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Please help me with Geography. Refer to the image and the question "Describe the pattern of world death rates as shown in Fig 1.7." I'm going to post what I've written so far in my next post, but I didn't finish and I need to write about the reasons of deaths for regions such as United States and others. Thank you. Will delivar tits after corrections and help.

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Here is what I have written so far ------ 1/2 Figure 1.7 shows the difference in death rates in many countries around the world. The main regions which have the lowest death rate, less than 7.49 deaths per 1,000 population are Central & South America, Northern Africa, part of the Middle East, some East Asian countries and the Australian continent. Areas which have 7.5 - 10.99 deaths per 1,000 population include North America, part of West Africa, Western Europe, and some other countries in the world. The regions that range from 11 - 21.99 in death rates include mostly the Russian Federation, part of Eastern Europe, Afghanistan and a big part of the African continent.

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------ 2/2 Although some strange trends can be seen at first, such as several countries in Central & South America, Northern Africa and the Middle East having less deaths per 1,000 population than countries in Europe, they should not be considered as an anomaly. This is simply because each country has its own reason for its high or low death rate, such as water cleanliness, hygiene, health care, diseases and many others. Usually, we expect countries with the best standard of living to have less death rates, but as seen on this map, that is not always the case. For example, European countries generally have a higher HDI than most countries in South America, but they also have a higher death rate. This means that other factors affect the death rates, such as the elderly population.

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The first half is garbage. You won't get marks for reading the fucking diagram. I have an A in advanced higher Geography (A Scottish qualification).

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Well op, you pretty much nailed it right there.

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>>425012262 Okay. Was the second part more or less okay? Should I now go into more details, and reasons/death causes for each of the regions or countries?

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Put some shit like >As you can see from Figure 1.7, many African nations have high death rates (above 22 per 1000 of capita) the reasons for this are . . . Then compare that shit to places with lower death rates and explain why they have lower death rates, eg more developed and accessable health care (UK has free healthcare) etc. Fucking kids this shit is in the textbook.

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