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2019-06-12 10:39 21005157 Anonymous (D8gO5qMVsAA8cl3.jpglarge.jpg 1536x2048 297kB)
literally all ive done for the past 6 months is jerk off, listen to music,pace back and forth, and go on twitter/youtube/deviantart waiting for people to make new shit how the fuck do i stop this?

15 min later 21005218 Anonymous
>>21005157 find a job, a real hobby or some friends.

24 min later 21005267 Anonymous
>>21005157 Start working out. It really takes your mind off things

31 min later 21005285 Anonymous
>>21005157 go outside?

32 min later 21005292 Anonymous
>>21005285 Never

33 min later 21005293 Anonymous
>>21005292 why?

1 hours later 21005382 Anonymous
>>21005293 >>21005292 is not me typically i go outside for walks (maybe like 30-60 mins) and its ok for a while but then i just dwell on shit that i hate and all the work i need to do then just decide to go back inside

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