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2012-09-19 05:48 425978263 Anonymous (The Problem with 4chan are the sheep.jpg 500x509 62kB)
So he finally admitted it - though it was only after he was caught on tape that Romney is out only for the richest Americans. He hates the rest of us. So right wing poorfags (anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year) - why are you still going to vote for a man who hates you?

1 min later 425978582 Anonymous (Warning! Sharing this with far right wingers will enrage them!.jpg 720x399 58kB)

2 min later 425978815 Anonymous (247922_349463181809817_1301282306_n.jpg 421x296 28kB)

3 min later 425979008 Anonymous (250276_526878750670974_412149726_n.jpg 600x669 62kB)

4 min later 425979171 Anonymous
liberal threads belong in reddit

4 min later 425979184 Anonymous (Truth about the tax free rich.jpg 306x480 32kB)

5 min later 425979284 Anonymous
>>425979171 Who said I'm Liberal?

5 min later 425979395 Anonymous (556534_345521732203962_1862788485_n.jpg 550x548 77kB)

6 min later 425979435 Anonymous
So the world can finally see how fucked we are when we let a guy like this run for president.

6 min later 425979489 Anonymous (1311708321453.jpg 500x500 111kB)
>>425978263 Political parties are a divide & conquer tactic. You're more concerned with what the next person thinks & feels....as opposed to actual political debate.

6 min later 425979538 Anonymous (1347748340601.jpg 400x600 59kB)

7 min later 425979697 Anonymous (reactionafro.jpg 406x358 15kB)
>>425979489 So not doing anything is a better way of handling it?

7 min later 425979732 Anonymous (Reagan.jpg 2399x3000 1234kB)
And the 3rd kind, that actually rescued this shithole in the 80s

7 min later 425979743 Anonymous
>>425978263 1/10 because I'm bothering to type this. He didn't say that; that's what you wish he said. What he said was that he wasn't going to try to win over people that are getting paid by the government. The Dems have paid for those votes with tax money, and the recipients aren't likely to vote against their own cash cow. Actually *read* what Romney said. Don't just get fluttered up with fake outrage, actually read it. The man spoke the truth.

8 min later 425979835 Anonymous
>>425979184 >The Center for American Progress is a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization. Its website states that the organization is "dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action."[2] It has its headquarters in Washington D.C.[3] Its President and Chief Executive Officer is Neera Tanden, who worked for the Obama and Clinton administrations and for Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. Just keep in mind that there are manipulators on both sides.

8 min later 425979858 Anonymous (adampearlman.jpg 268x268 8kB)
>>425979538 Reagan & Bush Senior armed the "Taliban" which is an FBI honeypot organization. Al-Qaeda, same story....otherwise...American Jews wouldn't be the spokesperson for said groups. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Yahiye_Gadahn Interesting excerpt from this article: >Gadahn was born Adam Pearlman, the son of musician Phil Pearlman. Gadahn's Jewish paternal grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was a prominent urologist; and on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. According to Gadahn, he was a "zealous supporter" of Israel

8 min later 425979959 Anonymous
>>425979732 also you fucking lazy prick wouldnt probably remember him as you are born in the 90s and you are living off your parents savings faggot

9 min later 425979981 Anonymous (Reagan-Sucked-80743024489.jpg 499x374 36kB)
>>425979732 He did in the 80s what Obama just did now yet GOP hates Obama and loved Reagan. Go figure.

9 min later 425980046 Anonymous
>>425979697 Prattling on saying one person is wrong & you're correct based on personal opinions when completely ignoring facts.... is pointless yes.

10 min later 425980196 Anonymous (296690_181964915261821_1334795574_n.jpg 480x480 32kB)
>>425980046 So you admit you should just shut up and vote Obama? Good!

10 min later 425980201 Anonymous (1347936791489.jpg 700x700 49kB)
Mit Rommel is an asshat.

10 min later 425980210 Anonymous
and I love the manipulators!

11 min later 425980378 Anonymous (560508_526541527371363_1823118814_n.jpg 864x864 151kB)

11 min later 425980454 Anonymous (1307554003253.jpg 567x504 126kB)
>>425979981 In all fairness, algae & volcanoes contribute the bulk majority of greenhouse gasses. Those gasses protect us fro solar radiation....so I a in favor of heavy carbon producing vehicles, as they have little to no effect on the environment. Deforestation, is a pertinent issue that should be spoken of.

11 min later 425980461 Anonymous (1347938515768.jpg 599x662 48kB)
The truth

12 min later 425980564 Anonymous (1347495188484.jpg 602x441 66kB)
lemme guess - Ron paul fan? >>425980210

12 min later 425980595 Anonymous (1343618211513.png 125x177 36kB)
>>425978263 >mfw the same thing goes for Democrats

12 min later 425980601 Anonymous (1347939683700.jpg 403x403 47kB)

12 min later 425980652 Anonymous
>>425980196 I am voting, for Mitt Romney, because he's white. The same reason 99% of blacks voted for Obama, even though he's a Mulatto & not black. He also attended private schools in paradise, & knows nothing about the average black mans struggles.

12 min later 425980658 Anonymous
>>425980461 I love you /b/ro

12 min later 425980723 Anonymous
>>425979981 exactly, what kind of dumb idiot uses 30 year old policies?? They worked good at that time period.

13 min later 425980791 Anonymous (1347935072662.jpg 500x500 37kB)
Fuck Romney

13 min later 425980792 Anonymous
>>425980564 just a big rush fan

13 min later 425980858 Anonymous
Because Obama is such a better choice. They both suck an equal amount of dick.

13 min later 425980896 Anonymous (Mitt-Wit.png 629x748 395kB)
>>425980595 Not so much. We tend to be more educated and use logic in our arguments.

14 min later 425980991 Anonymous (381310_10151162017859940_1070812395_n.jpg 501x645 48kB)

15 min later 425981130 Anonymous (Makes you think.jpg 960x960 100kB)
>>425980858 obviously didn't live through the W. Bush years.

15 min later 425981137 Anonymous (1347939967215.jpg 600x420 41kB)
Romney shouldn't even be a dog catcher let alone a president

15 min later 425981225 Anonymous
I think it's funny, that interns take the time out of their evenings to post on this board, trying to build a grassroots movement on the most degenerate website on the entire internet. Honestly, half the people who post here are: 1) not of voting age 2) felons who cannot vote 3) ignorant retards who don't vote. Post this retarded crap on reddit.

15 min later 425981285 Anonymous (1347938349106.jpg 404x404 43kB)
HURRRR Republicans r better at economeeee DURP

15 min later 425981293 Anonymous
>>425978263 call the was from 1 year of running a nuclear powerplant can fit under a desk. fffffffuck

16 min later 425981316 Anonymous
>>425981130 What does Bush, either of them...have to do with present political actions & policies?

16 min later 425981318 Anonymous
>>425981137 I love your graphics, man. I think I recognize many of them!!!

16 min later 425981406 Anonymous (1347935611036.jpg 404x404 57kB)

16 min later 425981436 Anonymous (1345970094092.png 277x290 134kB)
>>425981137 Uh... good one.

16 min later 425981449 Anonymous (1330150559272.gif 141x141 491kB)

17 min later 425981508 Anonymous (128971965054502285.jpg 500x332 27kB)
>>425981225 this is them (on whatever side they are on) to get the attention of the "young" voters... this is cancer to /b/

17 min later 425981513 Anonymous
>>425980461 We did that, it was Obama's first two years, remember? You know, those two years where he completely ignored the economy, the foreign trade defficeit, the unemployment numbers, and foreign policy. You know, where he ignored all of that and then used his majority to jam every liberal social wet-dream bill down our thoats. You know, where he totally didn't fix shit, but past bill that have made the recession longer. You know, where he passed a stimulus bill that didn't do shit for us, but gave his supporters and unions shit load of tax dollars at our expense. Surely you remember the first two years right? I mean, you can possibly be that stupid can you?

17 min later 425981518 Anonymous (The lie of trickle down.jpg 400x500 39kB)
>>425981316 So you really need a civics and government lesson from some guy on the internet? I don't have time to educate you kid.

17 min later 425981539 Anonymous
>>425978263 Since when the fuck is 250k a year poor?

17 min later 425981564 Anonymous (1347941816606.jpg 360x360 33kB)
More truth

17 min later 425981571 Anonymous
>>425978815 you must be dumb, we havent had an actual surplus since the 1950s.

17 min later 425981656 Anonymous (bulb_memories_vs_dreams.jpg 1440x900 319kB)
the way Romney is portrayed manipulating his position makes me respect him. a true inspiration, i say. if i would vote for either of the two, then you have persuaded me to vote Romney.

18 min later 425981751 Anonymous
>>425980461 >>425980461 >>425980461 >>425980461 YES FUCKING YES

18 min later 425981774 Anonymous
>>425980454 Nigger, you just went full retard. The pollution from cars not only affects the environment, but directly affects humans as well. I used to live in Phoenix, where we would have warnings on high-pollution days. Kids with asthma and people with other respiratory issues would have terrible problems, sometimes even die, on those days. And those days were caused by the exhaust from cars. There might have been a temperature inversion or something else holding said exhaust in the Valley, but it was car emissions that were harming people. Don't believe me? Put your mouth around the exhaust pipe of a car that's running, and see how long you live. Jesus fuck, the stupid shit people will say to defend that Alzheimer's-afflicted imbecile Reagan.

18 min later 425981795 Anonymous
>>425980896 If you're so intelligent then you should realize that neither parties give a fuck about you, don't make democrats out to be our holy saviors.

19 min later 425981889 Anonymous (lucko524-bl.jpg 600x436 96kB)
>>425981513 Blames Obama for trying to work with Congressional GOP even thought they were in the minority. Overlooks that Obama did force through ObamaCare as a last resort after minority GOP refused to work with him.

19 min later 425981890 Anonymous
>>425981518 I am a 28yo college graduate, business owner. I give a fuck, about me & feeding my kids. That's it. I don't give a fuck about you, or anyone else on the planet. I have my life to live. People go without? Good...I lived in a car for 16months while in Culinary School because I thought tuition was more important than housing. I paid my dues, enjoy the rest of your sub-par education.

19 min later 425981891 Anonymous
>>425981225 Everyone on reddit is a fucking liberal nut. They akk upvote the fucking liberals and your argument is lost through the fucking stupidity .Atleast on 4chan there is an equal amount of different opinions.

19 min later 425981943 Anonymous (MonthlyJobs.png 481x289 11kB)
>>425981513 That's odd the job market began to climb within his second year to a net growth, unemployment dropped some, the stock market rose... Pic related

19 min later 425981945 Anonymous
>>425978263 Because he is better for our overall economy than Obama. And what he said was correct, those lower 47% will likely vote for Obama because he promises them free shit

19 min later 425982034 Anonymous
>>425981564 That would be fine if he had done one thing to "clean it up" in his first four years. Can we trade him in for Hillary?

19 min later 425982045 Anonymous
>not voting for Dr. Paul >any year

20 min later 425982065 Anonymous
>>425979284 I'm not liberal. I'm just not brain dead. I'm the white rhino ladies and gentleman, I am... the conservative Democrat.

20 min later 425982068 Anonymous (White trash.jpg 640x553 82kB)
>>425981656 Dumb fucks like you vote gop anyway. Nothing lost.

20 min later 425982075 Anonymous
>>425981513 You're completely ignoring the fact that a lot of those "Democrats" were CONSERVATIVE Democrats, a/k/a DINOs, meaning that they were impeding progress right along with the Republicans.

20 min later 425982095 Anonymous (13477309570511.jpg 640x960 48kB)

20 min later 425982098 Anonymous
>>425981225 >1) not of voting age >2) felons who cannot vote >3) ignorant retards who don't vote. oh, so you mean people who will vote for obama about 5 times a pop?

20 min later 425982207 Anonymous
Ironic, as Obama's "jobs czar" Jeff Emmelt of General Electric is the biggest exporter of jobs there is... Funny you didn't mention that...

21 min later 425982294 Anonymous (Rove.jpg 710x254 48kB)
Left: a large hog Right: Karl Rove, head honcho of the GOP

21 min later 425982356 Anonymous
>>425982098 Voter fraud is rampant on both sides of the fence. Everyone cheats on their taxes, most people anyway. Everything that people argue over & glorify/condemn are things average joe's do....every single day. Political parties are a divide & conquer tactic & nothing more.

21 min later 425982359 Anonymous
>>425979184 that is a failure of the tax system and neither side getting anything done to fix the bastardized system but those 100k people arent doing anything illegal because it is alright if they are getting their money through capital gains which is 15% and no taxing 100k people wont fix the problem of 23million people being un or underemployed or with companies moving outside the us because you have a govt that is buying 61% of its own debt that it prints.

22 min later 425982453 Anonymous
>>425980652 Not really. Minorites almost always vote democrat as the republican party has no use for them.

22 min later 425982496 Anonymous (KKK.jpg 592x466 158kB)
Romney family reunion

22 min later 425982559 Anonymous
>>425981945 Nobody gets "free shit". The elderly earned their benefits from working long years and paying their taxes. Even people on welfare have to participate in work programs, contrary to the lies Fox News keeps trying to perpetuate. People on unemployment earned their benefits, paying taxes when they worked. The only people getting free shit are people like Romney, who are already barely taxed, and want to lower taxes for millionaires even more.

22 min later 425982596 Anonymous (Spin this Chris.jpg 500x389 34kB)
>>425981795 Really? B/c of Obamacare my wife is alive and is receiving treatment for her cancer. Had Obama Care not passed my insurer would have dropped her the day she was diagnosed. To date they've spent $2 million treating her and she's still alive. Had McCain won my wife would be dead, our house would be gone and the kids college fund would be in the pocket of some FUCKING health care corporation CEO. Fucking little shit for brains like you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

22 min later 425982632 Anonymous
>>425982453 No....blacks voted Obama... at a rate of 99.0% or higher, because he looks black, even though he's not black.

23 min later 425982668 Anonymous (cj032611_color.jpg 600x470 118kB)
Romney on abortion

23 min later 425982718 Anonymous
>>425982068 lmao. take a look at how many of these images blame Bush for the economic crisis. guess who voted him in? that is a lot of people; and trust me when i say that intelligence did not jump up a whole lot in the past few years.

23 min later 425982724 Anonymous
>>425982294 This is the level of discourse coming from the left. Fat jokes.

