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2012-09-19 03:43 425955457 Anonymous (Freshman.jpg 405x223 70kB)
Hey /b/ I am bored so I am going to tell you my story. It is full of heartache and overcoming shit. Also I figure maybe someday I will look back on this text document and remember how I felt, and maybe my girlfriend will want to read it to know more about me. Maybe some will find it inspiring, some will think I am a bitch, some won't care, some will proably hate me, even some might find it arousing, and of course some will think I am outright lying. I promise you there will be no belair, dinosaurs, or anything like that in this story, I am not suicidal I am happy with my life. All the names will be changed to protect their identities. I got the idea to do this because I worked at a mill where I stood in one place and pushed wood into a machine, super monotonous, so to entertain myself I told my story of relationships in my head. This is that story. It starts when I was 15. sorry if it seems a little off, it has been about 5 years. >Be 15 >moved to large town from a small town where there were 45 kids in my entire class. >First time in big school, saw two attractive girls when I first walked in >amazed by this considering in my old town there were maybe 3 attractive girls there.

0 min later 425955606 Anonymous (1344829772286.jpg 450x600 40kB)
Part 1: Getting Friendzoned (October 2007-March 2008) >I wore glasses and was super awkward >I always had low standards for girls at that time because I had never dated anyone >In my english class there was a new girl, newer than I was >she was probably about a 6/10 she wore glasses but it looked awkward, I will call her Shannon >I figured "Hey she wears glasses. I wear glasses, maybe..." >She sits in front of me and I make conversation >She likes Avenged Sevenfold, and Bullet for my Valentine >so do I, instant connection >We talk for a long time over the next couple weeks. >her mom would always pick her up from school. >First time her mom didn't pick her up she rode my bus. >We talked all the way back and it turns out she lived right up the hill from me >She asked if I wanted to come hang out, I immediately said yes >we went to her house and played Guitar Hero 3(this was back in the GH3 era) >I kicked ass on expert guitar and she kept up on expert >still the best girl at a music game I have ever seen. >we were both so much alike >didn't make a move that day, no time she had homework to do. >She was always grounded because of her terrible grades.

1 min later 425955745 Anonymous (1_6.jpg 480x609 31kB)
>a couple weeks passed of hanging out a little and talking on the bus and in class a lot >her mom finds out I was a wizard at math and asks if I will help shannon >Perfect in to hang out when she is grounded and no one else can >help her with homework and usually we went on walks and talked >One conversation I remember is when she brought up being a virgin >I don't remember how the conversation of sex came up but it did and we talked about it. >She brought up how it is ridiculous that people say girls don't masturbate >she says girls do it just as much as guys and girls think about sex just as much >I agreed and wanted to talk more but we had just gotten back from a walk and that is the non homework time. >Goes on for a couple weeks, find out she is dating some stoner. >she admits that he is dumb and brainless but stays with him >so much confusion, I thought for sure she was into me >She still hangs out with me much more. Her boyfriend gets jealous leading to them breaking up >This happens a few more times with her dating guys, I don't date anyone because, well I was a little bitch then. >she talks about how I guy fingered her once she said it was fun >>green with jealous rage >act cool and ask about it >she said he licked his fingers and said "delicious" and she found that really weird >I thought it was kind of weird at the time as well. >We talked til like 9 that night. Later than most nights. >Talk to my friend and he insists to ask her if she is into me. >he asks and it is super obvious that she thinks I basically asked >she said to him "I value his friendship too much to lose him." >Hits me like a shit ton of bricks

3 min later 425956021 Anonymous (1_7.jpg 480x609 32kB)
Part 2: Actual Relationship (March 2008-April-2008) >So I decide to go after other girls. >one girl comes up to me, I cannot remember how it happened, it still bugs me I don't remember this, my memory is usually great >we end up dating, I will call he Cati >According to Shannon Cati was kind of a whore, I didn't think so. >it was freshman year and she had been with one guy, not a whore IMO >Thought "maybe I will get laid" >Start dating her, we were sitting on the hill throwing rocks across the street. >she keeps looking at me >can't make move. too beta. >she leans in and kisses me on the cheek. >I know it is time now, so I lean in and kiss her and we made out for quite a while. >then we went back to my house and made out in my room. it was quite fun. >she had to go home and I felt blissful >it was my first real kiss and it was really nice. >Next day we hang out again and make out in my room, she gets on top and rubs against me while making out. >I unbutton her shirt and grab her boobs through her braw. >first time feeling boobs, super boner. >got interrupted by my brother who just wouldn't go away for some reason >day ruined

3 min later 425956132 Anonymous
Go on...

4 min later 425956181 Anonymous (1_12.jpg 640x445 29kB)
Going to warn you if you get into this it is 54 pages on word and it is 17,700 words >this goes on for I think about 3 weeks. >she gets me to say "I love you" over yahoo chat. I obviously didn't mean it I just figured that is what you do if she said it. >a week later she says we need to talk >apparently I said too much about what her and I did to Shannon >Shannon was my friend at the time and I told her a lot, only friend there >Shannon mentioned what Cati and I did to Cati and apparently I broke her trust >She said we couldn't be together because of that. >Cried for about 10 minutes and said, "fuck this I am just going to be done with it." >First real relationship over. 1 month, I set a trend that day that would follow me for years to come.

4 min later 425956321 Anonymous (003.jpg 240x400 15kB)
Part 3: Still Friendzoned (April-June) >Decide that I still want Shannon. >Not going to say anything because she doesn't want me that way >I still hung out with her and we even cuddle at that point >Our parents were good friends >one night we stayed there late and hung out talking and playing the american Idol game >Shannon was in chior, I cannot sing at all. >still had a blast. >at the same time I was into this other girl but she was taken. >I will call her Rene. >Rene was quiet and nice, but she was with this guy who seemed to be controlling but at the same time very passive in everything else >we talk all the time and I know she is into me but I would not cross that line of going after a taken girl >I hadn't changed my morals at that point taken, even unhappily was still unchartable territory to me >Talk to her a lot on Yahoo Messanger just waiting for her and her boyfriend to break up. >Little did I know that wouldn't happen til a year and a half later >Freshman trip to waterslides for the end of the year >hangout with Rene and Brittany >Rene has to go a day without texting her Boyfriend, it seems to kill her >Brittany was very small and blonde but she had boobs, kind of >she was probably a 7/10 at best. >She was nice during the trip >Rene was also nice >The trip was awesome, the waterslides were great and rene and brittany looked pretty good in bathing suits. >On our way back rene ends up falling asleep on my shoulder. >felt so wrong and right at the same time. >Brittany seemed to be into me as well. >it was a good trip >Thought I would talk to rene a lot after and hangout with her more but that didn't happen >Kind of sad but that would not be the end of me and Rene, it was just the beginning.

4 min later 425956324 Anonymous
Same thing was posted last night. Are you going to finish this time OP?

6 min later 425956615 Anonymous (06-16.jpg 750x1000 78kB)
>>425956324 Yes I am, I finished writing it. >I added Brittany on Mypsace, Yeah it was the cool thing then. >We talked a lot and I said she should come hang out >We decided to hang out. >I picked her up at about 9 in the morning >We hung out all day, we walked and talked about everything >we seemed to be able to talk endlessly but we had nothing in common. >by the end of the day I wanted her and she wanted me. >We were hanging out outside on the wood steps outside my house >She was cold and asked if I could warm her so I put my arms around her. >It wasn't long before I looked into her eyes and asked her if she wanted to be with me. >She said yes. >instant happiness. Felt awesome, I found a nice short blonde girl. >exactly what I wanted at the time >She posted a status on Myspace how she had the best day and I made her so happy. >It was great. Reading that made me feel so good. I like making people happy. >We hung out the next day and she brought her friend Shayna. >Shayna was the stereotypical emo type of that time >She dressed dark with dark makeup and black straightened hair >then she was about a 6/10 >she had a nice body buy an awkward face

6 min later 425956718 Anonymous
>Shayna and I had so much in common, same music same interests and Shayna didn't love disney channel stars or the jonas brothers like brittany did. >I immediately felt like I picked the wrong girl >I had been dating brittany for 2 weeks at the time, too late for change at that time. >I stayed with brittany, but Shayna was always there to cockblock me >I never got the chance to kiss brittany, Shayna was always, always there. >Eventually the lack of anything tore at both of us and she broke up with me over Myspace (almost accidentally said facebook.) >I dated her for 1 month. >kind of hurt but I was over her by week 2

7 min later 425956758 Anonymous (222.jpg 680x1024 394kB)
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8 min later 425956980 Anonymous (06-18.jpg 1000x750 70kB)
Part 5: again? Yes again... (july-august) >So Brittany broke up with me, I had still been talking with shannon the wholte time >just as a friend at that time >she had to visit family somewhere >I told her to come visit me before she left >She was leaving at 5 in the morning I didn't care >Set an alarm and waited up >she never showed up. >Feel when forgotten >I planned on giving her a goodbye kiss and finally making my move >didn't get the chance >Sad, she was hundreds of miles away and I couldn't talk to her >Be 3rd of july >Brittany is having a going away party for one of my good friends at the time >Can't not go, he was awesome >play guitar hero Aerosmith, I think it was Aerosmith >played "Love in an Elevator." That is still his song to this day he danced in front of me and I still FC'd it. >Had to see brittany, awkward at first but not after a bit >friend had to take off after a while >still stayed to hang out with brittany and a few other friends. >Turned overnight walked around with brittany and one other friend. >Brittany and I end up being close to help the friend through stuff >Brittany and I start talking about us >we start dating again for one last try

8 min later 425957018 Anonymous
>>425956324 moar

9 min later 425957107 Anonymous (06-50.jpg 420x560 59kB)
>both stay overnight at friends place >everyone sleeps on a trampoline >we cuddle but still nothing else happens >one couple had sex on the trampoline right next to us >stay up and get picked up at the school with brittany at 6 A.M. >We both went to my hometown for 4th of july, the last one I would see in that town >always had the best fireworks show >Be retarded and still didn't kiss her under the fireworks >Weeks pass and she always is with Shayna still and always talks about zac efron and the jonas brothers. >Get tired of it. >Check be at a friends house for a week. >great week, good friends, still talk to him to this day. I will call him Ryan, because he will be referred to many times. >Get a message on myspace >NO SUBJECT: Brittany >She broke up with me over Myspace again. >Instant relief that I didn't have to do it >go play pool with my other friend who stayed at Ryan's with me.

9 min later 425957250 Anonymous (06-74.jpg 420x560 57kB)
Part 6: A real let down (August) >After I leave Ryan's my friend Chris needed a place to stay >Chris was dating a girl named Liz. >They were bad for each other but they both tried to make it work >when she broke up with him he was histerical. >I had to deal with it. He eventually after that moved back in with his grandparents after my parents kicked him out. >Get a Truth Box thing on myspace, it was an app where you could anoymously tell people things. >I usually got comments from shannon's boyfriends saying "Fag" and such but it was too obvious. >I got a truth box message that said this. "Anon I have never told you tyis before but I have real feelings for you and want to be with you." >I immediately knew it was shannon and couldn't wait for her to get back. >She got back and she jumped and wrapped her legs around me and hugged me >she told me of her trip and then she said >"hey you know that truth box message? I sent it and I don't know what I was thinking, I just had pictures of us up on the walls and I missed you so much, but I know we have to just be friends to never mess that up." >I was shattered. It was the biggest let down I have had up until that point in my life. >I still didn't give up, now I knew she wanted me so I just had to make my move. >2 days later her mom calls me and says she has gone missing >She used my phone to call some guy that day on the bus and said party things >Call the number the kid tries to get ahold of her. >she was definitely there but no one knew where >I told her mom and she just waited >I find out she lost her virginity at that party and it was apparently awful >she stayed with the guy anyway. he was going into senior year and she was going into sophomore year. >After learning that I decided that Shannon wasn't worth my time anymore and I stopped talking to her, for quite a while.

10 min later 425957396 Anonymous (06-75.jpg 420x560 54kB)
Is it just me or are captchas way fucking harder since this remove verification thing? Part 7: A Real Relationship (Aug-Oct) >School started and my friend was wanted to own an emo freshman, shannon was supposed to get him one. >she grabbed some random girl and pushed her towards him >she said "Here is your emo freshman" >the girl seemed very timid and awkward and ran off >I saw her talking to her friend about it later and laughed. >Never thought I would see her agian, Boy was I wrong. Her name in this will be Sarah, and we will get back to her. >Anyway >I was on Myspace in the middle of August and I get a message from Liz >She asked if I had anyway to get a hold of Chris >I told her no. >She said okay then we started talking >We had a lot in common >We see each other at school every once in a while but didn't talk in person much >One day I ask if she wants to hang out and she came over >we walked all around and she had to go early because of her grandmother >I walked her almost all the way there, we found these sales tags and kept them for some reason >She still has hers. I lost mine a long time ago. >a week later we hangout after school in the middle of september. >She comes over and we walk around all night. >walk the hills around my house talking about everything >She fell in a ditch because it was almost pitch black I pulled her out >I said "You know that wouldn't have happened if I were holding your hand." >She said "Oh really? Well maybe we should prevent it from happening again." >I grabbed her hand and just like that we were together. >When she had to go home I would get on the phone and call her >we would talk all night and the phone would burn my ear. >This was the strongest I had ever felt for anyone at that time.

