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2012-09-13 11:47 425011892 Anonymous (oingoboingo.jpg 460x353 50kB)
yo /b/ i heard you like little girls so like why arent you helping this sexy princess keep her pink playhouse http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/49018920/ns/today-today_news/#.UFIB2I1mTsY you know what happens in playhouses sex thats what if we get this town to let this girl keep her playhouse she will be a slut by 8 and making oc on /b/ cause we saved her home and that is what all of you want right? well a majority of you anyway

3 min later 425012359 Anonymous (l.jpg 600x411 15kB)
>mfw op's pic filename

4 min later 425012537 Anonymous
What retarded fantasy realm do you inhabit, OP And how did you get there, so I know how to prevent myself from inadvertently following you

4 min later 425012540 Anonymous
Her forehead is easily the size of Oprah's ass She looks like a fucking alien. Burn it with fire

6 min later 425012820 Anonymous
come on save this future cam whores playhouse

6 min later 425012894 Anonymous
only in murrica

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