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2020-03-18 08:33 22003499 Anonymous How do you deal with a fetish? (The Chad Chad.png 663x412 235kB)
I've had fetish for surgical/face masks ever since I can remember. It was actually quite nice until now. Everyone now wears them in public because of Corona and it makes me feel very uneasy.

1 min later 22003502 Anonymous
>>22003499 Just don't do anything. It's not hard.

34 min later 22003580 Anonymous
>>22003502 Yeah but I am horny all the time.

52 min later 22003628 Anonymous
Fap like crazy. Save pics and videos. Date as many girls waring surgical masks. Dude this is a once in a lifetime moment for your fetish outside of asia.

1 hours later 22003672 Anonymous
>>22003628 I am already becoming coomer again and there are so many pictures. I went through like 7k photos and found 100 really good ones. Can't date because the whole country is shut down.

5 hours later 22004089 Anonymous

10 hours later 22004738 Anonymous
last bump before the thread dies

10 hours later 22004743 Anonymous
My dude's at the fucking buffet haha

10 hours later 22004790 Anonymous
>>22003499 stop being a coomer OP.

11 hours later 22004859 Anonymous
>>22004790 I can't. It is like all the girls are not going around shirtless.

11 hours later 22004866 Anonymous
>>22004859 *now

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