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2020-03-18 07:55 22004906 Anonymous GIOYC (IMG_0670.jpg 600x600 19kB)
Get it off your chest here but, show a little class. I express my appreciation for the unsung heroes of the internet and their thankless efforts that provide us with a place where we can go. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt-lm yQG6GI

19 min later 22004943 Anonymous (1375582891020.jpg 551x600 109kB)
tfw text estanged lil bro with coronavirus as icebreaker hahahah now he has to respond

33 min later 22004975 Anonymous
I hate that I'm always putting in the effort. I know we love each other. I have no doubts about your love and loyalty, but FUCK you are so lazy. Sure, you cook for me. But if I don't come over I never see you. You just want to play video games all day with your dog. Yes, you love the fact that I always come by and stay with you, but what if I didn't? It's been a week where I've had the house to myself, yet you can't come over? Bring your fucking console with you if you have to! I'm a shut in too, it's fine, I get it. We like being shut in together. But if you can't put forth any effort into seeing me as much as I do for you then I'm going to lose my fucking mind! I stay at your house nearly every day, despite having to drive an extra 30 minutes to work every morning. If I didn't do that, I'd probably only see you twice a month. I get it, you get separation anxiety from your dog, and she can't be alone in a new place. You can't use her as an excuse forever. What's gonna happen when (if) we move in together. You told me you and your dog had to sleep on a twin bed with your ex for months. Apparently he was worth going through the effort and spending time in his shitty broke-ass appartment. Yet here I am, alone in a 4-bedroom house with a pool, a billiards table and all kinds of space and you can't be bothered to get off your ass. I'm going to stay here, I'm not coming over. We'll see how often we see each other when I stop putting in all the effort...

34 min later 22004977 Anonymous
You think I'd be used to be lonely by now, but at 32 years old it seems to hit harder than ever.

34 min later 22004978 Anonymous
Today I flirted with a *very* attractive girl, to think I could date a girl like that is min blowing. Also I'm sorry about all my drunken insanity, I'm shaping up.

56 min later 22005024 Anonymous (1437590288383.jpg 858x993 84kB)
>Tfw you realize that if your grandmother were to catch the corona virus she would probably die immediately since she's had previous respiratory issues her entire life and catching a virus that targets the respiratory system would be really dangerous >If that happens, I'll be left alone as an unprepared, unqualified, unstable, unwashed neet with no work experience that keeps gettting denied for disability despite being in therapy for 10+ years (and on medication that whole time) and having crippling ocd (that I have to take medicine for)

1 hours later 22005032 Anonymous
i feel more nervous talking to my little bro than any guy ive ever dated. God, I just want him to love me. Pleaaaaase love me. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

1 hours later 22005060 Anonymous
Sometimes I browse your pintrest for little clues as to how you might feel about me. It's the closest I can get you these days. I love you still babe. you're still my woman. Nothing changed about that in my mind, but I know you feel shattered. you have every reason to. It was my fault. I seriously would give up everything I have right now to have you back. I still think you're the one. I think you're my soul mate. I just wish you felt the same and came by and talked to me. I'll be at bullocks point later on today to catch the sunset. It'd make me happy to see you there and chat by the bay where we walked and talked last summer. If I can't have you back, I'd at least like to say to you in person that I am sorry and that I know I wronged you. I love you and I always will. You're fucking amazing.

1 hours later 22005078 Anonymous
I’m not taking the bait. Cry all you want. That you have the audacity to think I would prioritize your feelies over my life & livelihood just shows how egregiously spoiled you must have been in past relationships. I don’t care. And if you try to go nuclear, try to bounce me from the apartment because you don’t want to be in “such a terrible relationship” I will go nuclear in my own way. I can easily sabotage your life, your visa, everything. I’m not that kind of guy, but if you push me, I will show you how cold-blooded I can be to survive. As it is, it’s already in my best self-interest to see you deported & put someone else on the lease, but I won’t. Everything is in my name. It would be easy. You’d be barred from coming back. Everything you worked for here would go up in smoke. I’d keep the apartment, replace you with my friend in a day, start dating women who don’t drive me crazy, and you’d fuck off back to your country. For good. But I won’t. Unless you choose to go there.

1 hours later 22005182 Anonymous
There's this girl that started following me on instagram about a year ago. Never met her, but we have tons of mutual friends so I followed her back. She looks decent, likes lots of movies and songs that I like too, likes every pic I upload and watches every story I post, sometimes even replies with an emoji or something, and she even sent me a random spongebob meme this one time. And yet, because I'm a pussy virgin I never dared asking her out or even tried starting a conversation with her. Back when she started following me I told myself that she was probably acting this way to all the guys she follows, and now I just figure she'll see I'm a pussy for taking so long to start talking to her. I know that I should talk to her either way, but I just don't have the balls..

2 hours later 22005291 Anonymous
My bf truley is the love of my life. I can say that with no doubt or shame....but I just have a strange feeling that I am going to lose it all. Often times I sit in our apartment and look around and get the feeling that I need to soak it all in...that I am not going to stay...that he will send me away to be free and find a girl who suits him more...it's a bittersweet feeling to love someone with all of your heart and soul, but to just not be able to make that person happy.

2 hours later 22005305 Anonymous
>>22005032 Uuhhh... what kinda of love?

2 hours later 22005364 Anonymous
Friend made a dumbass decision to buy a plane ticket to Canada when they were talking about shutting the borders, and surprise, she got turned away. Not looking forward to dealing with the inevitable rant.

3 hours later 22005469 Anonymous (1584401745840.jpg 480x608 71kB)
Left the bad place full of shitheads, took off the mask, and went back to the people I used to know. One "welcome back" meant more to me than any other conversation I'd had in the previous months, and within a half hour I could already feel myself getting rid of any lingering regret. The few faces that weren't hostile to me would eventually have become so anyway, and now I'm back with people that I know and who appreciate me like I do them, without guilting me into anything or fucking with my head until I lose sight of myself and my morals. I hadn't even realized just how good the others were with messing with my head. It was never a matter of me just being a dick for no reason. I had valid reasons, and the people around me were too far up their own horny asses to hear. And now I can maybe start the recovery process.

3 hours later 22005480 Anonymous
The freeze up more and more, the closer I get to achievement.

3 hours later 22005487 Anonymous
>>22005032 uh oh

3 hours later 22005491 Anonymous
>>22005060 awwww

3 hours later 22005502 Anonymous (pain.jpg 960x944 61kB)
>>22004906 i wanna be wifed so hard rn

3 hours later 22005522 Anonymous
I could tell you wanted me to smash before you left to move in with your bf across the country. My brother noticed it too. I was turned on by the situation. Cheating is my fetish. I hate it, but it’s true. And you were dropping a lot of hints. The truth is, I’m just not attracted to you. I don’t have super high standards, really, but I don’t fuck fatties. Your loss.

3 hours later 22005533 Anonymous
I was really badly sick today and had to go to the hospital, turns out i'm prediabetic now.

3 hours later 22005545 Anonymous
Lol! I found this old log on my old laptop (replaced username with M) [2014/01/06 16:56] M: seems like most of the hackers are from 4chan [2014/01/06 16:56] M: not good for me [2014/01/06 16:56] M: cause [2014/01/06 16:56] M: i dont know a lot of memes on there [2014/01/06 16:57] M: and it fucks me up [2014/01/06 16:57] M: I'd rather just....stay away [2014/01/06 16:57] M: they are toxic [2014/01/06 16:57] M: I dont need this shit in my life anymore.

3 hours later 22005562 Anonymous
It's odd how you'll end up remembering someone just by a few key things...I remember some details he told me about his ex and his baby. I remember him being an asshole to me and him telling me he was accused of domestic violence. I remember getting stoned and chilling out. Now, I read back and there is so much more intimate things I forgot...I wonder how many people I've done that to in the past. Remember them by a few details.

4 hours later 22005570 Anonymous
>>22005533 just take it as a warning...eat low carb and exercise after every meal. You can take goats rue as well.

4 hours later 22005600 Anonymous
He wasn't all that attractive but I liked him...until he turned into a major asshole.

4 hours later 22005603 Anonymous
>>22005545 You cheeky sonofaditch.

4 hours later 22005615 Anonymous
I'm very ashamed of myself but I'm too tired to worry about it. All I can say is sorry and I know I won't do it again because I'm way too busy to get into trouble now.

4 hours later 22005635 Anonymous
For every promise unkept a chihuahua is barking somewhere.

4 hours later 22005639 Anonymous (FB_IMG_1584557499742.jpg 938x960 67kB)
>share post about restaurants and public locations closing due to virus scare, and how people are exaggerating and giving in to media fear >get called self centered and comments from high school nobodies who haven't spoken to me in years Am I wrong? My intent isn't to be an asshole, but I'm sorry that I'm not a sheep willing to accept everything at face value. Numbers can be easily fabricated. Who are these sick people? Why are there no names or photos? I honestly think this scare is part of something bigger. But I seem to be in the minority

4 hours later 22005642 Anonymous
I'm never going to be able to father children and it makes me feel like a failure as a man. I jumped through all the hoops I was supposed to to get out of being a worthless, sexless, nerd. I improved my appearance, got a better job, got the car and the house, found a woman that I wanted to start a family with. I busted my ass to get here and now I'm told that it was all for naught. Two years of negative tests, each one a blow to my self worth. I'm at the point where my only options to become a father cost tens of thousands of dollars - and even then the odds aren't in my favor. I just wish I could come to terms with being a genetic dead end and a failure, but I'm at the point where I want to quit my job, leave my wife, spend the last of my money on hookers and blow and end it all. I feel like I have no future.

4 hours later 22005655 Anonymous
>>22005639 >Am I wrong Nah. It isn't wrong to not believe something that everyone is saying but you see no evidence. Second hand information from people of unknown credentials. You can always bet your ass that, real or not, there are people taking advantage of the opportunity. Never let a disaster go to waste.

4 hours later 22005658 Anonymous
>>22005570 Yeah but it was one hell of an awful warning given how sick i was feeling. I thought it was a stomach bug

4 hours later 22005672 Anonymous
>>22005658 Yeah it sucks to be diagnosed with health issues.

4 hours later 22005673 Anonymous
>>22005600 Sorry, I fuck up a lot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvI GgN-McsY&list=RDEvIGgN-McsY&start_r adio=1

4 hours later 22005694 Anonymous
>have corona >pretty mild but chest irritation/flutter is enough to make me cautious, staying home >bought colloidal silver on amazon because people were recommending it for antiviral properties >took a small sip about 2 hours ago >suddenly get a bad headache and feel dizzy >turns out there is something called “Herxheimer effect”, supposedly rare, that the first time you use c.s. you can get a headache, cold symptoms, and even the shits >of course i get it for someone supposedly perfectly healthy i sure have shitty health. every time a cold goes around the office, i catch it, so of course i would catch corona, especially since i take the bus. now this. man. this stupid silver better work for all this shit.

5 hours later 22005734 Anonymous
>>22005673 He wasn't the type of guy to apologize for anything.

