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2020-03-18 03:41 22004296 GodWillsIt porn is evil and is destroying souls (download@CQXa.jpg 228x221 9kB)
is bombing porn headquarters good idea? what do you guys think?

2 min later 22004301 Anonymous
>porn headquarters im losing my shit lMFAO. every single time i feel a little self conscious i always come to /adv/ and imagine yalls autism in real life scenarios and feel much better. thank guys

4 min later 22004305 GodWillsIt
>>22004301 its not funny. thanks to all the evil in world. god send corona as a punishment .

6 min later 22004310 GodWillsIt
>>22004301 so tell me. do you enjoy watching this nigger loving industry?

9 min later 22004313 GodWillsIt
>>22004296 im just trying to save humanity.

18 min later 22004333 Anonymous (154059837204986.gif 320x240 1024kB)
>meanwhile back at porn headquarters...

38 min later 22004394 Anonymous (D1041093-944C-4B27-8E06-633439A5A42B.jpg 1944x2500 732kB)
Good luck

38 min later 22004395 Anonymous
>>22004313 >tripfag says something stupid Every time

40 min later 22004399 Sage
>>22004296 We need to culturally purge all born again 4chan puritans. 5 years ago you were all fapping to tentacle rape and shitting dick nipples. Unironically get COVID and fuck off.

43 min later 22004406 Anonymous (baINLAUH.jpg 800x450 36kB)

43 min later 22004407 Anonymous
Porn is evil yes but bombing is not the solution. We must stop the normalization of watching it, it is very detrimental to the physical and mental health of both men and women.

45 min later 22004411 Anonymous
>>22004399 your a heathen dude back off.

47 min later 22004414 Anonymous
>>22004407 good i already have my homemade ied ready lol.

49 min later 22004418 Anonymous (F13D0780-A135-4F7E-91ED-2FA5F7A28CE1.jpg 415x312 24kB)
>>22004407 Nah. OP is right. Violence and terror objectively do work. Nobody publicly mocks Islam because they’ll hurt you. Nobody publicly mocks China (in China) because they’ll hurt you. Once upon nobody mocked whites or christians because we’d hurt you. An organized violent campaign against porn would terrify them into stopping

50 min later 22004420 Anonymous
>>22004399 KYS reddit degenerate

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