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2012-09-19 07:31 425995946 Anonymous (1347155828395.jpg 4000x2667 1176kB)
ITT: You socialist fucks explain to me the difference between you giving my hard earned money to lazy niggers and you giving my hard earned money to lazy niggers (welfare and wealth redistribution).

1 min later 425996136 Anonymous
I only live once and I want free shit. If I can do that by voting and forcing you rich faggots to pay my bills, you can sure as shit count on my doing it. Now do you understand? Fuck you. You're in it for yourself, I'm in it for myself. And now Obama's in it for me. All your monies are belong to me. Deal with it faggot.

2 min later 425996305 Anonymous (1348002502728.jpg 360x480 66kB)
>>425996136 That's what I thought, lazy niggers. Unreal.

4 min later 425996557 Anonymous
Because Jesus is a socialist.

4 min later 425996703 Anonymous
>>425995946 There is no difference because you said the same literal thing twice you wise-ass.

5 min later 425996871 Anonymous
>>425996305 I'm not lazy, I just want your dollars. All my poorfag friends are of the same mind. We all live once, so why should you be rich and I'm not? I have the same vote as you, so fuck you pay me... bitch.

6 min later 425996898 Anonymous (1347236200162.jpg 640x480 37kB)
>>425996557 So... Christfags unite under the nigger Muslim flag? Dafuq?

9 min later 425997441 Anonymous (fap.png 300x300 25kB)
>>425996305 MOAR!!!

15 min later 425998405 Anonymous (1347904651725.jpg 750x713 110kB)
>>425996703 That's my understanding of the two terms listed in the original statement (welfare and wealth redistribution) but it seems some people think they are not the same thing. >>425996871 There's a good parable about a professor who's students thought socialism is the way the world should run. The professor graded that class based on the same principles of socialism. The first test he averaged all the grades (wealth redistribution) and as a class everyone received a C. The smart kids were outraged and the retards were pleased. The second test scores were averaged as a D. The smart kids weren't trying as hard and the retards thought they could get a passing grade without studying. The third test and all following were fails because without receiving rewards for their efforts the smart people (rich people) stopped trying, dropped the class, etc. tl;dr socialism doesn't work.

19 min later 425999276 Anonymous (20120917_212207.jpg 2048x1232 1396kB)
I'm going to bump until I get an answer that doesn't involve being a lazy nigger or some hipster bullshit about loving thy fellow man. Pic somewhat related, it's what I are for dinner last night.

21 min later 425999748 Anonymous (1347270504670.jpg 500x451 121kB)

21 min later 426000107 Anonymous
>>425995946 as a current receiver of food stamps (not a lazy nigger, I have a fucking job) I feel like you shouldn't knock the system because you may someday need it.

21 min later 426000119 Anonymous (finalcreeper.jpg 1920x1200 817kB)

25 min later 426000986 Anonymous
>>425998405 That metaphorical situation isn't proof socialism doesn't work. Also, it's based on intelligence, when rich people aren't as intelligent. Proof of this. I am as smart as any wealthy person. I am knowingly using my voting power to take their money to improve their life. There is not a god damn thing they can do about it since they agreed to the social contract of living in this country and being taxed. Poorfags like me: smart Richfags whining: dumb Like it or not, we are smart enough to see an opportunity, and so we're taking this opportunity to get paid. TLDR: fuck you, pay us

28 min later 426001295 Anonymous (1347237332092.jpg 1200x800 228kB)
>>426000107 It's a temporary fix to a temporary problem and should not be viewed as a way to make a living. I've been homeless, on welfare once and unemployment for two months because I couldn't find a job that would pay for my talents. I sucked it up, took a job as a gas station attendant and kept applying everywhere. I ended up working construction during the day and pumps at night until I got hired on as a government contractor. Now I make $36.82/hr and work 70+ hour weeks. Why are you entitled to my money?

29 min later 426001545 Anonymous
>>425995946 I only want to know one thing: Where the fuck was that picture taken?

31 min later 426001748 Anonymous (1347235818652.jpg 560x420 172kB)
>>426000986 Proof that socialism doesn't work: Russia. Proof that you're not as smart as rich people: you're voting to take away the only incentive people in the USA have to work hard or seek higher learning, the final result of which will be people who want to work hard finding another country to do it in.

32 min later 426001913 Anonymous
>>426000986 no, it's not proof that socialism "doesn't work." now, when you say "doesn't work," i take that to mean that it never works, under any circumstance. no one can say that this is actually true, obviously, because we haven't tried socialism in every circumstance. what the parable does illustrate very effectively is what HAS ACTUALLY happened up til now in our experiments with Socialism: eventually, there's an overall reduction in quality as the system meant to bring the low up only brings the high down.

34 min later 426002196 Anonymous
>>425995946 sauce on OPs girl? or know where the set is?

34 min later 426002224 Anonymous (WealthPerceptionVsReality.jpg 1000x750 213kB)
>>425995946 >welfare and wealth redistribution

34 min later 426002248 Anonymous (1347047890048.jpg 1000x1244 199kB)
>>426001748 If I knew I'd help you out.

37 min later 426002618 Anonymous
Because those "niggers" makes the big macs you oh so desire... Fat faggot. Do you understand how the economy works??

38 min later 426002750 Anonymous
>>426002224 Not gonna fact check; but if (true) {The 1% are pretty generous. LOL. *Points at 99% and lol*}

39 min later 426002846 Anonymous (1347950018687.png 237x251 73kB)
>>426002224 >>426002224 Lol poor people.

39 min later 426002903 Anonymous (1346824100761.jpg 500x340 29kB)
>>426002224 That's wealth distribution, jackass. >>426001913 It's human nature to want more. You said it yourself, bring the low up. If you bring the high down, they'll find somewhere else to go. In a perfect world we wouldn't need money and nobody would get mad and we would all be 11/10. This is not a perfect world. We are not perfect beings. Socialism does not work.

43 min later 426003413 Anonymous (fullpotato.jpg 450x373 128kB)
>>426002903 >That's wealth distribution, jackass. >Implying the perceived,desired, and actual distributions are irrelevant to wealth redistribution

44 min later 426003461 Anonymous
I support it just because it makes assholes like Op mad.

48 min later 426003953 Anonymous (1346808080390.jpg 1206x1500 315kB)
>>426003413 Wealth redistribution would be everyone making the same amount of money regardless of effort, right? So actual distribution of funds would be irrelevant. >>426003461 I'm not mad, just confused how many people think that this is a good idea.

49 min later 426004180 Anonymous
>>426002903 please tell me that's not a bunk bed.

50 min later 426004194 Anonymous (TooStupid.gif 400x276 78kB)
>>426003953 >Wealth redistribution would be everyone making the same amount of money regardless of effort, right?

52 min later 426004479 Anonymous (tax%201.jpg 390x320 54kB)
if you do well enough, there are people that avoid all the taxation garbage on a tropical island

53 min later 426004580 Anonymous (1346824608524.jpg 600x435 22kB)
>>426004194 Look, you're trolling the untrollable. >>426004180 Yes, it's a pic related.

57 min later 426005098 Anonymous
>>426001913 Parables don't prove or illustrate shit. Parables aren't based on fact. Parables are your desperate way of trying to keep your scrooge mcduck coins. Too fucking bad. We're voting to take your money. Nothing you can do about it. You can pay us, or the IRS can buttfuck you and take your mansion. Richfags pay up, we want dolla dolla bill yo.

58 min later 426005197 Anonymous
>>426004479 I don't mind paying taxes for government programs. I do mind paying taxes for lazy niggers who are capable of working but choose not to and live their entire lives on my money.

