black tables. Even if you take out the potential racism factor, there's something that just makes them statistically more likely to fuck up your evening.

1 hours later 426011003 Anonymous (1331103521617.jpg 500x375 74kB)
>tipping it's a good day to be european

1 hours later 426011149 Anonymous
>>426010805 again, if you tip less than the 'minimum tip claim' percentage, you are effectively stealing. if you don't know what your state's is, then you either have never worked in the industry and don't know what the fuck you're talking about or you just don't give a shit anyway, which makes me think you don't tip anything ever, no matter what

1 hours later 426011258 Anonymous
>>426010805 You don't seem to get that it's not a bonus. It's the difference between tipped wage and minimum wage. You don't expect a bonus because you are already paid above minimum wage.

1 hours later 426011459 Anonymous
>>425997870 20% + Round up to nearest dollar. I am sympathetic to the plight of servers.

1 hours later 426011637 Anonymous
>>426011149 so rage at the state u stupid queer for having these retarded rules >>426010920 maybe theyre making a point about how tips are stupid and lead by example of not participating in the idiocy, in the hopes that one day enough people do it that ur dumbass laws have to change

1 hours later 426011709 Anonymous
>>426010215 Find me a Mcdonald's that serves a sirloin steak on par with The Keg and we'll talk.

1 hours later 426011793 Anonymous
It's not mandatory in Denmark. I tip if the service is above average. Usually about 10-15 dollars

1 hours later 426011794 Anonymous
>>426011258 So what your saying is that you chose a job that pays you less then your worth? Not my fault. And I dont want to hear this whining bitch crap about that is why the job is that way.. They pay us shit and we live on tips.. If that is a problem get another job.. Talking about stealing.. Pfft go take a flying fuck off a short pier.. If it was STEALING then it would be mandatory to TIP and it would be forced.. Ohh since it isnt.. That is right.. IT IS A BONUS.. If you dont like it leave the job.. Go get some skills and perhaps do something in the world.. Otherwise.. Deliver the food and be cheerful and you may get more TIPS for going above and beyond..

1 hours later 426011843 Anonymous
>>426010805 40 hours a week @ $3/hr wage, I'd make just a little over $6,000 a year. Plus, since I'm required to declare 10% of my sales as tips, after taxes I'm living in a cardboard box. I'm not asking for a bonus, I'm saying that the service is not included in the bill in this culture, so if you got good service then why not pay for it?

1 hours later 426012013 Anonymous
>>426011794 yes. i'll just go get another job. in this market. on top of that, one that pays more than minimum. ok, i'll get right on that.

1 hours later 426012301 Anonymous (1339329384365.png 247x248 113kB)
>buttblasted asspained people who work for a shitty wage and have a hilariously horrible job >they want to crucify you if you don't give them enough money that you're not obligated to give why should I give you autistic children money when you don't respect yourself enough to find a real job and just so we're clear, I'm starting up college and I'm going to be working as a computer hardware repairman with a few chill dudes in a ventilated room, what's your excuse as far as money begging and your shitty job goes?

1 hours later 426012327 Anonymous
>ausfag >strong economy >good pay, shit jobs >no need to tip

1 hours later 426012406 Anonymous (1272314373167.jpg 126x95 2kB)
>>426011794 > If that is a problem get another job. I would. It's not a problem - because 95% of people either are capable and willing to pay for service, or will save their money by going somewhere that doesn't offer great service. The remaining 5% get good service from me for free, out of pity, because you know that a person that stingy or ignorant is more likely to lead a life with bad service and personal problems because of their personality. You are my charity case.

1 hours later 426012425 Anonymous
>>426012013 >>426011637 fcking

1 hours later 426012539 Anonymous
>>426012301 I work as a delivery driver BECAUSE I'm already in college. The only vacancies in my schedule are evenings.

1 hours later 426012550 Anonymous
ITT: people who complain about tipping because they're poor as shit, and people who want to have their cake and eat it too since restaurants would have to increase prices by the same amount anyway (in which you couldn't pay less to a guy who gave you shitty service) basically ITT: idiots

1 hours later 426012569 Anonymous
>>426012327 what a load of shit

1 hours later 426012959 Anonymous (pinky.jpg 360x293 17kB)
Unless you work in a cafe' or something similar you can't really appreciate how much tips change a shit day form a good day. It's easy to see from the outside it looks like greed wanting more money but it's what gives you hope that not everyone is a massive asshole.

