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2020-03-18 04:15 22004379 Anonymous Apocalypse anxiety (1582690763609.png 800x800 73kB)
>coronavirus >climate change >possible ww3 >possible nuclear war >superbugs >global flooding >ice caps melting and releasing ancient deadly diseases into the atmosphere How the fuck do I cope with all this? Seems like there are a billion different ways the world could end and all of them are pretty likely scenarios. I feel powerless. My greatest fear is my fear of the world ending. The fear of humanity going extinct and there being nothing, absolutely nothing left of us, no legacy, no memory, nothing. It chills me to the core just thinking about it. Anyway, how do I cope? How do I stop constantly making myself sick with anxiety about the potential apocalypse?

5 min later 22004396 Anonymous
>>22004379 >ancient deadly diseases into the atmosphere Not how diseases work. Avoid the internet. Avoid talking about shit that gives you anxiety. If all else fails then get on meds. Focusing on your fears is going to fuck you up. If you are particularly jumpy then you really need to go to therapy and figure it out.

8 min later 22004401 Anonymous
>>22004396 >Avoid talking about shit that gives you anxiety Can't avoid it really. A lot of my friends are doomers. Funnily enough they're pretty chill about corona. But climate change is always the big topic in my friendship group, the other month I had a near panic attack because a friend got in a 1 hour rant at me about how a climate apocalypse is "100% certain" and how we're all fucked and humanity will not survive the next two decades. >therapy How does that help though? My problems aren't emotional, they can't be waved away by a magic therapy wand. If the world is ending then a therapist cannot magically convince me that it isn't ending.

16 min later 22004421 Anonymous
>>22004401 >My problems aren't emotional, Fear is inherently emotional. Just like anger. Going to group therapy and hearing other people talk about their issues will help you realize that emotional issues cause similar results in completely different people. Cognitive behavior therapy will teach you about anxiety so that you aren't going through life blind to your emotions. It teaches you the thoughts that are associated with particular emotions and why those thoughts are connected to emotions. You need to be more logical about some of these claims. Even if climate change went beyond the point of no return within 20 years it wouldn't be an immediate apocalypse. That would be even more decades down the line with things just getting moderately more difficult as time goes by.

26 min later 22004449 Anonymous
>>22004379 >how do I cope? By accepting death as an envivtability. Death is a natural part of life. Once you accept it, you are invincible

30 min later 22004459 Anonymous
>>22004449 I can accept my own death. But not an early death (I'm only in my 20s), that's too much for me to comprehend at this age. And the end of the world is much more than just my death. It's the death of everything, the entire world we exist in, all civilization and all history ended in one event. It's just too much for me to cope with.

46 min later 22004491 Anonymous
>>22004379 If you accept for a fact, that you are already dead, you will become unstoppable.

52 min later 22004506 Anonymous
>>22004459 Like i said before. Accept it and embrace it. You'll live forever. If you get off 4chan this minute and do all the things you wanted to do, you'll end you life without regrets

1 hours later 22004571 Anonymous
>>22004379 I’m not an expert historian, so I can’t confirm this with solid examples. But I kinda get the general feeling that there have been eras of humanity that have been about equally as globally fucked as this before, and obviously turned out fine in the long run. The big difference between then and now is if you look at old eyewitness accounts, no one was ever aware of this, because there has never before been this level of instantaneous global communication going on and people were usually largely unaware of things going on outside of their own personal scope, or at least had the benefit of hearing disastrous news after some delay and not constantly in real time and all at once. So I really do believe that we’re more stressed lately when many of these things have a higher possibility of blowing over than we’ve probably been lead to believe. And of course all the exaggerated hype and disinformation floating around doesn’t help, but that fear is just a part of human nature that has been magnified by the society built around our technical advances. But if you look at history, I think there’s a good chance you’ll find or get a sense that this is all part of a pattern and nothing new, and that it is by no means indicative of an end to anything.

