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2012-09-05 09:38 423426930 Anonymous (1346785153888.gif 200x151 866kB)
What the fuck happened? Seriously. Starting with the new reply shit. I appreciate moot updating 4chan and shit but I liked it the way before. All the newfags, holy shit the summer is endless. I'm in no way a oldfag but I've been here a couple of years and its never been this bad. Reddit and 9fags keep surging through the gates. tl;dr >4chan is becoming shit. The only reason I'll come here is out of habit and see how things are going. Anyone else agree? mfw I logged on today and everything changed.

1 min later 423427135 Anonymous
You can turn it off you fuckfaced shitheaded asstwat

1 min later 423427136 Anonymous (shitstory1.png 1400x670 216kB)
Dumping my shit story folder and getting out.

2 min later 423427326 Anonymous
>>423426930 the changes are cool but i agree the floodgats have been opened and faggots be gettin in

2 min later 423427408 Anonymous (shitstory2.png 980x403 530kB)
>>423427135 Its not just the new reply. Its the posters.

3 min later 423427519 Anonymous (shitstory3.jpg 745x321 84kB)

3 min later 423427630 Anonymous (shitstory4.jpg 640x1787 292kB)

5 min later 423427835 Anonymous (shitstory5.jpg 936x750 416kB)

5 min later 423427919 Anonymous
>>423426930 >4chan is becoming shit >is becoming You're fucking cancer man. It's been shit for years now. Get with the times.

5 min later 423427927 Anonymous
>>423426930 nigger

5 min later 423427940 Anonymous (shitstory6.jpg 800x370 73kB)

6 min later 423428062 Anonymous (shitstory7.jpg 1005x1120 134kB)

7 min later 423428171 Anonymous (shitstory8.jpg 1072x677 434kB)

8 min later 423428350 Anonymous (shitstory9.jpg 750x600 137kB)

8 min later 423428449 Anonymous (shitstory10.png 985x761 157kB)

9 min later 423428608 Anonymous
>>423428062 >>423428350 >>423428171 >don't miind me just testing out the new reply feature. !and the read text feature

10 min later 423428761 Anonymous (1337370905761.jpg 621x751 116kB)
lol man, avarage /b/b shittity on year is the same, there are weak part after summer because oldfags are on vacations and newfags are on vacations, but newfags on computers and oldfags outside.

11 min later 423428834 Anonymous (shitstory11.jpg 1011x4978 1854kB)

11 min later 423428972 Anonymous (Fucking Orcas.jpg 1600x900 215kB)
I made this post a while ago, made several people laugh before it died. Someone else said they screencapped it, but I'm not sure.

12 min later 423429054 Anonymous (meme.jpg 420x440 61kB)
>>423426930 I agree with you. I'm here from something like year and half. I heard stories about how great /b/ was and i thought it will stop at some medicore point. But, fuck this, its getting worse and worse. And /b/ will die. It will become softcore board with faggots. I know this is little thing but... I never use emoticons on /b/ and never see someone else to use it. And now? Fuck that man i see fucking smilies all the time.

12 min later 423429073 Anonymous
> browsing and posting from phone > has not noticed any change > mfw

12 min later 423429114 Anonymous (shitstory12.jpg 750x600 87kB)

13 min later 423429174 Anonymous
keeps getting worse, the problem is, i don't know where to go ;_;

13 min later 423429225 Anonymous
i agree, op. ive been here at most 2 years and its definitely gotten worse recently.

14 min later 423429372 Anonymous (shitstory13.png 1231x333 84kB)
>>423429054 4chanarchive org go to it and venture.

14 min later 423429442 Anonymous
> mfw b has been exactly the same for the last 4 years > mfw only difference is less bot spam since captcha > mfw i miss the surgeon

15 min later 423429627 Anonymous
>>423428608 Not that new if you have been using a 4chan extension, which is still better.

15 min later 423429657 Anonymous (shitstory14.jpg 2100x2400 1153kB)

17 min later 423429889 Anonymous (shitstory15.jpg 1387x311 128kB)
I hope that summer is about to end.

17 min later 423429890 Anonymous
Testing http://youtu.be/FAOymC6XKeQ

17 min later 423429913 Anonymous (wtfmoot.jpg 457x217 28kB)
I haven't heard anyone talking about the new board. I'm going to 420chan from now on.

17 min later 423429918 Anonymous (think before you post.png 431x359 187kB)
You would be lucky to have Redditors over here more often. We tend to piss off the 9fags. Besides, the whole fun of 4chan is that it's shit. >  ▲ >▲ ▲

17 min later 423429993 Anonymous (shitstory16.jpg 1020x343 77kB)

18 min later 423430052 Anonymous
>>423426930 This: >>423428763

19 min later 423430187 Anonymous (455.jpg 680x1024 322kB)
Download freshest 5th September pornsite pasw0rds here:314 http://4chanadultsection.blogspot.com

19 min later 423430216 Anonymous

23 min later 423430628 Anonymous
>>423429657 sir stop it because this thread neeed to die

23 min later 423430710 Anonymous (shitstory17.jpg 1381x248 125kB)

24 min later 423430943 Anonymous (shitstory18.jpg 675x240 57kB)
>>423430628 no.

