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2012-09-13 11:50 425012357 Anonymous (eve-ships.jpg 4096x3200 1686kB)
I've got 21-day free trials of Eve to give away. All I need is an e-mail address, and you'll get your trial link. Easy. Of course you can get 14-day trials on your own. And I will get a reward if you actually subscribe. It's not a scam, we both win. I'd even be willing to offer some help once you get in game, my username will be with the invite.

6 min later 425013274 Anonymous
Best MMO ever. Do it up.

7 min later 425013491 Anonymous
shit why not leapinglizard_90@hotmail.com

9 min later 425013678 Anonymous
once you get in just remember to post user api in thread

10 min later 425013818 Anonymous
>>425013491 Wa-bam!

10 min later 425013921 Anonymous
>>425013678 Why?

11 min later 425013983 Anonymous (377.jpg 680x1024 188kB)
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11 min later 425014073 Anonymous
>>425013818 the username didnt come with the invite :O

13 min later 425014315 Anonymous
>>425012357 Neb?

13 min later 425014413 Anonymous
>>425014073 You sure? Should be in the e-mail somewhere.

14 min later 425014516 Anonymous
>>425014315 Neb?

14 min later 425014523 Anonymous
If anyone is itnerested in something that they can earn pretty easy money in, fairly quickly, I've got a bit of a mining operation going, and can tell you all about being a care bare.

17 min later 425015052 Anonymous
>>425014523 Mining? Fuck no, the quick way into cash is ninja salvaging.

18 min later 425015225 Anonymous
Give me some.

18 min later 425015289 Anonymous
>>425015052 lol ninja salvaging. I don't even salvage, at a certain point it's faster to just burn missions.

21 min later 425015718 Anonymous
Lunarcheese72@hotmail.com why the fuck not

21 min later 425015736 Anonymous
>>425015289 It all really depends on your sp. With a week old account you can make much more isk ninja salvaging that just doing missions. Sure, you can just run level 4s yourself, but that takes a lot of time to get up to.

23 min later 425016070 Anonymous
>>425015718 Sentzilla

27 min later 425016754 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1599x900 1506kB)

30 min later 425017150 Anonymous
>>425016754 I get all giddy whenever I scan a Mach down. I imagine myself taking baths in all the tritanium bars....

39 min later 425018371 Anonymous
Sorry if you guys got an invite twice, derpy firefox refreshing.

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