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2020-03-18 04:14 22002922 Anonymous
My fiancee is amazing. Passionate, loving, intelligent, kind, feminine, supportive, devoted, hot, busty, a great cook, has all the same hobbies and life goals as me. Our sex drives differ a lot though. She wants sex at least once a day, oftentimes two. Even three or four on rare occasions. I'm a tired old man of 34 (she's 27) and only want sex once or twice a week. She's a lewd little bunny and would probably fuck me 8 hours a day if she had her way. Are there any aphrodisiacs that really work? Even when I was 16 I couldn't match this girl's sex drive.

5 min later 22002930 Anonymous
>"men" with low sex drive..

9 min later 22002949 Anonymous
Get your hormones checked, boomer

39 min later 22003040 Anonymous
>>22002922 I thought /adv/ was a blueboard?

1 hours later 22003132 Anonymous (9d5.png 2688x2688 177kB)
>>22002922 >has anime tits saved on hard drive >"why is my sex drive so low?"

2 hours later 22003307 Anonymous
>>22002922 Can you just give her oral or finger her? It's fine you two have differing sex drives. Just because you're not horny doesnt mean you cant get her off does it? If you're not willing to do that for her she may end up being resentful. Sex is a big part of a relationship.

3 hours later 22003341 Anonymous
>>22002922 How do I find a girl like this?

3 hours later 22003354 Anonymous
>>22003132 This.

3 hours later 22003413 Anonymous
>weirdly detailed but not really flex about sex life with fiancee wow you're having sex very cool. to answer your question: get your t checked. you are now at an age where it is slowing dropping every year. to combat this i would recommend heading to the gym, be more active, eat right and focus on nutrition, stop masturbating, get viagra if need be.

3 hours later 22003416 Anonymous
>>22002922 Enjoy getting cucked, retard

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