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2020-03-18 03:58 22004328 Anonymous (skeksis.jpg 2397x2920 1037kB)
Are there any good, respectable career choices for people who are smart in theory but incapable of memorising massive loads of boring things? I wanted to be a scientist but trying to learn all the boring textbook shit was just impossible, I ended up having a nervous breakdown over it. I've been tested for everything from ADHD to autism, and all the possible learning disabilities, and I've got none of them. I scored cognitively above average in everything except math, which was average. The problem is I just can't learn any shit that isn't interesting or have any personal appeal to me, which covers roughly 100% of jobs. I'm good at deducing from context clues and I know a myriad of random details about all sorts of things, but if you put me in a room with a high school textbook and the task of memorising it, I can't. What's a good career for someone who's good at picking up random info and observations, but can't do school exams?

7 min later 22004348 Anonymous
>>22004328 >I've been tested for everything from ADHD to autism, and all the possible learning disabilities, and I've got none of them You're just lazy. Accept your life as a nugger and iff urself

8 min later 22004354 Anonymous
>>22004348 *off

9 min later 22004360 Anonymous
>>22004348 *nigger Fucking hell um drunk

10 min later 22004362 Anonymous
>>22004348 I'm not lazy, I'm capable of work, I read books, I do things and have constructive hobbies. I just can't learn for some fucking reason.

12 min later 22004366 Anonymous
>>22004360 *I'm Goddamnit

12 min later 22004367 Anonymous
Science isn't about memorizing things but understanding them.

13 min later 22004372 Anonymous
>>22004328 >i half ass everything Only doing the shit you enjoy or find interesting is going to fuck you over. You think it's memorization but usually it's not. You use the things you learn as context clues for figuring out the things you have yet to learn. You are fluffing yourself up by constantly talking about your positives without mentioning any negatives to your personality. Off of my gut instinct then I would say you have anxiety and are extremely sensitive to critique. People who do really well on tests but avoid all other school work tend to really value their opinion of their intellect. Struggling with new topics challenges that opinion so they avoid learning new material.

16 min later 22004378 Anonymous
>>22004367 No, you gotta memorise everything to get into school. Where I'm from, they've got entrance exams and shit. A copy machine that can parrot every single piece of info that's been dictated to it will score better at school than I do, being insightful means absolutely fucking nothing if you don't remember the exact right term for the thing you just observed. I went back to high school to study biology, and I could roughly explain exactly how the social structures of chimpanzees work, but I didn't get that point on that test because I didn't remember the name of that kind of a social hierarchy.

20 min later 22004388 Anonymous
>>22004372 I've TRIED to study things I find repulsive and unpalatable, I've sat with a book and struggled until I cried. It IS memorisation, you can't use context clues to fill in the blanks when you don't have any info that isn't blanks. If I went into the negatives of my personality I would have killed myself ten years ago. I'm garbage in every other way than having half a brain, and if that is no good, I deserve to be dead.

29 min later 22004412 Anonymous
>>22004388 First off I'm saying that the subjects themselves aren't "repulsive and unpalatable" and it's the learning that you find difficult. Challenging your opinion on your intellect. The way you would prove this would be if you constantly freak out the first set back you face when doing work. Also when you have a really difficult time starting work but not finishing work. >I sat with a book Since when was school just reading a book? I've never had a single class including ethics where it was all reading a single book and repeating what you read. Even history class has lectures and discussions and assignments which are how you actually learn this information. You need a jumping off point but it's easy to start with. To explain how context clues works in something like history. "This war was between x-y. That means if something happened early on in the war then it would be a date close to x." It's hard in the beginning because you need to learn NEW information. The reason it's hard isn't because somehow you have switched what part of your brain you are using. You are supposed to work extra hard in the beginning to build your foundation.

34 min later 22004424 Anonymous
>>22004412 History is easy because there's always context clues, fun little tidbits and stories about people. History is fun, easy, interesting and completely and absolutely worthless. I can't learn chemistry like I can learn history. With history there's always questions to ask, like where did this word come from, why was clothing like this fashionable, why is there a monkey in this portrait of a king. With chemistry, there's no questions. There's just a textbook and you have to learn all the boring words that are in it.