1 hours later 426012984 Anonymous (When-I-Grow-Up-300x300.jpg 300x300 30kB)
>>426012301 >and just so we're clear, I'm starting up college and... Boy, I remember when I first started up college and just assumed that I was going to leave with that paper right into a worthwhile job. Even in this market, a good college degree means you won't have to work hard at a low paying job until you can find something better, right? Come to my restaurant man, I will happily give you a good dining experience for free, just so you start off a little happier before reality brings you down a notch ;)

1 hours later 426012995 Anonymous
>>426012550 yes idiots... you... in that case, if a guy was giving shitty service it would be the supervisors duty to fire him..... then good service would be standard instead of something u do for ur bonus... fucko

1 hours later 426013202 Anonymous
As for the original question, I tip based on time and demands, with extra if they go ABCD. I don't tip for takeout - the chef is not a tipped employee anywhere I know of.

1 hours later 426013425 Anonymous
>>426012539 Delivery driving is even worse. At least waiters don't have to use their own gas to get from the kitchen to their tables.

1 hours later 426013480 Anonymous (22.jpg 449x450 122kB)
ZERO FUCKING DOLLARS nothing about someone doing their fucking job warrants them 10%-20% of the total. And if they don't get tipped guess what assholes, THEY STILL GET PAID MINIMUM FUCKING WAGE LIKE THE REST OF US BROKE ASSHOLES. You can't just not pay an employee the legal minimum wage based off of superstitions that tips will make up for the rest. I work my ass off harder than anyone ever carrying dinner plates to tables ever will, and I don't get any extra fucking pay for a "good" job. Your job is your fucking job, if you're not always doing a good job then you can expect your lazy ass to be fired. You don't need a little extra money on the side to motivate you enough to serve my table, your employer expects that from you already, as do I. Niggers

2 hours later 426013637 Anonymous
>>426012569 Leave your backwards country to come to the great land of Australia, tip someone and see how surprised they are.

2 hours later 426013650 Anonymous
Fuck you niggers. Yes, you black ass, monkeyesque, brillo-headed, moon crickets. You are some no tipping mother fuckers. Hope you enjoy the extra care we put into your food and drinks.

2 hours later 426013662 Anonymous
>>426012995 ARGUE AGAINST THIS, NECKBEARDS u fucking cant, ive eaten this arguement

2 hours later 426013682 Anonymous
fuck this shit I eat at golden corral

2 hours later 426013821 Anonymous
>>426012406 hahahah this! I was a server for a while and now a bartender and I get to talk back. I make great money giving fast consistent service. Like in many states I do not even get a pay check if my tips are high enough from claims nightly. people who don't tip i refuse to serve again and management is fine with it. If they want to be cheap I inform them there is a liquor store around the corner and they can serve themselves. Personal fav is when a guy orders a couple 12 dollar martinis for some girls and a 10 Manhattan or some such shit and leaves a dollar. I kindly hand it back to him informing him if he cant afford good service he probably needs the dollar more than I do. tl;dr people who dont tip simply dont understand what they are doing. ergo I dont serve them again or i tell them.

2 hours later 426013854 Anonymous
>>426012995 >in that case, if a guy was giving shitty service it would be the supervisors duty to fire him..... then good service would be standard instead of something u do for ur bonus... fucko Yes, that is how it works at Walmart and McDonald's. Negative reinforcement, instead of performance-based pay, is making real progress in the quality of service at those places, right? I'm sure that the next time you're trying to enjoy the experience at a fine dining establishment, you'd love to have the quality of your service dictated by a high-school drop out who's dealing with you at the level necessary not to lose his job.

2 hours later 426013892 Anonymous
I'm high right now just wanted to share that.

2 hours later 426013985 Anonymous
>>426013480 You obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about. Most states do not require minimum wage. Idiot haha

2 hours later 426014007 Anonymous
>>425997870 Anywhere from %18-%30. I work in the industry as a bus boy and I know what its like to be tipped shitty.

