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2012-09-13 11:48 425012090 Anonymous (hollowmask.png 1440x816 1629kB)
Do you guys just flip the fuck out? Woke up, within 5 minutes was nearing full rage capacity. 30 minutes of being awake I threw away all of my groceries I recently purchased and slammed my knee through my bedroom door. Yesterday the world just started to spin the fuck out at certain times. I really think this shit is getting worse. What do you guys do to calm down? Pic related, this is how I feel.

6 min later 425013074 Anonymous
Do the rest of you sit there and take the shit people give to you? In the past week I walked out on my job and then an English class because I was sick of the shit people were giving me. Guess what? No trouble at the job. Ended up having my manager talk to the supervisor who was being a bitch. Flaunting how long she had worked there to me, asking if I was knew. Dumb fucking cunt didn't know I was there just as long as she was, but I don't brag about stupid childish faggotry. She got owned. I made her look stupid.

8 min later 425013290 Anonymous
>>425013074 op is a fag again i see

9 min later 425013459 Anonymous
It's strange the past two days i've been extremely irritable and pissed the fuck off all day.

9 min later 425013472 Anonymous
>>425013074 So hardcore. \m/

9 min later 425013498 Anonymous
I once woke up completely enraged, didn't know why. I kicked off my bed sheets and ran out in the kitchen screaming and growling in only boxers and messed up all the drawers. Later I sat down on my bed and it took a good 10 minutes before my mind was clear, and I thought "what the actual fuck just happened to me?". Never happened again, though.

11 min later 425013765 Anonymous
>>425013074 >knew

11 min later 425013772 Anonymous
OP has a brain haemorrhage get it sorted

11 min later 425013787 Anonymous
>>425012090 an hero

11 min later 425013814 Anonymous
Not sure if youre trolling but ill bite. Just start working out, work out to the point where the sides of your vision start turning white. Work out enough so that you're just too exhausted to be angry, that coupled with the natural high you get from working out is a great anger-suppressor. But really lashing out at other people isnt going to make you feel any better. If you really want to punch something join like an boxing club or an MMA club, punch people that will let you and punch you back.

12 min later 425013882 Anonymous
Me too. I've been depressed and now the anger is kicking in and it makes for this volatile combination. I have this cognitive disorder where I don't believe good things should happen to me. Then when they do I don't believe I deserve it. I Never try with shit, but i'm sick of this. I want to care, I really do. I just really haven't given a fuck in a while now.

15 min later 425014405 Anonymous
>>425013814 I'm not trolling here. It's like I just sit here and embrace my anger most of the time, and it will sometimes take me several hours to cool down. I believe I have some sort of PTSD. It's not from being in the military though, and it was something I brought on myself. I don't expect to for people to pity me, especially here on /b/. Just trying to be genuine and really looking for some advice. I figured people with similar interests maybe had similar problems as well, and could share how they've gone about fixing them. Thank you for your advice, man. I do appreciate it.

17 min later 425014754 Anonymous
I take a deep breath, think about things I enjoy instead of things I hate, have a cigarette, read something, calm down and act loke a fucking adult who can handle life not always going the way I want it to. The most basic advice I can give to anyone trying to be less pissed off all the time is to distract yourself and learn to recognize things that wkll anger you, and then avoid them. It's harder than it sounds, but I am a whole fuckload happier and a more balanced person now

18 min later 425014981 Anonymous (1317840775806.jpg 525x600 45kB)
allways look on the bright side of live!

19 min later 425015164 Anonymous (tetsuoshima.jpg 299x200 9kB)
I honestly see myself become more and more hollow like, for those who have watched Bleach. The more often I go there, the harder it is to come back. And I know I'm going to catch a lot of shit for saying this, but I'm honestly heavily addicted to pot. I have heard that the more you smoke pot the more your current brain disorders go out of whack. I know I should just quit smoking pot, but it's so hard to actually give it up. I can honestly sit here and tell you the last time I was truly happy was about 23 months ago before I started smoking pot again. Ever since then, well, sorta been high. Last Fall semester was in pretty damn good shape, and thought I was happy but was truly miserable. Please excuse me as I sit here and ramble on to myself. Pic related, also feel like Tetsuo sometimes. Favorite anime of all. <3 Akira.

23 min later 425015731 Anonymous (Kaneda.jpg 275x183 6kB)
Post images of anime/american comics of what you feel like when you are angry. Me it's like Tetsuo and Ichigo. When feel cool, I feel like Kaneda.

23 min later 425015796 Anonymous
>>425015164 your brain is a chemical cpu. all kind of drugs change your brain function. if you woulndt took pot you would be another person now.

29 min later 425016692 Anonymous
I used to have uncontrollable rage towards every human. I acted out until I realized that my anger was justified but no one else could see why. This made me hate people even more because I knew I was right in hating everyone to death, but I was punished for it anyway. Eventually I learned to stop getting in trouble and to mask my true thoughts. But every single day I am thinking how much I hate you and want to kill you and everyone you know and everyone they know. I let these thoughts run rampant but on the surface you see nothing. It drives me to be a more educated person, because I know that I can't get what I want until I'm in a position of power and high knowledge. When I reach the point where I can destroy all life on the planet, I will. However, an unintended side effect of gaining vast amounts of knowledge is that I now see ways to mold the planet in whatever way I wish. If I reach a point where I gain the power to kill everyone, by then I might not want to. tl;dr: Use your rage like a tool.

37 min later 425017954 Anonymous
smoke some weed, seriously do you ever see someone that is baked as shit pissed off? no you dont

39 min later 425018142 Anonymous
>>425016692 I feel the same way.

39 min later 425018198 Anonymous (o0.jpg 400x400 33kB)
>>425012090 to calm down ? i dont know, i m calm by nature i dont have rage inside, or i dont know i have it maybe( i have rage ofc, but controlled i mean) and maybe it will one day wake up anyway, find a nice thing to hit, like a stake(post)a large stick of wood, cylindric and polished and hit with all ur bones and parts of body, including head, skull, shoulder, ass, noze...balls for balls, hit softly with fist indeed, try until u feel a bit of pain, like u loose your breathe, not until making serious injury or go in the street, provoke and fight someone but loose on purpose (not from fight club, personnal experience that would be long to explain) or burn a car the best thing you can do right, is hit the right hemisphere of your head with ur fist, until its puffed out and the zygomatic bone, until ur flesh is puffed out u ll feel really better

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