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2020-03-18 02:27 22002709 Anonymous The Dichotomy of Delayed Ejaculation (download (2).jpg 195x130 5kB)
So, 23M and I have a problem. Being a social recluse, I rarely get a chance to be with women, but when I do I take the chance. Problem is, due to my hideaway lifestyle, I jack off a fair bit. It doesn't really bother me for the most part, except that if I've jacked off a day or two before getting with a woman, I can't cum. At first, I thought that was fine, since I don't really care about cumming too much, I can just jack off at home, and when I'm having sex, I wanna give her a good time; I wanna make her feel good before anything else. Hell, I can last as long as my stamina allows, usually a good couple minutes of fucking. However, they seem to feel as if they'd failed, which kind of spoils the mood for both of us. The thing is, if I don't jack off for a good measure, like three or four days, I can cum just fine. New problem though; I blow in like a minute or two. So the problem lies here; do I stop jacking it and let myself only last one or two minutes, or do I jack it and allow myself to go for longer? Or is there a third option I'm missing? Let me know guys, I'm in need of help

18 min later 22002760 Anonymous
Keep masturbating the way your body feels like. If you're horny and can't have sex right now, just masturbate. Women always say that they don't care about not cumming as long as the experience was good. Why would it be any different if the guy doesn't cum?

20 min later 22002765 Anonymous
>>22002760 Well that's what I thought, but the last few did make it known they weren't happy about it. Don't get me wrong, they certainly left feeling pretty damn good but I can't help but feel I'm giving them the impression that they suck at sex

21 min later 22002767 Anonymous
>>22002709 If you're having sex with women who give you a hard time for cumming quickly you dont need them in your life. The other is supposed to be a positive. Honestly I cum pretty quickly so I spend a lot of time making them cum repeatedly then fuck them and 'get mine' so to speak. You're too concerned with the amount of time it takes. Accept yourself and accept that you orgasm this way. If women give you shit for not cumming within 4-9 minutes of sex I mean that's pretty dumb IMO.

25 min later 22002775 Anonymous
>>22002767 I worded that last post badly. I should say that they made it known they weren't happy about not getting me there, that they felt they'd failed, not that I was failing. But your point does make sense, thank you

31 min later 22002785 Anonymous
>>22002775 No problem anon. I think a lot of guys are like you anon. Sometimes cumming quickly other times slowly. I know I am. If I cant get there like I'm not feeling enough because I'm really taking her to pound town or whatever I'll pull out and try something else for a bit then get back to it. Seriously though either way, too long or too short, these women are putting all the pressure on you and it's not a fair way to treat someone. You are who you are take it or leave it.

38 min later 22002793 Anonymous
>>22002765 They will have to start learning to live with it then.

1 hours later 22002851 Anonymous
>>22002760 >Why would it be any different if the guy doesn't cum? From what I've learned, women get their self esteem destroyed if you don't cum. It's like telling them that they're not pretty enough...

1 hours later 22002867 Anonymous
>>22002851 So, do I risk it, or do I change?

1 hours later 22002868 Anonymous
>>22002709 >However, they seem to feel as if they'd failed kek

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