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2020-03-18 05:21 22004539 Anonymous (3600B54C-F612-4963-BC86-EB453F91F959.jpg 1024x576 33kB)
>meet girl online >funny, smart, similar interests, etc >fall in love with her personality >exchange pics >she’s ugly i mean she’s not fat or anything but it’s pretty rough... what tha fuck do I do bros...

10 min later 22004562 Anonymous
How ugly? Unless it's really, shockingly hideous such that it would be impossible to get intimate with, you should probably go for it. No one's perfect.

12 min later 22004568 Anonymous
>>22004539 If you are attracted to the person inside the packaging you come to find the packaging attractive

15 min later 22004573 Anonymous
>>22004539 Why she's ugly? Describe her more maybe we can get an idea.

15 min later 22004574 Anonymous
>>22004539 How unattractive? It's generally pretty hard for non-fat girls to look too bad, and most can be fixed with even light amounts of makeup.

4 hours later 22005200 Anonymous
>>22004574 >It's generally pretty hard for non-fat girls to look too bad You don't get a lot of action don't you?

4 hours later 22005206 Anonymous
friendzone her

5 hours later 22005461 Anonymous (fug.jpg 600x797 62kB)
Update: I told her she was a cute. She called me out and told me to be honest. I told her that I didn't find her particularly attractive but that I still had feelings for her. She said she couldn't trust me anymore after lying to her, and that she didn't want to talk to me again. Like, ever. So that really fucking sucks.

6 hours later 22005513 Anonymous
>>22005461 shit, that sucks

6 hours later 22005546 Anonymous
>>22005461 eh, at least you don't have to worry about it now OP. I know it sucks, we've all made mistakes with women, it's just a part of growing up and we never really stop growing

6 hours later 22005586 Anonymous
And this is how incels are made. /thread

6 hours later 22005604 Anonymous
Show us what she looked like since you've already blown it.

6 hours later 22005632 Anonymous
>>22005604 I didn't save the pictures and she's since deleted them from our discord convo.

12 hours later 22006193 Anonymous
>>22005200 Evidently more than you if you actually unironically call it 'action'.

12 hours later 22006195 Anonymous
>>22005461 She sounds batshit insane anyway. You did nothing wrong.

12 hours later 22006196 Anonymous
How did you guys even meet

12 hours later 22006209 Anonymous
Dodged a bullet friendo. She set you up in a no-win situation where you either agree that she's an ugly steaming pile and she hates you, or you say she's pretty and she hates you for lying. A personality like that would never have a long lasting relationship

12 hours later 22006219 Anonymous
>>22006195 ??? Shes not insane at all. OP doesn't find her attractive and lied to her about it. Have you ever had your partner lie directly to your fave? That shit is devestating, ESPECIALLY when it's about your attractiveness. She's clearly hurt, and acted in accordance to that OP, you didn't exactly fuck up, but you didn't exactly play your cards correctly

12 hours later 22006229 Anonymous
>>22006219 You sound crazy as well though. She couldn't take a complement at face value and decided to deny it, and when he confirmed that she did this whole big melodramatic cunty thing. Newsflash: People lie in complements MOST of the time.

12 hours later 22006232 Anonymous
>>22005461 she wants you to talk to her again

12 hours later 22006234 Anonymous
>>22005461 Lol

12 hours later 22006240 Anonymous
>>22005461 Where Did You Guys Meet

14 hours later 22006460 Anonymous
>>22005461 based you're better off by the sounds of it

14 hours later 22006466 Anonymous (baseddeptcalling.jpg 410x598 15kB)
>>22005461 *RING RING RiiiNG ring* >Hello, OP? You have an incoming call

14 hours later 22006499 Anonymous (ENKTCaXX0AIdpRh.png 2290x866 570kB)
Settle yourself, this is as good as it will get.

14 hours later 22006506 Anonymous
>>22005461 She’s playing games with you. Message her again with some soft bullshit and she will definitively be dtf

15 hours later 22006531 Anonymous
>>22005461 fug, sorry anon. also what the fuck is her problem for pulling teeth like that anyway.

24 hours later 22007624 Anonymous
>>22006232 >>22006506 She definitely does not want me to message her. I was kind of taken aback by the fact she’d completely drop me over something like that after we’d gotten so close, so I tried to save the friendship at least, but she made it VERY fucking clear that she does not want to talk to me again. I also would feel pathetic to come groveling back. >>22006240 Leddit

25 hours later 22007654 Anonymous
She handled that terribly. Forget about her she's no good

25 hours later 22007739 Anonymous
>>22005461 Hahahahaha

26 hours later 22007850 Anonymous
Cut contact immediately

28 hours later 22008161 Anonymous
>>22005461 this reminds me of a very interesting sentence my bf told me "ofc you arent the prettiest.if my favorite food is pizza, it doesnt mean I cant get mcdonalds."

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