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2012-09-13 12:24 424832365 Anonymous (281835_417368874986629_642482500_n.jpg 750x600 46kB)
tell me /b/?

2 min later 424832760 Anonymous
Take a picture, surround the outside of it with black and write under it WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

4 min later 424833103 Anonymous
>>424832760 Meh, it's been done before.

7 min later 424833696 Anonymous
Maybe it was me who did it the first time, and now he's posted it so i will say what i already did the first time, and now i have to go and find her and do it again so this thread will exist now, but if this thread exists now i must have already gone back and found and took the picture again so he could post it.

9 min later 424833976 Anonymous
>>424833696 Holy shit

13 min later 424834642 Anonymous
i would take her home and take care of her so she becomes my girlfriends. if she was uncosious i would have sex with more if she was dead i would play dressup like she is a doll and have sex with here

15 min later 424834863 Anonymous (1334527797397.jpg 250x236 17kB)
>>424833696 >>424833976 The fuck?

15 min later 424834956 Anonymous
only on /b/ could this an actual question. fucking shut-ins

16 min later 424835091 Anonymous
i'd drag her out of the damn road

17 min later 424835213 Anonymous
I would take her home and put her in my bed and then go to sleep besides her. Then in the morning when she have a hangover I will pretend to also have a hangover. I will admit that we had sex and I will tell her to get herself checked. And she needs to take a day after pill. I will take her phone number, a week afterwards I will call her and say that I got HIV, I just found out. If she haven't checked herself yet she needs to do it now.

17 min later 424835280 Anonymous
Seen something quite similar leaving the bar. The one night I WASN'T drunk enough to take advantage. feels bad man.

18 min later 424835352 Anonymous
>>424835213 unless of course she is dead, then I would bang her.

18 min later 424835434 Anonymous
>>424835213 Could you just rape her instead?

18 min later 424835483 Anonymous
>>424835213 I wanna do this SO BAD NOW

19 min later 424835502 Anonymous
i would probably take her to the sidewalk, so she does not get hit by a car. i would try to find out if she is just drunk - i might just leave her then, depending on where exactly this is or maybe wake her up. in worst case i would call an ambulance.

19 min later 424835504 Anonymous
>>424832365 wonder why I just walked in a circle

19 min later 424835596 Anonymous
finders keepers

19 min later 424835618 Anonymous
>>424835434 No, I might get HIV

20 min later 424835696 Anonymous
turn 720 degrees and walk away

20 min later 424835757 Anonymous

20 min later 424835769 Anonymous
dear diary, JACKPOT

21 min later 424835863 Anonymous
i would cover her with a dark blanket so she doesnt catch a cold

21 min later 424835930 Anonymous
>>424832365 She's laying there alone for a reason. Either no-one wants her around, or she's the victim of some sort of criminal activity. Either way, I would stay the fuck away from that cunt & call an ambulance.

22 min later 424836008 Anonymous (1346275285163.jpg 540x546 39kB)
>>424835863 You just want her to get run over you sly dog.

22 min later 424836026 Anonymous
Put it in the bed of my pickup, skin it, fry it, and eat it with sauteed mushrooms.

22 min later 424836103 Anonymous
I would take her home saying that she was unconscious when I found her and nurse her back to health. I would let her go and begin to date her and completely devote myself to her. I would make her fall in love with me to where she is completely devoted to my. I would then ask her to marry me. On our wedding night I would strip her naked and lock her up. I would tell her the whole truth that I kidnapped her and that she is now my legally married sex slave. I would then rape her, pierce her nipples, gag her and sexually torture her for the rest of her life. I would knock her up and make her give me babies and use her as a baby making slut hooking her up after she gives birth and milking her tits constantly to give a steady supply of breast milk so she is also my milk-cow in addition to being my sex slave.

22 min later 424836129 Anonymous
First i would walk him to my place. Drug him even more than shes now, after drugging more i would have wild sex with him and then i would drugoverload her and go leave her same place where i found her and she has no clue what just happened.

23 min later 424836185 Anonymous
The caption should read, "What Wouldn't You Do?"

24 min later 424836354 Anonymous
I once left my a house party in a major city in the UK at 2am one fucking chilly Sunday morning to walk the 400 metres home. I had to walk 200m behind the student union building, across a railway bridge, and 200m on the other side. Which was good, cos I had a student union T shirt on, and it was freezing, literally, frost on the cars. Ahead of me was a bird no uglier than the OP's dressed up big time, stumbling along at zero mph. She was wasted. I did the decent thing (having had 2 beers only, been working until 45 min before then had to clear up), and started whistling to myself so I didn't scare the shit out of her. She crossed the road. Good idea went bad, cos this huge geezer with a fuck off massive Alsatian dog appeared out of nowhere. Said something to hear, no idea what, but I rapidly became the better option, especially given I was in a student union uniform. He crossed after her, saw me, then the fucker followed us. I had to walk her 2 fucking miles home in COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE FUCKING DIRECTION with the psycho guy and his dog following us all the way. I walked her to her door, with the dude 20m behind, she closed it. I then had to walk all the fucking way back, in just a T shirt, was frozen man. Next time she saw me, she blanked me. I told her what had happened, she said "Daddy gives me 5 extra money for taxis home at the end of the night, but I use it always for more drinks." Stupid fucking bitch. Saved her from a definite rape. She didn't even say thank you. Karma has yet to catch up with me on that one.