37 min later 22004433 Anonymous
>>22004424 >I can't learn chemistry Chemistry was the worst choice here. It sounds like you are deluding yourself to justify why one is harder than the other. Chemistry is all about learning how groups of things are similar to each other and how other things are different from what you currently know. It's all about building upon something you already know.

45 min later 22004454 Anonymous
>>22004424 For instance with chemistry just look at the periodic table of elements. It's not just ordered incrementally by proton count and divided into rows based on shells but also it groups elements with similar properties into color groups. The elements with similar properties have reasons for why these properties exist. Three is a reason why metals are metals and nonmetals are nonmetals.

45 min later 22004455 Anonymous
>>22004433 In my experience, it isn't. You don't build upon something you already know, every single new step starts with "forget everything we taught you last time, it's more complicated than that". There's no reward or joy to it, just punishment upon punishment upon punishment, and then you're punished for not enjoying the punishment.

50 min later 22004468 Anonymous
>>22004455 They don't say that literally. For programming going from C to C++ would involve learning new information but everything would still be based on passed languages. That's the same for all computer languages. It actually works the same with chemistry and physics and math. Math especially is built upon itself. There are fundamental theorems that divide the subjects. The fundamental theorem of arithmatic for instance is that every positive number is a product of prime numbers. Theres a fundamental theorom for alegebra, calculus, trig, etc. Everything builds upon itself.

1 hours later 22004502 Anonymous
>>22004468 Okay. Now is there any way to make that pleasant or interesting, or any way to just power through and endure it?

1 hours later 22004511 Anonymous
>>22004502 Yeah basically. You can take antianxiety pills and that will make you feel less terrible while you are doing new subjects but honestly it's not like I find studying fun or attractive in any way. I did the work because I wanted the end knowledge and the degree so that I could get the job I wanted because I get pleasure from troubleshooting computers and solving complex problems. I don't clean my house and dishes for the pleasure of cleaning them.

1 hours later 22004537 Anonymous
>>22004511 But with cleaning the house and doing dishes, you've got the pleasure of having a clean house and clean dishes. When you take the time to hammer something boring and unpleasant into your brain, you just have the unpleasant thing in your brain now, and get punished if you forget.

1 hours later 22004553 Anonymous
>>22004537 >you've got the pleasure of having a clean house and clean dishes That's exactly my point. >get punished There is no punishment in getting Cs. If you do all the work and wash your dishes then you eventually get a clean house. It's not about having the cleanest house. It's not about having perfect grades. Learning the information is the goal in taking a class. How you use that information is how you get a clean house. Using that information to get a degree to get a job is what I did. I don't know what your end goal is going to be.

1 hours later 22004559 Anonymous
>>22004553 >It's not about having perfect grades Yes, yes it is. it's about learning the best and having the best grades and then getting a job and being the best at your job. Why would you even want to get a career if you don't want to be the best at it? Why would anyone want to be a mediocre biologist?

1 hours later 22004563 Anonymous
>>22004559 >be the best at your job >wear yourself out mentally and emotionally until you are a wreck As I said earlier I work my job because I get pleasure from the success of my work. I didn't need straight As to get to that point and you aren't getting straight As so I don't understand your argument.

1 hours later 22004565 Anonymous
>>22004563 How are you going to get success if you didn't get straight As? I have never heard of you.

1 hours later 22004576 Anonymous
>>22004565 >everyone in the world got straight As Stop being retarded. First off no one cares about what grades you got after you enter the work force. They care about your success in your career. Unless you want to take classes as a career then the grades matter less than learning the information. Your grades just show you what you need to improve on to properly learn the information. Worrying about past grades isn't going to somehow benefit you in the future. All you are doing is wearing yourself out until the point where you can't learn any information at all. Worrying about being perfect just fucks up your mental state and prevents you from actually being perfect. It's not even like you are living your life in this way. You are avoiding work because it's daunting to not be perfect.

