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2020-03-18 02:28 22002713 Anonymous (1583668575784.png 892x896 238kB)
>Be me >6.5-7/10 looking dude >Alright personality, funny but also empathic and can have hours-long depth chats >Studying medicine >Not hella rich but alright with money >Cursed with a fucking giantess fetish How the HELL do you find women who are into that?

4 min later 22002729 Anonymous (AE0E8DE0-0A25-447E-80CD-1C1874149D9A.jpg 900x1200 76kB)
>>22002713 could be worse, you could have a weight gain fetish. i have no idea how i will ever explain to a woman that my kink is skinny girls getting fat

8 min later 22002738 Anonymous
>>22002713 You bring it up. Not many people in general are into that but you could have sex play with a girl you're in a relationship with. You just need to decide exactly how you want them to scratch that itch like.... I dont even know how you would roleplay that really. Is it them like... throwing you around and acting like they're gonna eat you or something? I dont really know.

9 hours later 22003943 Anonymous
>>22002729 My sympathies, anon.<3 Would just dating an overweight woman not cut it? Is it a different kind of kink? >>22002738 I do text-based roleplay often, but it's not something I would do with my would-be-gf. I would want her to take angled ('POV') photos for me, or just tease me about it in general, like when we both lay in bed she'd whisper in my ear all the naughty or gentle stuff she'd do to me if I was far smaller than her. I guess it's mostly about having someone understand it, so I want have to keep it like the embarassing secret under the table it is. Finding a dominant woman, or one that doesn't feel awkward imagining herself taller than her man is one thing, but taking it to this extreme is a whole another level.

9 hours later 22003953 Anonymous
>>22002713 >Be me 6.5/7/10 looking dude Men tend to overestimate their appearance so ur probably just average like all the other plebs.

11 hours later 22004132 Anonymous (For England James. No- For Whales.webm 960x960 3070kB)
>>22002729 iktf bro

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