2 hours later 426014024 Anonymous
>>426013425 And can serve more than one customer at a time. Although it is nice when two orders show up nearby in time and space. >>426013480 But that's wrong. It's absolutely legal to do so, as long as the total including tips is above the minimum on average for a shift.

2 hours later 426014049 Anonymous
>>426000594 Their employers are legally obligated to make sure they earn minimum wage, if they don't get it in tips the employer HAS to fall in the rest

2 hours later 426014219 Anonymous
>>426014049 >Obviously has never worked in the industry. ITT people who don't tip assuming servers are paid minimum wage.

2 hours later 426014252 Anonymous
>>426013480 >You can't just not pay an employee the legal minimum wage based off of superstitions that tips will make up for the rest Never worked in the service industry, have you? In most states it is legal for employers to pay an amount below minimum wage as long as you can demonstrate that average tips will bring the pay up to at least minimum wage. Next time you have someone give you great service, just remember that his $2.50/hr, + the percentage of sales that he has to pay out as tips to the bar/hosts/whatever means that he actually spent money on you. But his job is his job, right? He should do it as well as possible, even if he has to pay for the honor of serving you.

2 hours later 426014318 Anonymous
>>426013480 Either you are a shit tier troll, or you really are the fucking nigger faggot in your pic. Waitstaff and most delivery people in the food industry don't get minimum wage. So fuck you.

2 hours later 426014364 Anonymous
>>426013662 see: >>426013854

2 hours later 426014374 Anonymous
I tip minimum 25%, even if it's shitty service, more than half the time I'll feel generous and I'll tip 50%-60%. I've never had a service-industry job, but I've had friends that do and I've seen enough crap to realize that what goes on behind the scenes would make a sane person quit. Plus some states have a bullshit wage for service industry (it's like $2.30 an hour in texas). I have a friend that's been a bartender for 20 years- he always tips 100%, because he's familiar with said BS/wages.

2 hours later 426014510 Anonymous
Nothing, work moar harder you poor faggots.

2 hours later 426014515 Anonymous
>>425999286 All the waitresses I've ever worked with mock the kind of guy who tips them for being female. Its like a moron tax. The girls intentionally give guys like you shitty service because they know youll tip them anyway. Ever wonder why they breezed right past you when your glass was empty? They saw it, they just dont give a shit, theyve already earned their money before you even sat down.

2 hours later 426014535 Anonymous
I tip because... 1- im not a nigger 2- wait staff makes shit because its a shitty job and and if you apply yourself you will rake money 3- karma is a bitch 4- i used to wait on peeps, pay them, they are worth it

2 hours later 426014572 Anonymous
nobody ever tips waiters in australia. its just the norm, ur getting paid by ur employer why the fuck do I need to give you money for a job your getting paid to do. if you do a good job il come back

2 hours later 426014581 Anonymous
>>426014252 Well said. Also ITT people who don't understand that it actually is possible for a server to lose money on you depending on tip out to busser/bartender/host.

2 hours later 426014621 Anonymous
>>426013821 >s. Yes, you black ass, monkeyesq Yea, it is that which only makes people move to another establishment.. And usually you are the reason that 9 out of 10 restaurants fail. You can stand on your principles all day long and say if you can't afford blah blah words of random bullshit. The truth is if you serve a drink that is even worse.. You pay 10$ for a drink that costs the bar 2$ And that is including the power and band.. And you get tossed 1$ for deliver that drink that took you 1 minute to make that is in essence roughly 60$ an hour.. So your saying your worth more then that? Pffft and clearly your just a greedy mother fucker.. Learn to do your job and do it well and be happy when you get tips.. That is what they are a BONUS for doing your job.. If you dont like it change jobs.. McDonalds gives minimum wage and you don't have to worry. But your not working there why? Because tips pay you more.. So bitching becuase your not getting your way and your not making 100K a year just makes you a bitch ass who is only greedy..

2 hours later 426014643 Anonymous
if the person is old i feel bad life has passed them by and they're stuck in a shitty job so i tip well if they're young i tip 20%

2 hours later 426014661 Anonymous
15-20% /thread (excluding niggers)

2 hours later 426014671 Anonymous
>>426014510 Learn to English fag.

