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2019-06-13 02:45 21005890 Anonymous (DC141FAC-32A7-449A-90C7-5E7927C71DF1.jpg 700x509 70kB)
I’m a shut in at my dorm, there’s a girl that lives near me that I think is also a shut in and I think is pretty cute. What would be a good way to go about making her my gf?

47 min later 21006023 Anonymous (85DBE3BD-BE07-4210-8CA1-7CDB477C2F88.jpg 1280x720 54kB)
>>21005890 Thanks for the /adv/ice guys

49 min later 21006028 Anonymous
>>21005890 Talk to her, ask her for a date, repeat until satisfied.

50 min later 21006031 Anonymous
Invite her over for a jerk sesh.

51 min later 21006033 Anonymous
>>21005890 Stop focusing on one person, go meet tens of thousands, you need someone who is going to do whatever it takes to please you not someone you need to please.

1 hours later 21006094 Anonymous
Ask a random question, something like >Hey do you know when the dining hall closes? >11:00 I think >Oh good, I wished they stayed open later I always end up walking all the way here at 12:00 and forgetting it's closed. The pasta station is really good...etc Just an example, find something to talk about just to get your foot in the door and after that you can say hello when you see her and talk to her about other stuff like what she's majoring in or whatever

1 hours later 21006108 Anonymous
>>21006094 >Umm okay... *walks back into her room*

1 hours later 21006161 Anonymous
>>21006094 You sound creepy and autistic

1 hours later 21006171 Anonymous
>>21006161 >>21006108 What would you say then?

2 hours later 21006282 Anonymous
>>21006108 >>21006161 It's about establishing a relationship. A hermit cold approaching another hermit is bound not to work. Also just saying "Hi" isn't going to build anything

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