1 hours later 22004604 Anonymous
>>22004576 I'm 25 and can't read an analogue clock because everyone assumed I would learn it on my own, and then suddenly I was 10 or 11 and people were astonished that I still didn't know how to read the clock, and nobody found any way to bully me into memorising it. Even up to this day, I can look at a clock face and learn nothing of it. I can recognise the exact hours, when all the pointers point at the same number, but other than that, it's just white noise to me. I KNOW it's valuable information. I KNOW it's valuable information that I do not have. I KNOW it's vital and important that I should have this information. But my brain just.... Doesn't fucking register. I don't know when I hit that spot of being unable to gain any information that's actually useful, but I guess it happened a long time ago.

2 hours later 22004650 Anonymous
>>22004362 You're lazy. Fuck you.

2 hours later 22004654 Anonymous
>>22004650 I'm capable of everything except learning. If that makes me lazy, I've been working with the completely wrong understanding of the word.

2 hours later 22004665 Anonymous
>>22004604 You have to ask yourself how smart you really are if you cant read a clock, because only a fool would think they know everything. As someone said already you don't need to memorise piles of crap, that's pointless anyway if don't understand it and cant explain it in your own words. You are going through the motions of learning without putting in any effort to understand. Ask yourself: what is my motivation for learning this? Then apply yourself and try to do it. Sitting back and saying you cant even add 2+2 is your own problem, nobody is going to want to hire somebody who refuses to use their brain.

2 hours later 22004671 Anonymous
>>22004665 My motivation is to prove my worth as a person. The only thing I've got going for me is my brain and if I'm stupid, I might as well just walk into train tracks tomorrow.

2 hours later 22004740 Anonymous
>>22004604 >bully me into memorizing >that it counts up by 1 and 5 depending on hour or minute hand Big ticks are hours small ticks are minutes. It's not a lot of memorization. That's not valuable information either. You ignored this entire conversation where I gave you advice. You are repeating problems that I have already given you solutions for.

3 hours later 22004752 Anonymous
>>22004740 "stop being retarded" is not advice. You have given no solutions.

3 hours later 22004867 Anonymous
>>22004752 >my only take away was what I wanted to hear Yeah man. I definitely didn't explain anxiety and explain why you would benefit from antianxiety meds.

3 hours later 22004890 Anonymous
>>22004867 there's no magical fucking pill that I can take that will fix me. They don't sell those in countries where healthcare functions under any ethics at all.

4 hours later 22004920 Anonymous
>>22004890 >they don't sell antianxiety meds >literally alcohol is antianxiety meds since it's a depressant Sure man antianxiety pills would have to change everything about you. They definitely don't make you freak out less.

4 hours later 22004937 Anonymous
>>22004604 >I don't know how to read an analog clock Assuming you're not trolling and you're being genuine, let me help you fill that hole, Khan Academy made some good teaching videos on this and some testing tools you can practice with, it shouldn't take you more than a day or two of practice to get squared away https://www.khanacademy.org/math/ea rly-math/cc-early-math-measure-data -topic/cc-early-math-time/v/telling -time-exercise-example-1

7 hours later 22005518 Anonymous
>>22004559 You are delusional, you're not interested in self-actualization or finding a path that fulfills you, you just want money and respect, neither of which you are capable of earning as you are now

7 hours later 22005525 Anonymous
>>22004348 >>22004360 >>22004366 > Accept your life as a nugger and iff urself based

7 hours later 22005529 Anonymous
>>22004890 You are an absolute idiot, anti-anxiety medication is available in all developed nations you mong

7 hours later 22005572 Anonymous
>>22004328 Electrical Engineer that never put more than 5 hours of studying for any exam. If you're actually "smart" as you claimed, you'd understand that it's not about memorizing info but understanding concepts. While I was in university I never put any effort in studying like my peers. I just couldn't sit down and do problems for days on end. Yet I still got above average like them because I understood the concepts. So anything in science is an option for lazy fuckers like us as long as you're not a retard. also undergrad is 70% plagiarism anyways so who cares

8 hours later 22005585 Anonymous
>>22004328 Learn manual job like cooking, carpentery maybe?

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