11 min later 425957532 Anonymous (06-84.jpg 420x560 57kB)
>We the next friday we hung out. >We walked a mile down to albertsons and watch a lightning storm >We were laying down in the grass I kept staring in her eyes. >I was waiting for the perfect moment, I was almost ready to kiss her and then I got a phone call >My mom said to come back to the house because it was dangerous out there >We walked back and took the long way. >We stopped at this place we called the "Satan Club" it was a tennis and swimming club where the pools and courts still had papers from months before. >We then walked back through the hills. >We got back and I asked if I could stay outside and hangout >my mom reluctantly agrees >We sit out on the brick mail box >I can feel my stomach turning out of nervousness >Look her in the eyes and just go for it. >First time I have ever made the first move on anyone >We made out for the next hour on top of that mailbox >It was the most fun experience I had had with a girl up to that point. >it was a lot of long kisses in the nice cool night. >eventually she had to go home. >That was 4 years ago today, maybe yesterday. >That night I masturbated and it was a ton of buildup from that day. >it was crazy

12 min later 425957685 Anonymous (09-8.jpg 1000x750 121kB)
>during the next week we hung out almost every day and made out a lot >she called it sexy time even though we never got any farther than making out. >We had this joke that I never get sick because one time she was quite sick and I didn't care because I wanted to make out. >We were on top of the parking garage in the town we lived in looking at everything >I eventually got her to kiss me and I didn't get sick. >another week went by and I was talking to her on the phone and I decided to say words that fuck things up >I told her I loved her. Bad Idea, it was only 3 weeks in. >she got scared and said that always ruins things. >Luckily she was so tired she forgot I said it. >the next week was homecoming, we decided not to go because school dances suck.

13 min later 425957918 Anonymous (09-18.jpg 1000x750 55kB)
Part 8: First real heartache (October) >I wanted to stay out around the school and go to this couch in an alley and make out >Her friends made her go to homecoming so I had to. >We went and she ignored me almost the whole time. I knew something was wrong then >I went and played rock band because it was on display at the homecoming dance. it was awesome and it took my mind off of things. >I couldn't find her because she was going around the dance talking to so many people. >she wouldn't kiss me or hold hands with me when she was around >A random guy walks up and says "I am sorry man, you know what is going to happen." >first thought was who the fuck is that guy? and second I thought shit, yep he is right. >find liz and demand she tell me what is going on and she says we can't be together anymore. It hurt a lot. >It was my first real heartbreak. >I left the dance that night walked to the market and started kicking things >then I decided I couldn't turn my sadness into anger it couldn't be productive. >I then became sad, bought a mountain dew and sat outside the dance. >I sat there and my friends that I saw tried to comfort me but I didn't want to talk >On the ride home I lost it when sweet child o mine played by guns n roses >I don't know why, there was no significance to that song and the relationship but it just did it >I woke up that night at about 5 A.M. >Check Myspace on the Wii browser. >Get a message from liz >"I made the biggest mistake last night, please call me tomorrow."

14 min later 425957997 Anonymous
>>425957685 Where you goffik?

14 min later 425958113 Anonymous
>>425955457 post some pics of the bitches.

15 min later 425958152 Anonymous
OP is faggot

15 min later 425958204 Anonymous (01l.jpg 480x640 61kB)
bump for story time

15 min later 425958295 Anonymous (09-31.jpg 1000x750 62kB)
I have no nudes. I might post pics when it is done when I have time to get them and make sure you can't use tineye or google reverse seach to find them >Instantly hopeful. >The next day I called her and we talked a lot and she explained how she went to another guy to talk to right after she broke up with me >and he left to find some other girl >Thought she deserved it. >Didn't say anything >Now she is stuck to decide between me and him >I spend the next weeks trying to convince her to be with me. I invited her to my birthday party > She came and stayed over with several other people. >Tried to talk to her about being together but never got the chance >she didn't seem too into me at the time >start to get sad, even with all my friends there >fit 14 friends into one small room to sleep >end up cuddling with liz. >wake up and she acted like nothing happened >get really sad and decide that I should just let her go. >turns out her mistake was getting into drugs that night >She goes on a downward spiral. I didn't talk with her much until almost two years later but it wasn't the end of that.

16 min later 425958469 Anonymous
I'm hooked, please continue op.

17 min later 425958560 Anonymous (09-42.jpg 749x1000 103kB)
Part 9: Parties? Parties! (Oct-Nov) >I decided I needed to get back out there. >Start throwing parties to meet girls >Small parties 5 or 6 people at a time >First party, girl doesn't date people anymore because of one bad experience. so that didn't work >next party I invited a girl over, We'll call her Ana. >She came over and was going to stay over >my parents decided to throw a fit because I had a girl over. >I had girls stay the nigt before and it was fine. strange >Another friend comes over and says "Hey my place is open and my mom is cool." I think he meant Crazy >We all went over there and hang out. >Ana and I end up sleeping on the same couch, heads on opposite sides >I decide "fuck can't do this without something to show." >Lean up and say "Hey, Would you want to date me?" she mumbled "no" >I was disappointed and decided to play it off like nothing happened. >next day my mexican friend and I walked her home early in the morning >she didn't remember anything

17 min later 425958673 Anonymous
if this ends in a meme i will actually bite my dick off

18 min later 425958739 Anonymous (emo-2.jpg 1000x750 74kB)
Pic related. Looks a lot, I mean a lot like Sarah. >it was good. >The same night she came to the next party and when we were walking around Ryan showed up >He was just out of a long 2 year relationship and still getting over it >Ana seemed into him immediately. >kind of felt dumb introducing them but I had to. >They started dating and they are still dating to this day. Very off and on though. >Some random girl I talked to twice yelled at me from a car and said "hey guys whats up?" >she stopped and we all talked and I said she should come hang out. She said she was busy and maybe next time. >Walk back to burger king >Next day I see that girl outside of school and invite her to a party, she says only if my friend can come, I say okay it will be fun >Party at the friends house who had the crazy mom >Seeing her and her friend talk I realize that it was Sarah, the girl who was thrown at my friend. >Laugh inside about it.

18 min later 425958847 Anonymous
>>425958673 I swear it will not.

19 min later 425958992 Anonymous (emo-3.jpg 1000x750 78kB)
Part 10: First love (November 2008-January 2010) >Sarah and I talked a lot and played Guitar Hero 3. >That was just was I did back then, I was addicted to that game, I could almost 5 star TTFAF on Expert. >We end up having a great time watching TV and hanging out. >I think Liz was there but I don't remember her really doing anything, she was just in one of the pictures I saw. >Sarah wanted to stay the night but her friend was being a bitch >They left and We all decided to walk them home >Sarah was tired and asked for a piggy back ride so I gave her one. >After a bit she got off and then she grabbed my hand >Immediately I noticed an "oops" look then she looked kind of scared >I pulled her in close and asked if she would want to be with me. >she said yes. She said she got so nervous that I would have been offended and she said she didn't know what came over her just just did it >I decided it was finally time for me to stop being a bitch about things and kiss her the first night. >We started by making out while walking >it was really difficult but totally worth it at the time >we end up getting to the school by where her friend lives but she didn't want to go yet so we stood on the steps and talked >She asked me if I was a virgin, I said yes. >She said "Well not for long with me." and then smiled really wide. >I got pretty excited after that. >We made out some more and she said it had been about 2 months since she has had sex >She had been with 3 guys before me. >Didn't care.

20 min later 425959127 Anonymous (emo-5.jpg 750x1000 75kB)
>walked her the rest of the way home gave her a kiss last night and walked back. >The next morning, I woke up to my friend letting out the longest fart. >He woke up to it as well >one of the funniest ways I have ever woken up >We went to get Sarah and her friend and we all hung out that day. >My mom called and said that I need to come back and help move, I get everyone to go >We all help and clean, that is the day I learned to never mixed ammonia and bleach >no one did it but I was just told not to and learned why not to. >lots of cleaning >We go see the new house and Sarah looks in the huge bathtub and says "I can't wait to have sex in that." >We never got to. But eventually I did get to, more on that later >We all hung out on my bed in my new room. >eventually we went back to my friend's >Learn his mom is crazy that night >His mom pulled a prank on me and made me sit on a water balloon. >Get to wear P.E. Shorts. >She pulls the same prank to Sarah she had to wear short shorts. turns out it was a blessing in disguise.

20 min later 425959258 Anonymous (emo-6.jpg 1000x750 79kB)
>That night we made out a lot after everyone went to bed >After a while I started moving my hands around her, and I grabbed her breasts under her shirt. >Pinching her nipples, turns out this is one of her huge turn ons. >She moved my hand on over her shorts. >That was the first night I had ever felt a womans pubic area. It was amazing >At that time I was beyond excited. >I started rubbing and she grabbed my hand and put it up her short leg and gestured for me to start fingering her and she stuck her hand down my pants. >we did this for a couple hours >after a while it seems she couldn't take it anymore. >she pulled off her shorts so they were only on one leg >jumped on top of me propped up and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it around the lips of her pussy >we were about to start having sex and then >BAM alarm clock going off at 5:30 AM (ironically one just went off, roommate is going to work) >No one gets up... >Quite annoying, scared the shit out of us >About 20 mins later I try to start again by fingering her and she says there is no way she could get turned on again after that >so we both just go to sleep, it was 6 anyway.

21 min later 425959371 Anonymous (emo-7.jpg 1000x750 74kB)
>A week goes by, that Friday I go to see her school play >After that I ask if I can go hang out with sarah for a while >it was already 8:30 but my mom said yes >that night we watched her favorite movie, Juno >Well, we watched half of it and started making out for the second half >it escalated quickly and before long she was on top of me putting it in >it was amazing, so warm, soft and wet. Much better than anything else at that point. Since she was doing the work I was able to last about 30 mins, it was nice. >after that the movie was over and we just sat and talked and she kept talking about how she took my V-Card, a term I had never heard before. >The Juno menu had been going on for a while now because the movie ended. >We started making out again and she asked if I could get it up again and I said, it already is. >She got on top and as about to put it in when her mom knocked and then opened the door right after she jumped off and covered up. >Her mom didn't see and it was about midnight thirty and she said it was time for me to go. >So she drove me home. >Before I went to bed I got a call from Sarah >Her and her mom got in a fight and her mom left her half a mile down the road >I told her just to come over and I would meet her halfway >but before I could get dressed her mom already turned around and picked her up. >the weeks went by with a lot of sex and hanging out everyday >blissful infatuation for weeks. >one day after about a month we were laying on my couch and she looks into my eyes and says "What would you do if I said I loved you?" >I looked at her and gave mt most honest answer, I said "I would say I have never felt so strongly about anyone else so i will say it back." >Then she said it and I said it back >it felt awesome

22 min later 425959438 Anonymous
>>425957918 >>425957918 >>425957918 >>425957685 >>425957918 >>425957685 >>425957918 >>425957685 >>425955457 >>425955606 >>425955745 anon you are the biggest faggot I have ever seen. please become an hero.

22 min later 425959520 Anonymous (1143618150.png 684x390 404kB)
What do you think of my cock OP

22 min later 425959586 Anonymous (emo-11.jpg 1000x750 79kB)
>>425959438 Life is too good, Just wait, or leave, doesn't matter. >We had a great relationship for quite a while. A lot of intense sex and a lot of good times. >The first time we ever got to sleep next to each other (not counting the first night) was on valentines day of 2009 >we went to the coast to go camping and it was freezing >we slept in a yert or something like that >The wind scared her at night so she was right up next to me the whole night. It was on the coast so it was intense wind >it sounded like a storm >waking up in the morning and seeing her face felt so right at the time. >That is when I knew I loved her >We stayed there for 2 nights and after that I was allowed to stay over at her house. >The relationship continued to get better and better, we never argued about anything >On july 4th we went to see an awesome concert, it was my friends band playing, Elenora, and they were playing with Broadway, Burden of a Day, In Fear and Faith and Emarosa >it was an amazing concert. >I think she felt kind of left out though because I went to the front for a couple bands and she had a hurt leg so she had to sit to the side. >The next major thing to happen was when I went to disneyland not too long after. >It was a week and a half trip, it would be the longest we had been apart >Saying bye was difficult but I knew it wouldn't feel like that long. >On the trip there I got a text from a number that was familiar but I didn't have it saved it said "What would you say if I told you I loved you?" >It took me a while to remember who it was but then I figured it out

24 min later 425959868 Anonymous (emo-12.jpg 1000x750 80kB)
>>425959520 It looks like a pretty nice Cock. >It was Liz, I hadn't spoken to her in about 9 or so months. >I don't know what compelled her to send that or even talk to me. >She knew I was dating Sarah and she knew I had been for a long time >I told her "I would say that it is too late and you missed your chance, you should have beem there when I needed you." >She then said "I figured you'd say that, just forget I ever asked." >I told her I couldn't do that and then didn't talk to her for a long time. >By the end of that I was about halfway to Disneyland, I had never been there before and I was going with my cousins >It was an amazing trip, Disneyland is awesome no matter how old you are, if you haven't been there you should go sometime. It is worth the money. >On the way back we stopped at my cousins uncle's house, one I am not related to. >those nights were really hard because I was bored and I missed Sarah a lot. >Also the house had no AC and it was fucking hot.