5 hours later 22005743 Anonymous
There is nothing I hate more than some idiot thinking he is smarter than he really is. Your dad has terrible reviews and is a failure in life...look at yourself. He raised that. Enough said.

5 hours later 22005748 Anonymous
Interesting tests, not insightful results. Like father, like son. Does he know his son fucked his wife?`

6 hours later 22005809 Anonymous
I masturbated to the rape scene from "Irreversible" (2002) multiple times. I have no idea why I find that so hot.

6 hours later 22005851 Anonymous
>>22005673 Thanks for the song though.

6 hours later 22005852 Anonymous
This is all going to sound very entitled, so I'm just going to put it up front that I recognise that I'm lucky. So I decided to start job hunting in Jan after being out of work for a year (took a year off overseas). After a long process I ended up with two good job offers - turns out my skills were in high demand, feels good man. One was for a higher position at a medium size company, but it was basically my dream role. Good pay, guaranteed promotion in first 6 months due to lack of leadership candidates, I knew people in the company and knew it was a great place. Then this fucking virus basically kills the company (they're dependent on tourism money) as I was making a decision and they rescind my offer. Basically the moment after Trump makes his EU ban announcement. They'll survive, but all hiring is off and they're liable to have to fire people. So I was forced to accept the other offer. Slightly higher pay, but nowhere near as much career potential. I'm stuck between being happy I was able to get a job in this economy, and being bummed that this virus is basically delaying my career by 2 years (the minimum amount of time I intend to spend at any company that isn't fucking me over/underpaying me), even though I already spent 2 extra years on uni I didn't need to spend, and took a year off last year. Add to the fact that I'm lonely, 28, and I've never been in a relationship with the opposite gender, and I'm feeling pretty depressed. I should be happy and grateful that I'm not starving, but all I can think of is how I'm getting older and with my mother "helpfully" reminding me that I'm single every single fucking day, I'm close to breaking. My biggest fear is that I'll lose this new job and hence lose what little self esteem I have left.

6 hours later 22005862 Anonymous
I made some terrible, terrible choices. The person I live with is extremely anxious about the corona virus, going into almost hysterical states because of it. They're convinced they'll die if they get it (due to family health issues in the past and a life of heavy smoking and drinking) and once before this whole thing got started they said they'd "take all of us with them", specifically another one of our friends and I, by going and coughing on everyone. I've got a fever. I'm sure of it. I think so at least - never had a fever before, but I'm 99% sure I'm right. I'm too scared to talk about it, because I think they will kill me. I'm scared they'll get hysterical and kill me if they get it, blaming me for their incoming "death". That's more likely than me dying from the virus at least. I think. I know I'm crazy too, but I know a red flag when I see one. I was just too much of a doormat, too willing to put that scary stuff aside and just chill with my vidya, than do anything to keep myself safe. Well, guess that's my fault for my shitty decisions. There's no way I'll get any help. They won't take me to a hospital to recover because as of right now I only have a fever. I can't check in to a hospital or go to a mental hospital or something, because I'll be a risk. Same for my other friends - I doubt they'd want to risk their own families. My real family is too far away to help. I'm thinking of just running away, but I don't know if that'll just end up making things worse. What if I call the police, or an ambulance, and they just force me back there? Then they'll definitely kill me. Hell, if they saw this post they might kill me for it - this level of fear for someone who's supposed to be my friend is one hell of a betrayal. It would've been nice to be able to check my temperature to be sure, but unfortunately there hasn't been any in stock anywhere for a while and I can't afford any of the ones on Amazon. Guess I'll just die, huh?

6 hours later 22005869 Anonymous (1516580878845.png 611x558 382kB)
>having a hard time finding a job >finish up old projects, build up my portfolio >apply to job >did a phone screening on monday with HR rep >she just talks about the company, asks me to go through my resume a bit >she says to expect an email on wednesday morning and the next step would be a skype interview because of the virus >if I don't hear anything she said I can email them >heard nothing, emailed them, still heard nothing I know there's a pandemic going on and I should be patient but I'm paranoid. I really want this job.

6 hours later 22005886 Anonymous
>>22005869 Don't know what timezone you're in, but I wouldn't sweat it so much. If anything I'd have waited 2 days while continuing to apply to other jobs in the meantime. Either way, nothing to do except apply for other jobs. There's still a good chance they'll reply, companies run late all the time on getting back to candidates, especially if HR is understaffed. It's possible that HR is involved with getting people at your company working from home.

6 hours later 22005903 Anonymous
>>22005734 >>22005851 NP, glad I'm not who you're talking about cause you have a lot of venom for them. Cheers

7 hours later 22005929 Anonymous
I can't quite put my finger on you. You're cute and we have a couple big, important things in common, but then I think about the rest of you and wish literally all of it was different. You don't seem that into me, either. But given the chance to do so we will spend the entire day together. I'm wondering if we just show we care in ways that the other person doesn't pick up on.

7 hours later 22005935 Anonymous
>>22005903 No venom at all really, I still love all my exes in some way.

7 hours later 22005939 Anonymous
The cough is worse. Time to reset the hibernation timer.

7 hours later 22005940 Anonymous
I annoy hyper logical people. They always say don't be so cryptic, just say it, etc etc. That's not the way I operate, we will never get along.

7 hours later 22005944 Anonymous
>>22005886 Eastern time zone. My friend thinks it's a test to see if I actually want the job, so if I didn't email them it meant I didn't care. I was supposed to have another interview tomorrow but it's postponed until sometime next month. Oddly enough both jobs emailed me on the same day, despite me having such a hard time finding work in the past. I'm pretty sure the whole company is understaffed, which is why they're on a bit of a hiring spree right now.

7 hours later 22005951 Anonymous
People laugh at David Icke for the lizard people thing but he has a lot more to say. I watched some of an interview he just did on the coronavirus and it's pretty much exactly what I've been thinking. No person is 100% right about anything. So eliminating bills, getting rid of rights, imposing more government control, eliminating small businesses, crashing the economy...it's all their plan. Makes complete sense.

7 hours later 22005955 Anonymous
>>22005944 If they're playing those sorts of games they're a pretty shitty workplace. I wouldn't worry too much, just keep job hunting, maybe follow up once a week for the next couple of weeks, and then once after a month, and from then on the ball's in their court and you can consider them "done" unless they get back to you.

7 hours later 22005956 Anonymous
I'm dead scared of those Hispanic knife gangs that stab you a million times in less than a minute It sounds like a quick way to go but holy shit you literally have no way of stopping it if you're alone unless you're armed and quick

7 hours later 22005960 Anonymous
Two songs for 'you' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDU jeR01wnU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vup wAFMXLkA

7 hours later 22005967 Anonymous
This is because of what you did to me, and you know it. All of this is because of what you did. All of it. If you’d done the right thing, this would not have happened. And it wasn’t an accident, either. It was deliberate. You deliberately killed a unicorn. You cut off it’s horn and called it an ugly old horse. Thus you unleashed hell on the world. And you will pay dearly.

7 hours later 22005972 Anonymous
That pretty much sums it all up right there. Not to say some of it isn't romantic, not to say that I don't get caught up in the moment. It's hard not to.

7 hours later 22005976 Anonymous
It gives me some pleasure knowing your affair with her that led to our divorce and therefore your relationship with her has a 3% chance of surviving. Good for you getting new pussy, congrats you garbage! You lost your family and wonderful home life we provided you for 8 years. With your mummy’s help, and daddy’s help, and sissy’s help, and now you’re homeless at 28 and your kid hates you. And she’ll hate you in the future when I recall you raping me, hitting and hurting me, with pics and videos to prove it. What a fucking loser. Watch me glow up now and attempt to windex your bullshit publicly before some other poor girl is sucked in to your narcissistic blood family.

7 hours later 22005985 Anonymous
>>22005967 Wow, one person is responsible for unleashing hell!? I sure wanna know who that is.

7 hours later 22005988 Anonymous
meh, you suck

7 hours later 22005996 Anonymous
>>22005988 So I've been told.

7 hours later 22006005 Anonymous
>>22005955 reviews of the company are actually pretty good, so i don't think they're playing games with me, but at the same time i don't want to appear disinterested

7 hours later 22006007 Anonymous
>>22005951 Wisdom.

7 hours later 22006010 Anonymous
>>22005960 Appreciated.

8 hours later 22006074 Anonymous (82979053_1319926961546040_5515957619862274048_o.jpg 747x960 76kB)
>>22005032 F-fine.

8 hours later 22006105 Anonymous
>>22005642 If I could I would give you my fertility anon. You deserve it more than I do, I'll probably never be a father myself and I dont deserve to be one. I was too weak, always have been. Have you checked your sperm quality with your physician? Sometimes I feel like god made a mistake when he made me, I look like I have what's needed on the surface. I dont have a problem attracting women but Ill never be able to sustain a relationship with anyone. It all seems like a cruel joke when genetics decide certain things.

8 hours later 22006106 Anonymous
Why does she need to cook corned beef for Siant Pactrick's day, every year? We aren't even Irish. Taste good, eat too much. Oh, my stomach.

8 hours later 22006110 Anonymous
>>22005642 Have you seen an actual endocrinologist? Doctors are stupid lazy fucks. Don't know your situation but, they have shots and pills for most of that stuff.

9 hours later 22006115 Anonymous
I hate this dilemma. I want to break up with my bf so he won't have to deal with me and let him find someone better who can make him enjoy life to the fullest, but I also want to stay with him and work things out. I.. feel like we're not compatible anymore and I'm just a hindrance to his freedom and happiness.

9 hours later 22006125 Anonymous
>>22006115 That's silly. It's up to him, what makes him happy.

9 hours later 22006129 Anonymous
>>22006115 Let him decide what he wants, if he's with you now there's a reason.

9 hours later 22006178 Anonymous
Up until this year I couldn't be bothered with dating. I just didn't see the point in it, and on every one of the few rare dates I went on it reinforced my belief that I wasn't interesting enough for girls yet. Well this year I finally felt like I was interesting enough and I began dating more often. But now this virus hits, and my parents have all sorts of health problems, so I feel obliged to look after them given how much they've done for me over the years (well into my mid-20s). I'm not the type of person that could leave my parents to fend for themselves, so all I see in my future is being stuck at home for 20 years looking after their needs. I can't even kill myself because that would leave my parents in a worse situation. Ultimately I feel lonely, and I feel anxious. I hate myself for wasting my youth, and these days I'm rejecting more and more people out of concern that I'll fall into the virgin trap of marrying/having kids with the first person I get close with.

9 hours later 22006185 Anonymous
>>22006178 So what is it you want anon? You want to date but are afraid of ending up with the first girl? How do you know she isn't the best girl you can date? What if you click that well and over time end up committing long term? I can understand what the virgin trap is supposed to be but I think it really only applies to people that date in a desperate state.

10 hours later 22006225 Anonymous
>>22006185 It's a fair point. Maybe I'm just afraid of commitment. Maybe I've been burned enough times where I thought things were going well only for the girl to ghost me or flat out tell me that she liked me but wasn't as attracted as she initially was anymore. Ultimately the biggest reason I'm being so selective is because of how little time I have these days. I feel like if I'm dating someone who doesn't share enough of the same interests or personality traits, then the chances of it working out feel negligible.