23 min later 425982760 Anonymous
>>425982496 Ignorant & uncalled for. This is not a racial issue.

24 min later 425982883 Anonymous
>>425980454 >In all fairness, algae & volcanoes contribute the bulk majority of greenhouse gasses. ­ >most CO2 is from natural sources ­ >therefore, comparatively small but significant changes in CO2 levels don't matter Nice fallacy you got there, bro.

24 min later 425982885 Anonymous
LEL at this thread a bunch of underage b&s thinking stupid political cartoons = reality. Stop watching MSNBC, unplug your asses and read some books, real books like Friedman who clearly shows the best way to a stable, predictable and working economy

24 min later 425982950 Anonymous (SSBS74.jpg 300x300 19kB)
>>425982632 and 99.0% of the people who voted for McCain did so because he's white. Point?

24 min later 425982962 Anonymous
>>425982453 Minorities vote Democratic because the vast majority of Republicans are racist. Unlike poor white Republican trash, everybody else has enough brains not to vote for people who hold them in utter contempt.

25 min later 425983108 Anonymous (1347842067680.jpg 700x654 39kB)
>>425982724 talking to your level. It's the only way you understand, fatty.

25 min later 425983149 Anonymous
>>425982632 Ignorant anon. Actual black voting for Obama was approx 70%. >Anon likes to think all Conservative Republican asshats are white.

25 min later 425983152 Anonymous
>>425981945 it doesnt matter if "they" vote for Obama or not. The 47% hes talking about live primarily in red states that Romney will win. Essentially, Romney badmouthed republican states that he'll win none the less.

25 min later 425983193 Anonymous
>>425982668 Abortion is commonly used as a means of birth control in Urban areas...but that's not to say that little white teenage college sluts don't use it for the same purpose. Hundreds of thousands of people incapable of producing offspring would happily adopt a baby birthed by practically anyone. Abortions should be illegal unless the baby is unhealthy, a result of incest or rape. That's it. Using abortion as a means of birth control is immature & cruel.

26 min later 425983249 Anonymous (2012-0031 (Republicans' Fault).png 1200x626 136kB)
>>425981513 <—

26 min later 425983282 Anonymous
>>425982760 Yes, it is. Many people, incl. some on this thread, are voting Romney simply because Obama is black. And if you think Romney isn't racist, then you haven't been around any Mormons lately.

26 min later 425983285 Anonymous (1269906372078.png 1396x955 581kB)
>>425982632 fucking WRONG. the blacks live in the SOUTH which all voted republican. What the literal fuck is wrong with you

26 min later 425983303 Anonymous
>>425983149 It was 99.0% or above.

26 min later 425983352 Anonymous (TRUTH BEYOND A DOUBT.jpg 720x480 53kB)
>>425983152 He knows the ignorant trash in the red states will vote for him no matter what.

26 min later 425983353 Anonymous (mittisrael.jpg 615x345 42kB)
>>425978263 "What the fuck did you just fucking say about my money, you little serf? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Mormon Church, and I’ve been involved in numerous missionary trips to France, and I have over 300 confirmed conversions. I am trained in gorilla brainwashing and I’m the top bullshitter in the entire US Mormon congregation. You are nothing to me but just another pleb. I will wipe you the fuck out with unlimited funds the likes of which has never been seen before in this country, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with calling me out on my lies over the Internet? Think again, peasant. As we speak I am contacting the NSA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the illegal raid, fucker. The raid that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your bank account. You’re fucking poor, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can outspend you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my walking-around money. Not only am I extensively trained in bankrupting companies, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I will use it to its full extent to "suicide" your little miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy debt your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you could have held your fucking magic underwear. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn democrat. I will shit money all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, libtard." -Willard Mittens Rmoney

26 min later 425983387 Anonymous
>>425983108 I don't make jokes about appearances or ad hominem attacks. I debate issues and policy. You should try it sometime.

27 min later 425983412 Anonymous (1345436413176.jpg 309x255 13kB)
>MFW this whole thread >pot calling the kettle black >reps and dems both suck the dicks of corporations on a daily basis

27 min later 425983476 Anonymous
>>425981513 for you sir.

27 min later 425983494 Anonymous (Romeny hiding.jpg 474x285 12kB)
>>425983353 lol I knew it was only a matter of time.

27 min later 425983508 Anonymous
>>425983282 This is not a racial issue, & you don't know either of these men personally so stop speaking. Now.

28 min later 425983660 Anonymous
>>425983193 > >Hundreds of thousands of people incapable of producing offspring would happily adopt a baby birthed by practically anyone. Abortions should be illegal unless the baby is unhealthy, a result of incest or rape. That's it. Using abortion as a means of birth control is immature & cruel. I personally agree. HOWEVER, the current R stance is to outlaw ANY AND ALL abortions.

28 min later 425983704 Anonymous
>>425982098 lolololol, voter fraud....Are you serious? Theres an average of .7 voter fraud cases per state. Fox News is really fucking with you, friend. Lawl.

28 min later 425983708 Anonymous
>>425983285 Are you seriously trying to argue that southern blacks voted for McCain because southern states happen to be red? Do you understand how the electoral college works?

28 min later 425983716 Anonymous (OWS1.jpg 460x426 63kB)
>>425983412 aren't you so "with it" and "edgy" you won't be fooled by anyone. Go back to your fleshlight and STFU.

28 min later 425983725 Anonymous
>>425982950 >pro union yousickenme.jpg why the fuck would you be for extortion? inb4 unions helped 50 years ago...yes but now we have labor laws so unions are archaic and unnecessary

28 min later 425983789 Anonymous
>>425983193 What you don't know about adoption would fill a black hole. * It's extremely difficult to adopt, because of all the regulations. * It's also very difficult to get black babies adopted. * Adopted children invariably suffer psychological damage from the trauma of knowing their birth mother gave them up. * Abortion isn't "cruel", because the vast majority of abortions are performed before the fetus becomes capable of feeling any pain.

29 min later 425983810 Anonymous
I'll just leave this here... retards http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Community_Reinvestment_Act

29 min later 425983886 Anonymous
>>425981285 balanced budget while still raising the debt every fucking president since the mid 50's

30 min later 425983994 Anonymous
>>425983708 NO i am saying that the black vote didnt count because the majority of blacks live in die hard red states. Elections are won with only 4 states. Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Florida. the rest are a throw away and dont count

30 min later 425984004 Anonymous
>>425983660 Who cares? Politicians promise tons of shit they never deliver upon. You're being brainwashed. The sooner you realize all political actions are created to pit people against one another...you will become a happier person in general.

30 min later 425984019 Anonymous
>>425982356 >Voter fraud is rampant Wrong. There are close to zero cases of voter fraud in the united states per election year, at least of the sort that can be deterred through voter ID regulations.

30 min later 425984156 Anonymous
>>425983789 yet you're against the death penalty pussyfaggot

31 min later 425984215 Anonymous (Crazy People.jpg 500x383 57kB)
>>425983725 Anyone whose ever worked hard is Pro-Union, my friend. Just ask around. I'm an Army vet, worked as a logger, in a saw mill, construction. I know what it means to be protected by a Union. You know who doesn't like Unions? Rich people and dumb fuck 17 year olds who have yet to get their feet wet in the labor pool. Which are you?

31 min later 425984262 Anonymous
>>425984019 Millions of votes, come from illegal immigrants piggy backing through life on dead infants social security numbers. Those are facts. Deal with it.

31 min later 425984332 Anonymous
>>425984019 yeah, after Acorn was dismantled

32 min later 425984395 Anonymous
>>425978263 because they're all hypnotized dumbasses. >liberal-five

32 min later 425984472 Anonymous (1347824317237.png 512x384 57kB)
>>425984262 Just not real, friend. learn to research.

32 min later 425984483 Anonymous
>>425984215 because all you think about is "me me me" while trying to ruin companies as long as you get 100 days PTO and great benefits

32 min later 425984508 Anonymous (theprofessionalleft.png 250x353 7kB)
Food stamps advertised to illegal aliens on telenovelas. Section 8 for Aunt Zeituni and Uncle Omar. Uncle Omar still in the country fighting deportation after being arrested for driving drunk. Obamaphones with 400 free minutes. The government shaking down companies like Luther Burbank for $450,000 for "community organizations" because minorities might not be in the market for jumbo loans or the FDNY forcing them to hire and pay millions in back wages to people who couldn't pass the written test. Sure, these people will be lining up to vote for Romney if only he would make the case to them that he will do more than Obama to give them stuff at other people's expense.

32 min later 425984529 Anonymous
>>425983708 are you a shithead fucktard inbred aspie neckbeard cunt? or are you aware that black votes are suppressed to hell? they barely even count

33 min later 425984625 Anonymous
>>425982632 You forget that he also talks black and actually grew up in a city, not a country club.

33 min later 425984684 Anonymous
>>425982559 >>425982559 >>425982559 >>425982559 This. A million times this. Fuck I hate Fox News so much.

33 min later 425984713 Anonymous
>>425984262 MILLIONS OF DEAD INFANTS? my god you converted me to Rmoneyism

33 min later 425984727 Anonymous
>>425981571 buddy, clinton gave us our last surplus. you must be new here

34 min later 425984809 Anonymous (1347494769107.jpg 425x237 28kB)
>>425984483 Right so you're 17. Kiddo - Unions aren't out to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. They just want to make sure they get their fair share. It's not in their best interest to kill off a company.

34 min later 425984814 Anonymous
>>425984529 >shithead fucktard inbred aspie neckbeard cunt What a cogent point you made there!

34 min later 425984825 Anonymous
>>425984529 lel, you are fucking retarded. black votes are practically counted twice

34 min later 425984867 Anonymous
>>425981564 by his own metric he said he could get it done in 4. he said we wouldnt have unemployment over 8% yet have had it month to month for over 40 consecutive months. why should anyone give this guy a chance especially when he finally cracks down on china when it comes to election time, panders to the fucking muslims for killing a fucking US ambassador that according to Libya intel wasnt created from any fucking coptic christian's online video.

34 min later 425984957 Anonymous
>>425982559 Nobody gets free shit? Really? watch this and tell me that again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5tqH7UrzOw

35 min later 425985000 Anonymous (1347841619264.jpg 359x472 20kB)
>>425984508 forgot his tin foil hat at the last tea party meeting.

35 min later 425985004 Anonymous
>>425984809 Then why'd they destroy the American auto industry?

35 min later 425985048 Anonymous
>>425983725 You wonder why wages are down for everyone but the "job creators" ?

36 min later 425985168 Anonymous
coincidentally, there are two types of democrats type 1: the ones who want to cheat the system type 2: the ones who want to feel like they're helping the poor by taking the money out of the republicans pockets and give it to type 1 democrats

36 min later 425985239 Anonymous (LOL.jpg 503x319 25kB)
>>425985004 LOL - That was the managers, not the Unions.

36 min later 425985263 Anonymous
>>425983193 >Hundreds of thousands of people >happily adopt a baby birthed by practically anyone Riiight. That's why there are half a million kids in foster care.

37 min later 425985384 Anonymous
>>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 samefagging for justice

37 min later 425985435 Anonymous
>>425982559 considering what people pay in, they take more out through medicare then what they pay in. and i highly doubt the 30 bucks taken out of a check during the work week is enough to sustain a person that has gone months on end without a job

37 min later 425985469 Anonymous (547202_360023984073015_204029814_n.jpg 700x592 58kB)
>>425985168 Thank you Mr. Bumper-sticker wisdom. There are only 2 kinds of Republicans. The rich, and the stupid.

38 min later 425985554 Anonymous
>>425985004 Yes, unions killed the auto industry, because they totally have a say on how to design and market a car.

38 min later 425985565 Anonymous
>>425985004 the american auto industry sucks because American cars suck.

39 min later 425985735 Anonymous (goebbels.jpg 400x515 56kB)
The Big Lie (German: Große Lüge) is a propaganda technique. The expression was coined by Adolf Hitler, when he dictated his 1925 book Mein Kampf, about the use of a lie SO "COLOSSAL" THAT NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE "COULD HAVE THE IMPUDENCE TO DISTORT THE TRUTH SO IMFAMOUSLY." Hitler asserted the technique was used by Jews to unfairly blame Germany's loss in World War I on German Army officer Erich Ludendorff. Fox isn't the only station guilty of this. Corporate media brainwashing techniques are taken straight from Nazi Germany tactics used to suppress the dissident population during WWII this country has been hijacked

39 min later 425985738 Anonymous
>>425985554 no, they wanted to be paid 100/hr to screw doors on...restricting profits the company could actually make This country would be better if collective bargaining was severely restricted

39 min later 425985742 Anonymous
>>425984262 That's a lie, sir. >>425984332 >yeah, after Acorn was dismantled ACORN never committed any voter fraud. They were dismantled because they were smeared to death by Andrew Breitbart and Fox News.

39 min later 425985779 Anonymous
>>425985263 I said babies, not children removed from crack/meth houses.

40 min later 425985965 Anonymous (486684_530473213644861_931538629_n.jpg 640x706 115kB)
>>425985554 You are just incorrect. You don't know the facts. The corporate fat cats took massive salaries and intentionally mis managed money to make personal profits. They knew that if the company went under they would still be millionaires so they didn't care. Not so of the Unions. You are incorrect. You need to get some real life experience son.

40 min later 425986013 Anonymous
Guys, the US auto industry went down the tubes because it had become a finance company. It went down the same way as the banks, because GM especially was more of a bank than it was a car manufacturer.

41 min later 425986153 Anonymous
>>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957 >>425984957

41 min later 425986165 Anonymous
>>425983789 What you don't know about adoption would fill a black hole. *Getting newborns adopted is very easy. Its older children that struggle to get adopted. I.E. its the children who were wanted but whos mothers couldn't take care of them that have trouble. Unwanted babies get adopted straight away. *And the problem there is that we're not killing enough black foetus', not that adopting couples aren't being encouraged to take minority babies. *Do you have any idea how offensive it is to say all people who have been adopted have mental problems? Or untrue for that matter. *If I came into your house at night and shot you in the head while you slept, you wouldn't feel a thing and it wouldn't be cruel. Apparently.

41 min later 425986217 Anonymous (0301_union-firefighter-630x420.jpg 630x420 76kB)
>>425985738 Please show me a nation with less Unions than the USA where things are better. Bet you can't do it. It's a fact the more Unionized a work force - the higher standard of living. This is a fact.