59 min later 426005376 Anonymous (1335933713147.jpg 680x309 32kB)
Op, there are many forms of welfare dipshit. Most of the people getting checks are old white grandmothers on disability and trailer trash. Niggers only make up 13% of the United State's population. Only a small portion of that 13% live in government housing. http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/00000.html The other form of welfare is corporate welfare. I remember when Dell got millions of Dollars to come to Greensboro, NC. http://triangle.news14.com/content/capital_tonight/capital_tonight_blog/656778/economic-incentives-a -controversial-tool-to-help-attract-jobs And then there is defense contractors. Boeing has a parts plant in EVERY congressional district. That's just one example of the control this corporations have. The influence this lobby has over spending in congress basically amounts to legalized corruption. Here is an example of a company getting money to build something the Pentagon didn't even want. http://rt.com/usa/news/congress-pentagon-defense-general-521/ Stop watching Fox News dipshit.

1 hours later 426005449 Anonymous
>>426005098 Parables actually do illustrate. That's their function. They may not be facts themselves, but are fact based in most cases, in that one specifically.

1 hours later 426005876 Anonymous
1. "your hard earned money" you live in a State that provides shit to you. ie; water, sewer, no bombs raining, schools. etc. You pay for this shit. 2. Once you decide to live in this State the % of money they take from you is no longer your money. It's their cash. Something you might like better is a Totalitarian government. That might be more up your alley.

1 hours later 426006159 Anonymous
>>426005376 13% of the population and they collect 40% of the welfare. Holy shit, are you really so stupid as to think that's not a problem?

1 hours later 426006353 Anonymous
>>426006159 >40% of the welfare they do not. That is a flat out lie. The vast majority of welfare goes to medicare. Your statics leave out those figures. Include those figures and you'll discover that it's old white people who are mooching off the government. Go read a book idiot.

1 hours later 426006616 Anonymous (US-MEXICO-BORDER-FENCE.jpg 800x531 74kB)
>>426005876 I pay for water, sewer, and private schools for my daughter. I pay federal taxes to deter bomb rain. How, exactly, would a totalitarian government help me at all? That's a move in the opposite direction from the one I want.

1 hours later 426006803 Anonymous
Nobody owes you an explanation for what you're too Goddamn stupid to figure out. But that's really the problem isn't it? You're too stupid to manage your life in a way that doesn't hurt others, so the government has to do it for you. There, the answer is because you're an idiot. Hope this helped OP.

1 hours later 426007073 Anonymous
>>426000986 >here is not a god damn thing they can do about it since they agreed to the social contract of living in this country and being taxed. can you please explain how did they agree to that social contract? is that agreement voluntary? when did they agree? etc...

1 hours later 426007084 Anonymous (1346256244634.jpg 1200x800 274kB)
>>426006353 You're adding in medicare and social security that those old white people paid taxes their entire lives so they would have a secure future. I'm talking about actual welfare. State aid. Something you nuggets receive that you did not work for and do not pay taxes toward. Of that, niggers receive 39.8% while whites receive around 38.7%. This is a HUGE disparity since there are only 13% niggers.

1 hours later 426007238 Anonymous (Rednecks-3.jpg 450x321 122kB)
>>426007084 again. you are being mislead. pic related

1 hours later 426007240 Anonymous (sarkozy.png 163x199 63kB)
Because white people and their jewish money masters have been attempting to conquer the world since the dawn of civilization. We socialists are just giving you white folk what you people so badly lust for (the world......niggers included) Till your Cups Overfloweth

1 hours later 426007309 Anonymous (1346175417953.jpg 560x823 81kB)
>>426007073 He's just trying to troll. Unsuccessfully, but he gets points for persistence.

1 hours later 426007367 Anonymous
>>426005098 if we want a scholarly proof of why socialism (as explained by marx/engels) is not feasible in the long run we can just read menger or von mises

1 hours later 426007578 Anonymous
>>426007073 Doesn't matter, it's a Democracy and votes are what count. You richfags are so few and so privileged, you lack voting power. We have the voting power, so pay us, bitch. It's a new millenium and we're taking back the wealth bitch.

1 hours later 426007646 Anonymous
>>426007240 have you ever robbed someone in order to give the loot to others? have you ever put into jail someone who did not consent that robbery? if you haven't done so, would you consent of others doing it 'in your name'? if you are going to be robbed (property and money), would you try to resist if you think it was possible or cost-beneficial at all for you?

1 hours later 426007651 Anonymous (1346175641007.gif 250x186 1007kB)
How so? It's a fucking fact, and it doesn't even factor in section 8/ HUDD.

1 hours later 426007748 Anonymous (0778956.jpg 518x388 70kB)
>>426006616 Well, pay some more money on taxes then, nigger. You pay the gov to keep you protected (or what-not) those are taxes. This tax money can be spent on what ever the gov wants to spend it on. It is no longer yours. The only money that you have any say on is your cash after taxes. And I am sure none of that goes to your gov. You pay for what you get. You don't pay for welfare. The gov does, albeit, it's your tax dollars, but you gave that to them. You have no say in how they spend their(your) money.

1 hours later 426007825 Anonymous
Today you learn... >>http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo 39 percent of welfare recipients are white, 37 percent are black, and 17 percent are Hispanic.

1 hours later 426007861 Anonymous
>>426007578 the point of trolling, the last time i checked, was to engage in conversations first, which you haven't done at all with your last message. you are just monologuing in a lacanian manner, which is a '2/10 try harder' thing

1 hours later 426008016 Anonymous
last year more Latino babies were born in murrica then white babies murrica is the "new Mexico"

1 hours later 426008163 Anonymous
>>426007748 >You pay the gov to keep you protected (or what-not) those are taxes. how do you know that? from who are they allegedly protecting you? if you feel yourself already protected without their 'protection' (ie, you do not need the 'service' they offer), how come you just can not pay taxes?

1 hours later 426008528 Anonymous
I'm with you OP. Here's what turned me off from socialism and stupid shit policies like it. >Have liberal mother >Used to believe rich people should pay more taxes, etc. since it "was more fair" >Be in woodshop class in high school because why the fuck not? >Be building. >Known for being "very skilled" in class (mainly because I use common sense and I'm being compared to the most retarded dumbfucks in the school). >One day, teacher pulls me aside and says: >"You're very good at building things, but it's making the other students feel inadequate. I'm going to have to ask you to tone down your skills." >fuckthatshit.jpg >Get graded harder for the rest of the year.

1 hours later 426008581 Anonymous
>>426007825 http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/L-welfareblack.htm Corrected for link. Not that you care. Insulting niggers gets trolling results.

1 hours later 426008626 Anonymous
>>426007646 A. If I ever choose to rob someone I aint no fucking way I'm giving anything away for free...especially if it's not family.Yeah I'm not much of a humanitarian I know that. It's a cross I bare. It's OK for people to steal, especially from their enemies....and everyone has their enemies. And yes if I was getting robbed I'd fight tooth n nail for my posessions...mind you just my own posessions not someone else's. Yeah I'm not much of a humanitarian I know. Yeah I'm not much of a humanitarian I know. Jesus baby cry makes.

1 hours later 426008841 Anonymous
>>426007825 Even if those numbers are correct, only 13% of the populous is black, meaning that as a whole 13% of the population absorbs 39% of the welfare. This is a problem. The rest of the money goes to white niggers (in most cases) but niggers just the same.

1 hours later 426008980 Anonymous
>>426005876 >this guys Seriously, I can't believe people are so retarded to think all the things that make our standard of living so high are free (water, sanitation, transportation, a great police/military force, affordable health care).

1 hours later 426008987 Anonymous
>>426008626 >And yes if I was getting robbed I'd fight tooth n nail for my posessions... so you wouldn't be surprised if someone reacted much in the same manner were you going to rob him/her, or if others did rob him/her 'in your name', i guess also, can you give examples of how have you fought tooth n nail in order not to get robbed by taxes (direct or indirect ones)? it is always useful to learn some escapism techniques...