2 hours later 426014684 Anonymous (504.jpg 530x800 213kB)
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2 hours later 426014765 Anonymous
oh and one more thing.... if she is cool and hot....hit on her... cuz if you cant score a waiteress then you cant score, stop being beta

2 hours later 426014778 Anonymous
>>426014572 Because for some reason In america it's acceptable for waitstaff to be paid less than minimum wage. >America. >Tipping after a meal >Clapping after tipping

2 hours later 426014926 Anonymous
>>426014765 Spoken like a true virgin

2 hours later 426014927 Anonymous
>>426014621 >thinks that $1/minute scales to $60/hour

2 hours later 426014952 Anonymous
0%. I shouldn't have to pay for some fucker to bring me the food or refill my water glass. Their boss pays them to do that shit, i don't

2 hours later 426014965 Anonymous (muslim.jpg 273x400 12kB)
I do not tip as it is against Shari law

2 hours later 426015002 Anonymous
tip? ahahahahahah

2 hours later 426015103 Anonymous
25-30%. 30-50% if I'm by myself.

2 hours later 426015116 Anonymous
>>426014952 This

2 hours later 426015170 Anonymous
>>426014765 Haha, I hope this is a troll. If not, any sane person with some experience in life would realize that female waitresses figure out pretty quickly that they're going to be hit on by creepy guys who can't get a girl in real life all the time. They're the most likely to be nice and flirt because it makes them money. They are the least likely to go home with you, regardless of how attractive you are, because they have every right to wonder why you don't understand that they're just paying the rent by being nice.

2 hours later 426015192 Anonymous
>>426014621 I moved to this particular bar because its one of those ones where talking back is part of the selling point... there are a few in ever major city google it. Of course when I worked as a server or in corporate restaurants I would never. Also most drinks take just about a minute to prep properly I'll give you that but $1 per drink to equal 60$ would mean im not taking orders/delivering said drinks/ cashing people out/ friendly convo with people/ answering customers questions/ cleaning as I work/ prepping as I work. Also my example said I maid 3-4 drinks. Also don't blame a bartender or server for prices. thats just stupid if you cant afford a place take your own example and go get the service from mcdonals

2 hours later 426015264 Anonymous
Ausfag, I don't tip shit.

2 hours later 426015267 Anonymous (337.jpg 680x1024 262kB)
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2 hours later 426015269 Anonymous
>>426013854 obviously walmart and mcdonalds dont have their supervisors bother to keep a high standard... idiot stop connecting the dots wrong

2 hours later 426015380 Anonymous
I'll usually leave 5-7 dollars if i eat at a restaurant, but only 2 or 3 if i order a pizza. I feel the waiter is doing much more work and giving me a better dining experience than a guy who just drives in his car to bring me food. Unless the waiter ignores me and the pizza is cold when it gets to my house. Then they get nothing. (Yes, I always check my pizza before paying.)

2 hours later 426015402 Anonymous

2 hours later 426015561 Anonymous
If I get beyond shitty service I won't tip. If I get good service I will tip $5 for a $20 meal. If its a $40 meal I tip $10. If its a $60 meal I will tip $15. If its a $80 meal I will tip $20. If its a $100 I will be puzzled why I spent so much money on food and run before paying.

2 hours later 426015601 Anonymous
Everyone in this thread who has said "go get a different job" is an idiot that has no grasp on reality.

2 hours later 426015602 Anonymous (boing.gif 200x152 190kB)
I tip 20% because I feel like it, bitch.

2 hours later 426015620 Anonymous
>>426014952 >doesn't understand how wrong they are when they say this. >good thing only 5% of americans are this ignorant >I don't get mad when foreigners dont tip.

2 hours later 426015747 Anonymous
>>426015192 Then blame the owner for your shitty tips.. 15$ for a drink means your not getting a big tip.. Blaming the patron for not wanting to spend 20$ for a drink is just stupid.. If you can't afford to make only 1$ for a tip you should clearly work for McDonalds... It goes both ways dude.. And I understand you need to do all those things.. but that is part of it.. For the 1$.. So lets break this down so we can see how greedy you really are.. You can server 1 drink per minute.. Now with that said lets say that you need to spend 1 minute every other minute preping and doing cash outs.. Now talking can't be said becuase you you talk and do your job at the same time, unless your horrible at your job.. So now that said.. 30$ and hour for servering drinks.. That is at a "piss poor" tip.. That is roughly 60K a year. And that is on the low end.. And you really want me to feel bad for you? Pfft.. Take that greedy shit else were.. Seriously..

