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2012-09-13 11:47 425011860 Anonymous (1286654233978.jpg 1200x1600 836kB)
traps/CD/shemale thread

1 min later 425012051 Anonymous (1329523286127.jpg 800x536 132kB)

1 min later 425012143 Anonymous (6AF643.jpg 600x900 68kB)

2 min later 425012259 Anonymous (6AF6574.jpg 600x900 70kB)

3 min later 425012374 Anonymous (1335797409162.jpg 1066x1600 354kB)

4 min later 425012507 Anonymous (1347064918687.jpg 640x480 82kB)

4 min later 425012573 Anonymous (1346850267982.jpg 500x646 77kB)

6 min later 425012840 Anonymous
>>425012051 sauce?

7 min later 425012950 Anonymous (1347030950939.jpg 462x760 85kB)

7 min later 425012991 Anonymous
>>425012507 now that looks like a damn tasty ass!

9 min later 425013260 Anonymous (1330832817582.jpg 450x600 29kB)
Let's see what I can't contribute.

9 min later 425013335 Anonymous (1335016197020.jpg 776x1000 124kB)

10 min later 425013347 Anonymous (heatballs.jpg 351x450 59kB)

10 min later 425013407 Anonymous (1334857766299.jpg 1600x1200 319kB)

10 min later 425013448 Anonymous (1347031612934.jpg 760x570 95kB)

11 min later 425013492 Anonymous (1335215123910.jpg 1613x1210 845kB)

11 min later 425013562 Anonymous
Big folder so it's hard to post sets, dumping random stuff.

11 min later 425013618 Anonymous
>>425013448 How about them fingers.

12 min later 425013696 Anonymous (1334857693955.jpg 1944x2592 1402kB)

12 min later 425013721 Anonymous (1346810378758.jpg 640x480 77kB)

13 min later 425013860 Anonymous (1347497857420.jpg 640x480 63kB)
>>425013721 That's more like it, what a pretty pair of balls.

13 min later 425013931 Anonymous (DSC01343.jpg 1024x768 78kB)

14 min later 425014059 Anonymous (1346580268311.jpg 800x559 159kB)

14 min later 425014070 Anonymous (1335141269035.jpg 800x600 372kB)
Pardon the light in this one, but I still find it nice.

15 min later 425014154 Anonymous
keep it coming

15 min later 425014215 Anonymous
>>425011860 GTFO of my /b/ fucking smelly shemale

15 min later 425014261 Anonymous (1335018775705.jpg 1000x678 96kB)
>>425014154 Keep who coming.

15 min later 425014280 Anonymous (1296151947366.jpg 540x800 78kB)

16 min later 425014360 Anonymous (1334857866273.jpg 1280x960 113kB)

16 min later 425014378 Anonymous (13448987654.jpg 640x480 36kB)

16 min later 425014386 Anonymous (1346626949407.jpg 496x750 74kB)

17 min later 425014494 Anonymous (1347017694522.jpg 640x480 66kB)

17 min later 425014510 Anonymous (1332938165853.jpg 607x785 109kB)
Pic isn't a trap, but I really want that outfit!

17 min later 425014579 Anonymous (1334857804020.jpg 500x375 58kB)

18 min later 425014636 Anonymous (1347362098277.jpg 2048x1536 559kB)

18 min later 425014667 Anonymous
>>425014261 that actualy looks attractive....

18 min later 425014729 Anonymous (1334857488532.jpg 480x554 94kB)
>>425014510 The shades are wonderful. I don't imagine it would be too hard to put together with a little work and dedication. How badly do you want it?

19 min later 425014840 Anonymous (1335370792582.jpg 972x1296 497kB)
>>425014667 That's the intent.

19 min later 425014850 Anonymous (black socks.jpg 747x1024 112kB)

19 min later 425014872 Anonymous (1347018425661.jpg 682x920 200kB)

19 min later 425014875 Anonymous
is that you :]

19 min later 425014963 Anonymous
>>425014378 Sauce?

19 min later 425014970 Anonymous (1347401388251.jpg 2048x1536 295kB)

20 min later 425015059 Anonymous (1336224403173.jpg 683x1024 100kB)

20 min later 425015126 Anonymous (1335372634905.jpg 2592x1944 519kB)

20 min later 425015132 Anonymous
>>425014850 Cute!

20 min later 425015145 Anonymous (clover 1.jpg 1280x720 170kB)

21 min later 425015180 Anonymous (1345422293027.jpg 1528x1926 1096kB)

21 min later 425015235 Anonymous (clover 2.jpg 640x360 71kB)

21 min later 425015302 Anonymous
>>425014729 Pretty badly, but it's a long way away from my personality. It would have to be only a going out outfit, like clubbing or something. I need to get more outfits before I consider going full time anyway

22 min later 425015349 Anonymous (1345503416857.jpg 1280x960 124kB)

22 min later 425015352 Anonymous (1329082497067.jpg 1065x863 74kB)

22 min later 425015369 Anonymous (1335360754867.jpg 800x565 167kB)
>>425014059 And the follow-up to this one, where our darling takes it properly.

22 min later 425015396 Anonymous (clover 3.jpg 1280x720 157kB)

22 min later 425015423 Anonymous (1332259024009.jpg 521x1024 85kB)
>>425015180 Zara! I love this girl

22 min later 425015465 Anonymous

23 min later 425015596 Anonymous (clover 4.jpg 1280x720 137kB)

23 min later 425015612 Anonymous (1335370052507.jpg 640x480 21kB)
>>425015302 Not everyone's the type to wear something eye-catching like this all the time. Not a peacock, in other words. I think that's perfectly respectable to only wear this to certain outings.

