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2020-03-18 10:38 22005348 Anonymous (argumentinvalid 2.jpg 343x400 29kB)
Why do I feel bad at the prospect of improving myself? Why do I feel like I would be... leaving someone (or something) important behind? I feel unworthy of being better, and that's understandable, but this is not. This change is something that attracts me, but also makes me fear loss; the loss of that someone (or something) that I cannot identify. Do you have any experience with anything similar?

5 min later 22005369 Anonymous
You are reshaping yourself, and in doing so you are killing old modes of behavior. Your mind recognizes that it will change, and that your personality will change, and that you will change. In a real sense you are killing your old self to make a new self. This is normal if you're reasonably self aware.

7 min later 22005375 Anonymous
I have those exact feelings occasionally but I have no idea what causes them or how I can prevent it

21 min later 22005411 Anonymous
>>22005369 >In a real sense you are killing your old self to make a new self How can I deal with this feeling, then?

54 min later 22005495 Anonymous
>>22005411 https://youtu.be/I2AplNlb4i0?t=3

59 min later 22005512 Anonymous
>>22005495 I'm not sure I get your point. Do I not deal with it?

59 min later 22005514 Anonymous
>>22005512 >Past self: You've killed me! >New self: Good!

1 hours later 22005544 Anonymous
>>22005514 I feel sorry for what we're calling my "past self" (which is my current self, sadly). Shouldn't I address this issue somehow?

1 hours later 22005670 Anonymous
>>22005544 The past/current you you're leaving behind if new you is a straight improvement is a loser. Don't feel a shred of guilt ditching him.

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