10 hours later 22006246 Anonymous
I made the mistake of browsing her Instagram. She's studying and happy and there's some guy who likes all her posts She was amazing. I wish I had treated my mental issues earlier rather than frighten her away with my issues I'll never love anyone again, certainly not how we loved each other

10 hours later 22006252 Anonymous
>>22006225 I think this is something men in general have to understand when they're dating. Set realistic expectations and unless you get really lucky with someone chances are if there are better guys out there some people will choose them over you. Not everyone will do this, but you don't know. If you're not up there you can try to get up there and if you can't don't stop and waste time because you're disappointed, a lot of guys do this and then when they wake up again they missed other opportunities they could've taken. Always try to choose wisely but be realistic. There's a limit to youth but don't let it pressure you into desperation and then date and make bad choices.

10 hours later 22006263 Anonymous
>>22006252 I know, I'm just finding it a difficult pill to swallow. I've historically been on the top, and I know that doesn't make me entitled to anything, but I felt like being the top of my school, the near the top of my university (top 20 world uni), quite athletic in my earlier years, and now being paid $180k a year should put me in some sort of high tier. I know ultimately I have a boring and flawed personality. Nobody's ever called me an asshole, but I guess I'm too interested in nerdy things. I'm a bit too frugal given my income, too, I guess. I'd rather take public transport than own a car, I'd rather cook healthy food at home than eat out at expensive restaurants. Most girls I meet probably think I'm poor (my family certainly isn't wealthy and we live in a not so wealthy area), but I'd rather they think that then come after me for the money.

10 hours later 22006271 Anonymous
The hour is upon us! I'm just saying.

10 hours later 22006274 Anonymous
>>22006263 Well, you don't sound like a bad guy anon. If I had to judge you from what you said alone you sound pretty ok to me, I don't see why you'd struggle too much though I can see personality definitely being a thing with a lot of women out there. This varies by individual though of course. Out of curiosity how would you rate yourself physically speaking? If you're at least average you should be ok there too even if you lived in an area where you'd be compared with different people from around the world.

10 hours later 22006281 Anonymous
>>22006274 Appreciate the compliment. Used to get comments that I was attractive, these days I think my face has improved but definitely gained a few pounds. Not fat, just paunchy. Working on it, but it's hard to lose weight when you're depressed. I guess getting fit should be my focus.

10 hours later 22006284 Anonymous
im lonely and sad. went on a first date that went really well, ended up making out at the end of the night and had a great time. then this whole crisis happened. i really want to meet up with her again, even just to be in each other's company and to do something goofy. she's been distant since, which is understandable but it bums me out a lot. i'd even do a "social distance" date if that's what she wanted. fucking chinks.

10 hours later 22006290 Anonymous
My bf hasn't fucked me in weeks. Then, this morning, I can't find my phone so I use his phone for something. First link up is fucking porn. Are you kidding me? So he's neglecting me for fucking porn. And it's cuck porn, "satisfied wife" being fucked by a black guy, shit like "underwear fitter master gets to fuck", "lingerie model porn", just the absolute dumbest and weirdest shit. It's mature women, fatties, asians- what the fuck? Honestly, I know he was a virgin before me, but what the fuck? You have a real life women that wants to you fuck, and you are turning down my advances for porn? I'm gonna confront him and fucking dump him if he doesn't cut the shit. I'm gonna point blank say this shit is fucking disgusting and it's fucking up our sex life and if he doesn't stop he can just COOOOOM by himself and have no fucking gf anymore. Fucking FAGGOT

10 hours later 22006293 Anonymous
Seen cute girl today. Yea she was mean

10 hours later 22006295 Anonymous
>>22006290 sucks but i feel for him. if you don't engage in sexual contact before a certain age it can be super difficult to find pleasure in actual sex

10 hours later 22006300 Anonymous
Man she made me a weirdo deliberately. Shit was just unnecessary

10 hours later 22006301 Anonymous
>>22006295 You have no idea how much I compromise on, too. He's morbidly obese, sucks at taking sex advice (slower strokes, licking my pussy a different way, BAREBONES shit), and has had every erection issue under the sun (trouble staying hard, trouble cumming, cumming too fast, not being able to FEEL when he's cumming or control his orgasm at all, etc). I am just... after 6 years... I am just so tired. I fantasize about having sex with every attractive person I meet. I'm so starved for affection.

10 hours later 22006304 Anonymous
I let it go I think my life just not that complicatedl

10 hours later 22006305 Anonymous
>>22006290 You're in the right femanon, he should be grateful he has someone like you. Weeks without sex is murder if your drive works.

11 hours later 22006323 Anonymous
>>22006301 sounds tiring. confront him and be honest, like you have planned

11 hours later 22006337 Anonymous
You're so goddamn picky.

11 hours later 22006382 Anonymous
>>22006337 Mind your own business.

11 hours later 22006421 Anonymous
Way too well behaved in here. Why you so serious?

11 hours later 22006422 Anonymous
I'm really fucking mad right now. Well, to be more specific I'm really fucking frustrated. The fact that I can't do anything BUT be frustrated frustrates me even more.

11 hours later 22006441 Anonymous
>>22006422 That's some mind twisting stuff, anon.

11 hours later 22006459 Anonymous
I'm getting pretty sick of you bougieboys treating this quarantine like it's an everyday party. It's not. You want to let your health (physical, mental, spiritual) go to shit that's your choice. But why do you have to drag everyone into it? Have you considered that your acting different is more of a telltale sign of anxiety than me craving normalcy?

11 hours later 22006462 Anonymous
>>22005060 Oh fuck this hurt my feels. I'm there with you

12 hours later 22006479 Anonymous
I wish I just get my shit together

12 hours later 22006527 Anonymous
I don't know why I can't keep up with the rigmarole. I suppose I'm content with my personal life.

12 hours later 22006536 Anonymous (1569203044956.png 186x110 33kB)
I am starting to think about suicide again because of all this stuff going on. The world is terrifying me and I don't want to see what happens to everyone. I don't want to see people dying

12 hours later 22006550 Anonymous
>>22006536 That don't make no sense, my fren.

12 hours later 22006555 Anonymous
>>22006550 I am just so stressed that part of me would rather just die than face the daily terrible news I never said it made sense I just have anxiety and I'm terrified

12 hours later 22006561 Anonymous
I'm getting tested for the virus in about 12 hours. If it's positive, I'll probably just kill myself, not because of media hype but because I know with my conditions I'd probably be fucked. Hell, I may just hop in my car, drive the 11 hours and blow my brains out on her front porch

12 hours later 22006569 Anonymous
It's become clear to me now that you guys miss your parents. You crave a parental figure, and in the absence of one you behave like children, even though you're adults. That's why I have to be your dad. I don't want to be, but it seems you need it.

12 hours later 22006576 Anonymous
>>22006561 Don't do that, don't make anyone see something that horrible. You're young aren't you I don't think you would die anyway.

12 hours later 22006583 Anonymous
>>22006576 I'm immunocompromised with the lung function of barely one healthy lung. Youth has nothing to do with it. And fuck her. She made the remainder of my life hell, might as well return the favor

12 hours later 22006587 Anonymous
>>22006555 This shit happens every election cycle. Relax Anon.

12 hours later 22006590 Anonymous
>>22006583 You're saying you have AIDS? Did she give it to you?

12 hours later 22006592 Anonymous
>>22006590 I've got a chronic genetic condition

12 hours later 22006601 Anonymous
>>22006587 What the fuck are you talking about, there is a global pandemic and the fucking world is shut down

12 hours later 22006607 Anonymous
>>22006601 Everything has to be bigger and better than the last time.

12 hours later 22006622 Anonymous (IMG_0701.jpg 474x392 41kB)
>>22006601 Some dates are rounded for October, where cards are put on the table. Anything in between? Note that Bush served 2 terms.

12 hours later 22006623 Anonymous
>>22006601 >2002/3 - SARS (SARS-CoV), ~10% fatality rate, discussed in the 2004 election >2015 - MERS (2012-nCoV), discussed in the 2016 election >2019 - COVID-19, shit going down now Coronaviruses happen. The current strain is directly related to the outbreak from 18 years ago. The economies are going to hiccup for a couple months and it will be business as usual shortly after

13 hours later 22006632 Anonymous
>>22005940 ... Then your just fucking with people’s time.

13 hours later 22006640 Anonymous (50EA3C37-0931-4FCA-9176-9D3D26304B23.jpg 372x527 104kB)
>>22005988 & you swallow.

13 hours later 22006669 Anonymous
>>22006293 The mean ones are the ones the love the hardest my dude.

13 hours later 22006672 Anonymous
I don't feel good enough for my bf or anyone, even if he's really good to me, when we are together sometimes I feel undeserving. He says he loves me, wants to marry me, live together right away, comforts me.. why am I so messed up?

13 hours later 22006685 Anonymous (B4203266-8077-4803-BE88-2E0B6F58E741.jpg 1840x2500 979kB)
In my 20s difficult to obtain job, but at least I put effort. Issue is I look very young & I get compliments that people say I’m cute.. Not happy about that cause people will treat me like a child.. Try to get into community college for IT.. Not really enjoying this shit. I want to pressure Audio Production Crew in Concerts!.. ugh. Trying to escape this “Neet” life & start saving try to at least have relationship so I can have experience. Feeling somewhat moderate. Sometimes I wish I was happy.. But I need to work smarter for the things I desire in life if I put effort.. Also... I’m very lazy.

13 hours later 22006701 Anonymous
>>22006672 You need to really appreciate the values of these things & learn to accept them. Or your just ungrateful or not thinking enough.. Yes it’s okay to be humble about it.. But putting yourself in this hole you made for yourself is just dumb..

13 hours later 22006718 Anonymous
>>22004906 >be me >waiting for the exchange rate for bitcoin to going up >boring >go to twitch >residentsleeper xQc pepega >go to reddit >loses some braincells >go to 4chan >loses more even braincells >continue working on project at work (‘DevOps Engineer’). And coding some shit about OpenBSD and FreeBSD >compile error >boring >boring... >bright shinny light bulb came out of nowhere above my head >got an idea >going to some normie discord server from my own country >day 1 still strong but sent in jail/muted for saying "shit" >i finally get entertained >this is fun >day 2 finally roasting the whole server including most admin except the founder (because he's not a normie) >literally they got triggered because of Elon Musk's opinion on his podcast with Joe Rogan about how bad Instagram is >more people trying to bully me as the time goes >pretend to be retarded and not counter they brainless argument, so they loses their mind (reverse psychology) >ohhh... I'm so glad I learned about how human behavior by reading (Thinking Fast and Slow) best book to manipulate people >finally after 20 minutes (decided so because that's the average human can focus) talking to one of the admin and trying to be innocent at first >she invites me to voice chat >pretend to be innocent and compliment her >glad that I finally can talked to someone who isn't braindead or can't speak proper English >but it turns out she's normie so stop manipulate and being interest, even though she has cute voice oWo >telling me that I was wrong and should apologize to everyone even though I did nothing wrong >saying that it's because I was being too sensitive with my word, when literally all the topics and conversation on internet is like that >imagine being triggered on internet, if you don't want to get triggered then don't go to internet >if you don't want to get bullied for your looks then don't be instagram fake influencer >more people joined on vc (total 5) >including robin kekw

13 hours later 22006722 Anonymous
>>22004906 >turned out he's actually female omegalul >now I know why she's triggered in the first place >because she's a women kekw >being an orbiter and trying to repeat my argument >they are all getting even angry >girl named Annie left the vc because she probably loses her mind irl >at the end they ban me to remove their existential crisis in their head >that was 2 days of fun >probably will do it again with other normie server that doesn't have freedom of speech on Discord with different name of course you 4head

13 hours later 22006727 Anonymous
I'm finally getting some real beard hair in my blonde beard. I'mma grow this bitch out.