24 min later 425015696 Anonymous (clover 5.jpg 1280x720 191kB)

24 min later 425015727 Anonymous (1959136647286667204.jpg 478x800 79kB)

24 min later 425015743 Anonymous
I prefer youn teen girls... http://linkpop.pro/5sd

25 min later 425015829 Anonymous (24.gif 450x337 1612kB)

25 min later 425015937 Anonymous (clover 6.jpg 640x360 76kB)

26 min later 425015967 Anonymous (1335374264780.jpg 1355x2125 214kB)

26 min later 425016027 Anonymous (cupcake penis.jpg 3264x2448 200kB)

26 min later 425016031 Anonymous (1285590848541.jpg 600x700 357kB)

26 min later 425016062 Anonymous (1344952254199.png 831x846 1164kB)
Any dutch traps looking to hang out?

27 min later 425016146 Anonymous (girl clothes.jpg 480x450 29kB)

28 min later 425016341 Anonymous (dress in girl clothes final.gif 2144x3120 1804kB)

28 min later 425016372 Anonymous
>>425011860 newfag post this shit on /hm/

28 min later 425016386 Anonymous (bggytmhs.jpg 500x476 47kB)

29 min later 425016487 Anonymous (dildoass.jpg 480x640 116kB)

29 min later 425016547 Anonymous (1285590848545.jpg 600x700 384kB)

29 min later 425016557 Anonymous (113.gif 320x184 1403kB)

29 min later 425016570 Anonymous (1335374871643.jpg 1600x1200 290kB)

31 min later 425016761 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_13.jpg 640x480 30kB)

31 min later 425016890 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_14.jpg 640x480 28kB)

32 min later 425016958 Anonymous (pink hair.jpg 1280x1024 224kB)

32 min later 425016974 Anonymous (114.gif 300x183 835kB)

32 min later 425017028 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_29.jpg 640x480 37kB)

32 min later 425017052 Anonymous (skirt trap.jpg 1000x750 285kB)

33 min later 425017132 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_54.jpg 640x480 26kB)

33 min later 425017149 Anonymous (131018998426.jpg 851x1280 125kB)

34 min later 425017279 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_55.jpg 640x480 29kB)

35 min later 425017406 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_61.jpg 640x480 30kB)

35 min later 425017481 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_62.jpg 640x480 30kB)

35 min later 425017489 Anonymous
>>425011860 OP is a super faggot

36 min later 425017628 Anonymous (1335386415468.jpg 640x480 72kB)

37 min later 425017715 Anonymous
Why cant anon ever meet traps >badfeel.jpg want UK traps

37 min later 425017730 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_63.jpg 640x480 31kB)
>>425017481 Not many people in here, huh?

38 min later 425017863 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_64.jpg 640x480 31kB)

38 min later 425017879 Anonymous (boy trap.jpg 640x480 182kB)

38 min later 425017896 Anonymous (1347353068007.jpg 960x1280 228kB)

39 min later 425017950 Anonymous (1335387540855.jpg 1840x3264 1344kB)
>>425017730 Not too many at all. But the ones that are here are doing a magnificent job.

39 min later 425017968 Anonymous
>>425017730 hard to type with one hand...

39 min later 425017996 Anonymous
>>425016974 SAUCE?

39 min later 425017997 Anonymous (women dick.jpg 740x1024 204kB)

39 min later 425018024 Anonymous (1338598306419.jpg 826x720 214kB)

40 min later 425018049 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_65.jpg 640x480 30kB)
>>425017863 >>425017896 Yay! I always love seeing a repost.

40 min later 425018103 Anonymous

40 min later 425018152 Anonymous
>>425017715 I'm in liverpool

40 min later 425018176 Anonymous (tv0465.jpg 640x480 72kB)

41 min later 425018208 Anonymous (IMG_011735.jpg 870x1000 300kB)
>>425016372 you are the newfag, /hm/ doesn't allow traps pathetic also hi everyone else.

41 min later 425018264 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_81.jpg 480x640 49kB)

41 min later 425018289 Anonymous (IMG_015087.jpg 776x1296 349kB)

41 min later 425018302 Anonymous (1347394607854.jpg 748x850 147kB)

42 min later 425018345 Anonymous
>>425017863 hi are u in photo??

42 min later 425018357 Anonymous (hold it.jpg 960x1280 415kB)

42 min later 425018368 Anonymous (1335400391529.jpg 640x550 39kB)
>>425018208 Howdy howdy. Going through the same old stuff I see. How long ago has it been since you took those anyway?

42 min later 425018385 Anonymous (IMG_010446.jpg 2400x3200 1344kB)

42 min later 425018395 Anonymous (1285590848543.jpg 600x700 369kB)

42 min later 425018409 Anonymous
>>425018152 you are trap?

42 min later 425018425 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_82.jpg 480x640 50kB)
>>425018264 >>425018208 It's Fei!

43 min later 425018518 Anonymous (1336151498624.jpg 720x720 212kB)

43 min later 425018540 Anonymous
hey does anyone here have the picture of the chick who looks like a guy? I think shes bald and has an assload of muscles, if you didn't see that there was a pussy there you wouldnt be able to tell it was a female.. I need this pic cause I'm showing it to my friend. going to show him the chick and a hott trap and see what his opinions are, help a bro out?

43 min later 425018547 Anonymous (tied trap.jpg 500x667 50kB)

43 min later 425018580 Anonymous

44 min later 425018605 Anonymous (IMG_010693.jpg 1877x2000 870kB)
>>425018368 some stuff is new, some stuff is old. just doing my usual dump. my oldest stuff is about a year old. >>425018425 hello!

44 min later 425018613 Anonymous
>>425017730 damn, what is your location and how can i contact you? good looking 27/m here

44 min later 425018620 Anonymous (slimqun1.jpg 768x512 240kB)

44 min later 425018679 Anonymous
>>425018049 fuuuuuuuuck I'd penetrate you in that position if I could. straight guy btw

45 min later 425018770 Anonymous
>>425018409 I am :)

45 min later 425018776 Anonymous
>>425018425 if are u connect skype i'm the guy from yesterday

45 min later 425018795 Anonymous (230.jpg 1200x800 366kB)
Unique 13th September pornpasswords for free ::99 http://pornpassword.tumblr.com/

45 min later 425018821 Anonymous (sktops1.jpg 597x480 55kB)

45 min later 425018867 Anonymous
>>425018540 buck angel now GTFO

46 min later 425018964 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120913_2.jpg 640x480 65kB)

47 min later 425019041 Anonymous
>>425018770 Then I want to do dirty, dirty things to you. anon in cheshire

47 min later 425019042 Anonymous (1335401183868.jpg 2270x1412 589kB)
>>425018605 mmk

47 min later 425019056 Anonymous
>>425018867 appreciate it nigger, happy fapping faggot.