1 hours later 426009150 Anonymous
>>425995946 You capitalist fucks explain to me the difference between you giving my hard earned money to lazy CEOs and you giving my hard earned money to lazy CEOs (corporate welfare and taxes).

1 hours later 426009296 Anonymous
>>426008987 Then I guess it's a question of how smart or dumb you are...making it easier to steal your shit. And how badly I want to take your shit from you.....which is pretty badly at the moment I mite also add.

1 hours later 426009309 Anonymous
>>426005876 yeah, the fb founder who got singaporean nationality one year before fb went public... was called by his former govmt. (ie, the usa) to pay what he owed IN RETROSPECT also, millions of non-usa citizens have been already killed by the usa... and those did not even have the 0legal right' to protest the usa govmt. or 'vote to change' or shit

1 hours later 426009513 Anonymous
>how do you know that? I don't. I assume that they'll maintain the roads, water and land because they live there too. from who are they allegedly protecting you? It was more of a metaphor, but they would allegedly be protecting me from you. I'm kidding, but all the services you've come to expect in the free world. if you feel yourself already protected without their 'protection' (ie, you do not need the 'service' they offer), how come you just can not pay taxes? Because they own us.

1 hours later 426009519 Anonymous
>>426008581 You should go to the bottom my the page and check the dates on those sources. 1990-1992. You're using a twenty year old citation. Mine was from 2007, but it's the most recent easily available.

1 hours later 426009523 Anonymous
>>426009296 >it's a question of how smart or dumb you are >And how badly I want to take your shit from you.....which is pretty badly at the moment I mite also add. wow, you are just being very sincere with all of us. i hope you one day get to be one of those 'smart' guys who has already a cushion of robbed things (eg, a unionized public teacher), so that you don't look like the 'dumb' one that can't rob effectively

1 hours later 426009632 Anonymous
>>426009513 >if you feel yourself already protected without their 'protection' (ie, you do not need the 'service' they offer), how come you just can not pay taxes? >Because they own us. wat? and who owns the guys that taxes 'us'?

1 hours later 426009758 Anonymous
>>426009632 >guys that taxes guys that tax*

1 hours later 426009890 Anonymous
>>426009150 They create and maintain jobs in the USA. They can have a little extra.

1 hours later 426009892 Anonymous
>>426009309 >Implying USA is a nation. What I propose for us little guys to do is assemble a diplomatic mission to North Korea...buy from the Kim Jong Il family a nuclear rocket, disassemble it,smuggle it into US, lauch it not far from the pentagon....right smack in the center of the pentagon...cheer the mushroom cloud as if it's 9/11 all over again. Followed by message flooding to washington LEAVE US BE, OR WE'LL DO IT AGAIN!

1 hours later 426010508 Anonymous
>>426009892 I would love for a little revolution to hit in the USA. Everyone that lived within 5 blocks of my house would be dead in an hour and DC would see that the American people who matter are truly pissed. All this socialism would go away and we could turn the USA back in to a profitable enterprise.

1 hours later 426010679 Anonymous (1342727235171.gif 647x800 400kB)
>>426009632 >>426009758 That is an excellent question. Anyone?

1 hours later 426010884 Anonymous
>>426009758 YOU own the tax man. Government employees work for the citizens. We need fewer of them and more people who are actually willing to work for their money. Arts degrees don't cut it niggers. Science, engineering, and labor. There are plenty of those jobs available.

1 hours later 426011117 Anonymous
>>426010679 That's a Russian graphic, used to turn it's people away from capitalism. How well did the socialist model work out for them? What about yurop?

1 hours later 426011137 Anonymous (images.jpg 305x165 6kB)
Margaret Thatcher was correct in stating that socialism works until you run out of other people's money. Or more generally by Bastiat, "Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

1 hours later 426011405 Anonymous
>>426009890 LMFAO. They don't create jobs. The people buying the companies products and services do. They're just middle men. And they've got 75% of the wealth in this country, for doing basically nothing except sitting in an AC cooled office while those "lazy" poor work 50 and 60 hour weeks picking fruit or other back breaking manual labor. But those empty suits deserve even more money? No, FUCK THAT. The working class does all the heavy lifting, we should get to keep the money WE EARN.

1 hours later 426011478 Anonymous (1346066126074.jpg 450x360 28kB)
>>426011137 Very true.

1 hours later 426011571 Anonymous
>>426011117 Russians weren't socialists. Nor were they Communists. They were fascists.

1 hours later 426011652 Anonymous
>>425999276 crooked picture retard. argument invalid.

1 hours later 426011897 Anonymous
>>426011405 You receive what you work for, nothing more, nothing less. Those empty suits have the education and foresight to create sustainable corporations that need workers. Yes, they create jobs. Yes, they deserve what they're paid.

1 hours later 426012138 Anonymous (1237616611352_zip.4chan.org.jpg 150x107 3kB)
With that chart of Capitalism you should replace it with the functional chart of Communism. At the top you have the Communist Idea. Then you have the dictator. Then you have the generals. Then you have their police and military. Then you have the party-members and officials. Then you have the normal people. And as a bonus, then you have the dissenters below all of them in prison camps. COMMUNISM NUMBER ONE

1 hours later 426012183 Anonymous
>>426011652 It's not crooked. I make so much cash gravity is off 90* in my house.

1 hours later 426012228 Anonymous (sit-down-money.jpg 400x398 86kB)

2 hours later 426012384 Anonymous
>>426011897 If they could create their own jobs I would agree with you, but they don't. They create many corporations and stand by the profitable ones only. troll harder

2 hours later 426012407 Anonymous
I'm not a socialist, so I don't know if I'm qualified to answer, but welfare is a specific application of wealth redistribution intended to provide temporary subsistence level income to those who are likely to inflict a greater tax burden just by being poor.

2 hours later 426012616 Anonymous
Canadafag here. I'll explain. The reason USA has lazy niggers is because they are so economically fucked they don't bother working. In Canada, along with Scandinavial, we ensure people all have a relatively comfy economic base. In turn, those people generally work hard to get off welfare and in turn become contributing members of society, as there are a huge number of social programs that allow them to integrate well, and class distinctions aren't extreme in the least. Personally, I come from a middle/upper-middle class family, 8 months away from becoming a lawyer. I don't mind paying higher taxes, though, as I know that the coin goes towards keeping the poorest people dry (and thus off the streets where they prowl around for cars to bust into) and ultimately that serves the rich as well. It keeps crime low and everyone comfy, and in turn we all prosper. In short, the reason socialism is shit in Latin America and Eastern Europe is because those places are poor and corrupt to begin with. In rich and accountable countries, it's a god-tier way of doing business.

2 hours later 426012750 Anonymous
>>426011897 You're a fucking moron. The vast majority of people make pennies on the dollar of what they produce, but you keep to that you earn what you work for bullshit. The majority of the wealthy in this country inherited it from parents who worked hard. It's really easy to have the education and sustainable corporations when both are handed to you as a function of who's vagina you pop'd out of. You need to move back to the real world faggot.

2 hours later 426013073 Anonymous
>>426012407 I hate the idea of welfare, redistribution of wealth, and socialism, but your statement intrigues me. Can you elaborate?

2 hours later 426013259 Anonymous (iq.gif 480x270 438kB)
This is so cute... Q: What happens when 'richfags' decide they've had it with your shit and move themselves - and their money - out of your country? A: Your shit collapses like a flan in a cupboard. Checkmate, welfarewhores.

2 hours later 426013440 Anonymous
>>426012750 If you assume that someone who works at a machine all day in a large organization and has 50 widgets pass through their hands has a net product of 50 widgets you're a moron who ignores the value of machines and planning. Parents who worked hard earned the right to have their money go to whatever damn cause they want. If that cause is children, so be it. You aren't involved in that, not your problem.