14 hours later 22006750 Anonymous
Goodnight Anonchans.

14 hours later 22006780 Anonymous (ibp3dxZy2Vys4F.png 848x900 677kB)
I am bad at everything I do. Regardless of effort or time spent practicing. Video games, programming, my job, cooking, cleaning, home maintenance, budgeting, exercise, eating, etc... All rubbish. There is not a single thing that I can say, "I'm good at that" without reducing it to some ridiculously low threshold. Such as, "Oh you're good at filing because you can put things in alphabetical order! Gotcha anon you're good at something!". I am the truest of losers. One just mediocre enough to be self sufficient yet also so intensely lacking in talent that they won't even scratch the surface of what is possible in life. The frustration, hopelessness, and guilt are sometimes too much to bear when you've had a while days worth of failure. I hate myself in such a profound way that I lack the proper vocabulary to describe my self loathing. If only I had been born with some innate talent... Something.

14 hours later 22006784 Anonymous
>>22006701 I'm not ungrateful fuck you lol. I just have doubts that we should even be together, I don't think of myself as others see me. He isn't perfect either.. he has a very social life, many female friends, talks about girls he fucked before, drinks and parties, besides that really nice but it's so sudden I wonder if it's even real. I enjoy it for what it is, but I'm not convinced this will last long.

14 hours later 22006817 Anonymous
You are the most despicable, disgusting, poisonous person I have ever met. The facade you create is not some external force making you into a victim; it is the conscious efforts used to hide that which you delude yourself into thinking are "personality quirks". I am not faulting you for having flaws and insecurities. I am blaming you for refusing to actually put in work to fix them and letting yourself victimize whomever as long as you feel good about yourself. You are a psychic parasite embedded in me. I would do damn near anything to cut you out. I just want to be free from you.

14 hours later 22006820 Anonymous
>>22006817 Be free little butterfly

14 hours later 22006829 Anonymous
>>22006780 Take an actual interest

15 hours later 22006835 Anonymous
>>22006817 Well that was a lie

15 hours later 22006837 Anonymous
>>22006835 What was a lie

15 hours later 22006850 Anonymous
I hate introverts physically, I despise those kinds of people. I can hardly bear to talk to them. They have the Chaplin disease. That particular combination of arrogance and timidity sets my teeth on edge. They are arrogant. Like all people with timid personalities, their arrogance is unlimited. And that makes me almost nauseous with anger and disgust. Anybody who speaks quietly and shrivels up in company is unbelievably arrogant. He acts shy, but he’s not. He’s afraid. He hates himself, and he loves himself, a very tense situation. To me, it’s the most embarrassing thing in the world—a man who presents himself at his worst to get laughs, in order to free himself from his hang-ups. Introverts are ridiculously arrogant. Their "humbleness" is arrogance. Their "shyness" is arrogance. They are as arrogant as anyone else. But you won't know that because they are afraid. They don't talk much not because they are shy or quiet, but because they are afraid. Afraid of being made fun of, afraid of being humiliated. Afraid of other people. This is where the arrogance, and the contradiction comes in. Introverts crave validation; they crave it more than any extrovert. They want to be praised, they want to be glorified. But the fear of humiliation prevents them from striving for it. It makes them paranoid. That fear drives them to hate everyone else, to antagonize everyone else, to sit in a corner and spit on everyone who passes by. Now, what will our poor little introvert do now that he can't get his validation from other people? He will be put on a pedestal, by himself; he will rub the nose of others in the dirt, by himself, all in his own mind. This is why they are so passive aggressive: they don't need to bring you down physically, you are already humiliated in their own minds.

15 hours later 22006855 Anonymous
>>22006850 >all introverts are timid Try using your head m8.

15 hours later 22006856 Anonymous
Their patronizing tone, their false sense of humbleness, their self-depreciation; it all makes me nauseous. I want to hold them by the ears, and scream in their faces at the top of my lungs. To beg them, please, raise your head and stop smiling at yourself. That you are not so superior to me that you have to resort to humiliation to bring yourself down to my level. I want to humiliate them. I want to humiliate them till they lose that sense of pride. I want them to be humiliated by others, again and again and again, until their deformed and exaggerated sense of pride and self-esteem gets grounded into dust, so that they can rebuild it to be normal like the others. I want to punch their lying faces. I want to cause them great pain. Not to cause them injury; nor to humiliate them. But to make their faces become angry, frightened, weeping – anything but that smug, almost anaesthetized serenity they wear everywhere. To break that shell of humility, to scratch away that veneer of humbleness, to reveal the haughtiness and hypocrisy inside. Hypocrisy? Yes, they are hypocrites. Arrogant people are by nature hypocrites. They have impossible standards for others while forgiving themselves their own transgressions. How else do you think they keep up their façade of humble superiority? Another aspect of their hypocrisy is their sensitivity and cruelty. Introverts are sensitive, that much is true, and also a well-known fact. What most people are not aware about is the unusual cruelty of introverts. They can be very cruel. This is because they believe they are more “emotional” beings, able to feel and appreciate the finer sensations, while other people are Neanderthals whose amplitude of both sadness and happiness is minute. They’re not cruel because they’re sadistic or heartless, they simply don’t believe others feel the same way as they do.

15 hours later 22006859 Anonymous
The mind of an introvert is inbred. The prejudices it holds feed off themselves, and the biases festering within confirm themselves. It returns, again and again, back to itself for comfort and validation, like a spiral circling inwards ad infinitum. (This inbreeding of thought sometimes leads to a very deformed and ugly view of other people and the world. No surprise then at the fact that sadists, masochist, fetishists, serial killers, are more often than not introverts). As I said before, introverts get validation from themselves. External input is filtered to remove anything which might affect their prejudices and biases. This is why they appear to be so neutral, not because they are actually so, but because they are afraid to bring out their opinions into the glare of public scrutiny. They start getting anxiety at the thought of people picking away at their precious little values in the broad daylight. At the thought that their worldview might be wrong. All they want to do is to sit in the dark and let their biases and prejudices fester while quietly smiling to themselves in their surety. Not surprising since their entire world is closed up like a tightly wound ball of yarn inside their minds. Unlike extroverts, who are more receptive in that they welcome feedback from the outside, introverts are not so, they rarely ever change their inert minds, no matter how much evidence you throw at them. They are stubborn, afraid of change, unreactive and often they mistake this stubbornness, which originates from fear, as integrity.

15 hours later 22006898 Anonymous
Why are guys so fucking stupid? I've told my boyfriend a million times to be GENTLE when he touches me but all he knows how to do is grab at my skin like a fucking pincer. Shit hurts. I've told him a million times to not grab, stroke and brush, but he still just grabs and can only handle me roughly. If any of you guys do this, cut this shit out, it's going to destroy relationships.

15 hours later 22006907 Anonymous
>>22006856 Who's they?

15 hours later 22006912 Anonymous
I HATE MY DENTIST I CALLED AND SAID IT WAS AN EMERGENCY it wasn't but I got tartar and my gums are becoming sensitive, I've never had that and I need to get that shit cleaned asap because I'm close to breaking down and crying. I'm actually really sensitive about my health.... But my faggot dentist rescheduled all the way to the end of April, by which time half my teeth will have fallen out, my frontal gums will have become severely infected, and probably half my mouth is lost to gangrene, and then he wants to check up on my mouth. Fuck him I called another dentist who could have me in by tomorrow so I'm going there. It's not going to be a deep cleaning since the mouth cleaning specialist isn't working but if the dentist can work some magic then surely 95% will be gone and the 5% left will be controllable to survive until I can get an actual specialist to cleanse my mouth from the filth that infested it.

15 hours later 22006913 Anonymous
God everybody's fucking stupid and I can't fucking stand it.

15 hours later 22006927 Anonymous
>>22006859 you know, you could do this whole thing for extroverts and complain about how easily they change their minds because they're mindless drones who are just being pushed around by smarter folks yada yada yada these platitudes apply to some degree to nearly everyone hell no one likes it when others start picking at their ideas that's what's important to realise, these statements are empty platitudes

15 hours later 22006939 Anonymous
>>22006927 Honestly, I realize it's not very nice of me, but I got a well-needed laugh out of how much that rant sounded like some klan member trying to give a defense of phrenology.

16 hours later 22006952 Anonymous (received_1821509517982979.png 523x720 663kB)
I had a wild night downtown a few days ago. I ended up splitting a hotel room and fooling around with a this sketchy girl I met. Things got crazy and she asked me to put in her butt, but I didn't have a condom so I couldn't go through with it. Problem is, I had rawdog dick to anus contact with her for 10-20 seconds, and now I'm super paranoid about hiv since anal is such a no no. How fucked am I?

16 hours later 22006957 Anonymous
>>22006939 change introverts to niggers and extroverts to whites and suddenly the klan has risen again That being said, phrenology is not wrong desu, someone's head and face can show that he's evil already, but I doubt you can get consistent proof for it...evil comes in many forms.

16 hours later 22006965 Anonymous
>>22006957 Exactly my thoughts. can't say I buy it about phrenology, though; I'd seen a lot of stuff saying it was a scientific shot in the dark that missed by a mile.

17 hours later 22007049 Anonymous (1583209565865.png 914x984 387kB)
>actually stand up for myself against loud mouthed narcissistic mother >so she starts getting aggressive >telling me how she can do whatever the hell she wants because she has "rights" >flips me off >flip her off back >surprisingly enough she gets offenfed over this, as if she didn't just do it herself and then comes towards me to try and smack me across the face while yelling about what a disrespectful asshole I am >the entire time I calmly keep telling her to get out of the room and I explain why she's wrong >yells through my words and just turns the argument into her being the victim >takes my phone when she leaves the room and throws it somewhere where she thought I wouldn't find it I swear I'll punch this damn whore square in her face as soon as I move out in 2~3 years when I'm done with Uni and can get a decent job.

17 hours later 22007075 Anonymous
>>22007049 You honestly could have decked her right then and it would be self defense. You need to contact the police, I did as soon as either of my parents started acting like this and they actually assigned me an agent who gave my mom and dad a stern talking to.

