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2019-06-13 12:16 21005475 Anonymous (mikey.jpg 292x306 12kB)
>9-year-old sister has been looking at porn on her iPad Should I tell my parents?

4 min later 21005489 Anonymous
You should show her what a dick looks like irl

6 min later 21005491 Anonymous
>>21005475 If you want to embarrass her then yeah.

15 min later 21005506 Anonymous
>>21005475 Why? We know you still watch porn anon

41 min later 21005583 Anonymous
>>21005475 What kind of videos does she watch?

43 min later 21005592 Anonymous
>>21005583 The real question

58 min later 21005627 Anonymous
>>21005506 Saw that coming. >>21005583 Just videos on Pornhub of guys masturbating and some google image searches like "boys peeing" and "big balls"

1 hours later 21005644 Anonymous
>>21005627 Come on it’s really curiosity, just let her discover, soon enough she will actually be riding one

1 hours later 21005660 Anonymous
>>21005627 You will be the worst brother in the world if you dobbed her in to your parents. Its just natural curiosty to look it up. Shes probably talking with friends at school about boys and wants to know about sex. When I was that age I remember looking up “big boobs” and “vagina” on google images at a friends house while his parents were out. Your sister just wants to understand about penises and she’ll find out properly in a couple of years in sex education. You should delete the history and not tell anyone.

1 hours later 21005681 Anonymous
>>21005475 Save the evidence and retain it for future use as blackmail.

1 hours later 21005698 Anonymous
>>21005475 Ignore the joke posts you should actually tell your parents about this. If your sister is a idiot she will mix that behavior up in her head and it will come up at the wrong time and place. Also who the fuck gives there kid a iPad whats wrong with your parents.

1 hours later 21005738 Anonymous
>>21005475 Do you think your parents would be mad at her? They shouldn't be, since she's just a kid and doesn't really get it. But it's very damaging for a young mind to see those sorts of things, and your parents need to have a conversation with her, and probably put a filter on that iPad.

1 hours later 21005761 Anonymous
>>21005475 You should forget about it, it’s not a big deal. If she’s chatting with perverts that’s when you step in as big brother.

1 hours later 21005779 Anonymous
>>21005627 that's low key adorable don't snitch

1 hours later 21005801 Anonymous
>>21005627 You should let your parents know, or just tell her yourself that you saw her looking at it so she'll stop. If you don't she'll probably grow up to be a slut since she's exposed to it at such a young age.

2 hours later 21005892 Anonymous
Show her how to delete history, she’ll think you’re the coolest.

2 hours later 21005908 Anonymous
>>21005475 I'm a femanon and I started reading erotic content very young, around the same age of your sister. I know it's not exactly the same but it hasn't affected me mentally at all. It would be the weird wattpad stories about whatever boy band at the time is popular that I would watch out for. I've seen some disturbing shit.

2 hours later 21005913 Anonymous
>>21005908 >It hasn't affected me at all >is female >browses 4chan Pick 2

6 hours later 21006386 Anonymous
>>21005892 This right here is big brother gold.

7 hours later 21006568 CuddlesfromIllinois
>>21005475 Of course. If not teach her yourself why porn is bad and how harmful it is to your brain. Let her know she'll end up homeless and or alone when she's older if she continues using.

7 hours later 21006701 Anonymous
>>21005475 Teach her how to use the Incognito mode, you faggot.

7 hours later 21006718 Anonymous
>>21005475 I assume she doesn't clear her history, let's see it for kicks If you don't want her watching porn confront her. Tell her that what she's watching isn't okay and that she should try to stop (if you catch it early it can be easier for her to stop). Tell her that if it persists you might have to tell your parents. If you don't feel like this is something you can handle or that your parents can take care of it better tell your parents. Maybe you might think that this is natural and okay. If that's the case then telling your parents would only be cruel and embarrassing for her. I'm not sure what the consequences for girls watching porn at an early age are. Maybe it will mess with their sexuality and make them see boys differently. Recently I attended a retreat where a girl talked about her struggle with pornography. She had discovered it during middle school and couldn't stop. She didn't see it as/realize it was a problem. When she did realize what she was doing was wrong she realized that she was hooked on it and couldn't stop watching porn. In the end she managed to break free after realizing she couldn't do it alone and telling her close friends and recieving help from them.

7 hours later 21006724 Anonymous
>>21005913 Women are retarded

8 hours later 21006732 Anonymous
>>21005475 My older brother is a whiney snitch like you. I’d love to beat the shit out of his pansy ass but that’d be assault.