47 min later 425019145 Anonymous (shecapti.jpg 800x688 88kB)

48 min later 425019171 Anonymous (1335401532552.jpg 2288x1712 854kB)

48 min later 425019265 Anonymous
>>425019041 where abouts in cheshire?

48 min later 425019281 Anonymous (can see dick.jpg 640x444 33kB)

49 min later 425019423 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_88.jpg 480x640 48kB)
>>425018613 I'm in California. Email is RoboTrap20xx@gmail.com Skype is Robo_Trap >>425018679 AWESOME >>425018776 Hello! I'm just passing through right now, I'm about to leave the house. Sorry!

49 min later 425019445 Anonymous
>>425019265 Macclesfield, but will travel for trap.

50 min later 425019527 Anonymous
Traps are the only thing that can give me an erection without touching myself these days. Does anyone here have any experience with cross dressing? I want to be pretty, but I need some general advice.

50 min later 425019626 Anonymous
>>425019423 is that how you usually smile? looks fake.

51 min later 425019696 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_101.jpg 640x480 32kB)

51 min later 425019723 Anonymous (1335457643691.jpg 670x1001 120kB)
>>425019423 Ahh, I've seen you post your info in the past. What exactly are you looking for?

51 min later 425019762 Anonymous

52 min later 425019905 Anonymous
>>425019423 >Hello! I'm just passing through right now, I'm about to leave the house. Sorry! :(

52 min later 425019951 Anonymous (Picture 86.jpg 640x480 75kB)

53 min later 425020012 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120907_14.jpg 640x480 51kB)
>>425019626 That's a genuine smile.

53 min later 425020014 Anonymous (dress boy 2.jpg 2560x1920 877kB)
>>425019527 i took some panties out of my mom's drore while she was away you should tried shaving your balls so all the hair doesnt stick it.

53 min later 425020094 Anonymous (Picture 97.jpg 640x480 63kB)

53 min later 425020098 Anonymous
>>425019762 Fuck off

54 min later 425020210 Anonymous
>>425019723 How do you mean?

54 min later 425020219 Anonymous (Picture 142.jpg 640x480 69kB)

54 min later 425020253 Anonymous
>>425020012 Holy hell s/he is pure hotness

54 min later 425020261 Anonymous
anyone have or know where i can find a nice set of Madison Lee's pictures?

55 min later 425020286 Anonymous
>>425019762 >>>>>>>>>>>>implying things >Welp, I use skin bleach on my entire buttocks and anus, and this effectively makes me a woman with a penis, not a crossdresser.

56 min later 425020495 Anonymous (1335459777716.jpg 1024x768 174kB)
>>425020210 Are you looking for friends, fuckbuddies, ERP partners, folks to chat with? Are you simply wanting to see what comes after you showing interest.

56 min later 425020580 Anonymous (planettgirl1 (13).jpg 402x614 60kB)

58 min later 425020783 Anonymous (7797.jpg 275x373 40kB)
To all traps out there, stay strong, and don't be afraid of hitting on men. Once a trap would get me going (intense kissing and half a blowjob / a lapdance) I wouldn't give two shits if there was a dick in your panties, and I'm sure I'm not alone with this. I'm just sayan.

58 min later 425020881 Anonymous
>>425020014 I bought some stockings a while ago. Felt amazing to wear them, made me appreciate my legs much more. I've shaved myself more than a few times, but I still have no idea how any of these perfectly smooth traps can get so smooth. I use a good razor, soak in the tub, and shave with cream, but I still get a few noticeable bristles, accompanied by some redness, no matter what I do. Btw you're cute, but what's up with those clothes?

58 min later 425020902 Anonymous (Mont02.jpg 848x1650 49kB)

59 min later 425020921 Anonymous
>>425020495 Nothing specific. Sometimes it's just chatting, sometimes it's camming, and sometimes I'm helping out with some trapping advice. >>425020253 Thank you!

59 min later 425020997 Anonymous (boy girl.jpg 1318x1293 139kB)

1 hours later 425021137 Anonymous (1336387624062.jpg 1200x900 236kB)
>>425021032 Ahh, alrighty then.

1 hours later 425021138 Anonymous (337.jpg 680x1024 262kB)
Exclusive chance to get 13th September Free pay porn site passwords : 678 Get here: http://pornpassword.tumblr.com/

1 hours later 425021303 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120907_13.jpg 640x480 39kB)

1 hours later 425021356 Anonymous
>>425020997 who is this? also have any more?

1 hours later 425021420 Anonymous (joojo84.jpg 550x331 52kB)

1 hours later 425021454 Anonymous (1346001690115.jpg 1202x800 182kB)

1 hours later 425021460 Anonymous (1335464378113.jpg 640x426 132kB)
>>425021303 Lookin pretty dorky there.

1 hours later 425021656 Anonymous (1346720374276.png 418x572 322kB)

1 hours later 425021745 Anonymous (1346252050759.jpg 1600x1064 364kB)

1 hours later 425021802 Anonymous
I need a to find a trap in the east of england :/ Been attracted to the idea since I was 13, and not found 1 yet :(

1 hours later 425021946 Anonymous
>>425021460 I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. I own more RoboCop toys than articles of clothing.

1 hours later 425021953 Anonymous
>>425019626 i think its actually a pretty smile.

1 hours later 425021963 Anonymous
>>425014386 More like this please.

1 hours later 425021995 Anonymous (1336077605994.jpg 600x800 115kB)
>>425021802 Keep your eyes open on here, then. I see all sorts of UK traps sneaking around. Approach casually and see what you can't get tied up on your bed.

