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2012-09-19 07:11 425992782 Anonymous (X00_1485.jpg 2460x3280 1378kB)
Modesto Thread Post those Modesto girls

12 min later 425994710 Anonymous (7897.jpg 792x1056 126kB)

14 min later 425994963 Anonymous (7975.jpg 429x909 68kB)

15 min later 425995146 Anonymous (ash.jpg 390x520 37kB)
>>425994963 >>425994710

16 min later 425995321 Anonymous (X00_2062.jpg 3280x2460 1448kB)

17 min later 425995405 Anonymous (X00_2059.jpg 3280x2460 1205kB)

17 min later 425995524 Anonymous
Morelike Bako girls

17 min later 425995535 Anonymous (!.png 320x480 166kB)
Christina from Lodi.... kinda close

17 min later 425995552 Anonymous (X00_2058.jpg 3280x2460 1244kB)

19 min later 425995739 Anonymous (X00_2057.jpg 3280x2460 1344kB)
>>425995535 She's hot

20 min later 425995990 Anonymous (716.jpg 1790x2445 700kB)
>>425995524 Bakersfield? Lots of pretty mexican girls there.

21 min later 425996078 Anonymous
>modesto i lol'd. califag here. Modesto is trashy.

29 min later 425997331 Anonymous
Bump for more Lodi

29 min later 425997484 Anonymous
Got some Stockton bitches. Anyone interested?

30 min later 425997639 Anonymous
>>425997484 YES

32 min later 425997841 Anonymous
go to bed glenn

32 min later 425997902 Anonymous (photo (1).jpg 1936x2032 949kB)
OC for my brothers.

33 min later 425998056 Anonymous (f3d27d5abe1a11e1abd612313810100a_7.jpg 612x612 123kB)
Modesto here. OP likes trashy white girls.

33 min later 425998062 Anonymous
>>425997484 wow thought I was the only one stuck in this shithole

34 min later 425998297 Anonymous
>>425997484 No fuckin way you mean Stockton MO, right?

35 min later 425998381 Anonymous (photo (2).jpg 2592x1936 1474kB)
>>425998062 Nah man. Hella of us lurk. 49 homicides and counting this year. Whoop whoop!

35 min later 425998480 Anonymous
>>425998297 Nah Stockton, CA?

36 min later 425998652 Anonymous
>>425998381 Names?

38 min later 425998986 Anonymous
>>425998652 Eh it is /b/. I'm kinda reluctant to give out names haha. No offense. I can tell you where I went to high school though?

39 min later 425999165 Anonymous
>>425998056 trashy, as in.. sucking all the dicks and leaving you with none? haters gon hate

39 min later 425999274 Anonymous
>>425998986 Yeah, I went to Ben Holt, class 0f 2011

41 min later 425999780 Anonymous
>>425999274 No fucking way bro. Went to Ben Holt class of 2010. You totally know me haha.

43 min later 426000441 Anonymous
>>425999780 Holy shit that's weird

43 min later 426000498 Anonymous
>>425999274 went there too. is my mattress still in that park?

45 min later 426000801 Anonymous
>>426000498 Wait, this is too fuckin weird. I need proof

45 min later 426000818 Anonymous
>>426000498 >>426000441 Officially a BHCPA reunion thread now then? Yeah. I was in hella of the plays they put on there. Played the lead a bunch of times. That should pretty much give my identity away.

47 min later 426001110 Anonymous
>>426000801 umm its the one with jizz stains all over it and a giant piss stain near the right top on both sides lol

48 min later 426001252 Anonymous
>>426000801 My proof. Principal's last name was Salvetti. We put on Footloose! and Arsenic and Old Lace as our first plays.

48 min later 426001349 Anonymous
>>426001110 >>426000818 Post the cover of the 2009-2010 yearbook yearbook

49 min later 426001463 Anonymous
>>426001349 Ugh. Lemme see if I still have that shit.

49 min later 426001506 Anonymous
>>426001252 Holy fuck. Okay, I'm admitting right now I'm class of 2013

53 min later 426001973 Anonymous
>>426001506 Gonna post me with Diploma in one sec. Gotta blur appropriate shit out.

53 min later 426001984 Anonymous
>>426001463 Would your initials happen to be BC?

54 min later 426002098 Anonymous (1285921522604 (1).jpg 667x1000 276kB)
shes from stockton woot.

55 min later 426002272 Anonymous (snapshot.jpg 640x480 59kB)
>>426001984 Yup.

56 min later 426002451 Anonymous
>>426002272 This is quite a mind trip

57 min later 426002545 Anonymous
>>426002451 I know right. Crazy who lurks this site huh?

58 min later 426002632 Anonymous
>>426002451 /b/ isn't a clubhouse. Everybody knows somebody who browses /b/. You are a fag and should meet for gay homosex.

58 min later 426002701 Anonymous
>>426002451 Anyway probably time to let this thread die being as we're the only ones posting haha. Later.

58 min later 426002723 Anonymous
i bet everyone from stockton on this threads knows me haha.

59 min later 426002784 Anonymous
>>426002545 You may or may not know me. I share your first name

59 min later 426002834 Anonymous
>>426002723 And we don't like you either, faggot.