43 min later 425986483 Anonymous
>>425985738 Really a 100/hr? Or was it because they couldn't market SUV's forever with the gas prices, or was it quality of parts that were put in, or was it the more economic vehicles by competitors, or was it the terrible designs? Maybe if the unions had a say in this it would be different?

43 min later 425986565 Anonymous
this debate is so fucking pointless. candidates will say anything to make themselves look good, but the funny thing is that most of the things they say are not even their own words. if you vote for the right guy, assuming there is one, then good for you, but dont fool yourself into thinking that you know the person you are voting for.

43 min later 425986576 Anonymous
>>425986217 ahahaahafaggot.jpg States that restrict unions are doing better than ones that love them. Look at the differnece between Wisconsin now and California now you dumb faggot

44 min later 425986715 Anonymous
>>425986483 Gas prices didn't affect people buying SUVs, but wanting 4 weeks PTO and 100/hr to screw doors on is retarded. Speaking of retarded, a retarded person could do most of those jobs

44 min later 425986773 Anonymous
>>425984156 Funny how so many conservative Christians are pro death penalty considering >thou shalt not kill

45 min later 425986786 Anonymous
I love how people think anything is going to change by these threads. Less people are in the undecided block of voters at this point in the race than at the same point in any other presidential race. In addition, when you consider how many people are going to vote, chances are your vote and anyone you convince to vote for your candidate will have little to no effect and the outcome.

45 min later 425986808 Anonymous (1347341493589.jpg 778x345 50kB)
>>425980896 That's why more people without a high school diploma vote Democrat, right?

45 min later 425986856 Anonymous
>>425978263 You're post is profoundly devoid of anything meaningful. As such, it deserves a response possessing just as much meaning. To wit: .5/10

45 min later 425986870 Anonymous
>>425984215 been in the labor pool since i was 16. 7 years later been working in the same job in a state that doesnt allow unions. not giving a fuck because there are LAWS to protect the individual and their safety. if you dont like the pay either discuss it with your boss or go find another job.

45 min later 425986890 Anonymous (6301470_orig.png 750x527 93kB)
>>425986483 LOL - like $100 an hour for doing labor is unacceptable but some fucking corporate slug in a suit can "earn" 10,000 an hour for doing NOTHING and that is better?

45 min later 425986919 Anonymous
>>425985965 Was being sarcastic brother

46 min later 425987042 Anonymous
>>425986773 >kill when did murder magically change to mean kill?

46 min later 425987081 Anonymous
>>425986808 its probably because people w/o a high school diploma actually have time to vote. Its not like they have jobs or school to worry about.

46 min later 425987110 Anonymous
>>425986576 "Do better" do realize "right to work" states are mostly red states and they have lower standards of living and higher welfare use, how is that "better"

46 min later 425987119 Anonymous
>>425986808 ypu're point makes no sense, considering all education groups are a majority democrat. hurr.jpg.exe

46 min later 425987120 Anonymous
>>425986773 A more accurate translation is "thou shall not commit murder." Otherwise, a killing in self-defense or defense of others would be a sin.

47 min later 425987253 Anonymous
>>425983249 funny, the end of bush's administration had a democrat-controlled house, and that line stops following the data when the republicans took control

47 min later 425987267 Anonymous
>>425985742 no they only told people how to pimp out children

48 min later 425987351 Anonymous
>>425986576 >States that restrict unions are doing better "Doing better" in what way exactly? Because I bet it isn't in standard of living for the lowest paid workers.

48 min later 425987358 Anonymous
Fucking idiots. Obama and Bush and Romney; they're all the fucking same and backed by the same Wall Street finance oligarchs. So fucking stupid if you vote for either of these fucking puppets.

48 min later 425987412 Anonymous
>>425987119 Yeah, but it's much higher for the ones without a high school diploma.

48 min later 425987431 Anonymous
>>425987042 What magical lala-land bible are you reading? Give me a link please anon, and I promise to read it.

48 min later 425987442 Anonymous
>>425986808 to be absolutely fair, only about 57% of eligible voters voted in that election.

49 min later 425987502 Anonymous (union-worker-benefits.jpg 596x443 65kB)
>>425987358 fuck off Ron paul we don't need you here.

49 min later 425987509 Anonymous
>>425984625 he grew up in a foreign country

50 min later 425987652 Anonymous
>>425986773 >christian nope, but even if I was, killing isn't murder if it's justified

50 min later 425987701 Anonymous
>>425987509 To add to this he attended private boarding schools in Guam & Hawaii. I am an Irish dual-citizen in the United States...& I am blacker than Obama.

51 min later 425987801 Anonymous
>>425986715 You know what, I think you might be jealous of these mythical benefits. You want to redistribute wealth from the common americans to CEO's just because you don't have a job with good benefits.

51 min later 425987816 Anonymous
>>425986890 that's what happens when you build a business or keep it running effectively, you're paid well

51 min later 425987832 Anonymous
>>425986773 Christianity is a dead religion. You will generally not be able to tell apart a "Christian" and an atheist based on their attitude, customs, or ritual. its basically just a belief at this point; no different than a child believing in Santa Clause.

51 min later 425987864 Anonymous
>>425987431 There's really no excuse for your ignorance, what with Google and all: Jesus himself repeats and expands upon the commandment, “Do not murder.” - Matthew 5:21, Matthew 19:19, Mark 10:19, Luke 18:20

51 min later 425987889 Anonymous (Unions-Wages-Union-vs.-Nonunion1.jpg 483x291 46kB)

52 min later 425987967 Anonymous
>>425987119 no, they voted for Obama. Many people voted for Obama out of guilt

52 min later 425988105 Anonymous
>>425987832 >Christianity is a dead religion. And yet Atheists are constantly hyperventilating about how we're "turning into a theocracy!"

53 min later 425988180 Anonymous
>>425987967 I voted for Obama because I'm not a fucking idiot nor a billionaire.

53 min later 425988182 Anonymous
>>425987502 >>425986890 Burger flipping jobs aren't unionized. Those graphs are bullshit, it's comparing apples to oranges. It should compare the same job, with one being unionized and one not. But even that has it's flaws because of regional differences. That also effects those graphs of yours. And it also doesn't tell you about the jobs that unions have killed. >hey US car industry you want our robotics? >"yeah, but our unions wont allow it >hey Japanese and German car industry you want our robotics? >"sure, they'll cut costs and improve production" Gee, I wonder why they can produce cheaper and better cars. >railroads buy their first diesel-electric trains >unions wont let them get rid of the fireman in the trains Gee, I wonder no one ships freight by train anymore. Maybe it has to do with 1/3 of your train operators are doing NOTHING but being paid?

53 min later 425988208 Anonymous
>>425982596 You're just getting had, faggot. People like you need to be destroyed. The only reason you support Obama because he gave you presents. You don't care about the welfare of this country. If it were up to me your wife would be dead, like nature had planned.

53 min later 425988260 Anonymous
HAY GUISE LETS NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE CAUSE DEY ALL SUCK. This isn't fucking middle school.

54 min later 425988365 Anonymous
>>425988180 if you vote for Obama again then surely you are an idiot

54 min later 425988374 Anonymous
>>425988105 atheists are drama queens. if anything, the influence of Christianity is in a steady decline.

54 min later 425988386 Anonymous
>>425988182 Bury your head in the sand, son all you want but the truth is Unions make things better for the working man, and that's EXACTLY WHY a great deal of time, effort and money has been spent to BULLSHIT you into believing otherwise. It's cheaper to trick you than to pay you. So sad.

54 min later 425988406 Anonymous
>>425987889 I don't see how strongarming and threatening lawsuits over "unfair" wages is a good thing. it raises the price on the goods and it just forces everyone to have a shitty time

55 min later 425988425 Anonymous
>>425987351 They tend to have less jobs and a shittier job market.

55 min later 425988449 Anonymous (george.png 397x380 364kB)

55 min later 425988457 Anonymous
>>425988208 So says the kid who has yet to earn his keep.

55 min later 425988514 Anonymous
>>425983412 This.

55 min later 425988572 Anonymous
>>425988374 But we're not the ones who need an imaginary sky daddy to make us not be so very afraid. That's you theists.

56 min later 425988587 Anonymous
>>425988182 Many low paying labor jobs are unionized. The local grocery shop workers were on strike in my town for over a month for raises & better benefits. The people who "scabbed" got paid 6x the normal wage, on purpose to piss off the strikers. I laughed every time I went to get groceries knowing the retards outside were living off mooched foodstamps & the teenage high school kid inside ringing me up was making $45hr just to rub it in their faces. LOL.

56 min later 425988604 Anonymous
>>425986890 he paid 100k for his undergrad the ppl making 100/h graduated junior high in the eyes of the company that makes him worthy to get paid a higher wage

56 min later 425988639 Anonymous
>>425987120 >Otherwise, a killing in self-defense or defense of others would be a sin. Actually it is. Jesus specificly says, "Do not resist an evil person. When a man strikes you on your left cheek, turn to him your right as well. When a man takes away your jacket, give him your shirt as well. When a man forces you to walk a mile, walk two miles instead." Self-defense is a sin.

56 min later 425988649 Anonymous
>>425988514 shut up nigger

56 min later 425988674 Anonymous
>>425978263 [citation needed]

57 min later 425988743 Anonymous
>>425988587 And you're just a punk kid who has yet to sweat for his keep. It will come.

57 min later 425988820 Anonymous
to the religious talk going on in here: militant atheists are jackasses. Can we agree upon this? To each his own.

58 min later 425988925 Anonymous
>>425988743 Sorry guise - I gotta go. I have Strike duty tomorrow morning. Gotta walk the picket line and slash scab tires. It takes a lot out of you.

58 min later 425988934 Anonymous
>>425988743 I am a business owner with 4 kids. I sweated 7 days a week for over a decade until I could afford to hire employees to run my business "tun-key" for me. Now all I do is ordering & pick up money daily for bank deposits. Feels good man.

58 min later 425989028 Anonymous
>>425987431 http://bible.cc/exodus/20-13.htm take your pick i choose nasb

58 min later 425989034 Anonymous
>>425988457 Nah, nigga. Chill. You just keep voting fueled by your wants and not this country's needs. Imma just watch the country go even farther down the shitter.

58 min later 425989047 Anonymous
>>425988820 militant agnostic sphincter tickler detected

58 min later 425989057 Anonymous
>>425988572 I'm not a theist. I'm agnostic. It's just that most Atheists I encounter are smug, preachy assholes who advocate oppression.

59 min later 425989206 Anonymous (obamney.jpg 640x893 173kB)

1 hours later 425989293 Anonymous
>>425989047 agnostics are annoying. I'm just a non-believer who gets fucking sick of atheists shoving their dick in everybody's business. Believers do the same. it's fucking faggotry on both sides.

1 hours later 425989420 Anonymous
>>425988639 >this

1 hours later 425989425 Anonymous
>>425986808 > You've made a logical fallacy.

1 hours later 425989518 Anonymous
>>425988182 No, I'm pretty sure they have robots. German cars suck at being reliable and are not cheaper. But that's not the point, american cars sucked for gas mileage, reliable, and design. It's slowly getting better though as long as they don't bring back the Cavalier lol

1 hours later 425989543 Anonymous
>>425988820 Militant anythings are jackasses.

1 hours later 425989546 Anonymous
>>425987652 <justified reminds me of the fx tv show damn that is a good show

1 hours later 425989562 Anonymous (485823_3022005558425_1511300945_32463163_153401013_n.jpg 307x306 28kB)

1 hours later 425989867 Anonymous
>>425978263 You know, I never noticed the grammatical error in the Get a Brain poster before. Everyone's attention is immediately drawn to the misspelling of morons, but the post is improperly punctuated as well. Get A BRAIN! Morans That should read Get A BRAIN, Morans!

1 hours later 425989901 Anonymous
>>425989518 <german cars suck at being reliable <suck at being reliable <reliable hahahaha nigger you went full retard

1 hours later 425990053 Anonymous (1330371250458.jpg 666x589 81kB)
>>425989425 I was responding to a logical fallacy in itself. FFS, this whole thread is a logical fallacy. Can we just all agree that the Democrats and the Republicans both are equally shitty? The Democrats pander to the poor and uneducated by giving them welfare because they know that they will vote for them even though that just keeps them poor and uneducated. The Republicans pander to the wealthy by giving them tax breaks.

1 hours later 425990110 Anonymous
I love hos Libs are putting words in Romneys mouth.

1 hours later 425990153 Anonymous (22251593.jpg 250x250 50kB)
What kind of low-grade moron would vote for another Bush clone for 4 more years? That's all Obama has done; follow all of Bush's policies. And Romney is no different. In fact, Romney has said he would use QE to "stimulate" the economy and agrees with the TARP bailout.

1 hours later 425990169 Anonymous
>>425988457 if you had earned your keep maybe you could have paid for your wives bills yourself instead of forcing someone else to do it for you.

1 hours later 425990443 Anonymous
>>425989901 You ever seen the inside of a 3-4 yr old German car? They look like shit compared to a Toyota.

1 hours later 425990461 Anonymous
>>425989518 The US car makers have finally started using robotics, after they fell behind everyone else. But they still have to pay a shit lot of money for the guy who does nothing but put the wheel on.

1 hours later 425990540 Anonymous
>>425988639 then why does jesus also say to sell your coat if you have two and buy a sword? im sure it wasnt for show and tell at the local synagogue

1 hours later 425990546 Anonymous
>>425989057 agnostics are smug assholes by their very nature. they try to isolate themselves in some magical grey area they made up that stands in between atheism and theism. no matter the impossibility of this, or how much this inconsistency is explained to them, they will still try to glorify this position.

1 hours later 425990557 Anonymous
You know this country is fucked up when the "liberals' guy" just appealed a court ruling that said it was unconstitutional for him to execute and detain US citizens without a trial.

1 hours later 425990572 Anonymous
its i hope the lower ranks die out (including me) so that when a mega-solar flare strikes the earth and fuses all electrical circuits, the rich are left to themselves in the wild without any knowledge whatsoever because they have entrenched themselves in their own stupidity, basking in the lazy luxuries of wealth

1 hours later 425990680 Anonymous
>>425990053 This is what I've been trying to say.