25 min later 425960027 Anonymous (emo-13.jpg 1000x750 69kB)
I texted to her all night until I passed out >Once I got back from Disneyland I went straight to her house. >not long after that Sarah had to go to Iceland to see family. This I knew was going to be really hard. A week and a half is one thing but she was going to be gone for a whole month >We hung out every day leading to the day she left and when she left I went to my hometown to see old friends and play games and distract myself. >I found out about Bust-a-Move that night, awesome game, I stayed up waiting for a text that Sarah's plane landed safely. I never got a text. I stayed up playing until 7:30 in the morning when I finally passed out. I was so worried all night and the next 2 days. >I talked to her on myspace the day before and she said she was riding first class there and she should arrive after 18 hours. >another entire day passed and no message or text I was starting to get really worried. I couldn't sleep that night

26 min later 425960231 Anonymous (myspace.gif 601x337 14kB)
>The next day I go to check myspace and I get this message. This is a direct quote just got the message from myspace >"finally!!! I..ve been out in the country at my cousins summer house...this keyboard isnt much differet american keyboards...my grandma just came over and almost read my message...i shooed her away though lol. I love you and miss you soooo much...i have so much to tell you! I bought you a postcard with a cow licking the inside of it..s nose...i..m going to send it in an envolope with shannons...i already wrote on it so i..ll probably tell you everything by the time you get it...i went rafting yesterday and horseback riding the day before...it was so much fun...i love you and miss you soooooooooo much...i try really hard not to cry =(." >I was so happy to get it, her grandma couldn't see that she was dating >her grandma was really strict >about a month after she left she got really horny one night and I told her to go masturbate because it was building up too much >she said it has never worked for her >I told her if she sent me pictures I would help her >So she sent me a lot, and I started sexting to her to get turn her on >it took a long time but she finally got off to it. >It was a really good night, at the time I didn't think to save those images so I do not have them anymore so do not ask >She said it was the first time masturbating has ever worked for her. >I guided and directed her how to do it as well >It was an amazing night.

27 min later 425960303 Anonymous
well that descended into faggotry pretty quickly

28 min later 425960428 Anonymous (emo-15.jpg 1000x750 68kB)
>She told me how she always wanted to know how it felt to be came on >before that I just pulled out onto the bed. >she asked if there was anything I wanted to try >I wanted to try Anal but I decided to say nothing really. >after she got back we had the house to ourselves because my parents went to vegas as did my siblings, I stayed because Sarah would be back that week. >When she got back she had to stay at home because of her grandmother. >I walked there to see her. >it was like one of those scenes from a movie with the running

28 min later 425960490 Anonymous
>>425959371 nobody gives a shit about this teeny bopper shit. also why the fuck do you keep talkinga bout guitar hero?

28 min later 425960551 Anonymous (emo-16.jpg 1000x750 79kB)
>When I got there we hung out but couldn't be too close just in case her grandma came into the room, there were quite a few people there. >she then hands me her phone on photos and she had saved all the pictures of herself and told me to scroll through them >It was basically the ultimate teasing act because we couldn't do anything >later I had to go and she got her mom to drop her off. >we just had to wait for my friend to go home >once he did she jumped on me and we started making out really intensely. >oh I forgot to mention, she started her period a couple days before >awful luck >after about 3 minutes she looked at me and said, let's do it in the shower. >she said it won't be bad because the blood will just wash away. >I was like fuck yeah sounds good to me >Shower sex is always really fucking difficult. >especially if there is a large height difference which there was >It was still amazing, and at the end I pulled out and came on her breasts >The night my parents got back, they got back really late, was the night Sarah's period ended. We went to my room that night with the door closed and she said that she wanted to do all the work this time >She was really good at getting herself off. And she went at it like a machine >it went on for a while and it was really fun but the best part was at the end she said to tell me when I was about to cum so I did >she got off grabbed my dick, put her breasts by it and as I came gave me a hand job >It was amazing.

29 min later 425960718 Anonymous (emo-14.jpg 1000x750 65kB)
>After school started again she got stressed out a lot and it led to problems in the relationship >she started feeling used because she drove places because she had a car >I tried to tell her we didn't have to go anywhere with her car but she wouldn't listen. >It wasn't a big deal at first but one day she just exploded about it and we almost broke up. >After that things got better and we were coming up on being together for 1 year. >we got each other gifts, I got her a 36 pack of Rock Star and she got me an Avenged Sevenfold Jacket. >it was an amazing day but that night she decided she wasn't in the mood for sex, it really sucked because it was 1 year we should be having great sex >then before we fell asleep she looked at me and said >"what am I thinking it is our 1 year we should be having sex now." >She then got under me and we had the most intense sex I ever had with her. >She told me to finger her while I was fucking her and I played with her asshole a little which I had never done before because she was really shy about her ass >it ended the same hand job right as I finish on her boobs >the next night went about the same way. >after that we were laying there and she asked me if I wanted to try anal because I was playing with her ass >I said no because I was dumb and an idiot back then, why the fuck did I say no to that? it was what I wanted at the time, I guess I was just too embarassed, dammit. >anyway she said "oh okay." she didn't seem upset but she didn't seem relieved either. >after that things went downhill fast, we started arguing a lot and just getting irritated at really dumb things. >The sex started to get less fun and more routine. still frequent but nothing special, we couldn't do crazy positions because I would go too deep and hurt her. >I still never thought it would end

30 min later 425960809 Anonymous
ITT: OPs full fucking life story, how fascinating

31 min later 425960982 Anonymous (09-74.jpg 1000x750 118kB)
>>425960809 just relationship wise, which was a lot of my life Part 10.5: Real Heart break (Jan2010-Feb2010) >It was late January and Sarah was going to regionals for theater. >she would be gone the weekend and hanging out with her scene partner Andy >I made a joke about how they better not be staying in the same room. >andy seemed like a trust worthy guy who was in a long term relationship >In the middle Sarah calls me in tears about how they didn't make it to state and how she couldn't talk long because it was bad reception >So when she got back I was at her house to comfort her and because I was hanging out with her roommate, my friend Ana >When she got back she seemed genuinely irritated that I was there. >I wondered why >she got over it and we cuddled watched tv and did normal things >Over the next couple days we did what we would normally do >One day she said she felt sick and asked me to go home so I did >Later I get a text from my friend Ryan, who is there because he is dating Ana and it says >"Hey I don't know what is going on but Andy is here and him and Sarah are in the room with the light off." >immediately my heart starts racing I tell him to casually go through there to go to the bathroom to see what is going on >so he did

31 min later 425961030 Anonymous (fake-story.png 550x413 91kB)

32 min later 425961161 Anonymous
>>425960809 This is Bad Luck Brian gold.

33 min later 425961274 Anonymous

33 min later 425961302 Anonymous (11.37.11.jpg 900x1200 93kB)
>>425961030 It won't end that way. just wait til the end. This is all true. >He then texts me "False alarm, they're watching YouTube on top of the bed, sorry to worry you." >I was relieved but still kind of pissed he was there when I wasn't supposed to be because she was sick >I texted her the rest of the night to make sure nothing happened. and called after >Next day everything went normal I thought "What was I thinking it was Andy..." >That night she said we needed to talk about something in person and she would do it after school the next day >I was worried beyond anything else before that. >She then said don't worry I am not breaking up with you I still love you and we will be together forever, please don't worry. >I still worried but I hid it. >That next day she invited Andy over as well, I was confused because we were supposed to talk >he eventually left and I had to press it out of her to get her to talk >she talked about how she felt like we were drifting apart and all about sex. >I disagreed and she told me to name 5 things about her I liked that weren't sexual or look based >I could only name 2 or 3 because I was so scared >After that she didn't look at me and said that we were probably going to break up, she didn't know yet and said I should just go >I left her alone to think, she said she would know by the next day >The next day I see her after second period. Longest early morning of my life >She looks at me and says that we can't be together anymore, I ask her to please reconsider and she says she can't >the she said "I'll see you around?" and I said, "Yeah I guess you will..."

34 min later 425961476 Anonymous (beforeafter.jpg 600x449 180kB)
Part 10.75: A new me (Feb2010) >It was impossible to deal with then so I became numb >I couldn't feel anything, I stayed that way for about a month >It was so bad that I just didn't know what to do with myself. >I knew that she was right, our relationship had turned bad >it was all about boring routine sex and watching TV >I now know she did me the biggest favor anyone could ever do >I decided it was time for a change >I cut my hair, got contacts and started caring how I looked and how I dressed >I was marked absent by 3 teachers the next day because I looked so different. >It was the beginning of a new life and a new time, a time to be confident and make the best out of everything. On the left is me while dating Sarah, the right is a little after

34 min later 425961578 Anonymous (op is a fag.png 550x413 285kB)
>>425961302 >implying I read one word of your shit story

35 min later 425961618 Anonymous (2011-09-069519.10.20.jpg 900x1200 66kB)
*Sometime before this Sarah and Andy started dating* Part 11: Rene (march-april) >about a month after Sarah and I broke up I decided I should find another girl to date. I was nowhere near over sarah but I thought I was >Rene posted on my facebook wall shortly after the breakup asking how I have been >I check her profile, turns out she is single now and is a lot better looking thane she used to be. >I ask her for her phone number she gives it to me. >whenever we talked we were always good friends with a lot in common and I figured, hey why not try a logical take on a relationship. >eventually after talking to her for a couple weeks I picked up my old strategy and invited her to a Rock Band party >Yeah, Rock Band and Facebook. Moving up past Guitar Hero and Myspace. >She asks if she can bring Cati, her best friend, I say sure why not. >Rene was all over me that night, not sexually but just always sitting up againsts me and rubbing up against me and leaning on me >She made it pretty clear that she wanted to date. >Her and her friend end up sleeping on the same bed as one of my friends and I >Rene starts getting real close and I pull her in and we start making out >it gets pretty intense quite fast >I had wanted to make out with her for quite sometime so it was pretty awesome finally getting to. >The best part about it is she would rub her crotch up against mine really hard in the middle of making out which made it feel really sexual. >I still couldn't ask someone out in front of other people, I just felt awkward doing so >So when Cati asked if Rene and I were dating Rene said no because I hadn't asked her yet. >eventually everyone left the room and I was able to make it official. >We eventually Fell asleep. that was a really good night, first kiss since Sarah and I didn't even care it didn't go farther. It may have if Cati weren't there but oh well.

35 min later 425961660 Anonymous
Hey OP, mind emailing me the story? I can't read it now but it's interesting so far. heterpsychosis@gmail.com

35 min later 425961702 Anonymous
>>425960982 oh my god nobody gives a shit you faggot. also your parents fail at life since they don't seem to give a shit that you don't sleep at your home at night most of the time.

35 min later 425961736 Anonymous
>>425961476 Drake Bell?

35 min later 425961774 Anonymous (022409_18151.jpg 1200x960 138kB)
>>425961578 >Implying I care >Rene and I started dating that night and it was going really well, the first day of school after we went and played tennis, I had never played before, I played badmitten but tennis is pretty different >It was nice actually doing something with someone I was dating that wasn't sex or TV >My cousins girlfriend posted on my facebook wall it went something like this >"Your new girlfriend is really pretty, much better looking than the last one." >I replied and said "Yeah I guess I thought this out much more than my last relationship." >A week or so passed by of Rene and I hanging out, She showed me the show Always Sunny in Philidelphia and for that I will be forever greatful >She also let me borrow her guitar hero 2 guitar for the 360 so I could use it for rock band >She did the very cliche thing and took my sweater and always wore it, Ironically it was the avenged sevenfold one Sarah gave me, I never told Rene that though. >I checked my facebook one night and someone commented on that post my cousins girlfriend made, it had been about 2 weeks and it was buried under other posts so it was strange >It was Sarah and she said something like "You know facebook is public right?" and seemed really mad, which she had a right to be, it was kind of a dick thing to say if she could see it. >She then posted a status saying "I was stalking a persons facebook profile today when I read something that really hurt, I guess I won't do that again." >I felt bad but at the same time I felt she deserved it. I unfriended her and she still watched my profile.

36 min later 425961912 Anonymous
tldr: OP is a faggot who is beta as fuck

37 min later 425962003 Anonymous (ThisThreadAgain.jpg 460x500 43kB)

37 min later 425962128 Anonymous (022409_18291.jpg 804x643 53kB)
>>425961702 Actually my parents trusted me. So I was allowed to do what I wanted. >Things between Rene and I were going great. >one night when watching always sunny she just jumped me and started making out and being very dominant in it. She was dry humping and getting really into it. >I got to grab her breasts once, they were pretty huge. >A few days later I got my Nintendo DS back from Sarah and traded it in for some good store credit at GameStop >With some of it I bought Rene Bioshock 2 for her birthday >She was quite excited about it and kissed me even though she was sick and didn't want to get me sick. She didn't believe that I wouldn't get sick from it. >a few days later she started becoming more distant though I let her have her space because she may have needed it. >I hung out with another old friend who had just been broken up with after a long relationship >I will call her Chanel >She was a little chubby, she had very nice boobs though. >She threw a party because she needed friends around >It was a 2 day party, I brought Rock Band. >Chanel and I ended up walking all around at 5-6 in the morning because we couldn't sleep >we got dutch brothers because they opened quite early there. >We slept next to each other that night, Nothing happened because I was still with Rene >The next day was 1 month with Rene, we hung out but didn't do anything that day, she said she wasn't feeling well >That night I got woken up by a phone call from one of my friends they said >"hey are you Okay? I saw the relationship status change on facebook and I had to wonder." >Immediate >Wat

38 min later 425962271 Anonymous (37757_1.jpg 640x445 31kB)
>She said, wait you don't know? It says you went from in a relationship to single >I said no way hold on >I go check it and sure enough it says I am single and Rene is single also. >I was so confused. >I tried calling Rene several times and texting her but no answer >She never spoke to me again. >She still avoids me to this day if she sees me in public >She is the one girl I have dated who I consider to be insane. Part 12: 1 and 1/2 people. (April-May) >After Rene and I broke up people tried to comfort me and "be there for me" but I honestly didn't need it. >It sucked, I wanted to go farther with her, I kinda wanted to have sex with her but that wasn't going to happen >I started talking to Chanel a lot more and We hung out one night and just walked all around her neighborhood like we did at her party >We walked to this place where there is a large dead tree with very droopy branches >we were talking about relationships and I just decided to put my arm around her >She said "It feels nice to be held again." >and we sat there and talked like that for about and hour and I leaned in and gave her one long kiss. >I knew she wasn't over her ex and I wasn't over Sarah but I figured it would help both of us >I told her I don't want to tell people we're dating but I don't want anyone else to take you from me so can we just wait a week or so to tell people? >I wanted to wait because this happened literally a day after Rene and I broke up. >So we kept is a secret for a week. But the first night we told people she stayed at my house with a couple friends >My friends slept inside on the couch, I had a bed in the garage that was really nice in the summer so Chanel and I slept there

39 min later 425962383 Anonymous
Don't listen to these faggots op, please continue. I am genuinely intrigued by your story.