9 hours later 21006911 Anonymous
>>21005475 of course. this is gonna ruin her innocence.

10 hours later 21007195 Anonymous
>>21005801 Stop projecting your own emotional instability on other people. Porn and masturbation are normal, even at a young age. >>21005475 Unless it's negatively affecting her life then mind your own fucking business. When you were 9 wouldn't you jump at the chance to see pictures of naked girls?

11 hours later 21007230 Anonymous
>>21005892 THIS

11 hours later 21007238 Anonymous
>>21005475 YES! Take this as an example: Porn ruined my life because of a relative kept on watching it with me >olololol she's just a kid she wouldn't understand sex since she's just a 5 year old kid and im a woman I forgot about the "routine" but now I remember how much it affected me up to this day

11 hours later 21007244 Anonymous
>>21005475 Talk to her retard. I was 11 when I figured out what porn was and it wrecked me. Talk to her about it, explain things. Be there for her and don't let her end up a slut. Also gl on the future incest. It's going to happen.

11 hours later 21007249 Anonymous
>>21007195 porn is not normal. Ten years of watching it made me realise that. She needs to be taught about it, there's a reason it's 18+.

11 hours later 21007271 Anonymous
>>21005475 what the fuck business do you have using her iPad? there isn't a person alive that hasn't seen a pornographic image on the internet its much safer for her to look at porn than to have some creeper trick her into making it

11 hours later 21007277 Anonymous
>>21007271 >than to have some creeper trick her into making it There's a thing called protecting your child from danger, talking about the birds+bees and not abandoning them in the woods.

11 hours later 21007278 Anonymous
>>21007271 >9 year old uses i pad >you as older brother don't have that right to check up on her sure thing buddy, you can repeat that when her age reaches double digits

11 hours later 21007280 Anonymous
>>21005475 I was caught looking at porn when I was young, it was awful. However, I think looking at porn at that time had a bad effect on me. Don’t tell your parents, and don’t shame her for being curious or hold her inappropriate internet activity against her, but still tell her to stop.

11 hours later 21007283 Anonymous
>>21005475 Definitely. Watching porn that young can heavily warp your expectation/understanding of sex and relationships

12 hours later 21007339 Anonymous
>>21007249 This.

12 hours later 21007365 Anonymous
Naw, I fapped to awesome Newgrounds hentai at her age, It's natural. Unless there's finnancial gain of course.

12 hours later 21007385 Anonymous
>>21005475 Tell her, not your parents. She'll get embarrassed and know it's wrong just by you noticing.

13 hours later 21007510 Anonymous
>>21007278 >have that right You don't have the right to do this shit no more than you get to decide what she wears or go through her panty drawer. OP and you are creeps.

13 hours later 21007518 Anonymous
>>21007385 >just by you noticing He didn't haphazardly notice he searched her searches. What if his parents search his? Bet there would be some nasty surprises.

13 hours later 21007523 Anonymous
>>21005475 OP the typical teenage boy sniffing around his sister. Younger or older they don't care and if no sister its their mother.

13 hours later 21007548 Anonymous
>>21005698 >>21005738 >>21005913 >>21006724 >>21006568 >>21006718 >>21006911 >>21007249 >>21007339 >>21007238 >>21007244 >>21007280 >>21007283 >pictures and videos of human bodies are OBSCENE and TRAUMATIZING and will RUIN YOUR LIFE

13 hours later 21007571 Anonymous
>>21005475 Put parental controls on her iPad .

15 hours later 21007762 Anonymous
Female here who started watching porn at 9 (and masturbating at 4). Probably don't tell the parents, but try to talk to the sister. It's going to be awkward no matter what. Just say "hey this is weird but everyone does it. Here's how to open an incognito tab, don't download anything because sites use curiosity to trick you into downloading virusus, don't talk to strangers because they will keep your pictures, only do this when you're alone" etc. I was raised in a "we don't talk about this" home and it would have made so much more sense to just explain how to browse safely.

15 hours later 21007842 Anonymous
>>21005475 I also haveva cousin who was also around 10-12 yo who was really attached to me because of some spooky stories I told her she would ask me a lot of things she would see on her tablet but one day she kept asking about showing her underwear pics and stuff and specially curious about peeing but girls peeing I was about to lose control but I just explained that i am not the right person to teach you these things and those pics are inappropriate, but if she's really curious she should ask her mom after that day she hardly talks to me. you should also jokingly hint that you know about it but don't tell your parents and finally tell her that they are inappropriate at her age. but making her feel guilty about some curiously can possibly hurt her mental state or might become a big contributor in forming her personality in wrong way.

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