1 hours later 425990747 Anonymous (1347335596513.jpg 806x720 147kB)
>>425982596 Why do you fags keep posting those bogus graphs? http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/a-bogus-chart-on-obama-and-the-debt-gets-a-new -lease-on-life/2011/09/28/gIQAx40Y6K_blog.html You fags are easily manipulated by your puppets.

1 hours later 425990965 Anonymous
>>425990557 >a court ruling that said it was unconstitutional for him to execute and detain US citizens without a trial Wait what?! I don't believe you. The courts would never actually follow the constitution. When did this happen?

1 hours later 425991140 Anonymous
>>425990443 my parentals have an 07 mercedes benz diesel. it has over 150k miles and no hiccups

1 hours later 425991206 Anonymous
>>425990965 http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/09/13/1131186/-Judge-Rules-Permanently-Against-Obama-s-Unconstitu tional-NDAA But it's already been overturned by a puppet judge of Obama's. It's back in effect thanks to Obama's appeal and another judge.

1 hours later 425991291 Anonymous
This is like a gore thread, its disgusting and stupid, but hard to look away. I am glad 95% of the posts are by children or college age pseudo-intellectuals bickering talking points or I would be worried about the future.

1 hours later 425991372 Anonymous
>>425991206 http://rt.com/usa/news/obama-lohier-ndaa-stay-414/

1 hours later 425991618 Anonymous (gore50[1].jpg 228x290 16kB)
>>425991291 >well it's not a gore thread; i posted the first pic and mention of of al just now.

1 hours later 425991713 Anonymous (Entitlement.jpg 480x822 56kB)
>>425991291 >I am glad 95% of the posts are by children or college age pseudo-intellectuals bickering talking points or I would be worried about the future. Yeah.....those pseudo-intellectuals and children are our future.

1 hours later 425991771 Anonymous
>>425991140 For a diesel I hope its ok, how's the interior?

1 hours later 425991895 Anonymous
People like poptart politics they see on CNN. Every one of you brainwashed idiots are just spamming mainstream media talking points like fucking paid presstitutes. Fucking revolting hivemind robot idiots.

1 hours later 425991979 Anonymous
Liberalfags? in my 4Chan?

1 hours later 425992069 Anonymous (retard.jpg 450x373 128kB)
>>425987832 >"dead religion" >mfw nearly a billion practicing christians and a church on every street corner >are you really that fucking stupid to think your atheist ranting has done anything to even put a dent in religion in the world

1 hours later 425992076 Anonymous
>>425991618 See: >>425980454

1 hours later 425992137 Anonymous
>>425990461 >>425990461 Even if they didn't have to pay for workers to build the cars, how would robots change the terrible designs and reliability. I'm just saying they had more problems than just labor, can you agree on that?

1 hours later 425992272 Anonymous
>>425991771 you must not drive diesels often. they can easily get half a million miles on the engine

1 hours later 425992337 Anonymous
>>425992069 if you do not understand my point, then clearly you stand below me.

1 hours later 425992718 Anonymous
>>425992337 what is your point, that christian families are very similar to basement dwelling neckbeards like you sans the "sky daddy"?

1 hours later 425993014 Anonymous
>>425991771 >>425992272 Sorry you misunderstood what I meant, I was saying that diesels are usually reliable and I hope after 150k that there wouldnt be major engine problems. But like all other german cars I've seen the interiors fall apart pretty quick for a more expensive car compared to others

1 hours later 425993206 Anonymous (1318816647730.gif 520x382 29kB)
>>425991372 >Because alleged terrorists are so broadly defined as to include anyone with simple associations with enemy forces, some members of the press have feared that simply speaking with adversaries of the state can land them behind bars. Funny, how the people who exercise their first amendment rights get all buttfrustrated when someone goes after their rights, while at the same time denouncing others who support and/or exercise their second amendment rights. They have no problem supporting to remove someone else's rights, but don't you dare touch the one that they hold so dearly!

1 hours later 425993338 Anonymous
>>425991713 Ya but a lot of them will grow up and realize how deluded and mislead they were. The reversal of opinion for most will bring about some real thought and opinions based on life experience and the observations of the life experiences of those around them. When they finally make the transition they will be much less likely to jump on band wagons or run around parroting media headlines. This is turn will bring about levelheadedness and a desire to educate and not attempt to indoctrinate with captioned pictures and witless one liners.

1 hours later 425993620 Anonymous (1341546309772.jpg 548x474 99kB)
>>425993338 True, but for a lot of people that takes many, many years.

1 hours later 425993759 Anonymous
>>425988820 >>425989543 These.

1 hours later 425993868 Anonymous
>>425992718 i used to gamble, do drugs, manipulate people, before i had money, i would steal, get into fights, vandalize, etc. now if i told you that i was a Buddhist, would you take me seriously? probably not. why should Christians be any different? a sole belief is not enough to constitute a religion. now fuck off.

1 hours later 425993996 Anonymous (awwyea.gif 194x172 506kB)
>>425991979 >mfw Mittens Rmoney and the radical right scared off a shitload of republican voters >mfw they are afraid to admit it, and keep acting like they still have a chance in the upcoming election

1 hours later 425994338 Anonymous (529643_3751074106773_1196646936_n.jpg 624x409 30kB)
Oh, yes. The last 4 years have gone soooo well we've just got to do this again real soon! Hilarious. Libs be buggin.

1 hours later 425994403 Anonymous
If Romney was intelligent, he would have tried to pick up Hillary as his Vice president. B00m guaranteed win. Why is a multiple party ticket such a foreign concept nowadays?

1 hours later 425994428 Anonymous (PresPaintingFIXED.png 1280x860 1831kB)
>>425993620 I KNOW for a FACT (assuming you braindead cunts even still know what those are) that the framers of the Constitution would despise the republicans, not the democrats. Fucking conservatrash give this entire planet a bad name.

1 hours later 425994536 Anonymous
>>425993620 >>425993206 Yes, so wise....

1 hours later 425994642 Anonymous
>>425979184 What is that graphic trying to say exactly? My interpretation is that some people made smart decisions in life and became wealthy. Now they live well off the interest of their investments, which are taxed at a lower rate because taxes have already been payed on the principle.

1 hours later 425994754 Anonymous
>>425994338 ONLY because the mouthbreathing treasonous swine in the House GOP are bottlenecking Congress and not letting any bills through. Those turds are getting flushed. They should just be grateful that we no longer execute traitors in this country.

1 hours later 425994828 Anonymous
>Mfw the left media is just as bad, if not worse, than fox news.

1 hours later 425994842 Anonymous
>>425994428 >my opinions are now facts >A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. How many Democrats actually believe in people having the right to bear arms?

1 hours later 425994865 Anonymous
>>425994754 lel. you stoopid

1 hours later 425995078 Anonymous
>>425994428 >Implying they'd give a fuck about political party rather than specific policies.

1 hours later 425995229 Anonymous
>>425994428 They think either you're some imaginary liberal that wants to take all their "money" or you're a true conservative that don't need no government. There's no middle ground for anything anymore, why?

1 hours later 425995367 Anonymous
>>425994428 How could you know for a FACT what the framers thought when they themselves differed in opinion as strongly and in some cases more strongly than political ideologies of today do? This statement alone says more about the worthlessness of your opinion than anyone else ever could.

1 hours later 425995404 Anonymous
>>425985965 >>corporate fat cats I can't hold all of these cliches... faggot useless lazy union zombie bloodsucking cunt

1 hours later 425995537 Anonymous
>>425994842 I do... it's pretty common, or they don't care. Stop believing that please

1 hours later 425995694 Anonymous
>>425995404 lol someone's jealous

1 hours later 425995729 Anonymous
>>425994828 This. >watchin' CNN >have a cop firing a full-auto AK fairly accurate by firing by his shoulder >the reporter claims that these are 100% legal to own >the reporter then fires the AK by not looking down the sights and not having it on her shoulder >can't hit shit >"HURRR DURRR deys gunz should b banned because dey are inaccurate hurrr" >next day the vice president of the NRA is on there slapping their shit >damagacontrol.jpg >"WE AT CNN DON'T LIE" >watching some dumb bitch on MSNBC >says all plastic guns are banned >says all glocks are all plastic (protip they aren't) >says all glocks are 100% legal to own >then goes on to talk about dem "7.62 anti-aircraft guns" and how they can take down 747s (which is hilarious since 7.62mm is .30 caliber) All mainstream media sucks.

1 hours later 425995740 Anonymous
>>425985469 Ok, fine. Corpoations aren't people. Now you can leave Romney alone about Bain. Faggot.

1 hours later 425995761 Anonymous
>>425994842 This has nothing to do with the archaic Second Amendment, but while you're there, I shall counter with: ...and how many gun owners are members of responsible and well-organized militias? This is a VERY simple matter. The 2nd Amendment is completely outdated. It states explicitly what it is for--policing in a nation hellbent on manifest destiny--it was a time in which we didn't have adquate police forces throughout the nation so settlers had to take matters into their own hands. Today, we have hundreds of delegated precincts of police officers, making militias completely useless. The dickless lunatics in the NRA lobby are the only reason this is even an issue (kind of like how braindead religiontards are the only reason equal rights for gays is an issue).

1 hours later 425996010 Anonymous
>>425981130 All time high huh, sure would be nice if my investments reflected that instead of the massive losses over the last few years.

1 hours later 425996058 Anonymous
>>425995537 You mean like Dianne Fienstiein, who herself has a Concealed Handgun license (in California no less) and has said that if she could she would repeal the second amendment. It's pretty well known that a lot of Democrats do not support the second amendment, or they only claim they do and in practice don't. The Republicans aren't much better though.

1 hours later 425996172 Anonymous
>>425978263 both still suck there are no benefits to either in my book. either way we still will be in debt, we still will be hated by everyone, and we still will be having tax dollars wasted. its retarded.

1 hours later 425996417 Anonymous
>>425979732 Reagan is the reason why there is a war in the middle. The stupid bastard gave weapons to Afghanistan and trained them to use the fucking things to fight the Soviets who knew they needed to kill them off.

1 hours later 425996585 Anonymous (1317158812465.jpg 750x600 105kB)
>>425995761 >...and how many gun owners are members of responsible and well-organized militias? It's the right of the PEOPLE, not the right of the militias. Either way your argument is retarded as every able bodied citizen is the militia by law. >Today, we have hundreds of delegated precincts of police officers, making militias completely useless. >It states explicitly what it is for--policing in a nation hellbent on manifest destiny It is for the prevention of a tyrannical government from propping up. Much like the 1st amendment. Stay ignorant of your own rights. Oh wow, the government having a monopoly on violence. What could ever go wrong!

1 hours later 425996606 Anonymous (1284172877240.gif 640x864 82kB)
>>425995729 NOPE. Nice fucking try though. FOX is utter shit. This has been proven ad nauseum. They are the only ones with: - preset singular agenda - ignores the 'equal time' law - never uses fact checking - fabricates their own data (caught several times) - pushes DIRECTLY for political clout and the vote (XXX days until we re-elect the localized national disaster known as Bush) Furthermore, they are only allowed to call themselves "news" because of a supreme court ruling that wholly owned companies can call themselves whatever they want. It's literally the equivalent of a clothing store calling itself "Pierre's Fine French Cuisine".

1 hours later 425996680 Anonymous
>>425983352 when uber-rich guys say shit like this they are hoping that they can send the torch mobs of tomorrow to someone elses door. gimme a fucking break. Buffets a complete fucking snake.

1 hours later 425996715 Anonymous
any other middle class here feel like with either party, their tax dollars are gonna be mishandled?.. the difference being that with the dems the money will be spent for the lazy poor and with the GOP it's so that the rich wouldn't have to pay their fair share?

1 hours later 425996729 Anonymous
ITT >blame obama

1 hours later 425996802 Anonymous
>>425996058 Both parties have issues some more than others in different areas, but bing for gun control really ins't a winning issue to go on anymore .

1 hours later 425997032 Anonymous
>>425996606 >- preset singular agenda >- ignores the 'equal time' law >- never uses fact checking >- fabricates their own data (caught several times) >- pushes DIRECTLY for political clout and the vote (XXX days until we re-elect the localized national disaster known as Bush) And the other major news networks don't? I just posted two examples right there. I'm sure you and I both can find more if we just look.

1 hours later 425997112 Anonymous
>>425995761 Not to mention that all the nuts who think the 2nd amendment will save us from the Govt fail to realize that no militia or even a national guard could go against tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, rockets, poison gases, helicopters and battleships. Small arms would be 100% useless, thus, the 2nd amendment is 100% useless if our own Govt went 5150

1 hours later 425997240 Anonymous
any other middle class here feel like with either party, their tax dollars are gonna be mishandled?... the difference being that with the dems the money will be spent for the lazy poor and with the GOP it's so that the rich wouldn't have to pay their fair share?

1 hours later 425997302 Anonymous (1285983242431.jpg 592x561 166kB)
>>425996729 ITT: educated human beings vs. braindead, rhetoric-swallowing downies who still dislike brown people for arbitrary circular reasons.

1 hours later 425997495 Anonymous (cantcausewarming-1.jpg 590x347 59kB)
>>425997032 Now you've asked for it. Commencing dump.

1 hours later 425997520 Anonymous
>>425988208 You sir and your responses have made my night. I am currently dying of laughter. Not in a sarcastic way or political agreement/disagreement but just sheer hilarity.

1 hours later 425997601 Anonymous
>>425996585 >It is for the prevention of a tyrannical government from propping up. Much like the 1st amendment. How much effect would small arms have against a tyrannical Govt? A modern military with tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, etc? Zero. None. You just cant see past your paranoia to notice that with or without the 2nd amendment, you'd be fucked regardless

1 hours later 425997621 Anonymous (Fox-News-Pie-Chart-Fail_width_600x.jpg 500x374 45kB)

1 hours later 425997652 Anonymous (1316060126296.jpg 1391x406 204kB)
>>425997112 >totally be waiting for a retard to spout that And retards like you fail to realize that the Vietcong and Taliban don't have tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, rockets, poison gases, helicopters and battleships. Oh wait, could it be that those things don't necessarily win wars? The point is, is that you cannot have a police state without POLICE. Expensive toys don't help worth a shit. Maybe you shouldn't talk about what you have NO idea what you're talking about.