2 hours later 426013565 Anonymous (born mad.jpg 600x480 107kB)
Thanks for paying taxes, guys! That last shift you worked just bought me a case of beer. But can you get back to work, please? I'd really like some weed and a bag of chips to go with it.

2 hours later 426013616 Anonymous
>>426012750 I work hard to secure my daughter's future. What's wrong with that, exactly? I pay for special lessons and private schools because public schools don't cut it. I expect to leave her a large sum when I die, it's currently around $780k. Is there something wrong with that? I'm confused, your parents were lazy niggers so you expect me and mine to pay for your future because we don't deserve what we worked for?

2 hours later 426013997 Anonymous
>>426013616 I personally disapprove of how you spend your wealth, but recognize your right to do it.

2 hours later 426014029 Anonymous
Because America (capitalist) = shithole and Norway (socialist) = most developed country in the world. umad faggot?

2 hours later 426014107 Anonymous
is this thread full of trolls, or do people really believe all this propaganda? Cossacks sit the fuck down. Welfare fraud and exploitation exist. The moment we don't want CEOs to be billionaires, we can pull the plug by not buying their shit. Whining doesn't solve anything, but it could easily get us an economic system where we can't eject our plutocrats at any moment we choose. Either drink the kool-aid or don't buy anything corporate. Neo-cons sit the fuck down. It costs money to keep poor people. It would cost an unbelievable amount of money to get rid of them all. It costs quite a bit of money to sort out the ones that are real assholes - in fact, it costs more to find them than it does to just pay up. So quit whining, pay up, and be glad we don't send them to you personally.

2 hours later 426014346 Anonymous
>>425995946 HEY OP source of pic plz. thanks!

2 hours later 426014508 Anonymous
>>426014346 Sorry, don't have it. Maybe tin eye or google image search? I'm on my phone or I'd do it for you.

2 hours later 426014656 Anonymous
>>426014107 You realize neocons support the welfare state right? The "Con" part is in foreign policy, and sometimes criminal justice.

2 hours later 426014938 Anonymous
welfare works in places without a huge nigger problem like norway niggers are the problem, not welfare

2 hours later 426015039 Anonymous (ass thread 1322821609993.jpg 594x576 120kB)
>>425996136 socialism serves the rich, it only kills the middle class the left/right paradigm is there for the people to remain divided, fighting each others, while the rulers keep laughing all their way to the bank the representative republic for of government has never, all throughout History since Athens, served anyone but the rich and powerful Athens also tried real democracy during 200 years but the difference with rep' republic is that the people vote the laws directly and the state representatives are picked randomly by the people as well

2 hours later 426015058 Anonymous
>>426000986 You're so fucking stupid it hurts.

2 hours later 426015190 Anonymous (clydesdale_jpg.jpg 769x628 147kB)
>>426015039 >the representative republic FORM of government fixed

2 hours later 426015250 Anonymous
>>426013440 As is typical you've only seen 1/2 of the equation. You piss and moan about socialism, but public funds paid for the telephone lines that business uses. The water they use? Socialism. The police that protect their inventory? Socialism. The road those widgets go down to get to retailers? Socialism. The currency customers pay with? Socialism. The high school education those workers have(which benefits the business)? Socialism. That business has taken millions in infrastructure handouts, before the first shovel breaks ground. And yet the working class who helped pay for all these handouts, gets screwed out of what they earned because lazy niggers like yourself think it's all about the machines and the planning. Parents have the right to redistribute their wealth as they see fit? Even to lazy nigger children who've done nothing to earn it. Careful there son, you're starting top sound like pinko commy scum.

2 hours later 426015351 Anonymous
>>426005098 If the rich are taxed like hell, they'll leave. Just look at what happened in France: the richest man in France recently moved to Belgium because France's socialist government is raising the tax rate for the rich to 75%. Without rich people, your glorious socialism doesn't work. Without rich people, you'll have to actually get off your lazy, uneducated, stupid ass and do something. Die in a fire.

2 hours later 426015456 Anonymous
>>426005376 >the control this corporations have learn to speak properly and maybe someone will take you shitty opinions seriously

2 hours later 426015463 Anonymous (1336172294903.jpg 448x314 24kB)
I would consider myself a socialist. I feel like this is a waste of time, as people seem pretty intent to follow ignorant complaints. The purpose of the redistribution of wealth is not simply to fuel lazy people, that is a lazy answer. 1. People in poverty are not able to reach their potential, as they are too preoccupied with survival and more basic needs. (Maslow) 2. The idea of socialism is linked to the idea of (economic) determinism. (ie. That economic conditions will have have a predictable causal effect on an individual.) 3. Wage earners are, in the system of capitalism, producing more than they are paid. They produce profit for their employers 3b. All wealth of an upper class is based on exploitation of the worker. 4. Fact: Monetary incentive is only useful in boosting the productivity of menial tasks. Problem solving jobs are unaffected by a cash incentive. 4b. Those who have the ability to get high paying jobs will do so because, assuming that a person will receive equal monetary compensation for their work, do something which is relevant to their interest / aptitude. (This might be the only assumption I make here.) This is a very abbreviated version. Hope this clarifies things? I'll accept questions. Also, here is some irony: CAPTCHA - the ngersbos

2 hours later 426015621 Anonymous
>>426007825 You obviously can't into math

2 hours later 426015772 Anonymous
>>426011571 You're fucking stupid. The USSR was communist.

2 hours later 426015886 Anonymous
>>426014656 I'm using the term neo-con as a blanket insult for all conservative moon-dwellers in this thread, not a specific set of political beliefs. Similarly, I acknowledge that not all of the tree hugging moon-dwellers of this thread are literally cossacks from Russia. Glad we cleared this up.

2 hours later 426015936 Anonymous
>>426012616 You're either not a canadafag or you're just a stupid canadafag. >those people generally work hard to get off welfare and why is that?

2 hours later 426015943 Anonymous
>>426015250 Socialism didn't pay for any of that. That would be capitalism. Corporations pay taxes, CEO pays taxes, middle management pays taxes, all pay more than the average working man. Most pay more in taxes than the average Joe would make in a lifetime. As for the benefits they receive, who is affected more? The homeschool graduate or the corporation? I'd say the graduate, because that qualified him for the job. I free up in Alaska. Big oil paid for my roads, schools, phone, etc. when the fed backed out because the state didn't raise it's drinking age. Tl;dr your a idiot.

2 hours later 426016020 Anonymous
>>426014029 that's because norway isn't overrun with nigger and spics

2 hours later 426016139 Anonymous
>>426013616 Nothing is wrong with securing your kids future. You just have to admit that your "securing your kids future" is redistribution of wealth. The thing that wrong with it, is the hypocricy of the anti-socialism position until that same redistribution of wealth is under your direct control. I expect that your child didn't earn any of the money you worked for. And that the argument you're making is entirely different when it's your kid and not someone else's kid. The problem is that the same "lazy nigger" that gets those "free handouts" is easily replaceable with "your kid" and "inheritance." Especially when you're arguing from a position of "they're rich because they earned it." When your own words show your kid didn't. For the record I'm fine with up to 1M in inheritance but after that you're no longer able to justify it with "securing their future."

2 hours later 426016218 Anonymous
>>426015943 High school graduate*

2 hours later 426016336 Anonymous
>>426015463 Oh, look, everyone. It's fucking Pluto over here. >problem solving jobs are unaffected by a cash incentive. Oh, really? That's a fact?

2 hours later 426016472 Anonymous
>>426016139 there's a HUGE difference between handouts and inheritance.

2 hours later 426016589 Anonymous
>>426015943 Taxes. Key word there. Everyone except those who cannot afford taxes pay them. And in those cases it's only because they can barely afford to make a daily living.