1 hours later 425022047 Anonymous (set4_2.jpg 1600x1200 661kB)
>>425017715 i'm from UK ...also, this is me :p >>425016487

1 hours later 425022105 Anonymous
>>425021802 When your finished with one anon, send her over to the NW for me

1 hours later 425022145 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120907_15.jpg 640x480 52kB)
>>425021953 Thank you

1 hours later 425022179 Anonymous (1336156107633.jpg 1000x750 282kB)
>>425022047 And you have a delightful little rump.

1 hours later 425022203 Anonymous
>>425022047 Would you feel comfortable posting a face pic?

1 hours later 425022207 Anonymous
>>425017879 more?

1 hours later 425022383 Anonymous
Need some in the North East of the UK as well

1 hours later 425022392 Anonymous
>>425022047 Can I use you anon?

1 hours later 425022416 Anonymous
>>425022047 Where about in the UK? I'm in Suffolk ^.^

1 hours later 425022468 Anonymous (02.jpg 960x1280 164kB)

1 hours later 425022596 Anonymous
can someone post some hot videos of ts/cds tricking guys

1 hours later 425022636 Anonymous
>>425022468 You look like Stephen Hawking.

1 hours later 425022654 Anonymous
>>425022145 why no skype... i wanna only chat

1 hours later 425022658 Anonymous (Pic 024.jpg 2048x1536 1626kB)

1 hours later 425022665 Anonymous
any traps from south/central florida? :3

1 hours later 425022746 Anonymous
>>425022636 instacum for me then

1 hours later 425022802 Anonymous
>>425022145 You're welcome. You are actually really cute and attractive. Keep it up ^^

1 hours later 425022805 Anonymous
>>425022383 What makes you think I'd give her up? :P

1 hours later 425022882 Anonymous
>>425022658 sexy

1 hours later 425022917 Anonymous (set7_1.jpg 936x1164 644kB)
>>425022179 ty! :x >>425022203 no >>425022468 u're smokin' hot robo >.< >>425022416 Stevenage :P

1 hours later 425022949 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120912.jpg 640x480 51kB)
How do you guys feel about traps with tats? I've got quite a few ideas rattling about in my head, but I've only gotten this one so far...

1 hours later 425023027 Anonymous (1336156241892.jpg 857x1126 440kB)
>>425022658 How about those shoulders and back muscles. Wonderful.

1 hours later 425023113 Anonymous
>>42502294 beautifull tatoo bby

1 hours later 425023145 Anonymous (IMG_3063.jpg 1632x1224 657kB)
Not really passable, but just wondering what you guys think.

1 hours later 425023153 Anonymous (1337468987577.jpg 816x624 195kB)
>>425022917 >no Good girl. Never post face.

1 hours later 425023237 Anonymous
>>425022802 Thanks again! I can't wait to start taking hormones. Having boobs will be FUCKING AWESOME.

1 hours later 425023381 Anonymous (1336177042775.jpg 640x480 57kB)
>>425022949 Tattoo's are just fine. If you get into a real, solid relationship with someone, talk to them before you get new ones. Otherwise, mark yourself as you like, I say.

1 hours later 425023387 Anonymous
>>425022949 would be more concerned with your manhands.

1 hours later 425023414 Anonymous
>>425022917 Not massively far from me, I'm just north of ipswich :)

1 hours later 425023468 Anonymous (1336178079770.jpg 640x480 130kB)
>>425023237 Forking Oarsome. But a flat chest is alright too.

1 hours later 425023498 Anonymous (Capture.jpg 725x578 71kB)

1 hours later 425023524 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_7.jpg 640x480 27kB)
>>425023113 I forget I have it about 99% of the time! I need some tats that I can actually see.

1 hours later 425023549 Anonymous (Pic 048.jpg 2048x1536 1872kB)

1 hours later 425023657 Anonymous
>>425023145 Thats just a dude. >>425022949 imo flower figures look really good on traps for obvious reasons

1 hours later 425023712 Anonymous (0029.jpg 640x480 65kB)

1 hours later 425023716 Anonymous
>>425023524 when was the last time someone banged you out

1 hours later 425023727 Anonymous (IMG_20120912_171304.jpg 2048x1536 783kB)
>>425023153 Yeah don't ever post your face. Not because it isnt good but because it allows peoples imagination to put what ever face they want on your body

1 hours later 425023732 Anonymous
Any CDs in the 386 (Florida) that are interested in sucking and getting sucked?

1 hours later 425023750 Anonymous
>>425023549 >>425023549 nicolas cage?

1 hours later 425023767 Anonymous (IMG_010707.jpg 2740x2728 974kB)
>>425023498 the secret of headless traps being pokemon has been revealed!

1 hours later 425023884 Anonymous (cantstop.jpg 310x229 16kB)
>>425014261 OMGWOW Never thought I could have the urge to eat a dude's ass so badly......

1 hours later 425023927 Anonymous (IMG_010705.jpg 2500x2385 915kB)
>>425023767 >>425018605 >>425018385

1 hours later 425023954 Anonymous
>>425023727 all I hear is "I'm too ugly and masculine to show my face"

1 hours later 425024065 Anonymous (1336332302327.jpg 1200x1600 146kB)
>>425023727 Wholehearted agreement. Wanna post a head, post the cute lil' pink one.

1 hours later 425024081 Anonymous
>>425019423 where in California are you? LAfag here

1 hours later 425024083 Anonymous
>>425023468 Yup.. well personally I wouldn't mind flat chest, so long as she looks female facially, then nice hips and tush is a bonus ^.^

1 hours later 425024127 Anonymous (05.jpg 640x480 42kB)
>>425023716 Never. I've only been with women. >>425023657 Actually, I had some geekier stuff in mind. OCP logo on my left arm, Star Trek delta shield on my chest, etc., and I've recently got the idea in my head to have a Sagan quote somewhere on me too.

1 hours later 425024153 Anonymous
>>425020881 thats not me

1 hours later 425024171 Anonymous (1338246806329.jpg 720x960 47kB)

1 hours later 425024220 Anonymous
>>425023927 Ass rosacea?