18 hours later 22007125 Anonymous
Realized I didn't say bye to the one or two people that didn't hate me while leaving. I hope they understand. It was all for nothing anyway.

18 hours later 22007176 Anonymous
You could have shown more respect to the fact I put my trust and faith in you. You said you'd do you best but you didn't. You are in charge of yourself. I am going to surrender this fight and move on.

18 hours later 22007184 Anonymous
>>22007176 Your trust was misplaced. I did my best and it turned out my best just wasn't good enough.

18 hours later 22007198 Anonymous (IMG_20200227_125501.jpg 781x395 51kB)
Am I overthinking it or would you consider a best friend not responding to someone's messages for over 2 weeks as "ignoring" to some extent

19 hours later 22007250 Anonymous
>>22007198 Who knows what happens with messages? Try same again? Call? Shit gets lost. People forget.

19 hours later 22007266 Anonymous
I'm so fucking glad for coronavirus. I hope it spreads through the whole world and wipes out all these cretinous fucking dinosaur politicians and voters for said politicians who make shit like EARN IT and Article 13 see the light of day.

19 hours later 22007301 Anonymous
Please God let me fuck this cute 33 year old Tinder woman. Please let regular sex with an older woman become a regular thing. I want someone behind isn't my friend's girlfriend to sit on my crouch.

19 hours later 22007306 Anonymous
I want to quit my job but it’s because I don’t want to work so if I do I won’t get a new one. Then what.

20 hours later 22007359 Anonymous
I told you guys not to expose the kittens outside since day 1. I told you guys to just lock the kittens in. Now Lilly is gone and Im just disappointed and angry. This wouldnt have happened if you guys just fucking listened! Goddamnit I brought a cage inside too so we could at least litter train her instead of putting all of them outside at night for hours and you brought it outside immediately. Holy fuck. You guys have no idea how to own cats which is why you have more than 10 fucking cats now. Goddamnit I should have been more protective but I really expected them to just yknow respect my wishes since I was planning to keep the cats for you guys so you wont have any more population problems, not that you care desu Now their mother is fucking skin and bones and we cant even bring her to the vet and Lilly's gone! Ugh.. I fucking hope she comes back but I really doubt it. She's less than 3 months, no way she can survive being out at night like this. I should have been more proactive. Goddamnit.

20 hours later 22007364 Anonymous
>>22007198 If it's just once in a blue moon, it's possible they looked at it while they shouldn't have, thought to themselves "I'll answer it when I'm not busy" then totally forgot. If it's something that happens more often than that, fuck em. Especially in this day and age when everyone's on their phones so often, if it's a reoccurring thing, I can promise you they're ignoring you.

20 hours later 22007375 Anonymous
>>22007198 >>22007364 That's a little harsh. Some people clam up for telecommunications. I do. I try to let people know that I may freez up if they call or text but, it doesn't mean anything and, they can keep reminding me.

20 hours later 22007392 Anonymous
>>22007375 The thing is, not everyone thinks like you. Just cause you'd do your best to contact people back doesn't mean everyone will. The harsh reality is realizing where you stand in terms of people's priorities. Pay attention to them when you hang out and you'll notice they do the same shit to others - if the person that's contacting them is someone they really like, they'll answer as soon as they get it. If they don't care, they'll look at it, and immediately go back to whatever they were doing. My old friend circle did this to me, and it took me a long while to accept it. The big key was when I stopped initiating conversations and wanted to see how long it'd take for them to reach out to me instead. You deserve better, and you will find better, but it's something you'll have to experience on your own first.

21 hours later 22007471 Anonymous
Am I really cut out for this field if I can't even get through my junior year of college?

21 hours later 22007476 Anonymous
"you're a great guy but I can't see anyone more than once right now" Ok, but why lie? I'm not great, I'm a piece of shit. If I were great I'd have even one other match to hit up

21 hours later 22007481 Anonymous
I've already made a thread but I'm thankful for any insight I get. Sorry for the blogpost I'm 4mo in a relationship with a girl. She's beautiful, caring and loves me very much but I find her a bit boring, I can't help but think to myself that I am mostly attracted to her looks and I should love the other things about her but I can't. Lookswise we look like the perfect match. But the relationship still feels artificial from my point of view. On the other hand, another gir,l whom I've known for 2 years, has been a very close friend of mine, we seem to connect in more aspects and deeply understand eachother. She's also very good looking. Things just seem so natural and not forced with her. Thing is, we kind of missed the chance of being single at the same time, both of us were in a relationship when the other was single and vice versa. Last night and after she broke up she told me she loved me casually. She already told me that before, that I am exceptional and only of the few people she truly loves. Later, I admitted the same. We've been very close even before that (eg her sleeping on my lap while watching a movie etc) but no cheating. I know I should be happy with my current relationship but I feel distant, I don't want to emotionally hurt my gf who I care for and obviously loves me to death. Things seem serious with her and I worry I'll stay with this bitter temptation for the rest of my life. I don't want to hurt her. What should I do? >inb4 reddit spacing I just want to make it easier for you to read. Thank you if you take the time to reply anons.

21 hours later 22007499 Anonymous
I'm an alcoholic, I've been hungover for two days. I gotta keep busy to stop myself from drinking but man it's hard to do anything right now.

21 hours later 22007502 Anonymous
working from home is terrible. I’m surrounded by things I want to do but I have to sit here on my work laptop doing shit I hate.

21 hours later 22007538 Anonymous
The hardest thing I've ever had to do is choose humanity/life/love over you.

21 hours later 22007542 Anonymous
I think I need to see a neurologist.

21 hours later 22007544 Anonymous
>>22007499 Anon, if anything now is the best time to go dry. You won't suffer out of home and can still manage if you feel unwell. The only thing is resisting the bottle. Throw them out if you have to. I believe in you bitch. >>22007502 Where I'm from we have a saying. "Bean by bean the sack fills." Even the minimum effort can complete a task when organised and measured.

21 hours later 22007547 Anonymous
https://youtu.be/xqsDUwDwdUM?list=R DxqsDUwDwdUM

22 hours later 22007633 Anonymous
>>22007547 The fuck, I've seen this movie

22 hours later 22007636 Anonymous
I was prescribed a new antidepressant to take alongside the one I’m currently on to help with anxiety, and the doc said I would have side effects for the first few weeks. But I didn’t really understand how bad the side effects would be until it hit me today and I felt like I was dying. It was kinda funny in retrospect but I genuinely thought I was dying. It was that bad. But I’m still gonna take the tablet cause I mean, only like 10-20 more days of this and I’ll be fine

22 hours later 22007638 Anonymous
>>22004906 I just want to fucking have some pussy. Why god do i have to remain a virgin

22 hours later 22007672 Anonymous
It doesn't matter what you all try to make it seem like. It was absolutely her. Also I don't care what the video(s) make it appear like. They drugged me heavily and I wasn't aware of the situation. I was fucked up and acting crazy. If someone going to bring her to justice or are you going to make me do it myself?

22 hours later 22007707 Anonymous
Saying "you can't cross examine video /audio evidence". Fuck that you can not take it out of context. They probably gave me anestia and had to litterally wake me up with smelling salts because that stuff fucks you up so much you aren't even supposed to be awake. You could take almost any man, but him under extreme psychological pressure for months, fuck with his head to the extreme, and give him the right drugs and get him to do and say anything you want. Especially if you study the person and know what makes them tick, what their insecurities are. Ect. The more information you have the better, and having someone educated and very experienced with anesthesiology. None of that reflected me as a person, or what's inside of me, or my desires. I was being psychologically manipulated and assaulted, already using drugs, and I was fucking tricked and manipulated. None of it was my fault and I wasn't myself. You fucks denied me my agency, denied me my journey, I would probably be doing well in life by now. Regardless none of you have any right to judge me and assume that whatever happened in that video is a reflection of me. I pray that someone on here fucks that woman's life up, it would be best if you took her life. I know they're has to be someone reading this who has it in them to get her and fuck her up. Obviously I can't pay you but do something charitable, there needs to be consequences for this and she needs to be made an example of so other women would be to afraid to even consider doing something like this again. I can't do it myself because everyone knows of me, and I will not be able to go anywhere or do anything without having someone on my tail constantly. I'll get caught right away. I have to wait. I want that bitch dead. I didn't deserve this. And fuck yuzhen. I guarantee you that big busted face Chinese girl knew all about this and likely played a role in making it happen. I have no remorse for her and I'm glad I fucking broke her.

22 hours later 22007711 Anonymous (Elsie.jpg 1280x720 100kB)
>>22004906 I'm so glad i prepared right on time, i'm so glad i quit my job right on time, i'm so glad i'm gonna be fine with my mom. I don't care about college anymore, I don't care about moving out of the country anymore, I don't care about tfw no gf anymore, for once i'm just happy everything's ok with us, i could fucking cry.

22 hours later 22007716 Anonymous
>>22007707 Yuzhen you deserved every bit of pain I caused you and I wish I would have made it worse. You're an excellent example of how weak women truly are. The fact that you went to this length and still cared this much after all these Years is very similar to committing adultery on your husband, that onions boy beta faggot. He married the ugliest Chinese girl he could find and had shit going for him. I had almost nothing when I met her at least. That fucking bitch conned me from the start. Millie too, wouldn't be surprised if millie drugged me also. This is sickening. Get over it? OK then let me kill that bitch, preemptively get over it, give me the means and the ability to take her life, get over it yourself first, then i will get over it. I have a right to take that woman's life and the only thing you should have the nerve to ask of me is to make it quick and painless. You don't like the way I think? Fuck you. And hey Joe Rogan, it would be justice if someone raped your daughter. I seriously hope it happens, there's still years and years where she is raped and that would be hilarious to me, too see the pain or causes you. Fuck you.

22 hours later 22007722 Anonymous
And Phil. You deserve 5 years in prison. 5 years where every day you think about the pain it causes your children to be separated from you. 5 years of your time stolen from you. You're a fucking piece of shit phil. I hope you lose your fucking kids bitch. I would absolutely shoot you if I could get away with it, you deserve to lose your life for participating in this shit. You fuck. I hope you still drink.

22 hours later 22007726 Anonymous
The schizo is back.

23 hours later 22007742 Anonymous
Who God bless no one shall curse. Life is rough but I know I'm not the worse. Tougher yet when the energy is low. But I will rise again tomorrow.

23 hours later 22007770 Anonymous
>>22007726 Is it really him?

23 hours later 22007777 Anonymous
I can't stop thinking about you.

23 hours later 22007782 Anonymous
>tfw calmly talked to my bf about a relationship problem, listened to his side, and made up with him and hugged feels good man. thanks for listening to me vent. I have no friends and these threads help me get the worst out so he gets the best of me.

23 hours later 22007783 Anonymous
>>22007726 It's because I just returned. It follows me everywhere.

23 hours later 22007796 Anonymous
One thing you might not understand is this.... It works through me, it comes through me. All I have to do is let it express. It's not a conscious effort, that's why it works. It's not MY powers at all. It has nothing to do with me as an individual at all. Actually, when I'm self-absorbed, I lose it.

