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"Hey daddy! Read this!" From: jeffyiloveyou@yahoo.com To: slenderhugs@hotmail.com Hey daddy! I killed two boys and one Dog yesterday! I'll tell you how it was: There was a boy sleeping alone in his house because his parents went in a adults-only party. He had a Dog. He woke up and he was thirsty. And he said: "Man, i need to drink something... Let's go to the kitchen drink some water!" He went to the kitchen and drinked some water. When he was going back to the bed he saw me. He said: "Wow! Who the fuck are you?!" And i said: "The fuck who am i? I am Jeff, the Killer! But you can call me Jeffy." He said: "The fuck... Go away! HELP ME! HEEEELP!" And then i said: "Sssssh! Go to sleep!" He asked his Dog help: "Bigou! Do something1 Kill the killer!" And the Beagle was like: "Barf?!" The boy said: "The fuck am i doing... I'll call my friend! He has a Beagle too." "Hello? Is this Serp?" "Oh, yeah. This is Serp." "This is Sam. Come to my house now! There's no time to explain!" "Ok..." "..." Much time later the boy's friend came to Sam's house. He was with his Beagle too. "Sam, why did you cal- OH MY GOD!" - He said - "Is this Jeff the Killer?! Let's fuse our Dogs!" "FUUUUUUUUSIOOOOON!" And the Beagles got fused. They turned into something super called "Mecha Beagle". I picked the knife in the kitchen, pointed to the boys and said "Sssssh! Go to sleep!" And i killed, murdered, and ate the two boys and the Dogs. I hope you're proud of me, daddy. I hope i could hug you once more. With love, Jeffy.

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