1 hours later 425997659 Anonymous
>>425996715 Yea like I've said before there's no middle ground with anyone. Both parties that have views that are not compatible with the rest of their idea's but everyone ignores this and support those views anyway

1 hours later 425997782 Anonymous
People who live and die by their political party have no opinion of their own. This is evident in the fact that Bush's policies are continued under Obama, yet Obama is hailed as the opposite of Bush, loved by the "liberals" and supported in his mass wars and augmentation of the police state and TSA. Romney is exactly the same (wrote the fucking healthcare bill) but the lefties hate him. Huh?

1 hours later 425997814 Anonymous (Screen Shot 2012-04-20 at 3.04. 28AM.png 597x326 282kB)

1 hours later 425997993 Anonymous
Meanwhile, both Obama and Romney are all funded by the same people; but of course, the lemmings don't care about that. They just want to mimic the latest talking point so that they can feign intellectualism to their peers.

1 hours later 425998097 Anonymous (Sublimiable? Nah, Couldn't be.jpg 500x282 32kB)
Does it still count as "subliminal" when the target audience is brainless in the first place?

1 hours later 425998117 Anonymous (1344157857035.jpg 1280x852 144kB)
>>425997601 The British said the very same thing too.... and we beat them. We said the same thing about the Vietcong...and they beat us. We say the same thing about the Taliban, but are still strong as ever. And I'm sure Gaddafi said the same thing too.

1 hours later 425998292 Anonymous
Meh... he said the 47% who vote for Obama wouldn't vote for him so it's no point in wasting resources (time and money) in trying to get their vote. Focus on the smaller percentage who can win him the election. ITT: Faggots who have been manipulated.

1 hours later 425998378 Anonymous
>>425997652 >And retards like you fail to realize that the Vietcong and Taliban don't have tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, rockets, poison gases, helicopters and battleships. >Oh wait, could it be that those things don't necessarily win wars? >The point is, is that you cannot have a police state without POLICE. Expensive toys don't help worth a shit. >Maybe you shouldn't talk about what you have NO idea what you're talking about. for someone 'waiting' for a retard to spout what i did, your argument starts off piss poor. Causation != correlation Learn 2 compare variables between fighting in a foreign country ( especially a jungle like Vietnam ) and fighting within your own country. 2 totally different issues fucktard. Again, causation != correlation

1 hours later 425998468 Anonymous (1343797877571.jpg 645x567 160kB)
>>425998097 >>425997814 >>425997621 >>425997495 >cherry picking You still haven't proved to me that FOX is worse than the other major news networks. You have only proved that FOX is shit WHICH WE ALL KNOW ALREADY.

1 hours later 425998509 Anonymous
>>425982668 I don't think Romney has ever stated that he want to ban abortions, only remove federal funding.

2 hours later 425998694 Anonymous
>>425997782 But yet you only criticize "liberals" and "lefties", so you really you have the same problem as the people you complain about and ignore it conveniently when it's your party.

2 hours later 425998815 Anonymous
>How much effect would small arms have against a tyrannical Govt? A modern military with tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, etc? You've never heard of guerrilla warfare, have you?

2 hours later 425998897 Anonymous
dis post number

2 hours later 425998910 Anonymous
>>425998378 >Learn 2 compare variables between fighting in a foreign country ( especially a jungle like Vietnam ) and fighting within your own country. 2 totally different issues fucktard. Thanks for reminding me! >implying that the US military will go against US civilians Funny, the US military has been polled on that subject many times and the conscious is NO. You still can't understand that planes, tanks, ships, helos are just big toys.

2 hours later 425999159 Anonymous
>>425998509 Well the thing about abortion is this. It's is the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously, in which case it is usually called a miscarriage, or it can be purposely induced. The term abortion most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy. Abortion, when induced in the developed world in accordance with local law, is among the safest procedures in medicine. However, unsafe abortions result in approximately 70 thousand maternal deaths and 5 million disabilities per year globally. An estimated 44 million abortions are performed globally each year, with slightly under half of those performed unsafely. The incidence of abortion has stabilized in recent years, having previously spent decades declining as access to family planning education and contraceptive services increased. Forty percent of the world's women have access to induced abortions (within gestational limits). Induced abortion has a long history and has been facilitated by various methods including herbal abortifacients, the use of sharpened tools, physical trauma, and other traditional methods. Contemporary medicine utilizes medications and surgical procedures to induce abortion. The legality, prevalence, cultural and religious status of abortion vary substantially around the world. Its legality can depend on specific conditions such as incest, rape or the mothers health being at risk. In many parts of the world there is prominent and divisive public controversy over the ethical and legal issues of abortion.

2 hours later 425999320 Anonymous (Obamney_large.jpg 203x320 12kB)
>425998694 Nope, Republicans are fucking dumb warmongers too. Just like your illegitimate nigger president that does everything idiot Bush did and worse. I'm a political atheist. No bias here. All of you scumbag Democrats and Republicans can go to hell.

2 hours later 425999338 Anonymous
>>425998117 >The British said the very same thing too.... and we beat them. >We said the same thing about the Vietcong...and they beat us. We say the same thing about the Taliban, but are still strong as ever. And I'm sure Gaddafi said the same thing too. a. you're comparing a revolt IN country against a war with a foreign country. Not only that, you're talking about wars that were PROXIES! b. Gaddafi's army doesn't compare to our. His army doesn't fucking compare to a national guard. And the rebels were funded by other countries. Seriously, who are you tards that keep talking war without comparing variables first?! People like you are what's wrong with the US. We're filled with fucktards that cant make a political decision without resorting to a logical fallacy

2 hours later 425999596 Anonymous
>>425998910 My friend, I don't think you understand what a tank is. It's really just a tracked, armoured fighting vehicle designed for front-line combat which combines operational mobility and tactical offensive and defensive capabilities. Firepower is normally provided by a large-calibre main gun in a rotating turret and secondary machine guns, while heavy armour and all-terrain mobility provide protection for the tank and its crew, allowing it to perform all primary tasks of the armoured troops on the battlefield. Tanks in World War I were developed separately and simultaneously by Great Britain and France as a means to break the deadlock of trench warfare. Their first use in combat was by the British Army on September 15, 1916 at Flers-Courcelette, during the Battle of the Somme. The name "tank" was adopted in Great Britain during the early stages of their development, as a security measure to conceal their purpose (see Etymology). Germany developed and built the A7V but could only produce 20 units of it due to lack of capacities or resources. Tanks of the interwar period evolved into the designs of World War II. Important concepts of armoured warfare were developed; the Soviet Union launched the first mass tank/air attack at Khalkhin Gol (Nomonhan) in August 1939, which later resulted in the T-34, a predecessor of the main battle tank; this was quickly followed up by Germany on a larger scale when they introduced blitzkrieg ('lightning war') less than two weeks later; a technique which made use of massed concentrations of tanks supported by artillery and air power to break through the enemy front and cause a complete collapse in enemy resistance and morale.

2 hours later 425999598 Anonymous
6000000 get Bread over

2 hours later 426000037 Anonymous
>>425998910 >Funny, the US military has been polled on that subject many times and the conscious is NO. Actually, that works in my favor bud. If we're both assuming that the US military will never attack US citizens, then why do we have to worry about the 2nd amendment to rein in the Govt?

2 hours later 426000410 Anonymous
>>425997601 Negative, a tyrannical US government would not be able to deploy mass causality weapons like tank, jets, etc. because our free willed volunteer US military personal would not capitulate. The government is essential held at bay by the mere ability of the people to put up a fight, not the reality of who would ultimately win if they started killing people by the 10's of thousands. But once the populous is unarmed, or even mostly unarmed with no threat of a fight, they will be able to use their jack booted thugs like DHS or the TSA to control all aspects of our lives. I do not fear the military or law enforcement officials as long as they know that if they go to far there will be a blood bath. If that fear is ever gone, we will all be forced to conform. Regardless of what end of the political spectrum you are on, this should be a concern for you because when that moment comes you have no idea who will be in power and it might not be your guy. Think about it.

2 hours later 426000673 Anonymous
>>425999338 Maybe you should look up on our own Revolution some more. We had no help for the first few years, and we still held out pretty damn good. It was the fact that we held on so good that the French helped us. And again, you can't seem to understand that just because they have more expensive toys, doesn't mean that they cannot fall. Nor, that the operators of those expensive toys can't support the opposition. You know nothing about this subject, just shut up before you get too far ahead. You're already starting up with the ad hominem attacks.

2 hours later 426000765 Anonymous
>>425981889 That picture is a lie, Obama spent 4 times as much of all previous presidents combined in his first year alone, remember the banker bailout? he spent our GDP in his first 6 months.

2 hours later 426000885 Anonymous
>>426000000 ??

2 hours later 426001005 Anonymous
>The 2nd Amendment is completely outdated You're a fucking stupid slave. Who should have all of the guns then, the government? You just trust anyone who tells you they're your daddy, huh? Fucking stupid sheep, man. They're just going to hurt you and take advantage of you; don't you understand? The government does not love you. It wants to control you. It is controlled by Wall Street finance oligarchs who plunge their wealth into politics to guarantee the masses can never revolt. It's the Hegelian dialectic. It makes no sense to give one group a complete fucking power monopoly.

2 hours later 426001026 Anonymous
>>425999320 So angry man, why? Maybe you could convince people of your point better if you would calm down some. The thing is it seems like people with your view point say they arn't bias when they use all their favorite media buzzwords and claim they dont belong to a party.

2 hours later 426001192 Anonymous
>>425998117 Thinks we beat the British rather than the British losing. If you don't understand this statement or think it's trivial please get the fuck out.

2 hours later 426001331 Anonymous (Einsatzgruppen_Killing.jpg 237x350 26kB)
>>426000037 Explain the Nazis then. If the government is there to protect the people, then why did the kill their own people so willingly? I'm sure those Jews were so glad that the government disarmed them!

2 hours later 426001436 Anonymous (GeorgeCarlin.jpg 1900x1200 371kB)

2 hours later 426001630 Anonymous
>>426001005 You're all fucktards. The Second Amendment reads: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my amendments." This is one of the longest amendments, although people don’t generally realize this because in most lists the vast majority is cut out. If people remember it at all they remember only the first phrase: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image,” but that alone is sufficient to cause controversy and disagreement. Some liberal theologians have even argued that this amendment originally consisted of only that nine word phrase. It is believed by most theologians that this amendment was designed to underscore the radical difference between God as creator and God’s creation. It was common in various Near East religions to use representations of the gods to facilitate worship, but in ancient Judaism this was prohibited because no aspect of the creation could adequately stand in for God. Human beings come closest to sharing in the attributes of divinity, but other than them it simply isn’t possible for anything in creation to suffice.

2 hours later 426001763 Anonymous
>>426001192 Actually you do have a good point. The war was just so costly for the British that the British merchants were practically begging for the war to be over. I guess in the long run we did win though since we're still a sovereign nation.

2 hours later 426001828 Anonymous
>>426001192 >>426001331 I feel like this discussion is a little out of focus, do both of you agree that you should be able to own a gun?

2 hours later 426001832 Anonymous (1347433003033.jpg 251x206 6kB)
>>425986165 >implying killing someone who has been alive for years is the same as aborting a fetus >mfw Go cry about it

2 hours later 426001885 Anonymous (1321604071160.gif 279x211 1971kB)
Here's my idea for abortions: you're allowed one. And while the doc is in there he ties your tubes so you can't create any more murder victims.

2 hours later 426002201 Anonymous
>>426001828 More than just a gun, arms. Up until less than 100 years ago it was legal to own any military weapon, now you can barely own any and most retards have assumed that the second amendment is for hunting when it's not. And for some reason these people still think that gun control works....

2 hours later 426002246 Anonymous
>>426001026 Fuck yes I'm angry. The President has the legal right to detain and murder any US citizen. Are you cool with that? Are you cool with bailing out banks so they can run amok on our economy? Are you cool with the Fed just liquidating all of the debt like Weimar Republic? Are you cool with letting our kids get groped by pot-bellied pedophiles at airports? You're damn fucking right I'm mad, dude. This country is fucked up and both the Democrips and Rebloodlicans don't give a fuck about it and instead want to argue about poptart bullshit when they're exactly the same and the ruling elite are just using the Hegelian dialectic to keep you stupid fucks preoccupied. This Republic has been dead for years. The plutocrats have always controlled us. Your precious democracy is a fucking illusion.

2 hours later 426002394 Anonymous
>>426001885 Ha what we paid people to get vasectomies and tubes tied, nothing too much but you know the kind of people would do this. Think of all the money we would save in the future

2 hours later 426002525 Anonymous (1345602815010.jpg 413x395 24kB)
>>426002246 >Democrips and Rebloodlicans

2 hours later 426002613 Anonymous
wait, wait, wait.....is that moron actually holding up a sign that says "Bring back pre-existing conditions"? Derrr ummmm uhhhh......why?

2 hours later 426002739 Anonymous
Because he is White. The only reason, I don't if the nigger hates me, Romney 2012! Fuck Nigger Obama.

2 hours later 426002746 Anonymous
>>425981656 nice way to admit that you are a dumbshit.

2 hours later 426002924 Anonymous
>mfw republicans and democrats are too retarded to realize that both of their parties of owned by the exact same people and that they have the exact same goals >mfw i have no face

2 hours later 426003138 Anonymous
>>426002201 Yea I think we should be able to get whatever weapons want for the most part. But its not just democrats that restricted that for example the Hughes amendment that banned machine guns

2 hours later 426003238 Anonymous
>>425978263 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDuHqntfqUI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDuHqntfqUI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDuHqntfqUI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDuHqntfqUI Yeah, liberals are soooooooo smart

2 hours later 426003371 Anonymous
>>426002246 So what would you do then?

2 hours later 426003412 Anonymous
>>426003238 waaaaaaaaaahhh he be making da fun of da right wing. me spam same vibeooo to make wibtawds mad and me feel bettuh. Kill yourself righttard. \

2 hours later 426003438 Anonymous
>>426001331 You're now literally playing both sides of the argument. First you say the US military would never attack their own citizens, then you say we should have protection in case they go all Nazi on us. WHICH SIDE IS IT?

2 hours later 426003491 Anonymous (adam jones.jpg 200x249 6kB)
Adam Jones is gonna punch you the face for new world order,control grid, police state and make you buy his colloidal silver and tangy tangerine!

2 hours later 426003558 Anonymous
>>426003238 oh and you couldn't even post something real. You just posted some dipshit media whores opinion and are trying to play it off as a face.