39 min later 425962401 Anonymous
>>425962003 > Anonymous (ID: sK8BAxqS) 09/18/12(Tue)22:20:51 No.425962003 >File: 1348021251779.jpg-(43 KB, 460x500, ThisThreadAgain.jpg Hey, I am quite enjoying this story.

40 min later 425962628 Anonymous (21817080711a_123_23lo.jpg 350x467 99kB)
>We didn't really sleep though, we made out a lot and things moved really quickly. >I was told she made her last boyfriend wait 9 months before they did anything serious so what happened that night was completely unexpected >It started by me simply biting her on the neck. Apparently that is a huge turn on to her like it is to everyone else >I waited probably about 30 minutes before moving to the next step in each part to make sure she was comfortable with it. >Started with making out then Our shirts were off and I was sucking her nipples between making out and I started fingering her and massaging her clit. >After that she started jerking around and she said "Wow you're good at that." >I honestly had not much of an idea what I was doing, I just did what I read online >Sarah didn't have a sensitive clit so it wasn't something I was used to >I didn't say that of course, I just took the compliment. >Eventually she was on top of me sitting up as I was sitting up in her underwear and she stops for a second and says >"Do you promise to never hurt me?" I told her "I promise I will never do anything to intentionally hurt you in anyway." >then she said good, and grabbed my dick, a little too hard, it kind of hurt and started putting it in her. >she pulled her underwear to the side and had me put it in.

40 min later 425962676 Anonymous
>>425962128 yes, they trusted you because they were idiots. 15 and 16 year olds often need to be saved from their own faggotry. your parents failed you in this regard.

42 min later 425962959 Anonymous (1344036352888.gif 188x174 487kB)
>>425958739 >>425959258 >>425958992 >>425959371 >>425959586 >>425959868 >>425960027 >>425960428 >>425960551

43 min later 425963031 Anonymous
>>425962628 what the fuck is the point of this story of yours? you liked a few girls, some of them liked you back. you got to bang a few and sometimes you got dumped. this is an average life story, faggit.

43 min later 425963093 Anonymous (0725000136.jpg 720x960 44kB)
>It was crazy, she was way tighter than Sarah ever was I honestly could never judge before because I had only been with one girl but it was a huge difference >so we started going at it for about 4 minutes and she has me stop and looks at me and says "can you feel this?" and starts flexing her vaginal muscles >it was strange because she just stopped but I am like yeah it feels good > After that I was on top and we start going again and I think she had an orgasm, she never said whether or not she did but afterwards she said "Should we be doing this, we have only been dating a week?" I then said, well it is up to you, do you want to stop? >Then she said, "Yeah we probably should for now." >I consider that half a person when counting how many people I have had sex with.

43 min later 425963179 Anonymous
>>425962271 When you break up with a bitch on facebook, the one who was broken up with doesn't change their status. The breaker-upper changes to single, the broken-uppee stays as "in a relationship" with no name after it.

44 min later 425963241 Anonymous (gah6.jpg 1280x960 97kB)
>After that everything was fine but Chanel and I didn't have too much in common, we just waited til we were alone, made out and did hand stuff all the time. >It was fine with me, that is all I wanted at the time >While dating her I decided to get this crazy idea to jump 2 thunderbird shopping carts that day, they are huge. > I cleared it the first time but my ass barely hit the second one, I knew I could do better >I tried again but I jumped way too late and missed my step >my first foot went into the shopping cart I bounced over the second one and landed sideways on my foot, ending in a powerslide >It hurt quite a lot, I tried to walk it off and then run it off but it just kept getting worse. >When we got back to Chanel's house I took 2 Excedrine and I felt a lot better, Wrapped my foot in ice and towels >That night Chanel gave me an amazing hand job, she used this vaseline lotion she had that smelled great too. >only problem is it made my dick feel moist for like a week. >My foot felt like it was getting better and I was starting to walk with less of a limp. >I got free prom tickets for having perfect attendence so Chanel and I went to prom. It sucked I rented a zoot suit, which was awesome, but the night was awful >Chanel and I hung out at the dance but I hate dances, shitty music and the dance floor smells like dirty sex >After the night was over Chanel didn't even sleep in the same room as me. I felt kind of left out at that as well >after that weekend I go to school and Chanel comes up to me and says "We need to talk" >that is always how it starts >she said some stuff I don't even remember and we broke up. It kind of sucked but I got over it. She led me on for another half of a month as well but I knew she wasn't over her ex yet. And I still wasn't over Sarah.

45 min later 425963434 Anonymous (anj02.jpg 448x336 71kB)
I'm still with you, OP. Please continue.

45 min later 425963450 Anonymous
Please dear lord let this be a walk the dinosaur.

45 min later 425963505 Anonymous (cute-emo-10.jpg 640x480 78kB)
>>425963179 Are you sure, it was back in 2009 I am sorry if I got that small detail wrong, it had been 3 years. maybe they said rene's status was single. Part 13: Getting Over Sarah (June-July) >End of School year start talking to a girl that I had only seen around a couple times. >Let's call her Haven >she was cool, and nice, She was a little thinner than chanel and had nicer boobs so that was a plus >She is almost exactly a year older than me >we started talking, she really liked pianos and I did too. >We hung out one day after school because I had never seen the Boondock Saints one or two >She says I have to see them because they're amazing movies >I say okay >So I go with her and a couple of her friends who I knew through my friends >We sit next to each other while watching the movies and in the middle I start playing with her hand >she does it back and after about 5 minutes we just grab each others hands. It was under a blanket so no one else saw. >We held hands til she had to go. Unfortunately someone was always around so I didn't get to ask her out that day >The next day after school I pull her off to the side and ask her out. she says yes. >She hadn't dated anyone in 2 years. >Her and her friend come over to hang out. we played rock band then once it was dark we walked up the large hill behind my house. you could view the entire city from there. >her friend got tired and decided to wait at a sign >Haven continued up with me >she looked out and said it is beautiful >I looked at her and said probably the first thing that popped into your head to say >"So are you." >I looked at her and could tell she was a little nervous I leaned in and kissed her. >It felt really nice, she seemed to get a little buzz like thing off of it >She asked if she did okay because it had been 2 years >I told her she did great.

46 min later 425963651 Anonymous (sexy-emo-1.jpg 640x442 108kB)
>We walked back down the hill to the sign >Her friend jumped out and said rawr trying to scare us it didn't work >what happened next scared the shit out of all of us though >a cougar screeched and it sounded quite close >Have you ever heard the sound of a cougar? >it is fucking terrifying >they have been my biggest fear since I was a kid. Night terrors made me afraid of them >We all wonder what it was because it sounds like the dying scream of an adult Woman >not high pitched, deep and gutteral, like an actual dying scream, not like in the movies. >I remembered something my dad told me a long time ago, he explained the sound a cougar makes, he said "Imagine if a woman with a baby walked in to the living room to see her baby wasn't breathing, that scream is the sound a cougar makes." and I immediately knew what it was and I was petrified >We made our way to the nearest porch and I called my mom to come pick us up. >it was only about a 4th of a mile but not worth the risk with a cougar out. >we never saw it but it saw us and was likely stalking us the whole time til a dog or someone scared it. >I couldn't go up there alone at night again.

48 min later 425963930 Anonymous (sexy-emo-9.jpg 640x442 127kB)
>After that night I took Haven on a real date, because she had never been on one we went to a restraunt then we made out at a park. >We had a great relationship, she loved making out with me and she loved video games >We would sit in the Garage and play Left 4 Dead 2 and everytime we got stuck or died we would make out for a little bit then start playing again. >One night after about 2 weeks of dating we were hanging out and she said she would have to go in a bit because she was going to a friends party, I ask if I could go to, she says to ask the friend. >I did and I got to go >Haven got quite drunk that night, there were only 5 of us >the one rule was no sex >I told Haven I wouldn't go any farther with her than we already had. Earlier That night we made out and I grabbed her breasts which were amazing >She got so drunk, she wanted me to make out with her all the time, I said wait til everyone is asleep. >She did, then when we were making out she kept telling me to fuck her. She was a virgin so there was no way I could do that while she was that drunk >I just kept making out with her.

49 min later 425964158 Anonymous (0817092145.jpg 1536x2048 348kB)
>She kept trying to take off her pants, So I figured the only way to stop her is to make her cum >It wasn't easy but I found a spot on her inner hip bone that when massaged moves the vaginal walls and lips enough to cause an orgasm and that night I gave her her first orgasm ever. After that she was addicted to them. >One day when playing left for dead she tried to make me cum through my pants I told her it wouldn't work that way and it is fine because she would be uncomfortable going under my pants >After I said that she unbuttoned my pants and grabbed right on my dick and gave me a hand job. It was really nice, I didn't get to finish but it was the first hand job I had had since I had broken my foot. >Oh yeah, the shopping cart incident broke my foot in 3 places near the edge of my toes. I had to wear a moon boot for 6 weeks. All of the time I was dating Haven. I didn't know it was broken til 4 weeks later.

51 min later 425964473 Anonymous (moonboot.gif 289x406 114kB)
Pic is me after I got my boot from my foot off. >The last memorable night with haven was when we both stayed at her friends house, she had to sleep in a different bed and it looked like it would stay that way but then she came over to my bed and said she couldn't sleep and she got on top of me. >she was wearing pajama bottoms that made her ass look amazing. >We started making out and I was going to do the hip thing but then she said "No don't worry I got this." >she then kept rubbing her her barely clothed pussy up against my dick until her whole body locked up and she gave a queit high pitched moan. >After that she looked at me and said "Wow that one made my toes curl up >then we continued to make out and she grabbed me and said "you didn't think I was going to leave you hanging this time did you? >And she game me an amazing hand job, it is like she looked up how to do it and then followed the instructions.

51 min later 425964559 Anonymous

51 min later 425964637 Anonymous (sexy-emo-12.jpg 640x442 122kB)
>after that night she became a little more distant we still hung out a lot but she just wasn't as affectionate in public or anywhere. >I then got a text that said she doesn't know if she wants to be with me anymore. And that I should give her space to think about it. >I knew that was it. It had been a month and it seemed girls just get bored of me after that much time. >or maybe I just happen to fuck up a lot around then. not sure which >Either way I didn't hear from her for over a week.

52 min later 425964724 Anonymous (sexy-emo-14.jpg 640x442 82kB)
Part 14: Fourteen (July-Aug) >Hanging out with friend chris and other friend who drives >they suggest we go to the park >it is about 11:30pm so I fugure why not. >We see people walking and chris being chriss goes to them and says "Hey you guys look cool what's up." >It is a flamboyantly gay guy and two small girls >The smallest of which made us promis not to rape her. >we all started hanging out and talking and everyone had to go do something except this girl Sarah and I. I call her Sarah 2 >We talk about all kinds of stuff. >as I am talking to her I get a text from Haven that says "Yeah I don't want to date you anymore, sorry it took so long my phone went missing" >I just said Okay. >Continue talking to Sarah 2. She talks about how she is taken. I feel kind of disappointed >She is very thin, and small. She was probably 5'2'' 89 lbs >Ask her how old she is, she says she is 16, I am 17 so that works >We all end up staying at her place. She had a piano which was awesome. >We all hang out for the next week straight she ends up breaking up with her boyfriend to date me. >I take her up to the hill lookout place and ask her out. She seems shy and reluctant but she said yes >So I knew waiting was pointless so I leaned in and started making out with her. she stayed the night >we didn't get any farther than that that night. >The next night we all hung out and we (chris ryan and I) stayed at Sarah 2's house >Ryan had a Paper Route that he started at lik 2:30 A.M. >When he left he took chris as well >Sarah and I were the only ones at the house >we start making out on the couch. >it went really fast she seemed to be quite horny that night >She said she had sex with one other person a while back

54 min later 425965062 Anonymous (sexy-emo-15.jpg 640x442 98kB)
>She starts getting really grabby with her hands. >She leans in and whisperes >"How far do you want to go tonight?" >I say "However far you're okay with." >Then she looks at me and says "I want you inside of me." >It was really hot >I started massaging her nipples and scratching her back >I moved down to her shorts and stuck my hands down >Then I felt the most massive bush I have ever felt in my life >Kinda deterred but I hadn't had real sex in over 5 months >Start fingering her until she takes off her shorts and basically forces me in >Right before I put it in she said "Be careful, I am really tight." >I told her I would be gentle >As I stick it in I notice she is very tight but it is kind of bony around the entrance >Still felt great, but she wasn't as tight as Chanel >That whole time all my focus was >Don't cum, don't cum, just last a long time, first impression sexually >We ended up having sex until it was getting close to when Ryan would get back >It was about an hour and a half later. >I didn't get to finish but she said she got to cum like 9 times >It was still really fun >The next night she stayed at my place and we had sex again >It was another time and after about 45 minutes it started to hurt me >I stopped and didn't get to finish >It turns out her hair rubbed the top layer of skin off my penis >It hurt quite a lot afterwards

55 min later 425965338 Anonymous (sexy-emo-27.jpg 640x442 121kB)
>The next night we did it again, for some reason it didn't hurt when I was having sex but afterwards it would hurt like a bitch >Finally got to cum that time. I pulled out like I normally would >She tells me she is on birth control so I wouldn't have to pull out >the next few times were great, When she was on top she got really freaky and talked a lot >She didn't like being on top which was strange to me because the first Sarah almost always like being on top >She was easy to pick up and control her because she was so small >She liked when I went down on her and I told her if she shaved I would go down on her a lot more, she said okay >We went to the waterslides one day and had a blast. >I got her to ride the huge ones and took random innertubes and rode all the slides >it was a fun day >we got back and walked around at night layed out under the stars at a park and just talked for a long time >That night we went to bed to music without having sex, it was the first time that whole week >then out of nowhere the beginning of Tears Don't Fall starts playing and wakes both of us up and we just started fucking. >It was the half asleep crazy intense sex that is really fun because your mind isn't on anything else >I had to go to my cousins that weekend >I got back and the gay guy had moved in with her and he was super protective of her >He liked to say he was her big brother and he didn't like me.