1 hours later 425024354 Anonymous (1336399512270.jpg 1840x3264 1741kB)
>>425024220 Maybe a bit of a spanking.

1 hours later 425024371 Anonymous (005n.jpg 1005x1495 318kB)

1 hours later 425024380 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120912_5.jpg 640x480 30kB)
>>425024081 Northbay, unfortunately. I was in LA just last month.

1 hours later 425024621 Anonymous (1336269925601.png 1024x576 1116kB)
>>425024380 Nice slim little tush there.

1 hours later 425024643 Anonymous (1347478809829.jpg 1000x939 171kB)

1 hours later 425024683 Anonymous
>>425024127 wtf? so you only play dress up just for the hell of it? what a waste of time

1 hours later 425024720 Anonymous (IMG_015439.jpg 745x1244 285kB)
>>425024220 no... I never actually noticed that myself. probably just the lighting >>425023927

1 hours later 425024784 Anonymous
>>425024354 I didn't know spankings resulted in blotchy red skin and pimples.

1 hours later 425024941 Anonymous
>>425024784 Hair follicles. Go have someone spank you for a few minutes.

1 hours later 425024945 Anonymous
>>425017879 moar like this!

1 hours later 425024996 Anonymous
I found this video with a really hot shemale with amazing natural tits. Does anyone know here name? http://www.shemaletubesite.com/shemale-fly-with-round-breasts-and-hung-schlong-making-out-23809.html ?utm_source=tube&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=awn

1 hours later 425025128 Anonymous (019.jpg 1920x2560 513kB)
>>425024683 No, I live in a shit area where no one will fuck me. I haven't been laid in two years. >>425024621 I want it BIGGER. I love big butts. But I lost some weight recently and my ass pretty much disappeared. I just started working on it again. Hopefully I'll be able to at least get it back to where it used to be.

1 hours later 425025208 Anonymous (IMG_20120912_171101.jpg 1536x2048 675kB)
>>425023954 I would go have girly hair and girly makeup but by day I am manly man and by night I am girly gay boi.

1 hours later 425025310 Anonymous (1337625151549.jpg 1235x1165 328kB)
>>425025128 Ahh, you're after one of those big thick ones. Made to take a good pounding, get beaten up a little bit. Very good.

1 hours later 425025349 Anonymous (datass.jpg 2906x2726 1303kB)

1 hours later 425025351 Anonymous
>>425024380 dammit. gotta move to the bay area. do you come to LA often?

1 hours later 425025375 Anonymous
>>425023524 I'd hit it. HARD. Like a tin fucking drum.

1 hours later 425025404 Anonymous
>>425024127 So you dont wanna be with men then? Also i like the delta shield idea but i dont think OCP logo would be so neat. The ring is also doing a quite nice job.

1 hours later 425025474 Anonymous (1346025186646.jpg 500x322 32kB)

1 hours later 425025505 Anonymous (Pic 004.jpg 2048x1536 1522kB)

1 hours later 425025525 Anonymous
Uuugh so much want it's painful..

1 hours later 425025582 Anonymous
Oh look! Another trap thread. I mean why not , I don't think I've been on and haven't seen one on the 1st page in over a month. These are far more annoying then anyone other thread, even mlp .

1 hours later 425025693 Anonymous (Carl Sagan.jpg 190x265 7kB)
If I may make a suggestion for a Sagan quote, the obvious ones being "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch...", or "Billions and billions...", "We are ready at last to set sail for the stars". Sorry, Sagan is just such a badass.

1 hours later 425025724 Anonymous
>>425025582 >opinions Yeah, we don't care what you think.

1 hours later 425025773 Anonymous (set7_11.jpg 836x594 342kB)
>>425023414 yea, you're not that far away i guess :)

1 hours later 425025861 Anonymous (C8.jpg 600x334 43kB)

1 hours later 425025905 Anonymous
>>425024941 Nah, I'm not a sad faggot trying to be a woman. Really though I have nothing against you trannies personally it's just baffling how highly praised you are on /b/ when you're all mediocre women and terrible men.

1 hours later 425025965 Anonymous
>>425018547 Moar? MOAR! Anyone happen to know the names of these fine people?

1 hours later 425026012 Anonymous (IMG_3730 - Copy.jpg 697x799 258kB)
Didn't say I was a trap, just wondering what you guys think for CD.

1 hours later 425026037 Anonymous (M3.jpg 235x600 36kB)

1 hours later 425026183 Anonymous
>>425025128 i'm in Vegas. if you were so far i'd attempt my first trap experience with you. but fuck that i ain't driving all that far just to get laid

1 hours later 425026212 Anonymous (M1.jpg 245x600 35kB)

1 hours later 425026256 Anonymous (IMG_015868.jpg 638x1000 180kB)
>>425025693 i agree >>425024720

1 hours later 425026284 Anonymous (not bad.jpg 1053x1280 387kB)

1 hours later 425026314 Anonymous (PICT0714.jpg 1849x4608 1012kB)
evening can i join? :3

1 hours later 425026359 Anonymous
I'd hit it lol

1 hours later 425026396 Anonymous (Leather 3.jpg 374x600 40kB)

1 hours later 425026398 Anonymous
>>425025773 Wish there was an easy way to meet traps :( Wish I still had my car too :P

1 hours later 425026538 Anonymous
Unfffff i love you. ;]

1 hours later 425026607 Anonymous (set7_2.jpg 642x1358 608kB)
>>425026398 as do i...

1 hours later 425026635 Anonymous
>>425026398 Man, I hear you. I'd love for some to be in the Southern California area :<

1 hours later 425026689 Anonymous
>>425026359 >>425026538 to whom do u refer? :P

1 hours later 425026709 Anonymous
>>425025128 Wait where are you?

