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2012-09-13 11:47 425011970 Anonymous (1347151373152.png 609x749 294kB)
>tfw no bf

0 min later 425012089 Anonymous
In b4 a hugely shitty thread

0 min later 425012098 Anonymous
tfw no tits, so gtfo

0 min later 425012126 Anonymous
I've never had a bf come at me bro

1 min later 425012160 Anonymous
Tits or GTFO.

1 min later 425012165 Anonymous (nagger.jpg 658x500 50kB)

1 min later 425012197 Anonymous (1347485617746.jpg 495x597 116kB)
>tfw the only reason a girl would be single is if she was a landwhale.

3 min later 425012527 Anonymous
There are rules. Please tits or gtfo. I'm hoping for tits, that way we can talk.

4 min later 425012614 Anonymous
bump for feels

5 min later 425012786 Anonymous
sage for tits or gtfo

5 min later 425012796 Anonymous
>>425012527 do you post cock or gtfo in >no gf threads? gtfo.

5 min later 425012802 Anonymous
>>425012197 >implying most guys are datable

5 min later 425012815 Anonymous (TrueTitsOrGTFO.png 646x962 271kB)

5 min later 425012864 Anonymous
>>425012197 Fuck. 52.7hz

6 min later 425012892 Anonymous
>ITT: whales

6 min later 425012909 Anonymous (earlyopen.png 145x216 27kB)
>mfw op is a trap

6 min later 425012949 Anonymous
>>425012796 you dont make the rules...do it or leave.

7 min later 425013034 Anonymous (feel collins 2.png 1251x431 342kB)
Feel Collins

7 min later 425013079 Anonymous (450k.jpg 600x450 60kB)
>mfw i dont know what tfw means

7 min later 425013108 Anonymous
>>425012815 revisionist history, white knight fag

8 min later 425013168 Anonymous
>>425012949 see >>425012815

8 min later 425013291 Anonymous
>>425013108 Uh, no. Tits of GTFO started to chase camwhore threads away.

9 min later 425013438 Anonymous
>>425012815 good to know someone understands this phrase.

9 min later 425013442 Anonymous
TFW OP not a girl also sage goes in all fields

9 min later 425013454 Anonymous
>tfw I got married to a wonderful woman you had your chance, I guess you're fucking boring

10 min later 425013495 Anonymous
>>425012815 nope. TITS OR GTFO

10 min later 425013546 Anonymous (ClippyTitsOrGTFO.jpg 125x125 4kB)
>>425013108 Knew somebody would fall for it!

11 min later 425013629 Anonymous
Bumping for feels, and turtles http://sot.ag/h8bP/

11 min later 425013636 Anonymous
>>425012815 1. That pic is bullshit. Attention whores have no problem showing tits. 2. If l can pontificate a bit, for your edification, one of the rules of the Intemet is "there are no girls on the Intemet". This rule does not mean what you think it means. In real life, people like you for being a girl. They want to fcuk you, so they pay attention to you and they pretend what you have to say is interesting, or that you are smart or clever. On the Intemet, we don’t have the chance to fcuk you. This means the advantage of being a "girl" does not exist. You don’t get a bonus to conversation just because I’d like to put my cock in you. When you make a post like, "hurr durr. I’m a girt" you are begging for attention. The only reason to post it is because you want your girl-advantage back, because you are too vapid and too stupid to do or say anything interesting without it You are forgetting the rules, there are no girls on the Internet. The one exception to this rule, the one way you can get your "girlness" back on the Intemet is to post your tits. This is, and should be, degrading for you, an admission that the only interesting thing about you is your naked body

11 min later 425013641 Anonymous (2447141421793.png 499x500 343kB)
>>425013034 Do you like Feel Collins?

12 min later 425013768 Anonymous (1345689160838.jpg 200x200 5kB)
>tfw no gf because i dumped her ... Wait. Why did I dumped her already? Naah, doesn't matter

12 min later 425013885 Anonymous
>>425012197 not true in most cases.. black dudes will fuck anything

12 min later 425013887 Anonymous (1344496398732.jpg 400x394 26kB)
>>425011970 4chan aint gonna help you sugar. go outside, where the guys are. better yet, go where guys are drinking. problem solved captcha: youthat panelled

12 min later 425013902 Anonymous
Tits w/timestamp or gtfo

13 min later 425013920 Anonymous (yuck.jpg 295x340 35kB)
>mfw OP is obviously a landwhale

13 min later 425013967 Anonymous
>>425013768 >because she didn't understand you

13 min later 425014038 Anonymous
>>425011970 You want one then? Because I'm game, I'll take you across the ocean (assuming you're american) and we'll have a happy life together. Post some kind of IM or whatever and we'l talk about it.