2 hours later 426015852 Anonymous (1273848467351.jpg 400x331 32kB)
>>426015269 >obviously walmart and mcdonalds dont have their supervisors bother to keep a high standard... >idiot stop connecting the dots wrong Mmhmm, because good management is capable of keeping a high standard of service to people they only pay minimum wage, right? People who can give great service can make a living in a number of industries that pay decently. If food service went down to minimum wage, it would be competing for the same pool of workers that can't do better than Walmart and McDonald's. What bar of quality do you think the management can set for Shaniqua and her ex-con baby daddy before they leave for an easier minimum wage job? What makes you think they are going to go above and beyond the average level expected of them if they are getting paid the same, regardless? Maybe learn to connect some dots, my friend.

2 hours later 426015908 Anonymous
>>426015747 Ohh you misunderstood me I do make GREAT tips! I easily average over 20$ an hour. Plus I love my job Im saying I just don't serve cheap assholes like you.

2 hours later 426015921 Anonymous
>>426004462 they still have to claim tips, you fuckwit.

2 hours later 426015993 Anonymous
15% standard in Hat Give em at least 20% in Murrica cause restaurants might be able to give em $ 4.00 minimum wage.

2 hours later 426016027 Anonymous
i tipped 10 bucks on a 35 dollar check today is that too low too high or right on

2 hours later 426016081 Anonymous
>>426015993 Most minimum wage is $7.25.

2 hours later 426016083 Anonymous
>>426016027 High. I hope they gave you great service.

2 hours later 426016102 Anonymous
>>426015170 haha i dont troll faggot, im also not a fuckin neckbeard and i get out of my house regularly there are 2 jobs that ladies have in my experience which makes them prime for the picking.....waiteresses and nurses maybe its the inate nature of motherly love in both of those trades

2 hours later 426016125 Anonymous
Nothing because I'm Australian.

2 hours later 426016284 Anonymous
>>426016083 yeah it was really good service only time i ever stiffed a waiter is when the bitch left my drink empty for 10 mins and had her fucking phone out while taking my order

2 hours later 426016287 Anonymous
20% give or take. I always tip something, though if the service is bad I'll tip very very little.

2 hours later 426016296 Anonymous
I wait tables at a pizza joint in Hawaii...I wait on all nationalities and get stiffed by foreigners quite often...ill make about 50k after taxes this year with benefits....so overall its not a bad gig for now

2 hours later 426016331 Anonymous
>>426015561 You know, it'd be a lot faster if you just said "I tip 25% unless it was really shitty service."

2 hours later 426016337 Anonymous (440.jpg 680x1024 320kB)
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2 hours later 426016386 Anonymous (1334037473982.jpg 800x600 132kB)
Do people hold it against you if you're unemployed and can't afford to tip, and can barely afford to eat out? I don't eat out a lot and I have never had a service job, I wouldn't know. I like to go out for sushi with my girlfriend sometimes and I can barely afford my own food, and she pays for hers, but we enjoy eating out regardless. I almost feel bad about not tipping but I would tip if i could.

2 hours later 426016430 Anonymous
>>426015747 >doesn't understand how a bar works... Here's the thing, let's say I'm at my bar make $40 per hour when I make 40 drinks an hour. Average bar has a number of jobs that need to be done at once, including barbacking, making drinks for servers who need them at tables, etc., meaning there are usually 3-4 bartenders working at once, all splitting tips. That means less than $15 an hour. Also, that's busy hours. There are a number of hours where I'm making much less than that, and spend my free time changing kegs, cleaning, etc (basically still working my ass off even if I'm making $5 an hour in tips). And then there is the hour before we open while I am prepping garnishes and setting up (and have no tips), or the hour-2 hours after close where I am cleaning (and have no tips). You find me a bartender who's making 60k a year.

2 hours later 426016434 Anonymous
>>426016081 Waiters only make $2-$5 a hour. There main source of income is tips. That's why they don't make a high hourly wage.

