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2012-09-13 11:48 425012119 Anonymous (untitled.png 506x439 17kB)

9 min later 425013570 Anonymous
fuck you niggerdick...

11 min later 425013815 Anonymous
i hope you get covered in chicken legs and dance the chicken dance

12 min later 425013970 Anonymous
You're so pretty. I wish I could snuggle with you all night.

12 min later 425013993 Anonymous
>>425013815 fuck your chicken dance. do you think you're funny by saying that, motherfucker? I bet you were the kid that nobody didn't like in class.

13 min later 425014119 Anonymous
i love you.

13 min later 425014128 Anonymous
This is your only chance! Take it you bitch. Do you think you will get another shot at this? NO! So stop being a faggit and take the girl you like on a date!

13 min later 425014170 Anonymous
Have a good day!!! I hope all your dreams come true

14 min later 425014254 Anonymous
You're not funny at all.

16 min later 425014620 Anonymous
you have consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation

16 min later 425014623 Anonymous
You are fat. No abstract internet alias is going to hide it.

17 min later 425014924 Anonymous
No one will ever love you. More than that, no one will care about who you are. Listen to the voice inside that says that your parents don't care because they don't. They were scared when they had you, scared because they didn't know if you would be a mistake. But you did one better, you were someone they knew would be a nobody.

18 min later 425014956 Anonymous
you will never make it and deep in your heart you know that.

18 min later 425014994 Anonymous
Have missed out on teenage love. You will never know the feeling of the smooth skin of a young girl cuddling and kissing her in the bright moonlight reflected by the soft grass not caring about bills, family, rent, and jobs. The only thing you care about is the beautiful girl right next to you and have the feeling that feeling will last forever. You have missed out on the most beautiful thing in this universe.

19 min later 425015112 Anonymous
You are probably very lonely, most likely because you are unattractive and because of that fact you just keep letting yourself go more and more. Your low self esteem is making you uglier by the day and the fact is you will end up with a girl that is as ugly and pathetic as you, the kind of girl you would rate 2/10 in a rate thread is your future wife.

20 min later 425015394 Anonymous
in your lifetime, you will never go into space, you will live here on earth, living a simple standard life. you contribution to the humanrace will be near pointless due to your job as a salesman. the universe is ever-expanding and great and wonderfull things are said to exist out there. but your stuck here. your wife will become more and more suspicious of cheating, and you take up drinking as a way of relieving your pain. i am the only person who can save you from this future, but this is all i will post, and you will never know who i am, faggot

21 min later 425015568 Anonymous
Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.

22 min later 425015663 Anonymous
you are a nigger deep down

23 min later 425015815 Anonymous
Why aren't you living the dreams you did as a kid? Wasn't high school and college great, your whole life ahead of you? But now it's just one more day of "I'll do it tomorrow," and now you've been waiting until tomorrow for years. It's too late now. Now you have to settle for what you have, instead of dreaming for what you want.

23 min later 425015825 Anonymous
you aren't special, the sooner you realise this the sooner you'll be happy.

24 min later 425015924 Anonymous
>>425015112 You tell yourself you are better than all these other lonely dickheads on /b/ because you're just here for fun and you're different in real life. But you kinda really get a kick out of looking at rotting corpses, disabled people made fun of and women being abused. There is something very fucking wrong with you, stop pretending.

25 min later 425016129 Anonymous
You can't remember the last time someone told you that they love you.

26 min later 425016348 Anonymous
>>425015924 My life is to good to insult people or shit. Love you all!

26 min later 425016375 Anonymous
You dont feel any connection to anyone around you. Youre completely and utterly alone and even tho you dont give a fuck most of the time there are still times when you just get a knot in your stomach as though to remind you of something that you cant quite put your finger on. Dont worry tho.

27 min later 425016387 Anonymous
The number of people who will mourn your death could be counted on one hand.

28 min later 425016576 Anonymous
You're white, male, and grew up somewhere in the middle class with lots of video games. Even though you thought you were smart and didn't have to work hard, your grades started to slip as you went through college. Now you're either unemployed or stuck in a shitty job you hate, and it's not because the world is being unfair to you. You don't deserve anything for being "smart", because even if you really are intelligent (which you doubt when it's late and you're all alone) you waste that potential, and you're still wasting it now being on /b/. None of your dreams will come true, because they are the dreams of a selfish, self-entitled child who gives up at the first sign of trouble. You sicken me.

30 min later 425016936 Anonymous
You'll never be the first to do anything. The Earth is mapped and flagged, and you'll never go to space.

33 min later 425017370 Anonymous (clenched_fist.jpg 401x398 98kB)

35 min later 425017667 Anonymous
Can you honestly say your parents are proud of you? That they enjoyed taking care of you? That you were worth it?

