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2020-03-18 11:23 22005471 Anonymous (f43ddb78e2c8b526f44b3fe053a5170d1657debb.jpg 342x257 17kB)
How can I cheat on an online exam? It's a math class and he is requiring us to use a webcam and mic. Should I just tape formulas to my monitor? Oh yeah don't give me some bullshit about ethics. This is my second time taking this course and it's not relevant to my major (but required). I've been studying but I'm not sure if it's gonna be enough.

34 min later 22005576 Anonymous
Just accept you'll fail in life sometimes.

36 min later 22005581 Anonymous
>>22005471 Get gud, scrub. You stand to lose far more by getting caught cheating than by just getting a bad grade.

40 min later 22005594 Anonymous
>>22005581 >>22005576 But if I don't pass the class I won't get a degree.

1 hours later 22005650 Anonymous
>>22005471 just keep printouts of relevant material next to you. They will expect you to use a calculator and scratch paper.

1 hours later 22005659 Anonymous
>>22005471 Can't you just keep wikipedia in the other window?

1 hours later 22005666 Anonymous
>>22005650 I'm required to have a webcam and calculators aren't allowed. >>22005659 I think the program will lock me in, but I'm not sure.

1 hours later 22005669 Anonymous
>>22005666 what kind of math class is this? seems like bs

1 hours later 22005718 Anonymous
>>22005666 Tor browser

1 hours later 22005724 Anonymous
>>22005669 Calculus

1 hours later 22005725 Anonymous
>>22005724 Calc I II or III?

1 hours later 22005729 Anonymous
What...are you stupid? Why write it all out and go through all that trouble instead of actually memorizing it?

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