1 hours later 425026715 Anonymous (Lingerie Mart 017.jpg 3396x1857 874kB)

1 hours later 425026863 Anonymous
>>425025505 so adorable

1 hours later 425026867 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_56.jpg 640x480 40kB)
>>425025310 If I had to choose between tits or a big, round ass, I'd take the ass. >>425025351 I should be there again in November. >>425025375 Thank you! >>425025404 Oh, I want to fuck men, but the dating pool here is total shite. I've already done a vector of the OCP logo, as a conglomeration of all three movie versions, and it'd be a tiny little thing, only 1.4"x2", all black. >>425025693 I was actually thinking the line before that, "We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean" or a line from Pale Blue Dot.

1 hours later 425026960 Anonymous (Lingerie Mart 021.jpg 2430x2575 915kB)

1 hours later 425027170 Anonymous
>>425026867 U are a full time trap??

1 hours later 425027257 Anonymous (IMG_20120914_001707.jpg 938x1280 201kB)
been a while :)

1 hours later 425027274 Anonymous (Pic 034-50pc.jpg 1024x768 247kB)

1 hours later 425027305 Anonymous
>>425026689 Everyone lol

1 hours later 425027315 Anonymous
317 wanna be trap here. :(

1 hours later 425027328 Anonymous (alaska02.jpg 640x480 26kB)

1 hours later 425027329 Anonymous (03.jpg 960x1280 132kB)
>>425026709 Northern California, about an hour north of San Francisco.

1 hours later 425027458 Anonymous
>>425026314 For sure :]

1 hours later 425027607 Anonymous (set7_6.jpg 902x622 389kB)
>>425027305 fair enough :D

1 hours later 425027768 Anonymous (Lingerie Mart 048.jpg 2450x1621 723kB)

1 hours later 425027772 Anonymous
>>425027607 Is that you :]

1 hours later 425027789 Anonymous
>>425026607 Sadly I need to go off and do other things.. is there a way I could talk to you outside /b/? Even in GW2 would be fine :D

1 hours later 425027791 Anonymous (c021.jpg 450x338 27kB)

1 hours later 425027801 Anonymous (011.jpg 960x1280 205kB)
>>425027170 Not yet. Waiting till I move to LA. >>425026867 Whoops, the OCP logo is 1.6"x2", not 1.4"

1 hours later 425027832 Anonymous (Photo on 2012-08-30 at 00.50.jpg 640x480 100kB)
Hi guys. <3

1 hours later 425027872 Anonymous (PICT0717.jpg 1911x3448 766kB)
>>425027458 aw yeeeaaah

1 hours later 425028001 Anonymous (1_1.gif 231x361 2071kB)
>>425027329 Lucky. You actually get rain. LA gets jack most of the time. I like variation...it's just sunny all the time here.

1 hours later 425028057 Anonymous
>>425024153 ...What? Are you saying you've worn stockings and have trouble shaving?

1 hours later 425028086 Anonymous (DSCF8075.jpg 1845x3620 1194kB)

1 hours later 425028108 Anonymous (PICT0682.jpg 4252x2960 1342kB)

1 hours later 425028120 Anonymous (Pic 005.jpg 2048x1536 1366kB)

1 hours later 425028173 Anonymous
>>425027872 Your body is amazing..

1 hours later 425028194 Anonymous (1338862849761.jpg 1840x3264 1864kB)
>>425027329 Shoot, that's what you call northern? Get up there to Humboldt or Del Norte county, then you're northern.

1 hours later 425028236 Anonymous
>>425028001 WOW....

1 hours later 425028246 Anonymous
>>425027801 I think that whit a bit of hormones 4 tits u can became the best trap ever... u turn on me soo bad

1 hours later 425028289 Anonymous (Photo on 2012-08-30 at 00.52 #2.jpg 640x480 104kB)

1 hours later 425028329 Anonymous
>>425027801 mattsmail4fun@gmail.com Let me know if you ever need someone to dom when you move to LA :)

1 hours later 425028342 Anonymous (Latex 050.jpg 521x1529 128kB)

1 hours later 425028486 Anonymous
>>425028057 i hav only worn panties

1 hours later 425028515 Anonymous (1346321667218.png 243x227 82kB)
why most of you are so ugly?

1 hours later 425028540 Anonymous
Sexy gamer girl trap is the greatest dream..

1 hours later 425028559 Anonymous
>>425014378 Moar plox.

1 hours later 425028673 Anonymous (LC2.jpg 231x600 33kB)

1 hours later 425028761 Anonymous
>>425028515 know right the last dumper right now is fucking a man in a dress

1 hours later 425028820 Anonymous (1342376037922.jpg 258x196 9kB)
subhuman filth

1 hours later 425028917 Anonymous (IMG_20120912_183848.jpg 2048x1536 754kB)
>>425028540 Suck their dong while they play the vidyas?

1 hours later 425028991 Anonymous (007.jpg 1280x960 220kB)
>>425028001 I loved the rain when I was younger, not I've just come to despise it. Fucking awesome GIF, BTW. >>425028194 Hey now! Just because I can't jog into Oregon doesn't mean I'm not NorCal! >>425028246 Thanks! I want to start so fucking badly! >>425028329 I'll just save that....

1 hours later 425029019 Anonymous
>>425028820 Religionfag invasion..

1 hours later 425029093 Anonymous
>>425028917 Desperately.

1 hours later 425029274 Anonymous
>>425027801 You look great. have any more :)?

1 hours later 425029504 Anonymous
>>425028991 why u dont connect skpe hun??

1 hours later 425029537 Anonymous
>>425028991 oh lawdy dat ass! timetofap.jpg

1 hours later 425029610 Anonymous (Pic 041.jpg 1600x1200 1139kB)

1 hours later 425029648 Anonymous (024.jpg 1280x960 243kB)

1 hours later 425029750 Anonymous
>>425028917 Me or them.. but was more because there is a guaranteed point of interest and nerdiness attracts me :P

1 hours later 425029848 Anonymous (IMG_1616.jpg 480x640 40kB)
>>425028991 Hah. Well, I hope you like constant sunlight and "perfect" weather. Thx.

1 hours later 425029906 Anonymous (02.jpg 960x1280 315kB)

1 hours later 425030094 Anonymous (W3.jpg 326x760 45kB)

1 hours later 425030105 Anonymous
>>425021303 Saw your skype information decided to give you an add. Reply if you want. I find you interesting.