56 min later 425965515 Anonymous (sexy-emo-32.jpg 640x442 103kB)
>I had no idea why he didn't like me but he just didn't >after that weekend he had to learn to deal with me because I wasn't going away >I finally got through to him that I wasn't a douche and that I didn't care that he was gay >He thought I didn't like him because he was gay even though I never hinted at that. >We had to go meet Sarah at a middle school for some reason and on the way there he tells me something that really hit hard >He looks at me and says "You know Sarah is 14 right?"

57 min later 425965564 Anonymous
jesus fukin christ OP. i've been reading since 10. how much shit is there and i've already blown one load to you losing your v-card come on man

57 min later 425965720 Anonymous (sexy-emo-prostitute-11.jpg 816x616 137kB)
>All I could think was shit >I had just fucked a 14 year old for a week straight, and barely 14 at that >She said she had sex a while before so I just assumed she wasn't lying about it >Her mom even said she was 16 >I knew I couldn't break up with her over that so I got her to tell me herself. It took a long time but she ended up telling me. >It wasn't too bad, I was only 17 and not 18 yet so there wasn't near as much legal trouble >Still felt bad >We hung out every day but we didn't get to have sex again after that because of her friend always being around >once he started hating me again because one night he woke up and I was in Sarah's room sleeping next to her >He got over that quite fast >I later learned that the reason he was so bi polar about me is because he was into me and didn't like seeing me with sarah >I start noticing a lot of things that go with sarah's stories not adding up. We start hanging out less because she says she was busy >I hung out with some people Ryan introduced me to, one girl we will call her Leyna >Leyna had short nice hair and she was a swimmer. She had the body of the Female spartan on Halo Reach >She had large B cup breasts with a really nice ass. >everyone was hanging out at the park and her friend was using her as a model for a photography shoot. >It was a fun day. >The next day Sarah and I were talking on the phone and she says she is worried we were spending too much time together and she wanted to not get bored of each other so we would hang out more later

58 min later 425965803 Anonymous
Bump of the ages

59 min later 425965939 Anonymous (752917080715a_123_477lo.jpg 400x533 102kB)
There are 20 total The last two are the best trust me. >That week the fair was in town and we went. >It was okay, we both got wrist bands and rode a lot of rides >She kept trying to get me to ride the zipper, I was terrified of it >I said if she would get on top more I would ride it with her. >I said that in front of one the gay guys friends >Sarah agreed and so I rode the zipper. >It was awesome and a really fun ride >She never did follow through with her deal though >The next day she claimed to have a thing in portland she had to do so she had to go home >I knew she wasn't going to portland because her story didn't make any sense, I knew she had been talking to her ex a lot and I figured she is probably hanging out with him and probably has been the whole time >I hung out with Leyna, Ryan and a few other people that day >we ended up going to see a movie in the park. >They set up a stage and a huge projection screen and play movies on it >It was a transformers movie >Everyone laid on hills with blankets and pillows to watch >I got paired up with leyna and she was really touchy >We were right next to each other the whole movie. >She made it more than obvious she wanted me, but I was taken >Later that night we all stayed the night at my friend tyler's house >2 small bed, 4 people >Tyler slept next to his girlfriend so I had to sleep next to Leyna >Sarah hadn't been replying all day and her gay friend hadn't seen her all day, he said she is probably with her ex >That night Leyna apparently can't sleep in any more clothes than her underwear >She was rubbing her amazing ass against me, she was trying to get me to do stuff >After about 5 minutes of that I couldn't help it anymore

1 hours later 425966170 Anonymous (m_6b301197d62c464aa8f1932715c0a914.jpg 170x261 10kB)
>I start writing on my ipod to talk to her so it wasn't out loud >I tell her that if it happens it is a one time thing and we can never speak of it >She agrees and she starts kissing me and she sticks her tongue down my throat basically. >It was a large turn off but I still kept going >She had an amazing ass and really nice boobs >Sarah had no boobs so it was a nice change >her ex boyfriend only had a 4 inch penis and everyone knew >When we were having sex I kept feeling a flap like thing deep in her, it was kind of strange, I wondered what it was >I asked if she knew she said "I don't know, no one has ever fucked me so deep." >We did it mostly in the spooning position. We changed a couple times I got to cum 3 times before I got too tired to continue. >It was great and I didn't regret it at all. >The next day I try getting a hold of Sarah and I still can't After a long time I finally get a hold of her >She makes up some bullshit story about being in portland when I knew she wasn't because her friend told me she was there the last 2 days >I hang out with her that day >bring up how her story doesn't add up >She blows it off. Ends up not staying the night because she feels sick >Next day I go to Leyna's pool birthday party >Hang out with them all day >end up going back to tyler's >Get a text from Jacob (the gay guy who lived with sarah.) >"Hey have you heard from Sarah she left about an hour ago and hasn't been replying to me."

1 hours later 425966460 Anonymous (Untitled-1.jpg 423x154 49kB)
>I say "Wait she isn't in bed?" she told me she was going to bed and she would talk to me in the morning >Check her Myspace because she was sneaky that way and had several social network sites and accounts >Find one that said "Going to see Marc, can't wait." >Never heard of marc. Seemed like they knew each other well based on that profile >I tell Ryan we need to go to the park, we pick up jacob to find Sarah >Looked all around called her several times, called her ex and he said he had not seen her, I could tell he was being honest >I send her a text that basically says reply or we're over >She said "please forgive me." I told her no and that I would not talk to her that night and as of that point I am done with her. >Leyna was with me at tyler's and we had sex that night and it was really fun, not as good as the first night, but it was still great. >Next day Sarah begs me to come see her one last time. >So I did I met her at the park. >She ended up convincing me to get back with her. >She was just so damn cute it was hard to say no to her face >Leyna was super disappointed I felt bad >That day Sarah came over and I tried making a move on her to have sex because we hadn't in a long time >She said "I don't want to jinx it we just got back together." that kinda irritated me. >The next day day I was on facebook facebook and she said this on my wall >"... Do i know you? you sent me a relationship request..... :) haha jk"

1 hours later 425966634 Anonymous
Where do you live, OP?

1 hours later 425966635 Anonymous (hotscenegirl-12.jpg 450x600 32kB)
>It seems innocent at first glance but then when she changed her relationship status to in a relationship someone, we'll call him miles said >"Whoa Sarah, what is going on? Call me Now." >So I messaged him and asked who he was >Turns out he had been dating sarah the whole time, for 5 months, he was visiting family in Alaska. >I tell him my story and we both expose her to everyone. >There was one other guy she was with as well named Marc >Miles and I became pretty good friends for the time being through that >I called Sarah and told her it was over for good. I kept her as a friend because she had a nice piano though. >After that I texted Leyna and asked if she wanted to hang out. >She said she was busy and couldn't >I told her I was single now and then she said "Well I guess I can cancel my other plans then, meet me at the mall after my work." >So I did. We hung out and she stayed the night with me again >The next day I went to see the Scorpions play live not too far from where I lived. >It was an amazing concert, They are basically perfect live >that night Leyna came over to hang out because we were all seeing billy Idol the next morning, same place we saw the scorpions >I still hadn't asked her out so we weren't dating but we were having sex >That is all I wanted out of it, I was tired of relationships >But I started dating her anyway, I asked her at the Billy Idol concert >We had a sex a couple more times and then she broke up with me.

1 hours later 425966684 Anonymous (1345440335755.jpg 430x534 56kB)
Hey OP I was wondering if you could e mail me a copy of your story, I'm really into it and would like to continue reading Carl_Cleveland@hotmail.com thanks /b/to

1 hours later 425966901 Anonymous (meeee-12.jpg 600x800 44kB)
Part 15: Unexpected Surprise (August) >I was on Myyearbook.com because a friend showed me that website. >Some girl messaged me on there, she wanted to text. >We will call her Jessica >I was always reluctant to give out my phone number on there >I did and we texted a lot and had a lot in common >We decided to hang out after a week of talking >We met at the mall and she was much prettier than in her pictures >In her pictures I would say a 5/10 >when I met her I easily would say 8 or 9/10 >She was very small, and a really cute face and wore glasses, she had dark dark brown hair that was cut short >she had larger breasts than Sarah but not as large as Leyna's >She had so much coffee that day she was bursting with energy >I went into radio shack because they had a keyboard on display I liked to play >She liked my music >we hung out at the mall for like 5 hours just walking around and talking and doing random things >I originally was going to set her up with Ryan because I was still datin Leyna at the time but I realized that Jessica was really cool and if Leyna and I didn't work out I wanted her. >I wanted her either way but I wouldn't do anything about it because things were still going well with Leyna >I ended up sleeping on Jessica's front lawn that night because I wanted to hang out late. Sending the email now.

1 hours later 425967141 Anonymous (bush.jpg 259x194 14kB)
>Then I felt the most massive bush I have ever felt in my life Bigger than this OP?

1 hours later 425967348 Anonymous
Yo op can you sEnd the story to me jondaly926@gmail.com

1 hours later 425967416 Anonymous (hotscenegirl-11.jpg 450x600 37kB)
>>425967141 It was like that, between her legs. >The next day we walked around and went to little ceasers pizza. Bought a pizza and shared it behind the store >We liked all of the same things and she was so cute. >That day I went to hang out with Leyna and watch the Meteor shower. >Jessica and I hung out for 40 hours in a row the first time hanging out. >Leyna and I watched the meteor shower from a dark place >it was okay, the next day we watched Hot Rod and she had to leave in the middle. After she left I got a text saying that she couldn't be with me anymore because of her ex >It was probably the happiest breakup I had ever gone through >I knew I wanted to go after Jessica so I decided to hang out with her the next time I could which was I believe a wednesday. It was August 17th >We hung out all day with her friend Ben, Funny thing Ben was Sarah 1's best friend. >I heard a lot about him and got to meet him >he was a pretty cool guy >After he left it was just me and Jessica >I was just out of a relationship so I wasn't going to make a move on Jessica. we sat by a firehydrant >She was looking up at me and said she was cold, she kept pulling me closer >She said she was looking at stars behind me but I don't think she knew that I knew that there were no stars behind me >I knew she was looking at me waiting for me to make my move on her >It took me a while but eventually I leaned in and gave her a long and deep kiss >it felt amazing we made out for a little bit at that fire hydrant >then we went to her garage and started making out on the washing machine. >I made sure she wanted to date and just not have me as a make out friend >And she said yes. I knew it was great at the time but I had no idea how great it actually was at that time.

1 hours later 425967448 Anonymous (reverse-lens-macro-close-up-photography.jpg 386x499 18kB)
OP this is awesome... would you email me a copy too? jasper.crabsticks@gmail.com

1 hours later 425967505 Anonymous (1337527222874.jpg 1200x800 274kB)
>>425966901 first of all props to you OP. this should be made into a movie can you also make a pastebin for anyone to view rather than send an e-mail at every request.

1 hours later 425967545 Anonymous

1 hours later 425967686 Anonymous
>>425967505 I will after I finish

1 hours later 425967773 Anonymous
>>425966634 I ask because I think I live pretty close.