23 hours later 22007801 Anonymous
>>22007782 Go be happy somewhere else

23 hours later 22007815 Anonymous
Fuck you pieces of shit. Show me what the fuck happened. What do you care if I see it.

23 hours later 22007829 Anonymous
>>22007815 They did the same to me. Posted all my personal vids on kitty channel. It's not who you think it is. They do all know about it however.

23 hours later 22007837 Anonymous
>>22007726 Someone called me a schizo i believe they're projecting

23 hours later 22007840 Anonymous
We're all gonna make it

24 hours later 22007866 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lx xduizTeo

24 hours later 22007867 Anonymous
I want to get infected so I can cough on all the sluts, partiers and players - and clean up the gene pool.

24 hours later 22007872 Anonymous
>>22007866 >not a Timelord >tfw

24 hours later 22007873 Anonymous
>>22007840 No I'm not

24 hours later 22007883 Anonymous
I live with five random people for reasons out of my control. One of them is a Bangladeshi who first set foot in this country a couple months ago. He constantly has his girlfriend over. She basically lives here. And because he doesn't own any furniture (sleeps on a mattress on the floor), they are always in the kitchen (we don't have a living room). I have extreme social anxiety and have always struggled to cook in front of other people, but they are in the kitchen at literally every hour. They stay there late into the night. Last night, I was trying to go to sleep and they were still making noise at 3 am. They're always have skype open or some phone call going on. Sometimes both. They're always talking to their families late at night and because they don't use headphones, I hear those voices too, speaking in their disgusting language. It's like I live with an entire Bangladeshi family. They cook enormous meals late into the night, but they can't cook and don't clean properly. The kitchen is always filthy after they've been using it. Now they're coughing. These brown demons are going to be the death of me.

24 hours later 22007905 Anonymous (40962674_346194452591307_8522276719510421504_n.jpg 499x499 16kB)
Everything has been going wrong with my life since childhood and recently had to get separated from parents. One died and other got arrested. I think I need some solitude to get rid of the sadness and depression but relatives won't let me have any self time.

24 hours later 22007917 Anonymous
I deleted all his logs. He no longer exists to me. I'm glad I can't go back and read it. I think I will erase everything like that from now on.

24 hours later 22007921 Anonymous
>tfw adult friends of your parents used to tell you things like "I bet the ladies can't keep their hands off you" when I was a kid Was this sexual harassment? It made me feel really uncomfortable and like a really weird violation of boundaries.

24 hours later 22007932 Anonymous
>>22007883 Maybe instead of being a racist asshole you could do your part around the house and clean up? >>22007867 You're a fucking idiot. It's non-fatal to most people except children and the elderly, even in cases that require hospitalization.

24 hours later 22007934 Anonymous
>>22007921 It's a completely normal thing to say to kids of either gender. What a charmed life you lead

24 hours later 22007935 Anonymous
>>22007837 Do other people, in multiple different contexts, let you know that they think some of your worst fears and concerns might be detached from reality? Do you often have anxious or paranoid ideations?

24 hours later 22007936 A very long time ago....
It's a rare condition. It's accompanied by a loud rushing sound. It happens during REM so the mind creates dream sequences to try and make since of it. Our brain send a chemical that paralyses us when we sleep preventing us from acting out physically when we dream. Sleep paralysis is just waking up during a dream. You get to exist in both worlds (the waking and dream worlds) at once. When controlled, this becomes a powerful thing. [Me]: Feb 10, 2012 3:33 PM Is it different than lucid dreaming? [deleted username] Feb 10, 2012 3:41 PM It's a means for achieving lucidity in your dreams, but it can be much more. It can become a forum for others to gather; an omnireality for beings to interact.

24 hours later 22007938 Anonymous
>>22007934 >either gender An older male friend/relative saying some creep ass shit like "I bet the boys can't wait to touch you" to a young girl doesn't strike you as harassment?

24 hours later 22007951 Anonymous
>>22006300 Feel this, I'll never understand people who get off on manipulation

24 hours later 22007958 Anonymous
>>22007932 >You shouldn't hate the people who make your life miserable >Also, you should clean up after them Fuck off. I clean up after myself and a little extra. These demons constantly fill the house with smoke because they can't cook. There is no point in cleaning off the stovetop because within a couple days, it will already be black again. And on top of the smoke, they cook with ridiculous amounts of spices. The whole house constantly smells like their disgusting foreign food. They probably have to use so many spices to hide the fact that it isn't cooked properly. They also don't store their food properly. There are packages of chicken in the freezer with the plastic peeled back and chicken fully exposed, getting freezer burned. And they often make so much that there isn't room for it in the fridge so they just leave it out in the open, not even covered, attracting insects.

24 hours later 22007966 Anonymous
>>22006850 >Introverts crave validation This is where you started projecting

24 hours later 22007977 Anonymous
>>22007932 Be a boss! "I'm going to use the kitchen. Get the fuck out of here." Get in here and clean up your mess. Next time you leave it like this, I'm going to assume that you are incapable of this living arrangement." Do it right when they are on the phone like you don't give a fuck.

24 hours later 22007982 Anonymous
>>22007932 Then why reply back to my rant? I was just venting, I didn't ask for the facts for your input. Now piss off mate.

24 hours later 22007996 Anonymous
I'm leaving it all behind like a bad dream. I will never remember it again.

24 hours later 22007997 Anonymous
Just what do I have to do for my breasts to disappear? I lost nearly 27 pounds, hitting a BMI of 16, but they are still huge, gigantic. I can't stand it anymore. I'm not transgender or anything, but these lumps of fat don't fit my body. I wish I could rip them away with a knife. I need them gone.

25 hours later 22008003 Anonymous
>>22007996 No I will hold on to this until I either receive justice or fucking get her ass. You idiots think i want her back, you're fucking delusional. I want fucking revenge. I want justice. I don't care if it kills me as long as i succeed. You think I'm going to just get bored because no one will show me. Fuck no. I will not let this go into she goes to prison, has her life ruined, or is dead. Im fucking angry at what was done to me that's all this is about. I'm entitled to fucking justice. I'm not afraid of any consequences after I get her fucking ass.

25 hours later 22008005 Anonymous
>>22006850 You're a small minded, shallow fucking idiot.

25 hours later 22008008 Anonymous
>>22008003 You'll do nothing (but write shit here) as usual.

25 hours later 22008009 Anonymous (mwah.png 596x446 337kB)
>>22006850 Based and lunchespilled

25 hours later 22008015 Anonymous
I could do something immoral today, and get away with it, but I'm not going to. Even though it would he a hit on an enemy, I'm still not going to.

25 hours later 22008018 Anonymous
I made my choice once and for all. Now you can't touch me. You will never kill the good in me as hard as you try.

25 hours later 22008019 Anonymous
i have really bad problems with a friend who tries to kill themselves and they always seek help from me...i feel like an asshole i do not know how to help them and it makes me feel horrible everytime especially when they tell me it is somehow my fault. i feel like an asshole for having problems when they actually have bigger problems...i feel like i should try to get it off my chest and tell my closest friend about my situation, but i'm afraid i would be an even bigger asshole for not keeping it private

25 hours later 22008020 Anonymous
>Them: It's fine if someone doesn't understand and needs a little help! Everybody could use a helping hand once in awhile! Don't be afraid to ask! >Me: Well, I kinda need some hel-- >Them: BUT NOT YOU >Me: >Them: How come you don't know this already! You're bothering people asking them to do things for you that you should be able to do yourself! Figure it out! >Me: -fucks up- >Anon, why didn't you ask for help! T_T >Also me: -finally gets a thing right after failing repeatedly- >Anon, now you can devote all your time and effort to helping this other person who is way lazier than you but also more important because we wouldn't want them to have a hard time the way you did when you had to fuck up and be a failure all by yourself! It's the least you can do for everything I've done for you! It really sucks being raised to be everybody's idiot servant but smart enough to actually make them and their lives better than my own. Never could be anybody's beloved child or someone who could be great and successful or even a person worthy of praise. I can't be a simple fucking idiot and I can't be better than anybody. I can just be a fucking stepping stone for people and be happy about it. It's fucking garbage to bring someone into a world to fulfill this role for people. I should have never been born to a parent who can't love anybody but herself. To someone who can't stand for the kid who couldn't meet her expectations to enjoy the love of a man who she cucked out of all of our lives. I shouldn't have been born into a family who only sees me worth loving when they can get something from me. I should have gone ahead and killed myself knowing I will have to go into adulthood having to be a threat to everyone for just trying to live my life instead of serve them improving theirs. Truly sucks to be on this side of social Darwinism. I didn't ask for this.

25 hours later 22008024 Anonymous
>>22007997 >Avoid Herbals such as lavender, tea tree oil, and dong Quai. https://account.allinahealth.org/li brary/content/1/3165 Idk if you are saying male or female but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. I, practically, started the lavender meme. The world is catching on. More in the link.

25 hours later 22008028 Anonymous
>>22008015 Fool. I thought thusly, before my defeat.

25 hours later 22008038 Anonymous
I say this as a 28 year old guy with a fairly worthless psych degree who grew to hate psych work. Who is a thirdworlder studyin in murica. I am so fed up with studying, so fed up with being a dependent where I can't tell people to fuck off because I depend on them. And if I go back home it'll be worse. I have made so many bad decisions. I think if I botch this, I'll just buy a gun and give myself an ultimatum: If I can't get my shit on track in one year, I'll just blow me head off. Nothing seems to be coming together and there's no end in sight to this shitshow.

25 hours later 22008066 Anonymous
I try my hardest not to be rude but I still end up being rude. I can't speak properly.

25 hours later 22008075 Anonymous
>>22008066 The alcohol is missing with my speech. I gotta talk slower.

25 hours later 22008118 Anonymous
>>22005929 I would love to spend the day with you

25 hours later 22008135 Anonymous
>>22007936 My last attempt went to dust. The two realities could never coexist. Cowardice and established rules being the cause of one reality unable to receive the other.

26 hours later 22008157 Anonymous
>>22006912 relax. swish some vodka around your mouth.

26 hours later 22008218 Anonymous
Jesus Christ she's so cute but has a bf. Please don't fall in love please don't fall in love please don't fall in love please don't fall in love

26 hours later 22008231 Anonymous
Whatever is wrote to seemingly random strangers online is completely irrelevant, get that through your pancake emotionally driven brains. What i wrote to random strangers in the past privately has nothing to do with me being drugged raped and having my life ruined. I have every right to be angry to the point of being psychotic, and that woman deserves to lose her life and any of you people, especially you women, have no fucking right to judge me or say "oh but you said this to a random stranger" shut the fuck up bitches, if you have something to say that's relevant that is going to justify psychological abuse for months and then drugging and raping then I'll listenm any thing else is just you FEELING like her actions and your support of it is justified. Fuck you. This is absolutely not justifiable in any way shape or form for any reason, if you disagree kill yourself immediately and the world will be a better place. Lock that bitch up or just give her to me to do what ever I feel like into I execute her. Otherwise in time you're MAKING me make others into a bunch of Jesus Christ's. Stay the fuck out of my way or help me. I have absolutely no problem creating q horrific mess. I would give anything to cut this bitches throat. I don't care anymore about anything but executing that bitch. Not a big deal to you, but had this happened to you, most of you would just kill yourselves, but I'm not weak like most of you. I'll just let go and go fucking psychotic, try me.