24 min later 424836406 Anonymous
am i the only one who would check the purse for money? leave the skank in the road

24 min later 424836440 Anonymous
Of all the things that ran through my mind, check her purse for money, wasn't one of them/

25 min later 424836531 Anonymous
poop in mouth

25 min later 424836615 Anonymous (1343947128900.jpg 485x364 30kB)
>>424835696 MATH motherfucker, do you speak it?

27 min later 424836850 Anonymous
>>424836354 Ha, ha, goody fuckin' two-shoes! I hope karma kicks you in the nuts for being retarded!

28 min later 424836979 Anonymous
>>424836406 >>424836440 Moneymind

28 min later 424837059 Anonymous
>>424836850 Fuck you, I was raped when I was a kid. You'd have done the same thing. Sorry, you might do the same thing when you're old enough to go to uni.

28 min later 424837096 Anonymous
Poke with stick, if alive call ambulance? If so curse the bitch for wasting my taxes. If dead, walk the fuck away and anon call police.

31 min later 424837409 Anonymous
Throw her in my Trans-Am and call her frog.

32 min later 424837606 Anonymous
i would take her home and put her in a nice bed. leave her their for the night. change her into a nice dress. i would cuddle with here everday. make sure to she is beautifull and thast she loves me. treat her as if she was my baby. change her diapers. put water in it as if she wet it and i was her mommy and had to change it. to enforce the fact that i am her mommy i would her womans clothes and makeup while cuddle with her and feeding her and taking care of her. i would show my girlfined to here and tell her about my baby. that would be perfect

34 min later 424837842 Anonymous
>>424837606 >>424836103 Hmmm... I need to find me a woman as fucked up as me to be OK with my plan and help me with my slave.

34 min later 424837856 Anonymous (3g.jpg 640x480 46kB)

34 min later 424837895 Anonymous
>>424832760 y u no add a white frame also???

35 min later 424837997 Anonymous
>>424837606 maybe i would take her to a mall, with me to get her some nice clothes and ask her what clothes she wants. find the cutest of dresses. take her down too the food court and feed her happy meals. then i would take her home after that lovely night and it would be perfect to have sexy time.

36 min later 424838250 Anonymous
>>424837842 well the girel was obviously a dead prostitute, how could a dead prostitute be your slave you would have to find a way to cremate it so it wouldn't stink up the place

41 min later 424838951 Anonymous (1325641462705.gif 175x220 482kB)
Take her home, throw her in the shower, feel boobs, feed her, put her in couch, tuck her, put teddy bear next to her, hope she fucks me when she wakes up. I like my bitches moaning and riding me. No point if they're unconscious. If she doesnt fuck me oh well I'll just take her home and feel proud I saved somebody. inb4 beta, ugly, Ive fucked a few bitches.

41 min later 424839015 Anonymous (this thread is bad.jpg 396x349 26kB)
Check no traffic is coming, check pulse and breathing, drag to sidewalk and leave in recovery position, removing any rings in the process, call ambulance from nearest payphone if necessary, leave.

42 min later 424839209 Anonymous (1347489935096s.jpg 125x92 1kB)

43 min later 424839385 Anonymous
>>424839015 except for the part where 911 has caller id.

45 min later 424839647 Anonymous
Make sure she's dead. If not, call an ambulance/the cops/whatever so I don't look like I'm creeping on her, but if she were dead, I think I'd have to at least kiss her. I adore dead girls.

46 min later 424839796 Anonymous
>>424836406 No, no you're not

46 min later 424839934 Anonymous
Check my map, clearly i'm walking in circles

53 min later 424841056 Anonymous
>>424839385 caller id to a nearby payphone would help any ambulance service be more sure it wasn't a prank call, what else? too many fags in here kidding themselves thinking or pretending karma exists

54 min later 424841269 Anonymous
practice eye contact

55 min later 424841432 Anonymous
>>424841056 >implying pay phones still exist >implying the ones that exist actually still work

55 min later 424841441 Anonymous
put her on the side walk and get on my way, i dont know what kind of disease this whore is carrying so i wouldnt fuck it.

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