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2019-06-13 01:48 21005734 Anonymous (3fipjY5.gif 277x196 2701kB)
Why do some women tear up when they cum?

5 min later 21005747 Anonymous
>>21005734 >Why do some [camwhores/pornstars I’ve seen online] tear up when they cum? Because they will get more views/money from idiots like you who can’t tell they’re acting. A woman in full rapture from orgasm will do many things, but cry isn’t one of them unless she was molested as a child. /thread

8 min later 21005757 Anonymous
>>21005747 /thread

14 min later 21005773 Anonymous
idk, i tear up when i cum too and i'm a guy it's not full on crying but yeah i do tear up

15 min later 21005775 Anonymous
>>21005747 >implying pornstars weren't molested as a child

22 min later 21005798 Anonymous
>women >cum no way

27 min later 21005808 Anonymous
>>21005734 I'm really not sure. It's really fucking weird. Only time it happened to me was with an especially emotionally damaged girl.

33 min later 21005824 Anonymous
>>21005734 we don’t the ones who do are either faking or were molested as children

35 min later 21005832 Anonymous
>>21005798 God, imagine accidentally burning yourself like this.

38 min later 21005840 Anonymous
Because sex is the supremest moment of any woman's life

40 min later 21005843 mr zebra
>>21005734 my gf cries right afterward sometimes; it can be a big emotional release

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