2 hours later 426016468 Anonymous
Uh uh, I don’t tip. No, I don’t believe in it. I don’t tip because society says I have to. All right, I mean I’ll tip if someone really deserves a tipping, if they really put forth the effort, I’ll give them something extra, but I mean this tipping automatically, it’s for the birds. I mean as far as I’m concerned they’re just doing their job. They make minimum wage. I used to work minimum wage and when I did I wasn’t lucky enough to have a job that society deemed tip worthy. You know what this is? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing just for the waitresses. So if someone is working at McDonald’s you don’t feel the need to tip them do you? Well why not? They’re serving you food. But no, society says don’t tip these guys over here, but tip these guys over here. That’s bullshit. Fuck all that. I mean I’m very sorry the government taxes their tips. That’s fucked up. That ain’t my fault. I mean it would appear that waitresses are one of the many groups the government fucks in the ass on a regular basis. I mean show a piece of paper that says the government shouldn’t do that, I’ll sign it, put it to a vote, I’ll vote for it, but what I won’t do is play ball. And this non-college bullshit I got two words for that: learn to fucking type, ’cause if you’re expecting me to help out with the rent you’re in for a big fucking surprise.

2 hours later 426016480 Anonymous
>>426015852 1. i never suggested minimum wage. but sure, pay ur workers more if u want better service.... employers liability then, as it fucking should be nothing stopping the owner of a fancy place paying $15/hour for good workers....... once again ur whole arguement falls flat on its face because it has no basis of logic on the flipside, ur basically saying u get paid way more than u should for what u do and hate anyone that doesnt facilitate that via ur retarded system

2 hours later 426016530 Anonymous (growupmush.jpg 426x318 33kB)
>>426016102 You watch too many movies.

2 hours later 426016556 Anonymous
In this country we don't tip because it's up to the employer to pay the wages not the customer. Capitalism is a big fat lie.

2 hours later 426016602 Anonymous
>>426016331 Lol I was actually going to say that but I was half way done typing it by the time I reliesed it so I said fuck it and finished typing it out.

2 hours later 426016862 Anonymous
None. Australia, niggers.

2 hours later 426016880 Anonymous (Taxi-Driver-Wallpaper-1.jpg 600x338 145kB)
There's not tipping culture in my country (eurofag here). I do tip taxi drivers, especially if it's some older guy which makes his living out of it.

2 hours later 426016939 Anonymous
>>426016480 >i never suggested minimum wage. but sure, pay ur workers more if u want better service.... employers liability then, as it fucking should be >nothing stopping the owner of a fancy place paying $15/hour for good workers....... Again, the point that has been made a dozen times in this thread: if employers paid $15/hr, that would be factored into the bill, and you'd still be paying for service... but you wouldn't have a choice if you got bad service. So, you pay the same, get good service, but nobody has a reason to go above and beyond for you. Not a huge change, but one that negatively impacts the customer more than the employee. >once again ur whole arguement falls flat on its face because it has no basis of logic then tell me where it has done so... >on the flipside, ur basically saying u get paid way more than u should for what u do and hate anyone that doesnt facilitate that via ur retarded system I obviously never said that. Your reading comprehension is about as good as your spelling.

2 hours later 426016967 Anonymous
You fuckfaces should consider 15% a baseline I think. >dependent on minimum wage where you dine >>that percentage gets taxed by busboys, kitchen, house and food runners (if necessary) >>>you have to eat in a place that is classy enough to justify that employage

2 hours later 426017163 Anonymous
>>426016480 umad bro? this is an issue to some cheap people. I hope your parents raise your allowance. I like to show my appriciation for people because its polite. I like to tip well not because I have to, but because I can, and it shows I am a generous human being, which I am. Shit dawg, I even give money to charities and shit.

2 hours later 426017734 Anonymous
I generally tip %15 and i hate it doing it but i do because i dont want to get bad service in the future or feel guilty. I hate the restaraunt industry and will only go to a place where tips are expected when someone else wants to. Tip culture is shit, i think peopke should be paid a livable wage and a tip should go back to being an actual tip. I dont get tipped at my job, no matter how hard i work. The cost of the food i buy doesnt effect the workload of my server, they take just as many steps delivering the $5 burger as the $20 steak.

