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2012-09-08 01:51 423960586 Anonymous (chris-chan-thinking-hard-on..jpg 600x450 54kB)
so many newfriends, that 4chan has become dead to me. been posting for about 6 years. then all this triforce shit, and newfriends trying to prove there not new by triforcing and "roll decides what i say to her" shit. /b/ is dead to me, leaving forever unless someone can restore my faith. post some of your old favorites /b/ros

1 min later 423960763 Anonymous (choclate rain..jpg 275x275 11kB)

3 min later 423960903 Anonymous (1332964047090.png 548x466 632kB)
the only thing from keeping you leaving are reposts? >newfag detected

4 min later 423960974 Anonymous (colin_campbell_1.jpg 760x1037 468kB)

4 min later 423961017 Anonymous
>>423960586 strange that you should post this. I had been posting on /b/ from 2004 - 2011 and came back here today to see how the cancerisation of /b/ was progressing. Man theres way better sites to get the lulz on than 4chan now. not gonna mention any cos then all the retards would be there but theres plenty of image based sites that have an even better lulzworthy content that you can add too

5 min later 423961067 Anonymous
>>423960903 >says newfag. >obviously new

6 min later 423961174 Anonymous
>>423961017 12 year olds sent this place downhill. and not in a CP kind of way.

8 min later 423961285 Anonymous (desu43.jpg 222x227 10kB)

8 min later 423961341 Anonymous

10 min later 423961467 Anonymous
>>423961341 >never heard "newfriend" >obvious newfag get the fuck out, you're responsible for this shit, stop breathing

14 min later 423961768 Anonymous
oh and another thing, what happened tp tits or gtfo? when i see this from the newfriends "omg can you please show breasts your so beautiful please post pic op :)" < wtf. this is not what /b/ is about!

14 min later 423961818 Anonymous
>le meme arrow

16 min later 423961939 Anonymous
>>423960586 summer 2012 detected dsfargeg

17 min later 423962061 Anonymous
>>423961768 I've tried 7chan and 616chan, no newfags, but not enough fags in general, it's underpopulated. 4chan really is the only place for me, newfags or not.

19 min later 423962170 Anonymous

20 min later 423962241 Anonymous
#fortune needs to be readded.

21 min later 423962345 Anonymous (1332807152222.jpg 445x544 156kB)

21 min later 423962352 Anonymous
>>423961067 ah, the classic newfag defence >ONLY SUMMER SAYS SUMMER U GUUUYZ!!1! fuck off

22 min later 423962394 Anonymous
Rolling a 47 for a perfect bliwjob i need soo much now

22 min later 423962406 Anonymous (Aisaka102.jpg 640x580 76kB)
██████████████████████████████████ ♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥ I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬PRINCESS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ **My MSN was banned, ask for it if you want it** ♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥ ██████████████████████████████████ You'll come back. They always come back~ :3

23 min later 423962473 Anonymous
>>423962345 very nice

23 min later 423962485 Anonymous (Shitting_Dicknipples.jpg 550x760 116kB)

24 min later 423962561 Anonymous
>>423962345 that is a fine poo.

25 min later 423962602 Anonymous
██████████████████████████████████ ♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥ I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬PRINCESS▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ **My MSN was banned, ask for it if you want it** ♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥▬♥ ██████████████████████████████████ I love dicks!

25 min later 423962663 Anonymous (1247784793612.jpg 768x1024 235kB)

26 min later 423962714 Anonymous (ghvdhvjgsevshb.jpg 424x293 12kB)
>>423962485 mmm. shitting dick nipples. how i have missed you

28 min later 423962891 Anonymous (1347007271118.gif 256x202 342kB)
shitting dick nipples how long has it been

30 min later 423963082 Anonymous (WE GOT HIM!.png 169x220 68kB)

32 min later 423963173 Anonymous
Dub s get  ▲ ▲ ▲

32 min later 423963231 Anonymous (cockmongler.jpg 600x791 445kB)

33 min later 423963312 Anonymous (1283617638378.jpg 384x288 17kB)
seem to have lost the copypasta that comes with this and too lazy to look it up

35 min later 423963451 Anonymous (10249034738578.jpg 584x328 26kB)
>im using meme arrows xD >lemonkeyface.docx >lets try a triple meme triangle ▲ ▲ ▲ I am doing it right . jpg (LOL) >the picture i have attatched to this post is related to the context :P rollin for dubs

36 min later 423963620 Anonymous (1346767400556.gif 500x352 301kB)

37 min later 423963696 Anonymous
>>423963451 le OP Claiming le ID

37 min later 423963710 Anonymous (1318627129179.gif 300x100 52kB)
not what it use to be that's for sure, there are other chans out there though.