1 hours later 425967924 Anonymous
I would also like a copy: daddyhardcore@ymail.com

1 hours later 425968156 Anonymous
can i get a copy too? southerncomfort35@hotmail.com

1 hours later 425968247 Anonymous (0724002355.jpg 1280x960 70kB)
>>425967773 If you knew me, you would know who I am lol I live in oregon though Part 16: Waiting (August-October) >Jessica was Bi and before me she was about to just give up on guys completely >Her last boyfriend dated her for 9 months then they had sex, it was really bad. >He broke up with her afterwards and slept with one of her good friends. >so I knew that I would have to wait for sex, I was not used to that at this point. >The second night we made out a lot. >We were laying there and I said "If I can take off your bra with just my left hand will you let me see and play your boobs?" >she said okay thinking I wouldn't be able to do it >it took me 3 seconds, she had amazing small boobs, the nipples are a perfect size. >that night we got all the way to her riding on me then she said it was going to fast and we should slow down. >I said okay, then we just went back to making out. >It was a great night I would stay at Jessica's house and sleep in her garage and ride my bike home when I woke up. >She had to go to a babysitting job at 4 A.M. so I would stay up until 4 then go to sleep then go home >after about a week or two after dating her friend was over and sleeping in the garage. >Jessica and I were making out on the chair and I decide to try to go a little farther I start rubbing her over her pants and she leaned into it so I continued. >Her friend kept kicking the fucking fridge every 20 minutes and ruined the whole mood. >It didn't go any farther that night, but it was still a great night

1 hours later 425968416 Anonymous
Id really like a copy too op myfryrice@gmail.com

1 hours later 425968471 Anonymous (scene-chick-12.jpg 800x600 182kB)
>the next time we hung out we went around town with friends and I had a ride home but I didn't want to go home yet, it was already 11. >I decided I would stay late and walk home >Jessica and I talked and made out a little but this time it was mostly talking, it was a really nice night and it was completely worth it. >at about 3:30 AM I had to walk home before my parents woke up >It was a 6 mile walk but it was nice out. >I got home at 5

1 hours later 425968490 Anonymous
I gotta do homework, OP. Email rest @ Your_best_nightmare2012@hotmail.com? :D

1 hours later 425968505 Anonymous
>>425961476 megusta

1 hours later 425968625 Anonymous (021100951931[02].jpg 160x120 3kB)
>Later that week we hung out again. We walked to a local school playground >We started making out under the big slide and I started sticking my hands down her pants. >She didn't stop me I started rubbing her clit and fingering her. It got so intense that I broke her zipper. >She had the tightest pussy I had ever felt. Immediately, I thought, How am I going to fit in that. >She still has those pants today. >she just uses a safety pin to fix the zipper >We had been dating for about 3 weeks and we were hanging out late again, everyone was sleeping and I took off her pants and went down on her. It was the first time I actually enjoyed going down on anyone. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. >The next time we hung out was when I had to dress up as a woman and go to Shari's diner. >I had my hair straightened with a dress on and a stuffed bra. Ironically it was an old Bra Sarah 1 gave to one of my friends that made it back to me. >I had taken that bra off so many times putting it on was just really strange. >at Shari's a guy kept staring at me like he wanted me, until I turned around and he saw my beard. He turned away immediately >after that I went to see Jessica, I kept the boobs because she liked boobs. >She thought it was funny and I took off the bra >That night We got really intense with making out and I pulled her shorts down and mine down I started rubbing on her, and tried to have sex that night I got a little in and she said it hurt way too much so we stopped >We tried it a little later that night, and her dad opened the door >He looked in then left, We were Terrified. >He pulled me to the side later and said "You take good care of jessie, and don't you ever hurt her." I said okay >He didn't mention anything about it and left the room and didn't bother us the rest of the night.

1 hours later 425968776 Anonymous (alott.jpg 960x1280 123kB)
>The next time we tried to have sex was a couple days later at my house, we tried using a condom, terrible idea >I never use condoms because they don't work for me, I started out having sex without them so with them it doesn't even feel like sex. >We tried to go and it wouldn't stay hard enough to go in with the condom so we stopped trying that day. >I felt really bad, it was really disappointing but she was stying the night that night and it was the first night we posted anything about a relationship between us online or told anyone who wasn't a close friend

1 hours later 425968931 Anonymous (1337632770695.jpg 768x1024 132kB)
need pastebin have work early in the morning and I should have been sleeping by now

1 hours later 425969353 Anonymous (cute-emo-35.jpg 400x299 28kB)
pastbin will be up in a second then. This isn't the end by the way it goes to 20 Part 17: Love (October2010-Present) >That night we slept in the garage bed and Jessica looked at me and said that she wanted to have sex, even if it hurt at first >so we started slow and it took a while but eventually we were able to start going good. >It was at the time the best sexual experience I had ever had. >She had never had a guy make her orgasm before that night. >We did it 3 times that night. She was very sore the next day but she said it was completely worth it >In the middle of the night after the second time I looked at her and said "Did my heart love until now? 'Cause I feel as though I've never seen beauty till this night." then I looked into her eyes and said "I love you." >she said it back and it made me so happy. That is when we had sex for the third time that night. >It is still one of the best nights I have ever had.

1 hours later 425969361 Anonymous
>>425962383 i second this.

1 hours later 425969576 Anonymous (spongebobfindsoutsquidwardlikeskrabbypatties.jpg 360x240 14kB)
>>425968247 >>425968625 >shari's >little ceasar's We live in the same town.

1 hours later 425969657 Anonymous
http://pastebin.com/tZZB2CMM >we started having a lot of sex after that she loved it more than anyone else I have ever met >Every once in a while we would have to stop in the middle because she started to hurt but it was okay, I understood >We had the perfect balance of going out to do things and having sex >The relationship was based on a friendship between us, we have so much in common and are basically perfect for each other. >when we didn't live together I would alwauys go to her house and we would look up some recipe for a random food make it. We still do that now. It is really fun. >We are still together now, we live together and have a 4 bedroom house with roommates. >I still love her the same way I did that first night I said it. >I never thought we would end up here though, when I first met her. >I was so worried she would break up with me after a month like everyone else but she didn't >I have too many stories with her to type. It would be at least twice the size of everything this far so I will tell some of the ones /b/ would find more interesting.

1 hours later 425969849 Anonymous
>>425969361 Thank you, and bump again for op.

1 hours later 425969851 Anonymous
>>425969576 I have lived in two towns recently that both have little ceasers and Shari's Shari's may show a similar area though

1 hours later 425969983 Anonymous (l_81f78eb73eba4b6c87082ef8255300fa.jpg 320x240 7kB)
Part 18: 4th of July 2011 >We went to see fireworks with my parents. It was the first Fireworks show I saw that wasn't in my hometown >They were okay, nothing special but afterwards, I can't remember why, but Jessica and I had the house to ourselves >We started having sex in the bathroom because, well bathrooms are fun >She was always loud but she had to stay quiet normally but this time no one was around >It was what I consider to be probably in the top 5 best sex I have ever had >We moved to the bedroom after about half an hour >we were having sex really hard then she started basically gushing. >She got super embarrassed because she thought her bladder leaked, I had watched enough porn to know what really happened >I explained it to her, and she immediately felt relieved that it is normal. >she said it felt really good and she also considers it some of the best sex ever. >had to wash the sheets still Parents got home right as we put the sheets in and they looked like they knew what was going on but didn't say anything. >Jessica has squirted only a few times since, one time it happened with my hands, I think it is just a mental thing, she needs to be able to be loud to do it.

1 hours later 425970203 Anonymous (s.jpg 222x427 23kB)
Part 19: Three (Spring Break 2012) at this point I have my own apartment with Jessica and my cousin, 200 miles from where I lived before. >This happened much more recently >I invited my friend over to play rock band we will call her kacy >she knew I was dating someone and she thought it would just be her and I so she asked if she could invite a friend >She had a thing for me at the time and didn't trust herself. >I say sure as long as she likes rock band >Apparently she did but she didn't believe that I had 600+ songs on it >We will call her Allison >They asked if Jessica was home and I said yeah, she just didn't want to go out right now >I had to pick them up at the bus station. >Allison was stunned that I actually did have 600 songs, I have 670 now >we all hung out and played rock band til like 4 in the morning before they have to go. >it was so fun we planned to do it the next weekend as well >The next day I had a long car ride so I text the number kacy was texting me from >Talk a lot then she asks "Do you know who this is?" I said it is kacy right? >She said, no this is Allison. >Oops, well at least I knew then. Kacy didn't have a phone, but Allison was fun to talk to. >we eventually started talking about our relationships, she asked if I was happy with jessica and I said yes. of course I was >I asked if she was happy with her boyfriend >she said she didn't know, he was always controlling >I asked if he made her smile anymore, and she said no. >I tell her that isn't a good thing and she knew I was right.

1 hours later 425970463 Anonymous (1341897237914.jpg 596x800 163kB)
OP is a scholar and a gentleman

1 hours later 425970609 Anonymous (cute-emo-24.jpg 640x480 48kB)
>Jump to next weekend, first weekend of spring break >Kacy bailed but allison still came to hang out. >Allison and I had been talking a lot and her boyfriend didn't want her to hang out with me and tried to tell her she wasn't allowed to >He met me once and I was nice to him he said "I have a bad feeling about that kid." >translated to mean "I feel threatened by him because even though he is in a relationship he treats you better than I do and he is more attractive than I am." >she came over anyway >Then I get a random call from a friend from my old town, he says he is in the area and wants to hang out. he is about 23 he brought alcohol >Totally different type of party now >I don't drink but everyone else did >my friend got very obnoxious drunk but it was fine >Allison and jessica started getting very touchy with each other and I reminded jessica of our rule. >If she does anything with a girl I get to join in >Allison heard this and later she pushed Jessica up against a wall and started making out with her >Also when they were massaging each others backs Allison kept running her hand very close to jessica's vagina. >basically almost fingering her.

1 hours later 425970684 Anonymous
send me this for the love of god OP. kyleb337@yahoo.com

1 hours later 425970809 Anonymous (meeee-9.jpg 600x450 28kB)
>By the end of the night we all go upstairs to the bedroom >Allison and jessica immediately started making out and I started undressing Jessica and then allison and then myself. >when Jessica and allison were making out naked I started to finger allison and slowly started to penetrate jessica > it was amazing, It was something I had been wanting to do for a long time. >I never knew 3 people could kiss and make out at the same time until that night. >after jessica came a couple times we had changed positons, Allison was on top of jessica and they were tribbing. >I took a break just to watch. about 10 minutes and I start fingering allison and jessica while they were going at it >I then slowly started rubbing on allisons vagina. and as I put it in her face lit up in excitement >I started that, trying to be easy because apparently her boyfriend had a very thin dick >Allison had quite a tight pussy but it felt kind of odd, it wasn't as smooth as jessica's and it was kind of bony on the outside. Well she was like 5'1'' 90 lbs >and she had slightly smaller than b cup boobs. >We were all having an amazing time > we basically doing to same few positions that night switching it up a little I went down on jessica while she went down on allison who was giving me a hand job >After a while Allison couldn't take anymore, she was exhausted from sex. >then jessica finished me off with a hand job. then we all just passed out >It lasted about 3 hours. Being able to take breaks and just watch or get something to drink really really helps you last. >The next morning I was worried allison would regret what she did >We all woke up naked and started making out and doing hand stuff again >I was immediately releived. I think only jessica got to cum in the morning but it was still really nice.

1 hours later 425970987 Anonymous
>>425970609 tl;dr whats going on

1 hours later 425971080 Anonymous
>>425970609 >http://pastebin.com/tZZB2CMM thank you for the pastebin OP i love you man this story has been fukin captivating. so much fapping going on.

1 hours later 425971148 Anonymous (1318237552978.jpg 333x500 27kB)
>Later that day Allison asked if I would walk her home I asked jessica if she would be fine with it because of what happened. She said was fine. >On the walk Allison talked about how she didn't regret it at all and how it was really fun and she was glad she did it. >She also said she would never tell anyone about it especially not her boyfriend. >She was not planning to break up with him anymore I guess I looked at her and said in a jokingish tone."Well if you ever want to have a 3 way again you know who to call." >But she knew I meant it >When we got to her house she had a piano and I showed her some stuff until her boyfriend just decided to randomly walk in. I decided it was time for me to go. >Later that day I get a call from her she was crying and said that she just needed to be around friends >She broke up with her boyfriend because he was being a dick about everything and she needed people around >We went to go watch 21 Jump Street in theaters. >it was a great movie and lightened the mood.

1 hours later 425971214 Anonymous
Wonderful story, OP. 10/10

1 hours later 425971298 Anonymous (1318238320653.jpg 533x800 369kB)
>Her and Jessica cuddled a lot that day and she stayed the night again >I honestly don't remember that night as a separate night so it must have been just like the first, same positions same stuff same thing. I do remember that night I came in jessica at the end and allison didn't pass out. >It was basically the first night but more intense >We all woke up about 5 in the morning, Jessica was sore from sex and allison was between us >she started making out with her while I massaged her nipples >it was nice and slow, very relaxing. >Jessica started to rub her clit and I started to penetrate her slowly. >This went on for about 30 minutes or so and we all fell back alseep >She said the funniest thing when she woke up though, she looked at jessica and said >"Why are you naked?" then immediately noticed herself and said "Why am I naked?!" >then you could see it as she then remembered everything and was embarassed she bursted out like that

1 hours later 425971390 Anonymous
bump nice story bro

1 hours later 425971837 Anonymous (1318239084659.jpg 533x800 305kB)
>the 3rd night wasthe most fun >Allison didn't drink at all and Jessica got really drunk. >I don't think jessica remembers any details of this night >it happened and started just like the nights before and we started with the same positions but allison seemed a lot more into it this time, so did jessica >Allison rode jessica really hard as I was fingering them both, after that went on for maybe 10 minutes jessica had a squirting orgasm >then I got everyone to try a position I had always wanted to do. >I had jessica sit on my face and allison ride me >Allison once again went quite crazy up there, I focused on eating jessica out and jessica was making out with allison >it was the perfect 3 way position >We switched it up with jessica on my dick and allison on my face >Jessica seemed to ride me harder than she ever had before that night, It was really hard not to cum but I knew if I came it would be over and I couldn't have that. >at the end Allison couldn't take anymore she was too sensitive any touch made her body jerk around. >That was the last 3 way I had but it was so good I am okay with that.