36 min later 425017738 Anonymous
You're not failing in life because of extenuating circumstances. It's your fault you're such a fucking failure and you suck because even though you've always had it in you, you've never fully applied yourself. The sad thing is that even though you're fully aware of this, and even though you still have all the time in the world to accomplish something, you're STILL not going to make that extra effort. The most tragic thing is that anybody who's ever cared about you knows this all to well and it embitters them knowing that they would love you so much more if you would just stop being a useless underachieving fuck. You're pathetic and you fucking well know it. But you're still not going to change. You're never going to change. Ever.

37 min later 425017994 Anonymous
Im honestly glad that he died, especially since it hurt you so much. Did it work?

38 min later 425018079 Anonymous
>>425017738 You're projecting really hard right now, and it kills you inside.

38 min later 425018112 Anonymous
It was your fault, don't act like it wasn't

39 min later 425018261 Anonymous
>>425017994 You missed by a country mile. I have not lost anybody close yet. Nice effort though, that would work on a lot of people I know.

39 min later 425018270 Anonymous
What are you think you are doing, get your shit together now, and clean up the mess you created. its your fault not anyone else fault

39 min later 425018274 Anonymous (1329953282102.jpg 251x179 26kB)

40 min later 425018314 Anonymous
>>425016936 >Implying you have to be the first to travel somewhere to be the first to do anything >Implying you couldn't just explore the deep ocean, which we understand less than the surface of the moon

42 min later 425018653 Anonymous
>>425014620 Too far, man, too far.

42 min later 425018671 Anonymous
>>425018079 To be honest, I think this would work on around 95% of /b/ Or at least it would have done a couple of years ago.

44 min later 425018973 Anonymous
Today you are most certainly the best looking & the most healthy you will ever be in your life, and its only going to go downhills from now.

45 min later 425019005 Anonymous
Post with modcap - engage anger feels.

45 min later 425019074 Anonymous
I had consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation with your mother in your bed.

47 min later 425019309 Anonymous
>>425016129 I kind of hate you right now.

47 min later 425019316 Anonymous
no one is going to love you

47 min later 425019361 Anonymous (1347080047957.gif 250x208 1018kB)
I just want a hug...

48 min later 425019478 Anonymous
Your girlfriend had a right to cheat on you. You're a worthless piece of shit and you need to die. Why are you still here? There's not reason for you to be here, no one wants you, no one cares about you, you are nothing. You here me? You're nothing, and you will forever be nothing because no one likes a freak like you.

48 min later 425019519 Anonymous
>>425019005 anger feels? gtfo cancer

49 min later 425019739 Anonymous
>inb4 shitstorm

51 min later 425020003 Anonymous
>>425019478 You're a selfish dick who will never keep any close friends, if he's ever known what a close friend is. You spend money on expensive things to block out the pain of the reality you face. No-one likes you.

51 min later 425020045 Anonymous

52 min later 425020140 Anonymous
She meant it.

54 min later 425020463 Anonymous
I hope your grandmother gets Alzheimers and your sister gets cancer. Everyone you love thinks you are weird.

54 min later 425020465 Anonymous
No matter how hard you try, she'll never see you as anything more than a friend.

55 min later 425020685 Anonymous
Who are the worlds fastest readers? >9/11 Victims, The made it thru 110 stories in under 9 min.

56 min later 425020825 Anonymous
>>425020465 you were friendzoned because you spent too much time as a child playing with toys instead of learning to socialize. You could have been an alpha, but now the greatest accomplishment in your life is having the balls to ask her out, even though you got rejected. Your greatest achievement in life is a bad day for other people.

1 hours later 425021378 Anonymous (1334683025472.png 900x999 166kB)
I love you for who you are, and you are my friend. Love feels are more powerful than regret feels

1 hours later 425021631 Anonymous (normal_Perfection_Girl_2.jpg 300x400 18kB)
This. This is your fucking fault.

1 hours later 425021880 Anonymous
>>425021631 >>425021631 Story behind this.

1 hours later 425022249 Anonymous (1327552500177.png 210x230 7kB)
>>425021880 It's fake, that's it. Her eyes go different directions between the two pictures. And even it it were true. We didn't do that, her dumb shit brother did. >Also, I love you

1 hours later 425023427 Anonymous
>>425022249 >>425022249 Yes, but what is the story?

1 hours later 425024674 Anonymous
You're ugly as fuck. Also, stop trying to be a nice guy, girls only want Alpha guys who look good. It's not about muscles or sports either, it's about facial features and having LOTS of money. If you're ugly in the face and lift it does not matter, you'll just be known as the ugly kid with a 6-pack. If you're ugly in the face, you can get girls with your money. Buy them things and they will come running back to you every single time, the only thing you have to do in this situation is say I'm sorry, but I cannot buy you things anymore, because I told my dad that we're just friends, he said that the only time you spend money on a girl is if she's your girlfriend . If we were more than friends I would be able to buy you more things... but..." And they all say, " okay, we can go out". This kid has had 2 girls this year because of saying this. I've seen this work in my Highschool years. It happened 5 times to some nerdy ass JROTC kid who's dad owns some custom casket business. He starts by buying girls things at lunch like poptarts, cookies and gum. Then they start inviting him to their table every day and start asking him how much money his dad makes. He takes them to the mall and buys them a whole bunch of shit. The girls show off the clothing and accessories that he bought them at school. He knows that they use him, but he likes it. TL;DR Don't be ugly. Be rich.