2 hours later 426003654 Anonymous (lunatic-progressives-losing-debate-use-race-card.jpg 390x295 35kB)

2 hours later 426003674 Anonymous
>>425984262 >dead infants too much fox news man

2 hours later 426003715 Anonymous
>>426003138 The Hughes amendment was added by a Democrat (albeit technically it did not pass as it did not have enough votes; the asshole committee chairmen, Charlie Rangel, passed it anyways) and IIRC the whole bill was slipped in with another one to be signed into law.

2 hours later 426003721 Anonymous
>>426001885 I used to be anti-abortion and in principle I still am but I have come around and decided I am neutral, I still don't want to pay for them but here are my reasons for changing my mind. -A mother who is willing to terminate her own child life shouldn't have one. -The child may be better off in the long run since there in no chance it will be systematically abused, tortured or raped by neglectful parents, the kind that would consider terminating its life in the first place. -If you agree with basic evolution principle and the handing down of inherent traits from parent to child then forcing a mother willing to terminate her own child to have it, only produces another one of her kind (so to speak). -If you believe in over population, scarcity of resources, etc. Then with this inferior child (inferior due to the inherent metal defect that would lead to the thought process of a mother to terminate the life of her own child) and the rest of family line from this offspring gone, the more resources for those who would never consider terminating the life of their own offspring. If you didn't catch the gist I have decided that a person willing to dispose of their own offspring are inferior thinkers, or have mental disorders and the world et al is better off without their offspring running around.

2 hours later 426003723 Anonymous (DOOM_ISLAM.jpg 640x479 257kB)
Viral campaigning at it's finest. ProTip: Everyone feels the same way about Palestine as he does. Even Palestinians.

2 hours later 426003824 Anonymous
A beautiful example of the logic, rationality, and civility of the average liberal. Of course, disagreeing means you're a lesser human being, right?

2 hours later 426003830 Anonymous
>>426003654 No one of worth is saying this

2 hours later 426003859 Anonymous
>>426001331 Plus, i'd add that you keep handwaving off the idea of small arms going against the modern US military You handwave that idea because you don't have a counter for it, simple as that. so then you talk about some bullshit poll about how the military wouldn't attack civs. Ok then fag so I'll accept your distorted context. If the US military would never attack their own civs, why do we need arms to protect ourselves from them? >Herp Derp b/c they might go all Nazi! So then what was that you just said about the military poll?

2 hours later 426003907 Anonymous (880231 - Alex_Jones Ben_Garrison Syrian_Girl.jpg 1000x674 325kB)

2 hours later 426004113 Anonymous
>>425990747 perhaps you should maybe take a good look at your chart... and realize that Obama put two wars in the budget, and the asshole that started it refused to. So please jam this up your ass

2 hours later 426004150 Anonymous
The beautiful logic and impeccable syntax of the average liberal continues to astound us all. Obviously occupy dipshits talking = somebody's opinion...obviously. And what the fuck does "play it off as a face" mean? You're only confirming my point here.

2 hours later 426004187 Anonymous
>>426003715 Yes it was, but still signed by Reagan under the firearms protection act

2 hours later 426004210 Anonymous
>people voting republican who are in the 47% >mfw >talk about second amendment >Obama has loosened gun laws Romney can barely run a campaign none the less a country. Too bad the republicans are run by the mainstream media rather than actual grassroots movements. Look at what any conservative new site or station says VS what FOX says. A lot of the people who work on FOX are part of Romney's campaign. I am the 47%, who wont vote for Romney

2 hours later 426004226 Anonymous
>>426003438 You obviously cannot read what I am saying, much like you cannot read the wording of the Second Amendment. The US military probably wouldn't right now, but that cannot always be the case. >>426003412 How about instead of the ad hominem attacks, you debate him?

2 hours later 426004283 Anonymous (gacylol.jpg 449x333 56kB)
Vote Democrat, they are always sane and dependable. Even John Wayne Gacy was one!

2 hours later 426004385 Anonymous
>>426003859 Not the guy you're responding to, but if the government has a chance of being tyranical, does that in your mind legitimize civilian ownership of firearms, or do you consider that threat of tyranny to be nonexistent in today's world?

2 hours later 426004414 Anonymous (1283160658155.jpg 500x344 32kB)
>>425998910 >the concious is NO >the concious >concious God you Americans are fucking stupid. This entire thread is stupid. Free healthcare is the way to go -but you're all too unintelligent to see that. You pay nothing in taxes, everything is super cheap down there and yet none of you have any money and it's call you care about.

2 hours later 426004579 Anonymous (100% liberal.jpg 203x349 76kB)
>>426003859 >why do we need self defense Should you just let your attacker rape, murder and/or rob you? Or should you fight back and defense yourself from harm?

2 hours later 426004726 Anonymous
ITT: poor failures at life blame the government for their retardation and laziness. my parents arrived here with no money as overseas students. They made their way through with brains and scholarships and now make 250k+ a year. If your'e poor, fuck you. I don't give a fucking shit about you. Kill yourself, you're a drag on society. Rich people actually contribute. You? You're a sniveling, pathetic excuse of a human being who can only blame others for their own failures. I hope you die.

2 hours later 426004765 Anonymous (rumbleposterstewartoreilly-promo.jpg 615x345 215kB)
Who will give the more level-headed, non-hyperbolic arguments? >gas thrown on the fire

2 hours later 426004771 Anonymous
>>426004210 How is he failing to run a campaign? Please cite concrete reasons. Every day the media 'tells us' that he made a gaffe, is this what you're basing your reasoning on?

2 hours later 426004825 Anonymous (61e.jpg 640x525 58kB)
>>426004414 >Free healthcare is the way to go -but you're all too unintelligent to see that. Yes, that's why one hospital in Houston has more money for medical research than all of Canada, right? And lol at "free."

2 hours later 426004874 Anonymous
>>426004726 I'm sorry that you feel that way

2 hours later 426004893 Anonymous (Fry not sure if.jpg 604x453 37kB)
>>426004226 U b trollin'. No one is simultaneously this stupid and arrogant.

2 hours later 426004978 Anonymous (1332982610917.jpg 400x402 117kB)
>>426004414 >Free healthcare is the way to go

2 hours later 426004984 Anonymous
>>426003859 As I explained in a previous post the US military would not capitulate in the mass KILLING of US civs, that does not mean they would not herd, martial law, enforce ridiculous government restrictions onto a complacent population. Further once the US civilians are unarmed they wouldn't need the military, they could do this with other offices like local law enforcement, national guard, TSA or DHS. The threat the US population presents by the mere ability to fight back and force the government into a BLOOD BATH scenario, a blood bath scenario which the US military would not stand by and allow to occur to participate in, is enough to keep them from over reaching. This is not complicated, you are being willfully ignorant of what is being said.

2 hours later 426005010 Anonymous
>>426004226 because his mentality is based on bill orly videos and hes hardly worth my time.

2 hours later 426005015 Anonymous
>>426004825 lol it even says politifake in the corner

2 hours later 426005093 Anonymous
>>426004726 Your parents are rich and successful so YOU hate poor people? Yes, that sounds very republican.

2 hours later 426005121 Anonymous
>>426004825 this liberals lack the necessary brain function to look at empirical examples of how bad socialized healthcare turns out to be. liberals also ignore that the way to manage an economic crisis is NOT to tax the rich. "hurr durr new deal durrrrr" Yeah, the new deal extended the economic crisis by half a decade, according to the fucking Wall Street Journal. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB123353276749137485.html liberals, kill yourselves pls. We're busy contributing to society here.

2 hours later 426005132 Anonymous
>>426003859 Seriously dude, you're just begging to be taken advantage of. I bet you're one of those dudes that would go to prison and get raped the first night because you just don't think it's possible and you think the cops will always be there to babysit you. You take no personal responsibility and want a daddy-figure to protect you at all times.

2 hours later 426005248 Anonymous
>>426004825 lol nice bullshit pic you got there. Sorry, but I'm not going to listen to you or anyone that calls obama or the democrats socialist. Thats code for lets be violent against leftists and others that aren't right wing.

2 hours later 426005274 Anonymous
>>426004825 causation!=correlation What's the wait in the US like, including the 50 fucking times your HMO tries to shrug you off with Motrin and physical therapy? What's the INCREASE in wait times on these procedures since CA socialized healthcare?

2 hours later 426005356 Anonymous (1326722286911.png 352x390 129kB)
Ancient anonymous here. Right Wing ≠ Republican Especially since left wing neocons took it over; especially since the Republican Party just stole the voices of Ron Paul's delegates. A mormon? Is that really our alternative? Are we truly out of our fucking minds? If Ron's not on the ballot, I'll write in his name. If there's no write in area I'll vote for Gary Johnson. If Gary Johnson isn't there either, I. am. not. voting. http://youtu.be/DUEHnyAtp9I

2 hours later 426005370 Anonymous (liberal douche.jpg 400x309 23kB)
DNC shills please go.

2 hours later 426005429 Anonymous
>>426005121 >lol at right wingers contributing to society lolol Red states are the poorest states in the union. How about you right tards kill yourselves for being the parasites?

2 hours later 426005509 Anonymous
>>426005370 this isn't your board. 4chan does not belong to you.

2 hours later 426005512 Anonymous
>>426005093 My parents became successful starting off in India with jack shit, my dad's mom had to pawn her clothes to send him through school. As a result, if you're poor and the only fucking thing you can do is complain and whine and bitch about how bush or the system or wall street fucked you, I have zero sympathy for you. The reason I hate you is because your fucking inability to fucking pay for your basic needs drives taxes up. If your'e poor, you're like a fucking crippled dog. You can't fend for yourself, and you're mad at the world because of your problems. Meanwhile, you snap at people who can fend for themselves and blame THEM for your sorry state. I'm just waiting for someone to put you animals down.

2 hours later 426005653 Anonymous
>>426005248 In other words: "I can't argue with you so I'll attack you with ad hominems."

2 hours later 426005680 Anonymous (1342919854867.gif 276x225 1618kB)
>>426004825 >>426004978 Way to build straw men, folks. Up here it's referred to as free health care, because we don't pay anything when we use it. Just like how tap water is "free" but we pay taxes to maintain piping and other systems. Of course, you guys knew all of that already, you're just used to spouting drivel and falsities in the hopes that someone will validate your opinion. Forget it, you people are literally too stupid to insult.

2 hours later 426005719 Anonymous
>>426005429 >>mfw you think "we" means republican >>mfw I live in California I'm talking about the rich, asshat. Apparently your pathetic reading comprehension level prevents you from understanding arguments you can't respond to.

2 hours later 426005773 Anonymous (15499.jpg 318x397 17kB)
Repubs will win through the usual dis info campains, big money backing... also GERRYMANDERING AND BLOCKING CERTAIN PEOPLE FROM VOTING. (MOSTLY NON WHITES) END OF STORY.

2 hours later 426005796 Anonymous (Are you F-ing kidding me.png 420x413 38kB)
>>426004984 And you are constantly trying to distort the narrative to fit your vision. So what you're concerned about is a military that will be tyrannical, but won't kill, and will herd us non-violently? LoL if anyone ever attempted to herd us then we'd fight back regardless and there would be blood, regardless, so what are you saying? Here's what you're saying. You still can't think your way around how small arms would do anything to a modern US military so you have to distort the context by saying >Hey wait, derp, US militeriez toke a pole and s3z thye n0t g0na shot Us! So your entire position on the 2nd amendment is based on a bullshit poll. thanks.

2 hours later 426005829 Anonymous (tumblr_m42o6rLULb1r21bv9o1_500.jpg 500x500 46kB)
>>425978263 just got done perusing this thread for a while and now feel awful about the state of everything. let's get cheered up together, /b/. >ITT: those little things in life

2 hours later 426005896 Anonymous
>>426005512 >I'm just waiting for someone to put you animals down. never gonna happen. if you right wing scum try anything you will be slaughtered by the military and the cops. Inb4nuh uhh libtard! no really, they've been planning this shit since the 80's go ahead and try you immigrant piece of trash.

2 hours later 426005925 Anonymous
>>426005429 Funny, my state is "in the red" and is doing quite good right now, unlike a lot of "blue" states.

2 hours later 426005936 Anonymous
>>426004726 It's not about laziness and this isn't the 1950s America buddy, this 2012 and there are no good paying jobs, we are taxed out our assholes and we have a fiat dollar that only loses value , and an education system that is completely fucking retarded, so yes, we can blame the Government that works for us for the state we're in today, after all they want to control every facet of our fucking lives, then they get the blame.

2 hours later 426005974 Anonymous
>>426005653 no I'm not going to listen or try to reason with mentally sick people that believe in unfounded conspiracies.

2 hours later 426006009 Anonymous (Meh Face.jpg 48x49 1kB)
1. I notice a lot of people attacking those saying "dems are reps are the same. they all suck don't vote." Though I agree it is naive because people have REAL problems they want to vote on... unfortunately it is also true that they suck. 2. Obamacare is not "free" but it's the same as drivers insurance and we all MUST pay for it. Or else. 3. "Libs are faggots and stupid." "Conservatives are faggots and stupid." We're all stupid faggots and your parents probably made you a con. or a lib. I see very few actual opinions based on facts... and more opinions based on what they already WANT to believe. this whole thread is disappointing. sorry if this is not contributing but to see people arguing back and forth without the ability to change one's mind is rather fruitless and painful to watch see ya

2 hours later 426006014 Anonymous
>>426005680 You're so fucking dumb it's amazing. YOU PAY A FUCKING UTILITIES BILL EVERY MONTH. THAT INCLUDES GAS, ELECTRIC, AND WATER. YOU PAY FOR THE PIPES, AND YOU ALSO PAY FOR THE FUCKING WATER YOU USE. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. You're probably not used to actually paying bills, liberal faggot

2 hours later 426006064 Anonymous
>>426004825 Also, I'd just like to point out your using an image from politifake, which I'm sure you know makes fake graphs that always shows up when an uneducated individual is trying to make a point.

2 hours later 426006089 Anonymous
>>426003721 interesting take. thanks anon.

2 hours later 426006116 Anonymous
>>426005132 > Seriously dude, you're just begging to be taken advantage of. I bet you're one of those dudes that would go to prison and get raped the first night because you just don't think it's possible and you think the cops will always be there to babysit you. You take no personal responsibility and want a daddy-figure to protect you at all times. 0/10

2 hours later 426006119 Anonymous

2 hours later 426006135 Anonymous
>>426005512 You're a pretty unpleasant person, what's wrong?