1 hours later 425971847 Anonymous
Another bump

1 hours later 425971882 Anonymous

1 hours later 425971992 Anonymous (1318238246339.jpg 533x800 400kB)
Part 20: Fuck you Sean/Conclusion >Allison went back home the next day >Her parisite ex boyfriend (we'll call him sean) who dropped out of high school and tried to make it in a shitty band inspired by Asking Alexandria showed up at her house >he pitied her back into a relationship. >He then forces her to call me and makes her say we can't hang out anymore. >that didn't last long >I decide I still need to keep in contact with her to try to help her out of that situation >I get a texting app got a number with a different area code >Text her ask for Latrelle >put a lot of hints that I was me >signature was smile and such >she says it is the wrong number >she starts talking to me >eventually she gets on facebook and says that what she said on the phone was a lie and she needed to talk to me and jessica that night >we went over there and talked and I told her it was a bad idea >she didn't listen >I tried for weeks to stay her friend. >everytime Sean would leave the first thing she did was call me >She was a terrible girlfriend. >We hung out a few times but it just wasn't working. >She would always say that if I were single she would have left sean for me. >I told her from the beginning I would never leave jessica for her ever. >It seems she didn't understand that. I knew her and I couldn't be friends as long as she was with that guy >We recently stopped talking

1 hours later 425972029 Anonymous
You, OP Sir, are probably even more interesting in person to know. Thank you for posting all of this.

1 hours later 425972272 Anonymous
>The 3 way added a lot of passion and trust to my relationship with jessica. >It was a great experience to have, she trusts me more now and I trust her more >Jessica and I are still going strong. We almost never argue and we have never had an argument that took more than 1 day to resolve. We have many more stories together but I am done writing for now. This is my story I swear to you it is true and if you need any evidence I will provide. As long as it will not reveal my identity to everyone. Thank you for listening. This took a while to write but I have been wanting to do it for a while. Also I am sure I will enjoy reading it someday when I am older and forget some of this stuff,

1 hours later 425972564 Anonymous (citizenkane-applause.gif 480x360 180kB)

1 hours later 425972902 Anonymous
>>425962383 >>425963434 >>425965564 >>425965803 >>425966684 >>425967505 >>425968505 >>425969849 >>425970463 >>425970987 >>425971080 >>425971214 >>425971390 >>425971847 >>425972029 >>425972564 Thank you all for listening.

1 hours later 425973059 Anonymous (applause.gif 440x350 484kB)

1 hours later 425973403 Anonymous
>>425972272 If it's not too much to ask, do you have any pics of these girls?

1 hours later 425973518 Anonymous
interesting story op you've had an interesting life and you're fucking lucky to have had secks with so many women,

1 hours later 425973823 Anonymous
>>425973403 I have a couple. Some don't have facebook or anything anymore. >>425973518 Only 6 and a half. for the most part I tried to stay away from sex based relationships after sarah.

1 hours later 425974094 Anonymous (j.jpg 400x289 83kB)
This is jessica

1 hours later 425974120 Anonymous
>>425972272 If you weren't with Jessica, who would you want to be with out of all your ex's? Do you ever talk to Shannon anymore? About halfway through I thought that it would end with you and Shannon. Good story OP. I've been reading it for like the past hour

1 hours later 425974174 Anonymous
stop reading at "some won't care," op u are correct sir

1 hours later 425974235 Anonymous
>>425974094 She's cute and sexy. Nice.

1 hours later 425974597 Anonymous (eatingpopcorn2.gif 200x136 581kB)
Needed more wincest, but I loved the story. Can someone screencap this and edit it into just the story bits? I want this shit saved.

1 hours later 425975098 Anonymous (s.jpg 360x348 75kB)
>>425974094 she has red hair now . >>425974120 I talked to shannon a little but she just started to annoy me after a while. This is Sarah 1. She looked really good in this picture, she didn't always look this nice.

1 hours later 425975420 Anonymous
thanks for sharing op. great stuff :)

1 hours later 425975563 Anonymous

1 hours later 425975729 Anonymous (L.jpg 455x437 93kB)
>>425974597 It is funny because when people were giving me shit I was going to say "I am sorry I don't bang my sister in the story." This is Liz >>425974120 Also. I would probably be with liz if it weren't for jessica

1 hours later 425976212 Anonymous
op... thank you.

1 hours later 425976331 Anonymous (ss.jpg 350x317 79kB)
this is Sarah 2 Just by looking at her I should have known she was a cunt and a liar

1 hours later 425976448 Anonymous
>>425966901 I fucking love that site. Great for easy girls

1 hours later 425976614 Anonymous
>>425976448 Yep. I am astounded I found a meaningful relationship on it It is also really fun to read the stupidity of people

1 hours later 425976673 Anonymous
>>425976331 she looks like a gremlin

1 hours later 425976871 Anonymous
I count ~7 times where the girl's on top, and only twice where OP is on top.

1 hours later 425976881 Anonymous
>>425976673 Yeah, she looked better in person but she made a new facebook and now she has like fucking 15 piercings on her mouth. that was the only one without any

1 hours later 425977314 Anonymous
Bravo, OP. You dun good with all your scene girls.

1 hours later 425977420 Anonymous (a.jpg 550x430 106kB)
>>425976871 I love having girls on top. So much more fun. I date small girls. I still maintain control on bottom. This is Allison

2 hours later 425977610 Anonymous
>>425977314 Dating wise or did you not like the photos I used to accompany the story? Also if anyone likes the porn I posted it is all from Scene-girls.com Good site

2 hours later 425977950 Anonymous (Carol2.jpg 920x611 42kB)
Genuinely enjoyed the story OP. It was good to hear your transformation from betafag to alphadog. Enjoyable story. 10/10 Now I must shit. Pic is exgfs mom. btw... just for hahas.

2 hours later 425978257 Anonymous (Fucking long.jpg 999x749 451kB)
>>425977950 Not bad for someone who is probably in their 40s Also holy shit 17,714 words and 55 pages single spaced

2 hours later 425978331 Anonymous
>>425969576 We all live in Eugene, OR

2 hours later 425978601 Anonymous
>>425978331 Medford Oregon also has a Shari's and little ceasers. As does Grant's Pass and Probably Portland Is sharis oregon only?

2 hours later 425978630 Anonymous
>>425978331 oh yeah track and field, that's why he tried to jump those shopping carts

2 hours later 425978634 Anonymous
>>425978257 She's 44.

2 hours later 425979083 Anonymous
>>425978630 >670 songs on rock band >sports I think I had to choose one lol. Sports have never been my thing, I can run and bike quite fast but Sports always seemed to bore me

2 hours later 425979702 Anonymous
I will probably post this again sometime in the future so if you see it, It probably is me. To find out if it is me just ask for a time stamp. or something like that

2 hours later 425979709 Anonymous
Today Op was a pretty cool guy. Many thanks!

2 hours later 425979930 Anonymous (800px-MIM_Janko_Piano.jpg 800x478 74kB)
This thread is being monitored from the East Coast. This thread has been saved onto a computer in the East Coast. Welcome to the East Coast, West Coast OP.

2 hours later 425980053 Anonymous
I hate reading. i just couldn't stop reading this, OP was not a faggot today.

2 hours later 425980372 Anonymous
>>425979930 Holy shit, I want that piano so much. I will now try to find one somewhere. Thank you for showing me that.

2 hours later 425980384 Anonymous (380572_328653127215574_326457170_n.jpg 640x480 44kB)
>>425978257 could you email the document to me? accdodson@aol.com. Please and thank you, it's just an entertaining story I might read when I'm bored. Also, I hate to say it, but you motivated me to not be a pussy with girls OP. If you think you were bad at making moves, I'm mentally retarded at making them. Dated a girl for three months and never did anything even though she loved me. In fact, she was the one who had to hold my hand and be physically flirty, and she never made the first moves before. >her

2 hours later 425980526 Anonymous (photo.jpg 300x169 51kB)
20/10 would read again. Great story OP.

2 hours later 425980985 Anonymous
>>425980384 I know that feel. at least she ended up making a move. With brittany it was basically a stalemate.

2 hours later 425981174 Anonymous
OP that was an awesome story, definitely want to keep and reread later, please email it to me eyetemselllore@gmail.com

2 hours later 425981605 Anonymous
>>425980985 Yeah, but at least you've had sex with a bunch of girls. 18 year old virgin here. Also, I just go the email, thanks

2 hours later 425982124 Anonymous
After battling through the worst internet connection, always in fear I wouldn't see the end. And not doing homework, that was a damn good story OP.

2 hours later 425982224 Anonymous (1315950719785.jpg 857x1000 310kB)
OP may i please have a copy droptine96@yahoo.com

2 hours later 425982306 Anonymous (1340818312564.jpg 505x740 50kB)
>>425980372 Open your fingers to the power of the Janko! You got anything recorded of your music? I'm interested in hearing it i make beats myself. Also, I enjoyed your thread I read every word

2 hours later 425982312 Anonymous
>>425981605 No problem and remember it is mostly how you carry yourself. >>425982124 My comp overheats in some good threads so I know the feeling

2 hours later 425982567 Anonymous
>>425982312 Now if you could only help me with Linear Algebra homework, you would be god OP

2 hours later 425982974 Anonymous
>>425978331 Yeah, Eugene. Pretty sure OP lives here.

2 hours later 425982985 Anonymous
>>425982567 Like mx+b linear or super advanced linear? >>425982306 Only have one recording on this comp. it is an old one but it is one of my favorites. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0c52DzsG1SS I play it with heavier chords now and with a lot more emotion in it. I need to do some more recording

2 hours later 425983187 Anonymous
>>425982974 What makes you say eugene?

2 hours later 425983495 Anonymous
I've been waiting for the day when OP wasn't a faggot. It has finally come. Great story. 10/10 >look at how you were and felt at 15 >look at yourself before Jessica >look at yourself now Great story of how one's morality changes, eh? I can look back on how my morals have followed a similar pattern for similar reasons. At 24, I have still not found a Jessica. I find myself become more evil... Congratulations OP.

2 hours later 425983507 Anonymous
>>425982985 Lol I think I can handle line equations. It's matrices and solving their inverses, transposes and such.

2 hours later 425984053 Anonymous
>>425983507 Wait until LA gets to the end. Change of basis, span, proofs, etc... Post some stuff on /sci/. I'm there alot and those nerds love math.

2 hours later 425984097 Anonymous
>>425983507 yep, too intense for me. I only got to Math 111. I don't need anymore than 90. >>425983495 Yeah. Before I Sarah 2 I would have never cheated on anyone ever but that bitch deserved it.

2 hours later 425984583 Anonymous
>>425984053 I was just taking a shot in the dark. What I'm doing isn't there's just a few theory questions that I don't get.

2 hours later 425984834 Anonymous
I have to do something real quick. It will be about 30 or 40 minutes probably. If this thread is still alive I will answer anymore questions you ask

2 hours later 425984960 Anonymous
Theoriginalredkiller@gmail.com I'll take a copy

2 hours later 425985030 Anonymous (smirk.gif 295x216 2085kB)
>>425984097 A cunt she was. >has boney tight vag >be 14 >mfw

2 hours later 425985192 Anonymous (1338782595917.jpg 594x446 44kB)
>>425982985 Damn yo this is too good. Would you mind if I sampled it? Grannski@gmail.com

2 hours later 425985813 Anonymous
>it is like she looked up how to do it and then followed the instructions. I laughed so fucking hard.

2 hours later 425986287 Anonymous
http://4chanarchive.org/ Vote for this shit, it needs to be done.

2 hours later 425986459 Anonymous (hot_tits.png 256x256 94kB)
>>425984834 Dude is boning Jessica

2 hours later 425987287 Anonymous
I cannot believe I really just sat here for an hour and a half and read this entire story.

2 hours later 425987494 Anonymous
Spent hours reading your Story. It's 5:34am here now.. Need to go to work at 7am... Was worth it! Sincerely, Germanfag

2 hours later 425988398 Anonymous
Finally OP is not a fag

3 hours later 425989512 Anonymous
>>425982567 I'm in linear algebra at WashU right now, maybe I can help?

3 hours later 425990047 Anonymous
>>425985192 bump

3 hours later 425990463 Anonymous
Fucking amazing thread, tbh I look similar to how you initially looked minus the glasses (contacts), and you've inspired me to change. I really want to just congratulate you on an awesome life. Epic story, +∞ OP!

3 hours later 425990756 Anonymous
>>425986459 Yeah, she was reading porn almost all day. I love it when she does because she is into it way more. Also I have to go help her sleep now she falls asleep better next to me and she has work tomorrow. I will be back in about 10 to 20 minutes >>425990463 Thanks and I am happy if it helps you in any way.

3 hours later 425991091 Anonymous
>>425990756 She isn't going to bed yet I guess. I am here.

3 hours later 425991473 Anonymous
great read op you spelling was a little off but so isnt everyone's but what the fuck is it with you and music games lol i hope i see parts of your story in bel airs

3 hours later 425991689 Anonymous
god damn OP. one hell of a story, good for you. I have been i a lot of the positions you have and i'm barely 17. your shit makes me really wonder what's to come

3 hours later 425991851 Anonymous
>>425990756 Going to be honest, I havent had as many bumps in the road as you with women, i've lived a damn good life all things considered. but to be honest OP, your story was tight. youre a happy dude with alot to show for it. congrats. inspires me a bit to put more effort into the girl im currently in the process of wheeling. much love OP

3 hours later 425992328 Anonymous
>>425991473 I typed it in notepad so there was no spellcheck I also typed it until 8:40 AM from like 1:30 AM I have always loved music and I couldn't play any instruments at first so music games were just fun I was a natural at them. I eventually picked up the piano because it was such a beautiful instrument. I can now also play drums That would be funny to see parts do that. >>425991689 A lot is to come. >>425991851 Yeah, I had a lot of trouble for a while and it caused a lot of pain but it was totally worth it. The more you put in the more you get out. Unless you're dealing with Sarah 2 or any 14 year old for that matter

3 hours later 425992385 Anonymous (528975_371274366237631_327818453916556_1237033_1234015570_n.jpg 500x462 33kB)
>>425991091 Check it out http://soundcloud.com/too_public/story-of-an-anon

3 hours later 425992580 Anonymous
>>425992385 That is awesome. I wish I had a better recording for you.