1 hours later 425030121 Anonymous (Pic 049.jpg 1600x1200 1077kB)

1 hours later 425030150 Anonymous
>>425029648 do fucking want

1 hours later 425030207 Anonymous (027.jpg 1280x960 233kB)
>>425029537 Thank you, thank you. I'm touched. >>425029848 Indeed I do! Most of the time I've spent in LA has been during thee summer, so I figure if I can handle that heat, I should be alright. >>425029504 Whenever I log in it tends to be a multi-hour affair where I'm juggling half a dozen conversations at any given time. I'm not going to be home for that much longer.

1 hours later 425030268 Anonymous (N5.jpg 600x240 41kB)

1 hours later 425030456 Anonymous
>>425030207 >Whenever I log in it tends to be a multi-hour affair where I'm juggling half a dozen conversations at any given time. I'm not going to be home for that much longer. u can stop when u want hun

1 hours later 425030503 Anonymous (ZZ4.jpg 473x600 45kB)

1 hours later 425030696 Anonymous (001.jpg 873x1280 244kB)

2 hours later 425031128 Anonymous (testv2.gif 210x158 1393kB)
>>425029019 I will have to use this pillow until then

2 hours later 425031253 Anonymous
>>425029848 all my internets. who is this?

2 hours later 425031308 Anonymous (S5000152.jpg 960x1280 265kB)
>>425030456 Yeah, but I don't want to be rude and cut people off mid-conversation.

2 hours later 425031446 Anonymous (fraser9.jpg 169x217 5kB)
>>425013260 my perfect trap

2 hours later 425031585 Anonymous
@Stevenage trap; my email metsofortai@yahoo.com if you want to chat some time :)

2 hours later 425031613 Anonymous (WR3.jpg 357x600 51kB)

2 hours later 425031751 Anonymous
>>425031128 More than welcome to use me :P

2 hours later 425032386 Anonymous (set7_3.jpg 1062x1382 865kB)
>>425027772 yep

2 hours later 425032463 Anonymous
>>425031585 what about? :)

2 hours later 425032856 Anonymous
>>425032463 Whatever you want hun :) Sadly I've got to go clean before family arrives tomorrow.. well today :P

2 hours later 425033239 Anonymous (pict0721new.jpg 882x647 508kB)
so... what are you guys listening atm?

2 hours later 425033359 Anonymous (IMG_013224.jpg 1552x2592 976kB)

2 hours later 425033419 Anonymous (3.gif 182x360 2068kB)
>>425031253 It's me.

2 hours later 425033437 Anonymous (IMG_014049.jpg 599x1000 179kB)

2 hours later 425033617 Anonymous (dat cole train.jpg 425x425 94kB)
>>425033419 I would swoop any and all of this off their feet and love them and fuck them like no tomorrow

2 hours later 425033858 Anonymous
>>425033419 Hot

2 hours later 425034039 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120913_9.jpg 640x480 58kB)
Hey guys, is this sexy?

2 hours later 425034109 Anonymous
>>425034039 Murphy your lips got bigger.

2 hours later 425034151 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120907_34.jpg 640x480 40kB)
>>425033437 Fei, I would love to wreck/be wrecked by you. >>425033419 Please tell me you have an email address to share with me?

2 hours later 425034392 Anonymous
>>425033419 Perfection. where from?

2 hours later 425034436 Anonymous
>>425034039 yes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_fetishism

2 hours later 425034656 Anonymous (movie.gif 640x480 1461kB)
>>425034151 I've got a "throwaway" email. kalindrachan@gmail.com. Just make sure I can tell who you are since I'll undoubtedly get some random mail.

2 hours later 425034850 Anonymous
>>425013931 more of her?

2 hours later 425034929 Anonymous
>>425034850 Late to the party huh?

2 hours later 425035154 Anonymous
>>425034850 sarina valentina >use the google, luke. use the google

2 hours later 425035182 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_17.jpg 640x480 29kB)
>>425034656 RoboTrap just sent you an email :D

2 hours later 425035331 Anonymous
>>425035182 Cool. I'll get back to you.

2 hours later 425035482 Anonymous (PICT0654.jpg 2342x2952 792kB)

2 hours later 425035606 Anonymous (IMG_010614.jpg 2000x1500 537kB)

2 hours later 425035610 Anonymous
>>425023927 >>425023767 >>425024720 >>425026256 >>425033359 >>425033437 >>425033437 >>425033437 thanks /b/, now i like traps

2 hours later 425035632 Anonymous
you guys might wanna step in here if you like the sissy boys >>425031682

2 hours later 425035636 Anonymous (IMG_20120904_195959.jpg 2048x1536 732kB)
>>425034039 Here was my sides. They're gone now.

2 hours later 425035695 Anonymous
where the fuck do I find cute traps in chicago? i've scoured craigslist but all i can find are saggy old men wearing leggings and panties. i just want a cute trap friend i can go places with, see/do things with, and occasionally fuck senseless.

2 hours later 425035825 Anonymous (IMG_010609.jpg 935x700 163kB)
>>425035610 you're welcome >>425035606

2 hours later 425036057 Anonymous
>>425035636 Thank you for your cooperation. >>425035606 Dammit, Fei, stop making me ache!

2 hours later 425036245 Anonymous
>>425035610 if you liked traps you should also try ageplay

2 hours later 425036471 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_68.jpg 640x480 31kB)

2 hours later 425036524 Anonymous
>>425036245 wuts that?

2 hours later 425036603 Anonymous
Anyone looking to hang out in the 914 area? Trap here.

2 hours later 425036712 Anonymous
>>425036471 mmmmmh i wanna destroy that little asshole while jerking u off

2 hours later 425036906 Anonymous
>>425036524 http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ageplay

2 hours later 425036915 Anonymous (Ass.png 537x480 516kB)
Dumping my ass for the lolz. Enjoy!

2 hours later 425036949 Anonymous
>>425036712 how do you destroy an asshole while jerking off

2 hours later 425037045 Anonymous (ass2.png 491x430 451kB)
>>425036915 Another one.