3 hours later 22004878 Anonymous
>>22004571 >and that it is by no means indicative of an end to anything. Why are even doctors and supposedly serious medical professionals talking about corona in genuinely apocalyptic terms then? I understand the media does it to gain clicks, but what do doctors have to gain by striking fear into everybody?

3 hours later 22004905 Anonymous
>>22004878 Was watching the news and the accompanying conference from the White House earlier. What these doctors seem to be worried about the most, from what I got, is that - people our age aren't taking this seriously enough - people our age are largely asymptomatic - people our age are unwittingly spreading the virus because we're still loitering about, not taking this seriously I personally doubt we'll see much progress next month if this goes on.

3 hours later 22004908 Anonymous
>>22004878 Doctors are sometimes paid to say things that are technically true, but can also be edited and twisted to evoke a certain reaction that maybe wouldn’t be reasonable if the full truth were revealed in its full context.

3 hours later 22004917 Anonymous
>>22004459 >I can accept my death >not now though That's not how it works

3 hours later 22004919 Anonymous
>>22004917 Why are you acting like I'm unreasonable for being upset that I might die in my 20s?

4 hours later 22004997 Anonymous
Hey anon, I suffer from paranoid anxiety and I'm dealing with some of the same feelings you are about the world ending/society collapsing/people dying etc... The best thing to do is to double-check information that you see. A lot of misinformation is being spread right now about potentially earth-shattering situations. Fact check everything. Knowledge conquers fear. Talk to people that you trust to help calm you down. Focus anxious energy on hobbies, excercise. If it makes you feel better to prep, then prep. It might help to volunteer time and energy to those less fortunate right now. All we can do right now is wait, and it is terrifying just waiting for things to happen, and feels very helpless. But you are doing a social duty by not spreading misinformation and keeping other safe. Best of luck to you.

4 hours later 22005012 Anonymous
>>22004997 Oh, another thing that helped was to read articles about what to get during a two-week quarantine. Not knowing if I needed to prepare more or if there was more I could do was terrifying. Prepping really helped me because now I know that if something were to happen, I did all that I could to keep myself and my household safe.

9 hours later 22005773 Anonymous
>>22004379 yeah i feel this op. havent found the cure yet. cant stop crying all week thinking about how utterly utterly fucked we all are. bumping for interest.

9 hours later 22005803 Anonymous
>>22005773 well, there's some good news; there's a vaccine that's moving to it's first set of human trials at the moment. They just started 2 days ago I think?

9 hours later 22005825 Anonymous
>>22005803 yeah but i saw a video just now of italian soldiers literally carrying caskets through the streets of a city there were so many. now i'm fucking freaking out that this is literally the end. i've never seen a situation like this in my entire life i feel fucking sick with worry

10 hours later 22005882 Anonymous
>>22005825 We're gonna make it out of this my dude; Italy has a really old population and had a couple outbreaks happen in nursing homes, which is why the death toll is so high there. That's super sad and worrying, but remember that that's a local disaster, not a global one. Shit is indeed crazy right now, and I get why you're worried, dude, I was in a pretty dark place myself just a couple nights ago for the same reasons; but all is not lost, people are just feeding off of each other's panic, partially because they wanna blame someone, anyone at all. because then at least they have a target, something they can fight, you know? I know this feels like an invisible enemy right now, and it kinda is, but if my weekly D&D night has taught me anything, it's that you can still fight and kill invisible foes. It's just harder. So here's some very visible advice, anon, Focus on yourself, and the visible present. Take it easy for a couple weeks and let this start blowing over; for now, since everyone's being asked to stay inside a lot, use this time to do some of those things you'd been saving for a rainy day. Write that novel that's been brewing in your mind for a while, learn to whittle, clean the house and get your feng shui all put together, take a walk in the woods if you've got some nearby, learn to cook that favorite foreign food of yours since the resturaunts are closed, that kinda shit. We as the human species can make it through this if we take care of ourselves and each other, and we'll break down this mountain of problems we've got one rock at a time.