2 hours later 426006142 Anonymous
for all you right wing fucktards who constantly bitch... know this... I fucking hate you. I hate you with a passion. You are the least patriotic pieces of shit on the planet. I can't believe that you cock gobblers talk like America is the greatest country in the world when it's decline has been the right at the helm for the last 30 fucking years. You believe that being an American should mean nothing. And you've made sure that being an American means nothing.

2 hours later 426006191 Anonymous
Let me clue you fucking idiots into something. The rich don't give a fuck about you. They don't really care if the social safety net programs that benefit everyone else crumble. They don't care if kids with disabilities get kicked off social security insurance. They don't care if your folks don't get their Medicare, and go bankrupt trying to pay for whatever care they do need. They care about being rich. Period. They'll make any argument possible to stay that way. The only point at which they care about you is where you getting screwed hurts them. There is NOTHING altruistic about their actions. That's not to say that they WANT people to starve and suffer. They just...don't care. Are they rich and getting richer? Great. Go ahead and help the poor, just don't take any of their money to do it. Need to raise taxes on them in order to pay for social welfare programs? No chance, unless doing so ensures that they will somehow get richer. If you can't make that argument, then all the sob stories and appeals to "Think of the children!" will fall on deaf ears. My attitude is that the rich look out for themselves and only themselves. Why should I behave any differently towards them? I accept the rules of engagement that they seem to want to lay down, and I will fight for my own interest just as vehemently and viciously as they will fight for theirs. You'd do well to do the same, before their actions end up screwing you. Again. Because they're only too happy to screw you if it gets them ahead. If you're too fucking stupid to stand up for yourself, then you deserve EVERY bad thing that happens to you.

2 hours later 426006247 Anonymous
Anon we live in a hollow state the by parties system is simply used to confuses and split the lower classes opinion so they are easier manipulated. aka democrats and republicans = samefag. >>425978263 >>425978582 >>425978815 >>425979008 >>425979171 >>425979184 >>425979284 >>425979395 >>425979435 >>425979489 >>425979538 >>425979697 >>425979732 >>425979743 >>425979835 >>425979858 >>425979959 >>425979981 >>425980046 >>425980196 >>425980201 >>425980210 >>425980378 >>425980454 >>425980461 >>425980564 >>425980595

2 hours later 426006251 Anonymous
>>426005680 Your wording is terribly strained and unnatural. It is pretty obvious that you're not a good writer and that you're feigning it the best you can. Just be real and write the best you can /b/ro, it's ok. By the way, I don't think you understand what a straw man argument is. A straw man argument would entail conflating something you said with something you didn't say at all and attacking that because it's easier (from my perspective) to conflate what you said with another idea and attack that idea instead of attacking your initial idea.

2 hours later 426006253 Anonymous
>>426005896 LOLOLOL You think I'M going to risk MY WELL BEING taking a fucking gun to hobos or some stupid shit? ROFL You niggers can die of malnutrition and increased stress 20 years before I do; mother nature puts you poor fucks down well enough! stupid faggot.

2 hours later 426006263 Anonymous
>>426005936 >this 2012 and there are no good paying jobs, we are taxed out our assholes and we have a fiat dollar that only loses value , and an education system that is completely fucking retarded Socialism works, right?

2 hours later 426006274 Anonymous (buttfrustrated.jpg 492x600 111kB)
>>426006142 your tears are delicious hippy faggot

2 hours later 426006295 Anonymous
You know what uncle sam is most scared of? servicemen starting a revolution. a military coup.

2 hours later 426006317 Anonymous (imaginekattwilliamsooojeszuszoooojeezusz.gif 288x219 467kB)
>>426005429 >blacks are mostly centered in the south >Al Gore and Clinton passed Nafta >Obama dumped oil all up in their crawdads where their crawdads live. >Teacher's unions a complete JOKE. >Blame the right wing.

2 hours later 426006350 Anonymous
>>426005719 talk like a stupid right tard, you will get insulted for being one. Right wing scum don't do shit in this country. You all just like to steal all the credit for anything good here. You are nothing but disgusting thieves. I'd love to see your pitiful right wing revolution. We'd slaughter you all with the military and the cops and unmanned drones. As for your friends in the police stations and the military, they will be arrested before they can defect. Any survivors from your pathetic revolution will be slaughtered along with your families for being traitors to the usa. And it will be worth it.

2 hours later 426006393 Anonymous
>>426005512 I'm interested in knowing what your utopic vision of the world is. everyone in the top 1%? or just poor people being kept away from your island? no matter what we ALL live on this planet. you can rage all you want.

2 hours later 426006410 Anonymous
>why are you still going to vote for a man who hates you? Never was gonna, fag.g0t

2 hours later 426006435 Anonymous
>>426005796 Willful ignorance, I never said I was worried about the US military being tyrannical. As I have pointed out in two posts that doesn't concern me at all. I am worried about he US Government, the politicians, becoming tyrannical. If you don't understand the difference between a tyrannical US military (which i do not consider possible if it means combat on US soil with US citizens), and the possible desires of a tyrannical US government against and UNARMED population then you are hopeless.

2 hours later 426006470 Anonymous
>>426005680 this is lol to me sounds like my ex girlfriend she always tried to shove the biggest words into sentences -__-

2 hours later 426006494 Anonymous (33d.jpg 550x416 74kB)
>>426006009 >2. Obamacare is not "free" but it's the same as drivers insurance and we all MUST pay for it. Or else. No, there is a big difference. You have to have insurance to drive...if you drive on public roads. Obamacare requires you to have health insurance if you breathe.

2 hours later 426006507 Anonymous
>>426006263 >dollar that only loses value It is astounding how many republicans don't understand the importance of inflation.

2 hours later 426006542 Anonymous (sTcCHlT-XiF2cW_HBdNGLA.jpg 700x493 96kB)
This whole thread: http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/home

2 hours later 426006581 Anonymous
>>426006253 lets see you have the same attitude when my country burns your house down during the uprising you helped create. Fuck off out of my country then if you hate everyone so much.

2 hours later 426006672 Anonymous (1342497842381.jpg 1632x1224 524kB)
>>426004726 loving you. the world needs lettuce-stompers too.

2 hours later 426006696 Anonymous
>>426005936 >>taxed out our assholes >>hurr vote obama hurr >>mfw my dad makes 350k a year >>hurr durr no good paying jobs >>mfw every top biomed/research/entrepreneurial/computer engineering/engineering job pays fucking bank You're too fucking stupid to get a well paying job >>hurr durr tha edukation system sucks The internet is fucking free, idiot. All the information you would EVER need to succeed is at your fingertips, and you spend your time on 4chan bashing the educational system. I hope you're living out of your fucking car and working minimum wage, you trash. I hope your fucking children go hungry. I hope your house gets foreclosed and you sell your car and live on the street until you get fucking stabbed to death by a nigger.

2 hours later 426006702 Anonymous
>>426004385 Dood, sorry i missed u. Totally legit post. I honestly consider the use of small arms to be totally irrelevant in today's modern military. IF the Govt was going to be tyrannical, they'd do it with the tech they have at their disposal. If you really want to adhere to the 2nd amendment's 'spirit', you'd need the ability to stock RPGs, grenades, tanks, SAMS, etc.

2 hours later 426006725 Anonymous
>>426006251 >your wording is terribly strained and unnatural >doesn't realise that people speak languages other than English >typical American English was the second language I learned -I'm French.

2 hours later 426006739 Anonymous
>>426006317 yes I will fucking blame the right wing for not stopping it. That is, if you actually fucking cared about those things anyway. Oh wait, of course you don't thats why you let those things happen and you've done nothing to change those things. Fuck you right tard.

2 hours later 426006826 Anonymous
>>426004765 ok. a liberal debating a liberal. sounds like a 69 sesh

2 hours later 426006831 Anonymous
>>426006696 >The internet is fucking free, idiot. ....

2 hours later 426006873 Anonymous
>>426004579 Go straw man someone else. I actually own a sig p226 9mm but I know it's fucking useless against the military. That was my point. 2nd amendment circle jerkers argue its validity based on the threat of a tyrannical govt, but this isn't the 1700's.

2 hours later 426006913 Anonymous
Oh look. Another young idealist thinking that democrats are different, and not manipulating HIS view. Retard.

2 hours later 426006930 Anonymous
>>426006826 fucking stupid american scum thinks orlys a lib.

2 hours later 426006963 Anonymous
>>426006702 >I honestly consider the use of small arms to be totally irrelevant in today's modern military. THEN WHY DOES THE FUCKING MILITARY STILL MAINLY USE SMALL FUCKING ARMS?

2 hours later 426007015 Anonymous
>>426006913 hey look another young person backstabbing his generation.

2 hours later 426007064 Anonymous
>>426006350 Once again, retard, I'm 100% ok with the way things are right now. I don't want a fucking revolution, your mindless babble about drones is laughable. You know why? Because I live a comfortable lifestyle, and am actually aiming to succeed in life. If you have the right degree from the right place, getting a job is no problem. TLDR Why would I want a revolution? I'm totes chill with how things are right now, the only ones bitching are you unemployed faggots.

2 hours later 426007119 Anonymous
>>426006435 The US govt as a tyrannical institution is moot without the police, national guard and army to back them up so your point itself is moot.

2 hours later 426007124 Anonymous
the right wing thrives on fear so if you're convinced by the arguments of the right, then you're a fucking coward that's all you really need to know

2 hours later 426007132 Anonymous (SyEIvm_1cMXwYZDP9lz2Ww.jpg 700x514 104kB)
>>426006963 >SMALL FUCKING ARMS So many different mental images.

2 hours later 426007141 Anonymous (1343894002622.jpg 372x370 15kB)
Oh wow Romney is in the pockets of rich people? It's a good thing that Obama isn't, as well most of Congress and the majority of our government.

2 hours later 426007161 Anonymous

2 hours later 426007216 Anonymous
>>426007015 >Implying Obama & Hillary is his generation

2 hours later 426007351 Anonymous
>>426006739 >I will fucking blame the right wing for not stopping it. Right Wing ≠ Republican

2 hours later 426007380 Anonymous
>>426006135 Wrong? Nothing. Life's great. My parents got rewarded for working hard, and so I'm doing the same. And I'm unpleasant just because I detest the leeches and useless idiots society churns out? lol ok.

3 hours later 426007410 Anonymous (a-a-s-b.jpg 189x266 19kB)
What you diehard self-identified Republicans and Democrats fail to realize is that there is a ruling oligarchy that controls both parties outside of your interest The ruling oligarchy despises the middle class. They do not want the middle class because they find it much more manageable when there is an aristocracy and a pleb class that can never challenge their authority. Obama works for the same people Romney does. Your fabled democracy is an illusion, although the plebs did manage to gain control sometimes, they never fully gained control and the oligarchy always maintained power. You are not in control and you probably never will be. As soon as you realize that this system existed long before you were born and will exist after you die, you'll be better off.

3 hours later 426007441 Anonymous
>>426006725 >-I'm French. Then you should know how your entitlement programs, like socialized healthcare is bankrupting you.

3 hours later 426007453 Anonymous (1342529188667.jpg 325x393 31kB)
>>426006696 Either you're a horrible troll or you really are a spoiled brat, and if it's the latter keep in mind if your money is tied up in dollars, when the fiat dollar collapses soon, you're gonna be just as poor any homeless person. =) pic: call the burn unit asap

3 hours later 426007458 Anonymous (Good-good-let-the-butthurt-flow-through-you-1.jpg 494x358 24kB)
>mfw this thread

3 hours later 426007526 Anonymous
>>426005512 more loving you anon. Immigrant families like yours and mine made this country great and it's time to turn the shit of this society into fertilizer.

3 hours later 426007632 Anonymous
>>426006393 Utopic vision? none. Humans are scum and will always be scum. My concern is not how to help the poor, filthy masses at the bottom of the pile, but how to get to the top of the pile. Poverty has and will always exist. Why even bother trying to stop it when you can just focus on being rich?

3 hours later 426007673 Anonymous
>>426006873 >Implying any military didn't always have more advanced weaponry over civilians >Implying human ingenuity has no role in overthrowing a government

3 hours later 426007674 Anonymous
>>426006963 1. you're not the guy i was responding to 2. You're dumbing down the context to fit your narrative. >THEN WHY DOES THE FUCKING MILITARY STILL MAINLY USE SMALL FUCKING ARMS? To kill people with limited collateral damage. The only reason. That and it's cheaper.

3 hours later 426007714 Anonymous
>>426007380 it's nice you're working hard but you still seem like an angry, bitter human being. When you finally get everything you want will you still be that way?

3 hours later 426007779 Anonymous
>>426007632 obvious troll is obvious. 1/10 for getting me to post.

3 hours later 426007795 Anonymous
>>426007632 how about focus on being happy

3 hours later 426007989 Anonymous
>>426007674 >the only reason >and this other reason And here, have another one: it's far more accurate. But the cost is a major reason why your whole argument is retarded.

3 hours later 426008003 Anonymous (224.jpg 400x298 27kB)

3 hours later 426008032 Anonymous
>>426007161 >YOU CAN'T HAVE A FUCKING POLICE STATE WITHOUT THE POLICE. >Tanks, planes, artillery, etc. CANNOT control a population. >HOW FUCKING HARD IS SOMETHING SO SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND? Sure they can. They control a population through fear. They control a population through SUPERIOR FIREPOWER. If you've got 10,000 fighters and no anti-air support, you're fucked.

3 hours later 426008050 Anonymous
>>426006831 Yup, it is. Ever heard of public libraries? If you're on the internet and you bitch about the school system, you're a fucking idiot. There are free online courses based on merit all over the internet.

3 hours later 426008185 Anonymous
>>426007064 >TLDR Why would I want a revolution? I'm totes chill with how things are right now, the only ones bitching are you unemployed faggots. oh ok so you just admitted that you are completely disconnected from the state of the country. Why the fuck are you even talking then? You are more worthless than romney supporters.

3 hours later 426008189 Anonymous
>>426007779 excellent logic. "hurr you r a troll se how intelligent I r holy shit haha 1/10 leet hax0r here"

3 hours later 426008257 Anonymous
>>426008050 >Ever heard of public libraries? Ever hear of taxes? >There are free online courses based on merit all over the internet. Great for a career in the military or fast food.

3 hours later 426008309 Anonymous
>>426007795 I'll be happy when I'm rich. That's the way I am. I only like things I'm good at. I'm only going to like life once I succeed.