2 hours later 425037174 Anonymous
>>425036906 nah not really...

2 hours later 425037206 Anonymous
Any Canada traps out there?

2 hours later 425037235 Anonymous (ass3.png 489x400 461kB)
>>425037045 Round 3...Fap!

2 hours later 425037361 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_67.jpg 640x480 32kB)

2 hours later 425037432 Anonymous
>>425036949 Dick in butt, hand on other dick. Not that difficult.

2 hours later 425037478 Anonymous (ass4.png 508x479 516kB)
>>425037235 Last one. Comments?

2 hours later 425037524 Anonymous (1345964111873.gif 381x173 52kB)

2 hours later 425037592 Anonymous (IMG_015708.jpg 870x1358 325kB)
>>425037206 yep

2 hours later 425037665 Anonymous
>>425036915 >>425037045 >>425037235 >>425037478 Any full ass shots?

2 hours later 425037768 Anonymous
>>425037478 did you glue your ass together?

2 hours later 425037943 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_57.jpg 640x480 43kB)

2 hours later 425038115 Anonymous
>>425037665 Nah sorry waiting for better camera. >>425037768 How do you suspect I did?

2 hours later 425038128 Anonymous
Anyone wanna cyber on skype? Bonus points if you're a trap or CD

2 hours later 425038374 Anonymous
>>425038115 why is your ass like all squished together and red it look like a flat surface

2 hours later 425038427 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_95.jpg 640x480 27kB)

2 hours later 425038809 Anonymous (129760.jpg 640x480 77kB)
Posting my ass.

2 hours later 425038838 Anonymous
>>425038374 I am an aggressive wiper lol. Looks fine too me and better than permanent shit stain like some.

2 hours later 425039007 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_30.jpg 640x480 37kB)
>>425038809 And it is much appreciated.

2 hours later 425039105 Anonymous
>>425038427 i wanna cun on yor glasses du u like??

2 hours later 425039419 Anonymous (IMG_0409.jpg 2448x3264 1906kB)
posting my same round of photos plus a few more :P

2 hours later 425039434 Anonymous
>>425037943 >>425038427 >>425039007 im not even into traps. but you..... youll be my only trap

2 hours later 425039482 Anonymous
>>425038838 dont leave any soldiers behind and you won't even have to wipe

2 hours later 425039541 Anonymous (1346632967512.jpg 425x640 164kB)
>>425029848 I too must know who this is, heres the other one I have of her.

2 hours later 425039592 Anonymous
>>425039434 we all call her RoboTrap :)

2 hours later 425039796 Anonymous (1347505443401.jpg 1952x2592 1312kB)
haiiii everyone

2 hours later 425039847 Anonymous
Any sexies in the 415?? :-) :-)

2 hours later 425039864 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_10.jpg 640x480 27kB)
>>425039434 Dawwww

2 hours later 425040097 Anonymous
>>425021032 please does anyone know the link to the full video?

2 hours later 425040107 Anonymous
>>425039007 I'm glad you enjoy it. I had more like that but lost them when my laptop died.

2 hours later 425040146 Anonymous (chan 743.png 400x400 15kB)
>>425039796 >laptop fuckin lold

2 hours later 425040165 Anonymous
>>425039796 Hi there gorgeous.

2 hours later 425040247 Anonymous
>>425039482 I wipe always and just in case. Prolly should invest in wet wipes lol. Plus I am not a trap or CD so skin discoloration on my ass is not priority.

2 hours later 425040361 Anonymous
got any good hypnosis or training links?

2 hours later 425040375 Anonymous (1347506872798.jpg 2112x2136 515kB)

2 hours later 425040381 Anonymous (PICT0742.jpg 256x634 190kB)
>>425035482 ...

3 hours later 425040391 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_50.jpg 640x480 34kB)
>>425040107 Dammit, you tease!

3 hours later 425040589 Anonymous (IMG_0368.jpg 1920x2560 1558kB)

3 hours later 425040796 Anonymous (1298856.jpg 640x480 97kB)
>>425040391 I lied. There is also this one. The first one was the best anyway.

3 hours later 425041048 Anonymous (1336210873295.png 452x710 286kB)
>>425039864 >i will never have a trap experience with the only trap i love

3 hours later 425041095 Anonymous (IMG_0439.jpg 2448x3264 1813kB)

3 hours later 425041196 Anonymous (Geordi dat ass.jpg 240x240 21kB)
>>425040796 Im completely hetero but I would fucking wreck that hole.

3 hours later 425041273 Anonymous
>>425015465 The fuck did I just watch

3 hours later 425041369 Anonymous (PICT0645.jpg 4520x3302 1722kB)
>>425040381 so fucking hot: http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/79653/horny-cd-dildo-riding-on-a-bed.html anyone knows how this is?

3 hours later 425041390 Anonymous
>>425032856 mailed ;p

3 hours later 425041446 Anonymous (1347505639698.jpg 2448x3264 1590kB)
>>425041095 srsly though where can i get a pair of those awesome stockings

3 hours later 425041498 Anonymous
>>425041369 *who

3 hours later 425041578 Anonymous (Snapshot_20120911_3.jpg 640x480 36kB)
>>425040796 Oh, they're both fap worthy. >>425039419 Hello again! And hello again, berber carpet! >>425041048 Sorry! Where do you live?

3 hours later 425042136 Anonymous
>>425040796 >>425040107 >pPvVuVv3 Wow, my ID fucking rules. Behold ye mortals, the master of the Vs.

3 hours later 425042163 Anonymous
>>425041446 Macys :P and I think the image limit was reached if I'm not mistaken

3 hours later 425042321 Anonymous
Someone needs to make a new thread, we've hit the image limit.

3 hours later 425042426 Anonymous
>>425042163 well shiiitt

3 hours later 425042503 Anonymous
>>425042448 >>425042448 >>425042448 >>425042448 >>425042448

3 hours later 425042741 Anonymous
>>425041578 >>425041196 Aww, thanks guys. I'm flattered, really.

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