11 hours later 22005954 Anonymous
>>22005882 Based wholesome bloomer

11 hours later 22005962 Anonymous
>>22005954 eh, I try. It's certainly the first time I've been called based for it, though. Anything else that's been on your bugging you, anon? I've got plenty of time if you wanna chat.

12 hours later 22006056 Anonymous
>>22004379 You shouldn't worry about WW3 at least, just live in a city and you can die instantly in the opening volley. Or you can realize that the world is interconnected enough that none of the superpowers could gain much through direct military conflict and even Pakistan vs India is unlikely to go nuclear. Quit watching news that feeds on your fear. >>22004396 >Not how diseases work. People are pretty retarded about this thanks to movies. I've literally seen people freak out about how not getting a flu shot will bring other diseases back.

12 hours later 22006060 Anonymous
>>22006056 This. Right now, if you're feeling anxious, stay away from the news. It's all sensationalist, they want people to keep watching as much as possible. Check your state's website, your local government's, the CDC/WHO/whatever experts you actually trust to stay in the loop, but there's no need to constantly be reading up on it if it's hurting your mental health.

13 hours later 22006154 Anonymous
>>22004379 Realize God is in control and that His plans will stand. If you haven't given your life to Christ Jesus, now's the time. For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

15 hours later 22006488 Anonymous
I have the opposite problem. I'm disappointed that the coronavirus isn't more deadly. It won't fix overpopulation. China already got it under control, and I'd hoped that least China would collapse. This is only helping the elites to get more powerful, as laws that threaten the very fabric of societies around the world are silently being passed now that the media only talks about the coronavirus and no one even hears about them. By the end of this year, freedom will be an obsolete concept. Climate change won't kill humanity, either. Humans will live long after every other mammal species on Earth goes extinct, and that makes me sad. Humanity is destroying this planet. It doesn't even feel right to call it home anymore. There will be no new large-scale wars in the foreseeable future, as global capitalism has reached a point where it's not profitable and profit is all that matters.

15 hours later 22006502 Anonymous
>>22006488 Create the change you want to see

15 hours later 22006516 Anonymous (1584438141705.gif 396x225 336kB)
>>22004379 Do people honestly get anxious about this? I'm almost excited.

16 hours later 22006521 Anonymous
>>22006502 I can't. There used to be some wiggle room to put ideas in people's heads, but not anymore, and one individual can't accomplish anything in the grand scheme of things. What could I even do? The only thing that could maybe enable the re-emergence of that wiggle room is a global revolution against the elites and a following world war leading to an upheaval of all societies to create new ones from the ashes. That just isn't going to happen, and I don't want war anyway because it's unpredictable in an entirely different way from a pandemic.

16 hours later 22006533 Anonymous
>>22006521 While CCP propagandists claim the virus came from Americans, and Falun Gong propagandists claim the virus was an engineered bioweapon that came out of the Level 4 lab in Wuhan, the truth is it's just a random mutant. But it's plausible that someone could make something really terrible on purpose. That's the problem. A big problem. To get an idea of the scope of the problem just read "The Demon In The Freezer" and you'll understand why everyone is scared shitless of biowar. You could easily parlay this global experience into a meme demanding accountability from governments around the world, if you do it correctly.

16 hours later 22006539 Anonymous
>>22004379 Just let go and realize it’s out of your control

20 hours later 22006985 Anonymous
>>22004379 Accept you are powerless to change anything Stock up on food, ammo, medicine Move to the country Control the factors you can control, be at peace with those you cannot

21 hours later 22007034 Anonymous
>>22006516 Yes? Not everyone is a deranged depressed doomer who gets sick pleasure out of watching the world collapse. Unlike you, I have hopes and dreams, and I have loved ones I deeply do not want to die. >>22006985 I live in Europe, I can’t get guns you crazy piece of shit. Again I can tell you’re one of those doomers who just wants to see a Mad Max society and people killing each other and raping and pillaging. What’s wrong with you?

21 hours later 22007039 Anonymous
>>22007034 When all your crazy neighbors have guns, it's probably a good idea to have a gun too.