2 hours later 426016623 Anonymous
>>426016472 Only if your "handouts" go to black people.

2 hours later 426016713 Anonymous
>>426016139 My daughter is 7. To date, it has cost me a little under $400k to raise her. She goes to the best private school in the area she and her mother live in. She rats better than I ever did. She has a private dance and piano instructor. She will inherit my earnings, regardless of amount. How is my child who I've worked most of my life to provide for replicable by lazy niggers? If their parents loved them, they had the same opportunities I had to do so.

2 hours later 426016860 Anonymous
ITT: Morons who don't know what socialism is and think that paying taxes is a new thing.

2 hours later 426016929 Anonymous
>>426016336 /watch?v=KgGhSOAtAyQ&feature=related

2 hours later 426016979 Anonymous
>>426016713 Eats better* Fucking phone.

2 hours later 426017016 Anonymous
>>426016623 Handouts exist solely because of government mandates that require hard working people to pay part of their income to the government. Inheritance means you worked really hard during your lifetime and want to give your earnings to your children. Stop making it a racial issue. Typical liberal fuck.

2 hours later 426017180 Anonymous
>>426016929 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl1l0uhvjQk

2 hours later 426017251 Anonymous (cats-in-glasses-5.jpg 500x333 66kB)
ولى سعود العرش من بعد وفاة واNIGGERلده عبد العزيز عام 1953. وفي عام 1960 تعرضت المملكة العربية السعودية لمخاطر اقتصادية بسبب سياسة سعود الاقتصادية الغير متوازنة. نتيجة لذالك إجتمع أبناء عبد العزيز وبعضNIGGER العلماء وقرروا نزع السلطة سلمياً من سعود وتسليمها لفيصل. وغادر سعود المملكة إلى دولة اليونان وتوفي هناك. كان للملك فيصل مواقف قوية في قضايا العالم الإسلامي وقضية فلسطين وموقفه من البترول. اغتيل فيصل عام 1975 على يد ابن أخيه فيصل بن مساعد. تبع فيصل في الحكم أخاه الملك خالد توسعت في عهده العلاقات وتطورتNIGGER المملكة في اقتصادياً وكثر استعمال البترول. وقد واجه جهيمان وأتباعه في حادثة الحرم المكي. وتم افتتاح مطار الملك خالد باسمه. ويعتبر عهده -الذي امتد سبع سنوات - أقصر عهدNIGGER من عهود المملكة حتى الآنNIGGER. توفي عام 1982 إثر نوبة قلبية. ثم تبعه أخاه الملك فهد وفي عهده دخلت

2 hours later 426017268 Anonymous
>>426016713 Because, it isn't "YOUR" money. It will be hers and then it really isn't. It's the Federal Reserves. Oh, wait I get it: What you're saying is that she should keep all of her earnings and pay 0 taxes on them? Because you gave her all that she has she should be exempt? She isn't, not are you, providing anything for lazy niggers. The government is. Whom you owe taxes too and they can spend their money any way they seem fit.

2 hours later 426017348 Anonymous
>>426017016 >implying giving preference to your kin above others who are more loosely related to you is not similar to racism.

2 hours later 426017497 Anonymous
>>426017180 >Fox business 0/10 very bad attempt

2 hours later 426017601 Anonymous
>>426015943 You are one stupid fuck. Do you even know what capitalism is? It's a form of economics. Socialism is a form of government. If it were a car, capitalism is the gas, but socialism is the engine. The fuel of the economy is capitalism, but the way that fuel is turned into power, is socialism. They all pay taxes huh? Like GE who estimated their total tax liability in 2011 was $0. How about Exxon Mobile they paid NEGATIVE 2B. That's right they got 2B more out than they paid in. You know DICK about taxes. As for the benefits who's affected more? Individually the single worker, collectively the corporation. Since they gain less benefit per worker, but they gain it for multiple workers. Big oil didn't pay for your roads. They paid taxes(socialism) into a government general fund(socialism) and that general fund put state workers(socialism) to building roads(socialism). And it's funny that you pick Alaska as an example since they're they most socialist state in the entire US. I of course refer to Article VIII, Section 2 of your state constitution that gives collective ownership of resources to the people. God damned socialism, that's what that is.

2 hours later 426017657 Anonymous

2 hours later 426017801 Anonymous
>>426016472 There's no difference except that you know the name of the recipient in one case and not the other. Did either work for that money? No. Did either deserve that money? No. Did they both get it? Yep. Inheritance is just a handout to a family member. nothing more.

2 hours later 426017884 Anonymous
>>426017348 >implying giving preference in any context is inherently a racial issue. >implying i'm white >implying you're not a complete faggot

2 hours later 426017954 Anonymous
>>426017268 I paid all the taxes on that money. Why should she have to pay them again?

2 hours later 426017961 Anonymous
This thread is TL;DR, but has any one called OP on the concept of "hard-earned money"? I'm pretty sure coal miners and astro-physicists aren't being called upon to bear the brunt of the tax burden so "niggers" can "mooch" and if anyone is working hard for their money....

2 hours later 426017971 Anonymous
>>426017497 >not even listening to a legitimate news video simply because you disagree with the network it's like a little kid plugging his ears and saying "I won't listen! I won't listen!" Grow up.

2 hours later 426018040 Anonymous
>>426017961 ...it's those guys

3 hours later 426018095 Anonymous
>>426017348 Niggers aren't even human, how am I loosely related? How is preferring the literal fruit of my loins over a lazy nigger racist?

3 hours later 426018197 Anonymous
>>426017801 If it's already earned it shouldn't be taxed JUST because it's handed to someone else. Consider the following: you buy a lamp for $20. You like the lamp and use it all your life. Your kid grows up and moves into his own house. He needs a lamp. You give it to him. Then some uninformed socialist faggot on /b/ says your kid should also be taxed on the lamp and pay taxes on it. >mfw you're so stupid it hurts

3 hours later 426018257 Anonymous
>>426017954 I don't know why, but she will. It's like buying a new car. You pay all the taxes on the sticker price. You trade in that car. Someone comes along and buys your used car and they pay all the taxes on the sticker price. And the car could get sold again and again.

3 hours later 426018304 Anonymous
>>426014346 Sauced! http://sexynews24.blog50.fc2.com/blog-entry-7966.html

3 hours later 426018321 Anonymous
>>426017601 No, big oil literally paid for the roads and schools when the fed backed out. They didn't pay it in taxes, they paid it directly to paving companies and school districts.

3 hours later 426018403 Anonymous
>>426017497 Stossel is the fucking Clinton of Fox News. Oh, you won't watch it because you drink the liberal Kool Aid?

3 hours later 426018637 Anonymous
>>426016713 The issue is that your child has earned nothing that she's being given. Nor have the "lazy niggers" as you racists so love to call them. So what's the difference between her, and those unemployed black folk? You know her, you don't know them. Both are getting something for free, both are getting something they didn't work for. As for the same opportunities, I disagree. Put the exact same applications in at the exact same store, and Tyrone Jr. gets 25% the calls for an interview that David does. Exact same person, exact same work history, what's the difference? Tyrone Jr. is discriminated against just because he has a "black sounding" name. Push that back a generation. Tyrone Sr.(also has less opportunities than Davids father) so he can't provide a dance or piano instructor. Meaning That's two more areas in which Tyrone Jr. won't be able to find work where David can. You people and your "I'm successful so anyone can be" attitude is great for you, but that's because someone gave you the opportunity to work hard. Something not everyone gets.

3 hours later 426018815 Anonymous
>>425995946 Full gallery at GB11FAC0

3 hours later 426018906 Anonymous
Easy Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, etc.