26 min later 423431214 Anonymous (shitstory19.jpg 916x264 44kB)

26 min later 423431308 Anonymous (shitstory20.jpg 368x566 69kB)

28 min later 423431639 Anonymous (shitstory21.jpg 600x750 78kB)

29 min later 423431741 Anonymous (Shitstory22.jpg 466x278 39kB)

30 min later 423431819 Anonymous

30 min later 423431836 Anonymous
>>423426930 >Mfw I logged on today >logged on today >logged on >thats where you dun goof'd >le me using meme arrows to stay cool on 4chan

30 min later 423431862 Anonymous (shitstory23.jpg 632x218 41kB)

30 min later 423431902 Anonymous
>>423429657 I was crying by the end.

31 min later 423432002 Anonymous (shitstory24.jpg 520x277 55kB)
>>423431836 Gold account nigga.

32 min later 423432145 Anonymous (shitstory25.jpg 811x480 111kB)

33 min later 423432291 Anonymous (shitstory26.jpg 958x593 145kB)
>>423431902 38 is a good shit story.

34 min later 423432426 Anonymous (shitstory27.jpg 846x501 103kB)

34 min later 423432442 Anonymous
>>423432002 dude stop posting that shit, no one gives a fuck if you like it or not, let this fucking thread die..

35 min later 423432575 Anonymous (shitstory28.jpg 775x647 114kB)

37 min later 423432972 Anonymous (shitstory29.jpg 1352x347 157kB)
>>423432442 dude stop posting that shit, no one gives a fuck if you don't like it or not, let it go. Just ignore this thread.

38 min later 423433131 Anonymous (shitstory30.jpg 910x369 83kB)

38 min later 423433214 Anonymous (shitstory31.jpg 772x308 56kB)

39 min later 423433237 Anonymous
/b/ != 4chan you're all cunts

39 min later 423433356 Anonymous (faceffff222333.jpg 408x422 35kB)
>>423432972 >>423429657 sir stop it because this thread neeed to die >>423433131 we cannot ignore shiiit itings .Yes. Thank you for bumping OP. I will post cancer now so it will kill this thread. YOu want to bump cancer? Let's see.

40 min later 423433408 Anonymous (shitstory32.jpg 845x273 67kB)

40 min later 423433415 Anonymous (1204613304062.jpg 750x600 83kB)
/b/ was never good newfag.

40 min later 423433501 Anonymous
>>423433237 Have you looked at the other boards? /b/ definately is 4chan, and the other boards are just diet /b/.

42 min later 423433769 Anonymous (dubzzz.jpg 689x325 32kB)

42 min later 423433791 Anonymous
>>423426930 4chan was always shit gtfo

42 min later 423433818 Anonymous
>>423426930 Wah, wah, wah. Change is bad. Autism detected.

43 min later 423433961 Anonymous (shitstory33.jpg 1382x740 307kB)

46 min later 423434369 Anonymous
>wah wah my precious 4chan is changing Go home.

46 min later 423434406 Anonymous (shitstory34.jpg 1383x797 677kB)

47 min later 423434538 Anonymous (shitstory35.jpg 520x446 80kB)

47 min later 423434610 Anonymous
I have been regularly lurking for two years first came here in 2006 but never stayed it seems that just because /b/ wan never good does not mean it can't get worse.

47 min later 423434693 Anonymous (shitstory36.jpg 1382x599 649kB)

48 min later 423434793 Anonymous (shitstory37.jpg 960x395 44kB)

49 min later 423434884 Anonymous (shitstory38.png 855x546 80kB)

49 min later 423434894 Anonymous
>>423426930 this just looks more like the chrome extension imokaywiththis.jpg

49 min later 423434983 Anonymous
Holy fuck OP, I've never laughed this much since Cornfapper.

49 min later 423434989 Anonymous
>>423434610 >been here for 2 years >doesn't know there are boards other than /b/

50 min later 423435049 Anonymous
OP is a fucking complaining faggot Make it better or GTFO

51 min later 423435239 Anonymous (shitstory39.jpg 1380x1527 790kB)

52 min later 423435484 Anonymous (shitstory40.jpg 1359x120 96kB)
40/78 More than half way. Will stop posting after last image uploaded to please you naggers.