21 hours later 22007047 Anonymous
>>22007039 How do I get a gun, you fricking idiot? >.< You realize it would be a long process to get it legally in Europe?

21 hours later 22007052 Anonymous
>>22007047 I was talking about Burgerlandia. Not everything is about you, because if you live in a place where nearly all your crazy neighbors don't have guns, what do you need a gun for?

21 hours later 22007054 Anonymous
>>22004401 >But climate change is always the big topic in my friendship group, the other month I had a near panic attack because a friend got in a 1 hour rant at me about how a climate apocalypse is "100% certain" and how we're all fucked and humanity will not survive the next two decades. They've been saying that every decade for like a century. Your friends are driving you mental. >>22004449 Invincible, but soulless; this kind of nihilism is destructive to your spirit. >>22004878 How exactly do you learn of these doctors' opinions? Right, the media. Those who say it's gonna be ok don't reach the front page. >>22006154 Get fucked.

21 hours later 22007063 Anonymous
>>22004379 try having sex

21 hours later 22007070 Anonymous
>>22004379 We're all on limited time here. Everyone needs and can be a good friend (corny but true).

22 hours later 22007272 Anonymous
>>22004919 You are more likely to die in your 20s from everything but Corona, climate change or a global flooding. Just be careful with your car and the stairs.

23 hours later 22007319 Anonymous
>>22004379 Literally the only thing out of these that's even remotely a threat is the nothingburger chink flu you moron.

31 hours later 22008476 Anonymous
>>22007319 >nothingburger chink flu Thousands are dying every day. Likely to be hundreds of millions dead by the time it's all over (late 2021).

32 hours later 22008512 Anonymous (be748a7dbf987797981bd1427e0a23e4.jpg 570x300 34kB)
>>22004379 >No transit >Can work comfy at home >Boss can't nag me >Boomers are dropping like flies >Normies are losing their shit on daily basis My life has been amazing since Corona hit hard. I'm going to miss this...

32 hours later 22008527 Anonymous
>>22004379 Dont think about it. Do you stress everytime you ride in a car? Do you think "im gonna get shot or robbed" everytime you go out? Who the fuck cares bro just have fun. Fearing the end is so 2012. Climate change was supposed to kill everyone like six times already. The world wont end. Humanity might end but then the universe will contract and expand and we'll do it all over again

32 hours later 22008542 Anonymous (8a8.gif 360x202 1660kB)
>>22004379 >mfw early 20's living in shitkicker whitesville >mfw saw the writing on the wall of world catastrophe 8+ years ago >mfw bought a gun safe and filled it with ARs and ammo >mfw bought a respirator and backpack of extra filters >mfw bought 3 months of MREs and 6 months of water >mfw I've already prepped and cleared a spot 25 miles out of town and 15 miles into the woods to hold up at >mfw everyone thought I was fucking nuts >mfw I literally have nothing to worry about

33 hours later 22008678 Anonymous
If you were born in 1900 and lived to be 80, you lived through: >coronavirus Spanish Flu, except they handled it worse back then, and the disease was worse. >climate change Fear of another ice age. >possible ww3 Two world wars, and there wasn't a precedent for them, so people certainly thought the world was ending. >possible nuclear war The Cold War >superbugs >global flooding >ice caps melting and releasing ancient deadly diseases into the atmosphere They had just as much reason to fear the last 3 as you do.

33 hours later 22008691 Anonymous
>>22008678 To add to superbugs: The best thing you can do is avoid using antibiotics unless you really need them. The people who are vulnerable to superbugs are people who don't finish their round of antibiotics OR use them for everything or even precautionary reasons. Don't do that. Your immune system needs to figure out how to manage bacteria on its own.

33 hours later 22008717 Anonymous
>>22004401 >I had a near panic attack because a friend got in a 1 hour rant at me about how a climate apocalypse is "100% certain" and how we're all fucked and humanity will not survive the next two decades. Your friends are fucking idiots, but also you have an anxiety disorder. What a great combination.

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