3 hours later 426019037 Anonymous
>>426018637 >you got the opportunity to work hard. Something not everyone gets. >implying life is fair

3 hours later 426019154 Anonymous
>>426018637 Learn2thread. I was homeless, my work history included gas station attendant and stick framer. I woke up in a shelter (when I got off work early enough to get in) every morning before work for several Weeks before moving into a group home then my own 1 room flat. Tyrone had the same opportunities I had. You can play the race card all day, but equal opportunity hiring costs well educated white people jobs every day.

3 hours later 426019228 Anonymous
>>426018321 Even if that were true, it's just skipping a step in the socialism process.

3 hours later 426019343 Anonymous
>>426019037 No one said it was. But when the argument made is they had all the same opportunities I had, pointing out life isn't fair is a valid counter argument.

3 hours later 426019393 Anonymous
>>426019037 >implying we should make it more unfair or continue a system we know to be flawed

3 hours later 426019569 Anonymous
>>426019393 >implying socialism works >implying implications

3 hours later 426019584 Anonymous
>>426019393 >implying systems other than socialism somehow make it more "unfair" >implying socialism isn't a flawed political system

3 hours later 426019727 Anonymous (027.png 1093x1073 1761kB)
>>425995946 Diod you mean to say the same thing twice?

3 hours later 426019794 Anonymous
>>426019343 Mongolia hasn't had the same economic opportunities since its birth as a nation that Chile had at its own birth. Should the UN take money from Chile and every other nation to give to Mongolia to give it a "fair opportunity"?

3 hours later 426019804 Anonymous (zzxc46845685.jpg 224x225 8kB)
>>426019154 >but equal opportunity hiring costs well educated white people jobs every day. And there it is. It isn't about people with you. It's about race.

3 hours later 426019910 Anonymous
sitting in front of a computer juggling numbers and buying/selling stock is not hard earned money

3 hours later 426019923 Anonymous
Let's play the taxes game. I make $100/year You make $1000/year We each pay 28% income tax. You've paid almost 3x in taxes more than I made all year, then I get my refund of $20 plus $15 earned income credit. Do I really have a right to bitch about you needing to pay more taxes?

3 hours later 426019927 Anonymous
>>426019804 Pointing out a common occurrence involving race doesn't mean it's racist.

3 hours later 426019940 Anonymous
>>426019154 Typical you've either missed or ignored the point. The point is you claim that everyone has equal opportunities in this world. And that is FUCKING BULLSHIT. I worked at a gas station as I lived out of my car. 12 years later I own my own home. But there again, people gave me an opportunity and I ran with it. Some people don't get the opportunity. And to call them lazy and undeserving because they can't get an opportunity is asinine.

3 hours later 426020016 Anonymous
>>426017180 The problem with this guy is that all he does is find correlation and assumes causation. He just finds some socialist places that are shitholes and says "look, socialism is bad". Then he does the opposite for capitalism. The video you replied to was actually about scientific experiments done by several universities PROVING that monetary incentive isn't as strong as people think.

3 hours later 426020053 Anonymous
>>426019393 >implying an unfair and flawed system isn't better than the unfair and flawed system we had previously

3 hours later 426020212 Anonymous
>>426019923 You don't get a refund. You only get what you over paid. So, there is no reason to bitch.

3 hours later 426020263 Anonymous
>>426019923 Yes. Because if I make 1000 a year I can afford 10 times the taxes and still have a better life style than you. So why shouldn't I pay both sets, still have a better life style than you, and you get to keep the money you need to live.

3 hours later 426020282 Anonymous
>>426019804 It is about people with me, the problem is that it's about race with tree hugging socialist hipster fucks. In my borings I look at the applicant. I never see race. I determine the better candidate for a job and submit that to the bosses. HR throws my submissions out to meet EO requirements all the time. The result is a worker with a piss poor work ethic and a job that I end up having to do rework on.

3 hours later 426020327 Anonymous
>>426020053 >implying that the lesser known of two evils isn't more frightening

3 hours later 426020574 Anonymous
>>426020263 Because you didn't go to college to earn your EE to get paid for the job I work? Because everyone should owe what they owe? Because a flat tax is what's fair?

3 hours later 426020623 Anonymous (anhero.jpg 750x600 49kB)
>>426020263 Are you srs? Holy shit. People actually think this way. If I make $100,000/month and there's a nationwide flat tax of 10% on income, I'll have $90,000 left to spend for myself. If you make $10,000/month, you'll still have $9,000 left to spend on yourself. So what you're saying is: "Even though we both paid the same amount in taxes, and even though I still have a good amount of money left for myself, I'm jealous that I don't have quite as much as you do so I want you to pay more." Unbelievable

3 hours later 426020641 Anonymous
>>426019154 Well, you obviously weren't well educated. So, I do not understand you're argument. It seems like you're just throwing in that "well educated white guy thing" as a crutch.

3 hours later 426020728 Anonymous
>>426020327 "lesser" of two evils is somehow more "frightening" than the GREATER

3 hours later 426020868 Anonymous
>>426020641 >you're argument Maybe you should learn grammar before debating taxes.

3 hours later 426020919 Anonymous
>>426020728 >lesser known >known >KNOWN FUCKING KNOWN How much do you know about socialism other than "It makes me pay more money"?

3 hours later 426020941 Anonymous
>>426020868 Your right.

3 hours later 426021032 Anonymous
Well I got a good one for everyone in this thread. What is the limit? Should we have Welfare as it is? Should we eliminate it entirely? What if the person really needed it just to survive? Not because they lost their job and just won't look anymore? What if it is a person that it would make the difference in if they lived in a low end housing or lived in the street? Then once that is answered. What else should tax money go for?[cont.]

3 hours later 426021097 Anonymous
Schools, Roads, Police and Fire departments? Technological development? Really wheres the limit? Perhaps they should actually bother to ask us what we want? We are the ones paying them taxes! I find it funny now that there can only be two polar opposites when it comes to Welfare, Taxes, and many other discussions on fiscal policies and even moral standpoints. We the people need to remind our Senators, Representatives, that We the people are not simply light switches to be turned off and on. [cont.]

3 hours later 426021101 Anonymous
>>426020919 >implying socialism is lesser known simply because it's not the official current economic system of the US government >implying I'm American >implying you know more about socialism

3 hours later 426021207 Anonymous
Could some fuck wad just come up with a common sense plan for spending that the majority of us can get behind and maybe not love but at least support? The infighting that has been happening for the last 8 years has not helped us a fucking bit. Both sides need to move to the center and get shit done. If history proved anything even doing something bat shit random like FDR's "New deal" ended up benefiting us in the end. Imagine if our Grandfathers could not work together during the depression. Yes conservatives hated the new deal. But it ended up going forward. My opinion? Everyone pays higher taxes. Welfare expenditures go down in lockstep to the amount increased by taxes if taxes go up 1% funny money checks go down 1%. At the same time. If taxes go up Businesses will not stay happy. So we need some simple rebates for the businesses that go out of the way to employ more workers in the US, that bring jobs the Jobs back to insure the trickle down tax breaks are enforced. Then Stay away from Gun control, abortions, religion, and any other moral standpoint until the economy levels out. Because we just don't need that right now. Move on to something that would make a bigger impact in our lives.

3 hours later 426021446 Anonymous
>>426021207 I agree with you for the most part. Except that part about how the New Deal benefited us in the end. To what "end" are you talking about? The end of the Great Depression? Or 2012? Because Social Security is fucking us all in the arse right now.

3 hours later 426021493 Anonymous
>>426006601 girsin

3 hours later 426021656 Anonymous
>>426021207 I'm flexible as fuck. I don't think welfare should be a way of life, but I don't mind helping out the downtrodden until they can get up. Once they're up though, welfare stops. It should be a program with an expiry date. Just like unemployment used to be.

3 hours later 426021698 Anonymous
OP actually has some sort of knowledge on Economic theory and the implications of a Socialist system and its flaws. On top of that he works hard and provides for his family. Fuck all you socialist faggots spewing forth your doctrine like you deserve the world but don't want to work for it. For me, OP is not a faggot.

