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2020-03-18 09:27 22005137 Anonymous (1275411792166sonho erĂ³tico.jpg 492x356 34kB)
Why are people so rude and mean to me even though I treat them politely? It makes me feel like something is wrong with me, like I give off an eerie vibe or something. Are most people just mean and unpleasant?

14 min later 22005185 Anonymous
>>22005137 Because people are like that, unless you have something of worth to them, it has always been like this for me. T.Basketcase Laughing stock

15 min later 22005190 Anonymous
>>22005137 Some people are not friendly if you dont vibe with them. They might treat you like this because in their eyes you are a nuisance. Different people have different levels of tolerance. Another person might not see you the same way. If this just happens with people in the street you dont even know then they're in a bad mood or are probably having a bad day.

20 min later 22005205 Joey
Anon, people can be mean. If they are, i find its a good filter to get them out of your life. Im the kind of person who vibes with the chads and the nerds, ill stick up for people if they deserve it. It wont be you amigo, dont dwell on it. Remember, you never know what their life is like. Their home could be awful and all this pent up agression is dispensed on you, you should feel sorry for them really.

1 hours later 22005331 Anonymous
Thanks guys, you're cool. Sometimes it just gets to me, ya know

1 hours later 22005424 Anonymous
>>22005137 sometimes people can be hos let me tell you that. sometimes it can be that the vibes you give off appear to make you seem "submissive" so they will disregard you. either way, i emplore you to observe how you behave around people, not just verbally but how you dress, body langauge etc i wish thee luck brother

12 hours later 22006712 Anonymous
>>22005137 Most people are not aggressively rude. Many people are so absorbed in their own problems of the immediate moment that they feel stressed and rushed, and it feels like everyone around them is in their way. So they're brusque and cold, but there is nothing personal to it.

12 hours later 22006723 Anonymous
>>22005137 It's because you browse this site. Browsing this site can warp your perceptions of people since this is one of the places where you are called a retard, brainlet, cringe, idiot, dumbass etc. when you express your actual feelings or any interests you may have. The brain adapts to whatever thinking patterns you give it on a daily basis. When hanging out with a bunch of bitter people and angry teenagers, you tend to see insults and beratements as the norm. Once you go outside, you will see more negative behavior than positive friendly behavior. This can translate to seeing people being "rude" or being "passive aggressive" when they aren't even being rude to begin with. It is the reason why many people here have terrible social anxiety. If you post any life experience you had on here, anons will find ways to make that life experience negative in any way possible. Regular don't do shit like that. If you want all that to stop, simply stop browsing this site. It is not good for you mentally. Go get some postive friends, either online or offline

12 hours later 22006728 Anonymous
>>22005137 Either you live in a shit area where everyone is rude to everyone all the time or your perception is fucked up and you only think everyone is being rude/mean to you.

12 hours later 22006730 Anonymous
>>22005205 Very, very wise stuff. Needed this.

12 hours later 22006740 Anonymous
>>22006723 Thanks for reminding me why I left. Also... if you are aware of this, why are you still here? I felt like being an asshole today so I returned.

12 hours later 22006772 Anonymous
>>22005205 >Remember, you never know what their life is like. Their home could be awful and all this pent up agression is dispensed on you, you should feel sorry for them really. Do you have a license to be this cucked?

13 hours later 22006795 Anonymous
>>22006740 I'm only here for a couple of days. I only cameback because I was curious of what was everyone's reaction to coronavirus from the different sites I used to browse

16 hours later 22007099 Anonymous
because this world is based on value. if you provide no value to the other person by being around them (it can be as simple as being attractive and making them feel good by just being there) then they will naturally reject you. also, it's been shown that people that are pushed away from a young age (anti social people ) tend to stay that way for the rest of their lives. the difficulty with this is that it can be due to circumstances you simply could not control. that's not to say that now all your actions decide your future, because they do. it's to say that you were dealt a shit hand and you will have to do more to be worth other people's time. born ugly? better compensate with skill or intelligence. etc. are people shallow? very much so.

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