14 min later 425014075 Anonymous
>>425012949 No, I don't. Nor do I need to. Please learn the rules.

15 min later 425014256 Anonymous
>>425012796 >implying any guy would hesitate to flash their cock on cam

15 min later 425014373 Anonymous
>>425013291 *attentionwhore threads everyone likes camwhores, faggot

15 min later 425014380 Anonymous
>>425012815 >Making /b/ users seem like huge dickheads who hated women >I'm OK with this. You mean, /b/ was ever respectfull of gender and not mysogynist ? Troll harder faggot

15 min later 425014404 Anonymous
Looks like I got a combo. >>425013636

16 min later 425014501 Anonymous (1345689080196.png 389x388 197kB)
>>425013967 The fact is that I don't even remember what did I dumped her. It was just yesterday. My friend really hated her, but, I pretty loved her. IDK why, but I listened to my friend and dumped her. Now I lost the only girls who was in love with me. Oh, and maybe that i was a little bit drunk when i did it. Don't really remember. But she cried for like 2 hours.

16 min later 425014512 Anonymous
>>425013636 This man understands it.

18 min later 425014774 Anonymous
>>425013636 Thank you for clarifying for these retards. I swear, I didn't start seeing people en masse trying to "clarify" for me that tits or gtfo is only for attention whores until a month or two ago.

18 min later 425014925 Anonymous

18 min later 425014958 Anonymous
>>425013636 >implying you have a chance to fuck someone IRL

19 min later 425015016 Anonymous (bf.jpg 603x720 38kB)
I love my bf OP

20 min later 425015161 Anonymous
>>425014501 Only 2 hours? She's not worth it, then. You need to make a chick cry for at least 5 hours non-stop for her to be worth taking back.

20 min later 425015184 Anonymous
>>425014774 Do you fucking read? I got you as well fag.

20 min later 425015207 Anonymous
>>425011970 Hi.

20 min later 425015272 Anonymous
>>425014925 Not really, just want a new GF, all roads are open, including the very remote chance of finding one online.

22 min later 425015516 Anonymous
NOthing to see here; as usual woman has nothing interesting to say.

23 min later 425015608 Anonymous
OP, if you're actually a guy, 0/10 If by the slim chance you're a femtard, shut the fuck up. Women have no fucking excuse not to have a boyfriend if they really want one. You must be one dumb cunt.

23 min later 425015721 Anonymous
>>425015161 Yea, you must be right. But, whatever, I liked her. She was nice, nice tits, nice face, and she was kind. Hope I'll find a girl like that again, I was with her for 1 year now, and i dumped her just because my friend told me to

24 min later 425015787 Anonymous
>>425011970 Seriously OP, assumign you're not a dude (most likely you are), Iäm interested (yes, even if trap)

24 min later 425015868 Anonymous (1347253379209.png 700x700 110kB)
>>425015608 >"no fucking excuse not to have a boyfriend" >calls her a dumb cunt >oh ok

24 min later 425015893 Anonymous
>>425015184 The fuck? I was thanking you for clarifying that it's not to deter camwhores/attentionwhores, but rather to bring everything down to what it is: The only thing we are or ever were interested in are tits.

25 min later 425015976 Anonymous (hello_yes_this_is_mister_feel.jpg 500x409 72kB)
tfw the only relationship you can get is a friends with benefits one

25 min later 425015980 Anonymous
>>425015272 A landwhale you know nothing about. As I said. Betafag.

25 min later 425016065 Anonymous (1329595429824.jpg 498x543 39kB)
> taking as gf a cunt who doesnt tits or gtfo really really really got to be a submissive betafag looking to be castrated even more

27 min later 425016301 Anonymous
>>425013079 ">tfw" means "That fell when"

33 min later 425017296 Anonymous (tits 1325894976534 (1).jpg 1024x1536 254kB)
well that was another satisfying cunt-slapping thread, my brothers:) keep on truckin' !

37 min later 425017870 Anonymous (titsorgtfo5.jpg 960x639 98kB)

40 min later 425018195 Anonymous
and once again /b/ proves to be a mysoginist cunts (mostly) no lulz here just pure hate

43 min later 425018665 Anonymous (smoking little black kid.jpg 560x400 39kB)
>>425013636 All dat win.

46 min later 425019116 Anonymous
>>425012815 >calls people newfags >hasn't read the earliest archived threads... they're filled with tits or gtfo in this exact same context. earlier newfags come on /b/ and tried to alternate the rules to their liking (probably pmsing whores) then the newer newfags believed the older newfags, and now the newest newfags(you) go around posting that false image everytime somebody says "tits or gtfo" in it's proper context. fucking idiot.

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