53 min later 423435573 Anonymous (shitstory41.jpg 1363x184 144kB)

54 min later 423435681 Anonymous
>>423434989 >doesn't know about /b/ 2.0

54 min later 423435697 Anonymous (shitstory42.jpg 671x217 46kB)

54 min later 423435830 Anonymous (shitstory43.jpg 581x237 31kB)

55 min later 423435910 Anonymous (shitstory44.jpg 543x254 44kB)

57 min later 423436347 Anonymous (shitstory45.jpg 565x310 46kB)

59 min later 423436563 Anonymous (shitstory47.jpg 620x446 92kB)

1 hours later 423437139 Anonymous (shitstory48.jpg 1349x320 90kB)

1 hours later 423437225 Anonymous (shitstory49.jpg 526x328 45kB)

1 hours later 423437230 Anonymous
>>423426930 captcha: anualam community

1 hours later 423437418 Anonymous (shitstory50.jpg 446x483 54kB)

1 hours later 423437637 Anonymous
>Reddit and 9fags keep surging through the gates. on the other hand, reddit and 9fags have done more in the past year than bitch about reddit and 9fags.

1 hours later 423437806 Anonymous (shitstory51.jpg 404x395 43kB)

1 hours later 423438241 Anonymous (shitstory52.jpg 500x336 60kB)

1 hours later 423438387 Anonymous (shitstory53.jpg 585x230 31kB)

1 hours later 423438492 Anonymous (shitstory54.jpg 690x696 117kB)

1 hours later 423438645 Anonymous (shitstory55.jpg 1359x201 124kB)

1 hours later 423438763 Anonymous
you didn't know? this is what you get with a gold account and everyone just got upgraded some of us got platinum accounts now

1 hours later 423438902 Anonymous (shitstory56.jpg 1340x186 65kB)

1 hours later 423438974 Anonymous (shitstory57.jpg 1367x193 126kB)

1 hours later 423439086 Anonymous (shitstory58.jpg 1334x95 78kB)

1 hours later 423439145 Anonymous
>4chan >logged in >2012 you can log into 4chan? wut.

1 hours later 423439262 Anonymous (shitstory59.jpg 1335x636 309kB)

1 hours later 423439270 Anonymous
Holy shit, something that makes shit better. Best thing we argue about it how stupid it is. Fact is: No matter how easy it is to post. newfags always will be there and always were here. It's the cycle of /b/. They come, they die and then they rot so that others can take their places. I don't think there's any change in the balance of /b/ if it's less gay to follow threads or do other shit than pressing f5.

1 hours later 423439482 Anonymous (shitstory60.jpg 1335x82 65kB)
>>423439145 Gold account nigga.

1 hours later 423439793 Anonymous (shitstory61.jpg 1353x118 100kB)

1 hours later 423439908 Anonymous (shitstory62.jpg 1360x216 121kB)

1 hours later 423440045 Anonymous (shitstory63.jpg 1358x256 143kB)

1 hours later 423440609 Anonymous (shitstory64.jpg 1344x149 110kB)

1 hours later 423440731 Anonymous (shitstory65.png 1339x851 84kB)

1 hours later 423441049 Anonymous (shitstory66.jpg 1339x315 123kB)

1 hours later 423441173 Anonymous (shitstory67.jpg 1348x372 140kB)

1 hours later 423441317 Anonymous (shitstory68.jpg 1343x255 106kB)

1 hours later 423441850 Anonymous (shitstory69.jpg 1346x233 134kB)

1 hours later 423441987 Anonymous
>>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 >>423426930 This whole thread was made to promote a website, carry on faggots. Whole thread is samefag viral marketers from socialbombers. Moot, you fucking need to filter this shit.

1 hours later 423442070 Anonymous (shitstory70.jpg 1356x96 90kB)

1 hours later 423442313 Anonymous (shitstory71.jpg 1360x231 168kB)

1 hours later 423442373 Anonymous
Shit's starting to look like facebook.

1 hours later 423442482 Anonymous (shitstory72.jpg 1347x269 234kB)

1 hours later 423442654 Anonymous (shitstory73.jpg 1364x391 280kB)

1 hours later 423442725 Anonymous (shitstory74.jpg 473x244 36kB)

1 hours later 423442769 Anonymous
GTFO if you don't like it.

1 hours later 423442859 Anonymous
>>423429890 upvote whore

1 hours later 423442875 Anonymous (shitstory75.jpg 1338x83 65kB)

1 hours later 423443002 Anonymous (shitstory76.jpg 417x218 24kB)

1 hours later 423443072 Anonymous
this is just a test of the emergency broadcast sistem

1 hours later 423443094 Anonymous (shitstory77.jpg 568x275 42kB)
1 more and I'm out.

1 hours later 423443205 Anonymous (shitstory78.jpg 473x215 42kB)

1 hours later 423443264 Anonymous
>>423426930 The new capabilities are nothing but convenient. They don't make your /b/ experience any less enjoyable. Although I will agree that the amount of newfags from Reddit and 9fag is absolutely phenomenal. I remember back in the day when not a single newfag's thread could survive without getting bombarded by oldfags, and now these threads make up a majority of the board. My only home is steadily being destroyed.

1 hours later 423443584 Anonymous
>>423443205 Thank you.

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