59 min later 426002856 Anonymous
>>426002716 https://www.facebook.com/KrystineMarie for your viewing pleasures.

1 hours later 426002912 Anonymous
>>426002834 makes sense.

1 hours later 426002976 Anonymous
>>426002834 This guy has the right idea. Let it die. Later dudes.

1 hours later 426003090 Anonymous
Not to derail the reunion, and it's kinda a longshot, but anybody got bitches from SLO, AG, or Morro Bay?

1 hours later 426003131 Anonymous
>>426002784 I'd prefer you didn't haha. That's how shit like Raeanna and Jessie Slaughter get started.

1 hours later 426003208 Anonymous (89666.jpg 1417x1908 339kB)
>>426002723 Modesto has some trashy areas I do admit, but stockton is like murder capital of the country. Basically everything south of the 4 is shit. I used to work there. Scary place.

1 hours later 426003387 Anonymous
>>426003208 i grew up here, its not so bad, so long as you dont get in with the wrong crowd. or be black

1 hours later 426003604 Anonymous (photo (3).jpg 1600x1196 500kB)
>>426003208 Lol this guy has it right. it sucks too cause they just put in a hella nice movie theatre and other shit down there and now it's fucking madness. Going back to dumping shit

1 hours later 426003754 Anonymous (55896.jpg 2958x2076 770kB)
>>426003387 I guess its like any other big city. I know some of the northern areas are nice.

1 hours later 426004021 Anonymous (368.jpg 1344x1008 251kB)
Back to more modesto oc I just came across. Took this from my ex's camera a few years ago. I still enjoy it though.

1 hours later 426004082 Anonymous
>>426003754 Yeah. I live off the 99 on West side so it's not too bad here. Go down the freeway though and you're out east. Niggas getting popped left and right out there. Also I think I know her.

1 hours later 426004126 Anonymous (tumblr_lrl16iAtAv1r22ggao1_500.jpg 469x700 297kB)
Girl on the right is from stockton got more of this set if anyone is interested

1 hours later 426004242 Anonymous
>>426004126 Do it. I'm out of OC. All I got now is rave sluts from events around here.

1 hours later 426004273 Anonymous (369.jpg 1344x1008 254kB)

1 hours later 426004291 Anonymous
any CCHS bitches up in here

1 hours later 426004362 Anonymous
I'm in Tracy, trying to get some work done before I go to bed (obviously failing by being on 4chan, oh well). Thread gets a +1

1 hours later 426004395 Anonymous (370.jpg 1344x1008 229kB)
>>426004021 >>426004273

1 hours later 426004449 Anonymous
Escalon reporting in.

1 hours later 426004485 Anonymous
where in modesto do you fags drink. veiras? tiki? fat cat?

1 hours later 426004582 Anonymous (464721_313009962118176_1486480483_o.jpg 1555x1560 392kB)
>>426004291 Central Catholic?

1 hours later 426004684 Anonymous
>>426004485 At home, nigger.

1 hours later 426004745 Anonymous (0555_n.jpg 1382x1842 255kB)
>>426004485 Speak and Cheroot

1 hours later 426004756 Anonymous
>>426004582 yeah, cchs, out on carpenter

1 hours later 426004853 Anonymous (366.jpg 1440x1080 208kB)
>>426004021 >>426004273 >>426004395

1 hours later 426004950 Anonymous
>>426004745 cheroot is good, anywhere you know of that has good whiskey selection

1 hours later 426004969 Anonymous (1309848315308.png 351x339 183kB)
Old friend was from modesto. Sluts used to visit him all the time. Lots of fun. Until he caught some shit.

1 hours later 426004989 Anonymous
Anyone have pictures of a Cindy? Late twenties, white. I know she's got nudes there....

1 hours later 426005192 Anonymous (542404_344600298959142_1667965785_n.jpg 1170x1560 214kB)
>>426004756 Cool. I graduated Downey, class of 2007. My ex Angela went to cchs for a year and then dropped because it was too expensive. Dad lost his job. This is her. She's around the downtown modesto area a lot now. Works at copper part time.

1 hours later 426005498 Anonymous (470533_313006318785207_1261597199_o.jpg 960x1280 168kB)
>>426004950 Bacchus or 108 in Riverbank

1 hours later 426005681 Anonymous
>>426005498 never been to 108 in riverbank . whats it like?

1 hours later 426005825 Anonymous (IM000176.JPG.jpg 480x640 90kB)

1 hours later 426005889 Anonymous (477333.jpg 2470x1698 441kB)
Another out of Bakerfield, Taylor

1 hours later 426006091 Anonymous (544478.jpg 1460x2004 565kB)
>>426005681 Very cool, big, and dozens of beers on tap

1 hours later 426006185 Anonymous
San Jose Gals?

1 hours later 426006340 Anonymous
>>426006091 thanks i will check it out i am a fan of veiras, p wexfords and Bacchus

1 hours later 426006661 Anonymous
wish more Escalon stuff got out. inb4 not your personal fairy godmother

1 hours later 426006976 Anonymous
bumping because I wanna see a girl I for sure know in this thread.

