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2012-09-13 11:50 425012431 Anonymous (blackman with.jpg 365x480 40kB)
alright you have 10 seconds to prove you are asian

1 min later 425012642 Anonymous
i eat rice every day

2 min later 425012771 Anonymous (Jackie_chan_300.jpg 300x340 36kB)
i dont want trabble

2 min later 425012801 Anonymous
ahcoccadow VC

3 min later 425012847 Anonymous
raff you foors raff

3 min later 425012858 Anonymous
I practise cello daily.

3 min later 425012943 Anonymous
I wear 3 1/4 lenght shorts and huge sneakers and baggy t shirts despite weighing 80 pounds ~DESU

4 min later 425013009 Anonymous (2571138-jackie_chan_facepalm_5618_super.jpg 500x319 19kB)
>>425012771 trabble awerted

4 min later 425013010 Anonymous (hankeyes.jpg 115x71 3kB)
Why would I want to be Asian? I'm white.

4 min later 425013046 Anonymous

4 min later 425013115 Anonymous
i have a 5 inch penis

5 min later 425013192 Anonymous

5 min later 425013245 Anonymous (RoughOnRatsChinaMan[1].jpg 373x512 122kB)
I'm lacist

5 min later 425013275 Anonymous

6 min later 425013383 Anonymous
>>425012431 i have a small penis

7 min later 425013440 Anonymous
you have 10 seconds to name things that arn't jackie chan.

7 min later 425013481 Anonymous (69275-27939.png 320x240 87kB)
Like I said, I'm good with calculations

7 min later 425013503 Anonymous (1265522542912.jpg 298x296 12kB)
>>425012431 whenever someone calls me a gook, my first instinct is to correct them and let them know im not vietnamese

8 min later 425013625 Anonymous
>>425013275 I believe you mean roundeyes A-

8 min later 425013649 Anonymous
>>425013503 Gook means Korean you fucking jew,

8 min later 425013653 Anonymous
i can math

10 min later 425013910 Anonymous
I'm good at kung foo and mathematics.

10 min later 425013997 Anonymous
>>425013649 No it doesn't. It was slang the originally referred to Filipino prostitutes. It was a popular racial slur to refer to the Vietnamese during the war between the US and Vietnam. I've never heard it used to refer to Koreans.

10 min later 425014006 Anonymous
One of my white friends pointed out to me that the new Karate Kid movie was about a Chinese teaching Chinese martial arts in China. I guess he thought I'd be as offended as he was.

12 min later 425014308 Anonymous
Big in head, small in body.

13 min later 425014448 Anonymous
>>425013649 >In the U.S., "gook" refers most particularly to Communist soldiers in the context of the Vietnam War. faggot

13 min later 425014471 Anonymous
My father wirr onry speak to me when I doctor

13 min later 425014554 Anonymous
>>425013997 It's from the Korean campaign you fool. Open your slanty fucking eyes panface and stop believing everything you read in Wikipedia.

14 min later 425014695 Anonymous
>>425014554 No it isn't. It predates the Korean war.

15 min later 425014834 Anonymous
my mom forced me to learn violin, piano and flute since i was 6

15 min later 425014838 Anonymous
>>425014695 Prove it then gook

15 min later 425014905 Anonymous
even asians want to be white, what is the point of this?

16 min later 425014968 Anonymous
My APM is 300

16 min later 425015072 Anonymous
>>425012431 ching chong it means I love you

17 min later 425015134 Anonymous
I can solve the most complex math equations as a nuclear scientist..... yet I rear end my mailbox everyday after 20 years of driving

17 min later 425015138 Anonymous (Angrasian.jpg 313x313 37kB)
I made sudoku's last night for my own amusement and to impress another Asian girl.

17 min later 425015242 Anonymous
>>425014838 http://www.archive.org/stream/slangitsanalogue03farmuoft/slangitsanalogue03farmuoft_djvu.txt "Slang And It's Analogs" by John S. Farmer and W. E. Henley Printed in 1893. Checkmate, dipshit.

18 min later 425015268 Anonymous
i call white people charlie and round eyes

18 min later 425015294 Anonymous
chang ching chong lel

18 min later 425015401 Anonymous
>>425014554 >"Gook /ˈɡʊk/ is a derogatory term for East Asians which came to prominence in reference to enemy soldiers.[1] U.S. Marines serving in the Philippines in the early 20th century used the word to refer to Filipinos.[1] The term continued to be used by American soldiers stationed around the world to refer to non-Americans.[2][3] It acquired its current status as a racial slur at the time of the Vietnam War (1959–1975).[4]" Troll harder, faggot

18 min later 425015405 Anonymous
>>425015134 i suck at driving too

19 min later 425015427 Anonymous
When I raff, I ruse.

19 min later 425015521 Anonymous
i have a calculator in my hand at this moment

20 min later 425015641 Anonymous
>>425013115 too big, im callin bs

20 min later 425015683 Anonymous
i love rice

21 min later 425015752 Anonymous
>>425014838 Oh shit, and I found this! http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/421206931.html?dids=421206931:421206931&FMT=CITE& FMTS=CITE:AI&date=Aug+06,+1950&author=&pub Note the use of the word "revive", as in brought back. As in, previously existed. Man, you must feel so fucking stupid.

21 min later 425015781 Anonymous
you rike beyabrade?

21 min later 425015804 Anonymous
my father will never be proud of me because I got one A- in med school. I bring shame to my famiry. I'm so ronery

21 min later 425015808 Anonymous
ching ching chong

21 min later 425015818 Anonymous
I play starcraft

24 min later 425016201 Anonymous
im currently in my college house with 6 other people...and i own the only pair of chopsticks my best grades in school have consistently been math/science my facial hair grows really patchy although ive never shaved my arms ever, there is little to no hair on them cmon niggers are you even trying?

24 min later 425016204 Anonymous
i don`t shave my genitalia

24 min later 425016257 Anonymous (1cc3c55e46b044c13749c39e1814555c_14489146.jpg 450x338 115kB)
yeah, white girls are hot.

24 min later 425016281 Anonymous
I desperately hope my rational thought process, hand-to-hand combat skills, 5 languages, ability to play 3 instrument, and my sense of humor makes up for my disproportionately sized penis.

24 min later 425016350 Anonymous
i farm gold to sell in mmos

25 min later 425016420 Anonymous
my cawk is only 6.5 inches

26 min later 425016639 Anonymous
>>425016420 >only 6.5 inches >using imperial >thinks 6.5 is small Confirmed for weeaboo nigger

26 min later 425016642 Anonymous

29 min later 425017089 Anonymous
10 seconds? why not 5?

35 min later 425017943 Anonymous
>>425016639 funny thing is i'm actually 7 inches but i thought 6 inches was average for asians...

37 min later 425018193 Anonymous
I took correge revel carcurus tests at five year old.

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