3 hours later 426021953 Anonymous
>>426021698 Thanks bud. I just cannot into free shit. I don't understand the mindset. I worked for everything I have and have provided for my daughter and don't understand why anyone would feel they're entitled to it.

3 hours later 426022273 Anonymous
>>426021698 Cause you know, this faggot totally worked hard to put this nation in place, and he totally worked hard to make sure there would be an education system in place to teach him derp+herp=dur. He worked so hard to get born into the family he was born into. he worked so hard to make sure the family that raised him did so in adequate conditions. he worked so hard to put those roads in place that got him to places like school. He worked so hard making sure there were hospitals and clinics for him to go to if he got sick. Fuck off, he didn't do shit but get lucky with where he was born and leach off of the society he was born into. He was handed all the tools he needed, and he's too god damn greedy to give anything back to the society that made him who he is.

3 hours later 426022275 Anonymous (1346996503041.jpg 272x356 20kB)
>>426021953 >Not wanting to be your brothers keeper

3 hours later 426022301 Anonymous
>>425995946 +1 points for OP posting one of my favourite models and sets. >faggots asking for sauce of a picture with a motherfucking watermark

3 hours later 426022334 Anonymous
>>426021446 Its only fucking us up the ass because the folks that write their own paychecks could not bear to leave the money in the account. It will get worse before it gets better. I not naive enough to believe there is going to be any money left for you and me when we come to need it. I should have been a little more specific. Things like the Conservation Camps and road building, followed quickly buy war building sped up economic recovery. You know you could have just built the tanks and then throw them into the ocean to gain the same economic building effects. But even a hyper socialist agenda like the new deal caused improvement. Doing nothing? Just bailing a bank out? What has that done for us? I know people hate that evil socialist word. But putting people to work maintaining roads would have been better than just handing people welfare checks. The money from employees probably has a better chance of being enough to buy products and shore up mortgages rather than just buy the barest essentials causing bushiness to suffer and ask uncle sammy for money.

3 hours later 426022361 Anonymous (1346172848210.jpg 600x900 81kB)
I've been drinking a little so it took a while to realize, but nobody has answered my original question. I'll give it until I finish this beer then am headed to bed, but can anyone explain the difference to me?

3 hours later 426022456 Anonymous
They're just going to steal it and we're saving you the bullet holes. You're welcome.

3 hours later 426022550 Anonymous (1345185358483.jpg 599x705 145kB)
>>426022273 /thread

3 hours later 426022630 Anonymous
>>426022273 I actually did do a stint as an educator, and a paver. Just saiyan.

4 hours later 426022917 Anonymous
In (real) socialism, the state is the ultimate owner of goods and services. All of a person's labor, and the results thereof, are property of the state to be distributed as the state sees fit. Ostensibly this redistribution of goods and services is done in a "fair" way but, depending on your idea of "fair", it can seem anything but. Foundationally, this idea is rooted in the notion that private property, and private ownership, are both forms of theft. No one person can own anything. Rationalizations for this run the gamut of ideas from "no one person can produce anything of value entirely by themselves and thus no one person can own anything by themselves" to "private ownership leads to inequality and thus should be forbidden." The end result of this thinking is that a person has ownership of, and control of, nothing - including themselves. If you buy into this line of thinking and follow it consistently, then you must abolish the idea of individual ownership, or individual control, of anything at all. This includes an individual claim of ownership of their own labors - and even their own actions. All things - and ultimately all people - are the sole property of the state to be disposed of as the state sees fit. If you want to be a socialist, and if your logic is consistent, then this is the only conclusion you can arrive at. 1/3

4 hours later 426022951 Anonymous
To reject the idea of people as resources under the control of the state is to reject the fundamental axioms of socialism. If you don't want to consider people as effectively state property, then you cannot be a consistent socialist. Most people who call themselves "socialists" don't accept this conclusion, and are not real (or at least not consistent) socialists. Such people, rather than being actual, doctrinaire socialists, are almost always advocates of what is called a "mixed economy" which means advocating state ownership of some things, while advocating private ownership of other things. Probably every "socialist" in this thread is of this variety. Such people should stop calling themselves socialists - because that's not what they are. Interestingly, every single advanced economy is an example of a mixed economy, with some aspects of the economy controlled by the state, while other aspects of the economy are controlled by the private sector. People who call themselves "socialists" in the context of the politics of their own nation are typically just people who want to put slightly more of the economy under state control than is under such currently. 2/3

4 hours later 426022996 Anonymous
Similarly, people calling themselves capitalists are seldom really doctrinaire laissez faire capitalists. No, few indeed are the capitalists who advocate complete and total divestment of the government from the economy or from regulatory function. Indeed, both today's “socialists” and “capitalists” are better described as advocates of the mixed market approach to economics, with the only difference between the two being the “recipe” for the “mix” they want for the mixed market in their nation. Today's “socialists” and “capitalists” are both on the same general page, and differer from each other only by matters of degree - not by real differences of principle. Enjoy your hair splitting and your angry debates wherein you each accuse the other of being radically different from you and thus evil. In truth, there's not much difference between either side and thus, if one side is evil incarnate, the other side - by virtue of proximity - cannot be too far removed from such themselves. 3/3

4 hours later 426023026 Anonymous
Eurofag here. We already have the system you american hillbillies are so afraid off. so I'm writing this very slow because I know you can't read that fast. -you pay health insurance contributions in case you get sick and need treatment. -you pay automobile insurance contributions in case you have an accident and need money for rapairs. and -you pay social security contributions in case you lose your job and can't find a new one immediately, so you still have an income to make your living. this concept is not hard to understand, is it?

4 hours later 426023071 Anonymous
>>426022361 You knew it before you asked there is no difference! The concept behind Welfare is it is SUPPOSED to give people breathing room. Or at lease supposed to give the person time to get their act straight and get back to work. Sadly people play the system[just like any game there are cheats] So a Program that is supposed to benefit us all in times of dire need has turned into a lifestyle for some. Read David Eddings "The Losers" sometime. Its fiction but I think he might have really been on to something with the lifestyle that surrounds the welfare recipient and what drives the Lazy Nigger mentality.

4 hours later 426023153 Anonymous
>>426022630 You weren't born into it. I wonder how well you'd have done at those jobs if they didn't exist previously before you hm? The point is simple. You were born in a certain place at a certain time and were given opportuinities many others didn't have and others were given even more and better opportunities than you had. Yet all of you were benefiting from the society that was built and is still run today off of taxpayer money, yet you don't want to give anything back to not only the government that put in place the things you needed to even get jobs as an educator or a paver, or whatever else you did/do. you also clearly don't care about the other people who didn't benefit as well as you did and were less fortunate in their opportunities. Even though you would be absolutely nowhere if the society you are too greedy to give back to didn't exist in the first place. You got where you are off the backs and hard work of other people. don't pretend you are a "self-made man" There is no such thing.

4 hours later 426023156 Anonymous
>>426021953 Exactly. I worked hard to get where I am and earn money for my family, fuck me right? >>426022273 >Implying OP waltzed into money with no hard work and didn't pay taxes that helped pay for those public goods and services mentioned Go watch Zeitgeist and some other shitty 'fuck the man' videos you piece of shit while the rest of society participates and you whine about your life

4 hours later 426023317 Anonymous
>>426003953 She shouldn't be holding the eye piece so close to her eye, she will get an amusing bruise if she shot that weapon.

4 hours later 426023367 Anonymous
>>426015943 >corporations pay taxes HAHAHAHAHAH

4 hours later 426023882 Anonymous
>>426022996 Whilst I agree that neither the Socialists and Capitalists around these days are of their 'pure' definition, I disagree the people that represent these principles only differ by mere 'degrees'. If there was no difference there would be no debate, the core ethics and principles of each group are still easily distinguished.