2 hours later 426017882 Anonymous
>>426017734 you are thinking about it wrong bud, dont think about having to do it, think about doing it because you can. You sound like the type who would not tip a door man or a cab driver. if they do you a solid, give them money, if not, be a cheap ass. that simple. money is tight, they will understand you are broke.

2 hours later 426018410 Anonymous (8bit 1080p.jpg 550x550 110kB)
>>426017734 There's a LOT more to consider than "They brought my plate of food." Were you in a fuckhuge party with 10 kids and 6 adults, all clusterfucking their orders and all talking making hearing them harder? Did you make this ridiculous specified order? Were you rude or friendly? Was the restaurant busy? Was your server swamped? Shit, sometimes you want to tip because the server just made you feel special for a minute. Then, after ALL this shit, your bill is X, so you tip 15%? There's a reason some servers don't seem to give a fuck, and it's because of shitty tippers who still demand to be treated like royalty.

2 hours later 426018751 Anonymous (Ford-Meteor.jpg 259x194 9kB)
Quick question from a naive Ausfag. When people from say Australia visit America, do you guys get pissed if we don't tip? or do you understand that we have no idea what to do?

2 hours later 426018821 Anonymous
>>426014952 >>426014965 >>426015002 this. We should make employer pay his employee not the customer. I tip 0, even when going with a full table of over 200 people i think like they should tip pay more after customer want money less.

3 hours later 426020001 Anonymous (Miley-Cyrus-Haircut-copy--385215582781360970.jpg 460x450 118kB)
>>426018410 i understand shitty tippers but not shitty servers customer service is number 1 even if u work a minimum wage no tip job ur neve gonna get a fucking tip ever at mcdonalds yen you need to smile and give the people fast courtious service, so servers have no excuse oh to fucking bad he only tipped you 2 dollars thats 2 more dollars you had 10 mins ago so quit your bitching,

3 hours later 426020849 Anonymous
Whether you like it it not, topping is a part of the American culture. By having tips, you motivate the waiters to go above and beyond the customers expectations on the service they expect in order to make above minimum wage. If they do a shit job, they see it in their tip and if they continue poor service, they get fired. If you have a set hourly wage, waiters have less incentive to give good service, at least in the USA. the only reason to not tip is if the food/service was unacceptably bad. That being said, I generally tip around 15%, 20% it more if it's great, and nothing if it was shit.

3 hours later 426021706 Anonymous
>>426014572 From my experience, restaurants are usually more expensive in Australia than in the USA. I did an exchange program outside of Sydney and the meals were generally 40-60% than I would have paid for the same meal in the states. That's why they can afford to pay their employees well and not require a tip. Also, just a general question. who else besides niggers give shitty tips?

3 hours later 426022498 Anonymous
ITT: Cheap niggers

3 hours later 426023214 Anonymous
TIP culture, lets switch gears for a minute ...Thoughts on tipping strippers and escorts? Me, I wont go into a strip club unless I can actually tip around 10-15$ for the girls on stage. Now, for lapdances...I give an extra $5, but really feel like I shouldnt. Anyone get away with tipping 0 for lapdances? Escorts, I havent done that yet..but I'm curious to see if anyone has dealt with upselling or 'asked for a tip' oh and amerifag here

3 hours later 426023348 Anonymous
If I had money I would tip hundreds of dollars but unfortunately I'm one of the poorfags that gets the $2 dollar shit from denny's. Inb4 don't bother eating at restaurants.

3 hours later 426023408 Anonymous (1347516590376.jpg 596x381 38kB)
>>426008479 what the fuck is wrong with you?

4 hours later 426023635 Anonymous
>>425998586 says who? the industry can shove a dozen and one dicks up their assholes

4 hours later 426023789 Anonymous
I tip 5 dollars no matter what. Buy yourself a big mac and shove it up your ass bitch.

4 hours later 426024298 Anonymous
today $2 tip for $7 of coffee usually 5-6 for a ~$35 meal

4 hours later 426025658 Anonymous (384300_385680831503414_1009283274_n.jpg 314x382 19kB)
>afw (americans face when) i return tips to americans because i live in a country where restaurants and bars actually pay thier staff, instead of relying on the charity of strangers

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