1 hours later 426007080 Anonymous (744445.jpg 2886x2022 792kB)
>>426006661 I play that little par 3 golf course all the time because its cheap

1 hours later 426007232 Anonymous (553636.jpg 3299x2312 695kB)
>>426006976 What city?

1 hours later 426007256 Anonymous
>>426007080 LOL such a good course. Know exactly what you're talking about. The owner is a boss. Me and my grandpa used to have rum and cokes with him and he'd let us play for free.

1 hours later 426007342 Anonymous
>>426007232 Stockton. I posted a few earlier. Been lurking this whole thread.

1 hours later 426007609 Anonymous
>>426007080 I've heard good things, never get out there though.

1 hours later 426007691 Anonymous (367.jpg 1504x1128 279kB)
>>426007256 Yep. That place and also river oaks in ceres are hella fun and cheap

1 hours later 426007978 Anonymous
>>426007232 good lord man, do you have moar

1 hours later 426008796 Anonymous (4e502cc1dd575.jpg 750x1024 299kB)
started in manteca, I think

1 hours later 426008905 Anonymous (Picture036-1.jpg 240x320 10kB)

1 hours later 426009079 Anonymous (Petal_Play_01_by_HMFU.jpg 900x627 80kB)

1 hours later 426009148 Anonymous (Petal_Play_03_by_HMFU.jpg 900x613 102kB)

1 hours later 426009234 Anonymous (Petal_Play_05_by_HMFU.jpg 900x592 74kB)

1 hours later 426009312 Anonymous (Petal_Play_07_by_HMFU.jpg 900x589 78kB)

1 hours later 426009365 Anonymous (Petal_Play_14_by_HMFU.jpg 900x730 105kB)

1 hours later 426009570 Anonymous (His+name+was+Jimmy+Russels+_b04d10a580323d74998a348f04ebd49f.jpg 1200x900 710kB)
Modesto, hmmm...Jimmy Russels

1 hours later 426009885 Anonymous
Why would anyone ever live in modesto/fresno/bakersfield? I don't even like driving through these towns. Live in ridiculously beautiful California, in the shittiest part. No air, or water, hot as fuck, smells like cow Shit, or meth. You could literally go 2 hours in any direction and live in paradise.

2 hours later 426010132 Anonymous (7077.jpg 2372x1836 650kB)

2 hours later 426010170 Anonymous
>>426009885 I forgot to add- its like living in the Midwest, if the Midwest was in Mexico.

2 hours later 426010412 Anonymous (729.jpg 3551x1883 1055kB)
>>426009885 I lived in SoCal for 5 years and hated it. Bunch of superficial plastic people.

2 hours later 426010419 Anonymous
>>426007232 holy crap this chick is so hot

2 hours later 426010624 Anonymous
from turlock

2 hours later 426010713 Anonymous (hk.jpg 400x710 153kB)

2 hours later 426010784 Anonymous (gjfk.jpg 400x669 158kB)

2 hours later 426010869 Anonymous (gfjk.jpg 400x671 152kB)

2 hours later 426010927 Anonymous (51233.jpg 1089x1585 295kB)
>>426010419 Little freaky though. Runs adult book store.

2 hours later 426011006 Anonymous
enought jb here? http://lolichan.co/jb/res/593.html try

2 hours later 426011028 Anonymous

2 hours later 426011054 Anonymous (tuj.jpg 400x671 136kB)

2 hours later 426011069 Anonymous
>>426010927 Check her out on mchenry. Can't rmember name of it but near dennys

2 hours later 426011519 Anonymous
>>426011006 GTFO, 18 and over

2 hours later 426011805 Anonymous (IMG66344.jpg 1354x1878 423kB)
>>426011028 Welcome good sir

2 hours later 426011891 Anonymous (1517036.jpg 172x288 13kB)

2 hours later 426011906 Anonymous
>>426010412 Ok so maybe not south. Good point. That still leaves east west and north.

2 hours later 426012076 Anonymous (jldj.jpg 1024x635 151kB)
shes 21 goes bi sunkistbaybee on a cam site went to turlock highshool with her need the videos any help?

2 hours later 426012152 Anonymous (fhkxfh.jpg 1024x1015 227kB)
self bump

2 hours later 426012175 Anonymous
>>426011069 Suizies

2 hours later 426012358 Anonymous (gjgk.jpg 400x710 165kB)
shamefull self bump

2 hours later 426012537 Anonymous (526d6f776dda9b4028fb374745eb9476.jpg 1024x1408 314kB)
last pic and last bump help a /b/ fag out

2 hours later 426013939 Anonymous
Modesto /b/ro here. mjcfag. kinda sucks no pics of my 18yo niece. 10/10 would bang

2 hours later 426015181 Anonymous (317289_2328271042707_1577138425_n.jpg 640x480 35kB)

3 hours later 426017924 Anonymous (15h.jpg 2301x1638 426kB)
>>426013939 facebook?

3 hours later 426018975 Anonymous
bump for modesto girls

3 hours later 426019346 Anonymous (85858.jpg 1355x1806 198kB)

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