26 hours later 22008254 Anonymous (65575479_2486930507992338_8006623813536055296_n.jpg 720x520 22kB)
God fucking damnit you fucking retard. You want me to drive slowly around corners but the second we get out of it you want me to speed up to fucking god knows how fast. My fucking car doesn't have that kind of power to speed up at the drop of a hat so calm down Better yet? Stop nagging me every five fucking seconds that I'm driving "Turn left" "Turn right" "go faster" "slow down" I fucking know where I'm going you stupid fucking bitch. Have fucking faith in me And now you refuse to drive with me because I ask you, very nicely might I add, to stop nagging me ever five fucking seconds.

26 hours later 22008296 Anonymous
Always want to write something but theres that thought, "be silent lest it be ruined." Wanna do this right. Want this to last. Want to actually be able to explore this. Everyone leave me be and leave what makes me happy alone.

26 hours later 22008312 Anonymous
I'm afraid to forget again. I'm afraid of not being able to protect my family when the time will come. I want a woman that will never want me, and even tho i accepted this, sometimes it still hurts. I want to one day raise a family, but i just know that the woman that i will find will fuck me up legally.

27 hours later 22008338 Anonymous
I've always known you were my enemy but I'm fearless.

27 hours later 22008345 Anonymous
I am about to wipe my hard drive of it all. It's the same as wiping my memory. I will finally have the peace I deserve.

27 hours later 22008353 Anonymous
>>22008231 You need to talk to someone anon. Go get treated for your problem. Hatred toward someone wont do you good.

27 hours later 22008366 Anonymous
I'm a guy and extremely repulsed by sex, I masturbated a few weeks ago and I still feel ashamed but I've been feeling more desire to since I started working out. I absolutely want to avoid masturbation and premarital sex but everyone around me is the opposite and it's driving me nuts.

27 hours later 22008391 Anonymous
>>22007547 Good riddance.

27 hours later 22008417 Anonymous
Should I stop talking to my friend because he started dating my ex bf? We broke up like 8 months ago so its bothering me still

27 hours later 22008424 Anonymous
Wow. People are losing their minds and it's rubbing on us like the virus. We need a surge of morale support.

27 hours later 22008432 Anonymous
>>22008338 Fearful and weak you are

27 hours later 22008438 Anonymous
>>22008432 Stolen your speech pattern is

27 hours later 22008456 Anonymous
>>22008338 Ain't no one your fucking enemy psycho.

27 hours later 22008461 Anonymous
Dont do it. Were about to be third world. My theater of operations. Leave it be.

27 hours later 22008464 Anonymous
>>22008424 America and Morality? Do we live in the same country? This is the center of selfishness and stupidity, the creative ones end up the only ones who make it. You want to cheer everyone up? Tell them the Chinese people might punish their leaders with a rebellion because of the lies.

28 hours later 22008471 Anonymous
>>22008438 Kekkle

28 hours later 22008474 Anonymous
>>22008296 Take your fair share Anon, but don't overdo it. Noobs trip in here and think that they need to provide an answer to each post. Don't let that work you up. If I don't need feedback from everyone, I omit "?" So it seems more rhetorical but, who you are addressing will still understand. You have a home here. You deserve it. Use responsibly though. This is a good thing that we don't want to lose. I'll leave you alone.

28 hours later 22008478 Anonymous
Sorry for my bad English I'm French. I miss my ex so much. The worst part about this is that I have an other girlfriend right now. I really love her and we have a lot of fun so I really want to only focus on her but recently I had to start a treatment antidepressant and it started to bring back memories of my ex idk if it's fully because of that (the doc said that it could bring bad emotions) or of it's just because I'm a pussy that can't go forward. If you want to know I had to break up with my ex bc she cheated on me and wanted a second chance, I give it to her but she continued to see the other guy so I took upon me and "left" her. I then started to forget about her and everything was going better in my life. A friend confess her sentiment to me and bc I also liked her we started a relationship. And then as I said I had to start a antidepressants treatment and for the past couple days I want my ex back so much.. What should I do? I really really want to contact my ex again is that a bad idea?

28 hours later 22008498 Anonymous
Your mother insults you every now and then. What do you do?

28 hours later 22008506 Anonymous
>>22008478 Definitely don't contact her. Your mind is imbalance because of the new medicine, that is all. Basically you're trying to fight the beast of depression, but due to this new heavy sword you're about to cut yourself in the leg. That ex, as loveable as she is, has broken your trust more than once. You're allowed to miss her, but not bring her back. If I were you I'd stop feeling ashamed of your thoughts. Going "Oh I wish she was here- FUCK NO SHIT" is only making your wish more intense. Turn off your phone. Sit down, relax, and properly allow yourself to be nostalgic over all the good things you had. Feel those feelings as much as you need, cry a bit, write your thoughts down, truly wallow in it for a bit. When you're done, consider showing a close friend. Or burn it. It's up to you. These feelings are ghosts of the past. Don't bring back the dead, they won't be the same. Mourn them with love.

28 hours later 22008511 Anonymous
>>22008478 Ey slay come French bitches for me dawg hon hon baguette croissant

28 hours later 22008519 Anonymous
>>22008511 Gtfo bloody cocksucker.

28 hours later 22008520 Anonymous
>>22008506 Thanks anon, even if the only thing I 'm thinking of right now is talking to her again, I think ur right and I should not even if it's gonna be super hard.. So you have any tips on how to get past this feeling? Or is it something that I'll just disappear with time so I should just wait?

28 hours later 22008538 Anonymous (1580790781697.gif 500x452 1010kB)
Why do I constantly test people by ignoring them and waiting for them to contact me? I'm not in my fucking 20's anymore, this should have stopped a long time ago. And yet my perception is so warped that I have no concept of healthy boundaries or how to gauge whether or not people actually give a fuck about me.

28 hours later 22008550 Anonymous
>Move to a place outside of Osaka with my sister for work at the start of the year. >Company I'm working for wants me back in North America for a couple of weeks to round out a project. >Corona gets declared a pandemic while I'm away. >People and companies start going full panic mode and start doing that 'social distancing' shit. >Company is encouraging everyone to work remote. >Just want to go back home to my sister. >Scared I might pick shit up while in transit back and inadvertently infect her. The fuck do I do? Do I just risk a flight and self-isolate in a hotel or something in Tokyo or Osaka before heading home? I feel like shit about this whole. It's part of my job to have a grasp on global shit like this, so it's not like I didn't know spikes in global cases were going to happen. Yet I still set up shop next to a bloody hot zone and even fucked off on a business trip across the world. Holy fuck I hate myself.

28 hours later 22008592 Anonymous
>>22004906 Will I go insaine before I leave

29 hours later 22008611 Anonymous
>>22008391 Yes, thanks. It was a hard choice but I made it.

29 hours later 22008615 Anonymous
>>22008538 If you have to guess then they don't. That's common sense.

29 hours later 22008619 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuX NumBwDOM

29 hours later 22008629 Anonymous
My spilled a drink on my laptop, dried it out and now it works! =) =) =)

29 hours later 22008636 Anonymous
I'm come a long way from cuddling with random guys on second life. I was looking at some old logs, how embarrassing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kly XNRrsk4A

29 hours later 22008641 Anonymous
Im messiah ben joseph but Im not gonna tell anybody lmao

29 hours later 22008644 Anonymous
>>22008550 Dude, you’re obviously doing great. I’m so impressed and jealous that you made a career happen in Japan and brought your sister along for the ride. It’s not your fault that you got fucked by a random pandemic. Everyone in the world knew this was going to happen but we all have to keep living our lives anyway. You’ve done things right. Be easy on yourself and everything is going to work out just fine. How’s your sister holding up? I can’t tell you to get on a flight, because you should avoid international airports if at all possible, but this IS going to blow over and you’ll go home.

29 hours later 22008651 Anonymous
I'm Rh negative, did I ever tell you that?

29 hours later 22008652 Anonymous
Fuck i really want to smoke crack rn

29 hours later 22008653 Anonymous
>>22008636 Wrong thread but post them here ;’)

29 hours later 22008655 Anonymous
If only I had a ride 30 miles from here I could probably be smoking meth and banging some herion. I fucking wish.

29 hours later 22008658 Anonymous
I dont care about the messianic age just want to have lots of vanilla sex with the same two or three girls until we get abducted by ayliens.

29 hours later 22008661 Anonymous
>even cuddled on second life

29 hours later 22008663 Anonymous
Walk up to me with a needle and something in it and I'd bang that shit immediately

29 hours later 22008664 Anonymous
The last three girls I've slept with have treated me like objects. Fuck women

29 hours later 22008665 Anonymous
>>22008663 No

29 hours later 22008666 Anonymous
It's no fucking coincidence that the guy I met in a game was also on some voice app too. Plus all the other coincidences and other places you said the same shit. Fuck you and your Osiris, fuck you and your Baphomet that you kept sending me across platforms, fuck you people. PS CROWLEY SUCKS and so does your stupid cult. We aren't the same, got it? You and me are from different universes.

29 hours later 22008668 Anonymous
>>22008636 What the fuck is wrong with you. Cuddling on a video game? Just buy some weed or drugs and be by yourself.

29 hours later 22008670 Anonymous
>>22008653 Nah. One had the same name as my ex and the same personality. Pretty weird.

29 hours later 22008675 Anonymous
>>22008661 Don't make fun of me.

29 hours later 22008676 Anonymous
>>22008668 I don't do it anymore.

29 hours later 22008682 Anonymous
I'm not a whore fuckers. I never was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81t 4J0LPxIY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoS 8ZJPHwVo

29 hours later 22008684 Anonymous
>>22008676 Don’t buy the drugs, but don’t be a creep either.

29 hours later 22008688 Anonymous
>>22008684 I already have drug and I never was a creep.

29 hours later 22008690 Anonymous
>>22008688 Flush drug. I’m your gf now, do as I say

29 hours later 22008708 Anonymous
>>22008682 Just because women were willing to sacrifice their hard earned dollars on me doesn't make me a male prostitute. Except for millie and anchin I was loyal. I gave them my full attention and time. They just enjoyed spoiling me, i didn't even have to ask, they did it on their own. I do not feel threatened by a woman spending money on me at all. That's their choice and it's not my fault they liked me so much. Real prostitutes/ strippers are low lifes that have less value as human being in general because they choose to whore themselves out. Then they want to cry about sexual harassment or assault, bitch yo chose to be a sex worker shut the fuck up, make your good money now, and when you're older no one of value will commit to you, or at least no one you're very attracted too. I'm just a little crazy, but im not a cheater and that doesn't make me less of w man. It doesn't bother me at all if a woman makes more because I know i can handle it. Infact often times women will spend their money like that trying to build you up because they are attracted, see your potential and if you just put medium effort it they would be set for life, and I don't mean financially, I mean in terms of having an attractive partner. Problem is for me is career focused woman are not good for a serious long term relationship and it took me time to figure that out. I want w woman who stays home with my kids, not one with a stressful (relatively) career. They're worthless for serious relationships. Sex workers are even more worthless. Ten times worse.