4 hours later 426024021 Anonymous (Bill.jpg 224x225 9kB)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Income_tax_in_the_United_States#History "In order to help pay for its war effort in the American Civil War, Congress imposed its first personal income tax in 1861.[17] It was part of the Revenue Act of 1861 (3% of all incomes over US $800).[18] This tax was repealed and replaced by another income tax in 1862.[19]" How about we tax natural resources more heavily, so that you can just work as much as you like without being punished (unless you make poor decisions energetically/economically/environmentally). And you would pay more according to the rate of renewal/stocks left of resources? This would lead to more working and less whining. If environment can grant more resources to support directly unproductive people, so be it.

4 hours later 426024138 Anonymous
>>426024021 that would be communism you dbag

4 hours later 426024405 Anonymous
>>426023882 > I disagree the people that represent these principles only differ by mere 'degrees'. The difference between the sides lies entirely within the degrees. > If there was no difference there would be no debate, the core ethics and principles of each group are still easily distinguished. The "core" values of each side are, in truth, not that different. Each side will, of course, attempt to construct a caricature or strawman variant of their opposition which is radically different from their own values so as to attempt to create the illusion of great difference between themselves and their opponents. Upon careful analysis, however, such differences prove to be largely just what I have called them - illusory. Most of the debate between the "capitalists" and "socialists" of today is just angry puffery, where attacks on person, character, intent, etc. all substitute for actual discussion of policy. This is because, if discussion and debate focuses solely on matters of policy, it would be hard for voters to distinguish between the very similar alternatives being offered to them. I think you can see what I have just described in action in the politics of your own country - I can certainly see it at work in mine. Hell, I think you can even see such in play in this very thread.

4 hours later 426024886 Anonymous
>>426024405 On further thought, I'm going to concede my point. >This is because, if discussion and debate focuses solely on matters of policy, it would be hard for voters to distinguish between the very similar alternatives being offered to them. I think you can see what I have just described in action in the politics of your own country - I can certainly see it at work in mine. Hell, I think you can even see such in play in this very thread. Completely right here, which kind of sucks because I love to engage in conversation about this sort of topic.

4 hours later 426025536 Anonymous
>>425995946 That "hard earned" money that you think you made. You didn't make that on your own. In part that money was from your hard work, but mostly it was because you had the opportunity to make a reasonable try at making it. That opportunity requires a lot of things including, but not limited to: security, infrastructure, regulation, and potential customers. Your taxes are collected to pay for these things so that you'll continue to have opportunities to make money. Potential customers is the specific concern that welfare addresses. In order for you to have a reasonable chance at getting those customers, people need to be educated, and have opportunities of their own. This costs a lot of money. Let's say the government has invested $75,000 in total for a specific person to be a functioning member of society, and it worked out great for about 5 years. Then the shit hit the fan, and he's going to be out on his ass for about a year or so while he tries to get back on his feet. Welfare is fundamentally the idea that it's better to pay $10,000 for the guy to live for a bit while he gets his shit together so that your $75,000 investment in the dude isn't thrown away. Welfare is not permanent income, nor is it desirable. If you think the "lazy niggers" have it so great, why don't you quit earning money and try to see how "good" they have it?

4 hours later 426025815 Anonymous
>>425995946 Just think about this: You can't track where exactly your taxes go. And if you calculate the portion of the taxes you pay going to such things, among all the other things that the government needs funds for, it's barely worth mentioning. It's not your taxes that are going to people. It's the funds that the government gets. It's just abstract currency after it's out of your hands.

4 hours later 426025825 Anonymous (105.png 1093x1073 1757kB)
>>425995946 What are we even talking about anymore.

5 hours later 426028116 Anonymous
>>426025825 Niggers trying to explain why I owe them the money I earned.

5 hours later 426028275 Anonymous
>>426025536 Welfare is viewed as permanent income for most of the niggers that collect it. I take issue with this.

5 hours later 426029037 Anonymous
Stupid fuck, you have to buy slaves, quit your bitching that the price has gone up and they want it bi-monthly. Whiney little brats like you make the slaves prefer fucking your chickens and getting whipped over picking your cotton for watermelon.

5 hours later 426029240 Anonymous (ApeWithHandGun.png 400x301 165kB)
I"m white have no job. Sick can't work and get 200 in food stamps a month. With out food stamps I would be forced to rob people. I don't like doing that.

5 hours later 426029347 Anonymous
All systems of government are based on unprovoked violent coercion. /thread.

5 hours later 426029716 Anonymous
Again I'm on food stamps and i feel guilty but I have to eat. If you have ever been hungry you may know that anger and desperation and violence are not that far behind.

5 hours later 426029867 Anonymous
Costs you less in taxes to give a homeless person housing than free ER visits. It's common fucking sense, but you'd rather complain about crime, poverty, drug addicts and un-educated black people than actually take any steps to prevent it. Socialism SAVES YOU MONEY, but you're too fucking retarded to understand how giving something away "for free" might benefit you.

5 hours later 426030069 Anonymous
>>426001295 do you really want mobs of starving people roaming the streets at night? People will do what ever it takes to stay alive.

5 hours later 426030271 Anonymous
Because of socialism I can go to a top university for only 1000 euro's a year, apart from that I recieve 300e per month from the government to live of. After my education I am willing to pay 54% taxes on what I earn (which will be (far) above average) to give the same chances to other people (and yes that includes niggers and muslims) Thats how we have done it for years and that is how we have higher standards of living than almost all other countries. It's a given that it is not a perfect system but I prefer it over a pure capitalist and indicidualist system.

5 hours later 426030293 Anonymous
i have mental health problems that keep me from holding down a job. im not lazy, i honestly try and put in the effort, even tried taking stimulants before work to try and be a competent employee. but i cant. wihtout welfare i wouldnt be able to pay my rent or eat. how does that make me a lazy nigger? why should people like me go hungry when theres more than enough money to go around? didnt you watch sesame street growing up? sharing is caring, mannnnnn!

5 hours later 426030415 Anonymous

5 hours later 426030417 Anonymous
>>426011571 Fascism is a type of socialism.

5 hours later 426030665 Anonymous
>>425995946 > Implying redistribution of welfare has to be a simple equation of the form "Σ moneys / N people" without any parameters. > Implying most of moneys in the world have been actually "hard earned" by the person that owns them. Please return to high school.

5 hours later 426030793 Anonymous
>>426030417 nope

6 hours later 426032285 Anonymous
>>426030417 ROFL That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, fascism is direct centrist economically, maybe slightly on the right.

6 hours later 426033350 Anonymous
>>426032285 Fascism is corporations and government working together to share the excess value created by the workers. It is pretty much the form of socialism we have in the US where the government, while investing heavily in the major corporations (to the point of collective government being the real majority owners), gives subsidies and other favorable breaks to the corporations they are invested in.

6 hours later 426034780 Anonymous
>>426033350 Evidence of this assertion can be found in a World Bank research paper entitled "Optimal Income Tax When Poverty is a Public Bad". This paper concludes that wealth redistribution through negative tax rates (refunds we call unearned income) for low income earners "fosters the supply of poor individuals for labor". This is the real face of the fascistic type of socialism, governmental organizations attempting to work out what the "optimal" rate of redistribution is for creating a permanent pool of low paid labor. This is what our government really does, garnering support for these reprehensible policies by using public funds to teach children that socialism is an overall good without getting into too many of the details. But you can find these things out for yourselves because the World Bank and other public institutions pursuing these policies publish their papers- they think this is the way things should be done. They just count on the average 4chan user not being intelligent enough to search for or be able to understand these papers. Read it for yourself: http://darp.lse.ac.uk/papersdb/Wane_(JPubE_01).pdf

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