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2020-03-18 10:55 22003783 Anonymous (naziflag.png 1200x720 20kB)
>Be me, Korean >Have friend, White >Both social outcast when we were young >Met through the internet >Played games >Met IRL >Hung out and even went out Double Dates with our GF's >He always liked Guns and hates his own Mother >5-6 years ago starts mentioning Tinfoil Theories like PizzaGate/Sandyhook/CIA mind control >I didn't really care and just passed it off as some weirdo hobby >3-4 years ago starts saying the word cuck, then clown word, and now-a-days says boogaloo. >Im not a huge 4chan/pol/social media user or anything so i didn't care too much >I suggested California(we both lived their) was a shit-hole, and he agreed and starts rambling on about immigrants and what-not. I think we have different views. >Got slightly interested into Politics last year >I started having suspicion about him being a /pol/ alt-right type too many things added up. >Started kinda distancing myself from him, but not fully >We play games every couple of weeks to months >Played games with him today and hes rambling on about 'chinks', asians, chinese, etc. >Felt uncomfortable and said something You really hate Chinese huh? Giving him slight disapproval and He starts apologizing and saying he meant Chinese and not "Asians". Wanting to kill Chinese. I don't know if its the fact i've grown up more and become mature/sensitive as i aged(i use to be a huge troll in my younger years ill admit) or its the fact hes increasingly become more racist. I honestly can't recall him being this open this shit too be honest. Is it possible to fix the guy? Should i just give up and completely go no contact? I mean we barely talk now anyways, but i always kinda feel bad if i don't respond too his messages. I've known him for well over a decade.

11 min later 22003808 Anonymous
>>22003783 Just wait it out as long as he doesn’t disrespect you or your other friends. He’ll probably grow out of it...eventually.

16 min later 22003820 Anonymous (uhoh.jpg 224x225 6kB)
>>22003808 Hes nearly 30.

27 min later 22003845 Anonymous
Idk he sounds like a shithole.

29 min later 22003851 Anonymous
>>22003820 In his defense, most people these days aren’t grown up until their late 30s. I’d say your friend lacks life experience and simply does his 9-5, browses 4chan, and plays games Life experience is sort of like sand paper in a way, once you have enough of it, most of the jagged and rough edges should be taken care of. That’s doesn’t mean he won’t have his issues but once he starts truly living, he’ll come around.

30 min later 22003854 Anonymous
I'll go as far as to say you can't outgrow "raysizm" I know full grown ass adults with families and careers and kids in school, very down to earth people but who are incredibly racist towards certain groups. Being European, most people hate gypsies, Russians and arabs/Turks. Once you get to understand that humans are tribalistic creatures (not social creatures, there's a clear distinction) you'll come to see racism as a necessary evolutionary evil. Even if it's redundant in the 21th century. As for other /pol/ things I don't know what to say. I myself hate /pol/ and most their views.

39 min later 22003871 Anonymous
>>22003854 I mean im not racist at all, i might call you a faggot or say some superficial level racist bullshit, but its all in good fun amongst bros. In my eyes just guys being guys, but this guy is kinda on another level imo. The thing im puzzled about is. If this dude is who i think he is. Why the fuck is he talking too me or anyone else in our social group(who also aren't white or asian). He treats me like im white lmfao. Weird as fuck. I don't get it. Is it cause hes known us for so long hes struggling himself to come in terms with it?

45 min later 22003886 Anonymous
>>22003871 he's known you so long he thinks of you as a friend rather than someone from a different ethnic group.

5 hours later 22004457 Anonymous
>>22003886 This. >>22003820 >30 I find it highly unlikely he will change. And personally, I've learned that you need to be able to cut toxic people out of your life, even if it hurts. You are just exposing yourself to needless harm that won't vanish, as changing, especially when older, is incredibly hard. I mean, in the end it's up to you if you find his behavior unbearable or not.

5 hours later 22004473 Anonymous
>>22003783 Funny thing how people can change, even people you thought you know can become different enough to be incompatible as friends. Make sure he really has become the kind of person you think he is now, 10 year friendships ending this way is sad.

5 hours later 22004479 Anonymous
>>22003820 Slap this faggot. Tell him to grow the fuck up. Shits changing and he either has to grow up or neck himself

6 hours later 22004487 Anonymous
>>22003783 Your friend is an asshole. His mentality is infectious, you need to drop him.

12 hours later 22005431 Anonymous
your fren sounds pretty based desu

12 hours later 22005458 Anonymous
>>22003783 Yes you grew up No you cannot change humans who do not wish to change themselves

24 hours later 22006882 Anonymous
>>22003783 Black women will say how much they hate white men but love them deep deep down. And often will feel super nervous when talking to one. Sometimes people are racist but are willing to be friends with the people they hate. No you can't change him, but he probably genuinely likes you.

30 hours later 22007550 Anonymous
>>22003783 Kek, the fact he is talking to you makes him a huge hypocrite yet he does not realize that, he is not the only /pol/ack to do that either. He will loathe you if you start tone policing and takes everything seriously though.

30 hours later 22007561 Anonymous
>>22003783 have you tried, i dunno...talking to him about this?

31 hours later 22007659 Anonymous
>>22003783 Why do you have such an issue with this guy? How does his opinion affect you when you are his friend. Just don’t worry about it you freak.

31 hours later 22007675 Anonymous
>>22003871 1. You’re not Chinese 2. He likes you and you’re his friend Grow up kid stop getting triggered like a little baby.

31 hours later 22007700 Anonymous
>>22007675 This, stop being such a little bitch

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