3 hours later 425992905 Anonymous
>>425992580 would you care if i continued on this?

3 hours later 425993085 Anonymous
>>425992905 I would like you to continue with it.

3 hours later 425993323 Anonymous
OP, man, you had me captivated. califag here, read the whole thing and dled it. stay golden, bro.

3 hours later 425993694 Anonymous
>>425992385 i would record another now but my roommate is asleep and has to get up at 4

3 hours later 425993862 Anonymous (1339991612578f.gif 200x189 19kB)
>>425993085 >mfw How would one go about sending you an updated version later this week?

3 hours later 425993941 Anonymous
OP are you married or still dating jessica?

3 hours later 425993963 Anonymous
>>425993862 jeffmorganman@gmail.com It is an email account I use for random signups. I will start checking it

3 hours later 425994132 Anonymous
>>425993941 still dating, she wants to get engaged but I told her I want to wait. It has to be a surprise and I want to be able to afford the ring. It will be awesome

3 hours later 425994209 Anonymous
>>425992385 YO DAWG can i sample this?? and or make it sickness ill be emailing you

3 hours later 425994402 Anonymous
>>425994209 You have my permission to. once he adds more you'll need his as well I like having people listening or editing my music

3 hours later 425994835 Anonymous
>>425994402 What did you use to make it ? and wheres the piano sample from

3 hours later 425995048 Anonymous
>>425994835 Piano is my song. It is on a vocaroo thing somewhere in the thread.

3 hours later 425995209 Anonymous
>>425994132 Great stroy OP, even though the girl did seem to mesh together at parrts. Props for being awesome.

3 hours later 425995401 Anonymous
>>425995209 Thanks, and yeah it gets a little confusing at parts. I sometimes get lost when I think about it.

3 hours later 425995708 Anonymous
>>425994402 just sent an email to that address >>425994209 do it

3 hours later 425995880 Anonymous
>>425995209 its a sign of a full life. What is your secret for all the virgins and socialy awkwards guys out there?

3 hours later 425996325 Anonymous
>>425978601 Yeah I think it's an Oregon only type of thing. I never saw one when I briefly moved to Denver.

3 hours later 425996531 Anonymous
>>425995880 Just put yourself out there. It took me a while to realize that but I am pretty strange all together, my friend thought I was a /b/tard for like a year before I even knew about 4chan. Basically have confidence and be nice. and if a person uses you just leave them. It is the best thing you can do. It is hard to change without a major event happening. I changed because of Sarah. I got lucky that her last boyfriend was an asshole and she was looking for a nice clingy guy

3 hours later 425996691 Anonymous
Did you ever ask sarah about being pushed into you before you guys met? What did she say about it?

3 hours later 425997087 Anonymous
>>425996691 Yeah, she thought it was funny that we thought she was a freshman She said she was scared when it happened because it was her first day at a new school lol

3 hours later 425997232 Anonymous (badge-location-map.png 228x200 5kB)
>>425996325 This is where they are. Just checked the website.

3 hours later 425997456 Anonymous (1346271968697.jpg 378x363 73kB)
>>425996531 i gusse ill have to try with the being nice thing. i picked up being a grim bastard some how. and i live in the country so my chanes are not help at all

4 hours later 425998570 Anonymous
I think it would be hilarious if someday I see this story posted by someone who isn't me.

4 hours later 425998982 Anonymous
OP that story has inspired me to write a similar one in the near future detailing my relationships and sexual exploits, you and I would probably get along really well. Also I have a question to put to /b/ while I'm here. Should I date the girl who has the major crush on me who I'm ehh about?

4 hours later 425999416 Anonymous
>>425998982 I was eh about Sarah at first. And I hope I see the story, I like reading things like this, that is why I decided to do it.

4 hours later 426000302 Anonymous
Thanks dude :) for the advice on both things. I'll take it, I'll ask her out on tomorrow.

4 hours later 426000523 Anonymous (1338616111634.gif 200x200 478kB)
>>425998570 This thread just made my day.

4 hours later 426000690 Anonymous
Derp, I meant.. whatever, I changed my original sentence. I'm asking her out tomorrow, that's what matters.

4 hours later 426000693 Anonymous
>>426000302 You can always end it if you aren't feeling it after a month. That seems to be the universal time to end it if you're not into it Dating isn't a real commitment you can be out whenever you want so why not try.

4 hours later 426001267 Anonymous
Yeah, and I totally get what you mean about the whole one month thing. Sorry I'm not linking my comments, I'm on my phone currently. But just stay awesome, you are the reason I still browse /b/. You and all the people who vote in my CYOA civilization threads.

4 hours later 426001370 Anonymous
Goodnight people.

4 hours later 426001523 Anonymous
>>426001267 I try to make /b/ a good place. at least with one or OC threads a week. Not much but I don't make any other threads unless it is OC

4 hours later 426001739 Anonymous
Op post more pics of you

4 hours later 426002645 Anonymous
Bravo, OP. It started out kind of clunky, but I got into your storytelling style after a bit. The references to Rock Band and Myspace were comforting.

4 hours later 426002879 Anonymous
>>426001739 holy shit, Someone got a picture of me with a genuine smile. I look kind of crazy. I can't fake smile with teeth for a picture, I have to be genuinely ecstatic. >>426002645 Yeah I have never been much of a writer. I wasn't as into talking about shannon and cati, that was a long time ago and is boring compared to the rest. It doesn't flow as well but they're still important in my story. Yeah I have been reading old myspace messages, it is crazy I have 500 pages. 2004-2009

4 hours later 426002965 Anonymous (d.jpg 412x534 135kB)
>>426002879 forgot pic

4 hours later 426003803 Anonymous
>>426002965 Damn bro you lookin good, you got pretty much the same look im goin for.

4 hours later 426003995 Anonymous
>>426003803 It works with girls.

4 hours later 426004030 Anonymous
>>426002965 OP can you imagine how you'll look like in your fourties? I mean, this kind of look (in your pic) doesn't seem "suitable" (for lack of a better word) for adulthood. also, not troll, just curiosity.

4 hours later 426004060 Anonymous
>>426000523 I just tried to use this image in another thread. >duplicate file name Apparently we downloaded the same picture on the same day. Neat.

4 hours later 426004480 Anonymous
>>426003995 Yeah i noticed haha, it'll probably work even better when i clear my face a lil more and lose like 30 more pounds.

4 hours later 426004778 Anonymous
>>426004060 had that happen when I tried to post this >>426004480 Exercise helps anyone, and Clearing up the face will also help. I got lucky I had to deal with bad acne.

4 hours later 426004824 Anonymous
Not gonna lie, figured I'd hate meeting real life b/ros, but if other people on here are regular guys like op. than I'd reconsider. Not saying I dislike /b/. But I'm sure not wanting to know you guys is understandable.

4 hours later 426005103 Anonymous
>>426004824 I am pretty sure most people on /b/ are pretty normal. Normal people who enjoy the randomness and predictability of /b/ Normal to a point anyway.

4 hours later 426005460 Anonymous
>>426005103 Idk, I guess in some threads like this, we have normal dudes. But other threads are probably full of the last people you want to meet. P.s. surprised your still up OP

4 hours later 426005885 Anonymous (Steve - Copy.jpg 3000x2250 880kB)
>>426005460 only 11:34. also this is my monitor steve

4 hours later 426006723 Anonymous
>>426005885 Alright well I'm passing out now. It's 2.40 in NY and I got an 8am. Good luck with your gf. I've been with mine for almost 3.5 years now and things are great. Night.

5 hours later 426007004 Anonymous
>>426006723 Nice have a good night.

5 hours later 426007039 Anonymous
>>426004778 Yeah i been joggin my ass off. Anyway thanks for the read, hopin i'll see another thread from you eventually.

5 hours later 426007170 Anonymous
>>426007039 they will be around

5 hours later 426007505 Anonymous
OP, I can't believe I'm saying this, but you have given me hope. I thank you so fuckin much right now. OP was definitely NOT a fag tonight :D Also, I desperately need this emailed to me. I fuckin loved it. wiigeek08@gmail.com

5 hours later 426007676 Anonymous
>>426007170 Make sure you put a way of knowing it's you, like your pic or somethin. Anyway night man.

5 hours later 426007810 Anonymous
>>426007505 Sent. I am glad it gave you hope. >>426007676 I have put my before and after pic in a lot of threads recently. So it will have something so you will know it is me.

5 hours later 426008727 Anonymous
>>426007810 Yeah i seen that one in a thread before that was just about sarah 1 and the girl you had threesomes with but its been halfway in the threads or something so put it in the op.

5 hours later 426008959 Anonymous
>>426008727 >>426008727 Okay. Yeah I remember that. that was the heartbreak thread.

5 hours later 426009413 Anonymous
>>426008959 Yep thats the one, i related to your relationship with that sarah (You mighta called her a different name in that one, can't remember) girl and it was just like me with my first love three years ago.

5 hours later 426009505 Anonymous
>>426009413 I always call her sarah

5 hours later 426009560 Anonymous
Came in late, but thanks for the read, OP. You're an inspiration to beta's like myself. Good luck to you and your girl.

5 hours later 426009686 Anonymous
>>426009413 Wow I just realized it has been almost 4 years since I was dating Sarah. >>426009560 Thank you and good luck to you in everything.

5 hours later 426010246 Anonymous
10/10 OP great story totally hooked best story ive heard on /b/

5 hours later 426010327 Anonymous
>>426010246 Thank you. it took a while to write.

5 hours later 426010690 Anonymous
>>426009686 And look where you are now man. Btw i also had hair as long as yours back then except it was straighter, chopped it off and have hair just like yours now.

5 hours later 426010792 Anonymous
>>426002879 seriously man, you are fucking awesome! saw this shit last night i think, and was hoping it would get finished.. well fucking done man!! i wish i gave half a shit about some of the piddly bitches i dated enough to remember all of this, the important ones in my life are a really good story, maybe sometime i'll have story time like this... fucking amazing story!

5 hours later 426010849 Anonymous
>>426010690 Nice. Mine was super long when straightened but it took forever to straighten it.

5 hours later 426011030 Anonymous
>>426010792 Thank you, You should sometime. I always like hearing people stories, how they have changed over time and such. It is also cool to get input on it.

5 hours later 426011310 Anonymous
>>426011030 you're welcome, i'm glad this story ended up well.. mine hasn't completely yet, or atleast i'm not sure if my life decisions have ended up with me here. thank god this will eventually disappear and my wife will never know, but i question if i didn't fuck up because of my being an honorable man.

5 hours later 426011394 Anonymous
>>426010849 True, anyway good luck with your girl, ima go to bed now. Night man.

5 hours later 426011991 Anonymous
>>426011310 It is normal wonder about things like that. I am still questioning if Jessica will be the one I stay with or if she is just going to be another Sarah 4 years from now. I like to think she will be but when I was with sarah I thought she would be the one I stayed with

5 hours later 426012486 Anonymous
OP. I just read all of this. Please for the love of all that is holy in the world fictionalize or at least improve that ending. Damn. Fuck.

5 hours later 426012657 Anonymous
>>426011991 yeah, but eventually you can sorta feel out how relationships will work out.. the woman i married, and don't get me wrong i love the hell out of her, I know we could last for a very long time and financially it was also a good decision, but do i love her as much as my ex... it's in-fuckin-comparable.. I liken it to the ethics question of whether it's better to live a long moderatly happy life or live a significantly shorter, sex drugs and rockandroll life

5 hours later 426012691 Anonymous
>>426012486 What part didn't you like. How it just kind of stopped?

5 hours later 426012740 Anonymous (312.jpg 680x1024 232kB)
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5 hours later 426012893 Anonymous
>>426012657 I would prefer long moderate happy. because in the end the moderate happiness and ability to reflect on it will make you happier.

5 hours later 426013384 Anonymous
>>426012691 That, and... pretty much that. But you started this story with personal details and time landmarks, and by the end just told sex stories. 4/10.

5 hours later 426013423 Anonymous
>>426012893 I don't know if i feel like that.. i kinda want to live short and be remembered in history. then again, i've had lots of trials and tribulations in my life that ending it soon would be like quitting a race before you finished it even though you trained all that time... hell i'll probably die in a tornado

6 hours later 426013690 Anonymous
>>426013384 Yeah, I just typed what I remembered best. There are too many small stories with a lot of the girls that would take forever to tell a decent amount of them.

6 hours later 426013817 Anonymous
>>426013423 Tornado wouldn't be terrible. And I do get what you mean.

6 hours later 426014153 Anonymous
>>426013817 thanks dude from oregon, signed guy in texas... have a great night, and some awesome sex!

6 hours later 426014229 Anonymous
>>426014153 thank you. you too

6 hours later 426015252 Anonymous
I am off to bed. Goodnight ./b/

6 hours later 426015420 Anonymous
OP, I just wanted to say (like so many others) that I stayed up and read your story for 2 hours. I really enjoy reading other peoples emotions and life stories and shit. I'm only 18 but I see a lot of similarities from my past teenybopper years up until now. I definitely know the feel of looking back through facebook and myspace messages, sadly i'll never find all those myspace ones. And all my experiences with girls, I didn't nearly have as many or got as far. Hope I soon get the balls to start taking to as many. I found myself jealous of how you just went straight to the next one. You seem like a really cool dude.

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