1 hours later 425024807 Anonymous
>>425024674 Nobody ever read that

1 hours later 425026682 Anonymous
>>425023427 Went something like this: OP: "When you see it, you'll shit brix." Anons: "Nuh-uh. Just a really hot chick. Lemme fap." OP: "She ded." Anons: "NOOOOOOOOOOO" So ends the tale of Perfection Girl.

1 hours later 425026839 Anonymous
She never did love you. She was pretending because she felt sorry for you.

1 hours later 425026971 Anonymous
Your attire is questionable at best

1 hours later 425027008 Anonymous
Everyone's forgiven you for your mistakes because they realize you won't amount to anything worthwhile anyway.

1 hours later 425027248 Anonymous
Old mud guts down at the union mission told me the stories about you. He says they call you "hobo pussy." Well, he said that's what they call your ass. They don't know what the rest of you is called, besides ugly. Then he laughed and laughed. You know how old mud guts is.

1 hours later 425027426 Anonymous
You're a nigger, nobody likes you, and you probably came from FunnyJunk. Neckbeard.

1 hours later 425027476 Anonymous
You have given up love, but have eyes for only 1 girl who has too many friends and doesn't notice you, and you try simple ways to get her attention.

1 hours later 425027535 Anonymous
You're an OP

1 hours later 425027715 Anonymous
You like ponies, you pony fucker, you wish you could bang animated ponies, but you can't, so you cry. Not tears of rainbows, but normal human tears.

1 hours later 425027816 Anonymous
>>425027715 jokes on you I hate bronies and yiffers.

1 hours later 425027820 Anonymous
There's so many feels in this thread its not even funny

1 hours later 425027961 Anonymous
you have a decent number of acquaintances, people you can say hi and have a brief convo with, etc. but very few you could actually hang out with for a night

1 hours later 425027963 Anonymous
nobody loves you

1 hours later 425028076 Anonymous
You're never going to get a good job that pays well, enjoy your life of mediocrity.

1 hours later 425028080 Anonymous
You have AIDS

1 hours later 425028150 Anonymous (feels.jpg 249x354 13kB)

1 hours later 425028187 Anonymous
We both know you didn't do it when you should have....why didn't you just reach out and take the opportunity. All you had to do was open your mouth and say it but instead you stood there silently and felt the burn creep up your ears. So why didn't you do it Anon?

1 hours later 425028203 Anonymous
Your mother always hated you and you know it.

1 hours later 425028339 Anonymous (1346618588516.jpg 1251x1751 135kB)
You will never fuck a delicious trap. >pic related. It will never happen. >also youre a faggot.

1 hours later 425028361 Anonymous
>>425028203 If you would've said Father we'd be cookin with gasoline......my mom is awesome.

1 hours later 425028364 Anonymous
>>425028150 You can't hold all those feels because the human mind is limited in its capacity and you will never know the secrets of the universe. EVER.

1 hours later 425028413 Anonymous
She's happier now.

1 hours later 425028589 Anonymous (1332597848406.jpg 800x595 130kB)

1 hours later 425028731 Anonymous (1330329281192.jpg 766x1024 225kB)
Hello, Rick. I hope you're having a nice day

1 hours later 425028760 Anonymous
>>425028413 >mfw you're probably right >mfw no face

1 hours later 425028762 Anonymous
She used to love you, but she loves someone else now

1 hours later 425028918 Anonymous
>>425028762 No she didn't. And I don't. But you do.

1 hours later 425030060 Anonymous
This is going to end too soon. If you're honest with yourself, you can already feel it slipping through your fingers.

1 hours later 425030318 Anonymous
Your dad regrets what he did to you. Open up to him.

2 hours later 425031961 Anonymous
It sucks, doesn't it? That feeling, the feeling you get sitting all alone at a computer, going on an image board with people just like you. Lonely people. People who come here for some form of social interaction they can't get in real life. You may say that you have friends, a smoking hot gf, or that you like being alone. You may very well have all those things, but you don't, and no one will ever be the wiser. Because here no one knows you, they don't know how you look, how you act, they can't judge. So you come here since it is the only place you can let your mask down, and be yourself. You can escape the feeling, maybe for a few minutes, or even a couple of hours. But you know it will come back, because you're a fucking pussy.

2 hours later 425033298 Anonymous
>>425031961 You actually made an effort typing that out and you know what? I didn't even read it.

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