3 hours later 426008312 Anonymous

3 hours later 426008343 Anonymous
>>426008050 You said the internet is free. Nothing about libraries.

3 hours later 426008414 Anonymous
>>426006725 >Socialist loser with no job that believes in the fake right vs left paradigm >Writes shitty English >Loves gov't >Hates gun rights >Admits he's French >Everything makes sense now

3 hours later 426008478 Anonymous
>>426007119 AND the US governments tyrannical aspirations cannot occur if the police, national guard, and army are FORCED to KILL civilians. What would force them to kill civilians instead of just control them? If they are armed and unwilling to be controlled. Thus the presence of small arms which would force police, national guard and military to kill civilians to obtain the goals of the hypothetical tyrannical US government is enough to prevent a tyrannical US government entity from deploying forces in an effort to control to population. That is until after they disarm us. You have to understand this, I refuse to believe you launched yourself into this debate without the basic reasoning skills needed to understand what I am saying. You are intentionally ignoring, spinning, and misinterpreting what I am saying which is why ultimately your argument will never win and US citizens will remain armed for the foreseeable future.

3 hours later 426008504 Anonymous
>>426008309 >That's the way I am. I only like things I'm good at. I'm only going to like life once I succeed. well then have fun being miserable the rest of your life. FUcking temporarily embarrassed millionaire trash

3 hours later 426008558 Anonymous (1329765574728.gif 500x322 438kB)
>>426008032 >they control the population through fear >we shouldn't possess arms to counteract that fear

3 hours later 426008561 Anonymous
>>426008185 There's a difference between being disconnected and not giving a shit. My parents make 350k plus a year combined, why should I want a revolution? My life is just fine. I'm talking here to tell poorfags how much I despise them and hope for their swift extermination. It appears you can't understand any argument I make.

3 hours later 426008574 Anonymous
>>426007673 >implying the writers of the constitution ever envisioned a world with jets, rockets, gas, drones, etc >implying human ingenuity means you can MacGyver a SAM out of 1 AK, 2 rubber bands and your grandma's loufa

3 hours later 426008614 Anonymous
if your boss is rich... and you think he wouldn't fire you to make more money, or keep more money...you're an idiot

3 hours later 426008625 Anonymous
>>426008309 >I'll be happy when I'm rich. you sound yuong

3 hours later 426008653 Anonymous
>>426008343 he's pulling this: http://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/special-pleading

3 hours later 426008734 Anonymous (U Serious.jpg 465x446 20kB)
>>426008558 >Implying small arms counteracts the superior firepower of a tank or jet

3 hours later 426008807 Anonymous
>>426008574 >Implying America is doing great in Afghanistan.

3 hours later 426008896 Anonymous
>>426008561 there are kids who have cancer... will get to meet a man in a mickey mouse costume, have a disney cake and die two weeks later... Who will live a happier life then you ever will. but it will be too late before you realize it.

3 hours later 426008990 Anonymous (Democrats.jpg 1000x900 208kB)

3 hours later 426009036 Anonymous
>>426008561 >I'm talking here to tell poorfags how much I despise them and hope for their swift extermination. lol what a pussy ass faggot. You aren't even committed to it. Just some faggot rich kid thats never worked a day in his life. Do kill yourself. You are a worthless waste of flesh.

3 hours later 426009041 Anonymous
>>426008734 If small arms are so unnecessary in war, then why does the military have them so abundantly? You can't be this naive...

3 hours later 426009053 Anonymous
>>426008257 http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=3505 And I see you've never heard of Stanford or MIT's online courses, or Khan Academy (who instructs at a college course level. I know because I take AP courses). http://www.ocwconsortium.org/ Oh, I guess MIT's online courses are going to end you at a burger joint. You're so fucking uninformed it's amazing. Why don't you make an effort to learn about something before shooting your mouth off?

3 hours later 426009094 Anonymous
>>426007989 >implying a tyrannical Govt would care about costs more than stomping out a revolution

3 hours later 426009154 Anonymous
>>426008990 and? Exactly what are you going to do to stop them?

3 hours later 426009214 Anonymous
>>426008343 I see that you're SO fucking stupid I have to spell everything out for you. PUBLIC LIBRARIES IN AMERICA TEND TO HAVE INTERNET AND COMPUTERS OPEN. In addition, libraries should provide all the education you'll need.

3 hours later 426009223 Anonymous
>>426008734 The Finns had virtually no tanks (only used captured ones) in the Winter or Continuation war. And yet, they still beat them back with just small arms and tactics, which the Soviet forces lacked in. >throw Molotov cocktail on engine air intake >tank looses power >crew is sitting in a virtually defenseless deathtrap

3 hours later 426009354 Anonymous
>>426009036 >>mfw I've had 2 full time internships at internet startups >>mfw getting educated in high school >>>> working some stupid job >>mfw building a foundation of education is key to success, and working day jobs is not This is why you idiots are poor.

3 hours later 426009356 Anonymous
>>426009094 >implying costs isn't the exact reason why the British stopped fighting us

3 hours later 426009357 Anonymous
>>426008807 >Implying fighting a war in a foreign country that is trained in guerrilla warfare is comparable to fighting a revolution on your own soil. America IS doing great in Afghanistan when you strip out the content of cultural impact and foreign proxy wars with Iran.

3 hours later 426009448 Anonymous
>>426008896 >>hurr your view is wrong because I say so >>hurr I can't have what you're working for, so what you're working for is stupid and you'll be miserable

3 hours later 426009450 Anonymous
>>426009053 >http://www.cbpp.org/cms/index.cfm?fa=view&id=3505 try not to move the goal posts here >http://www.ocwconsortium.org/ >Why don't you make an effort to learn about something before shooting your mouth off? Sure chief, start by telling me who's going to hire someone who solely took those courses? ProTip: College degrees are relevant for employment.

3 hours later 426009457 Anonymous
>>426009214 The internet there is censored in lots of times AND YOU STILL PAY FOR IT WITH YOUR TAXES.

3 hours later 426009580 Anonymous
>>426009354 sounds like you just repeated a bunch of bullshit you seen on the internet and are trying to pass it off as your own. Oh and you are still in highschool too. go back to playing cawadoody kid.

3 hours later 426009594 Anonymous
>>425987042 The two words have always been synonymous, check a thesaurus if you don't believe me. Tardfag.

3 hours later 426009649 Anonymous
>>426009041 Straw man. small arms arent useless in a war but think about what a war is. War is armed conflict between 2 or more countries. 2 or more countries that are similarly outfitted with modern tech. Now strip 1 side of ALL modern equipment, give them only small arms and tell me how the war goes.

3 hours later 426009671 Anonymous
>>426008990 Yeah... because rich people amass billions by not fucking over the poor and middle class Fuck You

3 hours later 426009714 Anonymous (ljQvcnRS1eBmdtzLttZmFA.jpg 600x528 95kB)
>>426009357 >trained in guerrilla warfare is comparable to fighting a revolution on your own soil. >guerrilla warfare is comparable to fighting a revolution >guerrilla warfare >fighting a revolution You should pick-up a history book, or take some alleged free online course that teaches it.

3 hours later 426009790 Anonymous
>>426009450 You're only demonstrating your ignorance. Anyone intelligent would take these classes in HIGH SCHOOL such that they can take AP tests, SAT II's, and top their classes. After getting IN to college using these courses (and if used well, you can EASILY get into a decent college, I have friends in shit public schools who got into Stanford/Harvard by studying online) THEN you have an opportunity to succeed. And your idiotic comment about moving goalposts...I was refuting your "hurr durr you haven't heard of taxes" argument, not rerationalizing one of mine. You don't even understand basic logic terminology.

3 hours later 426009832 Anonymous
>>426009457 >>implying MIT's online courses are going to be censored K

3 hours later 426009915 Anonymous (1343580433371.jpg 743x1008 133kB)
>>426009649 > tell me how the war goes. Or you can just like, you know, turn on a television.

3 hours later 426009919 Anonymous
>>426009356 >implying costs isn't the exact reason why the British stopped fighting us 1. The British weren't fighting on their own soil 2. The British did not have a 21st century military. There were no jets or bombers. They did not possess a technological advantage.

3 hours later 426009935 Anonymous
>>426009580 I can see from your excellent grammar and control of basic syntax that you must have had an excellent education and are eminently qualified to tell me how to live my life.

3 hours later 426010051 Anonymous
>anyone who makes less than $250,000 a year That would mean no public sector unions. LOL!

3 hours later 426010094 Anonymous
>>426009790 >After getting IN to college using these courses ah, there we go. Do your feet get tired from all this back-peddling? special pleading: "You moved the goalposts or made up an exception when your claim was shown to be false."

3 hours later 426010131 Anonymous
>>425988105 Please, either stop watching Fox News. Or, watch some other news programs as well.

3 hours later 426010179 Anonymous
>>426009714 You should learn 2 compare variables and stop dumbing down the convo to fit your narrative.

3 hours later 426010216 Anonymous
>>426009919 > They did not possess a technological advantage Confirmed for knowing nothing about the revolutionary war or the technology they used.

3 hours later 426010492 Anonymous
>>426008478 >5ruUpJLZ Hey 5ruUpJLZ, your lack of reply to my previous post is enough concession of your defeat for me. Thanks for the minor mental debate, I'm going to bed.

3 hours later 426010496 Anonymous
>>426009915 You're implying we need protection from a tyrannical Govt, but then using the example from a war with a non-tyrannical US govt. The two don't correlate. Why? B/c if the US was tyrannical, they'd just fucking mustard gas the whole area like Saddam did the Kurds

3 hours later 426010554 Anonymous
>>426009919 Alright, now you're just being fucking stupid. England was a world superpower and vastly out-teched the colonies. You're fucking stupid.

3 hours later 426010579 Anonymous
>>426010094 How the fuck am I moving goalposts, you stupid faggot? ME: education is free online YOU: hurr diurr internet ain't free ME: public libraries (which have internet) are free YOU: hurr durr public libraries aren't internet hurr ME: ...yes they are YOU: hurr durr well the onlien edukations suck ME: Yeah, MIT sucks YOU: hurr moving goalposts durr also you is need to go to college ME: Yes, these courses will get you into college. I have friends who have done exactly that YOU: hurr I have no argument hurr uh quick oh yeah you is moving goalposts again see I is so edukated aboot lojikal fallasies

3 hours later 426010597 Anonymous (WkUkXbqffYZ33y735Z3j-A.jpg 700x467 120kB)
>>426010179 >dumbing down the convo It was your complete fucking statement. What's to compare? How every fucking revolution used gorilla tactics since Sun Tzu's best seller?

3 hours later 426010694 Anonymous
>>426010216 Cool, be pedantic if you need to win your point but we both know we're not talking about anything remotely close to the tech advantage a modern military has.

3 hours later 426010748 Anonymous
>>426001630 This.

3 hours later 426010881 Anonymous
>>426010496 >You're implying we need protection from a tyrannical Govt No, it was a direct and concise response to: "small arms arent useless in a war but think about what a war is. War is armed conflict between 2 or more countries. 2 or more countries that are similarly outfitted with modern tech. Now strip 1 side of ALL modern equipment, give them only small arms and tell me how the war goes."

3 hours later 426010903 Anonymous
Don't worry assholes... China has 1000 nukes with USA written clearly all over them bitches. The war with Iran is a gateway to full blown global nuclear war. Iran and China are more allies then you know or any media will tell you.

3 hours later 426010929 Anonymous
>>426010554 >England was a world superpower and vastly out-teched the colonies lol what do you consider 'vastly out-teched'? Lets hear this... BTW if you're trying to make the point that the Brit's 'vast tech' had a substantial impact, then you're basically arguing my point for me x100000

3 hours later 426010984 Anonymous
>>426009671 Be sure to call up a rich person everyday and let them know that. But try to be a little less butt-hurt, nobody likes a whiny asshole.

3 hours later 426011080 Anonymous
>>426010694 What's there to know? You have stated no actual facts other than overgeneralizing the revolutionary war. Make your point.

3 hours later 426011216 Anonymous
>>426008478 >Implying that people would submit simply b/c they don't have small arms. If people were controlled, they would rebel. Rebel to the point that either they would take over military installations or die. Your point assumes people would just act like cattle without a gun flies in the face of human history.

3 hours later 426011376 Anonymous
>>426010554 The USA was a world super power, and the Viet Namese kicked their ass So sorry, but technology doesn't decide wars

3 hours later 426011442 Anonymous
>>426010929 military formation and tactics, training, more reliable muskets with pre-packaged rounds, a fucking navy, etc. You seriously think people allowed themselves to be ruled under the crown out of courtesy?

3 hours later 426011525 Anonymous (fuckingStoned.png 450x338 143kB)

3 hours later 426011560 Anonymous
>>426011080 You're right, i'm simplifying the tech difference in the revolutionary war because it is literally NOTHING compared to the tech difference between the US military and the US citizen. You are the one who keeps comparing them and I keep telling you they're not similar. The fact that there was no type of air attack at that point is game over for the comparisons.

3 hours later 426011760 Anonymous
>>426011376 We've been over that one, going back to.... >>425999338 Vietnam was a foreign war in a dense jungle that completely nullified our tech advantage while fighting a proxy war with Russia

3 hours later 426012124 Anonymous
>>426011760 and the revolutionary war was a war fought in dense New England forests that completely nullified the British tech advantage, while fighting a proxy war with the French What... you thought that the French Revolution and the US Revolution aren't tied together?

3 hours later 426012126 Anonymous
>>426011560 No, not really. You responded to my initial post when I said that the military always out-teched civilians. Then you kept derping about the revolutionary war and how the US is currently unstoppable because of technology. Most sovereign states that went into war relying solely on technology failed miserably. Nazi Germany Vs fuckall Russia Vs Afghanistan, America Vs Vietnam, Greece Vs Persia, Romans VS Goths etc, etc,

3 hours later 426012264 Anonymous
>>426011442 None of those are even remotely on the scale of what we're talking about now. MAYBE the Navy, but the Navy's advantage was blunted by the fact that this was a land war NOTHING you mentioned was remotely on the scale of mustard/nerve gas, tanks, jets, bombers, artillery, rockets, helicopters, etc. Fuck, send 1 bomber back to those days and all the army would have to do is camp the airport while the bomber kills the entire British military. It'd be like playing CIV

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