38 min later 423963758 Anonymous
>>423963451 >pretending to be a retard >not in anyway original nor funny >stupid as hell >the reason /b/ has gone downhill just shut the fuck up, I ain't even mad, I just think you're a cuntwit, you're not funny, you never will be funny, and you sure as hell wouldn't fit in back before you faggots arrived. oh well, one day you'll die.

38 min later 423963794 Anonymous (023697263.jpg 396x396 41kB)
This place is trash, I only come here for the porn now.

38 min later 423963798 Anonymous (Zoeyzane.jpg 285x380 32kB)
Zoey Zane.

39 min later 423963913 Anonymous
>>423963758 >you're not funny, you never will be funny You, however, are fucking hilarious. Keep up the good work, your moaning really is adding to the 4chan experience. It's people like you that make this place great. Honestly, it's people like you that make this place just as bad as meme spouting 9faggers.

40 min later 423963934 Anonymous (kingofb.png 480x266 84kB)
/b/ needs a leader to get it back on track. Paul Fetch was the hero /b/ deserved, but not the one it needed back then. So we hunted him. Because he wasn't a hero. Because he could take it.

40 min later 423963936 Anonymous
>>423963710 that is sweet bro and hella jeff, and it is also one of the 4chan banners. your post is pathetic

40 min later 423963968 Anonymous (4chan whore.jpg 1887x1416 611kB)
Oldy, Butt a Goldie Locks

41 min later 423964013 Anonymous
7chan sucks balls, its underpopulated for a reason, which is the mods mostly. Don't get me wrong this place is often garbage too just less so.

42 min later 423964138 Anonymous
>>423963913 >implying moaning wasn't always apart of "the 4chan experience"

42 min later 423964141 Anonymous
>>423960586 GTFO

42 min later 423964151 Anonymous
Our leader is Shia LaBeouf.

43 min later 423964204 Anonymous (1328164058759.gif 200x150 1386kB)
>>423963936 yeah no shit, did i claim it to be something else? get out newfag

43 min later 423964257 Anonymous (Vadder-Eulogy-4-4chan.jpg 425x460 49kB)

45 min later 423964374 Anonymous (hqdefault.jpg 480x360 18kB)

47 min later 423964540 Anonymous
>>423964204 my apologies anon, I read your post as >"not sure what it use to be" instead of >"not what it use to be" I fucked up, I'm a faggot, etc.

47 min later 423964565 Anonymous
>>423964138 >implying moaning wasn't always apart of "the 4chan experience" >moaning was never part of the experience, this is an imageboard not a fucking agony aunt columm >anon creates falacies to make them feel better about their pathetic, pessimistic existence You stay classy.

49 min later 423964730 Anonymous
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn8rmxR8ujs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn8rmxR8ujs 3PACALYPSE

49 min later 423964753 Anonymous (1336316206597.jpg 356x367 10kB)

49 min later 423964771 Anonymous
>>423964540 This post just backs up what i said in >>423964565 You should just do us all a favour and an hero now.

50 min later 423964787 Anonymous
>>423964565 moaning was always apart of the experience, people calling eachother faggots, people bitching about eachother, people arguing with eachother. You are misinformed my newfriend, perhaps google would acquaint you with at the very least "sufficient" knowledge. Oh. and stay classy.

50 min later 423964871 Anonymous (jew-war-poster.jpg 413x585 75kB)

51 min later 423964906 Anonymous (773.jpg 800x742 48kB)

51 min later 423964935 Anonymous (23.jpg 531x800 210kB)
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53 min later 423965102 Anonymous
So much butthurt/

54 min later 423965143 Anonymous
>>423965102 not enough butthurt

55 min later 423965237 Anonymous (1346542527608.gif 245x250 1022kB)
>>423964374 I lol'd

57 min later 423965418 Anonymous
>>423965237 if you don't know the legacy of CWC you're missing out, years of trolling and lulz. probably the best thing i've ever found on 4chan.

57 min later 423965437 Anonymous (1346767295769.jpg 461x440 69kB)

58 min later 423965547 Anonymous (nog.jpg 324x311 28kB)
Stay OP, stay!

59 min later 423965559 Anonymous
>>423965437 >calling this guy OP >confirmed for ruining 4chan

1 hours later 423965812 Anonymous
sounds like op has a bad case of going as far as decided to do look more like >>423961017 links?

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