29 hours later 22008711 Anonymous
>>22008682 I like

29 hours later 22008714 Anonymous
Offset is out of his mind to stick with cardi b. He doesn't understand what's actually good for him. He should definitely kick that bitch to he curb. Some used up hooker. Wait till she's 35, with her implants, she'll be fat and out of shape. He better dip

29 hours later 22008718 Anonymous
>>22006784 Then you should have put more context to the story dumb ass.

29 hours later 22008720 Anonymous
Idk, I'm really weird. I gotta cope with embarrassment better.

29 hours later 22008727 Anonymous
I can't wait till i fucking hurt that bitch and make her scream.

29 hours later 22008728 Anonymous
Fuck conformists

29 hours later 22008731 Anonymous
It would be best to just shoot her son, that would allow her to live and suffer the rest of her life.

29 hours later 22008746 Anonymous
I'm not happy I have to wait a couple years to do this. I want to do it right now but I know i can't. Why the fuck don't you people hold accountable for what she did to me. I didn't bring it upon myself at all. I was deceived and I had no idea what was going on.

29 hours later 22008755 Anonymous
>>22008644 I do alright. My career isn't necessarily situated in Japan though, we spent the last three years living in South Korea before moving again. I sort of function as a middle man for companies operating between Anglo and Orient countries. I know a pandemic isn't my fault, but it is my fault for making decisions despite basically having hard numbers in my hands. A buddy of mine has been good enough to put me up at his place in the meanwhile, but all I want to do is hop on a flight home and just bill the company if anything happens. As for my sister, she's doing fine, great she'd even say. She's been given an excuse to laze around the house and be a massive weeb. She is worried about me though, and she's worried about what's happening with her grad program in April.

30 hours later 22008765 Anonymous
>>22008708 This is not about you.

30 hours later 22008777 Anonymous
>>22008690 I'm not into dumb women or women at all. Fuck off.

30 hours later 22008779 Anonymous
>>22008714 Imagine caring what celebrities do...

30 hours later 22008783 Anonymous
Imagine being so desperate that you hit on incels. Yikes.

30 hours later 22008784 Anonymous
>>22008777 Who hurt you anon???

30 hours later 22008789 Anonymous
Idk where to start.

30 hours later 22008793 Anonymous
>>22008711 I don't. They tried to make me their cult Goddess. I hope they burn in hell.

30 hours later 22008794 Anonymous
>>22008783 It’s not just any incel. One special Incel. (:

30 hours later 22008797 Anonymous
>>22008731 Take your meds and be nice Biff or I will send 4chan after you again.

30 hours later 22008801 Anonymous
>>22008794 The one with the drug? That's me. I'm no incel and I'm not interested in a floozy.

30 hours later 22008810 Anonymous
>>22008784 It's just sad that you're that desperate that you need to hit on people on some stupid thread on 4channel. Pretty pathetic.

30 hours later 22008811 Anonymous
>>22008801 If that were true I’d be offended but I’m not so go flush your drugs.

30 hours later 22008815 Anonymous
>>22008811 Why would I flush my drugs because some ugly bitch online demanded I did?

30 hours later 22008822 Anonymous
>>22008815 Because my life is not a mess and you should take my advice.

30 hours later 22008830 Anonymous
>>22008779 Well cardi obviously was involved. Must have been a few hood rats that did this shit because she was a hood rat. Sex workers don't deserve to be treated with respect. I just would think it's hilarious if Offset left her. I just want her to suffer. I don't care what she thinks. I don't like that I was targeted and drugged. It's ok though because my "ex" is going to lose her son. That will fucking wreck her

30 hours later 22008835 Anonymous
>might be considered for a job at a major university as an excel monkey fuck yes! their campus is beautiful and the benefits are amazing. i'd probably move to an apartment nearby and have like a 15 minute walk as a commute. this would change my life.

30 hours later 22008881 Anonymous (If only you knew.jpg 577x537 33kB)
I came to college to finally break out of my shell, random pandemic hit me like a ton of bricks. Everything's online, and I am terrible with keeping up with things online. Going over to the campus was the one thing that got me out of bed at a reasonable time--now I just sleep till 2 in the afternoon and then go to work, go home, stay up depressed and lonely, and then fall asleep. There's nobody here for me except people on discord and my family. Motivation has hit an alltime low, I feel like I got my license at the worst time imaginable--a cruel joke played on me by fate. It doesn't help that everywhere I go on social media, someone has a dumb as fuck take on the situation--so I get more depressed. Sleepless nights, weight increasing, loneliness, losing my will to write, and the only hope I have is to just keep going with college. I hate it. It feels like I'm trapped in a dumb cage, all because of this stupid pandemic crashing down on top of my already big problems. I don't know what to do--I'm sitting here just going along with whatever's in front of me; sad and lonely.

30 hours later 22008906 Anonymous
>gonna go on date with guy >worried because he looks cute in some photos and ugly in others what do i do if i meet him and he's actually ugly?

30 hours later 22008911 Anonymous
>>22008822 You're on here, hitting on random incels...your life is obviously absolutely fucked.

30 hours later 22008917 Anonymous
>>22008906 Hmmm, not photogenic in general. It's going to go either way femanon, he's going to look like his best or worst pictures but from experience those photos only represent his 2 dimensional self. When you see someone in all 3 dimensions that's how you really get to know someone.

31 hours later 22008936 Anonymous
>>22008917 it's really hard for me to tell from photos, sometimes i feel retarded. once i went on a date and he turned out to be really fat. like 350 lbs! on the other hand i look better than my photos so i try to give people the benefit of the doubt. it's just so hard, photos dont correlate to reality hardly at all.

31 hours later 22008944 Anonymous
Hey M, I love you. Probably hasn't been long enough to say that, but when you know, you know. And I know it's not like that for you. But God, I'm going to keep trying to break down your walls, and make myself a place in your heart. Because I think we could be good together, and I think you're just jaded, and it's not just ME, that you just can't really love right now. But I'm okay with that, I'll wait. I've got all the time in the world. I told you that no one worth your time would expect you to change, that you're perfect the way you are. And I mean that. Could you overcome the barriers with me beside you? Could you fall in love with me too? Yours always, R.

31 hours later 22008945 Anonymous
>>22008793 Oh. I hope so too.

31 hours later 22008954 Anonymous
Wtf is your problem guy, you literally said you don't care about stealing lmao

31 hours later 22008960 Anonymous
I am scared when you have stuff for yourself and do stuff with people but dont include me because i am paranoid of something happening again. I love you and i trust you but i cant remove that feeling of paranoia no matter how hard i try

31 hours later 22008963 Anonymous
V, I deeply regret not asking for you number.

31 hours later 22008969 Anonymous
>>22008936 Yeah, it can be hard to decide from photos alone. I know I look worse in general unless I pose right for a selfie. If you were to take a random photo of me from any angle though it's more than likely I'll look like crap. My face looks too weird for regular everyday selfies so I'd rather just be seen in person instead or at the very least in a video.

31 hours later 22008972 Anonymous
I was hoping to use my stupidity for good. Just like they say: "make your procrastination work for you". I've never really been able to do it.

31 hours later 22008975 Anonymous
I just need to sign a couple papers but, I don't do it. Help! Make me do!

31 hours later 22008979 Anonymous
You expected me to get out and slay on tinder after being drugged up for weeks. HAHAHAHA fuck my sides

31 hours later 22008997 Anonymous
>>22008765 Yes it fucking is. I was conned,drugged and raped repeatedly by my ex. Now if yo people don't bring her to justice, because you all know what happened, I'm going to litterally hurt her as much as possible and end her life. What i would prefer to do is snatched her up, take her somewhere and torture her. I'd like to kill her son, and let her live, but honestly at this point I know I'm not going to get away with it so I'm going to have to kill myself afterwards and I'm certainly not going to let her live if I die. None of you have ever been done as badly as I have, and I understand you want to try to minimize it, implement damage control, and try to "save" me, but that will not work until she goes to prison or dies. You have to weigh what you care about more. Do you give a fuck about me, my life and the potentially good things I can manifest into this world, or do you care and some evil, hood rat nig nog scammer who drugged and repeatedly raped me / had people rape me, and then manipulated the world into harassing me, and make fun of me for being drugged and raped? You just don't get it. I would rather be dead then let this go. If you don't give me justice I will seek it on my own, if that doesn't work I'm going to kill myself m why are women such pussy ass weak bitches? Bring her to justice. I know it's extremely unlikely but if she cares, turn yourself in, admit to everything, and do your time like a man. You've been voting and owning property like a man, you want the same rights as a man, so be a man and turn yourself in because honestly, if I had the means and could get to him I would fucking shoot your son in the head, don't care what happens afterwards at all. If I try now I wouldn't make it. Let me guess there's already been cops sitting outside your condo every night. If you even live there, if that's even your real name. I'm going to behave like that's your name, where you live, and where you work until proven otherwise.

31 hours later 22008999 Anonymous
I'm very comfortable with this costing my life as long as i can kill her. I'd prefer to just do something that causes her immeasurable pain and let her live so she can suffer. I did nothing wrong. Nothing to deserve this.

31 hours later 22009012 Anonymous
So was I sexually assaulted or what bud

31 hours later 22009015 Anonymous
>>22008911 No, but it has felt that way in the past. I can sympathize.

31 hours later 22009044 Anonymous
I did it!

32 hours later 22009065 Anonymous
>>22009044 did what? dubs??

32 hours later 22009068 Anonymous
I can't stop thinking about tits. what's wrong with me?

32 hours later 22009080 Anonymous
I'm so worried that if I speak to my happiness the universe will test it. Or that others will be jealous and come after it to ruin it for selfish gain. They have in the past, and some are already jealous... so much worry, and I'm so worried to feel hope for a future that this last time around I decided was a stupid dream. I dont want this tested. I dont want to watch another person I care about change into something gross. I dont want to feel like I'm on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop. Most of all I worry that the worry will manifest all these things. I need to divest myself from the worry and just let things flow. I know it. But my lifes experiences make it hard. It's been real hard for a long time and to think here's this person that's interested in me like I am in her. That notices all these little things. I've never had anyone that sees me that deeply so quickly. I'm quickly falling for this woman. Please universe, no tests. I dont need it, she doesnt need it. I found everything I want. For once dont take it away again after just a taste. And with that I go back to maintaining silence and practicing patience and doing what I need to do to let things flow and stop worrying.

32 hours later 22009090 Anonymous
>>22009065 Whoa! That too. New: >>22009072 >>22009068 Nothing. New: >>22009072

33 hours later 22009242 Anonymous
I'm so lonely. I want to try to cut myself

35 hours later 22009439 Anonymous
>>22007935 no one person, I don't get anxious as I used to, I am less paranoid about things, as normal people would say I am giving less of fucks about the things that made me paranoid.

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